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I have been super tired and fuzzy-brained today and I had no idea why until someone mentioned that it is hot as balls today! Um, duh. I have now drawn all the curtains and turned on more fans in an attempt to get the inside temperature below 80 degrees. I overshare this to say, my brain is not fully functional, but I am going to try to do a quick catch up post for Botched, the new reality show for Paul Nassif and Terry Debrow to fix bad plastic surgery.

It is just starting and I hate it already. It looks like the usual fame whores on every plastic surgery show ever. I may be out before the opening montage rolls.

I can’t with Ken Doll. I thought y’all told me this was a good show. Um, how to boobs grow together? I don’t see the problem with this woman’s nose. Botched Terry

Terry tells his patient at the last minute that he needs to take the implants out and leave them out for months so things can heal.  I have no idea why women get their bodies cut open to be more attractive to men. The chick is having a hard time getting the hint that her implants need to be smaller. She’s delusional. Once the procedure is over, she has great breasts.

Paul’s nose job seems awfully complex. why does he need SCALP skin for a nose job? Did she have to shave her head? Why not take some skin from any place less hairy?  Also, doesn’t that ear cartilage need to be there for her ear not to be fucked up?  And during surgery, Paul determines that the woman has lied about being 40 and her rib cartilage is too old to use? This is a clusterfuck.  That said, Paul is pleased with his work.  The patient however is not. She says that her nose is not symmetrical. SEVEN surgeries later, the woman still wants more work done on her nose. Michael Jackson Syndrome anyone? Later, we get to see them pull crap out of her nose and she seems satisfied. Maybe it is my poor facial recognition skills, but I can’t see much of a difference. It is very straight now.

I would not even watch the next episode but Janice Dickinson is on it and she’s always fun to laugh at. Janice’s implants have been in for 30 years. She is wants new saline implants. She also says there are some edamame sized things floating around in there. Um, has she never heard that those are tumors that one looks for during breast exams?  I had no idea you were supposed to replace your implants every 10-15 years. Janice is a recovering addict and pain meds are going to be an issue. It seems like she may be recovering in a rehab facility for good measure.

Janice is engaged to a man who seems normal and age appropriate. During surgery, Terry removes the masses for cancer testing. How big of a fame whore do you have to be to agree to have your implants replaced on TV? For some reason, Janice takes off her own dressing and removed her own drainage tube. She’s also smoking. She’s begging for dilaudid. But everything turned out fine.

The only thing I do like on this show are the scenes with Paul and Terry. They need their own show, but this one sucks.  I think they are both funny.

Paul’s nose job patient actually does have a nose that needs fixing. This nose job may be covered by insurance because of the completely deviated septum. More rib cartilage nose surgery. It came out great.

This episode’s whackjob is some crazy Chinese woman with westernized eyes that wants to go back to Asian eyes. Just like whackadoodle Ken doll, they say no to her surgery.

I did not enjoy this show. I doubt I will recap it again.


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26 responses to “Botched!

  1. Valerie

    Good to know. I won’t bother.

  2. Oh I love this show. If for nothing else but to see how much people will put themselves through to reach “perfect”. That and I just love Paul. Terry is funny too.

    • Snarkoholic

      I’m with you. I can’t get enough of this show. Love watching the surgeries and Paul and Terry’s reactions to the patients. The before and afters are fascinating as well.

  3. RI Red

    I caught that episode on demand last night. The Ken doll fascinated me–I had never seen him before and could not believe what a narcissist he was. And who answers doors in their teeny little drawers? And boobs? I thought hers were plenty big enough. I love Paul and Terry together==it’s their wives I don’t like as much. I will definitely tune into catch Janice Dickinson.

  4. After all the fighting on the other shows it’s nice to watch two intelligent men being funny and dealing with whacky people.
    Yes there is something missing in this show but it’s fun to watch people crazier than I am.

  5. Banana Bug

    I have a difficult time watching this show. Have to turn away during surgical procedures! Can’t even step on bugs! Lol . . .

  6. lori

    I have to ff through all of the surgeries. I cannot handle that sort of thing. I’m a little disappointed by this show. I don’t know what I was expecting really. The coming attractions look like there may be some better episodes in the future. The guy who had the nose job… his voice (and/or the way he talks) is so similar to Reza. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out where I know that voice from. I wonder how these people feel hearing the doctors mocking them so much. Eh… then again, they probably love it. Attention is attention for many if these folks.

  7. Gingersnap

    The first time I saw a woman getting liposuction on TV, I realized I wasn’t cut out for those kinds of programs. It was so gross. I did check out Botched, cause I wanted to check out Terry and Paul, but I wasn’t really entertained…meh. Just not my cup of tea I s’pose, but I hope their show does well.

  8. Belinda

    This is a horrible, unwatchable piece of crap show…

  9. Melesa Garrison

    I have never seen this…hmmm

  10. Nuna

    Scalp skin is the best skin for grafts. The donor site heals very quickly and that skin is the most nourished skin so the graft heals quickly, as well. I would guess the main reason to use scalp skin is for cosmetic purposes, though, because the site can be hidden by hair. (I didn’t watch the show, I’m assuming only a small portion of skin was needed.)

  11. Witchy

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    Put the fan in the window facing outside, it pushes the hot air out and keep the door shut. It takes a couple hours for it to cool off. Try that. :-)

    • I bought central heat and air for this house a few years ago, I think I should have bought the next size up in units. My shack is only 1100 sq feet, it that size unit isn’t big enough for me, WTF is it for? Plus they put the vents in wrong. ​As long as it stay below 90 it’s bearable. For now I am just keeping the curtains closed and the lights of. :)

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 2:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. Cat

    Yikes! My jaw hit the floor when Janice pulled out her drain! Those things are LONG, and they feed about two feet of tubing into your body. I can’t imagine pulling it out yourself. Must’ve been some pretty good drugs there.

    I’m not sure I like this show. Terry is interesting, but it seems all Paul does is nose jobs. It was okay the first episode, but if that’s all he’s going to do each week, then YAWN.

  13. Jr.Leaguer

    I did not want to like it….but I did. I ended up watching the two episodes B2B.

  14. Rose

    I loved this show! Always liked Paul Nassif. Please keep recapping TT. Ken Doll is an over the top train wreck but somehow I can’t look away. The uniboob lady looked great and the comedian with multiple nose surgeries looked fantastic in epi 1. Janice dickinson is a nut case…who pulls their own drain? She needed to get that neck fixed… The Chinese lady was so pretty before..the things people do to themselves. It was sad they couldn’t help her. This is what I would like to see more of the clinical plus family in Married to Medicine (but I still watch!).

  15. LRF

    I love this show. Just like anything else, everyone has their own opinion and obviously…there will be many who are fans as well as many who aren’t. I’m inspired by the ones who have truly been transformed from their previous deformities. Some were horrific and needed repair desperately!

  16. Danielle

    Dr. Dubrow is a riot in some of the most recent episodes.

  17. Haha Giggles

    LOL I enjoy this show because the doctors are the only sane people on it. It confirms what I’ve always believed about people who get plastic surgery: that anyone who thinks their looks are important enough to get cut up to ‘improve’ them is CRAZYBALLS to begin with & has personality problems that no surgery could ever fix. Too bad the docs don’t have a surgery to fix CRAZY. My favorites are the nutty women who have implants WAY too big for their chests, weeping & wailing like they thought a DDD implant would solve all their problems, always pretending they “never wanted boobs this big but my first surgeon FORCED them inside me anyway”. What a bunch of liars. If even half of what these people say about their original surgeries were true, they’d have massive malpractice claims; they’ve destroyed their faces& bodies by demanding multiple procedures to ‘fix’ what never needed fixing, then they go famewhoring about it on tv, crying like people should pity them for what they did TO THEMSELVES! Bunch of nutjobs.

  18. Tweed

    I love Terry and Paul. They do an exceptional job on the patients who really need the help. The others are has beens who want their five minutes of fame back by doing whatever it takes. I would love to see the Dr’s, put another spin on the show by adding maybe a contest (free/half price) of sorts for working middle class women over 55 that would like to have a few nips and tucks just to feel a little bit better about themselves…we deserve it!!

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