Joe and Melissa’s Tenant Has Even More to Tell Us!

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Joe and Melissa’s tenant has a whole lot more to say. I’m pretty much bored with it, but I thought maybe you guys would be interested in the behinds the scenes of RHONJ parts I have highlighted near the end.  here is the entire letter in its entirety. I admit to skimming. I am super tired for some reason today.  If someone wants to give a recap of this tome, feel free to do so in comments. What follows is the entire letter from Mr. Patterson unedited.

First I would like to say that I have no ill thoughts or ill will against Joe and Melissa Gorga.  I think Joe Gorga put a lot of effort into building the home, but I do think existing problems in the home need to be seriously addressed.  Having the confidence in Mr. Gorga’s ability to fix the problems allowed me to move forward with renting and agreeing to purchasing the home.  I know that he has the ability, because there is a lot of great craftsmanship that he put toward building the property.  The property is not a dump, but it does need the problems to be addressed, before more series problems arise

I entered into the Lease/Purchase Agreement to purchase the Gorga’s Montville home because I through it was a good investment that enabled me to focus on building my company without wasting money on just renting.  After having been recently defrauded by one of the larges Wall Street Broker Dealers (John Thomas Financial, Inc.), and witnessing their shutdown by the Federal Government, I was able to reacquire the office space of my old company in Rockaway, New Jersey, which is perfectly configured for my new company.  I decided to relocate to Montville, New Jersey because it was close to my company’s main office, and the Gorga’s house met my requirements, as well as my taste in ascetics.  Rather than spend the next year throwing away money on renting a residence that I have no intension of owning, I decided to lease a home that I would purchase, and spend my time and resources building my company.  This philosophy has enabled me to recently acquired an contract that generates about $600,000 per month in gross revenue.  The contract will begin generating $1.2 million per month in gross revenue after the 5 month, and we are acquiring additional contracts each month.  My philosophy is it is easier to purchase beautiful home from owning a successful business, than purchase a successful business with a home.  If you focus on business first, everything else is easier to acquire.  The Lease/Purchase Agreement allowed me to put money down towards the purchase of the property, have the problems within the property resolved and each month make payments towards the downpayment of purchasing the home, while continuing to build my business



When I entered into the Lease/Purchase agreement with the Gorgas, we executed a separate lease agreement and a purchase agreement.  The lease agreement required we comply with the leasing laws, and purchasing agreement required that we comply with the purchasing laws in the State of New Jersey.  Until the home was purchased, all of the Landlord/Tenant laws apply to the transaction, which require landlords to repair problems within a residence without any financial contributions of a tenant other than the payment of rent.  A landlord can’t spend a tenant’s security deposit, and is required to place the funds into a interest baring account and provide the tenant with a copy of the deposit.  Since I wanted the Gorgas to have the cash-flow to resolve all problems within the property and be able to meet their financial obligation they disclosed to me, I structured the deal to enable the deposit to be available for their use, to enable the problems within the property to be repaired

Prior to executing the agreements with the Gorgas only a few problems that currently exist were known and agreed to be resolved.  These problems included missing shower doors, the fireplace in the living room not working, chips caused by the accident and the damage to the rear of the property that was caused by the fallen tree.  These problems were all disclosed and agreed to be repaired during the inspection in September of 2013.  On February 28, 2014 when I was given the keys to the property and took possession, I noticed their was hardly any water pressure on some faucets, and some faucets had no water pressure at all.  I also noticed the faucets that had water pressure needed to run almost 5 to 10 minutes before the hot water would get hot.  I immediately called Joe and he agreed to meet me at the property.  Now, understand that I just moved three (3) moving trucks of furniture into the property and had over 100 boxes to unpack.  When Joe met me at the house, he stated that Melissa turned off the utilities without knowing the water would freeze in the pipes and cause them to burst.  He also stated that several pumps were damaged, but he was aware of the problem and was waiting on receiving the pumps that he ordered to fix the problems.  Joe gave me a tour of the problems and stated the pumps would arrive in a day to enable the problems to be fixed.  Understand, these issues occurred after I had inspected the property in September of 2013, so I asked Joe why was I not told of these issues.  He assured me the problems would be resolved within a day and since I had been given possession a day earlier than I was contracted to take possession, I did not make an issue out of the problem and decided to stay in a nearby hotel.The next day when I returned to the property, I noticed there was no hot water at all.  Thinking the problem might have been caused by the replacement of the pumps, which I later learned had not been replaced, I called Joe and his realtor.  After 3 weeks of Joe’s plumbers coming to the property to fix the problem, which only enabled the hot water heater to work for a few hours, Joe and I agreed the hot water heater needed to be replaced.  Although he agreed to replace it the next day, it was not replaced until April 1, 2014, and it took several days for Joe’s plumbers to configure the new water heater so it would not shutoff after working for a few hours.

I issued Joe the check for the next month’s rent on or about April 7, 2014, Joe met me at the property to pickup a check for the rent.  Unaware the hotel I stayed in while the water heater was being repaired accidentally charged my debit card for another month, the check I wrote Mr. Gorga on the account, was returned for insufficient funds.  Although I immediately moved the funds from another account when I received the overdraft notice in my e-mail, my back told me they already issued the return before the e-mail was sent.  The accidental charge and returned check caused a ripple effect with my account that was eventually resolved and the returned rent check we replaced.  Even though the check was replaced and I had paid Joe $25,000 to cover any expenses required to fix the property, he failed to make any additional repairs.  I never received credit for the property not having hot water for the month of March 2014, or credit for my hotel expenses, which should all be accrued towards rent.

In April of 2014, I told Joe that I did not want to make any additional payments towards the purchase of the property until the problems were fixed on the property and provided him with a list of the needed repairs.  He stated that he would make the repairs, but no repairs were made after the replacement of the water heater.  On the morning of April 16, 2014 I heard a crash in downstairs bedroom.  When I inspected the loud noise, I saw where the ceiling fell in and immediately called Joe and sent him pictures of the ceiling from my cell phone.  When I inspected the missing area in the ceiling, I noticed that water was dripping from that area, but I did not see any pipes.  When I went upstairs to laundry room above the guest bedroom, I noticed water was leaking from a broken pipe into the floor behind the sink, washer and dryer.  When I called Joe and explained there was a water leak that caused the ceiling to fall and if not stopped further damage could ensue, he immediately responded by sending his partner to stop the water leak.  His partner spackeled the ceiling and stated that he would return a few days later to sand and repaint the ceiling, but he never returned to complete the work as agreed.  When I called Joe the following week to ask why his partner did not finish the work or refused to return my calls, Joe stated that he and his partner were working on a important construction job and once the job was completed he would complete the ceiling. To this day, the ceiling was never completed.

A week later in April 0f 2014, the faucet in the kitchen was dripping water in the enclosed cabinet, which I noticed when I almost slipped on the water.  I immediately called Joe again and he arranged for the same partner who had not completed the guest room ceiling to come that evening to fix the faucet.  When he arrived that evening, he removed the faucet and stated that he needed to get Joe to give him the money for the faucet.  He stated that Joe did not want to spend any money on any repairs because I did not pay the payment towards the purchase in April.  Rather than make any statements about Joe to his construction partner, I offered to pay for the faucet. I was told the faucet would cost $250 for the parts and labor, so I wrote the gentlemen an check, which was cashed two days later.  Once the checked cleared, I placed several calls to the gentlemen, but he did not answer calls or return my messages.  Understand the broken faucet was totally removed from the counter, which left a hole were the faucet was mounted.  After about a week no returned calls, and having paid $25,000 for outstanding repairs, I went to Home Depot, found the exact faucet and hired a plumber to install it, once it was shipped.

By May of 2014, I had enough and decided that I was not going to make any additional payments towards the purchase of the property, and no additional payments towards rent until the $25,000 payment I made towards the purchase and any additional fees for repairs accrued toward the rent.  When Joe contacted me during the first week of May to discuss the rent, we met to attempt to come to a resolution.  During the phone call before the meeting, Joe asked me how is my company doing, since he was received 1 million shares when we executed the agreement for him to take possession and received the initial rent and purchase deposit.  I explained to Joe that I was preparing to implement a community service initiative for parents that included obtaining a recreation vehicle for an account we just received and the account would enable us to generate $600,000 per month in gross revenue beginning July 2014.  Joe said that he wanted in on the deal, and requested that we meet immediately.  He met me at the property within 30 minutes of the call and we discuss the requirements of the initiative.  Unknown to me at the time of the discussion, his wife’s step father owed an recreation vehicle company.  During the meeting we agreed to put the issues and payments related to the property aside to implement the initiative.  We had a series of meetings that included having dinner in Hoboken, New Jersey with other partners of his to negotiate the terms.  When I explained the initiative included renting a recreation vehicle for about $8,000 per month for an initiative for New Jersey and New York, Joe made a call to Melissa’s step father and negotiated acquiring two (2) recreation vehicles and agreed to acquire them and lease them to my company if I agreed to give him 5% of the gross proceeds.  The terms we agreed to would have made Joe a sponsor of the initiative, since receiving two vehicle for less than the price of one, which included all of the construction costs and costs to wrap the with our logos and markings, would have entitled him to become a sponsor.  The following week, Joe called a meeting at the residence, where he brought all of his partners he wanted to become a part of the initiative.  We all agreed to move forward and after the meeting, I entered into employment agreements with the staff members needed to implement the initiative.  My staff and I spent the entire month of may putting everything in place to ensure my company would deliver on our requirements of the deal.  I also spoke with the recreation vehicle company, which is when I learned the owner was Melissa’s (Joe’s Wife) step father.

While preparing the terms and conditions of the Joe’s agreement, I was able to secure a television spot on a channel 9 (My9) episode.  They agreed to dedicate an entire episode to our initiative and a separate episode to Joe and Melissa Gorga.  I received their commitment letter for our initiative and a separate commitment letter for the Gorgas.  On the following Monday, which was June 8, 2014, Joe made an unannounced visit while I was getting dressed before 8:00 am.  During the visit, he informed me that he could not move forward with our agreement, after I spent almost the entire month of May 2014 acquiring permits, staff members, capital, materials and agreements.  He told me that his wife Melissa did not want him to move forward with the deal.  He also stated that he needed all of the rent we agreed to differ, and the purchase deposits, event though no repairs were made.  After that meeting, I called him with new terms that he agreed to, after several hours of negotiations.  The following day, I began receiving several derogatory text messages form Melissa, and a text to inform me they filed an eviction proceeding.  I immediately called Joe, but he refused to take my calls.  Melissa’s text messages made me realize that she had no knowledge of the negotiations and terms Joe and I had agreed to verbally.  The text messages were being sent at the very same time I was drafting Joe’s agreement.  Since I reached the conclusion that Joe had backed out to the deal, I immediately reverted back to my initial plan, which included preparing a new budget to pay more than $8,000 per month to rent each vehicle, a security deposit of $4,000 per vehicle and $3,000 to wrap each vehicle.  I also needed to acquire another sponsor, if I was going to maintain the same profit margins.  By the grace of God or luck (depending on your religious beliefs), I was able to acquire another agreement to enable me to use the staff members I entered into employment agreements for the month of July 2014, to prevent losing $30,000 in salaries and wages, since I did not want to default on their employment agreements.  The new contract enabled me to generate the same $600,000 in gross revenue for July, pushback the rollout of the community initiative until August, and make use of the staff starting next Tuesday.

To this day, I don’t think that Melissa was aware of the negotiations, agreements and issues with the property.  I can’t see how anyone would contact the media and release their story, while knowing the condition of the property.  I was unaware they used the sale contract to represent to the public the I purchased the house, until I was asked to participate in a Real Housewives episode and represent I purchased the property in February.  I declined the offer and explained not only was it dishonest, and anyone could search the real-estate records to confirm otherwise.  I told Joe that I would only consider being in an episode if the truth was told about the Lease/Purchase arrangement, and I never heard anything more about being on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

At this point, I feel the current condition of the property, the payment of $25,000 towards the purchase, the payment of their water bill and payment of the faucet does not warrant the payment of any rent through the month of July 2014, unless repairs are made.  I should not be required to pay into purchasing a property unless the repairs are made and the missing items installed.  Since the rent is $10,000 per month, and I paid $25,000 to be applied for repairs, $4,416.60 for the Gorga’s water bill, $650 to fix a faucet, and $250 paid to the Gorga’s plumber ($30,316.60), I should be entailed to tree (3) months credit of the months of May 2014, June 2014 and July 2014.  None of these expenses include credits for the month I had no hot water, or the funds I spent to stay in hotels to take showers.  I don’t think that I should be compelled to make any payments towards the purchase of the property, unless the repairs are made.  I also have all of the information to support everything I have disclosed, including phone text messages, pictures,  e-mails and documents.


Kai D. Patterson


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  1. Ok, so he had an agreement to pay a certain amount each month and decided not to because repairs were not made. Don’t know about other states, but in my state, a tenant cannot withhold rent in lieu of repairs. The Gorga’s probably need to redo the plumbing due to the pipes bursting, fix the other issues and find another renter. All the stuff about his other deals with Joe mean nothing. Unless he has it on paper it means nothing and is irrelevant to the issue at hand, – the failure to pay the agreed upon rent. The court is not asked to intervene on the other deals, but to deal with non payment of rent.

    • In NY, you can withhold rent due to what is called a “reduction in services.” This guy has a laundry list of reduction in services not to mention a breach in their terms of agreement. New York is a pro tenant state and people have stayed in dwellings as long as 4 years or more for free due to just a reduction in services. So each state is different. Wondering if neighboring NJ is similar to New York in landlord/tenant laws.

    • Joan

      Our family has rental homes in TN and GA. In both states, you can withhold rent if repairs are not made. Of course this only covers systems that are necessary to living a normal life…or some such legal wording. In other words, water, electric, HVAC, roof, appliances.

  2. I love Malania. Melissa stinks. Ha!!

    I skimmed at most. Does that sY though, that Melissa’s step father actually owns the house?

    • ​I skimmed too, but my understanding was that Melissa step dad own and RV sales company and the guy was renting two RVs for his alleged gajillion dollar business and Joe was supposed to get him the two RVs for rent as part of his contribution to getting into business with the dude, but then Joe changed his mind.

      Or something.

      I’m mostly interested in beavers frolicking in lady ponds these days. It’s too hot to think.

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I know TT, this guy was saying he was making close to a million or more a month and instead of getting a mortgage (which any bank would have given him if he was making that much a month) he decided to rent/buy. Yea when I skimmed this I had a feeling I was looking at another scam artist too. What is it about NJ.

      • ​I paid cash for my house. I was a school teacher at the time. Sure I live in the ghetto, ande since 2008 my house is valued slightly above my 2007 car. But I BUY things. That is the one area of my life where I am a control freak. I do not want to be a bag lady. It’s my greatest fear being alone in the world. I need to own shelter and transportation. If I need food and clothes, I can bust open a retirement account or something. But I am all I have, so I am making damn sure I don’t live under a bridge.

        Even if I were Oprah rich, I would never buy anything on credit. I am debt free and intend to stay that way. If I cannot afford to pay it off at the end of the month? I do not buy it. PERIOD.

        On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. Wow, ok.
    It reads to me that Gorgas have defaulted on the agreement with Mr. Patterson.
    He sounds intelligent, honest and he has his paperwork in order.
    It’s not impossible to pull a men off a big job and have them do a smaller pickup job like the house. Had Joe done the work on the house he might not be court today.
    I hope Mr. Patterson is successful in this legal battle.
    Melissa sure looks bad with her nasty text messages.

  4. Mina

    I couldnt read it. I thought I could do it, but my mind kept wandering, like math. UGH!!

  5. tell it to the judge, dude/dudette. why wouldnt you be on time for that? I’m going back to #bb16 #bblf now

    • D Smith

      He didn’t make it to the court appearance because there was yet another water leak at the house, causing an emergency that he had to deal with, since Joe wouldn’t return his calls. He appeared at the court after he had that under control, but it was too late.

  6. I read $10, 000 was for rent and $10,000 was for down payment or repairs.
    When no repairs were done Mr. Patterson wanted the $25,000 used for the rent and he stopped paying the $10,000 for purchase or repair.

    I don’t think anyone can stop paying rent but he had no water.
    Gorga’s can’t rent a home without water plus the man was not living in the house.
    Thanks TT for this.

    • tonilost

      How about the ceiling falling down because of shit pipe installation, having to pay for his own faucet because the so called partner said Joe didnt pay HIM, cashing the check and not coming back? It’s called a concontractor, building houses that look nice from the outside then you find out the wiring and plumbing is all either not done or done fugazi when things start crashing in on the lucky homeowner. Usually the ones who pull this just wait for the lawsuits to pile up then file for bankruptcy, meanwhile the wives or kids have plush bank accounts from the bilking. Welcome to Jersey!

  7. Jacque

    I read every word, looking for information on those beavers. No. Such. Luck.

  8. Ace

    His, ” taste in ascetics?” What? Is he living with monks there? It is large enough to be a monastery but I wonder if the good clergymen would be down with the aesthetics of the place.

  9. 2muchreality4me

    In NJ tenants can withhold rent until repairs are made and/or deduct rent, where you pay someone to make the repairs and deduct the cost from the rent. Of course, the landlord has to be notified of what repairs are needed and there are certain types of repairs that aren’t covered under the withhold/deduct rights.

  10. Where are the nasty texts??

  11. I could be completely wrong and this guy is a crack pot.
    He sounds like one with the beaver remarks.

  12. Oh,My!

    $600,000 a month in income. But only put down $25,00?

    • $600,000 a month in revenue is what he said. ​I’ve looked at his businesses, and it looks like he might have governments paying him for his dead beat dad “fugitive apprehension services.” He does offer NY and NJ residents on welfare “free services.” I dunno.

      Anyone can claim to be making $600,000 a month in revenue. Until I see him wearing a Nene Leakes, “I’m rich, bitch!” T-shirt I’m not believing it.

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 6:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. Brianna

    I believe that a tenant can’t withhold rent in lieu of repairs unless the repairs present a quality of life issue. Like hear and ac idk if Water falls into that category. He should’ve payed rent and then moved and then sued for all of the above including moving expenses, pain and suffering and what not– idk. I didn’t read it lol.

  14. frenchpoodlename

    It must have been rented by the Gorgas as “fit for human habitation”. They’ve misrepresented the house and shown zero good faith. I feel for the tenant, who is doing his best to cope with the impossible and salvage his business. If he were acting in equally bad faith he would stage a slip on water, or beavers, and sue. Or he could gnaw through the foundations and say it was a giant beaver.

  15. Sparkles

    They better hope this deal goes through because no one is going to want to buy this crap house! Why would Joe want to damage his reputation as a contractor by letting this get out to the media?

  16. beth

    “This philosophy has enabled me to recently acquired an contract that generates about $600,000 per month in gross revenue.”

    What philosophy?

    “My philosophy is it is easier to purchase beautiful home from owning a successful business, than purchase a successful business with a home.”


    “I explained to Joe that I was preparing to implement a community service initiative for parents that included obtaining a recreation vehicle for an account we just received and the account would enable us to generate $600,000 per month in gross revenue beginning July 2014.”

    This “community service initiative” sounds shady to me …

    • I thought it was the heat exhaustion that was keeping me from understanding this email. Thanks Beth, for those quotes, now that the house is starting to cool, I still don’t quite get it.

      • beth

        I know what you mean. I didn’t want to read it, but decided to force myself and found a few more gems;

        “When Joe contacted me during the first week of May to discuss the rent, …”
        “The following week, Joe called a meeting at the residence, …”
        “My staff and I spent the entire month of may putting everything in place to ensure my company would deliver on our requirements of the deal.”

        There is no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks he spent “the whole month of may” putting everything in place when he spent the first week, plus some part of the 2nd week talking about the “deal”.

        I couldn’t help but notice he is fond of using the word “immediately” – 8 times in the above letter.

        And, he can’t seem to decide whether the 25k is for repairs, or towards the purchase;

        “paid Joe $25,000 to cover any expenses required to fix the property”
        “and having paid $25,000 for outstanding repairs,”
        “the $25,000 payment I made towards the purchase ”
        “the payment of $25,000 towards the purchase”
        “and I paid $25,000 to be applied for repairs,”

        And what’s with “I entered into employment agreements with the staff members needed to implement the initiative” – why not say “I hired people …”?

        Much of what this guy says is content-free – seems like he is saying a lot, but it boils down to almost nothing.

      • Brianna

        Well if the 25,000 was used as a down payment or deposit, then yes it was to purchase and used for repairs…. Just to clarify.

    • LOL Beth. I couldn’t finish the whole thing but I noticed the same thing. He just wasn’t making any sense. What he sounds like is somebody who has something to hide but whatever it is it was something that they both were trying to get something out of. My feeling when reading as much as I could is they two jokers are probably sorry they even met each other at this point. And even though he says in his opening paragraph “I have no ill thoughts…or ill will towards Joe….,” it sounds awfully strained and evasive and that’s when I stopped reading it because I thought, whatever he’s talking about, he’s leaving out the real tea.

      TT, I feel you. The heat generated a fierce thunderstorm here, Maryland, and I just hope it’s cooler and you’re cooler tomorrow. :-)

  17. myinfo

    I wonder if this guy will give a daily update.

    Does he still want to own this beaver trap?
    How stupid to turn off the heat.
    Joe is a poser for sure.

  18. How did we go from a Kitchen faucet to RV’s in the letter? So annoying.This is what I see happening.These folks that are renting/buying the house are “business” people like the Guidices, The Loritas, and the rest of the housewife people who claim to have businesses, but don’t pay their bills or employees. I think Joe and this renter are cut from the same cloth, sat around eating cheese and drinking wine, acting like the best of friends, hammering out deals, while at the same time trying to get over on each other. Why else would you even discuss business when you’re supposed to be getting a ceiling and a kitchen faucet fixed? Who in their right mind would throw good money after bad when they don’t have hot water, are living in a hotel, and nothing is being remedied? Why would you want the same plumber in their fixing issues when they’re probably why the issues exist to begin with?The writer also sounds like a Narcissist, sprinkling in how great his business and business sense is.Then that mess with the credit card being declined for the rent, and all that jazz. Sounds like Gorga/Guidice money problems. This renter may be the best person to rent the house lol.

  19. Valerie

    Ohhh, the problems of the faux rich.

  20. Greenwood

    I looked at Kai Patterson’s web page. He calls himself an “entrepreneur”. That *always* means a phony, in my experience. He presents himself as a genius in almost everything, and an inventor of almost every type of software, and fills his web page with a dozen logos that are supposed to impress. Oh, and he’s mad about child support inequities, too. But I don’t see anything to back up all that bragging. He looks like he would fit right in with the Gorgas and Guidices. Con artists are often easily conned, themselves. I suspect they are peas in a pod.

  21. Jillo

    Good golly! This is what is wrong with the great state of New Jersey! Everyone just wants to scam the next guy. Literally, these people are scammers. Who meets with their landlord about repairs and walks away “partnering” with him? Someone who is looking to scam someone. There is totally a deal “under the table” going on here.

  22. Sick of "reality"!

    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH about the lease, lease/purchase and RV rental deals pass the smell test!

    Mr Patterson, you might want to spell-check your Bounty Alert website where it says in big bold letters, “Wanted Deadbeats and Fugtives”

    Holding my nose, waiting for more shoes to drop!

  23. JenntheAUfan

    Remember when Melissa wrote a card to Theresa saying ” I hope you enjoy your redonehome”? All I can picteur now is theresa running around screeching juicy juicy shemade fun of our house on tv and they got beaverssssss

  24. lori

    I honestly had to stop reading at the point where he brags about how much money he will be making. Then I quickly scrolled way down to where he talks about the ceiling coming down from water but seeing no pipes, which made me think… why not put those beavers to good use and have them build you a dam in there. :)

  25. Jr.Leaguer

    I fully understand not wanting to pay while repairs are needing to be done, but instead of just withholding the money, the full rent amount should be placed in an escrow account every month. It gives incentive to the Gorgas to get on the ball and get the repairs done as well as showing good faith to the court that he was not just trying to live rent free. Since a case has been filed, if such an account had been in place, then a judge would then deduct for the expenses of a faucet, plumber and hotel bills.

  26. Valley Girl

    Why would you enter into a business deal with someone who has shown you that they aren’t professional and they aren’t trustworthy? If they have lied to you repeatedly why would you think they would make good business partners?

    And that $600,000 in revenue doesn’t mean a thing if you have $600,000 + in expenses, unless you aren’t paying your bills. And if you aren’t, then you’ll end up paying for it on the back end and will probably lose everything.

    They all have dirty hands it seems like.

  27. Amy

    Can we get these “several derogatory” text messages from Melissa?? I want to read these!!!

  28. Katrina

    His april check bounced. He is using that $25,000 deposit as a catchall for not paying his rent/lease. He inspected the property. He is not a certified inspector. If he had any intent on purchasing a $3.8 million dollar home, you would think he would have had the home inspected unless his intent was to gut it and rennovate the home anyway. Regardless, you would still want to get a home inspection to reduce the price and to see if you were getting what you paid for. Regardless of what the agreement was on the lease, he has not paid it. He should move out and cut his losses.

  29. Nuna

    I think I can translate this whole thing:
    The Real Housewives of New Jersey is about to begin airing and needs the hype to boost ratings. In case Joe and Teresa go to jail at the same time, Melissa and Joe need a storyline to fill the void and keep interest in the Giudice/Gorga family. Enter the beavers, lawsuits, secrets/lies, emails, nasty texts, etc.

    • except the filming was over when all of this started. ​

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Nuna

        I just meant the hype was for this season, to get attention and viewers talking. The fallout of the “nightmare” tenant, crumbling house, stalled court proceedings, could be a storyline for next season’s filming.(if there is one, minus Teresa and Joe) This email seems too detailed and suggests Teresa’s “angel from God” little brother and his “nasty” wife to be having marriage and financial troubles. Add in Joe not having his sister to lean on and worrying about her four daughters and their aging parents… I think that could make a lead story or even a spinoff, lawd help us addicted to this mess.

        It was just a thought in my Bravo abused brain. And now that I have outed myself as having put way too much thought into this, I should be ashamed of myself. Or refill my glass. :)

      • lori

        Don’t worry Nuna, this is like bravoaholics in here. We all have regrets like that. 😉

  30. terry macon

    So Theresa was not crazy when she spoke about her brother and sister n law. What’s in the dark is coming to the light.

  31. jeanie

    I had my cats read his letter and I read the comments. Now they have a headache and I cant stop laughing at the comments that talk about “those beavers”.

  32. Psedmond

    I think whomever wrote this very, very, lengthly letter is full of bull. Why would anyone making the HUGE amount of money he is making, take the time to write anyone (other than his lawyer) about such details and include information that isn’t even pertinent to the issue. He must be very uneducated because he uses the incorrect words and just sounds full of hot air. Am I the only one that finds this VERY LONG STORY a little suspicious? Not defending the Gorgas but all of this is just strange.

  33. Lady jojo

    He didn’t purchase immediately because this would have changed his debt to income ratios and he is currently in business expansion mode. A mortgage creates a debt obligation and can affect any other loans you may try to get. In addition, he has placed the rent money owed with the court to hold in lieu of the repairs being done. Since g Gorga owes the State of New Jersey 40k for Workman’s Comp, chances are the courts will not release the money to him regardless. I am glad KP is standing up to the shady Gorgas; this whole thing is happening because Melissa changed her mind about living in a rental and wants her house back.

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