Lisa Vanderpump Finally Stops Pretending She Might Not Return To RHOBH


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Every fucking season Lisa Vanderpump spends weeks on end toying with her fans acting as if she might not come back to RHOBH. Every.Fucking.Season. But she always does. So tonight, she finally told the truth to her clamoring fans. So um, Yippee? Pandora dutifully retweeted.

Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump 3m

Well ok…Five has always been my lucky number, so we will see. Let the games begin.

I guess she needs the money to pay  her court judgments for wrongful termination and the host of other allegations. Allegedly. So you can all rejoice, Vanderpump fans. She’s back. My guess is she’s been filming for a while, and tonight’s scenes were public so she had to come clean.So,  we can expect many more scenes with Lisa and Brandi and Lisa and Kyle and Lisa and whoever the new housewives are. Oh for joy.

Raise your hand if you are shocked by this news?  Did anyone see her on TMZ tonight using Giggy to answer questions about her legal issues? I believe she used the justice will prevail line again. It already has, Lisa.  It already has.



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51 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Finally Stops Pretending She Might Not Return To RHOBH

  1. No surprise here. I love Vanderpump, but there is no way she wasn’t going to sign back on. She has no friends though, it’s hard to believe. We might see a gang up on Yolanda. I don’t have any reasons for it, just a hunch. I think Kyle is rightfully fed up with their one-sided friendship with Lisa, so I don’t see Kyle really going for the whole “I wanna make things work with Lisa” story line for a 3rd season in a row.

    • BH Wannabe

      Yeah, Yolanda totally seems like the next target.

      • idk, it’s just a weird hunch. Yolanda has a way of being icy towards absolutely everyone. I think after last season, Lisa was most upset with her. Her vicious attacks on twitter was very indicative of such. I be whoever Lisa’s ally is this season will end up beefing with Yo.

    • Marilyn

      It’s funny how Lisa and her dreamteam were laughing about all of Kyle’s friends being gone (camille, Adrienne, etc). They had a good laugh – now Lisa may find herself in the same boat.

      • MicroOp

        Seriously, Lisa has engaged in a lot of tacky behavior. Not that everyone else hasn’t but she and Yolanda both love to pretend they are above it.

  2. Gingersnap

    I think she’s pressed her luck, but I’m gonna have a blast!

  3. Micheal

    I’m glad she is back. Probably just took awhile due to contract negotiations, new housewives casted etc. You know, all that real stuff Bravo tries to pretend doesn’t happen.

  4. She’s the only reason why I watch, so I am glad she is back.

  5. MrPrez

    Thank god she’s back. There will at least be one likable housewife.

  6. Dracla Dunning

    Until VR I was a Lisa fan. Now she makes no difference one way or the other as my opinion of her radically changed. Lisa’s responses to the Bustillos settlement is dragging her down even further with me. If she ran off with the circus when it came to town, at the next stop you would find Lisa as the resident geek. She has a disgusting alter ego.

  7. Din

    I was kinda hoping she didn’t return. At this point I don’t believe a word out of her mouth, which bothers me because I used to enjoy her confessionals a whole lot.

    She didn’t really fool me though, if any housewife has monetized their stint on the franchise it’s Lisa. She has promoted the living shit out of her businesses and is probably making more money off the show than all other housewives of any city. She wouldn’t give that up over petty overly produced storylines like “everybody gangs up and bullies Lisa, irrationally”, which by the way made her even more popular and was probably great for business too.

  8. Shirley

    She’s always pretending ppl!! Let’s see what other lies come out now that we now the real deal about this court dilemma!

  9. Ellie kacik

    Wasn’t sure if lisa wld come back as I really thk she was uncertain & most likely still is, but I sure hope she plays a btr game of chess wth those hags this time, definitely b more assertive.

  10. Vanessa

    I think in the beginning more than any other season she probably didn’t want to come back, but as time went on that reality fame it’s hard to let go, looking at you Jill zarin, I’m happy she is back because I’m hoping that her and Kyle will have a good season of being friends. I might be in the minority but I love Kyle and lisa together

    • I’ve always loved Kyle except when she’s be horrible to her sister, and I love her even better when she’s friends with Lisa. However, Lisa can’t handle constructive criticism and tends to punish friends and hold grudges. I don’t blame Kyle for keeping her distance.

      • Vanessa W

        ITA, although I wish Kyle would be how she was season 1 & 2. It sounds weird I guess but I love when she is mean girl, although not to her sister. I hate when she tries to be a peacemaker and be friends with everyone because I don’t find it genuine. Which Is why I love lisa because she is polite to them but dismissive and i find that to be real.

        I guess I have a thing for ppl who are good at being bitchy lol

  11. Vanessa W

    Just curious has anyone ever quit the HW series, with out the fact that they were already rumored to be fired. I know Dina from rhonj did but she came crawling back so…

    • ricardo

      Lydia quit OC
      Caroline quit NJ
      Lauri quit OC (came back later)
      Bethenny quit NYC
      Kim quit ATL
      Camille quit BH

      • Micheal

        Well with Caroline and Bethenny they probably quit due to their focus being on their solo projects with Bravo. I also thought Camille was kind of pushed out by being demoted to ‘friend of housewife’ status. Lydia I have respect for. Quitting so she can focus on having her baby and her family is pretty admirable, considering how many are willing to hurt their family for some fame (looking at you Melissa Gorga and Shannon).

  12. So glad that Lisa’s true colors are finally evident. I decided long ago that she has the scruples and heart of a serial killer. Though I stopped watching I do love to read your updates TT!

  13. RVA

    I just remember Ken being so dismissive and ….still can’t find the right word, to the maid who asked if she could have one of the dresses.
    I felt her humiliation.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Yes, RVA, that has always stuck with me too. I was waiting for a laugh from Ken, or maybe an, “you know you’re family” to their housekeeper, but there was nuthin’. I dislike both of them, now. I wish their mansion and pool would slide off that hill.

      • BB357

        Refresh my memory – because I remember feeling funny / bad at what Ken said. But I don’t remember.

    • Marilyn

      I felt the maid’s humiliation also. Rosa (I think that’s the maid’s name) looked very embarrassed.

    • Sari

      It was unprofessional for her to ask for the dress. I was more embarrassed for Ken.

      • ​Unprofessional? In many homes the full-time maid is considered practically part of the family…

        On Sun, Jun 22, 2014 at 12:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sari

        In my head, being on someone’s payroll means you shouldn’t consider yourself family (or get too comfortable). Unless you’re Kandi’s mother. But, that’s another story.

        I see your point. I guess traditional HR notions don’t exactly apply in Villa Rosa.


      • ​lol at hashtag.

        On Sun, Jun 22, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. We knew it was happening, just like we know VR was picked up for another season. I don’t understand the point in denying it but whatever.

  15. Valley View

    The question is will she have any kind of storyline? Picking out fixtures for PUMP and talking with Ken in the rose garden doesn’t get it.

    • Vanessa W

      Exactly, you know it will mostly be a giant pump promo which I guess is her real life but still I don’t want that for a whole season ! and oddly as much as I still like her despite the vb lawsuit I somehow can’t get over ken. So I don’t really think I would enjoy seeing just the two of them. To be fair what will anybody’s storyline be ! I can’t think of anything compelling that anyone went through last season. Producer are going to have a lot of work on their hands

  16. Dana

    My prediction is that if Yolanda comes back she’s the only one who will hold her ground against Lisa. The other twits already folded when they went to Pump a few wks ago. Lisa’s fan base will finally see through her but Kyle & Brandi already crawled back to her bc of negative backlash. My prediction is that the show will go to shit & Yolanda will have the most respect from viewers. I’m not watching & I’m a fan of no one now that Joyce is gone.

  17. Greenwood

    I’m disappointed in Lisa’s choice to return, because it diminishes her integrity, in my eyes. It tells me she is more interested in being in the spotlight than anything else, just like the rest of them. I still really like Ken. I might be wrong, but I still like him, and it seems to me that this show is taking a big toll on him, and he is declining. I hoped Lisa would quit the show, to spare Ken anymore of the stress. But obviously the fame is more important to Lisa. Something happens to all of these women when they get on these shows. All they can see is the spotlight, and everything else falls by the wayside (dignity, integrity, family, careers, common sense…)

    • jb44

      I think Lisa needed to come back at least one more season. If she had left, then it would appear as if she couldn’t take the heat from the other women. All of her detractors would then be saying she could dish it out, but not take it.

      • Vanessa W

        Remember when adrienne left by not even showing up to the reunion, it was definitely not a good look for her

    • Vanessa W

      You know I wouldn’t have thought about it, but i do think he’s over it. And would probably be ok with just vp rules. He is no longer the quiet sweet ken from previous seasons. Plus he is in his 70’s I’m sure he is tired : )

  18. Angel

    I need to keep in mind even more than before, in these shows we are watching experienced actors as well as untrained people playing a part, just as they do about resigning. There may be some semblance to the real person interwoven with fake stories and events for ratings. It was easy still, after all these years, to think we kind of know “reality stars”. We don’t. Just like we don’t really know A or B list celebrities in private life. When we see them, they are playing a part, so are the reality D listers. We can choose to like their style or humor, etc of someone, but we are kidding ourselves that we know what they are doing when the camera is off and they are strictly doing their life. I think this is a problem as long as Bravo calls them “reality shows”, that is like selling snake oil. As long as we are told the crap is real, some parts of us want to believe in parts of them. In truth, it is producers, wardrobe, makeup, and lines to say, stories to tell, like any other play. I fell in love with the pretty dresses and gorgeous houses, someone can have nice things and refined taste when spending their money, or hire someone who does. That doesn’t make them a good person because I think they are likable. I need to clearly separate that from the part they play. Lisa and Ken are not the kind of people I thought they were. She can come or go from the show. She has made it interesting, but this season will probably be about being a victim, blah, blah. Apparently, they raised Pandora in their example, and not to be better. Sad…

    It could be true that some people I saw as villains are in real life pretty darn nice. I am glad I am not sucked in to watching all these shows, but do find some hard to quit. So, welcome back Lisa and Ken, although now I have no one to root for.

  19. MicroOp

    I do not think returning was a smart move. She was at the height of her popularity at the end of the last season. She could’ve parlayed that into a bigger solo deal. She risks her reputation especially after the lawsuit.

  20. Valerie

    This is the real Lisa. All last season I felt awful for her but no more. Ken has proven to me he’s a bully. Lisa saying that justice will prevail is ridiculous and she knows it. I followed her in all her righteous indignation. Now I shall let that go. I realize that TT had the goods about the tape being destroyed as soon as the lawsuit was filed. I think many people either don’t understand what that means about a person or don’t realize that it actually happened. It’s an unforgivable action, which is why they’re paying out 6 figures. That was done only because that tape showed some sort of assault IMO. I can’t think of another reason why he would tell his employee to delete said tape. I know we’ve discussed this already…so on to Lisa coming back. Yes, I’ll still be watching, God help me. I just can’t quit her. But I won’t be feeling sorry for her anymore. I’m coming out of mourning.

  21. Josie

    I’m looking forward to next season even though I’ll never look at Ken and Lisa the same way again. And, I do like Kyle. Also, I hate to see anyone who doesn’t deserve it get ganged up on so if it’s Lisa again…well, I’ll be sticking up for her when I think she is right.

    After this, it made me wonder if Brandi was telling the truth about the stupid magazine. However, even so, if that was your friend you just say no I am not bringing the magazine and leave it at that. There was no reason for Brandi to stir shit up over that nonsense. And, if she was clutching her pearls at the suggestion then, she should have reconsidered her friendship and distanced herself. I won’t give her a pass for that whether she was telling the truth or not.

    • MicroOp

      I have lost a lot of respect for Lisa but all of the women last season did not handle their issues with Lisa with grace.

      • Valerie

        I agree MicroOp and Josie (well except for the liking Kyle part). Is it weird that now that Lisa has fallen off the pedestal I had her on, that I’m actually looking forward to the next season? I was one of many that said over and over, “I will not watch my queen treated this way, she is the sun and I am but a lucky mortal allowed to watch her from afar,” etc…etc…etc… Now that I have finished mourning for that Lisa, I’m actually looking forward to the show. Does that make me shallow? I have no depth. Allegedly!

  22. Maisey

    I think Lisa holds a grudge and can be vindictive. I think THAT is the main reason she is coming back. She wasn’t about to let it end on the note it ended on last season. While she is pretty good at playing the victim to garner support with her fan base, I don’t think she wants to be viewed as a permenent victim. Lisa can control and use Kyle, she will ignore Kim, she will marginalize Brandi—–but mark my words—-she will make Yolanda PAY. And by ” hold a grudge and be can be vindictive” I meant she is my favorite. Lol. Let the games begin, indeed!

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