Frank Giudice, Father of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice Dead at 63

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I conked out after eating dinner tonight and woke up to the sad news that Frank Giudice dropped dead of an apparent heart attack today. No matter how you feel about the Giudices, this is certainly becoming a lot to take. Especially for the girls. Gia and her siblings are facing the real possibility that both of her parents will be going to prison in three weeks, and now they have lost their grandfather. Many reports had Joe’s parents as the leading option of who will take the girls when their parents serve their time.

Unlike Teresa’s father who has experienced many health issues, Joe’s dad was in relatively good health.

According to TMZ:

Frank Giudice — who also appears on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” along with Joe and Teresa — was building a chicken coop in the garden when he fell to the ground. We’re told Frank had no apparent health issues.  Joe and Teresa believe he suffered a massive heart attack, but it’s too early to tell.  EMTs are still at the house at the time this story was posted. Frank was 63.

ABC news says that Joe and Frank were chasing the family dog when Frank collapsed. However it happened, it appears to have been sudden and unexpected at one of the family homes. This means that it’s very likely that the girls were there when it happened. Teresa’s PR rep, Wendy Feldman, has confirmed the death but has yet to give a statement.

Story developing…

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30 responses to “Frank Giudice, Father of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice Dead at 63

  1. Vanessa W

    This makes me so sad for their children, I know a lot of things were brought on by themselves but this family really can’t catch a break. I really do hope things get better for them

    • Joes brother and sister have children also. So don’t writ like joe was an only child.

      No matter what I still hate to see someone lose their parents, it heartbreaking. I lost both my parents 2 weeks apart and I was devastated. But joe is still a thief. It doesn’t change a leopards stripes.

      Teresa is really going to,put on an acting job behind this and it’s not even her after, it’s her father-in-law by marriage.

      • RVA

        @dionte08, you do know that some people actually love their father/mother-in-laws?
        i think you’re trying to imply that Teresa is going to pretend about something?

        perhaps you should give her the benefit of doubt. she might just have loved the man like her own father.

      • Skeeter

        Nice sympathy. I hope people have such nice things to say about you in a time of losing a parent. #asshat

      • lori

        AND he is her children’s Grandfather. AND even if she didn’t love him, or even like him for that matter (which I am sure isn’t the case), she loves her husband and she would be heartbroken for him. I can’t believe I’m having to even explain something like this.

  2. HannahKingRose

    No matter what Teresa and Joe have done wrong, the unexpected loss of a parent is a devastating experience for the whole family and I can extend my sympathy to them for their loss.

  3. Wow…that’s a lot. I am truly sorry to hear this.

    • Skeeter for your information I lost both my parents at the age of 22 two weeks apart. I was married for three years and living in my own place with no children.

      Yea Teresa is going to do some academy award acts. She’s a fake anyway. Ice water runs through her veins.

      • littlewitch

        Teresa has known her father-in-law since she was a child. The families were friends. You have no idea about these people’s private feelings, your speculation is most likely a reflection of your own inner life. You seem to have ice water in your veins to make a mean spirits comment at a time of grief for the people involved

  4. Anjannette

    The loss of a parent is always tough, gut wrenching, beset with grief and anger (why did they leave??) and just so blasted emotionally and physically sad.

    I hope that his Angels help him in this time of transition from this plane of existence, to one with no physical body here on our Earth. And beyond that I also ask that those same Angels help the rest of his family, deal with this incredibly sad time in their lives.

  5. I agree, opinions about Teresa and Joe should be put aside and only warmest thoughts and expressions of sympathy are appropriate at this very sad time for the Giudice Family and Friends. Losing a parent is one of the most difficult events in anyone’s lives- the Giudice family is no exception !
    May Mr. Giudice rest in eternal Peace. My sincerest sympathies to his entire family and friends.

  6. Wampascat

    I’m sure he was under a tremendous amount of stress with his son’s legal woes. Very sad for the grandchildren.

  7. lori

    Oh my word! This is really REALLY sad. Terrible for all, but especially the girls. They must be terrified about what lies ahead for them (the girls) more than ever. It’s so not right that they should have to be dealing with all of this.

  8. tim

    I would say the stress of his son going to prison was too much for his heart to take. Sad. I read somewhere (maybe here) that Teresa thinks she’s getting house arrest because she has kids. Is she really getting no prison time? I think (speculation) when they pled guilty they may have pulled an Apollo to get their sentences reduced..does anyone else thinking “mob related” or have I watched godfather too many times?

    • HannahKingRose

      tim are you saying you think Joe Guidice’s father’s death is “mob related” or did I read that wrong? I think what the Guidices have done is horrible but I still have sympathy for their family with the passing of a loved one.

  9. Sorry for family’s loss, but I feel very sorry for Joe’s mother. There is so much uncertainty swirling around the Guidices at the moment, her husband’s passing is probably the one thing that will affect her the most. I hope Joe’s siblings come together to help their mother through her grief, and then support the girls during their parents incarceration. RIP Mr. Guidice, may God keep your widow and other loved ones.

  10. Gingersnap

    Another sad loss, another grieving family. Once again, I’m reminded that life gives no guarantees and none of us know, for a certainty, when our time will be up. RIP Frank Giudice.

    • I can’t imagine the four young girls losing both parents and a grandparent within one month. I wonder if this event can be used to delay sentencing? Or possibly get ​Tre house arrest? I personally don’t think is should. But…

      On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sosueme

        Probably not. Courts are generally, not sympathetic institutions, for miscreants. I concur, GiNgersnap. Life is fragile. Any of us can have out tickets punched at any time. So much effort put into material stuff and the appearance of wealth is tragic esp…If the end result is unattractive prison garb.

      • gapeach

        yeah – it really sucks for them. Let’s hope this will indeed make them stronger. My own belief system allows me to view the situation as an opportunity for them to grow. When I think about the things these kids are dealing with, it’s absolutely horrendous, and then the death of the grandfather is thrown into the mix compounds the situation that much more. In some ways this may allow the girls, especially as they grow older to think about how all of our actions really do impact each others’ lives. I am probably saying all this rather poorly so I will stop now.

  11. Stevod

    Very sad news…don’t these things usually happen in threes? (Vicki Gunvalson’s ex’s son, Joe Giudice’s father …and…)

  12. Micheal

    This is sad. I was not ever a fan of the idea of house arrest for Theresa but now I kind of am. The children are going through a lot, and now losing both parents to prison for a couple of years just seems excessive. I wish there was a way to punish Theresa and spare her children. Maybe strict house arrest can achieve this. Especially if the terms include the inability to film for Bravo. Then again how will they repay resititution? This is such a difficult situation. We will soon see I guess.

    • gapeach

      It may be nice for them to be with their Grandma now…she may need them as much as they will need her.

      • lori

        Maybe, as long as she has help. Those girls are quite the handful. Too much for one person, especially an elderly one, to care for. Then again, her husband’s death may put her in a state of mind wherein she may not be up for it at all. I feel so terrible for her. I hope she will be okay. All of this together is just much too much.

  13. Destiny Khan

    What I read was that Teresa was not there and neither were the girls. However It just does not make sense to be out in 92 degree weather building anything. I lot of people think that it is smart to do this is not. I feel really bad for Joe. I still hope the best for him. He has lost his father. This is really bad. And I hope that we should be careful with how we live our lives. I know that Mr. Frank Guidice was under so much stress. That his son was facing jail time. This had to be on his mind. Joe has a great family him and his siblings love each other very much. I hope that Teresa’s father and his sister will look at this as a sign. That they need to make up with each other and put away the drama. Time is not forever. FORGIVE YOUR SISTER. AND SISTER FORGIVE YOU BROTHER. Tomorrow is not promised to us. GOD BLESS US ALL. And thank you Tammie for all of your hard work that you do . We appreciate you. .

  14. Bama Belle

    My heart breaks for this family, especially the Giudice girls. People were jumping all over Theresa last night on Facebook because her PR people put out a post promoting an appearance she was doing. I don’t think they (T’s PR team) knew at the time, and the people were really vicious.

  15. RIP. This is very sad news for the family. When it rains it pours.

  16. :'( This is so sad for the girls and the family all together.

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