Catifsh Recap: Jeff and Megan

Catfish nev and maxWelcome to my most successful recaps. I know the regulars here do not watch, but the random Google searches send a shit load of people her to read these recaps. So try to be nice to them and encourage them to stick around. It’s the young, smart demographic that I need. :)

Jeff is 26 and is in the navy. He has been talking to Megan who accidentally friended him on Facebook for a year. That’s odd already. But okay. He’s trying to decide between reenlisting or trying to make things work with Megan. He went to her town and she bailed.

Jeff has her address, because he sent her a Valentine and she posted it online. But no Skype and no meeting. In fact she stood him up. Megan is a man. Or a huge woman. Or a transgender. Or something he will not like. There is no good ending for this.

Why Jeff doesn’t know how to Google escapes me. Jeff can’t go to her because he is in the military. It’s a twist! The boys have to fetch her for him! 

catfish-the-tv-show-595x446The boys find that Megan and Brandy have the same phone number and birthday! The boys head off to tell Jeff their findings.  Brandy lives at the address he sent the flowers to.  All the memes from Brandy and Megan are the same.  So Brandy is either married or transgender or something odd. Oh wait, it looks like a fake picture thing.

The usual stuff happens. Nev makes the call. The catfish waffles and eventually gives in and reluctantly agrees to meet him. More or less. She has not agreed yet. But, she will show up. Max agrees to go down alone to her.

The catfish calls back. Girl is flakeing . Meanwhile Max is creeping up on her… Max gets a call from the girl. He talks her way onto the property. Max hands off the camera. Max meets Megan. And she is fat. She is beautiful.

I love her. Fat people (like me) need love too.

I will be devastated if  the little short fuck doesn’t love her.

I was skinny as a rail in all my fucking years. I never thought twice about my good fortune in the DNA lottery.  I promised God and everyone I would NEVER be a double digit size.  And now I am broader than the large side of a barn. It’s  hormones and drinking.

She is still WAY prettier than he is. I love her. She is beautiful. The relationship ended.



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13 responses to “Catifsh Recap: Jeff and Megan

  1. Banana Bug

    The ONE thing we know about “Catfish” is there will always be some nefarious guy/girl on the other end of the fishing line. Can’t believe this show has lasted so long. How many times do we have to re-run . . . stupid?

  2. Jarlath

    I have to admit that I started to watch this show over the past two weeks. The show is incredibly stupid and clearly scripted, however, I continue to watch it. I don’t know why (actually, I have nothing better to do at this point in time). It’s quite tragic that a whole generation exists completely unaware of Skype. We had webcams in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s when I was a teenager so I don’t understand how it’s possible in this day and age, then again, this show is scripted. And even if it were real, which it is not, any person no matter how un-tech-savvy they may be, could demand that the other person take a photo with their name to prove they are who they claim. But this show is not real so of course it doesn’t occur to these people or should I say characters.

    I’ll continue to watch 😛

  3. Valerie

    Welcome young, smart demographic. Please stick around and enjoy the beauty that is Tamara Tattles. You’ll be glad you did.

    (How was that? Any tokens coming my way? I told you I needed to be moderated.)

  4. lori

    I didn’t take the ending as “the relationship ended”. It said that they talk every day still, but since he is going overseas again in a week, they’re not sure what will come of it. This was a sweet episode because they both seemed really nice, and I loved when he told her she looked pretty. I don’t know why she felt the need to have a fake profile because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks. She was very pretty.

  5. That was a drunken recap. You could totally tell the wine hit about the time Max got on the plane. I basically ignored the whole climax and was just like,”so they met and broke up.” lol.

  6. frenchpoodlename

    How many people have nightmares about Nev and Max creeping up on them? Wouldn’t you rather debt collectors or the four horsemen of the Apocalypse tapping in your shoulder.

    If I were producing the show, I’d only finance it if Dev and Max wore fat suits,and had signed a confidentiality agreement not to admit to the suits.

  7. Angel

    I liked this episode. Both seemed like fairly normal people with issues. Don’t we all have some? He is too shy to meet women in the usual ways and he is not a guy that would get any attention anyway. Girls don’t come on to normal but stumpy #3 looking guys, usually. Brandy has been beat down by choosing abusers, this can understandably cause her to look for love and hide her real face.I bet the bad boyfriend has told her over and over she is ugly. Everything except her picture was the truth, she presented the real Brandy. If they do stay in touch, I hope they make it work, if he is worthy. This story seemed most sincere of any. If Brandy finds happiness and confidence, she may loose weight, and become an 8. She was not real fat and so naturally pretty, instead of all contoured makeup like so many women wear to look pretty when they are not so much. It may be all made up BS, but I liked this episode because no one was trying to trick the other, almost, if you don’t count the picture. I know, that part is a big deal, but why would stumpy think he could get a 10, that is messed up too.

  8. I liked this episode and think out of everyone on the show so far, this couple would be the one to make it.

  9. (sigh), when are men and especially women gonna learn, very few people on the net are these gorgeous good looking hunk/Barbie types…they don’t need the internet to find friends, dates, relationships, etc….its the lonesome usually a flaw or two type that does this for real..beautiful people are busy!@! Duh!!

  10. Tango

    Ya she was fat but so was he. I felt sorry for her because she was the only Catfish so far to not be insane or evil. She really cared for him and really seemed like a somewhat normal girl. He thought he found a Barbie online but got instead something better, but he was too dumb to recognize it. It’s his loss!

  11. Heartwing

    I am neither young nor smart, so I do not fit your desired demographic. However, I find your blog to be witty and engaging. The comments are hysterical. So, I am staying. Deal with it. ?

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