Real Housewives of Orange County: Shannon and Heather May Be the Same Person

RHOOC Season 9 Cast

We begin with Shannon and David getting ready to go to Mexico. Shannon is still freaked out by the email David sent her. But David is being extra affectionate with Shannon.

Every time they switch back and forth between Shannon and Heather I am struck by how similar they are. At Heather’s house she has hired a private chef to cook their dinners because Heather can’t cook. They guy is roasting a chicken. This is the easiest thing in the world to cook. Heather should be able to do this. There is basically five minutes of prep, pop the bird in the oven. Take a 1.5 hour nap and get up and eat it. The chef is cooking two meals a night. One for the kids and another afterward for whatever adults are around. Tonight, Terry is working late or something so she had rented a friend to gossip with about Shannon. Heather’s kids eat vegetables and love everything they were served. RHOOC  Shannon Meltdown

Speaking of private chefs, Vicki has hired one to cook for her and  Brooks and Shannon and David at her Mexican condo. She speaks to the chef in Spanglish and pantomime in a rather insulting fashion. There is a flashback to Tamra telling Vicki about the email. Have we seen that before? I don’t recall that phone call. It looks like Tamra blabbed to everyone. Countdown to Vicki having a few drinks and asking about the email. Vicki’s condo is gorgeous. Shannon and David are not used to sleeping together. They seem to be blaming the problem on the room being too small. Or the fact that Michael doesn’t have a room.  Vicki refuses to let them leave.

Then there was the stupidity of a woman who has already raised a passel of kids and been “fixed” playing with the high school sex education baby, which is not worth discussing further.

Shannon got all the gossip about Brooks from…guess who? Tamra. Vicki’s brother Billy offers to give up his room to Shannon and David. Shannon is a wee bit entitled to not be able to deal with a double bed in a small room. Has she ever been to Europe?

Christian and Lizzie seem to be on the rocks. Yet, they are wanting a third kid? Christian is not that into helping out with the kids. How should I word this…. the boys don’t seem to have had much home training. The solution for temper tantrums appears to be taking them of ice cream.

In Mexico at the beach, everyone is having a great time, except for Shannon who is afraid of the ocean. Shannon says that Vicki and Brooks are seeing David in fun mode. What the heck are they drinking? I think it is straight tequila, in the heat of the day. I’m a drinker but I would be out like a light for the rest of the day and all night. David is not really present with Shannon. He is really into the tequila. Vicki was talking about them and how they usually bring the kids with them on vacation. She asked if they “like being together”, which is sort of an awkward question. Shannon says yes and David stuff his guacamole hole. Shannon forces him to answer the question. David says that he and Shannon have a bit of a challenge because he likes to work out and Shannon likes “not to work out.” Vicki and Shannon break off from the guys for a little girl time. David senses he has fucked up and tries to make amends. I just don’t think David has much emotional intelligence. I’m not sure he is deliberately being an aloof asshole. Still, he’s sort of an aloof asshole.

RHOOC Heather Arguing

Heather comes over to gossip with Lizzie about the other girls. Wait. They didn’t do that. They talked about how to juggle family and career. WTF?

Vicki and Shannon do not go shopping like normal people. Because, Vicki. Vicki takes the germaphobe who is all organic everything to a cigar shop. That didn’t play well with Shannon. Then they go for drinks because it’s been at least an hour since all of that tequila and Shannon switches to her drink of choice, watered down vodka. I don’t see that going well for her. Then, Shannon launches into her version of Heather throwing her out of her house.   It was a fairly accurate description. Vicki makes it all about her and launches into her story of how Tamra meddled in her relationship with Brooks. Vicki says, “Tell Tamra, Telephone.”

Back at Heather’s and Terry’s, Terry is finally hope for dinner with the chef and he LOVES it.  There were French fries involved! After eating all together, there is a family viewing of Hawaii Five O. Terry jokes that she cooks for the serial killer but not her. Heather is pissed that he talked over her dialogue. Oh Heather, I’m trying so hard to like you but you make it so damn hard. Heather loves watching shows she is proud of with her kids. In this episode, she gets the shit beat out of her by a serial killer. Her youngest looks mortified. Sigh.

In Mexico, everyone goes out to dinner. Somehow, Shannon and David get into an argument about putting water in their drinks. Shannon goes to the bathroom for a bit. Vicki goes to check on Shannon in the bathroom and they butt heads a little bit. Shannon says to David, “maybe next time you can not make me look like a bitch.” David seems to be trying to keep things light but this dinner is going downhill fast. Brooks is HONGRY and Shannon is keeping him from ordering their dinner. Shannon says that when they argue, David just wants to pretend it doesn’t happen. No, Shannon, he is trying to make up with you right away, that’s a nice thing.

Next week: Team Mexico goes dancing on bars and lets loose. But later, Shannon and David argue again. Eddie and Ryan get into it over Cut Fitness business.




































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150 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Shannon and Heather May Be the Same Person

  1. Micheal

    I feel the same way about Heather. Just when I think I can feel bad for her this season (everyone appears to be against her except Lizzie), she does or says something that makes me slap my forehead in frustration. I’ll be partially brain damaged at this rate.

  2. O.O

    Sigh ! Why isn’t Lizzie’s son potty trained . Do they make pampers that big ? Why is heather watching violence with small children as if its tiny toons?
    Shannon needs meds so that she can calm down. Are those two still together ? She’s exhausting to watch and so is heather .

    • janet

      I can’t begin to like Heather, she is so Heather is the best. ever. I don’t know how Terry dealt with her self-centeredness all these years, other than he is older and she is more a trophy wife that would take his jugular if the split. I don’t know if Lizzie’s son is big for his age or has some problems so I don’t want to trash on that,but if he is fine, then he needs to be out of diapers. He didn’t talk clearly, so there may be something else to think about, tho I feel she would have said that one of her sons needs more care?!? I hope she makes time for another child if they decide to have more. More than a pat on the head……take them out of here I have a friend over BS.

      • O.O

        You know Janet maybe you’re right and the child is special needs . It’s either that or neither parent interacts with the child hence the unclear speech or there’s so little interaction that the parents don’t know he’s special needs.

    • Wow, O.O., you nailed it. I was a little disconcerted to see a kid that old and that mature whining about wanting his diaper changed. Do his parents not realize that parenting is about socializing their children, not makiung them comfortable?? Bizarre. Shannon is just a fount of small time tragedy. She takes offense at everything. She is ridiculous and tiring. No wonder David wants to leave. She’s a pain in the butt.

      • O.O

        @ Karen that was really funny and a perfect description of Shannon … Haha ha @ small time tragedy !

    • jelley

      Totally wondered the same thing about lizzie’s son not being potty trained. Isn’t he school aged? Looks to be 4-5. Wild.

    • When an articulate brat demands to have his diaper changed, it’s time to point him to the toilet!

    • Snarkoholic

      Lizzie’s boys seem to be feral children who live outback in the woods somewhere.

    • Anna

      Thank you so much O.O! I thought I was really confused watching that! Lizzie’s son was whining the entire time about needing a new diaper & I was thinking “my goodness, he looks 4 or 5 years old! ” if she’s a stay at home mom, talking about having another baby already, why isn’t this one potty trained? Then Lizzy decides the way to solve the whining & fussing is for Christian to take them out for ice cream. Isn’t that rewarding bad behavior? And yeh, Christian doesn’t seem to want to help with the kids so much, and Lizzie wants another baby now? Then we get to see yet again how Heather’s obsession with herself just knows no bounds……. The whole family- little children and all gather round the tv and watch as some psycho violently punches Heather in the face & knocks her down!!!?? Does this woman NOT get just how traumatic and frightening that could be to her young children watching someone knock the day lights out of their mother- in the face-on television? Wow- so much for all those people who thought Heather was intelligent!? That was totally shocking! That offended me more than I can’t say, and she’s not my mother, and I don’t even like her! What is really wrong with these people? Even Terry didn’t even bat an eye. That was absolutely gross!

      • Cookies

        And how contradictory is watching this Hawaii 5-0 scene to the notion that she doesn’t want her kids seeing her in a disagreement with Shannon?

      • O.O

        @anna I wonder the same thing … What is wrong with these people ?!?! Even though vikki was so mean and crass towards Lizzie upon their first meeting maybe she was right about her not being too smart . Lets see she has no time for her children . She feels overwhelmed . She can’t handle the two she has . Claims her husband doesn’t want to help out but she wants to have a third baby because everyone in her family has three kids. :/ …..I’ll just stop here.

  3. I’m fairly sure that David has no idea WHEN they have an argument because the fights are mainly inside of Shannon’s head. And David is a little slow.

    Lizzie’s kid seriously needed a nap and potty training and a huge bowl of NO!, not ice cream for the love of god.

    The manufactured drama is just so boresville. I had to laugh at the”sketch” in front of Lizzie. It was boobs and a diaper. Drawn like I draw stick figures. Lol. And Heather’s super creative, “wait a few months”!! How did she ever got so smart. And of course Lizzie never thought of that possibility. Yawn

    • Micheal

      I’d have to agree with your summation of Shannon and David’s relationship. It’s like Shannon is always looking for a fight and always confrontational/aggressive.

    • Amy

      “Boobs and a diaper” lol! #truth. If that’s what it takes for a swimline I might be Versace

    • kym

      Co-Sign! Shannon IS having arguments in her head! For all that “holistic healing” mess she believes, its not bringing her inner peace at all.

    • ScrappieONE

      Right on teecee….. I believe Shannon is such a downer that David just turns everything off and maybe that’s why it goes on death’s doors or whatever. Shannon is the poster child of glass half empty. Jiminy Crackers I would rather have acid poured in my eyes then be around someone like her.

  4. Beth Boxer

    I still watch this show, but I am usually doing something else at the same time. Pretty soon I will give it up all together. All the Real HW shows follow the same format and it is really wearing thin. Tamara and a baby? Really? I wonder what ever possessed Shannon to do this show, then air all her woes in the first half of her first season. It is just plain sad to see her bicker with her husband, remember the Maloof’s. The world must have turned upside down to have vicki and brooks as the stable couple. I give up, don’t care anymore, it is made up anyway.

    • UsedToBeAFan

      “The world must have turned upside down to have vicki and brooks as the stable couple.” So true!! Nearly fell of my chair laughing, thanks for the laugh.

  5. karen

    I really do not know how David puts up with Shannon she is a nut case. Every little thing bothers her and she makes an issue out of nothing. Note to Shannon::: David does not make you look like a bitch you do that all by yourself. Lizzie’s kids are beautiful but the oldest boy is in need of a lot of home training,

  6. It’s definitely a tad bit ridiculous that Lizzie’s son isn’t potty trained. The kid is going to end up being a spoiled brat. I said awhile ago that Heather and Shannon really are very similar. I don’t know why, I like Shannon she is neurotic and crazy but she owns it. She could use a prescription for xanax though. Heather is just too uptight, I think Heather and Terry work because he balances her out. Enough with all these fake babies on just about every city of the housewives! Tamra you’ve had enough experience with children, you are that badly in need of a story line? Tamra has the biggest mouth and if I was Shannon, I wouldn’t have handled it as well as she did. The “friend of the housewives,” Danielle is possibly the most boring friend ever! She’s had absolutely no storyline and barely speaks.

  7. Several commenters suggest that Shannon needs meds. To me, Shannon seems like a person who is over medicated and should not drink with her meds. I know that I should not make baseless accusations. I hate when others do that. But it’s an observation. She acts similar to others I’ve known who over scripted and mixed in booze.

    • I agree but my guess is she is on some bizarre Chinese herbal depression meds that do not mix well with all the vodka waters. ​

      On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 11:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Isn’t it weird and creepy how she makes a huge deal out if everyone knowing her drinks are weak or that she’s mixing it herself so it’s not too strong? There was one scene at the end where she looked and acted exactly like Kim Richards.

    • BH Wannabe

      @Teecee: I have had that exact same thought for a while now.

    • ScrappieONE

      Another agreement here…. Does anyone notice her voice at time also becomes shakey, nervous or rattles… IDK what the heck it is but when she starts getting tanked and upset her voice changes.

  8. ericzku

    Interesting thesis, Tamara…one thing though: Heather is whip-smart, while Shannon is as dumb as a box o’ rocks.

  9. Thank you T for the great recap. I have not watched the last 5 episodes and am so grateful to have you instead. I just can not do another season of Vicki and Tamra.

  10. Becstar

    I’m okay with Shannon but I don’t know why she made such an ordeal out of the cigar shop when she obviously has smokers wrinkles around her mouth.

    • I don’t believe for a moment these women actually have personal chefs. It’s storyline to make it cohesive… ​

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 12:38 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • gerly1

        I can see Heather and Terry having a chef. They said in the first season they were on that they went out for dinner every night because Heather can’t/won’t cook. She doesn’t exactly strike me as Suzy Homemaker.

    • amyyyy

      I actually realized why I find Shannon so much more attractive than the other housewives. SHE ACTUALLY HAS WRINKLES. I know she’s had some procedures on her face but thank god she didn’t Botox the life out of herself (I’m looking at you, Tamra.)

  11. S

    With all due respect, I know that this show is all about the glamorous, high-rolling lifestyle of the rich in the OC, but I don’t understand how to glorify very wealthy women as “managing to juggle everything” when from all the different franchises, they pick a various creative career after they have kids so they don’t get bored at home. I don’t mean this in a wrong way, I am sure they are aware of how priveliged they are, but looking up to Heather Dubrow as being able to “juggle it all” is just giving a little too much credit. I mean, a personal assistant, nannies, a chef to cook meals for the family regularly, etc.

    I am very happy for them that they keep mentioning being able to find their “balance”, but I think none of them truly understand the meaning of that word by far, and I feel that HWs throwing this term around in places like the OC or BH is a little self-indulgent. Millions of women do in fact have families, and many work full-time, not because they are bored, but out of necessity, and I don’t think they give themselves nearly that much credit, it is simply part of life.

    • gerly1

      I agree, my life would be dull to if I didn’t have to really do anything. If someone cleaned my house, took care of my kids, cooked my meals…I’d be able to juggle it all too.

    • amyyyy

      This is really snarky of me, but I read that Heather used a surrogate for three of her four kids. Which is fine, I don’t care what anyone does – but damn no wonder she’s so thin.

      • Entirely incorrect. I hadn’t heard that dumb rumor before. But it explains she she felt the need to show photos of herself and Terry holding their babies in the delivery room right after she have birth each time.

        And you need to read the rules.

      • Welcome Amyyy- you could be right. Who knows? None of us, since we don’t personally know Heather & a hospital photo doesn’t mean crap. And you didn’t violate any rules. You said you read it.

      • Lisa

        As I recall, Heather once volunteered on the show that they used fertility drugs for 3 of 4 of the children and baby Colette was an unexpected surprise conceived without assistance.

      • Oh. I see that this is Anna’s blog now.


      • Lisa

        Just to clarify, assuming everyone is on the up and up here. I think what the original poster was referring to was what I am pretty much positive Heather said on the show, in reference to their “dream” home being too small because of surprise Colette. It would not be a big stretch, nor incorrect I suppose, to think they used a surrogate. Myself, I think not…Heather is young and healthy enough to carry her own. I am kind of ashamed I even remember the details. My only excuse is that it’s my guilty secret to watch this crap.

  12. Gingersnap

    I like Shannon, but she’s coming across as so needy. A needy person will suck all the air out of the room. At this point, I feel bad for David. Frankly, I wish she would just STFU and be happy and quit creating problems. What really kills me is that they are in Puerto Vallarta, it’s heaven on earth, and they are unhappy about the size of their room. I’d be dee-lighted with an air mattress out on the balcony, with the ocean sounds and breezes, and the stars all around.

  13. janet

    As much as I like Shannon she really acts like a sour puss with her husband. The girl needs to lighten up and stop being a complaining malcontent or I can see her being traded in for a happier model. I’ve seen women do this before and then they’re shocked and enraged when the husband says screw it and either gets a girlfriend or moves out because hes tierd of the misery of being with someone who is angry and spoiling for a fight. Also if I were Shannon I would start working out with David as I’ve seen this be a wedge between couples when the husband wants an active partner. It wouldn’t hurt to try to do something he enjoys. Shannon is just giving lip service to working on the marriage she’s not doing the work. The only excuse I could give for her behaviour is if he’s allready cheated or currently is. But even then if you want the marriage fight for I it.

  14. janet

    Im glad to see Vickie happy with Brooks but since they don’t live together or married I think they’re a bit premature to say they’re healthy. But I wish them well and right now they sure enjoy each others company more than Shannon and David but wether its lasting or not time will tell. The baby storyline .with Tamra and Eddie is so fake. Eddie would have to be desperate for a child to embark on what it would take to achieve that with Tamra it would be so expensive and risky. The upcoming scene with Eddie and Ryan looks plenty real and uncomfortable to watch. Ryan is still maturing and has the issue of father figures being step fathers. I heard he’s getting married so I hope that gives him happiness and confidence and a family of his own. It wouldn’t hurt for Eddie to listen toRyRyan’s suggestions for improving the gym. Eddie seems like a nice guy who has married someone with a lot of baggage. I wonder if hell be up for the job.

  15. lori

    You know how they say when couples fight over something like the toothpaste cap or the toilet seat that it’s never really about the toothpaste cap or the toilet seat? I think that’s the case with Shannon’s hen pecking. I think it’s really about the much different issue of her not feeling loved by, or a priority to her husband, and that is how it comes out. It’s actually very common in marriages. I really do believe what she said on WWHL about her seeing herself and becoming aware that she does this sort of thing, and now that she has recognized it, she is working on changing it.

  16. janet

    It also seems like the couples who bicker on these reality shows are the ones who divorce. I remember people trying to say when Adrianne and Paul bickered all the time oh thats just the way they are they love eachother. But I think its hurtful when it gets like this and they can end up hating each others guts. These are common pitfalls in marriage and can be a faze or a mismatch. It seems when Shannon does get a chance to have a good time with David she blows it by being so intense on analyzing everything that comes out of his mouth instead of letting loose and enjoying the moment. I think maybe she is on meds and its making her quarlesome and teary. They really need therapy. The poor girls a look like they’re feeling the instability

  17. Jarlath

    Why would anyone go on one of these shows when their marriage is in such a sad state? Then again Shannon’s storyline is the only bit of reality on this otherwise dull, scripted mess

    • Micheal

      I ask myself the same question. Considering Shannon and David appear to be more financially secure than most of the other housewives, and a new housewives salary is usually miniscule I dont know why the show is worth the pain for their marriage and family. They really must crave the spotlight. With other housewives the answer is easier (like with Camille her ex wanted her to be ‘distracted’ so supported her becoming a HWBH).

      • amyyyy

        I do think they wanted to showcase their home since it’s now on the market. I hope that’s not foreshadowing the end of their marriage – they do seem to be happier now.

      • I was wondering the same – perhaps they are ready to file for divorce but need to unload the house first and the show is a great way to advertise the home? I suppose neither would be able to afford the home on their own.

        I just can’t figure any other reason for the trainwreck we’re watching. And if so, I hope their kids are in on the scheme.

      • Shannon can afford the home on her own. Shannon is the wealthiest person on RHOOC. Her Father is loaded.​

        On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 8:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. Skeeter

    It grates on my nerves when Shannon says stuff about David ‘snacking’ before dinner. I loved it when he told her “If dinner was ready I wouldn’t have to eat the chips, remember”? Apparently they’ve had a discussion (err I mean fight) over this before. I just don’t get what the big deal is. Do her children have snacks when they come home from school or does she make them starve till dinner?

    Something that struck me odd. What the heck time was it when Shannon said to David “I’m going to run a few errands”. The window behind her was pitch black. All David did was say ‘ok’. ????? Like this is the norm for her to go out at night and run errands. I do understand people run errands at night, that’s not the point – well maybe it is since she doesn’t work. There was just something very uncomfortable about how everyone was ok with Shannon doing this. My husband would be asking me why I didn’t do so & so during the day when everyone was away from the house.

    • Angie

      I had assumed that it was the middle of winter when they filmed and it may have only been around 6pm.

      • Yes, and David was up and he goes to bed at 8:30 with the kids. Also, I’m pretty sure David was clued in to the situation due to the camera people in his living room. Likewise, Heather was not surprised that Shannon showed up.​

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 6:52 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. The only thing interesting about this show is TT’s recaps. They need a whole new cast or just cancel it.

  20. You got all of that from a 30 clip? I know I had an opinion on the kid. But mine was in jest. You seem to think you can analyze potty training from afar with zero knowledge of the history. Maybe the kid is slow.

    • It’s not what anyone with half a brain does.

    • Sigh, yes we all think we can analyze this one or that one. Tsk tsk for human frailty. You all REALLY should read those rules. Monitor on board, though hell if I see anything in these comments that defies the RULES.
      So silly. LOL

  21. Din

    Lizzie has no business having yet another kid. Her oldest boy looks way too old to be throwing tantrums relating to diapers. She is really boring me with her life “struggle”. Bitch please.

    Heather giving her advice about juggling career and family was hilarious to me. If you take away the money that she didn’t earn, Heather is an empty shell that would manage to get fired from mcdonalds.

    Shannon is such a hot mess. My god when she came back from the bathroom and got that final jab in! who does that??! well ok me. I totally understand Shannon and her husband’s toxic relationship. Neither of them are happy with each other, but they have not find a way to communicate that like grownups. Once you fall into that passive aggressive hole and start humiliating each other in public it’s hard to get to a better place. I think that seeing the show will shock both of them though, might be just what they needed to see how wrong they both are.

    I am still a big fan of how honest and open Shannon is though. Good housewife, well cast.

  22. RealChicagoHousewife

    So, in Heather’s world she doesn’t want her children to overhear her having a tense discussion with Shannon but it’s perfectly ok for her younger children to watch her get beaten up by a serial killer on tv. Oh. Ok then.

    • Yes. One thing is real and the other is not. A child needs to know that at the youngest age. And then you tell them the news is not real because that is the scariest shit to watch ever.

      • And you learned that, or excuse me, devised this truly unheard of theory about how and when to tell a child what is real and what is not real from which University where you got your PH.D in Child Development? Hey, just asking you the same question you keep asking everyone else. You are an expert on this, because? Now let’s see if you can dish it out and take it as well. This is really quite humorous, after all. I agree with Real Chicago Housewife. That being said, um should we read the rules again or what? Maybe Heather’s kids can watch a make believe explosion and watch their mother blown to pieces? As long as they know it was a fake bomb, that’s good tv for 4 to 8 year olds? Sure, ok.

      • S

        I don’t think a child, especially 4 year olds, should ever watch a tv show with a woman getting the crap beaten out of her. Heather should have held her pride in a little bit and held off for a few more years before showing that to her kids. There is a reason why movies have ratings. Would you take a small child to see Hostel ? Because that is fake.

      • Oh shut tup. God you pathetic schlubs will argue about anything. The woman was right next to her kid. The kid knew it was acting. Her mother was fine. You are such a joyless bunch of busybodies. Have you ever had a moment of fun in your whole motherfucking lives????

      • The kid was terrified you retarded shrew! Hawaii Five O is rated TV-14 her twins are 10 her others are 7 and 3. It was the three year old who was particularly traumatized. From age 2 til about 7 kids still have quite a bit of “magical thinking” happening. That is why they are so easy to mind fuck. Um, ALLEGEDLY. NONE Of those kids needed to watch that episode, but particularly the younger two.

        Now apologize to everyone and tell them how very fucking wrong you are! GAWD.


        I stand by my posts. Children are not idiots. The kid was not remotely scared. She’s a little hellion who scribbled on her sister’s homework. She’s a little Malania.


        You could not be wronger. ​

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 8:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Her mother was right next to her. She got that. Why can’t you idiots???

      • Because SHE IS TWO? You don’t expose your kids to violent adult programming when they are two! ​

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 9:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sure you do. If it’s mommy on screen. Is she only 2? She seems bigger than that.

      • ​Oh so now I am lying?????

        Just admit this is another TTV and move on.

        PS Have you watched Tyrant on FX? I’m watching for the first time now. I have no idea what is going on.

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 9:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • No. Saw the ads for it during fargo. Tell me if it’s good.

        And you’re still wrong and coco is at least 4.

      • She’s not FOUR you retarded fag, she may be threeish.

        ​Heather Dubrow is a working actress and stay-at-home mother of four who joined the cast in Season 7. Married to prominent Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow, they have four children, 10-year-old twins Nicholas and Maximillia, seven-year-old Katarina, and three-year-old, Collette. Heather and Terry recently sold their home and are living in a rental house for two years while their new bigger and better dream house is built. Heather’s acting career is moving forward and a recent guest appearance on *Hawaii Five-O* has kept her busy as she designs their new home. She and Terry continue to work hard on juggling their career ambitions while maintaining a happy, healthy and balanced family life.

        Either way, it was a HORRIFIC parenting mistake to let small children watch that shit.

        ADMIT IT IS ANOTHER TTV, Biatch!

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 10:22 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • You said two you lying crock of shit. Plus that was probably written sons ago. I’m thinking Coco is at least 25 by now.

      • What you are doing isn’t thinking. ​

        On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 10:48 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • My sentiments exactly. No child should watch anyone, especially a man, knock the living day lights out of a woman period.for real or on tv. Especially their own mother. No- that fact that it’s “not real” makes no difference. They call this desensitization,” in case you’re still in elementary school, or just have no education whatsoever. Wow

      • Yes. By all means. Take away bugs bunny and tom and jerry. That will make all the kids better people.

        If you were acting in a show, wouldn’t you want your family to see you? Lie all you want. But it’s a very normal thing to do. If you can’t find something real wrong with her and have to grasp at such a dumb thing to criticize, you’re retarded.

      • OMG I Just called you retarded, Tee Cee! The show is rated TV 14 her kids are 10, 7 and TWO. WTF is wrong with you?​

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 7:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I wouldn’t, no. But I’m sure Kim K has probably shown North her body of work with Ray J by now. ​

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 8:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        > OMG I Just called you retarded, Tee Cee! The show is rated TV 14 her kids > are 10, 7 and TWO. WTF is wrong with you?​ > > > On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 7:37 PM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

    • theoretically i am totally down with the “you don’t show mommy being abused on tv in front of her young kids” argument, til i picture how half heartedly they were clapping when terry told them to clap for mommy. her part was short, & she spent most of it it screaming “look at me,” so they prolly didnt see much. these are hollywood kids, y’all.

      • ​And to think I was so close to giving you tokens. You know who else are “Hollywood Kids?” Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Shia Lebeouf (or whatever) and all of those DEAD DEAD DEAD ONES.

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 11:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • did you see heather’s blog post that the family’s watching her on tv was all terry’s idea? sorry to lose out on tokens but worth it to get a dig in on heather. she’s too much of an egomaniac to lose out on a star turn regardless of her kids’ ages. they looked underwhelmed at the end tho.

  23. kwm

    I binged watched the last 4 episodes last night, by the end my end was spinning.

    But I did notice one thing by doing it this way, Shannon is that person who says I hate drama and then creates the most. She is also the person who claims to get things out and then move on, but in reality she beats that horse into glue.

    In little bits I did not really notice how mean she is to David, but the mini marathon combined it all, she is constantly picking and poking at the guy. They are stuck in a very unhealthy pattern of she hits him below the belt. He strikes back, rinse and repeat.

    Heather is getting hard to like, but I think since Shannon comes across more fragile it is easy to turn Heather into the villain. Think of all the shit we gave her on this board for not giving Terry his onion rings, yet Shannon makes a comment about David eating some chips and salsa when he gets home because he is hungry, let them man eat some chips and salsa, he worked all day to keep you in your crystals and healing oils, without being a bitch to the guy.

    I honestly do not blame Heather for asking her to leave, Shannon was not in a good place, she says she went to Heather’s to ask her if Tamra told her their private business. Heather confirmed it, at that point Shannon should have driven to Tamra’s to confront her. Honestly I doubt if Shannon would have ever left in the state she was in.

    Tamra and that baby, give me a break.

    Vicki & Brooks during the massage was vomit inducing.

    • heather is so jealous of shannon she can barely see straight. she threw her out because she knows she spread the gossip around out of spite, & she didnt have a valid defense. her way of defending herself when she’s wrong is to out shriek the other woman & act as if she’s the one who has been wronged.
      that said, anyone snicker at her chef’s copying shannon’s roasted potatoes w goat cheese dish? wish shannon would get off the troubled marriage storyline. she is better than give heather without even trying.

  24. Does anyone know what Shannon’s husband does for a living? I know she is loaded because her family owned department stores back in the day. I just can’t think of that man sticking around that maiderable women for any tithed reason than money and the fact that he adores his kids.

    • You hit the nail on the coffin, David is really in it for the wealth that Shannon takes from her family someday….I mean, where talking OC, where women by the dozens are single and ready.

      • Actually, I have received some information that Shannon’s father is heavily invested in the Construction business that David runs. The two families seem to be very financially entangled. In fact, my sources indicated that Shannon’s father has more financial control of the company than David… But I haven’t gotten my hands on any of the finacials,so this is all, say it with me, alledged! ​

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 1:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Now that’s juicy!!!

      • what?! do you know them personally, gayle holmes? they were both young and cute together at the start. marriages go thru bad & good cycles. not seeing anything there millions of people havent gone thru. not seeing him drooling at the money. he seems like a hard working guy.

  25. What does David do for a living?

  26. GirlFromKY

    Me vacationing in my twenties: 1 hotel room, 2 double beds, and 10 of us sharing the cost with 1 bathroom. My 30s: 1 hotel room, 2 double beds, and four of us sharing the cost with one bathroom. My 40s: 1 hotel room, king size bed only, my husband and I paying extra to ensure a nice large bathroom void from all external noises. I can’t say I blame her Lol.

  27. For the life of me, I will never understand why Shannon and David chose to do a reality show with a marriage in this bad of a shape? Clearly these two need some type of marital counceling and why keep putting it off, I can’t wrap my brains around it. Something just doesn’t feel right with me on this….I do however love the fact that Shannon is so raw with her emotions, dispite the instability of them. The one thing about VIcki and Don, Don took her jabs in strive, David is about ready to burst and burst fast.

    Can’t stand Lizzie, don’t know why this troll is even on the show. Nothing about her is appealing, entertaining or fun to look at.

    Tamara is just a lost cause, both she and Eddie should call it a day and get off of reality tv, the mere sight of that huge head of hers is making me sick!!

  28. Lizzie’s kid was crying because he wanted a diaper on. She was clearly shown putting underwear on him and he wanted the diaper instead.

    I remember my granddaughter taking off her underwear and putting a pull-up diaper on herself when she had to poop because she refused to go in the toilet. It was a battle for weeks. She was about 2 or so.

    That type of situation could be made worse by the kid seeing the baby getting a diaper while he has to have big boy pants now. He did seem about college age, lol. Does anyone know how old he is?

    • Tardy did the same thing as Babydude, TRho. He would get the pull up when he had to go. He was terrified of doing it any other way for awhile. One day he just decided to sit and shit and he’s never looked back. But he was no where near 4.

  29. Liz M

    I refuse to comment on the diaper issue except he won’t be wearing pull ups in kindergarten. Every family has their parenting issues.
    Shannon looks and acts like a sad little mouse. Maybe she’s a some what passive-aggressive, sad, little mouse. I would be overjoyed to have an invite to stay with friends in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t ever complain about your host’s food or accommodation. Shannon seems like she would give David 2 shirts as a gift. He wears one, and she asks him why didn’t he like the other shirt?
    Vicki is acting like a kinder, gentler Vicki. Her haircut looks pretty. I have never liked Tamra, and the robo-baby is the stupidest idea ever. Heather is Heather. She gets on my last good nerve, but under all the pretension she seems like a nice person. I think Shannon really has it out for Heather. It’s amazing that Tamra blabs and Heather somehow gets the blame.
    The moral of the story is: Don’t go on reality TV if you want to save your unhappy marriage.

    • AMTraveler

      I see your point. Except the entire thing was on camera. For a scene that Shannon agreed to in advance – Bravo did not contract Shannon and Tamra to just “sit around and shoot the shit” for an hour in the hopes something interesting would happen. It actually might be the closest they have come to incredibly obvious scripted drama to date.

    • Uh, no. Shannon and Heather are clearly not friends. Shannon and Tamra profess to be. A friend’s betrayal is infinitely worse than an acquaintance’s.

      Although neither is the case in a situation where someone tells a “secret” with cameras rolling. The stupid bitch wasn’t worried about the secret hurting her children when she barfed it all out with the cameras rolling.

      • ​Maybe she didn’t see the camera men and the people with all the lights in her living room. GAWD.

        On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 11:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. GiGi

    It looks to me like Lizzie sons either has a sensory disorder is possibly on the spectrum. Screaming that way about wanting his diaper changed as strange. I don’t ever think I’ve seen a two year old do that.

  31. omg i think shannon should lighten up and have fun at ondalays! hecks i would…she appears to needy! i can not believe heathers kids ate all there dinner and loved it, mine wouldn’t be like that, i think they are threatened with a spoon if they don’t act all prim and proper…tamra blabbed to everyone and lizzie’s kids are not cute, and neither is tamra and that mechanical astro…and i think all babies are cute, also if eddie isn’t taking care of it the cannces are he doesn’t want kids!?

    • How can you say Lizzie’s kids are not cute??? First, they are beautiful. Secondly, you don’t talk about children being attractive or not. It’s just so wrong and mean. AND FUCKING POINTLESS. What does that accomplish? They are babies for god’s sake.

  32. Just so you know, Billie, some people are just not really capable of analysis……. Especially those people with half a brain. LOL

  33. MicroOp

    I think shannon might be the most high maintenance housewife ever. She obviously spends more than they can afford given their efforts to downsize. And shes mean and overly sensitive with her husband. I certainly don’t envy her husband.

  34. AMTraveler

    You know, I really admire Shannon. She is the mother of young children and was facing ever growing marital problems. She made the difficult decision and sacrifice to save her marriage for the sake of her children by going on a reality tv show. These shows allow for the retrospect, insight and scrutiny necessary to strengthen a relationship on the brink.

    Oh wait.

    Her voice and emotional stability are at Sally Struthers circa Save the Children commercials EVERY episode. She is the worst. The WORST! I want to marry her myself just so that I can divorce her.

    • Liz M

      Imagine Aviva and Shannon on the same shows. They could share all their phobias, share crystals and Shan could get her doctor to cure Aviva’ s sudden onset of asthma. Then Shannon could nag David more because he’s not like Reed. Don’t worry about the gossip and judgment from the rest of the gang, just enjoy your kids and appreciate your husband. Sometimes hid bad mood has nothing to do with you.

  35. janet

    You know something I’ve kinda thought is Heather looks so so thin sometimes it looks like an eating disorder. I remember a show Dr. 90210 and the wife of one of the doctors was very very thin with two or three young kids and as the show went on the wife kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Even my husband notices and said she’s got an eating disorder made worse by being on tv. It seems the wives of plastic surgeons are obsessed with perfection and it can spiral out of control.

    • So…now you’re just going to fling some unsubstantiated accusation that the woman has an eating disorder. Jesus. Did that other blog of looney a shut down again? Is this place getting their overflow?

      But I mean…if your HUSBAND noticed it…well then it MUST BE TRUE.

      When did he stop beating you anyway?

      • Angel

        I did not read a rule we all need to have the same opinion here or be insulted. Someone has lost their funny bone and become a bitter blog monitor and self-appointed Heather protector. Maybe you should read the rule about it not being your blog. Possibly you should have one of your own where you express your superior POV, very Heatherishly.

      • No, Mr, or Mrs, whichever it is KNOW it ALL. That other blog of a looney is still here, along with the rest of us you keep trying to bully and shut down. LOL. These are all called “opinions,” and guess what you wet noodle? We are all allowed to have them. Even you, God forbid. You like that big old F word, don’t you?

      • Ugh! Come on, really. When are you young to stop?

      • So your husband DOES beat you. That’s what I thought.

    • Liz M

      I think Heather is thin because she has parts on tv shows and guest hosts on that morning show. The camera adds 10+ pounds. Please no thin or fat shaming. Unfortunately most clothes are designed for really thin women. We no longer live in the days when clothes were made to fit our bodies. Women now try to fit their bodies into the clothes.
      I worked at a psych hospital that had an eating disorders questionnaire.
      “Do you feel guilty after eating a high calorie food?” Do you obsessively monitor your food intake?” Is your self worth based on your weight?” Hell, most of the women in the USA would say yes to those questions.

  36. the thing is, i could give a shit. if i wanted screaming kids needing diaper changes i could go to Target.

    • spk

      Ha HA, Spot On! They always somehow seem to find me, corner me at the end of an aisle, park the cart and leave the kid. Thankfully, if you just smile at them or wag your hand, they calm down. But I FEEL your pain 😉

  37. I’m from the rural deep south. We are big on manners and respect. If Heather thinks Shannon was yelling at her at the restaurant and at her house… wow. She’d have us arrested for attempted murder. I’ve “yelled” louder than Shannon’s inside voice while swatting a skeeter.

  38. Yeah TeeCee, looks like maybe YOU need to read the rules and quit insulting everybody all the time. Seems everyone’s had enough of your verbal assaults. Look at the way people are responding to you now. And talk about name-calling. Just chill, dude. Nobody wants to fight with you. You have your opinion and I have mine, and Angel has hers, and so on. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. See? Be respectful. You have totally ticked me off on this site by berating and belittling so many people- so I’ve given you a mere smidgen of a dose of your own medicine. But this isn’t really me, and I don’t enjoy barking back, so I’m willing to let it go. Just quit picking on and insulting everyone all the time. These are not my battles to fight, but most lawyers have an innate dislike for injustice-so it’s hard not to give it right back to you. Personally, I’d prefer a truce though.

    • But truces don’t bring me any ratings!!!!​

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 10:26 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • However, constant bullying and total disrespect for the opinions of others will encourage people to leave this site and go over to Reality Tea where everyone says exactly what they think, and no one is calling them F-ing nuts, or throwing a rule book at them, or just being downright nasty. It’s you blog….I’m just saying, I see a lot of people unnecessarily getting called out in a very rude & nasty manner just for having an opinion.

      • ​Reality Tea is a lovely place. We cover many similar topics, and they have rules to protect the thin-skinned. Sounds like the perfect fit for you!

        It’s kind of you to be concerned about the traffic on my site, but we’ll be fine here. Really.

        On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 1:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  39. cc101

    ‘It’s kind of you to be concerned about the traffic on my site, but we’ll be fine here. Really.’…….hahahaha, thank you. I needed a laugh today.

  40. pepper

    come on Tamara – i get that you like teecee or whatever, but Anna is right – her behavior is abrasive and she was rightly called on it.

    Nothing about being thinskinned. When homegirl asks a commenter if her husband beats her just because she doesn’t agree with her opinion. And then doubles down with “so he does beat you.” — that’s bleeding vaginia levels of bitchassness.

    You TT can jump my bones all day but I don’t come here to argue with irrelevant twats whose opinions i give exactly zero fucks about. This is my zen space, period.

    And shut up – RT doesn’t compare to TT. I’m not trading down, but I will call out basic bitches on their bitchassness if they won’t let me enjoy reading comments in peace.

    • ​This is not, nor has it ever been a zen place. You are not required to react to any commenter that you find annoying. But if you poke the bear, prepare to get bit.

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 2:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • pepper

        That’s the whole point, no one is poking the viper yet the venom keeps on spewing.

        And this is my zen place. My downtime, laughing place. And it serves it’s purpose 99.9% of the time, but that’s my opinion not yours.

        Lesson of the day: a bear shouldn’t assume it can throw it’s weight around willy nilly without a response. You telling someone to shut the fuck up = hilarious. I live for that shit. Another commenter doing it without backing up why she finds the comment stupid = asinine. Work equivalent of another teacher trying to check you in front of the principal. Proper response is to tell the bitch to have several seats.

        Whatever, I’m bored of this topic. Just wanted to let Anna know [IN MY OPINION], her comment was spot on.

  41. Angel

    I don’t like arguments either. I am thin skinned but it’s only because I am old. I have decided to just feel sorry for TeeCee. His/her life must be crappier than mine to be this bitter and bitchy lately. I hope to see the funny, smart snark back on here soon. Life can be like a bed of roses if you learn to deal with the thorns. I know, sort of Forest Gumpish.

  42. Kristin

    I hope you were joking when you said that Shannon’s version to Vicki about her being thrown out of Heather’s house was “accurate”. When I was watching it, I literally said out loud, “Doesn’t she know it was all taped?! Her “version” is so twisted!

    • lori

      The only difference I heard was that she said that Heather told her “Get out”, but what she said was “Leave now”. That’s pretty much semantics.

  43. Agreed. No one is poking the bear. No one has to. It already has a giant stick up its butt. Being respectful of others and being thin-skinned aren’t even remotely related either.

    • You two sure bitch a lot. Dayum. ​

      On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • pepper

        “You two sure bitch a lot. Dayum.”

        Exactly my point!*

        *It’s ANNOYING enough for you to notice/comment on.

        Off to bed, with only the tamara tokens of long ago to keep me warm….and my husband.

  44. I was so shocked firstly to see how excitable her husband spoke to the kids about violence and then the youngest so fearful, whilst the older ones have clearly become desensitzed to violence.
    Bit of advice as someone once said. If you want intelligent kids, maintain fantasy for as long as possible.
    I’m huge on censorship and my kids have thanked me for it.
    Putting fear into kids is equal to child abuse as far as I’m concerned.

  45. Shannon is the epitome of the poor little rich girl…she should start doing everything on her own, like raising her kids, cooking all the meals and cleaning her own house and maybe then she wouldn’t have as much time to sit around and cry into her vodka water. I loathe her and her I’m the victim attitude.

    • Jr.Leaguer

      @Janagoodwin9~ That was one of the things that I liked about Lydia. Her family has more money than any of the casts on all of the shows put together, but she was down to earth and seemed to enjoy her family and her life. I have to give her kuddos for realizing that it was time for her to say goodbye and not deal with the rest of the loons.

  46. Jr.Leaguer

    I recently re-watched some of the early episodes from OC, NYC and NJ. They were mostly funny and quirky with a bit of drama thrown in. The shows are now are filled with back stabbing and are depressing.

    • spk

      I agree; it used to be kind of silly and bizarre tv viewing but now it’s solidly on the side of Jerry Springer.

  47. Ok, it all makes perfect sense now. I’ve been asking myself, “how is it that the blog owner is such a snark & doesn’t really care about how the commenters on her blog treat or talk to each other?” There aren’t any rules, actually, are there? So I say forget this place & go back to RT, (who by the way has REAL “traffic” with 950 plus comments, and Lo and behold, I see about 6 commenters complaining about the commenters over here and how one of them was actually threatened and almost cyber-stalked by one really wacko commenter on Tamara Tattles. (Gee, wonder who that could be) So yeah, it’s like out there and definitely being discussed how some people on this site really take it to a whole other over the top intimidating and even threatening level “when someone has a different opinion than them!” I’m reading comment after comment discussing how creepy this is, and that TT let’s it go on and seems to enjoy it. The live and let live crowd over at RT is astounded by this vicious behavior. And damn, then I see the real clincher-
    Some sort of lawsuit or huge reprimand against TT calling her a big scammer. Well it’s right there online and evidently you had to return a bunch of money that was donated? These are not my words- it’s published online in 2013. And it’s out there for anybody to read for themselves. I knew something was really amiss here & there it is. Good luck with all the “traffic” (150 comments?) on your site. I’ll be going now. LOL

    • I’ve been telling you that you should go for awhile. And yet I think this is your sixth or seventh announcement of your departure.

      It amuses me that you can’t stay away from this awful oppressive site ​run by a snarky scammer who doesn’t care if cunts like you get their asses handed to them by the regulars.

      I predict at least three more dramatic exits by you before it takes. See you soon, Mrs. Cunty MacCunterson!

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 7:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  48. trippsmom

    NO way could I EVER agree these two are at ALL alike. Shannon, albeit a bit quirky in a fun harmless way has not a truly malicious bone in her body compared to the over-dramatizing and exaggerating, new-moneyed complete and total SHREW Heather. WHAT AFB that women is…she’s the nightmare of every REAL down-to-earth Woman alive.

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