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It’s time for the Real Housewives of Orange County blog round-up! Heather’s blog was short and the only interesting thing is that she is worried that people will judge her for hiring a chef to add to her staff. She basically tells people to get over it, she can afford it and it frees her up to act and spend time with the kids. I say, more power to her.  Vicki sounds very happy and it planning to go to Oklahoma next week for Brianna’s C-section.

Lizzie defends her relationship with Heather, and is grateful to have an ally in her since she’s the new girl on the show. She says when she saw the episode with Heather throwing Shannon out she felt badly for Shannon and thought Heather was wrong. She likes them both. Preston turns four on the 4th and I share her plans for that momentous day below.

Shannon’s blog is the most interesting as she is struggling with multiple conflicts. Tamra has yet to blog. As usual.

So settle for the best parts of the blogs and make lots of comments! I am totally distracted by Big Brother. I am trying not to be, but it’s my happy place! RHOOC Oklahoma

Here is the best stuff from Vicki’s blog:

Since I was there for two weeks, I had lot of friends rotate through. My brother Billy and his girlfriend Rhonda arrived first so of course they got the second master bedroom suite, and unfortunately that left the smaller bedroom to David and Shannon. I knew that they weren’t used to that type of room and probably expected the “Ritz Carlton,” but to me that’s the fun of being in Mexico. It’s the culture, creeky beds and not 5,000-thread count sheets that make the experience, but I did understand it probably wasn’t what they expected.

When I told my brother that I thought they were not happy with their room, Billy volunteered his which was awesome. Billy is the best and so easygoing — gotta love Billy!! After that little hiccup, everyone was happy and the Beadors woke up the rest of their trip looking at downtown Puerto Vallarta and the ocean. Voila! Problem solved.

I felt bad for Shannon when she said she thought everyone was always dissecting her marriage, but unfortunately it was the truth. They didn’t keep any of their “problems or issues” private so that’s what you’re going to get — people’s opinions. I didn’t like seeing Shannon pick at David every time he had a drink — especially the day we were on the beach tequila tasting. I mean, what the heck? It’s a gorgeous day, the waiter brought over tequila so what were we supposed to do, look at it? I just felt she was a bit uptight, but after some jet skiing and tequila she loosed up just fine. Way to go, Shannon, for rallying and enjoying the day.

Lizzie explains her issues with potty training:

This is an extra extra special birthday as we are doing away with Preston’s Pull-Ups because “big boys” don’t wear diapers. I don’t know how potty training has gone with you fellow moms out there, but Preston has really put up a fight in regards to using the potty. I have tried every method and read all the books! We tried the three-day intensive, the laid-back approach and just going cold turkey. We just can’t keep it consistent. Preston is a smart little guy and I think he probably knows exactly what he is doing. However, he knows that four is the magic number. We are saying goodbye to the diapers, for good. I’m sure it doesn’t help to see his little brother going on the potty before him! My two-year-old, Kingston, has started potty training and it’s going much smoother the second time around. I think with Preston I missed the window. I had two under two for a while and it was just a crazy time. Any tried-and-true potty training methods are greatly welcomed!!

RHOOC  Shannon Meltdown

Shannon’s blog is the most interesting this week. Here is what she has to say about her relationship with David:

It’s especially difficult to watch these episodes that are about my marriage. It was hard enough to go through as we were filming, but as I watch again, I am basically reliving it. While some of it is positive, some of it is not.

I am glad that you get to see David and I packing for Mexico. There is a sweet moment in my dressing room where I giggle when David hugs me. When David and I are connected, sometimes I act like a little kid and get giddy around him because I am still so in love with him. I am really looking forward to going on the trip and starting to initiate different approaches to my relationship because the ones I have been using have been failing miserably.

And now to the worst part of the episode. Prior to Mexico, David and I had our fair share of conversations about tequila. I was a bit shocked about his newly acquired taste for tequila because he rarely drinks, and never drinks straight alcohol. He explained to me why he likes it and the conversation was done. At dinner, I was just telling everyone that tequila was David’s new drink. In my head, it was my way of affirming him. I had no ill will or hidden agenda by making the statement. I was completely misunderstood by David and Vicki (and probably all the others) so I was frustrated. I don’t want to make excuses for my behavior because once again, it was wrong. I’m just trying to explain.

I am not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt when David hesitates answering whether he enjoys spending time with me. But I do appreciate his honesty. If I want our relationship to work, I have to listen and hope that he continues to be open about how he feels.

At this point, I have basically reached my limit with people chiming in with their opinions about my relationship. You are seeing little snips of my life. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. I understand that I am opening myself up to criticism by being on this show and I really am okay with it. It’s just that some days are harder than others.

Her thoughts on her  relationship with Tamra and Heather:

I was very disappointed to see Heather and her assistant talking about me and suggesting that I “stir it up.” I never have a hidden agenda to cause trouble. If Heather feels that people are going against her, I have nothing to do with it. I don’t make decisions for other people or try to manipulate them.

I was even more disappointed with Tamra after seeing her phone call to Vicki. After she apologized to me for revealing confidential information to Heather, you see her doing it again to Vicki. Wow.

And of course about the bed situation:

Mexico had its ups and downs, but the ups definitely came out on top! David had never been to Puerto Vallarta so I was so excited to share it with him. Vicki’s condo was beautiful and the view was breathtaking! David and I have never stayed in a condominium with anyone other than our immediate family so this was definitely going to be a different type of trip for us! We were very appreciative of the invitation! When Vicki showed me to our room, I wasn’t as concerned about the size as I was about the noise. I am a very light sleeper and the bedroom window was right next to the highway; every time a bus or a motorcycle went by, it sounded like it was in the room. We travel with a noise machine, but that didn’t even drown it out and David and I were up most of the night!


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34 responses to “Grab Some Orange Juice And Get Caught Up on RHOOC Blogs!

  1. Same sound machine he unpacked at the hotel…lol, my doc has one in her waiting room.

  2. I feel bad for Shannon. People have no hesitation when it comes to picking apart these people’s lives. She’s right, she did sign up for it, but I have to imagine that you really CAN’T know what it’ll actually be like until you’re in the middle of it. As bitchy as she seems sometimes, I really think she means well and it bums me out that she’s having a tough time.

    When did I grow a heart, by the way?

  3. It’s a strange world when Vicki G. seems the most reasonable and rational!

  4. Angel

    TT, thanks for reading and summarizing the ladies blogs. I rarely take time to read them, assuming it is just more rehash of why they are right. I was happy Lizzie explained the diaper issue, apparently her son is a master manipulator and not a retarded child. Yes, I think that is the right word, although not PC to many. It is not meant as derogation, only explanation. I hope Shannon and David can find harmony, I like them and think they should be getting private marriage counseling instead of reality tv judgement. At least their discord seems real as compared to last season’s fake Dubrow divorce threat or Tamra and the robo baby. Talk about fake, Eddie said he wanted no part of a real baby or this baby in a box. So, she complains about him not participating in the frankenmonster’s care. I think the hair chemicals have seeped into her brain. Mail that thing to Simon, maybe he will take custody.

    • Yes, totally agree that Shannon and David desperately need marriage therapy. And Shannon needs to go by herself as well.

      It must be really tough to watch all of that back, seems from her blogs that she’s realizing the error of her ways. Maybe that will help her? (hope it’s not too late for the marriage)

  5. brillke

    I feel for Lizzie and her potty training issues. My little guy was 4 before he was completely potty trained and boy, did people feel the need to tell me what a bad parent I was! He only wore the pull up at bedtime since about the age of 3 and wore the cutest little boxer briefs the rest of the time. I consulted our dr about him still peeing at night and was told it was normal, he just needed to train his bladder, don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. We didn’t have a single tear shed during potty training and he’s now 13 and still wears adorable boxer briefs that he will gladly show you just before he moons you.

    • khintx

      Brillke If he’s 13 and mooning people perhaps it’s time to have another kind of conversation with him.

    • Gingersnap

      @brillke ~ your son sounds like he has a great personality! I like him already :)

    • KWM

      I also felt bad for Lizzie, my daughter did everything late, 18 months for walking, 3 1/2 for potty training. It was not for my lack of trying she just dug her heels in and flat out refused, we had to let her do things in her own time there was no pushing her. But once she decides watch out, we went from diapers to underwear around the clock in a week and no accidents. Some kids just need to do things on their timeline not ours.
      All the training, bribing, praise, stickers, toys, were not going to make her sit on the potty a minute before she was ready.

    • Liz M

      As I said in an earlier post, I have never seen a child wearing diapers to kindergarten unless there is a medical or developmental problem.

  6. gerly1

    I haven’t even watched this episode yet. I’m really sick of Shannon and her whining about EVERY LITTLE THING. I am kind of glad they brought her on, it’s kind of helped cure my addiction to this group of wives.

    • I think Shannon is a snob and a royal bitch!! She treated Heather horrible in her own home and in Heathers home. For someone that is so upset about people knowing her business about her marriage she talking about it with everyone!!! She needs yo loosen up and not be so stiff!!! UGH!!!

      • Tasos826

        THANK YOU, DENA! I cannot believe that people aren’t wise to Shannon’s antics, and she is not nearly as sly or righteous as she evidently believes or claims herself to be. She claims that she is taking criticism about her behavior to heart to affect positive change, though she continues to attack her husband, puts on her self-pitying, best injured bird act, and still demands and complains! Enough!

        If Shannon expects secrecy, then she should learn to keep. her. mouth. shut.

      • ​You do realize that the show is pre-recorded and the blogs are in real time, right?

        On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tasos826

        Yes I do, thank you.

      • Liz M

        God, I want to tell that woman to have some cheese with that whine. And what is with that panda bear eye makeup? She has it out for Heather, and while Heather is the housewife to hate this season, I can’t stand the new
        housewife Shannon. She is rude to her husband in front of their daughters. What was wrong with that lovely guest room in Puerto Vallarta? Not fung shui-ed enough? No crystals in every corner? If you don’t want folks to talk about you don’t broadcast your business. What’s with the fish in the ocean paranoia? BTW 2 can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

    • Cythere

      I feel sorry for Shannon, but her bad grammar on top of the complaining is getting on my nerves. “I am glad that you get to see David and I packing for Mexico.” Tamra, Vicki, Kristin in NYC — probably most of them talk like that. It sounds dumb.

  7. myinfo

    We might not see the total relationship between Shannon and David, but the little that I have seen is just crazy. If I was married to Shannon or if were her girlfriend I think she would drive me nuts.

    She never seems to be able to go with the flow.

    I will say that Vickie likes to have fun when on vacation. That is probably the only part of Vickie that I enjoy watching.

    Vickie is lying low this season because everyone hates Brooks. She has loudly criticized Slade for being a dead beat Dad and living off of Gretchen. Brooks makes Slade look desirable. Funny how the traits that Brooks has is ok with Vickie because she is getting her love tank filled.

    • getreal2014

      Funny post, and true, Vickie has done a complete about face since Brooks entered the picture. Even though Gretchen is gone it wouldn’t be a bad thing for her to acknowledge that she’s learned her lesson. Let’s not sweep it under the rug, Vickie.

  8. I don’t know if Lizzie has her boys in some sort of nursery school, I did. When my daughter was two, I put her in one for two mornings of the week. She was an only child and grand child with no neighborhood children to play with. I thought it’d be good for her to have little ones her age to play with than just me for company.
    She potty trained in one week— monkey see-monkey do ! Plus she loved other kids and the activities they did at “school”. Thank goodness we knew the school admin personally for years, so I felt comfortable :)

    • KWM

      She did say they went to a preschool a few hours a week. I went back to work 25 hours a week when my daughter was 2, didn’t make her want to pt any faster seeing her friends do it. Some kids just want to work on their own schedule.

  9. Micheal

    I love how the editors slipped in the phone call from Tamra to Vicki about Shannon’s failing marriage this episode. Especially after Tamra apologized last episode about blurting the details to Heather and never mentioned she also told Vicki. I wouldnt be surprised if Tamra told alot more people about the email.

    Oh Tamra, you will never change. She knows how to stir the pot for the show just enough to keep the ratings from tanking like the RHNY.

  10. MicroOp

    I am not a mother so I can’t judge lizzie about the diaper thing. All I know is I have a friend who didn’t walk until he was three and another that did begin talking until give. Both are intelligent successful adults but just developed very slowly in those early years.

  11. beth

    Shannon is fibbing. I don’t watch RHOC anymore, but I did see a promo for this episode – she and her husband complained about the size of the room, and the size of the bed – “is this a full-size bed? – with a “what’s that smell” look on her face; no mention of noise outside the window.

  12. Tasos826

    Thanks for reading and recapping the Blogs, TT. I sincerely appreciate it, because just reading Shannon’s blog alone would likely cause me to bang my head repeatedly against a brick wall (she obviously works my good nerve) until I’d lose consciousness, or my aggravation with her manipulative nonsense would cease … (which would happen only after Nene becomes genuinely polite and humble).

  13. Banana Bug

    For ALL young mothers: Don’t let anyone give you rules (time/dates, etc.) about diaper training. It’s a small thing and I have never known a child to wear a diaper to Prom, College or a work interview.

  14. GCVLMV

    I never stressed over the potty training either or bottle for that matter. Kids get it when they get it. I have read stories where parents have beaten their kids to death over potty training. That is a whole lot of crazy. I must say that when my two year old went to the fridge and filled up her own baby bottle with milk, we had a discussion and the bottle was no more!

  15. lori

    For the most part, this is definitely the best version of Vicky I have ever seen. Whether it’s editing, maturing, or Brooks I’m not sure, but I like it.

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