Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Skunk in the Barnyard

RHOOC Season 9 CastFULL DISCLAIMER: I have been drinking Champs as Heather would say for a bit now, but I am here to solider on with you.  And by the way, thanks for being her with me the past year. xoxo

Anyway, moving on. This one is sure to be full of typos. I hope I don’t have to spell sequins on the fly…

Oh wait I am so not in the mood for this. I’m celebrating! And Shannon is still crying with Tamra. Shannon gets a text from David. It says that Heather was sitting at a table with a bunch of women discussing the separation email.  How would David know that? Where the hell is David? This is contrived drama.

Oh speaking of contrived, it’s Vicki talking on the phone to Brooks. Brooks is really, really busy and “working” and shit. Vicki and Brooks are going to Mexico with Shannon and David. Because, that is what the script says.  Speaking of Mexico, did you see that match today! Amazeballs!  Shout out to #4 Little Bit and #14 Chicaritos!   Meanwhile, lots of passive aggressive bullshit between David and Shannon in front of the girls. Production then sends the girls to play “Skunk in the Barnyard.” I dunno it’s some sort of elimination game…#foreshadowing. Shannnon says there are rumors in Newport Beach that David is leaving her. #Bullshit  #Storyline Oh and she now has to confront Heather over this.

This show is harshing my mellow. I didn’t buy champagne for it to be a downer. I’ve been contemplating ending the recap for awhile now. #negativity.

Shannon asks Heather who told her about the email. Was this on TMZ or something? I don’t think so. Shannon Beador was an unknown at the time. Heather evades the question and tries to flip things back on Shannon. Heather is on the attack. Shannon just wants to know if she was told about the email. Heather says, you are talking about Tamra.  Heather says that Tamra says she is drinking too much and has marital problems. Heather says she doesn’t owe her any sort of explanation.  Heather says they are not friends. Really Heather, I thought y’all hugged it out? Anyway, Shannon is losing it an d says what she is doing is hurtful to her children.  Heather will not admit Tamra told her about the email. BTW Terry is looking on creepily in the background. Heather throws Shannon out. Terry comes into the room. Terry says “That doesn’t feel good”  Heather claims it is all misplaced aggression.

RHOOC Vicki sleep


Shannon realizes Tamra is the snake. She calls David who is very kind.  Shannon is devastated because she was kicked out of Heather Dubrow’s house. Seriously? I’ve been kicked out of WAY WORSE places.  um #oversharing.

I should have bought more Champs.

I HATE THE CHARTER REMOTE CONTROL. IT IS SO OBNOXIOUS. It somehow skipped me to the present and I went back to Vicki and Brooks on the beach. I may have not gone back far enough but I.Want.Beach.

I don’t need to recap the fake baby scene with Tamra and Eddie. I think we have all seen this before. FF.

I like all of Shannons holistic crap and even believe in some of it. Lizzie is there to learn about the latest thing. Danielle is there too.  I love learning about the latest thing with Shannon. Shannon relates the conversation with Heather. Shannon goes in on Danielle!  Lizzzie sides with Heather. Danielle poses.

Meanwhile Heather is telling the convo with Shannon to Tamra.  You fill in the blanks. I’m drinking champagne.

This is boring the fuck out of me. I just have to say, I stay tuned for YOU and where I can drag you later. This Housewives shit is a bad HABIT for us all we need to break. Where will we go next?

cute :40 with Lizzie about how to have a girl.

Shannon and Tamra  have a showdown.  Tamra says that she feels horrible that she said something to Heather. Tamra says she was trying to get Heather to lay off of Shannon. So she told her that Shannon had some issues with David. Tamra only came out when caught. Tamra is making shit up now. Heather is saying that she went to lunch with some friends and acquaintances and said that Shannon is going through some things. I don’t blame Heather for this. I think Heather did nothing wrong this time.

I have said many times, “I heard she was having problems with (her husband) (her ex) (her parents) so maybe it is that.

Look I am going to need for you all to go into the hair issues and such.

Oh shit there is Ladies of London. I will have to save that for another time…xoxoxo.



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235 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Skunk in the Barnyard

  1. therealdeb

    i don’t get how shannon decided it was all heathers fault. she is cracked. and tamra turned it all over on heather, hasn’t shannon seen enough of tamra’s backstabbing yet? when you hear shannon tell it, it sounds terrible, having watched what they showed us i am clearly on heathers side in this. and lizzie cracked me up. shannon going are crazy about denielle just is another show of how crazy she is

    • karen

      I agree – Shannon is a nutcase and I always thought that from day 1. Going to Heather’s house was stupid go to the source lying ass Tamra.

      • Tasos826

        Agreed, and I sense that we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg named, “Shannon’s Crazy”, and beyond that, she is angry, back stabbing and vicious. It is so clear that Shannon hosts and is a guest of housewives for an opportunity to either confront, battle or libel, in other words, damage another housewife in what ultimately amounts to her “Poor Rich Shannon” story line.

    • Pam

      Wait. Shannon asked T. if she told anyone about the e-mail and T. said, “No”. So Shannon wants to know how the heck Heather found out and – per their agreement…address at once..face to face…- she went to Heather. When Heather saw she was caught she did just what Shannon accuses her of – she flipped the topic. “Oh, I thought you were here to say you were sorry…” Regardless how much I liked someone, if I saw a woman that scared and in pain I would have hugged her and tried to at the VERY LEAST comfort a hurting woman. IF I had to pick a friend out of the whole group – if I was pressured to pick one – I would choose Shannon. She may be a bit of a ditz but she pretty much tells it like it is..maybe her perspective but the rest are plain liars. As long as I am on a roll, Heather showed her true colors in that she was so willing to share Shannon’s family issues the first chance she got. This was after she hugged it out with Shannon. They are all snakes and Shannon would serve herself if she looked for an entirely new circle of women to call friend.

      • thedisher

        I saw it the same way you did Pam. I thought Heather was pretty cold. Shannon just isn’t aggressive.

      • I totally agree. Heather was horribly cruel and her usual arrogant unauthentic (fake acting) self. Terry was just plain creepy. As for Tamra…everyone but Shannon knows what Tamra is and no one who knows her should have any trust in her at all…including her probably soon to be ex-husband Eddie. He’s creepy too but compared to his wife, he’s a saint.

      • This was a situation where I think neither Shannon or Heather were wrong. It was simply a horrible situation. Let’s remember, Heather and Shannon are NOT friends. Heather was pretty cold towards Shannon, but she hadn’t even known exactly what was happening with Shannon. I won’t link here, but please go read Heather’s blog.

        Additionally, I do not blame Shannon for going to Heather’s for answers instead of talking about her behind her back. Unfortunately, I agree with Heather not confessing that it was T who told her. I love both Shannon and Heather, so this is tough. The problem is and has ALWAYS been Tamra. Why is anyone friends with her? I don’t get it. How many more seasons are we going to watch Tamra backstab her “friends” and destroy their lives? It’s old, tired and pathetic. I feel so bad for Shannon that she was stupid enough to trust her.

      • Willow

        I totally agree with you guys

      • ScrappieONE

        Heather is an ice queen and great at redirecting the convo. I like Shannon but she does need to get a grip on her life and her constant complaining of David. Who gives a crap if the man comes home everyday and eats chips and salsa for god sakes. Who wants to come home to that

      • O.O

        I bet heather probably has major marital problems , its always those who behave as if everything is perfect who have the exact opposite of what they’re trying to portray .

      • Erin

        Heather is the most obnoxious woman on there. I cannot stand her. If the tables were turned, Heather would have been outraged at Shannon for discussing her business in a restaurant. Nevermind how you found out, deal with that later. They live close by so why not ask? Shannon was calm and everything but of course Heather made it about what happened weeks ago and although Shannon apologized it didn’t matter anyway. First of all Shannon was right about how Heather speaks to people. Someone need to check that hag.

      • Zazu

        And what is with her constantly accusing Shannon (or others) of yelling at her? Has this woman never heard anyone actually yell? She ought to see what’s it’s like to have Vicky in her face. I’ve never heard anyone yell at her.

      • becky Grey

        Gotta agree with you on this view.Heather even believes she was wrong for sharing it with the other women. Heather claims she doesn’t gossip, but what does she think she did by sharing with the other women. Both Tamra and Heather were busted.

      • kellie madison

        I wouldn’t know how to write a sentence if I had ten years of schooling on the subject.

    • Brianna

      She didn’t decide it was heathers fault… She just didn’t get why heather was so hostile with her for asking her where she got her information from. That’s it.

    • Din

      Who isn’t crazy? Shannon might be guilty of confusing plain janes with her behaviour, but at least she is not ruthlessly mean to cover up her insecurities.

    • Sara Holthaus

      Frankly, if someone was using my private situation as luncheon conversation fodder… you bet I’ll be in your face telling you to keep my name out of your mouth. Heather made a hoopla how everyone was talking behind everyone’s back at her HoParty. Of course, this did not apply to her as she was only talking to her husband!

    • Teresa

      Listen, heather. Give it a rest. You need to admit you were in the wrong here. You have no right to gossip about someone else’s marriage. At all. Ever. Your narcissism knows no bounds. You weirdly make your feelings matter more than anyone else’s every single time. Your greed and selfishness make me no longer able to watch the show. The one, the only!? Go back to tvland girl, and stay there.

    • amyjo9

      Heather gossiped, refused to admit it or apologize, then demanded Shannon apologize (which she did), then later denied that Shannon apologized. Now, who is twisted again? Doesn’t matter whether the conversation was 1 minute or 30 seconds, gossip is very low class and so is Heather Dubrow.

    • BH Wannabe

      Gaaaaaa! I feel like every time I say Shannon is unhinged/crazy/losing it/etc , I get pummeled by everyone else (which is their right since I chose to share my opinion). So thank you!!! YES! AGREE! She’s not just “quirky” and “nutty”; she is a really desperate, “on the edge” woman and I feel like we are watching a slow, drawn out meltdown of what was already a hot mess.
      (And her eyes are kind of creepy: so empty and hollow.)

  2. Sari

    Astro Judge.

    That’s all.

  3. Jacque

    Tamara, congratulations on whatever you are celebrating!
    I do have to tell you, I have never watched one single episode of any of the housewives shows! I prefer to watch things that keep my brain intact like watching Abby scream at kids, so you think you can dance, big brother among other shows.You know shows that keep you entertained (mostly) without being so negative (other than Abby and the Moms)..
    Here have a hit on my new bubbler bong, relax, take a deep breath, put some music on and drink your champagne!
    Love you Tamara, and remember the old proverb, Not my circus, not my monkeys…

    • ​Dear Jacque,

      Today I turned a number that ends in zero. Because of you I celebrated instead of feeling old. Thank you for that gift.


      On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 10:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JenntheAUfan

        Awwww hope your day was great!

      • Jacque

        Ohhhh, your gonna make me cry! Happy celebrating another year of life on this wonderful planet! Life is too short NOT to celebrate! I don’t care if you are turning 20 or 120! Celebrate every day! Some days, small celebrations are fine, and other days, you just need to do a big celebration!
        Happy ?0 birthday, I hope your day has been filled with family, friends, love and happiness! Enjoy your day and know that your life is filled with complete virtual strangers that love you! Now dance! Sing! And rejoice!

      • CocoTalks

        Happy Birthday Tamara! I agree we need to kick the housewives habit, and I have found that like my love for pot I thought I was never going to get over in my high school and college days, my love for housewives is suddenly vanishing as I have hardly paid attention to this years OC and NY without even trying. Also really with Tamra and Eddie renting the fake baby?? What couple would ever do that unless they were looking for a storyline on a reality show? Puhlease. I also think Heather tried to do the right thing by not feeding into the he said she said and Shannon was trying to trap her. Otherwise I’m not sure why Shannon hates Heather as much as she does?

      • Barbara R.


      • Stella

        I hope you had a great day and a blessed year ahead, you deserve it, Tamara!! xoxo

        And Jacque, you posts were so nicely written and heartfelt, thanks for giving that to her and us! :)

      • karen

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY enjoy your day to the fullest

      • Pam

        Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great day and woke up without a hangover.

      • Tasos826

        A belated “Happy Birthday!” to you, Tamara, and may you have very many more healthy and happy years surrounded by people who love and cherish you (of course, as you look positively marvelous).

        Have a grand 0-ending birthday year, too!

  4. RealChicagoHousewife

    I couldn’t pay attention to what Shannon and Tamra were saying in their little sit down because I was distracted by all the horrific blonde extensions. Those weaves just looked so cheap. All that money and no one had their hair done properly before being filmed for tv? If you are going to give us BS story lines at least give us good hair and fabulous fashions.

    • Yeah. Wasn’t that the WORST??? It looked horrid. THEN they showed the back of her head. Yikes. Does she have bangs or were they fake too? f they are real, they are in bad shape. If they are fake, somewhere there are dozens of bald My Little Pony dolls.

      • My Little Pony dolls…. I started laughing so hard I was CHOKING. You are exactly correct!

      • therealdeb

        ha, that is perfect!!

      • Latina2014

        That’s hilarious! I was distracted too n had to rewind, once for the hair and another to c Tamra do the backstroke “wha ha happen was…”

      • Tamra’s hair always looks jacked……Somebody give her a brush.

      • Din

        “somewhere there are dozens of bald My Little Pony dolls.”


      • Anna

        Teecee66-You don’t remember me because I rarely comment. Funny though, I definitely remember you from months ago as the irrationally hostile person who seems to get into a whole lot of pissing contests with other posters over a whole lot of absurdities. Not a nice read unless the poster completely agrees with you. Can’t agree to disagree? Hey, maybe you can be the rule or opinion monitor, ( or oh wow, maybe BOTH?) for Tamara Tattles. Nevertheless, continue as you wish. No problem, I get it. This is YOUR website, and I am quite finished here. Oh, incidentally, it’s “herd” of cattle,” not “heard,” didn’t you know? Here’s betting I just made a few people’s day.

      • The fuck? You nuts.

  5. BetsyBoo

    Totally dislike Heather. She is a manipulative…well, you know the rest.

    • Angel

      I am with you. Tamara finally owned up to gossip and she did tell Heather at a one on one lunch and because of the martial issues she did ask Heather to cut Shannon some slack.
      Heather lied that Shannon did not apologize and she told Lizzie she passed the story on to a group of women that some she didn’t even know well. Heather never takes responsibility to anyone she has slighted. She always twists it around that she is the victim. I do not know how her husband just sits there with a smile as he sees her self righteous lying. Heather is more of a nasty bitch than Tamra and Vicky combined this season, so far. She always thinks she is owed an apology when anyone stands up to her as she is shouting at them.

      Happy milestone birthday, Tamara.

      • Anna

        ITA, Angel. I can hardly stand to listen to or watch Heather at all anymore. SHE is the psycho one of the group by far. She lies constantly, truly condescends to all of these ladies and has a nasty mouth on her that just won’t shut up! The finger pointing & demanding apologies for made up slights…. Plus since I’ve discovered her inside nastiness- which I was always somewhat aware of since the beginning- she is starting to look like a caricature of The Joker to me as some have pointed out. What a sense of entitlement & self-righteous, superior behavior. Is there anyone else on tv at this time that is so full of themselves? I think she was and has been absolutely horrid to Shannon! And it is extremely creepy watching Terry just sitting there blandly just watching his wife constantly go off on everybody! He doesn’t feel compelled to reel her in or tell her to get some therapy? Her outbursts & rages are becoming more and more frequent!
        Finally, I know a lot of people seem to like Lizzy- but she sticks her nose into EVERYTHING and just constantly assuages Heather’s ego! She doesn’t seem to have an ounce of common sense or intellect- and I’d like to see the other members of the class she was allegedly valedictorian of???! Her dress & appearance really are just SO excessive- another caricature look. I’ve never seen her wear a single thing that her breast were not spilling out all over in. Her facial features- lips especially look so unnatural and overdone. Ok, I just don’t like her & how she keeps jumping in on other peoples’ disputes- like at Shannon’s party, how SHE decided that it was HER place to tell Heather that everyone was discussing her behind her back! Shut up Lizzy! Just go home and lay there, so you and your hubby can make a girl baby(???!) Yeah, you are SO smart! Not a nice post, I know, but Who acts that way- like Heather, to other people, so many other people, and then thinks you are coming to apologize to them?
        And then when you actually DO, she lies again & says you didn’t? Who tells someone to turn up a mechanical bull full speed cause you’re mad at your friend? Spoiled brats, & mean girls, that’s who. Lizzy is just enamored with Heather’s wealth. OOPS, I mean Terry’s wealth. And Terry, well, he just wants to make sure that “scary crazy” wife of his doesn’t turn that wrath if hers on him. Ugh!

      • Brianna

        Yassss Yasss!! I totally agree! Terry was terrified to speak to tamra about good morning LA .. For fear of his beating when he’d get home! Lizzie Is so annoying but I want to like her… She just makes it hard! She wears a strapless dress with her tatas poppin out and then a huge fur coat? Who makes a doctors appointment to ask if mid-wives takes are true?? All of her scenes are boring… :(.

      • ScrappieONE

        Don’t forget the little dig Heather put in her blog about “David’s lady friend”. I would have cut a bitch if they said that in reference to my husband after sharing a story that was not hers to share. Could you imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and Shannon did this to Heather…. HA

  6. puravidacostarica2

    Celebrate with the Champagne mi Amiga! You deserve it! And happy…. (Oh, is today a secret?). If so, never mind… :-)

  7. Gingersnap

    Didn’t Heather tell Shannon to come to her immediately if she had a problem with her, and they would talk about it? Isn’t that kind of what Shannon did? Heather acted very cold blooded toward her, and I found it very condescending and rude, but then again, that’s Heathers M.O. Oh, and making it all about her. Terry knew he’d better grovel some to make sure Heather’s ire didn’t make its way his direction. Pansy. Fancy Pants and Pansy Pants. I’m starting to get over liking Terry.

    • Zazu

      Good name for them! Can’t stand them either.

    • therealdeb

      are you forgetting the attack at the holiday party, was that having a private discussion? it also was not heathers battle, it was between shannon and tamra. heather was pissed and rightly so, someone who yells at her and calls her a liar and comes to her house all freaked out and upset and then wants the truth. i would have been equally as pissed as heather was.

      • Gingersnap

        Shannon did apologize for that , and then Heather turned around and lied to Tamra and said she didn’t. She did though and I heard her.

      • Shannon is INSANE! She creeps over to Heather’s house, now she will blame the demise of her dead-*ss marriage on Heather. Shannon is crazy, she might be on drugs like pills….Tamra is to blame. Trashy Tamra.She is a liar and a troublemaker. Shannon, forget the bs holistic cr*aap, you need a therapist. Mr. Beador, run, run, run.

      • lori

        I don’t think she was blaming Heather at all. Just trying to confirm what a back stabber Tamra is. I don’t see Shannon as the type to ever blame someone else for the problems in her marriage.

      • Brianna

        No. Shannon wasn’t blaming heather for anything… She wasn’t even really mad that heather was talking about she just wanted to confirm her suspicions.

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      I agree with what you said Gingersnap. I also noticed how Terry “reminded” Heather about the surprise party they had to go to. A little too convenient. You can tell that they are trying to manage an image.

    • karen

      To me her problem should have been the one that told Heather – not Heather. Her problem should have been Tamra the one she told in confidence and then Tamra tells Heather knowing that Shannon and Heather do not like each other. Crazy Shannon should have been ringing Tamra’s doorbell.

      • Jae

        Exactly. It’s kinda like the wife who calls her husband’s girlfriend and blames her for his cheating when the girlfriend had no idea she was dating a married man.

      • ScrappieONE

        I don’t think Shannon was blaming Heather, she was trying to confirm that Tamra was lying about not telling Heather…

    • Erin

      Ginger, I liked Terry at first but not anymore. He is almost as bad as his wife.

  8. Zazu

    Really? You think Heather gossiping about someone else’s life with second hand information is doing nothing wrong? That’s middle-school behavior. She should have kept her mouth shut and kept the confidence. And Tamra had no business spreading it around. What junior high school do these women go to?

    • Gingersnap

      Naturally, it was really Tamra that started all this controversy at the holiday party and then by spilling Shannon’s beans. She confessed to Heather only because she knew she was busted.

    • Zazu what perfect world do you live in. If you told me your marriage was in trouble and say Din was our mutual friend who didn’t know. I’d tell Din to slack off because you are having some personal problems. I’d likely hint the problems were marital.


      this is how people do. I don’t see anything wrong with it. There is no malice and perhaps actual caring on the part of the person who said it.​

      On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 10:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • i might say it to friends, but i would not say it to relative strangers, whom heather is blaming for spreading it further. sorry you seem to like heather. right now i am thinking of her as the most selfish, self-centered person in the universe.

      • TT, I agree with you, within a group of friends I’d do the same, and if someone told me the news, I would be extra kind to that friend with the marital issues (exactly how it’s happened several times in my life, unfortunately).

        This difference here (for me anyway) is that Shannon does not believe that Heather is her friend, she rightly finds Heather cold, condescending and competitive, and Tamra both knows and believes the same. I still get why Tamra told Heather, but Heather should have kept her trap shut at a restaurant where she could be overheard – and she was probably gloating with the news.

        I think that Heather is taking great pleasure at the news (and disseminating it with that intent), and that’s the part that is wrong. It’s one thing to know bad news and be sympathetic and compassionate, but quite another to dance on the grave.

        Heather was also very rude to Shannon when Shannon did exactly what Heather asked of her – “if you have a problem, come speak to me right away” – said during the friendship summit. Instead, she throws her out of the house??

        Perhaps Heather should remember that it was actually her own husband that used the “D” word last season, probably to garner storyline, but regardless, he did it on the show and Heather was embarrassed (or acted so).


        I still like Shannon, I find her very relatable, although the sob story/whining is starting to get on my nerves a bit – I don’t understand why people with marital problems would go on national TV, when they have kids that will watch (and so will their friends). She should have gone to a marriage therapist instead.

      • Zazu

        I don’t live in a perfect world, but I don’t spread gossip and I don’t divulge a confidence told to me by anyone, especially a friend. It was not Tamra’s information to repeat to anyone and it was certainly not Heather’s to gossip with friends over lunch. I totally disagree that Tamra told Heather in an attempt to get Heather to back off. She was clearly gossiping in order to insinuate herself back into Heather’s good graces. These women are nasty and petty. I have lots of female friends and we do not talk about each other behind each other’s backs. That’s not what good friends do. I haven’t seen this type of behavior among women since I was in high school. The maturity level here is so low as to be laughable.

      • lori

        I totally agree with you zazu. If it’s not my business to tell, I don’t tell it, period. This is why my friends trust me with of their “stuff” 100%, and one of the reasons they treasure me, because sadly, too many people just can’t seem to help themselves. Because of this, I have zero drama in my friendships. Besides the telling of other’s personal business being wrong, also, maybe the person whose business it IS would like to tell the other people themselves, or NOT. I don’t agree that the person needs to TELL you not to tell others. Common sense should make one know when something is personal and not to be gossiped about. It’s just wrong on every level. Loose lips sink (friend) ships.

      • ​See I disagree. Not to defend Tamra at all but if I was in a group of friends, And two were not getting along and one was having serious marital problems, I’d probably tell the one that doesn’t know in hopes she would back off.

        Maybe it’s just me. I kind of see all sides. I am not sure how I feel about Shannon and Heather at this point, but even with the disclaimer above, I like Tamra the least.

        On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 11:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        Tamra is hands down the worst! An absolute snake in the grass.

      • lori

        I mentioned this in earlier comment, but no one responded. What was up with Tamra’s two conflicting talking heads, wearing the exact same outfit in both. Makes think it was a bravo screw up and that they had her do two so they could play one or the OTHER depending on how they would manipulate story, and by accident they played them both. Very sketchy.

      • lori

        Oh, and happy belated birthday Tamara! Sorry you paid for it today, but I hope you had a blissful drunken time on your special day.

      • BH Wannabe

        oh, but Heather can’t do anything right this season. Nothing.
        #Mechanical bullshit…

        Actually, I HATE this show, this season is awful and this particular episode was THE END for me. Ugh. So attack away at my comments, I have officially realized I’m fuckin over RHOC. No longer a guilty pleasure. A grumpy trigger.

      • spk

        @Lori — yes, I noticed that too about the 2 talking heads or individual camera time where Tamra is wearing virtually the same outfit. But you can tell them apart because … only one has the scary white eyeliner!

        Maybe she didn’t emote enough in the first round and they made her come back. They think we won’t notice the change-up.

      • lori

        But she said completely opposite things in each one. One she was saying that if choose she didn’t tell Heather about Shannon’s marital woes because that would make her a horrible person. In the other one she says how bad she feels for telling Heather about what Shannon told her. It just makes no sense to me. That first one makes no sense either way, because we already saw last week that she did tell Heather. I found it very confusing and it just makes me think of how fake/produced all of this is.

      • lori

        Sorry, that was supposed to say “of course”, not “if choose”.

    • Latina2014

      Amen Zazu. Totally agree with u!!

  9. JenntheAUfan

    I’m just confused because Shannon said the word ” divorce” 9,467,307,358,857 times in last week’s episode while talking to tamra and blabbing in confessional while looking so happily drunkenly confused. Now she is upsetthat “divorce” was used when it was never uttered. Even in her blog tonight. Is divorce the new ” going to jail/ he’s going away” word?

    • Excatly. When you bring up divorce, it’s not Tamra’s fault for, subtly alerting her friends.

      Look I am not a Tamra fan but if I am in a GROUP of friends and I know one is going through this, I’d probably share unless I was sworn to secrecy. They are ON CAMERA so I would not find any of it to be a secret.

      THIS ONE TIME I am on Tamra’s side​

      On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        Perhaps David is worth more than terry (who for some reason I find extremely annoying this season especially when he grins ) maybe heather is upset because she’s not the most wealthy housewife with the largest mansion anymore and pn top of it vikki and tamra like her…other than those reasons heathers Behavior towards Shannon makes no sense .
        I think Shannon knows that David has a girlfriend , her wounded / lashing out behavior towards her husband screams a wife who has lost control and doesn’t know what to do .

      • BH Wannabe

        I agree, Tamara.
        And HB! Sorry you had to spend it with that sorry group of women and their sloppy scripted storylines.

      • Cythere

        Hi, and happy birthday.
        I don’t blame Tamra because she is overly trusting, and IMO she didn’t think Heather would spread it around.
        She has lots of faults but unlike Heather, doesn’t seem conniving.
        If Heather was being filmed when she gossiped to a group of people, that was malicious. Everyone in the place would have been trying to listen. That stuff is private and painful and for Shannon and David to tell people about or not, just like what Tamra told Heather about her and Eddie re having a child.
        Heather didn’t learn anything from that experience, it seems.
        Maybe it’s editing, but Heather seems to use blabbing secrets as a way of getting revenge on women she thinks wronged her.
        She’s phony, too: To Shannon, she said a whole group was talking about Shannon’s marriage, but whatever David heard was said, it wasn’t that. It was all Heather.

      • lori

        Tamra is also overly untrustworthy, add I’m also sure that Shannon didn’t expect HER, the one she confided in in the first place to tell anyone either.

  10. Steve

    Heather told Shannon she didn’t spread rumors but we saw in next week’s previews she did just that. I can’t with her. She’s so weak. I’m losing the argument so I’m going to:
    a) turn the tables
    b) talk over you
    c) throw you out my house

    • Gingersnap

      Where was the milk of human kindness…lol.

    • Anna

      So very true. That us exactly what Heather did and always does & she hates it that Shannon called her on it at the Christmas party. How dare she!

    • Exactly, but don’t forget to put “CONDESCENDINGLY” in front of each of your points!

    • Cythere

      I can’t with her either. Something’s not right about her. She has everything but it’s not enough.
      Why Heather went after Alexis the way she did? She lied about her at the reunion, too: Alexis was rude to production crew and Nordstrom clerks? Alexis doesn’t seem the type. But she had a gorgeous look, especially with her old nose and long hair. They were probably green over her looks. Heather in particular was unrelentingly unkind.
      She had better watch it or she’ll go the way of Jill Zarin.
      And I agree with the people here who say, Terry is acting creepy. He should stop supporting his wife’s vendettas. Get a life, doctor.
      Both the Dubrows seem almost desperate to be on tv.

  11. Gingersnap

    Happy New Decade, Tamara! Cheers and long life filled with good things!

  12. Shannon was freaking out about the information in the email being spread around. Doesn’t want her kids to hear it. Um…she shared it on film. Are we supposed to be that dumb? We shouldn’t realize that this would reach her children more easily as part of the show than through ladies lunching??

    From the beginning, I’ve said that Shannon was a nutbar. She is hell bent on “getting” Heather and having her as an enemy. How many times have we seen this. Especially with a new cast member. Porsha hell bent on taking Kenya down? Melissa Gorga on a one track journey to ruin her SIL? Brandi going after the new Latina woman. It’s BORING. This whole episode was so contrived and badly acted.

    But the worst moment EVER on this show…Brooks and Vicki turning over and flashing the camera??? And Brooks getting a boner?? There is not enough Clorox in the world.


    • I hate you for always being right. and I didn’t see the Brooks finale you did.​

      On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 11:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Momof2

      Exactly what I was thinking. Hello Shannon if you are worried about your kids hearing rumors how do you think they will feel when these episodes air. I thought she was nutty and quirky in the beginning now she’s just nutty and annoying.

    • spk

      Shannon’s particular style of nutbar doesn’t seem too bad, especially compared to other HW’s. Kelly Bensimon anyone? It feels to me that Shannon got her attitude about Heather slightly polluted at the jump because Tamra and Vicki were bitching about Heather openly to newbie Shannon. It’s never looked to me that Shannon has an agenda to “take down” Heather but she sure hasn’t given her much of a pass. I blame that on Tamra and Vicki.

      In fact, I think this entire stupid storyline leads back to the beginning, where Tamra and Vicki alienated Heather … and Heather turned around and took a piss at Shannon because of it.

      • So…Shannon jumped on a bandwagon with Tamra and Vicki to be one of the cool kids ganging up on Heather and you blame…Tamra and Vicki? And not Shannon? Okay.

      • spk

        Nope. I point the entirety of the storyline (you know, scripted) back to the catty chit chat that Shannon heard at the beginning. It’s just one big triangle of one woman bitching about another, leading another to believe the bitching, acting bitchy in turn.

        You can hang-on to your dislike for Shannon, I’m not trying to defend anyones behavior. Meanwhile, I’m distracted by the girls of London and commercial is over.

      • Seems like Heather’s attitude towards Shannon changed when Vicki took a liking to her – a first I think, Vicki always seems to give the new girls trouble. Shannon was very easily accepted into the group and Heather felt “isolated”. And when Vicki wanted to sit next to Shannon and not Heather at the restaurant, that’s when fancy pants went into vapor-lock.

        Also, there has been mention of some extra-curricular activities (not on TV) that Shannon engaged in with the group (or at least was invited to), while Heather was excluded (clutching pearls!). Something about a football game, and also the Mexico trip.

        That hurted Heather’s feelingses as the kindergarteners say.

      • Thanks so much spk person for ALLOWING me to dislike someone. Not sure why you think I’d give a fuck.

        The fact remains , your point is that Shannon formed an opinion based on someone e else’s thoughts. And oh by the way: I’m pretty sure she had seen the show. Knowing which cow you can separate from the heard most easily is important. And shows her character as being undesirable.

      • spk

        tee hee – poke the bear, poke poke the bear.

        And yes, there was a cow identified as easy prey and whoever jumps the opportunity says more about them than who the prey is.

    • Yes, teeccee you are exactly right! I hate that I always comment later than most so I end up agreeing or disagreeing never seeming to have an original thought. But my thoughts are on par with yours to a T(eecee)! lol and lame I know!!!

    • BH Wannabe

      @teecee66: Agree, agree, agree.

      • BH Wannabe

        @spk: am I “allowed” to agree with teecee? Really hoping you’ll let me…

      • spk

        oh stop now. I was just poking at the bear =)

        I’ll let you go to the store for coffee though, bc someone finished it in my house and I’m pissed!

    • HannahKingRose

      Gotta go with teecee on this one. Even pixels couldn’t erase that from our collective memories. Not sure if there is anything that could keep you from wanting to heave during it. teecee did it seem like it was almost in slow motion to you like it did to me? I couldn’t find the remote quick enough either.

      • Yes. It was for sure done in slow. Option with the money shot stopped for a second. So gross.

      • HannahKingRose

        Damn this post sure ended up way away from where I intended it to be. If anyone is interested I was referring the the nasty flashing mentioned by teecee of Vicki and Brooks. This post looked so lonely and confused down here all by itself with nothing to defend it.

      • Zazu

        I have to say that I could feel that whole flashing thing coming and closed my eyes. Too much for me!

  13. MzKRB

    At first, I thought that Heather was being cold blooded (sung in my best Rick James parody voice) but I think she knew what Shannon was on, which was to make her be the scape goat for her anger. Which is exactly what she did. They were not on the best of terms so going to her house “unannounced” was not the best way to approach the subject, not to mention that the last time you two spoke you were coming at her sideways. I think Heather’s explanation of how the subject was broached was extremely reasonable. If Shannon wanted to go to someone’s house unannounced it should have been Tamra since Shannon knew that’s how the information got out there. If she was all that worked up she should have calmed her ass down and cleared the air FIRST about the Christmas party then broach the subject. But going to her asking for friendship considerations when she had made it clear that she wasn’t fond of Heather wasn’t going to get her any favors. Even after finding out via Tamra’s confession (after she initially lied to her face) it was turned back on Heather for being the asshole and the biggest asshole was sitting in front of her, especially since she used gossip on Shannon to try and get back in good graces with Heather.

    • CocoTalks

      Maybe Shannon was attempting to bond with Heather by talking bad about Tamra, but Heather didn’t bite and it all went wrong. Seems that’s the way Shannon communicates

    • Pip

      Right on! Shannon should have cooled off and thought it out before showing up unannounced. I would have been annoyed beyond belief. That said, I felt Heather was really harsh. Shannon seems fragile. It would have been so much kinder if she had just gently said you should go home. Let me think about this and I will call you.
      Tamara once again starting shit. She is so manipulative. And I can’t stand this fake storyline about the baby.
      Boy did Shannon get defensive about the drinking comment Danielle and Lizzy made. Definitely a sign of an alcoholic trying to downplay it. I wonder how much her drinking plays a role in their troubled marriage (his too). My guess is if they sobered up they might actually have a chance.

    • BH Wannabe

      Yeah, but Billie, we are supposed to take the story as presented. Not pick & choose which parts related to production we are going to take into consideration.

    • Gabriella

      I was just going to post exactly that!!

  14. Brianna

    Heather is a bitch! She was completely wrong to start talking about shannon behind her back. Especially since she was pissed that tamra and Shannon were talking about her a room away frm her at Shannon’s own house amongst “close” friends. Heather also felt soooo bad that she told Eddie tamras personal feelings so why would she think she can talk to total strangers about someone? Heather is trying desperately hard to remain the only “rich bitch” OC style, but she’s just coming off as a bitch. Heather is threatened by shannon so she’s kicking her while she’s down …because her weak marriage is the only difference between the two ladies! So now heather and terry will pretend like they are the happiest couple and are so on love. Sidenote: Lizzie needs to shut her HUGE mouth up. Like really, it’s ginormous!!

    • But…but…Shannon was talking about Heather behind her back at the same time. To anyone who would listen. Is that ok? And Heather talked to a Eddie in the same spirit that Tamra talked to Heather. They were both trying to help a friend by intervening. As for kicking Shannon when she is down, keep your eyes out. I predict that Shannon will always be down. Another professional victim.

      • Brianna

        Exactly my point … It’s all wrong! Heather didn’t like it when it was her and shannon was going to talk to her one on one per heathers request. Lizzie opened that big mouth that referred to. Shannon hasn’t played victim at all. Had heather just said yea I’m sorry Tamra told me, I thought it was open. Or if tamra had said in the first 5 min of the show … Yea I apologize blah blah blah Shannon would’ve been pissed but still ok with it. It’s all the lying and attitude that I’m sure would make anyone mad.

      •’s a bad thing that Heather did not throw Tamra under the bus? I thought that was kind of admirable.

      • Brianna

        With a friend like that who needs enemies! Yes it’s a bad thing. Last week when heather kept asking Tamra, “why would I do anything to hurt you?” “You think I would do something like that to you?” Tamra was thinking yea…because you would do that to anyone In a blink. How you treat others can be enough to push close friends away..even scary terry in the back could see his wife was being a bitch! “That didn’t feel good”… He felt bad for Shannon. It’s admirable to feel empathy and sympathy for someone even if your not eye to eye on certain things … Heather def can’t be the bigger person.

      • I’m pretty sure you watched a completely different show than I.

      • Brianna

        Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • Sleep at night? I don’t get it.

    • As I said earlier I agree with everything Teecee has said and her later comments as well. I’m wondering what show you are watching Brianna. Shannon is sooooo trying to bring Heather down and she is also acting like a victim to the max. Plus, she accuses Heather of always talking about her when that’s all she’s been shown doing whenever she (Shannon) talks to Lizzie and Danielle. It’s also so stupid that she’s worried about if her kids hear about it, after she has blabbed it on camera for the whole world to hear, or at least the million or so viewers who tune into RHOC!! I do like Shannon but I think she is batshit crazy!!!

      • Gingersnap

        I’m not saying Shannon isn’t messy as hell, but Heather is the one lying on Shannon and not vice-versa. That’s got to mean something, like maybe Heather has a vendetta.

      • BH Wannabe

        @Meredith: word. Teecee can handle this one for me. I’m definitely watching the show she’s (and you’re) tuned in to.

      • Brianna

        Please tell me when shannon had a problem with heather for no reason? I’ll wait….

    • did you see the nasty look on lizzie’s face when shannon was telling her what heather did? clearly she could care less whether heather did anything wrong, she is just hitching her wagon to the person she considers on top on this show.

      • Anna

        You got that right, Chris. No matter what, Dizzy Lizzy is totally on the Heather bandwagon. After all, they ARE the richest,showiest, etc & that’s huge to big mouth Lizzy. Now THAT woman is truly transparent.

      • You mean Lizzie’s expression when the sat down for healing oils and Shannon IMMEDIATELY blurted out Heathers name in a disparaging manner and proceeded to rant like a crazyperson about a topic where neither Lizzie nor Danielle have a dig in the race? Yeah. I’d be puzzled and disgusted too.

      • And please stop with the dizzy Lizzie thing. Read the rules.

      • Brianna

        Exactly! Lizzie is just kissing Heather’s pale, stone cold ass. Lizzie even said in her talking head that it’s not ok to be talking about Shannon to a group of ladies but did she say that to heather… No… Two faced!!

  15. If anyone actually thinks Shannon went to Heather’s “unannounced” ….well…they were there to film it. So up it was not unannounced. Uninvited yes. And blindsided, yes. Heather thought nutsy was coming to apologize and make up. Which I did not se her do. I know someone claimed to have sentence that. And maybe I missed it. But it could not have been a sincere apology when she was still railing on Heather for some imagined infraction. And like TT said, how the fuck did the husband happy to get the information bout what was said at heathers lunch??

    • Momof2

      I like how Shannon even made herself the victim to David, that takes talent. I was kicked out, sob, sob, sob. Shouldn’t the husband be pissed she’s sharing his email to her casted friends?

    • My theory is one of the ladies at the table has a husband/ boyfriend that knows David. She told him and he told David.

    • Anna

      She is “dizzy.” Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it against the law here. And I called her that once- its not her nickname. Otherwise, it would have been removed. You called Shannon “nutsy” in place of her name. & and I disagree with that, but I do not condescend like Heather, and some other people who feel the need to judge. Seriously, I’m glad Heather has a fan.

  16. Someone needs to explain to Shannon what all the men with the machines on their shoulders are doing in their houses. When you tell a “secret” to someone in front of a camera that is filming you for a national TV show, no one is being betrayed when that “secret” is told to anyone else. Tamra and/or Heather could have gone straight to Sonja Morgan’s facialist and given her all the details, and the only one to blame would still be Shannon for being a nutbar.

  17. Tpasco

    I want to step in for Shannon so badly and tell heather to stfu! Heather completely mind fucks Shannon every. Single. Time. I don’t think that Shannon has it out for heather at all. Heather keeps exaggerating, talking crap, and being cold blooded and condescending to Shannon. Every time Shannon thinks they’ve made up, Tamara or someone else tells her something else that heather has said about her or done to her. The only thing I see Shannon saying about heather is when she’s telling others what’s gone down between them. I think she is a nice person and so far this season, she’s the only one I like. I’m sickened by heathers shit. And that Lizzie… Did anyone see the photos of her as miss whatever USA. Wow! Now that is a schnoz! She is just there to stir crap and kiss heathers ass and I don’t think I like her much. Poor Shannon, she is getting mind f***** left and right. Hope to see heather get what’s coming to her. She’s a bitch.

    • If she is this easily “mind fucked”, she must be lacking in the mind department.

      • Anna

        Disagree totally. Heather is a huge mind F—k in every thing she says and does! Pointing fingers at people, going off on everyone, demanding apologies and never apologizing or taking responsibility for her own bad behavior, and ranting on so as to not let anyone else get a word in edgewise, lying constantly, and even denying that her & Shannon are neighbors by any stretch…. Sheesh, need I go on? Heather needs anger management AND medication at this point.

      • Um not a huge heather fan. I don’t think I’ve really given that impression. I’m not sure why you’d mistake. Maybe you nested that wrong and are not disagreeing with me. Still the reply above me doesn’t praise heather either. But really, help me understand what qualifies you as being able to diagnose someone as needing therapy and medication?

        And really, not by much, but Heather is smarter than the reast of the bubbleheads on thus TV show. So, if she speaks over them or outsmarts them, it’s not surprising. I’m not sure when she’s lied. Let alone constantly. Maybe you can clarify that too?

        I really dislike Heather and I hate that I’m “defending” her. But I loathe when commenters just randomly make up shit in their crazybrains and decide it’s fact. Crazybrains annoy.

      • Shellbelle

        I was thinking the same thing. Shannon’s lack of brain cells is not Heathers fault.

      • Any woman who does not sleep with her husband, and wonders why he ignores her is incredibly stupid. Shannon confesses the most abnormal things about her “marriage”, then wonders why her man is “gone”…..

    • Latina2014

      Agree on what u say abt Shannon, she is my Fav!!!

  18. Tpasco

    And yes heather.. When you repeat such sensitive information, especially about someone you don’t like , in public , to a group of friends and even worse.. “Aquaintences” yeah, you kinda do owe her an explanation for doing it. But instead, she turns it all around and tries to make Shannon look crazy! Imagine if the roles were reversed.. Heather would ftfo! Terry seems to have a conscience tho and always makes comments that contradict his wife’s actions. “That didn’t feel good” poor terry. He knows what a cold bitch his wife is .

    • I took “That didn’t feel good” to mean, “I’m sorry, wife, that this loon just treated you that way. I know it did not feel good for you to be treated that way or to be forced to ask her to leave.”

      • jelley

        Lolololol. Bingo!

      • bull. if someone did that to me i would have called my husband, too.

      • Anna

        What qualifies me to say that Heather needs help and medication is very likely much more than what qualifies you to refer to me as a “crazybrain.”
        You remind me of Heather , actually. You really are being way too combative and oversensitive about everything I write. Try not to get so involved. Its just a show. You have your opinion and I have mine, and honestly, your opinion doesn’t matter a hill of beans to me, So let’s drop it, shall we?

      • Frankly I don’t remember ever seeing you. But it seems you can dish it out but not take it.

    • Lawstangel

      How many times did Shannon tell various groups of women that “she kicked me out” wah……wah….wah. She is not fu$king innocent. Shannon has her own agenda when it comes to Heather….She is clearly seeking the sympathy vote. Frankly her question to Heather was weird and convoluted, instead of this “I heard” crap just be direct…..” Did Tamra tell you about the e-,mail…blah…..blah….blah. Not this woman to woman tell me um can you tell me………..she knew who told. She did not need to even ask.

      • lori

        If someone kicked me out of their house, I would tell my friends too. That’s a pretty devastating thing imo.

    • Lawstangel

      Shannon needs no ones help to look crazy!

  19. And HAPPY “0” DAY, Tamara!! I hope the recap ended before you lost all the Happies. Have more champs and get ready for a great year!

  20. Josie

    Happy Birthday TT, I wish you all the best for the coming year. Thank you for all the laughter… I hope you remember to celebrate how awesome you are, not just today, but every day…xoxo

  21. Tasos826

    Happy Birthday, Tamara!

    You.look.mar-vel-ous! Utterly marvelous! Have a wonderful year and make it memorable.

  22. janet

    Heather is so cold snd heartless I don’t enjoy her on the show. I hope Tamara has learned her lesson about trying to get Heather to have a heart. Not going to happen!!!! The look on her smug face is too much and yes her successful husband is afraid of her too. Im proud of Shannon for having the guts to confront these women and showing a way more forgiving nature. I loved when David was so kind about hearing that his wife was kicked out of Heather’s house. And why did Terry give Shannon such a strong drink? Hoping to set her up?

  23. MicroOp

    Obviously heather and Shannon don’t like each other. Shannon just treated Heather very badly at her party. So what does she expect from heather? Most people gossip about those they dislike. Is it classy? No. Is it ethical? No. But it’s human. I have a hunch Shannon would be dropping some snide remarks if the roles were reversed. The real betrayal is Tamara. And perhaps Shannon and David should focus on fixing their marriage and ignore what ladies with nannies and no jobs gossip about at lunch.

  24. Latina2014

    Wow! Tamra is such a backstabber. She is so insecure she makes up w/ Heather n tells her what Shannon told her in Confidence. Then when asked she DENIES telling Heather! Sick of her! Bravo needs to let her go. I fast fwd her stupid scenes with the doll!
    Another one that needs to b gone is Vicky! Crazy boring, SHE is a snoozefest zzzz! I fast fwd ALL her scenes!
    Heather is such a B!!! Ugh wld hate to hav her as a friend! In her mind she is Mrs. Perfection!! Not! If roles were reversed she wld have marched herself to whomevers home to ask how they found out etc….
    Shannon I feel so sorry for what she is going through. Like her a lot. Like Lizzie too.
    I say Out with the OLD in with the New!

  25. Valerie

    Happy Birthday!

    I would like to get off the Bravo teat too, Tamara. Are you interested in Cee Lo Green’s new show?

    I hope you had a wonderful day. Cheers!

    • BH Wannabe

      Yes, I really agree! We should brainstorm non-Bravo shows to get into. Between Kandi’s Ridiculous and Sloppy Wedding show and Married to Medicine (which I don’t even watch!) to the ever more intolerable RHOC, let’s spare ourselves, and especially TT, the pain!

  26. and to think this season started out so positively. this show was a huge bunch of ugly, and it was stressful to watch the cruelty going on. i don’t care that people gossip. when you hurt people you own it and you apologize. i see heather never being able to let of any imagined slights but she expects others to move on when she’s cruel to them. terry doesn’t come across as a stupid person. i think there must be something terribly wrong with him if he sees heather pull this time and time again with other people and he’s not even disgusted or ashamed to be seen on this show with her.

    • Anna

      Your comments make a whole lot of sense to me. I do not see how this behavior of his wife’s does not both shock and embarrass him.

  27. happy birthday, tamara. i’m sorry you had to be home to watch this crap instead of out celebrating and having fun. wishing you a happy year ahead.

  28. janet

    Yes I couldn’t put up with Heather but I could imagine hanging with Shannon which is why I think some of us feel more in tune with her. I don’t think Shannon wants to bring Heather down but I think her experiences with her have been negative and upsetting so I believe she only talks about her in that context. I think Heather has an issue or some competitive thing with Shannon. She was snotty about them being in the same neighborhood and her taste in her home and jealousy about the other girls liking her so much. That being said the only fault I can see in Shannon with Heather is I do think she should have not sided so much with Tamara at the party and called Heather out. That wasn’t her fight and not the time or place. I think Tamara was the most at fault though because she started the whole ruckus and not sure why Heather is allways so up Tamaras but. But she allways gives her a free pass while being such a hard ass with the others. I guess shes bowing to the alpha female.

  29. I have never seen a husband so intent on escalating his wife’s problems with other women as Terry is. Most husbands are going “let it go, God not this garbage again”. He’s standing there (ALWAYS), making faces, and afterwards egging Heather on until she’s in a rage (or as close as she gets to rage).

    • Anna

      Excellent point. He seems to be in the background grinning & twisting his hands in some odd pleasurable anticipation….. Very strange & unattractive, especially in a “man.”

  30. Maisey

    My favorite part tonight was watching the REAL Shannon come out and snarl profanity at the little dormouse Danielle. All the while massaging some hocus pocus feel good holistic crap oil into her hands. What a holier-than-thou holistic harpie hiding behind her phony, sanctimonious hippie dippie new age hokum. What a pho-nay.

    • THANK-YOU! I am not huge Heather fan, but I find myself siding with her in most situations involving Shannon! Shannon needs to apologize to Danielle! She was a rude bitchh to her! So uncalled for.

  31. Palid Polly

    Happy day TT! Love me some Champs!

    I read some of the comments thinking I had seen a different show when I got to TeeCee’s comments and was relieved I really had seen what I’d seen.

    Big Brother will certainly help wean me off all the HW, they annoy me so.

  32. lori

    Shannon didn’t go there to tell Heather she was mad at her for telling people , she went there to ask her where she heard it since Tamra outright lied to her face when the text came in. Then Shannon explained that she heard that Heather shared it with some people, to explain that that’s how she found out that Heather even knew about it, and again she just asked Heather where she heard it. The part that fucking confused the hell out of me though was Tamra’s TALKING HEAD where she said that she would NEVER tell Heather about what Shannon disclosed to her. That that would make a horrible person, as she knows that they aren’t even friends. Then two seconds later in another talking head in the exact same outfit she says that she feels horrible about telling Heather, blah blah blah. Seeing that just proves how messy this show is. Like did Bravo screw up and play two talking heads when really they were only supposed to play one or the other depending on which angle they were going to “stage”?

  33. Sari

    I would’ve kicked Shannon out, too.

    “Go fix your family. Burn some sage. Bury some crystals in your molars. Have Dr. Moon ‘de-jam’ you. Whatever. Just take it elsewhere, crazy puta.”

    Happiest of birthdays, Tamara!

  34. delaney

    O yea we know clearly what tamara is bt Heather sits at lunch, a table of women and disparages, gossips abt Shannon’s marriage — really sh*tty. Heather is a snake.

  35. ScrappieONE

    Damn if Heather isn’t the pro at deflection. Damn answer a question for once instead of diverting something back to the person asking the question. She great at throwing people off and then beams her “I”ll cut you like bad bangs bitch” facial expressions.


    Heather was way out of line. Shannon wasn’t there to ask her why Heather was spreading the gossip, she wanted to hear from Heather if Tamra broke her trust. I thought Heather could have handled it much better than she did. Tamra is a snake who can’t be trusted with any personal information. Shannon deserved the truth. The funniest scene of the night was Vicki gagging on that protein shake. Cracked me up.

    • Lawstangel

      Agreed, Heather definitely could have handled it better….with that said, I think her question was convoluted…me, at home knowing what happened, I was not clear on what Shannon wanted when she first got there. Had she said “Did Tamra tell you about an e-mail from my husband. I heard you were discussing the circumstances at lunch with others outside the circle…..or something along those lines, she may have had a different result.

  37. LittleP

    Can we talk about what a bitch Caprice is? Her face scares me. Yet… still so much more entertaining than these dumb Housewives.

    • BH Wannabe

      OMG! I was seriously wanting time say the same thing! Like, WTF, Caprice? I thought she was going to be cool.

      • spk

        Thank god, I thought the fillers were just scaring me. You can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California out the girl. She loves her “work”. I’m convinced she’s a distant relative of that Lauri from the OC who married George.

  38. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    If you bring up your marital problems to me at lunch with TELEVISION CAMRAS ROLLING, I am not going to think twice about discussing it with other people–you know because of THE TELEVISION CAMRAS!

  39. pepper

    Happy birthday Tamara. I hope you bask in the glow of well wishes on this thread. This is the only reality tv blog i know of where the readers have an (unhealthy) obsession with the blogger. I enjoy coming on here to get my fix and wish you the best since you make me so happy.

    On to RHOC. my impression of Heather was initially based on her conflict with Alexis. I just liked Heather so much more than Alexis for most of the past two seasons and as a result, I let her slide on a bunch of questionable behavior (bow-gate made me want to take a gun to my head). My opinion changed as it became clear how outmatched Alexis was in going against a Heather-type and I just wanted it to stop but Heather wouldn’t let up. Again, I continued to cautiously side with Heather because it’s not her fault she’s smarter than dumb dumb Alexis but it was painful to watch.

    This season, I’m not feeling Heather at all. Fuck Tamra and Vicki, I’ve always hated them, but Heather is truly coming across as awful to Shannon. She is extremely condescending to her (neighborhood debacle was a huge red flag – so unnecessary). “She’s smarter” is no longer an acceptable defense for being such an icy bitch. It doesn’t help that Shannon has an emotional personality because this only further highlights Heather’s cold demeanor by comparison.

    I’m just like ‘girl chill, you don’t have to beat people down to prove your point. Just dissociate.’ Heather strikes me as the type of girl to be friends only with those she can dominate, whether financially or intellectually. RHOC just happens to be a veritable chinese buffet table for her to feast on. This isn’t her fault. But she should realize they are no match for her and fall back. Instead it’s all about “let me tell you why you’re wrong and should be apologizing to me instead” and “let me sit here stone-faced while you cry.”

    I have some lifelong friends I could run circles around in an argument. But because I value their friendship, I would never belittle their hurt feelings no matter how stupid I found them nor would I feel the need to prove them wrong and “win.”

    Not my style. But 100% Heathers.

    • gapeach

      Pepper – I agree with you. Heather seems to make it a point to continue her issues with the weaker women. I believe for all her “condescending” behavior, she actually suffers from a bit of low self esteem, which is why she picks on the weaker women. I never understood why she felt it was so important to continue giving Alexis a hard time…and with Shannon, it’s obvious she has some emotional issues so why spread the gossip? It doesn’t matter if Shannon outed herself for the cameras or not. Heather’s behavior (to me) shows she doesn’t have as much class as she thinks she has, or wants everyone to believe she has. IMO

      • Totally agree!! She was really beating up on Alexis, and just so mean – and for what reason? Yes, Alexis was faking being rich, but why was that Heather’s fight?

      • Cythere

        Hey :) Didn’t it look like Heather was trying to make Alexis leave the show?
        Maybe she’s trying to do that to Shannon now. For one thing, she’s letting Shannon know, fuck you and your family.
        In profile, a few times Heather has made an ugly face. Eww. One time was coming home from Shannon’s in a limo with Terry. In so many words she called her friends “pieces of shit.” The world revolves around Heather.
        I can imagine her really losing it when crossed. Since she’s not above prey- ing on the weak (Alexis), the Dubrow kids might not be totally immune to the wrath of Heather.
        On the other hand, I didn’t see anything “scary angry” about Shannon at the chairgate luncheon, nor did I see Shannon yelling at Heather while walking back to the table.
        I think Heather just made it up. She is progressively more of a selfish, backstabbing jerk each week. Shannon said something stupid to or about her, so she has to be Heather’s scapegoat or quit the show.
        The more Heather amps it up, the more airtime she’ll get.

    • ScrappieONE

      You are so awesome with your comment… Gezzz you explained it perfectly… TY

  40. gerly1

    Shannon should have gone directly to Tamra. Friends do talk about each other. I know with my friends if something like this was going down, it would be acknowledged on some level. Heather and Shannon don’t like each other, Tamra is the one that filled Heather in on all the drama, and now is crying over it ( with really bad hair and makeup). Tamra is a shitty friend period. Shannon is a nut job, and Heather is smarter than all of them, why any of them try to argue with her is beyond me, none of them will ever win.

    Brooks and Vicki and the naked massage scene will be haunting me for years.

    • pepper

      @gerly1, not sure if you were responding to me, but either way:

      “Shannon should have gone directly to Tamra.”

      She did. Tamra the Cunt lied to her face. So Shannon did the next best thing, go to Heather about it since she’s the one who supposedly spread it to strangers over dinner.

      “Friends do talk about each other. I know with my friends if something like this was going down, it would be acknowledged on some level. Heather and Shannon don’t like each other, Tamra is the one that filled Heather in on all the drama, and now is crying over it ( with really bad hair and makeup).”

      They’re not friends as you acknowledge yet still go on to say friends talk about each other. So this is contradictory.

      “Tamra is a shitty friend period.”


      “Shannon is a nut job, and Heather is smarter than all of them, why any of them try to argue with her is beyond me, none of them will ever win.”

      My point was being “smart” does not equate to being right or a decent human being. “Oh you were a total bitch but it’s excused because you are soooooo articulate” —- on what planet does that work? SPEAKING WELL IS NOT A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD.

      “Brooks and Vicki and the naked massage scene will be haunting me for years.”

      Agreed x1000000000

      I just rewatched this nonsense. What also doesn’t make sense is the point that Heather didn’t throw Tamra under the bus. She did throw her under by telling Shannon Tamra told her she drinks too much. What Calculating Heather didn’t do is throw Tamra under the bus when it would implicate her as well in gossiping. So she didn’t tell Shannon Tamra told her about the email. That doesn’t make a good friend.

      • gerly1

        Actually my comments weren’t directed towards you, but I completely understand what your saying. As for my contradiction about the friends thing… Shannon and Heather are what I would consider frenemies. They are women who hang in the same circle that don’t really like each other. That’s why Heather talking about Shannon doesn’t shock or surprise me one bit. If some crazy mutual friend of one of my other friend came to my house the way Shannon came to Heathers, I’d absolutely tell my other friends about it. In my opinion, Heather owes Shannon nothing.

  41. Happy Birthday Tamara!!!!!!!!!

  42. Maisey

    I’m new to this site—glad I found it. You are a funny and engaging writer. And your fans are certainly LIVELY in their varied outlooks about these shows. Happy, happy birthday from a new fan!

  43. ericzku

    So, are we just taking at face value David Beador’s statement that he was out and overheard Heather talking? That is very suspect to me. More likely, either: Heather said something completely innocuous and David (or whoever heard it) jumped to conclusions, or: Heather said nothing at all and the producers put a bug in David’s ear about it just to stir the turd.

    Either scenario is very plausible, and would completely explain Heather’s reaction. From her perspective, Shannon’s complaint was à propos of nothing. Like, “Why is this bitch coming at me? I had nothing to do with this!” And Stupid Shannon is so consumed by playing the victim, she can’t see what’s right in front of her: Tamra is the “skunk in the barnyard” who broke her confidence, not Heather..

    • Brianna

      David said heather was at a lunch telling ladies that shannon was getting a divorce. Shannon didn’t go there to confront heather. Heather likes to play the victim so she acted her way into a pitty is me role to make shannon look like the aggressor. Had heather just talked to her and told her what happened like she told Lizzie I’m sure it would’ve played out diff… But no no no not heather she had to put on a show.

      • sandra

        That is what she is paid to do.

      • janet

        Yeah I find Heather to be an ugly person inside and I don’t necessarily think shes the smartest. The meanest for sure the woman has ice running through her veins. I think people can be smart in different ways and I just not feeling her superiority. But she sure has shown herself to be a liar guess that’s why she is so buddy buddy with liar Tamara. Lizzie is too ass licking to Heather lets see what that gets her. So far I give Shannon more points for being a true person and Im an emotional type too so I can relate to her hurt feelings of bebetrayal.


    • pepper

      Isn’t your point moot since Heather owned it on camera that she did speak about the email while out to dinner with acquaintances? Remember her convo with Lizzie? And don’t forget she owned it again in her blog from last night. Heather wasn’t challenging the veracity of the rumor, she just didn’t want to acknowledge her wrongdoing to Shannon, which makes her a shitty person.

      So David was correct about the topic of discussion … no ifs ands or buts about it. How he came by the information could very well be shady Bravo editing, but not his fault he can’t break the fourth wall and out the producers if that is the case.

      I was surprised Heather didn’t contest the convo happened, she’s known to lie about thangs. Which makes me think Bravo cameras might’ve been around at the dinner and she just doesn’t want to get blindsided like Phaedra/Nene with unseen footage at the reunion contradicting her. Smart move if so.

      • Zazu

        Kind of like the “I have no idea why the guy running the bull ride at my rodeo party turned it up so high” and Tamra almost broke her arm. She’s a liar liar fancy pants on fire…

    • Undine

      Hallelujah! Somebody finally said it: it’s the producers who had their filthy hands in this. Heather was overheard by whom? When? What restaurant? What time? Who was else was at the table? And why didn’t Shannon text Heather immediately? Why go over and pretend you want to get to the bottom of things? It’s all stupid anyway–focus on getting counseling with your husband instead of who spread the truth that you’re having marital problems. Anyone with a alf a brain could see your marriage is in trouble, dumbass. Shannon is a stunt queen drama shit stirrer victim of the highest order. Certainly, Heather isn’t an angel but Shannon is awful. I can’t believe the folks on here talking about how real she is and how they relate to her. #icant

      • Undine

        Whoops nevermind! I just saw the ending of the show. That teaches me to comment while drinking cocktails. Tipsy Tuesday! It was shitty of Heather to gossip about Shannon. But Shannon is still awful. Lol.

      • Brianna

        Lol with all the excessive name calling you seem like quite the drama queen yourself. Shannon wasn’t trying to start anything heather was.

      • Undine

        @Briana “excessive name calling”? Bwahaha! Um have you ever been on TT before? This is the place I learned “twat waffle”. Enjoy your real, human down to earth Shannon. I’m sure she will love and cherish you for your unwavering support.

    • There is nothing to support that unless it’s in one of their blogs? is it in one of their blogs?

  44. dallasmom

    I used to be such a fan of Heather’s, but NOT this season! I didn’t see a crazy woman on Heather’s couch, I saw a hurt woman. And I love how Heather neglects to apologize for telling a group of woman at lunch!? WHY? Guess she isn’t that classy afterall!

    • ITA, I saw Shannon as an incredibly distraught woman who was in pain trying to figure out what was going on around her.
      I too agree that it wasnt the best idea to pop over to Pleather’s house and confront her.
      I think Heather should’ve ” listened with her heart ” rather than with her usual iciness. Oftentimes, we can underestimate how much someone is hurting. But Pleather can’t see past her narcissism to give a heck !
      Terry is just SO CREEPY in the way he lurks and eavesdrops and involves himself in the women’s issues… Very strange, most men don’t even want to hear about female infighting, much less get themselves involved & rehash it.
      Has anyone else wondered what it is about Pleather’s habit of kicking people out of her home & parties ? She’s done it numerous times. It’s a sick habit of hers.
      Also, when she’s hosting an event, she seems to want to gather people and have them behave in a way she wants, she seems to want them to be props at her event.
      Granted, sometimes, people don’t always comport themselves entirely appropriately, but come on ! If she’s so concerned about “appropriate” behaviour, isn’t asking people to “excuse” themselves, or “removing” themselve indicative of worse manners than the perceived faux pas. To me, it’s the epitome of bad manners to kick out a guest and/or making a scene, exaggerating the alleged offense and calling everyone’s attention to whatever got her nose out of joint.
      I always thought a hostess’s main job is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Regardless of the reason for the event, or the food, beverages, entertainment, etc. , “booting” someone negates everything else.
      But that’s just me I suppose.

  45. imagrandma2

    Happy birthday kiddo. I feel like such a suck-up to repeat this but you are so dang talented. You are always right on the money and clearly see through these scheming bitches. You must have some psych education in your background to so easily determine their hidden agendas and self-serving endgame. You are the go-to site for reality television and it is my pleasure to tell you how much I enjoy your cleverness and humor. Be happy sweetheart and celebrate being you!

  46. Banana Bug

    Still laughing about this! Yes Shannon, let’s beat-up Heather for discussing this during lunch with a few women when you’ve been talking “bad-marriage” to households of millions all season. Way to protect your children from the “D” word!

  47. Beth

    Shannon just needs to hire a holistic therapist. Oh wait if that happened her conversations would HAVE to be kept confidential and if that were to happen there would be no drama. Hmmm well probably not a good idea since this show is about DRAMA and CONFLICT.

    What really is bugging me this season is Tamra’s accent. Who is she trying to sound like. She should take the money she is waisting on bad weaves and clown makeup and spend it on elocution lessons!

  48. Thank God for the camera’s or else Tamara would have lied

  49. Soft Shades

    Heather really believes that she is the voice of and clearly lacks compassion! She is as cold as it gets having no tolerance for human fragilities or imperfections. Imagine going thru a divorce w/Heather Dubrow!

    When you see someone in distress (regardless of the reason) invited or uninvited to your home, you simply say “I can see that you’re upset so let’s talk about this when you are calmer and when we’re both in a better place” (in my soft spoken voice). Get some rest and I promise I will call you later and you can tell me all about it; give the woman a hug and see her to the door.

    As for Shannon, IMAGE is more important than truth which is why her marriage is falling apart – money can’t fix everything.

    As for Tamara why bother it is what it is, the girl is just pitiful.

  50. Soft Shades

    I meant “the voice of reasoning”

  51. thedisher

    Female sperm? Did Lizzie really refer to her “female sperm” twice? Or, did I misunderstand…

    • thedisher

      I’m replying to my own damn comment. I’m used to people referencing X or Y chromosomes rather than “female” or “male” sperm….so, my bad.

    • Beth

      I hope she was talking about the sperm that is coded with the Y chromosome that is needed to make a girl.

    • I thought the same thing during the show.

      • Anna

        Teecee66- you don’t remember me because I comment only occasionally, not obsessively. Funny though, I very much remember you as the person who seems to get into a lot of pissing contests with other posters. Can we seriously let it go now? Nevertheless, you may continue as you please. I’m quite finished here.

  52. Tamara, I am sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope Banjo gave you some special doggie kisses/slobber. Thank you for suffering through this crap for us. I stopped watching this season because I can not do another Vicki/Tamra season. So I love getting to read your recaps. Sorry I have not posted lately, I have very sick and it may be awhile before my smart ass mouth is back. Love you and enjoy your new decade. If it is the one I think it is, you are going to LOVE it. It is all about You and telling everyone else to FO. xo

  53. jelley

    Happy belated birthday! Thanks for keeping us posted always, and in such an entertaining (yet factual) way.

    On topic: I like Shannon a lot and Heather is a meanie face, imo. If Heather was as smart as she makes herself out to be, she wouldn’t mind other people’s business or involve herself in petty bs drama. They all need hugs.

  54. JMB

    Happy belated birthday TT! You had mentioned a few weeks ago and I wrote on my calendar but Mondays I am disorganized

  55. I keep reading the same people over and over explain why Shannon went to Heather’s. She went there loaded for bear and ready for a fight. It was not a peacemaking or discussion mission. Why wouldn’t Shannon flat out mention Tamra? Did she share the letter with others and think heather found out another way? Did she suspect production? There just seemed to be something missing.

    • gapeach

      Yeah…it didn’t seem cohesive…like one minute Shannon was at home with her husband. In her talking head right before it she was talking about fixing her marriage issues and in the next scene she’s complaining about how predictable he is, coming home and snacking before dinner, and then the next thing she’s telling her husband she’s going out on an errand and then she’s at Heather’s. Choppy editing…

  56. khaleesi

    Happy Birthday, Tamara!!
    I wish you a year and many many more, of health, travel, doggie hugs, drinks and cases and cases of premium cut gourmet meat goodies!
    Many happy returns, kiddo!

  57. D J Goodman

    Happy Birthday !

  58. B

    I believe David is having an affair ( maybe with the blonde woman that was at Heathers house building party). That’s how he knows what Heather said.

  59. Hi interesting commenters ! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer :)

    I just have a quick question & I searched for it here, but I didn’t find any answers.
    Has anyone heard about Vicki G’s new boyfriend ? I recently read several articles on numerous sites about him, but I haven’t seen anything about here at darling TT’s Blog.
    His name is John Pankauski, a Wills, Probate, Estate Attorney who practices in Florida.
    He seems like a nice enough bloke, but I’ve yet to find anything about him other than he’s purported to be Vicki’s new BF, an attorney and that he’s working with Vicki and her production company (WooHoo Productions) on a reality-based project.
    If I’m in error that its already been discussed, please accept my humble apology.
    Otherwise, if anyone knows about this, could you kindly fill me in ?
    Much thanks !


  60. Carroll

    I must be hitting a massive bottom in my own life to even be writing comments on a page like this. I actually watch the real housewives as decompression and four zone out but got to say Heather Da bra-whatever her made up name is is literally the most manipulative character on primetime television including all shows not just reality TV. She’s the type of mean and delusional un-accountable and scary type of woman who actually believes her own bullshit because it’s more important for her to be right and on top and to look good to the outside world it is to actually be a honest humble accountable human being. She is always robotically stating her case of why she is right and everyone else is wrong. She has zero compassion for anyone nor is she able to see outside of the crazy narrow sad Little world that she’s created. But hey narcissism is a bitch. What’s even scarier is her ability to justify all of her actions and all of her words without any understanding of her own human frailty and only a rehearsed speech of why everybody else is wrong. But isn’t that why we watch the show because in this type of world in order to have thick enough skin to survive this type of shallow sad meaningless behavior and reality you kind of have to be so self-serving and so self-centered that you literally can’t see outside of SELF! To care only about you and yours and getting what you want is a shallow prison because the reality is everything is fleeting nothing is permanent and these women are grasping for God knows what holding onto the past trying to look a certain age, to outdo one another and to get happiness from outside in and there is no compassion or love or loyalty only FEAR & BETRAYL which makes for great TV right? So while I wish compassion and generosity into friendships for all doesn’t look like it to be happening anytime soon in the OC! And honestly Shannon’s going through a hard time so she’s extra vulnerable, but although raw she is at least being honest and her honesty isn’t working for her in this type of Environment at all her vulnerability and honesty will be portrayed by others as crazy because she’s not putting on a front and defending herself she’s trying to connect with others and tell her truth which isn’t going to work with these types of ladies let’s face it. And lastly suck it Heather D suck a big bag of ehm. Which of course Heather you already do probably while talking about how great your life is in a forced monologue that you wrote the night before and rehearse all morning

  61. Gina

    I can’t stand Heather. Sure, Shannon has her issues but I don’t think she’s a terrible person. Heather is an ice queen and everything is such a facade. Her storyline last season with hers and Terry’s issues was laughable. You know they have issues that go way beyond his not being supportive enough. People gave Gretchen such flack for her fake storylines but Heather takes the cake. I think she’s so much worse than Gretchen. Blech. She makes me cringe. She was horrible to Shannon and I hope that she is ashamed of herself for it.

  62. janet

    I so love your description of Heather D bras Carrolle! I think there are more and more of these types of people out there now. Their self centered ruthless cruelty is so ingrained they believe they are allways right no matter what because they’re so busy protecting themselves and their agenda theyve lost human compassion. Its really sad and I guess these shows kinda reflect this reality that is part of the screwed up culture we live in. Thats probably why we watch because we all have had a run in or know of people like these people.

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