Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer Return To Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?


Well, this is interesting news. TMZ is reporting that Camille and Adrienne are returning to RHOBH in a “Friend of” capacity. I am not sure if I believe this or not. I was unable to find anything to confirm their return (although I admit to not trying to hard) other than this story:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers have lured back 2 big stars … one of whom they fired. Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof are the secret to restoring the show to its former ratings glory … at least that’s what producers are banking on — sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Pretty ironic … Camille was fired after her divorce from Kelsey.   Her problem … she went from crazy to boring after her divorce.  Adrienne was a hell-freezes-over type girl, because we’re told producers said they would NEVER work with her again after she quit the show.

Camille Grammer Goes in on Dimitri's Baby Momma

Adrienne broke her contract with Bravo by refusing to show up for the reunion. That is a huge no no. I know that Jacqueline pulled the same thing one season on RHONJ, but she did it more in the Porsha way, claiming to be too mentally unstable to handle the reunion stress. Adrienne quit the entire show prior to the reunion in a FUCK YOU sort of way. She also threatened legal action against Brandi and Bravo. These are two major issues for Bravo. I can’t see why they would allow her anywhere near a camera. Are there only a dozen or so women for Bravo to choose from in Beverly Hills?

For all things Adrienne Maloof, GO HERE.

On the other hand, I think Lisa Vanderpump and TMZ currently have a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours thing going on. So she would likely confirm the information for TMZ.

I do believe we will be seeing a bit more of Camille. She’s been in the tabloids lately with her issues with Dimitri, her ex-boyfriend. She’s craves attention, so she is willing to return. And she actually has a bit of a storyline. Plus she knows the routine.

For all the dirt on Camille’s battles with Dimitri GO HERE!

I would think that Camille would try to negotiate to be a full-time housewife again. There are two slots open for that, and we have no solid information on who those slots will be given to.

In other random RHOBH news, Brandi’s boys are in Hawaii with their dad and Leann. Brandi is using the time to set up her new rental house, IN THE VALLEY!  You know, the valley where Brandi accused Lisa Vanderpump of slumming !

So what do you think? Will Adrienne and Camille both return as friends of Kyle? As full housewives? Not at all?


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60 responses to “Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer Return To Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

  1. Vanessa W

    Please dont let this be true, if camille comes back please let it be season 1 “fucking liar” camille, not the i dont want anyone to hate me so i will just place nice season 2 camille. As far as adrienne, Andy seemed kind of pissed that she did that to him at the reunion especially after he let her promote all of her crap, but he is kind of flaky so who knows. as much as i dont want adrienne back i guess i wouldnt mind hating her again.

  2. Ugh I hope not. I didn’t see season 1 with Crazy Camille but have no desire to see the whackadoodle and her “he beat me” storyline. Adrienne, I use to love until the abuse accusations against Paul were put out there by Chef Bernie. I’d love to see her back to take Brandi down a notch, so I am confused! 😀

  3. ClassyLady80

    I like Camille!!!! She is a nut, but aren’t most of these “Real Houswife” women? Camille was one of my top 3 faves on the show along with Lisa and Kyle. I admit I didn’t watch last season AT ALL, but I’ll definitely be watching if they bring Camille back. As for Adrienne, ehh. I liked her husband, but her sue happy personality really irked me even more so than her weird, masculine voice. I can do without Maloof.

    • If Andy is bringing back Adrienne his flakiness knows no bounds. Which is pretty much what my ATL source has indicated with the Nene/Porsha ​situation. Which last time I pestered SOURCE remains that Nene and Porsha are both part timers. But my understanding was he wanted to get rid of both of them entirely but got wishy washy.

      On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 4:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Of course he did. He saw how bad BH did with recasting two wives and didn’t want to fall into that with A. That and he’s just a flake.

      • I have to agree with you, he is wishy washy. I would think Bravo would have overruled him since Adrienne pulled that legal manouver that had them re-editing the whole season because Brandi said that Adrienne had another woman carry her kids (and I still say that they may have used the donors eggs instead of Adriennes).

      • CocoTalks

        I think Andy sets aside personal feelings/morals if the person is gonna bring the ratings.

      • BH Wannabe

        Whether or not you like Porsha (or maybe you’re Team Kenya), it is disgusting that Andy even let’s Porsha back on the show in any capacity. She was funny to laugh at–underground railroad, anyone?–but she SERIOUSLY attacked Kenya. Imagine being dragged across stage by your hair!

        So, if Andy allows that, I actually think there’s a chance he’d let Adrienne back on.

        Camille: I HATED her, but then when she got boring she seemed cool.

  4. No WAY that bat shit crazy Adrienne!
    She’s just too fake & foney to even exist. Let her eat cake!

  5. Jacque

    If he wanted crazy, lives in BH’s, craves attention, and would do anything to be on tv. Andy could have asked Pamela Anderson, Kathy Griffin, Bridgette Nielsen, Robin Givens, Chyna, Tawny Kittaen, Alexis Arquette, Carmen Electra…

    • ​I don’t know why he never casts Lisa Rinna. She wants to be on, and has a hot famewhore husband who would show up to reunions. Plus, with Taylor Armstrong gone, we’re low on lip implants.

      On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 5:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Micheal

        I originally thought that maybe the producers didnt want two ‘Lisas’ on the show; the producers assuming we were too stupid to avoid confusion. However, there are two Theresas in RHNJ so there goes that assumption.

      • I’m a Lisa Rinna fan from way back in the day when she played Billie on Days of Our Lives. I love her husband too. Sure they are a bit media whorey but they are both successful actors. You remember actors, that is what we used to get to watch until they started pulling randoms off the street and making them embarrass themselves for our pleasure.​

        On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 8:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • maybe coz her shop would compete with kyle’s? i sorta like lisa rinna, but in small doses. don’t think i’d want to see her on the show.

      • BH Wannabe

        Denise Richards would be cool! She’s definitely got some drama!

    • I haven’t been able to fit Botched into my schedule yet! ​

      On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 5:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​I don’t know why he never casts Lisa Rinna. She wants to be on, and has a > hot famewhore husband who would show up to reunions. Plus, with Taylor > Armstrong gone, we’re low on lip implants. > > > On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 5:14 PM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

    • frenchpoodlename

      Great idea. And Grace Jones.

  6. Dana

    I’m in the valley right now getting my nails done. Hi Brandi! :/

  7. vonnie

    Adrienne may be pissed cause her ex Dr. Paul Nassir has that new show “Botched” on E, which I love because the reality is REAL, unlike phony Adrienne. I thought you were recapping Botched? Some of the potential patients are bat shit crazy for plastic surgery, including over medicated Janice Dickerson. Adrienne never expected docile Paul could outdo her reality fame.

    • Gingersnap

      Yeah, I’ll bet you’re right, vonnie. I can just see the smoke coming out of Adrienne’s ears!

    • He had already outdone her reality fame. He was on Dr 90210 long before she was on RHOBH. Am watching Botched and loving it. As I emailed TT earlier today, so far at least one (am thinking two actually) have been on other shows as well. Paul the nose job guy was on House Hunters not long ago.

  8. beth

    My memory is probably leaking again; Camille had already returned as a “friend” before, hadn’t she?

  9. Jarlath

    If Adrienne comes back, I hope she goes after Lisa guns blazing. Otherwise I think it’s a bad idear

    • Vanessa W

      i doubt it would work out for her, she tried that season 2. i feel like if adrienne came back she would pull a camille and try to be nice with everyone so she could redeem herself which would just be nauseating to me

  10. HotinAK

    I think Andy is wishy washy when it comes to people with real money. He just about wets on his interviews with them…so so phony….

  11. Cameron

    Lol, Brandi has lived in the valley for the entirety of the show. Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Encino… a rental in Malibu. She’s never lived in Beverly Hills.

  12. vonnie

    Lisa Rhina tries to hard to be famous and her husband would be worse than the husband from RHONY that was annoying as hell (brain freeze on name). Two fame whores who want to appear as the perfect couple. Jeez, they wanted attention so bad I think they orchestrated the “mysterious” break ins at their own stores! Hmmmm… she could be Lisa’s new ass kisser.

    • Skeeter

      Break ins? What season was this? I don’t remember any break-ins? If you’re talking about Alex & Simon they had no store to break into, they worked in their basement!

  13. Micheal

    I don’t know how Adrienne can come back with how she left things with Bravo. However, Andy has no spine (examples: Jacqueline ditching reunion, Nene and Porscha being invited back) so I can see it happening. I mean what happened to Kim being fired? She has no storyline last season. Now all we need is Taylor to return. Stranger things have happened I guess.

  14. karen

    I did not want to see either one of them again

  15. Thanks for the heads up TT and commenting is so easy now!
    When Adrienne left the show I didn’t notice, with Camille there was a very minor blurb with me. Think I missed seeing her home.
    I doubt they will add to the ratings.
    Paul’s new show is fun and he is pleasant to watch.

  16. Souvlaki

    I’ll take Camille back, minus the ‘cannot be touched’ golden PR advice perch she seemingly clung to after her brilliant villain edit (Or simply was given a lovely production edit) Never saw such juxtaposition in a person from interestingly absurd to wallpaper. Do I find myself interested in the real deal on Camille? Yes, much more than Adrienne.

  17. Valerie

    I’ll be watching but they better bring something entertaining. Last season they were anything but.

  18. cavex2

    I don’t want to hear Adrienne’s voice, ever again. I don’t care if Camille returns, I would be ok with it. But I would LOVE if Lisa Rinna was on. She is funny has shit to me. Her smart mouth and facial expressions would have me screaming laughing. Andy Cohen is wishy washy because he has no balls. He is scared to cut NeNe loose,etc. Andy can bite me.

  19. Gingersnap

    I’d be good with Camille, she wears great clothes…now Adrienne has bad taste in clothes, decor, and boy toys. NO Adrienne. Please.

    • tobalinac

      and hair extensions……

    • i liked camille until she went after taylor after taylor tried to get camille to back her up against lisa as they had supposedly prearranged. that kind of ugliness makes me super uncomfortable. don’t think i’d ever fall for camille’s phony nice again.

  20. Din

    My comments don’t seem to be getting through..

    • Din


      Anything but Adrienne. My eyes are still bleeding from being subjected to her tacky Ikea lamps hanging next to 50k chandeliers, plastic ivy draped all over mismatched, overpriced and gaudy antiquest not to mention golden hair extensions. Those poor kids are scarred for life by their mother’s poor taste.

      Camille I like. I never understood why they let her go in the first place. She never bored me, boobs bouncing, age inappropriate clothing, constantly bragging in an almost endearing way. I’d like her to return.

      Anything but Adrienne though, anything.. even Faye Rasnick or whatever her name is would be more tolerable than horrible person inside and out Adrienne..

  21. Riley

    I don’t want to see either one of them. IMO they are both huge liars. Give us some fresh faces. I don’t want to fast forward through any part of the show.

  22. kym

    I don’t like Adrienne at all, but I saw that Adrienne ex husband and Heather’s husband are having their own show, fixing botched plastic surgeries. I think its coming on E.

  23. Connie

    In the whole scope of things, who the heck cares?

  24. tobalinac

    Careful now Mr. Cohen. Your desperation is showing.

  25. I would love both of them to return. I love both sides to Camille, the mean Camille and the nice one. We saw small outbursts from her when she maliciously attacked Lisa and claimed she didn’t own Sur. lol She also got into it with Yolanda at that dinner. It was classic Camille.

    Adrienne is utterly despicable, but she knows how to play the game, and she admittedly has a glamorous life style. I look back and I think that they made a horrible casting choice in Brandi… Let’s get back to the basics…

  26. MicroOp

    Why dont they just get rid of Brandi? If they classed it up for a season it would be easier to fill empty spots down the road.

  27. CocoTalks

    I am extremely disappointed they don’t seem to be shaking the cast up at all from last season. I agree you would think there would be PLENTY of housewives in BH dying to do the show and extremely entertaining to watch.

  28. spk

    Can’t imagine what Adrienne’s storyline would be. Makes me wonder if it’s to give Lisa someone to have a little PG-13 conflict with, now that Brandi won’t be the key relationship for Lisa.

    Camille always fascinated me because she seemed like the stereotype of a B’Hills housewife who married someone in the closet and tried keeping up the charade.

    Andy’s a boot-licker for a living, isn’t he? The only reason I tune into WWHL is for the people I never see interviewed but love; Patti LaBelle, Jackée, John Benjamin Hickey, etc

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