Joe Gorga’s Tenant, Kai Patterson Responds To Default Judgment

For some reason, this is the only Joe Gorga picture I have. It will do.

For some reason, this is the only Joe Gorga picture I have. It will do.

Earlier today I posted this article about a dispute, Joe Gorga has with his tenant, Kai Patterson, currently residing in the Montville home.  A representative for Mr. Patterson has reached out to with a response.  It is rather lengthy and I have edited a bit to remove all of the “see attachment” notes. Suffice it to say receipts were provided in the FORTY-NINE attachments provided. There were also numerous pictures of the damage. Sadly, no pictures were provided of the BEAVERS LIVING IN THE WALLS!!! That would have been my lead story, yet it is buried well below the fact they had no hot water for extended periods of time. It’s all very Grey Gardens.  Except instead of a mother and daughter, it’s a son and his step-father with beavers. Because, did I mention the beavers in the walls? Allegedly.

Basically, the tenant says Joe lied to the court about the amount of rent. Joe says it is $20,000 (ALLEGEDLY) and the tenant says it is $10,000. Anyway, here is the other side of the story.

Speaking of allegedly, despite the 49 attachments which appear to back up every issue mentioned Everything below this point is the statement of a representative for Mr. Patterson. RHONJ Sisters-in-Law Make Top Ten List

In response to your article related to the Gorga’s home, Mr. Patterson rental agreement was modified on November 21, 2013, which changed the price of the rent to $10,000 per month. A subsequent agreement changed the start date of the agreement executed on November 21, 2013 to February 26, 2014 and possession was taken the property on February 28, 214. The February 26, 2014 agreement pushed back the increase in rent until after October 2014, which the Gorgas failed to provide to the Court. In addition to paying $10,000 rent, an additional $10,000 per month was to be paid towards the purchase of the property,and those payments were to be used make several needed repairs before and after taking possession of the property. Although the Gorgas were initially paid $10,000 rent, and a deposit of $25,000, which was to be applied to the purchase price of the home and used to make the repairs, none of the repairs were made on the list of repairs provided. Addendum to Original Lease that Requires Repairs to be Fixed in 15 days and the requirement of the pool plans to be provided before the inception of the lease, which were never provided. Mr. Patterson was never provided with any pool plans or permits.

During the entire first month of possession of the property, the hot water heater was broken and only worked for a few hours each time it was repaired or restarted, leaving the residents of the property without hot water. The hot water heater was replaced on April 1, 2014 (the day the next month rent was due), after Mr. Gorga agreed to replace in on numerous previous dates. Although it took a month to replace the hot water heater, no credits were ever provided by the Gorgas for the numerous days the purchaser and his 79-year-old stepfather were without hot water, and took showers in hotels.The purchaser of the property also paid the Plumber who is Mr. Gorga’s construction partner $250 to replace a broken faucet in the kitchen. The Plumber cashed the check and never took the purchaser’s phone calls. The purchaser purchased the faucet and hired another plumber to install the kitchen faucet, which cost an additional $625. The purchaser of the property also paid the Gorga’s unpaid water bill of $4,416.60 on June 26, 2014 to prevent the water from being shutoff by Montville Township, which was unknown to be owed at the time the purchase took possession of the property.

  • Upon taking passion of the property, numerous additional problems were discovered, which remain to this day. These items include:
  • Mr. Gorga’s construction garbage dumped on the property, which is required to be removed by the Township of Montville, NJ
  • Showerhead in the master bathroom does not work properly, and makes it impossible to use to take a shower
  • Pipe burst on the master bathroom tub, making it unusable
  • The left vanity sink faucet and stopper in the master bathroom does not work and needs to be replaced
  • The fireplace in the old billiards room, now an executive office was stuffed with Mr. Gorga’s t-shirt attempt to reduce the cold air coming into the room, and another bird from flying into the house through the chimney (glass on fireplace needs to be replaced and the room is freezing in the winter)
  • All the three (3) gas fireplaces do not work, and have not been repaired; and
  • Guest bathroom leaks under the vanity and faucet will not shutoff, causing water to continue to run (water is turned off so the sink can’t be used; and
  • None of the bathrooms throughout the home have shower doors, including the bathrooms that do not have tubs (Gorgas agreed to add shower doors,but they were never added;and
  • Marble step cracked on the bridal staircase by Gorgas while moving was not replaced as agreed, which poses a hazard of falling and cutting one’s foot if used (See: Picture Attached); and
  • Outdoor kitchen has no plumbing and no electricity, which causes the sink to be unusable, and the outdoor refrigerator installed with the property to develop mold (See: Picture Attached); and
  • Beavers enter the house through areas not properly constructed and live in crawlspaces in the walls between the office (old pool room), which can be heard every night and morning (beavers make loud bumps against the walls in the night and morning); and
  • Outside stairs and window never repaired from fallen tree before purchaser took possession (Gorgas agreed to repair, but repairs were never completed; and
  • Design and permits for the pool were never provided to purchaser, which the Gorga’s were required to provide to the purchaser in the Lease/Purchase agreement upon the purchaser taking possession; and
  • Ceiling in downstairs guest office (old kids bedroom) cracked and fell due to an unknown water leak in the upstairs laundry room from a broken pipe behind the laundry room sink, which was spackled but not sanded or painted by the Gorga’s.


On the morning of the court appearance, the purchaser noticed sprinkler system was leaking water by the gallons. Having just paid the Gorga’s unpaid water bill of $4,416.60, the purchaser attempted to plug the gushing water, which caused him to be late for the appearance. The purchaser’s attorney to file a motion to vacate the default judgment of possession for appearing late, and yesterday the realtors confirmed the realtors of the parties have agreed to settlement terms that include the Gorgas making all of the required repairs of the property. If the purchaser is provided with all of the credits paid to the Gorgas, water bill and items and faucet.

The November 21, 2014 addendum to the Lease/Purchase Agreement executed by all parties, will confirm the Gorgas lied about the amount of the rent in their complaint, which was only $10,000 per month. After paying the first month’s rent of $10,000, an additional $25,000 for repairs applied towards the purchase of the home, an additional month’s $10,000 rent, $4,416.60 for the Gorga’s water bill and a total of $625 to repair the kitchen faucet, the purchaser is paid up through the end of July 2014 if all credits are applied. The laws in the State of New Jersey require a landlord pay for all expenses to fix all repairs not caused by a tenant. If a tenant pays $25,000 towards the repairs they should not be required to live in the conditions of the Gorga’s home, regardless of how beautiful the home looks.

Mr. Patterson has retained he law firm of Richard Koppenaal, Esq. to resolve the terms of the settlement and oversee the repairs of the property in accordance with the requirements of the Landlord/Tenant Statures of the State of New Jersey. All of these issues are being addressed. Mr. Patterson’s attorney filed a motion to vacate the judgement and the parties are waiting for a new court date. While the parties are awaiting a new court date, Mr. Patterson’s attorney shall be reaching out to Mr. Gorga’s attorney to begin drafting documents both parties’ realtors have stated all parties have agreed to enter into a settlement agreement.


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69 responses to “Joe Gorga’s Tenant, Kai Patterson Responds To Default Judgment

  1. ScrappieONE

    This is the updated Tom Hanks movie, the Money Pit….

    • Blackbyrd

      This house sounds like a real shithole.

    • puppylove

      for sure, and why wasn’t there an inspection done before moving in by the tenant if there was a lease/PURCHASE agreement?

      • ScrappieONE

        Agreed but even more, what happened to their final inspection after building the house. In Maryland, that garbage would of had to been removed.

  2. therealdeb

    wow, broke down palace! it was tacky and very overdone, i cannot imagine living there. the gorga’s should know that the whole world will hear of these things, what makes them think it won’t come out?

  3. SB

    Jeez whoever did the plumbing did not know what the hell was going on. What a nightmare for this person.

  4. Jen

    Lololololol @ Beavers where? Lmao! Living beyond their delusional means. bahahahaha

    • ​Beavers!In!The!Mutherfuckin!Walls!

      I’m so going to have nightmares about this. Can I sue the Gorga’s for emotional distress over the damn beavers! ?

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Micheal

        I hear a class action lawsuit!

      • lori

        Holy moly! There was a show on animal planet about this sort of thing. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was about people who buy homes only to learn (once they are moved in) that they aren’t the only tenants. FTS! I swear that show has us terrified to sell this house and buy another. What scum to sell a house in that condition and lie and not follow through on the agreements. Allegedly. That is just plain awful. I’ve always thought the Gorga’s were shady. Just something about them. I think they are both very different than what we see on tv.

      • I am laughing so hard beavers in the walls Yikes!!! I would not stay there another minute. Why is this buyer going forward with this deal???? Beaver damage must be huge! What about all the other creatures…rats etc… gross

      • puppylove

        Tamara, I know critters can get into the walls but how thick is the space between the walls in this house anyway. Beavers are good size critters and I would think they needed more room than what is between a regular width wall. Could it be rats?

      • Lucy94

        Tamara, I can’t stop laughing! Seriously, I’m doubled over. Beavers…in the walls? I had a mouse once.

      • digal704

        The beavers got me too! I would’ve left the minute I knew they were getting in.

  5. Shellbelle

    Didn’t Joe G build his own house? Doesn’t really speak for his workmanship does it?

    • Sure does! Check out Patterson’s pictures — reality tea. What a mess! Nothing in that dump is going to last much longer.

      • It’s a hot mess, I checked those pics he is a slumlord. I knew that they couldn’t go to much longer without something legal and/or financial happening. What a bunch of posers.

  6. Jen

    Sorry. I can’t stop laughing. Took a big drink of my Coffee n spewed it. lol! I couldn’t contain myself….lol. I hope the Beavers took over and lived in the lap of Brokedown luxury. hahahahahaha! :)) Ok. I quit…..:))

  7. Sounds like this house was built to be nothing but a facade. I remember one episode when they were trying to see what they could get for it from real estate professionals (not what they thought they could get), and I recall them saying the mirrors and other “wood looking” items were made of resin. This house was built to make them appear “wealthy” and now they appear to be running away from a run down mess that needs to be torn down. Did Joe build it himself? They are losers.

  8. Vanessa W

    But seriously beavers lol wow just wow !. im guessing the guy never watched rhonj, why would anyone ever want to but anything for the gorgas

  9. This house like soooooo many in these high end communities….built from the outside in. Made to look good on the outside and inside, shabby everything….. I have a friend with a gorgeous home from the outside…inside the contractors used the most basics of everything and now she’s stuck with a house that in order to sell she will have to buy top end everything to get it sold just to recoup her loses. She bought high end and now she’s stuck and no one wants to pay a 100 grand plus for a one floor home.

  10. Oh,My!

    That Gif sums it up perfectly.

  11. beth

    Whether the Gorga’s make the repairs or not, I’d just want to get my money back, plus some extra for pain and aggravation, and high-tail it out of there.

    How old is this house? They will never sell it now …

    • lori

      Me too Beth. I could never be happy in that house after an ordeal like this leaving such a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. french

    The Gorgas need serious consequences! Liars & beaver hoarders! Lol!

  13. Micheal

    I’m picturing cute Disney esq beavers running around eating sticks. I’m guessing they are more of a nuisance? We don’t have them in Australia. Our closest animal would be the Bilby who sneaks into your house and eats through plastic/wood to eat out of your pantry.

  14. I am a little confused. First the story says the tenant was to pay 20 grand a month for rent. Later it says that about was changed to be 10 grand a month for rent and 10 grand a month for repairs and for purchase of the home. That is 20 grand a month – or do I not understand?

    • ​It’s all very confusing. The “non-rent” $10K was for payment toward the house and repairs. It can’t be for both payment and repairs, it has to be one or the other.

      But this was the busiest day in the world at Chez Tattles. I had the landscaper that you have to stand over here for HOURS. Big Brother feeds blowing up, The USA Belgium soccer match and somehow in there I was supposed to be taking care of the blawg.

      I’m exhausted. Is it time for wine yet?

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 7:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. TT, I think another blog stole this story…….that totally sucks if true.

  16. wampascat

    Chateau Sheree is looking better and better! Dang!

  17. Beavergate sounds horrid. But some of the stuff on the lost seems kinda iffy. I dunno. I can’t judge. Who knows when what damage occurred. The tenant could be the one who abused the house.

  18. Well, I read many little things on that
    Iist that should not matter or only matter at closing.
    The contract about fixing house while renter/purchaser is still renting is odd.

    Supplying the purchaser/renter with permits and pool plans is a ridiculous thing for the Gorges to agree to. That is a headache and a huge expense.
    To be fighting over a plumbers bill for a faucet is beyond ridiculous.
    I’ve no shower doors, never will have those hard to clean doors.
    If the renter wants doors put them in himself after he pays for the place.
    It reads like the Gorga’s agreed to anything to get that renter/purchaser into the house.
    Fireplace needs a damper, few hundred bucks.
    I’ld run if I was that buyer, broken plumbing means mold.
    I want to see pictures of the Beavers, probably rats. Beavers live in water and chew on trees.

    • Why do you need shower doors if you don’t have water? ​

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 9:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • puppylove

      I had the same thoughts. I didn’t really pay attention to the land around the house but I don’t remember a body of water that could sustain beavers. They build dens that they enter from under the water line. They eat fish and things in the water not junk from a house. What the heck would they want with skinny little wall spaces. Like I said in a statement before, I’ll bet its rats too.

  19. brillke

    There’s no pool but there is a $4,416.60 water bill? How the hell does that happen?

  20. Observer2

    Now it makes sense why Melissa seemed so desperate to sell their house – sounds like the house was falling down around them.

    Sadly, it’s yet another lesson from a “Real Housewife” on why not to get stuff you can’t afford to keep up.

    I wonder how Joe and Melissa will spin this one?

  21. Jennifer

    A sucker and his money soon part…

  22. I’m not defending the Gorgas but the renter/purchaser also sounds like an ass and a player in the market.
    He just might win if he has those signed contracts.
    Yes the Gorgas should had taken the time and the wee bit of money to do those repairs. A week and under $5,000 NOT including that pool mess.

    That ceiling damage could have happened when the pipe burst after the Gorgas moved out. It’s still their responsibility as owners.

    That outside cooking station never had electrical or plumbing, looks like that to me.
    I think …
    The Gorgas wanted to move so they refinanced the home and used that money for their new home. That is bad financial planning when the first home is still for sale.
    Besides, that is one ugly house.
    Is that what large homes look like there?
    What is sticking up from the roof line?
    Fire stacks do not need to look like that.
    Yuckity, yuck!

  23. They built that house as cheap as possible because they never planned on living there until they got their bravo contract. Gorga is not much better than joe guidice or theresa.

  24. The Disher

    I wonder if the Gorgas were trying to classify the other $10K in such a way that it would not be considered “rent” money, so that the bank would not have a legal right to be paid that money. It doesn’t make sense to have $10K as rent, and then classify the other $10K for repairs each month…when Gorga built the house and could do the repairs himself or within his own company. Fishy.

    • Excellent point, my dishy friend. That would be a way to get around the “agreement” 10K for rent (to the bank) 10K to the Gorga’s for payment/repairs….. I think you may be right. Allegedly. Presumably. Just guessing.

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 12:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  25. Sick of "reality"!

    Unless he got a heck of a deal, Mr. Patterson is quite the fool to go ahead with the purchase, even if all of the repairs are made. That McMansion is exploding with red flags. Run, Patterson, run!

  26. denise

    It will be interesting to see how they spin this. I love the detail from the renter. Who in their right mind would buy that house. I remember one scene when a realtor was showing it and they were laughing at the shoddy workmanship throughout.

  27. ScrappieONE

    WELL NOW we know why their daughter had her birthday party in the driveway and why so many people questioned why there were no swing sets and toys in the back yard. Well we now see it’s because it was a dump site. Bahahaha… These people can’t get anymore ridiculous in how phony they are.

  28. Katrina

    So what was the rental agreement amount before November 21, 2013. It sounds like they arde saying they were living there prior to November, then they turn around and say all this damage happened to the house before they moved in. Are they saying the lease purchase agreement started in February 2014? prior to that date, they were renting. Either way, the tennant would be responsible for their own water bill. There are a lot of lease/purchase agreements where the purchaser is responsible for repair and damages. So why did the purchasor agree to take possession of the property, if they had not received the proper documents. An attorney should have been handling the lease/purchase agreement. I would also think there would be realtor involved too. How long have beavers been living in the walls? Why would you agree to lease/purchase a house that you know beavers are living in the walls? Did the beavers move in the same day you took possession of the property?

  29. Katrina

    If your water heater goes out and you are renting the place, you still have to pay your rent. You don’t get credit. In some cities, you have to have a permit to install a water heater. Depending on the type you need, it may have to be ordered, so it takes longer to acquire and install. They are not obligated to pay for them to stay at a hotel. Insurance won’t even pay for that.

    • Anon

      That may not be entirely true… I’m not sure about the Landlord/Tenant laws in NJ, but in my state when a essential utility such as hot water is inoperable or shut off the Landlord has a legal obligation to remedy the situation within 14 days (sometimes even sooner depending on the severity of the problem) presuming the Tenant has sent a certified letter informing the Landlord of the compliant and requesting the repair. If the repair is not made within that time frame the Tenant could do a number of things: repair and deduct, contact the city for housing code violations and put the rent into escrow, or simply abandon the property because of the breach of implied warrenty of habitability where the Landlord may very well be on the hook for any hotel/motel costs and subsequent relocation costs.

      Also there are renters insurance out there that may pay for hotel costs. When I was a renter years ago State Farm would pay for 30 days (I believe) worth of hotel/motel stays in the event of fire or sever water damage. Again I’m unfamiliar with NJ laws/regulations so I would be interested if anyone here lives in NJ and knows that information.

  30. myinfo

    If the Beavers enjoy the home so much let them pay the rent.
    HOW THE HELL ARE BEAVORS ABLE To get into the walls?
    Mice are loud. Can’t think of how loud beavers must be.

  31. They must have promised this Patterson guy he’d be a reality star or something. It just doesn’t make any sense that he would want anything to do with this house. People are stupid when it comes to being on TV or associated with “celebrities.” But, he could just be stupid. There is a lot of that going around Bravo, maybe it’s catchy. Obviously, the house is going to have to be razed. It was not soundly constructed. I’d be scared to death to live there.

  32. Bama Belle

    If even HALF of this is true, it makes Sonja Morgan’s place look the Ritz! BEAVERS IN THE WALLS? I can’t I just can’t.

  33. digal704

    Between the beavers, the hellacious water bill, never-ending running water and the balled up tee shirt I would’ve bailed.

    • I am not an expert on beaver. I was trying to learn about beaver in a different comment section but I think I somehow insulted the beaver expert and she left.this.board.forever.

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 12:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  34. Wow, this qualifies as a hot mess!

  35. Jacque

    I am in the process of purchasing a home using a VA loan. Let me tell you the VA inspectors are PICKY! They have already denied 2 homes because of what I would have considered relatively minor problems. I am keeping my fingers crossed on the home, the inspector is getting ready to inspect, but being as it is a new home that no one has ever lived in, I have high hopes! But because it is a lake front home, the have to check water tables, wells, dry basement etc, I am holding my breath!
    My question is, why did an inspector pass the home for inspection?

  36. RacoonInYourWall

    Beavers probably wouldnt live in the walls…Racoons, however, might. They might even make a nest in those crawlspaces. There are videos on youtube of people removing racoons from their walls, many at a time 😛

  37. captivagrl

    Animals that can crawl around and make homes in NJ walls: mice, rats, pack rats, raccoons, opossums….beavers? That’s a new one. Love to know why these renters believe they are sharing this broken down McMansion with beavers. I need (would love!) a photo :)

  38. Amy

    I will say that the Gorgas are at least classy enough to tip on comps they receive so to me I doubt they are cheapskates trying to pull a fast one on anyone. Most celebrities tip nothing- especially when food or drinks are complementary. Ahem Heather and Tamara and Gretchen.

  39. Tasos826

    One would think that beavers, being builders themselves, would have much more discriminating taste.

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