Kate Plus 8 Special Part 2

Kate plus collin

If you missed Part One of this shit show, go here now. The comments were insane and it’s only going to get worse tonight. By the way, I was sent a reviewers copy of a new book out about Kate.  It’s called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World by Robert Hoffman.  EDIT TO LINK TO CORRECT BOOK LINK. I would not have bought the book, mostly because I don’t have a reader for online books, and I didn’t think I would want to know anything else about Kate Gosselin, but OH I AM SO GLAD I GOT THIS BOOK. I have very limited time to read fun stuff these days since I am always here with you guys, but on the day of THE GREAT BIRTHDAY HANGOVER OF 2014, I read the first few chapters and I am hooked. Kate is a horrid person.  The book is written by a local in the town who was hired by US magazine to tail Kate and feed them info. Go get the book now if you are interested. I’ll review it eventually when I have time and share some highlights.

On to tonight’s shit show!  Tonight is the birthday party that Kate if thrusting on the sextuplets. They all said they wanted to go to a place to have a party, but Kate wanted to do Carnival 2.0. It looks like we may have hope for the whole bouncy house lift off thing happening as God’s wrath shows up at the party.  According to Hoffman’s book, Kate used God to get all the cash and prizes she could. Allegedly. So it’s not wonder God is pissed with her.

kate plus

Okay, maybe it is the same bird, I dunno. Because, wine.

Kate gets up at 5:30 and the kids get up at six. The kids seem fine with this arrangement actually. I guess it is necessary for school. The boys sing the praises of the healthy breakfast sandwiches and their mother’s healthy food choices.

I want that rug they were all tying their shoes on. I want a lot of things lately, which makes me happy. I’ve been apathetic for quite some time, so it’s nice to desire things and experiences again. #overshare  where exactly does Kate get her money to run this nice house and hire a carnival for her backyard?  I guess she still has TLC money left? How did she have money for a new van and to give Jon the old van?  Kate rolls two carts full of Party City stuff out to her new van.

Kate takes the kids to the mall so the little kids “can choose” a new birthday outfit. She asks one of the boys if he likes basketball. Shouldn’t she sort of know that? Collin wants a shirt and tie. Nope, it’s not a shirt and tie day says Kate. /sigh So much for getting to choose their own clothes. Aaden doesn’t know what XL and M mean on the clothes. Which may be normal I guess, particularly if you are never allowed to shop with your mother unless you are on camera.  Collin, AKA my pick of the litter, has a girlfriend the other boys still seem to think girls have cooties. Collin is very fancy. :) The girls all hate boys.

Kate mocks Collin for wanting to wear dress up clothes. Because, bitch. I am not sure where they are shopping, but it looks like Kohl’s.  It’s all crap. Kate won’t let the twins help them try to find something decent. It seems the kids’ birthday clothes are an area for Kate to be frugal. The cake is also a place to cut corners and go homemade. Which is fine, but Kate doesn’t know how to bake. God sends a freak hail storm to show his displeasure. Golfball sized hall. Major damage.

Kate buys a ton of beta fish for the carnival. Okay apparently the cut off is 14. She has 6 birthday kids who all want a fish. But no. They are prizes for the carnival. This is a set up for disaster.

Back to cake baking. She’s doing better than I though.  But who the hell has a freestanding BIRD PERCH on their GODDAMN KITCHEN COUNTER? Kate Gosselin, that is who. Wait. That looks like a parrot on the perch and not the parakeet. Did Kate kill the parakeet and they reshoot with a stunt bird of another species? She let’s the bird eat off of her plate and her kids plates? I thought she was a germaphobe. Anyway, she can’t serve the cake. All of the crew shows up to set up the carnival. I guess she will buy a cake.

The kids are all outdoors making the signs for the games. THE LORD sends a freakish wind to blow away all the signs, right into the pool. Kate tells God he better give her good weather for the party. Something tells me God is not on her side.  Did I mention that the kids just wanted to have a roller blading party?

The kids eat the cake the bird landed on. Gross. Because, bird flu. Kate got a cake sponsor for her carnival cake. She still has the carnival stands from their third birthday party?  Kate and her friend Jamie are literally setting up all of the booths. Oh the dog is still there. I read some yucky stuff about the dog in Hoffman’s book.

Kate blames Alexis for her dressing like a clown. Kate and Mady have talking heads this time Cara wisely wants no part of it. Kate says that their friends love her, Mady says her friends are afraid of her.  Despite all of that, it seems like the kids are having fun. Kate has four fish still living with her. Allegedly. Alexis won her own fish fair and square. She made the contest too hard. Kate claims the kids insisted that she do the Velcro wall. As if she did not want to be the center of attention.

Oddly there were funnel cakes and tons of candy that I doubt Kate let her kids eat. My boy Collin spit on the cake, but everyone seemed to have a blast.  It did seem like they hired people to come to this party. The big surprise, she got John Deere to give them a “gator” a $10,000 utility vehicle that the boys surprising knew was called a gator so I could google it. The boys are hoping she will let them drive it to do their “man duties” but one of them (probably my Collin) said “she won’t.” Because the birthday present was for Kate.



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  1. Banana Bug

    Oh my God . . . Kate is unemployable, with a useless drug addicted former husband. Let’s just bring her down and make sure that her children have a reason to rebel!

  2. Funny stuff!

    Sorry to repeat a tweet, but if the cameras had not been there, Kate would have simultaneously drowned and strangled that bird.

    I seriously did not get the whole letting the kids eat that cake thing. Was that whole thing staged so Kate could have a kookie moment? What are the chances that a bakery just happened to have a circus cake lying around?

    And why the hell did she need a circus tent for a carnival?? They are very different things.

    • Does the book confirm that she hits the kids?

      • You’ve read the book?

      • ​Yes, yes it does among other things like her waxing and waning Christianity.

        On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 11:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I read some of it. I think I hate the dude who wrote it. Who is he to out her teenage abortion. He seems like a prolife whackadoo. With a HUGE chip on his shoulder and an ax to gring. There is a lot of jumping to conclusions and wild speculation. Are you sure he’s not a commenter here? Heh.

      • Bombshell

        So what if she disciplines her kids? Why is that other people’s business?

      • Because she has gone to great lengths to make her WHOLE LIFE other people’s business. And regularly hitting children is not “disciplining” them. If you think it is, you’re fucked in the head.

    • Susan

      I cannot stand this Kate and therefore refuse to watch . All I’ve seen is the promos of her constant eye rolling and complaining. Who wants to surround themselves with such negatively

      • Oddly, I’m watching kate plus 8 ep 3 season 3 right now. She is such a horrid person. The things she says to these kids. Cara is going to be a serial killer and Mady is going to Bobbi Kristina.

  3. Jacque

    Selfish bitch…

  4. Vanessa W

    There are no words other than a selfish C U Next Tuesday to describe kate, she had to be one of the worst people ever, I think you said this TT, but I can’t wait for those kids to write their autobiography about mommy dearest. I mean why does she put herself on reality tv, does she think that she is likeable. Even when it was Jon and kate +8 I always hated how she basically emasculated Jon

    • Liz Monroe

      Me too. I have always taken Jon’s side because she treated him so bad. I even “understood” a little when he cheated. Kate made him feel like a nothing!

  5. Eve

    The book actually came out years ago for a few days before lawyers shut it down.
    Me thinks because it was so timed beautifully with this 2 part special, that TLC (as usual) is behind it, as they paid for the original lawyers.
    I would love to know too how she can afford to keep that house.

    • ​I know I live in a shit shack.. and I don’t have eight kids I can’t afford. I admit, I look at TV people and think, everyone has a really nice house. OTOH, I own my house. At least it is mine… sigh. But how the hell does she afford all that?

      On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jacque

        I am in the process of looking for a home. I get $36,000 from the VA for a downpayment with no money out of my pocket. But the red tape, and time that it takes is mindboggling. But for the house I want, I am willing to wait…the house I want (and it’s in my price range) has 150 foot lake frontage, a private 24 foot dock. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, 3 car garage, a hot tub, a kitchen with an eat in island, a dishwasher, oak coffered ceilings through out, oak hardwood floors, oak chair railings, ceiling fans through out, a wraparound porch, no one has lived in the home since it was built 5 years ago!….and the best part…they are asking $110,000, but I am sure we could get it for around $95,000 just to get it off the market.

      • lmnopea

        I know Tamra – IDK how most of the reality tv people do it either, but for Kate – she pocketed millions w/ TLC and she made out like a bandit during the divorce. She’s also allowed to use the kids’ trust fund monies to pay for their schooling, medical, and possibly housing, so her expenses aren’t that high. She’s an abusive shrew, but she’s cunning and as Jon said – she’s smart with money!

      • Bombshell

        Did she not right books and has been on reality shows? What makes you think she is squandering her money?

      • The fact that that you think people “right” books….

      • Fahlina_G

        By pimping out small children? It’s nice to see you happy again, TT. You always make us so happy. Also, looking forward to your next Parks V. Stanton update

  6. Kate is such a cuntbasket. Thank you, TT, for watching this and giving me (ha! I wrote me like you wrote it personally for me. Meh. It feels like you do sometimes) these wonderful recaps. I don’t want to contribute anything to ratings for a show about Kate.

    When do the kids get to be with Jon? I thought they shared custody or that he was suing her for primary custody earlier this year or something like that. I can’t wait til these kids are older and get to have more of a say (hopefully they’ll have a wonderful judge who will want their input on that) about which parent they want to live with cos I don’t see them NOT picking Jon.

    What a complete utter fuckbitch of a cuntsatchel asshat that woman is. So horrible to Jon who luckily got away and her kids, who can’t yet escape. Except that Mady (who the fuck spells Maddie in such a fashion?!), that cunt 2.0 can stay with her shining example of a mother. I don’t like that twin one bit. Collin seems like a kool kid. I like that he’s the mature fancy one. My sympathies to these children. Jon ain’t perfect, but that man is great with his kids. Always was.

    • critter3

      Wow, why are you so invested & angry about a TV show?

      • Bombshell

        I’m wondering why so many people hate Kate so much when they don’t live her life not even for one day!!

      • Skeeter

        Really! To refer to one of her children in the same manner is disgusting. I’m sure “it’s” children are perfect. If anyone is a disgusting cuntbag it’s the author of that post!

      • That did not seem more invested or angry than the blog post or other comments.

      • Because when you watch a show you get invested. It’s just like a book or a movie or a scripted drama. Reality is no different. It’s another form of storied entertainment, and one becomes invested in the characters when the story is compelling. That’s a naturally occurring phenomena. I don’t think you could definitively say you’ve never gone through it.

        I get angry because I feel sorry for the suffering that I know these kids are and will go through which only rests at Kate’s horrible ego.

        Is that a good enough answer for you?

      • Fahlina_G

        Because it’s not about Kate. It’s about those children and the poor choices she’s forcing upon THEIR innocent lives!

    • khaleesi

      Calling a kid a cunt. Wow. Call Kate what you want, but that child did not ask to be born. She didn’t ask for any of this. I can only imagine her life must be hell. Please leave the children alone.

      • I calls ’em as I see ’em. Just cos she didn’t ask to be born means nothing. Who asked to be born? No one. We simply are born. Does she have a horrible example after which she exemplifies behavior? Yes. Is that example Kate? Yes. Is Kate a cunt? Yes. Is Mady exemplifying cunt behaviors? Yes. That leads me to call her a cunt-in-the-making. Sorry, not sorry if that bothers you.

      • Fahlina_G

        Thank you Myhsa. That is low.

    • Did you just call a kid a cunt? That’s so beyond fucked up.

      • No it’s not. Kids can be cunts, dicks, asses, assholes, asshats, little shits, and a plethora of other negative nouns. It describes a person or personality. I think those names most definitely apply to adults and teenagers (and even some wee little ones who need better parenting so you call them that, but you don’t hold it against them).

    • dallasmom

      OMFG! Who says that about a child????

    • Yes. You have to wait five years to call mady a cunt. But I’m guessing you’ll be right.

    • Tango

      Jon is an immature douche.

      • He’s an immature douche who loves his kids, took great care of them and his cuntface ex, got tired of her shit, and divorced her. I agree with him that they don’t need to be on TV especially with Kate. There is no enjoyment in this for them. None. I’d have more respect for Kate if she kept her reality TV chasing to herself to make money needed to take care of her kids.

        You don’t see Jon having a special, “Jon Plus 8: When I have custody of them”. Sure he’s making his appearances nowadays, but I have no doubt that that money isn’t just trifled away.

      • dallasmom

        Wow! Someone needs to do some research before running their very foul mouth! #no patience for ignorance

      • Tango

        Research? Didn’t anyone see about how he used to call the paps to stalk him and his ex for publicity? Or his drug use? I can’t understand why people think Jon is so wonderful. #hashtagsarestupid

      • lmnopea

        There is no evidence that Jon used drugs. I don’t think people think he’s ‘wonderful’, but rather they feel he’s the better parent – by far. He also stopped exploiting his kids and has tried numerous times to get Kate to stop also.

      • Tango

        I’m pretty sure there was a ton of stuff on his drinking/coke binges. Either way it doesn’t matter if he’s not on TV with the kids now, he was for years. And he continues to do dumb TV like Couples Therapy, which even if the kids aren’t on, it’s not exactly good for them to be able to google their father masturbating, (supposedly), under a blanket on TV and arguing with a nutball girlfriend. It’s possible to dislike Kate and Jon and not say either is a model parent. I think they both have screws loose and made a BIG mistake having their lives on television. The problem is now they’re kinda stuck, especially Kate. We are sick of looking at her and feel bad for the kids, but does she have any other means of supporting them?

  7. delaney

    I refuse to bash Kate. With 8 kids to support and that worthless ex, Jon, no judgment here. He certainly has proven to be a total douche. So she’s wholly responsible for 8 kids and he’s nothing bt a problem. Is she perfect? No bt her priority has always been the kids.

    • puppylove

      I agree with you Delaney, What is this just a bash and crash Kate fest. No one is perfect. But my goodness give this woman a chance. I don’t know how she affords that house but I’m sure it is from monies they receive from the original show, and who’s business is it anyway. They have to live somewhere. If any of us had a chance to have that house I don’t think we would refuse. By the way that is the same bird. It was never a parakeet. It looks to be a love bird of some kind. I used to have them so I do know that, and yes a lot of people have open perches for their birds around the kitchen because birds are very social little critters. The kitchen is the main place of activity usually in a home. I’m sure the bird landing on the cake was a accident, but bird flue — please. If the bird was sick I am sure there would be signs and she probably has had the bird for some time. Kate was a real stickler about germs, but I think after all the years she has spent taking care of her family alone she has probably changed a bit. I am sure we all have people we don’t like but good grief give this woman a chance. Kids don’t come with a manual and we do the best we can, even Kate and who are we to say she is doing everything wrong. Are we so perfect? When she puts herself out there on TV I guess you open a whole BIG can of worms, but 10 years for the six little ones is a mile stone and she always says how blessed she is that they are all in great health. We are all only human and can only try to do what we think is best for our families. If we the public all think we a perfect, wonder what others would think if we all opened our doors to all the other public would any of us look so perfect then. Just something to think about.

      • lmnopea

        You may have had a love bird but her bird is definitely not one. Kate’s tweeted that it’s a black capped conure (sp?) of some kind.

      • Um…birds walk around in their own shit. It’s on their feet, along with their own feathers and whatever else falls off a birds body. Maybe it doesn’t make you sick. But I don’t want to eat it. You can have my portion.

    • lmnopea

      Kate is no and never has been solely responsible for the kids. Jon has always had visitation and until last year when the court agreed to stop the requirement, he paid child support. His support for approx the first year was $22,000/month! That should have gone a longgg way! When he has custody time he pays for their support and Kate does the same.

      As for the kids being her priority – nope. Her priority has always been money and then once she got a taste of it, fame. The kids are important to her only because they’re her ‘meal ticket’.

      No one is asking Kate to be perfect. People are outraged about the documentation – HER own words, from HER journal, which she copyrighted – about abusing the kids. We’re not talking about a spanking, but throwing a child into their crib by their hair, so hard she thought she might have hurt him, Or leaving them in their cribs every afternoon for almost 4 hours until Jon got home to care for them. And, the animal abuse.

      And, of course, her continued exploitation of them. The tired excuse about having 8 kids and you don’t know what it’s like is invalid because she never cared for the kids all on her own. She had volunteers, paid sitters, and now even still employs someone from the time they get home from school until bedtime for homework and dinner/bathtime help.

      That’s why people are so hard on her.

    • lilk

      delaney WRONG.. In the immediacy of their separation yes jon was drinking sexin young girls. But watch the show from the beginning. He has ALWAYS been the loving supportive patient parent while Kate was mean. And even while Jon was wearing christian audigier shirts and sexing young girls, he was still loving andcaring with his kids.

      he had douche moments but he isnt a douche.
      Kate isnt solely responsible. Kate and Jon rotate by each living in the house when it is their time with the kids.

    • her priority has always been herself, sorry

  8. critter3

    The Amazon link said the book is no longer available for
    purchase in the United States

  9. Sapphire1166

    Just found your blog today and I am in love! I’ve hated Kate since the very first “Jon and Kate” show but oddly have kept watching like a deer in headlights. I really can’t say that Jon is a standup guy, but Kate percolates a bubbling searing hatred deep inside my heart I didn’t know existed. Everything about this birthday special made my skin crawl, but for some reason the shot of her giving her interview on her armchair with her legs tucked up near her made me boil over. It was as if she manipulated herself and her position to look comfy but composed, in charge but approachable. Like she took 15 minutes to find the exact pose that would make her look great and then told the cameras “NOW you can start filming”. nevermind that the other 39 minutes of footage show exactly what a horrible, domineering, volatile person she really is. I feel bad for Mady because it’s obvious that she inherited her mother’s personality and doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s like she hates who she inherently is but can’t change it, so she lashes out to her family. Not like Kate does ANYTHING to help her self esteem though. Gotta say that Joel and Leah have always been my favorites though…such cute personalities! They obvious take after Jon. What excuse me, but I thought she was SO broke?? I’d love to know how she affords that nice house, all those pets, the organic food, and amazing kitchenware she has with not working over the past two years and crying on national television about how destitute she and the kids are.

    • I watched from early on……..Jon took care & changed the kids in the a.m. and served Khate coffee in bed. She put the kids down for 4 hr naps. Jon bathed the kids each evening and put them to bed. This is all while he was WORKING a full time job. Khate spent her days online searching/begging for freebies. Neighbors and church ladies did all her laundry. She refused any donations that were not brand new or that couldn’t be re-sold. Unless people were at her beck and command, she severed the relationships. She refused any contact with either her or Jon’s family. Her own, most loving and helpful, brother and sister in law were 86’d when they were going to make some $ from TLC. Her “great” friend Beth, who wrote the first book, was banished.

      When they moved into the big house, she looked out the window exclaiming, “Mine! all mine!” and shortly thereafter Jon was banished to the apartment above the garage. ………and that’s when he started bar hopping.

      She emasculated him weekly, for all of us to see. Every steady viewer has a favorite “worst” story:
      -sick kids on laundry room floor (not in bed)
      -choosing to read furniture catalogues rather than take care of impacted bowel on one of the little boys
      -throwing away favorite little bear because it had gum on it
      -serving three grapes and dividing food into eighths (children were clearly under nourished)
      -random spiteful punishments
      -raging tantrum because Jon forgot a coupon

      She’s a piece of work all right………

    • Theresa Herrmann

      You and me both!!!!

  10. I don’t much like Kate, but I think she is doing the best she can while fanning her fame-whoring self. I hate to say it, but she reminds me of my own mother. I am the oldest of nine kids and my mother raised us kind of the same way Kate is doing her kids. My mother was also a narcissist. Thank God there was no reality TV then, or we all probably would be veterans. I can’t bash Kate, her job is not easy. Supporting her kids whatever way she can so that they can have some nice clothes and live in a nice house. She could have chosen a low-profile job as a nurse, but that is not her nature. She loves attention and the kids are just along for the ride. I think they will all turn out okay, we did. We have lots of funny stories to tell about our childhood and many things were just out and out wrong – I think Kate’s kids will be just fine.

    • that’s the thing. i didnt watch the show much, but i felt a bit sorry for her, as jon didnt seem to help much. have seen her on other stuff, & what an entitled whiny person she seemed to be.
      i read the book sample. interesting. dont know what proof he had, but seeing their crap from day to day would probably make anyone disgusted with her. if she did have an agenda, i’m thinking she sure picked the wrong guy to have multiples with. did anyone really believe the author found kate’s journal in the trash?

      • dallasmom

        I am not a Kate basher either, although not a fan of hers either! I can not imagine having 8 kids, six the same age. I have no doubt she makes parenting mistakes….but who doesn’t? Jon was a loser as a husband, cheated and took part in obtaining computer data and such to give this author to get a book publishe, that will effentually hurt his kids! And let’s not forget him jerking off on camera on Couple rehab, or whatever the show was. Great Dad!! His kids must be so ashamed! Kate might whore herself out, but she is at least taking care of the kids.

      • lmnopea

        The author passed a lie detector test for Radar Online proving he was telling the truth about how he came into possession of the disks which contained her journal (found them in the trash). He also has proof the disks were not tampered with/altered. I know the journal contents about the abuse and her manipulation of TLC and others are hard to believe but it’s true.

      • Chris, as everyone said the last time you wrote the same thing about Jon not seeming to help during the original series: you are deluded. He did everything and held down a full time job. You are wrong.

  11. Kate Gosselin is super annoying and I don’t care how much you pay me, I would never live with that woman. But some of the stuff people hit her with is kinda stupid. It almost feels like since we all hate her personality, let’s also hate everything she does or says. Even if it’s normal.

    Like the part where she says she got the twins cellphones so she would have something to take away when they were misbehaving. Every parent of a teenager does that.

    Or she doesn’t know if one of the sextuplets likes basketball? Dude, kids change every single day at that age. One day they love something and the next day they look at you like you’re some alien for suggesting it. Sometimes you’re in the store with them going “Ok do you still like pink? You don’t? What’s your favorite color today?”

    Or how is she still in that house? Well they made MILLIONS of dollars off that show, those books, and various endorsements. Kate is not a Kardashian. She’s not in Thailand every other week or at some club getting bottle service or wearing Gucci. The money obviously goes to that house and that gas guzzling minibus they drive around in and various other shit.

    I HATE to be in the position of ever defending someone I so obviously dislike. I’m just saying that she has so many character flaws that we can choose from some actual stuff. Like the fact that she has no qualms comparing herself to a typical single mom. I don’t begrudge her the help she has. I would need it if I were in her position. But let’s not pretend like it’s not there at all. I don’t know why she and Tori Spelling do that. Like we don’t know you have babysitters and people who take care of your landscaping, etc, etc.

    Or the fact these shows and specials are never about what’s interesting–how you live a normal, day to day life with this many children. Instead it’s always some over the top “vacation” that you know the network is paying for or some “visitor” from a fellow reality tv show. Most people with 8 kids don’t get that stuff.

    And let’s talk about that damn Gator for a second. WTF kind of gift was that? And Tamara says it’s costs $10K so it’s obvious that company gifted it to them. It makes no sense. It feels like that was a gift for the property and not the kids.

  12. Jacque

    To me, Kate is no different than the Octomom. However to make ends meet, because she is/wasn’t a reality tv opportunist, she had to go on food stamps and porno movie

  13. You know, I’ve seen a ton of Jon accusations. But I do not know if they are valid. Admittedly, I’ve not sought info. But I am not a dan of general Jon bashing because you just feel like spewing Kate’s shit. I was sad watching the birthday thing, that the kids don’t have parents who can come together for one day for them. But then again, it was not for them. It was for HER. Every bit about her.

    What fucking 10 year old kid wants a tractor to SHARE? And that footage was probably the last they will ever be allowed to drive it.

    • ​Yep, when the boys were talking one said something about maybe Kate might be allow them to drive it to the chicken coops (which seems like exactly the sort of thing it was made for) and Collin I think it was said, “She won’t” They all seemed to know that…

      On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I can see her saying “You need someone to supervise you,” which is reasonable. And then refusing to ever go out and supervise them, which is just a mindfuck. Come on! It’ll be years before they actually use that and by that time there will be some other gift that’s not really for them.

    • And even if they had it, between 6…well..8…of them, what’s the point. I hated “family” gifts. Between that and actually asking her son “Do you like basketball?” I just had the sads for these kids. Thank god the film crew makes an effort to give each one a little voice if their own. And like I said, thank god they have each other. They will grow up understanding how fucked up their mother is without being entirely embarrassed by it. I hope. Cause most of them do really seem like they have Jon’s nice easy going personality.

  14. @teecee66

    Moron: A person of mild retardation having a mental age of from
    7 to 12 years old. The term belongs to a classification system no
    longer in use and is considered offensive.

    You use this term to describe anyone who doesn’t share your
    opinion. Do you call your child a moron?

    Make sure your own grammar is correct before you post.
    Example: “Like I said” is incorrect. As I said IS correct.

    • Sari

      Now, let’s pray that no one else falls victim to anymore of those cruel “old-timey” insults. My heart just can’t take that kind of brutality.

      Can we still use “cunt” in our posts, though? Right?

    • Like I said, someone is a moron. Not sure who I said it about, but this here moron seems to have taken offense to it and randomly posted about it here in the comments section.

  15. RomaReads

    What I can remember about Kate and Jon’s original show was that they were dedicated parents trying to make ends meet. I do think television changed them as a couple and a family. Both parents became star struck and I honestly believe thought fame was their ticket instead of hard work like the rest of us. Having eight kids shouldn’t make you famous. But back then many big companies started donating to the family, they had volunteers coming in to fold clothes once or twice a week. Kate and Jon got a taste of celebrity and both have taken it way too far. Kate should go back to being a mom, keep her kids off television and figure out a way to support her family without exploitation. In my eyes she is very selfish (and hatable) because she is a fame whore who uses her children. Kate go back to being a nurse. Much more admirable and your children will have a reason to be proud of you. Which right now, Kate will be lucky if all eight don’t hate and abandon her by the time the next ten years roll around. BTW not watching and haven’t for many years.

  16. lori

    I don’t like her at all, but I must say, I am and will always be in awe of how she and Jon (and now it seems mostly just she) manages with all of those children. I don’t think I’d even be able to get them all dressed and fed for school each day, day after day, year after year. I think maybe running her home like a little boot camp is the only way to ensure that everyone “makes it out alive” in the big picture of life.

    The part that irked me the most on this episode was when God blew his unhappiness with her through the party decorations and the kids were running and trying to get them out of the pool, and Kate, standing right next to the gate the whole time yells at THEM something like “You would think someone would at least close the pool gate!”

    Yes, she is a raging BITCH, but I am still blown away on how anyone can raise that many small children at the same time and have them all looking presentable, speaking properly, in regular attendance at school, doctors appointment, etc, all be healthy and for the most part well adjusted. There are so many WORSE parents with LESS children out there.

    I def won’t be buying that guys book because, just, ewww, but I would certainly buy any and every autobiography that any of those children write. Maybe even one by Jon. Hmmmmm…. has he ever written one?

  17. Bama Belle

    Thanks for the link to the book TT! I’ve been looking for something to spend my class-action lawsuit (that I didn’t even know I’d joined, but hey Simon and Schusters’s loss is my gain!) book credit on in the Kindle store and it covered this book with money left. Sadly I can’t use it on Amazon for anything other than books or I would have used it on shoes months ago!

  18. Todd p

    Kate authored 3 new York times bestsellers ,this maybe a source of some of her income.

    • Lck

      Actually there was only one NYTimes best seller.. That was Multiple Blessings, and it was written by her then friend Beth Carson, Kate took 50% writing credit.. Then added in Jon as an “author” to get more money than Beth. Anyway, the rest of her books, after that one, written by Kate alone, especially her recent cookbook, were considered flops.

  19. can’t stand her, didn’t watch again…she hates the boys, she won’t let them do or chose anything on their own, she picked out the 2 dogs herself and then took them back, but brought one back for show i think…she is still using god and the kids to get freebies and goodies, you think people would be on to her lying azz by now….and isn’t 10 a lil to old for that kind of party, that they didn’t want in the first place, she can go far far away now plzzz and i saw her books at the dollar store today.lolol

  20. Witchy

    Tamara I bought the book, I believe him. Do you?
    This is the craziest shit I have ever read.

    ceeCee,I am halfway through the book, the way it came across to me Robert’s reasoning for outing Kate,
    Kate lead the world to believe she had a hard time conceiving. In Multiple Blessings, Kate was pretending to be up front with her life; the good, the bad, the ugly, SHE never mentioned that. That is a whole another scheme its self.
    I am not debating if it is right or not, just answering

    • ​I really haven’t had time to read it…

      On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Witchy

        Its good. Wait until you get to the freebies Kate was getting and the people she treated like shit who have gave her things.
        The first few chapters, bleh, worth reading tho, but after that, cant put it down. Hope you get time to relax and read. Its a sad book tho Tamara. This is wrong. Wrong. wrong.
        Hope all is well.

      • Lck

        It’s good. I just finished it.

  21. lori

    I was just thinking, and although I know that Jon has said that he is against having his children on tv, which I understand and agree with, but since they are doing these specials with Kate ANYWAY, I would love to see one with him and the kids. I wonder hire his parenting skills how. It would be interesting to see how they are when they are with him. Are they happier and perhaps more themselves when they are allowed to relax a little without worrying about being scolded practically every time they open their mouths? Is that even the case? I wonder if he gets stressed out and also has to be a bit stern when all of his children are around, etc. Is he still with that woman who he was on couples therapy with (I’m too lazy to Google that right now), and if she would be a part of such a show, because I would also like to see her interactions with them.

    Again, I wouldn’t even suggest this but for the fact that Kate still has them on tv from time to time anyway.

    • From what Jon said on Couples Therapy, I got the impression that Kate has turned the kids against him. I THINK (not sure) that the twins don’t see him at all. ​

      On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        That’s terrible if that’s true. I wouldn’t doubt it, but I also can’t help but wonder (and was wondering this when he was on couples therapy) how much of an effort has he really made with his children, and how responsible he is, as in showing up when he’s supposed to, etc. I just got the feeling that he may not be the most committed father for some reason. I guess that started for me during his Tom Hardy party days, and now also with his relationship with Liz. IMO, she seems like she wouldn’t be the most supportive person in that regard, as in I can see her being very selfish with his time.

      • Witchy

        Kate is a cunt. I can say it because you said it in your post.

      • lmnopea

        Lori, Jon has the kids regularly and he has all of the kids he can get, but Kate’s a classic parental alienator. Jon never knows which children will be coming for a visit until they walk up to his van, which she doesn’t allow to come onto the property – he must wait at the gate by the road for the kids to come out.

        Kate’s ‘nanny manual’ in this week’s National Enquirer tells the nanny she must listen in to Jon’s phone conversations with the kids and report to her immediately what was said. The manual reinforces the book – completely. She does everything in her power to make the kids want to stay with her rather than visit with Jon. He moved just a few miles from the kids last year so that he would be closer to spend more time with them, but she doesn’t facilitate that at all.

        He’s great with the kids. They’re seen around town doing family activities, having ice cream, eating out, visiting parks, games, etc and they all appear relaxed and happy. I can’t remember the last sightings of Kate out with them all unless they’re filming. Jon had 6 of the kids this weekend.

      • lori

        That’s really sad.

    • Witchy

      I dont think Jon or TLC would agree since TLC has editing power. Remember when Simon and RHOC producers wanted to film? The producers said they could not give him creative control meaning they could make look anyway they want?

  22. Just read the first chapter free on Amazon, and wow. He alleges that Kate saw the McCaughey septuplets (remember them in Iowa?) – and watched how they got all the free stuff, and wanted that plus the fame. Author claims that she made up some infertility condition to fool the doctors, first she got the twins (disappointment), then she found another doctor to get the sextuplets (because the first doctor wouldn’t give her the infertility treatments as she conceived quickly).

    He also alleges that while on treatment, she actually purchased additional ovary stimulating hormone from overseas (says he found the packaging) and injected herself with an extra round. She was even hospitalized with “overstimulated ovaries”.

    If true, she’s really sick. It’s like a form of Munchausen by proxy, with the added element of desired fame and wealth – all through the kids.

    Like some commenters have said, hopefully the kids will rely on each other and help each other through the rest of their lives. However, if just 10% of what this author claims is true, she’ll try turning them all against each other. I hope their sibling bond prevails.

  23. fritzy3739

    I certainly hope TLC is now done with Kate and any kind of future update specials. Celebrity Apprentice is in the can, but it will be interesting to see what type of media/entertainment gig Kate pulls out of her ass next.

  24. I honestly don’t think having 8 kids would be that hard. My mom had 7. My bff’s mom had 11. A lot of things are easier to do for multiples because you can assembly line it. A large family of varying ages is more difficult in some ways because you HAVE to give individual attention.

    And let’s not forget: She went TO GREAT LENGTHS to make this happen. She wanted this more than anything. She has some deluded chip in her brain telling her that she needs to be recognized as “special”. She’s not very smart. She’s not very pretty. She’s not charming or funny. She’s not nice. She has a womb and a vagina. THAT is what she had to use to be seen. The kids are really just a sided effect that she has to “treat”.

  25. Wampascat

    I got the book free on my Kindle Prime. I believe every word. The woman is vile. Most of it comes from her own journals which were tossed into the trash when Jon was thrown out of the garage apartment. What astounds me is the lengths she will go to obtain free merchandise for herself and her home. $500 a week fom Ann Taylor. $30,000 from Lane home furnishing, begging continually for free makeup, hair products, calling Gymboree for free refills on gift cards… And it’s never enough. She wants more, more… She is a manipulative bitch and her poor kids are terrified of her. She will do anything to remain in the public eye. She was begging to find a way to team up with Michelle Obama to support childhood fitness, yet won’t participate in a half mile run at her own kids school. And she was begging for a chance to host SNL. Can you imagine???? Bah!!!

  26. What is it about our human nature/this culture that we dive into other peoples lives? I love me some reality shows, Big Brother several on VH1 ect. But to go to these legnths some of you havr baffles me. I have been guilty of some extra Googling but the effort some of us put into trying to figure out the lives of others is a little scary.Getting the gossip is cool, that is why I love this blog BUT I think obsessive is the proper way to describe certain people across the nets, that mah of msy not be you, don’t stalk me for my opinion either, please. We all know Kate is a ‘no wire hangers!’ Type of mother. I am sure she just doesn’t want to have out of control kids. But the funny thi g about parenting sometimes is that we all make mistakes and most of the time you think you are doing it right until one day when your kid explains and screams I hate you mom! Which some of you are desperately waiting on in this situation, which is sad but will be oh so entertaining. Damn it man we live in a fu ked up culture lol P.s I am on a stoopid tabletget over the typo’s and bad grammar or punctuation, grammar police are not welcome to point out my horrible typing, ty in advanced.

  27. Megan

    Someone has to help these kids. Kudos to Robert Hoffman bc he faced a shitstorm from Kate to get this book published.

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