Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Daters and Traitors

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330Time to head back into Marriage Boot Camp and check in on the media whores. We left with Roger and Jwoww  at odds and Roger claiming that Jenn is just there for the paycheck and doesn’t want the therapy. Um, Roger, everyone in that house is just there for the paycheck and doesn’t want the therapy, except you. You married a famewhore. This is what famewhores do. How is this possibly news to you?  Roger has a tantrum, and Jenni gets a stern talking to by the guy counselor to “keep it 100% real.” Which is exactly what the scrip writers wrote for him to say.

I find the counselors round table scenes at the beginning to be rather stupid.

But perhaps not as stupid as the activities. In this episode the ridiculousness continues. Didn’t we just do the insult your partners thing? The partners face each other and rattle off how their spouse is not meeting their needs. Gretchen needs Slade to get a job. When Slade tries to “act” his one reaction is to swallow hard. It’s odd.  Trista needs Ryan to trust her. Ryan needs more physical contact. Or physical contact that seems genuine. Tanisha needs Clive to take control. Clive says he needs for her to let him run things. Tanisha says she has not been in love with him in a long time.  Those two argued the longest, so far. Roger needs honesty from Jenni. The male counselor stops Roger from going on for some unknown reason. Later in an interview, Roger is still pissed about this. Jenni wants flowers, a hug, a kiss, some romance. Marriage Boot camp Jenni and Roger

The next activity is date night. But not with their partners. Gretchen and Kenneth are paired up and Kevin is pissed he has to date a white women. Wow.  Jenni and Slade are paired.  Traci and Clive are paired. Clive says, he might as well be going with his wife, they are both the same personality!  Yeah, Clive, but this is more like Tanisha who drinks vodka for breakfast!  Trista and Roger are paired. Tanisha is the lucky one to get Ryan.

Gretchen says she has a prior commitment and can’t move forward. Gretchen says that she has a charity event. Slade says he wants to stay in the house and work on his issues. Gretchen is freaking out. Perhaps this is why Slade doesn’t have a job, Gretchen. Stop dragging him behind you to everything and let him do some things on his own! The decision is made for Kevin to go to the charity with Gretchen.  Gretchen is having a panic attack because she gets freaked out when Slade is not there.

Ryan is nervous about his date with Tanisha. They have Tanisha and Ryan cake pops. The plan is to draw Ryan out of his shell.  Trista and Roger head off to yoga together. Trista needs to learn to get physical with others. Roger needs to learn to trust.  When Trista and Ryan did their couples interview, Trista seemed to be saying that Roger is strong emotionally and very open, UNLIKE RYAN. Wow.  Slade and Jenni go take dance lessons.  Slade needs to learn to take the lead and Jenni needs to learn to follow. The counselors put Kevin with Gretchen because he will speak his mind. Something they think Slade does not do. Gretchen has Kevin carry her bags as coat. I don’t really understand the explanation for why Clive and Traci are getting massages.

Surprisingly, things seem to be going well on all of the dates.  Except for Gretchen and Kevin.  When Kevin is talking to Gretchen, rather than listen to him, Gretchen checks her phone. She finds out TMZ was there and she decides to ditch Kevin. Why would she do that? I hate to bring up the race thing but it seems neither of these two are keen on being perceived with being “down with the swirl.”  Kevin seemed hurt.

Traci is have an orgasm because Clive is giving her a foot massage. Traci told Clive that he needs to grow with her. At Slade and Jenni’s dance class, Slade has a hard time leading and Jenni struggles to follow. But eventually, they got it.  Trista becomes nauseous at yoga. Tanisha tries to teach Ryan to have some swagger. But she ends up teaching him how to pimp walk. Tanisha had a blast. Ryan kind of warmed up to the date.

During evaluations, Trista gets called out for being reserved. She actually pushes back a little. Interesting. She does sort of seem like she has a stick up her ass.  Roger gets called out for holding on to resentments.  Later, Jenni finds out that someone they know sold a story to the tabloids. Roger blames Jenni for running her mouth. Perhaps she told someone that she was pregnant and the story made its way to the tabloids?  I won’t know until next week because the DVR ended before the show.

Marriage Boot Camp:Reality Stars airs Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET


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36 responses to “Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Daters and Traitors

  1. lori

    In the preview for next week, Gretchen says she knows what the rumor is, and she proceeds to whisper it in Slade’s ear. It is pretty obvious by the length of time it took her to tell him that that’s what it was. At least that’s her guess of what it is, unless she is who, or one of the who’s that Jenni told. They also show Jenni say that it came from inside that house.

    • You took another one for the team watching those PsOS. Gretchen & Slimey are vomit inducing.

      • Annie

        Exactly! Fake, desperate. Slade get a job? Support his terminally I’ll child? Why is that an issue? He just needs a “new” Housewife!

    • Ronnie

      Exactly! I think the entire house knew about it because Jenny isn’t drinking at all..unlike Tracy who is getting it IN…love her (she did a fab job at her sister Toni Braxton’s concert this weekend. I loved the date Taneisha and Ryan had. They really bonded.

      • Ohhh, that’s who Tracy is. Couldn’t see from the small pic. That pic and that hair are not working for her. It looked like an older woman lol.I might have to watch, just for her, and Roger. I like Roger lol.

  2. Alicia

    It is sad what has happened to the institution of marriage in this country. People have made a mockery out of something that God created between man and woman. Check the Bible. Instead of reaching out to a pastor or praying, people go on these ridiculous reality shows and act a complete fool. Your first line of defense when it comes to your marriage is God. This show is not helping, it is only making their problems worse.

    • ​So if your husband dies are your going to marry his brother? Because that is what God requires.

      On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 9:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • G.

        Re marriage to one’s brother-in-law: thank you! Yes.

      • Valerie

        That’s right TT. I Forgot about that rule. Whatever shall I do if my husband and I divorce, as my husband’s brother is dead? In that case I think I go to my husband’s father. Dead too. He has a cute cousin, I’ll have to look at the rule book to see if he’s in play.

      • withknowledgecomestruth

        That is not true. That’s your limited worldly understanding of what hat verse means. It’s pathetic how people misinterpret the Bible and blames God for their wrong thinking and believing.

      • Well there are a few caveats, like if you already had kids with the dead husband you don’t have to get his brother to knock you up, but whatever, go forth and multiply.

      • Mina

        Good one, TT!

    • Lisa Yappel

      Amen sister! I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • ericzku

      Yes, because all married couples in this country have troubled marriages, and they all go on “reality” shows to air their problems. How perfectly reasonable of you to correlate a few fake relationships on an insipid TV show with the state of marriage itself in the US.

      Your brilliance astounds me.

    • Micheal

      HAH! The institution of marriage predates recorded history and certainly the christian Bible and religion. Check your facts girl.

    • O.O

      Ummmm Alicia being a pastor does not automatically qualify him or her as a marriage counsellor .

    • Actually, you should probably skip the multiplying part. I am bemused by your “limited worldly understanding” comment. I perhaps wrongly assumed that you lived on planet earth as well.

    • Alicia …
      Marriage is a legal contract.
      Spiritual by choice.
      Marriage is not an institution and no religious group should define what a marriage is. They do not have the moral right to force others to live by their religious beliefs. Arrogant!

  3. What Gretchen did was totally messed up. And the fact the head people didn’t call her out on it, spoke volume about how they value Kevin. Gretchen is pure red neck and she deserves Slave. All in all, if was Roger, I’d dump J-what and call it a day!!

  4. SB

    Anyone else notice that the first season of Marriage Bootcamp the side counselors were frumpy looking middle aged man and woman, and come second season they were replaced with two young attractive people, who contribute nothing to the show? Doubt they are real counselors in any capacity.

  5. MamaKat

    I don’t see a problem with Ryan and Trista. Am I missing something ?

    • JenntheAUfan

      Later Ryan reveals than he caught Tristan in bed with another man and she gets mad at him for saying it because they have said the whole time that they have no major issues but just want to work on their relationship in general.

      • ​IDGI, are you trying to be funny?

        On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 4:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        I think more confused. In the promos for the show they do some franken-editing, and they show him saying that they caught her in bed with another man, and then they show her with a look of shock and horror. Of course most of us knew that it was going to be him taking about someone else, which is exactly what it was. That’s the story he told last week about his ex.

  6. Ellie kacik

    Gretchen made my heart hurt when she told Kevin to go down the street, she has little to no self awareness as most of these so called reality stars. I know she will b called out @ the reunion but truly hope Slade gets his balls back & leaves her now that we now knows there is are so called codependency issues. Me believes she is just in this relationship because she hates being alone & Slade has the added bonus of knowing his way around branding therefore it’s a win win 4 Gretchy. Hopefully Slade can resist her trance & move on. One problem he has 99 problems & they all have to do with $. #welcometotherealworldslade

  7. can’t stand slade. if i were gretchen i’d be disappointed at his lack of reaction when i was on the slab. but considering how very ill his son was, i found that exercise choice horrifying. they got an extreme reaction on camera from some but they seem to be doing way more harm than good.

  8. ScrappieONE

    OMG Gretchen and her pageant attire is just too much for me. The dress she worn on her date with Kevin was just downright ugly.

  9. Tanisha is a joke…..child, I hate to burst your bubble, but the only reason you married Clive was to get a show showcasing your wedding…I doubt very seriously if you ever loved the guy. And this poor kid is too stuck on the perks of reality you, to just walk away…because we all know in the real world, Clive would be history. Amazing how a lot of these relationships are all so co dependent on what the so called reality star can do for ya!! No one seems willing to just put a period behind the bs and move on, perks, kid or whatever, if the s*** ain’t working, it aint working. Too many ego’s from these reality has beens and too needy are their mates.

  10. I refuse to watch any show with Trista on it. She is one nasty bitch. She is the ultimate famewhore.

    • Are you on crack? Trista and Ryan were on the show, got married and left reality TV behind for like, a decade. Everyone was SHOCKED they agreed to do this show.​

      On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 11:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mina

        I think she must have Trista confused with Jenni or Gretchen or something, right? We haven’t had a peep of Trista and Ryan over the years.

      • Tina

        No, Trista did her fair share of “reality” TV before disappearing. The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, The Wedding Special, and last but not least the 1st season of Dancing with the Stars.

      • The bachelor, the bachelorette and the wedding show were pretty much all the same thing, for fuck sake.

        Trista is the least famewhorey fame whore in the history of famewhore. You may not like her, but it’s not because she’s always seeking a camera.​

        On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. Glory in jersey

    These ex reality “stars” need to go get a real job because their 15 is up and nobody really gives a damn anymore. Oh and Gretchen is really an ugly chick and omg slade slimey is really old and unkempt looking ugh!

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