Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Not A Good Day, La

RHOOC Not a good day la

It’s already time to return to the OC!  Time seems to be flying by. It seems like just last week we were ringing in the new year!  So what insignificant issue will the ladies fight about tonight? Will revisit #ChairGate or #BullGate or is it going to be all about Good Day LA?

Vicki and Heather are out at lunch and talking about Tamra’s tendency to stab her friends in the back. Heather’s feelings are hurt over Tamra. Vicki is coming clean about talking about Heather behind her back about Tamra. Vicki admits that she thinks Heather judges people for their bank accounts. Heather is shocked. Vicki seems to feel inferior around Heather. Vicki apologizes to Heather and a new alliance is formed. I was all very mature. Which was very odd.

Lizzie has been asked to judge the Miss Santa Monica USA pageant. Again, another nice light scene. This is scaring me. Lizzie has another scene later with her mother. I like Lizzie, but her scenes are boring. RHOOC Heather

Tamra and Heather have not spoken since the holiday party and it is the day of Good Day LA. Heather does not go into the green room to greet Tamra and Eddie or give any advice on the segment. The first time they see each other is when the camera goes live. Heather barely makes the stage due to a very fast clothing change  and her shoes are not even tied. Fake hugs all around. Heather bends down to tie her shoes while talking to Tamra. Heather tying her shoes offends Tamra. I can see #ShoelaceGate on the horizon. Good grief. Production pulls Heather off set to get her microphone back on her. There was not interview section they just did the workout part. It was sort of a clusterfuck but it was a production problem and a timing problem. Tamra feels like Heather was cold to her.  Heather and Tamra never talked. Tamra is pissed.

Shannon is also still pissed at Heather. Shannon is much better at teaching math than David.  Shannon and David are still embroiled in passive-aggressive banter in front of their daughter. David goes to bed at the same time the kids do, at 8:30.  That seems weird. Shannon logs on to Ashley Madison dot com to look for a lover. Well, she logged on to the computer. I’m assuming about her website of choice. Maybe it’s, Hi, Shannon! I find these scenes real and sad.

Briana is going to find out the gender of her baby with a balloon reveal with Ryan, Vicki and Michael. They open the box, and… blue balloons fly out! The baby is a boy!  Vicki wanted a girl and Briana wanted another boy.

Shannon meets with a cardiologist for a stress test. I think Shannon is having panic attacks. Let’s see if my diagnosis is correct. David is threatening to move out for a while. Shannon is devastated. I thought you got stress test results right then and there but Shannon did not.

Heather and Tamra arrange a meeting to scream at each other talk things out. Tamra immediately starts talking about how nice the restaurant is as if Heather purposely took her someone to make her feel out classed. Good Grief. Tamra feels like she did not get out all of her talking points. Heather feels like Tamra should have called her before the show. Heather says she was sad there was no pictures together after the show and no friend time. Heather feels like Tamra should have called her after the party and apologized. Heather feels like Tamra wanted to publicly shame her at the party. Tamra is behaving exactly like Brandi. Attack, argue, insult, and then cry and play the victim. Tamra goes back to the incident where Heather shared things with Eddie about her wanting a baby with Eddie. Heather has apologized about that a million times. Apparently, Simon had started the custody issues during this time and this may explain why Tamra is a bigger basketcase than usual.  Tamra tells Heather that Shannon’s marriage is really bad. Heather doesn’t seem to want to forgive Shannon for anything based on her marital issues. Heather could be a bit more understanding with Shannon, in my opinion.

Has anyone seen Nene in a Summer By Bravo commercial in the past couple weeks?

Shannon goes over to see Tamra about her marriage. Shannon is truly heartbroken. Her story seems very real to me. Unfortunately, it’s a very, very sad story. Tamra said her breaking point was when the fighting starts to happen in front of the children.

Next week: David texts Shannon while she is with Tamra  and says Heather is talking to people about the email saying he wants to move out. Tamra lies and says she didn’t tell Heather anything. Heather is mean to Shannon. Shannon feels betrayed by Tamra.  You really do have to watch out for Tamra, but really Heather, who are you talking to about Shannon and David?











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  1. Felicia Scott

    Yes this past weekend.

  2. Kate

    Maybe Tamra will say that the camera crew told Heather and others. They heard the whole thing too.

  3. Vivi

    Shannon’s storyline is truly sad and painful to watch. Some things should really be private. A little too True Tori for me.
    Oh Tamra. Always the victim.

  4. therealdeb

    i hate tamra, she needs to get over herself. shannon is her own worst enemy, she really is nuts. this was a softer vickie and i enjoyed her tonight

  5. karen

    I can understand why Shannons husband goes to be early. I think he is in construction and they have to get up REAL early. I know because my uncle was in construction and he was walking out the door at 4 am to get to the work site. I do not feel that sorry for Shannon because all she does is complain and attack her husband every chance she gets. You are right Tamra has become the Brandi of the OC,

    • And those married construction guys, who are out the door at 4:00 to get to a work site, have built-in excuses for cheating. Don’t ask me how I know this.

      • Valerie

        Well now I want to know how you know this.

      • karen

        I want to know how you know this also. Let me explain – I live in Chicago if he was working close to home he did not have to leave that early. If he was working in one of the suburbs – witch can take you an hour or longer depending on our messed up traffic he had to leave early. So I am thinking her husband has a far away work site.

      • Shannon does not make an effort to bond with her husband. Yes, she should get up at the same time her man does. She should share some personal time together and talk, without Shannon’s bitchyness. She doesn’t have a job, so she can go back to sleep. It’s that easy. Wonders would happen in that shaky marriage if Shannon was more of a wife and life-partner to her man. Shannon, wake up early and have a cup of coffee with your man and discuss the upcoming day. When he returns home, you have something to talk about. All you do is whine about how you are not a part of his life. Your daughters are starting to get a very warped image of what a marriage is from you. His unhappiness is a result of your clueless selfishness. Oh, please stop referring to his working-class background. Look at what he has worked hard for and given you. I’d call him a success. He’s a gentleman to put up with the like of you. You are toxic.


      • He is in construction. I forget what his company builds exactly but it’s not houses, it’s like infrastructure stuff, like bridges and tunnels or something….​

        On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • amyyyy

        He owns a construction company, not a construction worker.

      • When we met them on the show, I thought they said freeway/interstate construction, which is VERY lucrative – especially if you’re in a high-level position. BIG$ federal contracts. It’s how the Ryan family (Congressman Paul Ryan) got filthy rich….

        The Shannon/David situation is sad, seems like they both want the same thing – a happy marriage and family but they are punishing each other for what they’re not getting from the other instead of putting forth the effort to give each other what they need. Sad to see it play out, especially all the passive aggressive comments in front of the kids, who seem wonderful so maybe they’re doing something right.

        I still like Shannon though, although not her martyr complex – she could definitely change her schedule to match his, she’s a stay at home mom, she could go to bed earlier and have quality time between the sheets! She does seem very real and sincere to me, she cares about her family. I like her much more than the pretentious Heather and her constant condescension.

      • I Googled “Beador Construction Inc.” – David’s father founded the company in 1996, David is listed as the President. Annual revenues are listed at $40M-$45M, with 80 employees. The office is in Corona, which about 50 miles from Newport Beach so that could be a very long commute in Cali traffic, probably why he gets up so early – I doubt he goes to the “jobsite” every morning as the President. The business is listed as Highway, Street and General Construction.

  6. Yawn. This “so boring.” Tamra = mean & two-faced & insecure =great combination.

    Yes, I saw NeNe in a commercial promoting WWHL with JUST HER & Andy in it. Andy was loving up on NeNe I it. I threw up a little in my mouth.

    Thanks for the recap!

  7. Cat

    The only commercial for Summer by Bravo that I’ve seen with Nene in it is the long version where the unicycle comes out with everyone hanging onto it. Nene is in the back. They show a glimpse of her in a long shot, then a very brief close up where she’s holding a pink cell phone (taking a selfie?)

    Most of the time, though, I see the short version, where there is no Nene.


      Everyone’s obsession with everything NeNe is duly noted.
      As much as y’all despise NeNe, you can’t help but bring her up as the topic of conversation. LOL! NeNe is the straw that stirs the Housewives drink. That’s why she continues to be the star of the Atlanta Housewives…..

      • Riiiiight. I definitely do NOT want what you’re smoking. If she is the star of RHOA why won’t she be holding a peach next season?

      • Honestly, I fear having to see Nene coming back. My instincts make me and others want to check to make sure we don’t have endure a full dose of Has Many Teeth. That’s all it is. To be sure, I would not watch RHOA if NeNe was to hold a peach. I can’t bear the sight of her that much. Hardly an obsession, more like a concern.

    • Cat

      Nene is like poison ivy. I look out for it so I can avoid it.

  8. Sari

    Heather still isn’t evil in my eyes. However, speaking to others about Shannon’s marriage would be a major faux pas. But, I would still likely blame Tamra for spilling the tea on that one initially.

    Shannon shouldn’t be on the show. This may have a Lynn Curtain-esque ending (without the daughters turning to porn).

    I feel like Tamra has a Dorian Gray situation going on.

    • I do think we are about to hold Heather to a higher standard than we would our friends. If on friend told me another was on the verge of divorce, I’d tell our other friends, JUST LIKE TAMRA DID. ​

      On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 11:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • maybe i’m just a sucker, but i really did believe tamra was trying to soften heather up toward shannon. but heather is so jealous of shannon she’ll use very perceived weakness to try to bring shannon down, and tamra just handed this to her on a plate. i never had much of a feeling about heather but now i dislike her intensely. it’s also hard to see the people who love her so much jump on the other cast members’ blogs to spread one-sided hate. the first 3 responses on shannon’s blog were pretty nasty.

      • Micheal

        I kind of agree. It’s more of a faux pas to relay information told to you in confidence (Tamra to Heather) than it is second hand information (Heather to others). From a legal perspective there really is no longer any expectation of confidence upon Heather at this point.

      • Valerie

        That’s very true. Gossip is human nature IMO.

      • karen

        I agree TT because I would have done the same thing UNLESS my friend told me do not tell anyone.

      • ClassyLady80

        I disagree with TT. Other friends? Shannon and Heather don’t even like each other! They aren’t friends. The common link between them is Tamra and she knows exactly how they feel about one another. If your friend shared negative or private information with someone whom they are aware doesn’t like you, how would you feel?

      • Shellbelle

        Who knows who else Tamra told about Shannon and David? I’m sure she told others people besides Heather.

  9. therealdeb

    after the good day l.a. spot and eddie and tamra were in the green room again and eddie is telling tamra to let heather speak and all and then tamra turns to the other trainer and wants her to tell her(tamra) what she wants to hear and eddie won’t tell her

    • that’s a girl thing. eddie was being “the voice of reason” while tamra was winding down from the adrenaline rush & wanting to dish about what just went down. it was natural for her to turn to the other girl to dish & get reassurance. i would have done the same thing.

  10. Micheal

    I really want to side with Heather but then she goes and says/does something that makes me think she has no personal awareness. I mean Tamara is awful and Shannon can very easily turn into Tamara 2.0; but Heather’s inability to acknowledge how condescending and gossipy she can be stops her from usurping the lovely Vanderpump as my favourite HW.

  11. lori

    I think Shannon may very well be the most real housewife in history. I really really like her.

  12. HannahKingRose

    Tamara, I so loved the “eww shiny things” comment about Nene right in the midst of the RHoOC blog. I love it when you do stuff like that. I do things like that all the time. I’ve seen it a couple of times. Can’t remember exactly when. I just know I throw up a little in my mouth each time.

  13. Brianna

    I just love shannon and her realty tv realness! I love how honest she was with tamra! She didn’t bash David or talk about him in a negative light. She complimented him and admitted her faults! It takes a real stand up person to do that. Kind of opposite of how Tamra handled simon!

  14. O.O

    Wow ! Maybe we aren’t seeing everything that happens , I can believe that maybe they are editing what makes Shannon behave the way she does but if its not editing ,she’s very mean to her husband and in the presence if the children . No good. I’d go to bed early too if I had someone dressing me down all the time. How does Shannon stay so thin with all the alcohol she consumes ?

    • THIS is my question too. /burp.​

      On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • RealChicagoHousewife

        From what I’ve noticed on tv she drinks vodka and water or vodka and soda. Low carb and low calorie. 😉

      • Yes, in one of her blogs she had said she drinks vodka neat with a big bottle of club soda, citing low carbs. Plus she probably skips some meals and gets most of her calories from the alcohol. Although she probably drinks more on the show than in real life, I know I would…..

        I’ve known many quite thin folks that drank excessively, upon closer observation, I noticed they hardly ate food!!! Ahem, Bethenny Frankel….

  15. HannahKingRose

    Damn could I have said time another time in my last post. Wow. Obviously didn’t proofread before I hit post comment lmao. Oh well.

    • ​welcome to my world. :) I typed in a post tonight something about ‘scenes’ I wrote “seens” As soon as I typed it I was like WTF? I’ve drank away a lot of the wrong brain cells. I remember all the things I want to forget and forget all the things I wish I could remember…

      On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:17 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Somewhat unrelated, but I missed the ‘hoedown’ episode so I watched it this morning – when they zoomed in on the “wanted” poster of Terry on the onion ring kiosk, I noticed it said he was “last scene” at blah blah blah – surprised that typo got past Miss FancyPants!

      • lori

        Good catch Emma. Thank God she didn’t see that, otherwise someone would’ve gotten quite the condescending lecture!

      • Yes lori! She most likely wrote it herself but had the error been pointed out, she would have probably blamed the poor mechanical bull operator (again)!

        I’m finding Heather very sanctimonious this season, and the way she
        EM-PHA-SIZE-S EV-ER-Y syllable both verbally and with her hands is really grating. IMO.

      • lori

        Yes! It drives me crazy. It’s getting to the point where I almost want to ff through her scenes. I swear, Heather Dubrow’s picture should be next to the word “pompous” in the dictionary. I will say, her name matches her personality perfectly. Heather Dubrouwwwww.

    • Case in point, I just tried to sing John Legend’s “All of Me” to Banjo. Because, LOVE. But I don’t really know the words…​

      On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​welcome to my world. :) I typed in a post tonight something about > ‘scenes’ I wrote “seens” As soon as I typed it I was like WTF? I’ve drank > away a lot of the wrong brain cells. I remember all the things I want to > forget and forget all the things I wish I could remember… > > > On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:17 AM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

      • Valerie

        I’m sure Banjo appreciated the effort, just like I’m positive my dog loves it when I sing to him.

      • lori

        I sing love songs (some my own personalized creations) to my dog almost every night. <3 He's way more deserving of those sentiments than any of my exes.

  16. janet

    Felt so bad for Shannon tonite and from watching preview of next show. I find there are very few people you can trust when you are so vulnerable and desperate. Tamara and Heather are horrid and awful human beings. Tamara should not have said anything about Shannon’s marriage troubles or her drinking to Heather. I think Shannon will never stand for this betrayal and she shouldn’t. It came to me that Vickie would have been more trustworthy to confide in.

    • Micheal

      In all fairness how can you be angry at Heather and Tamra for discussing Shannon’s failing marriage when Shannon and her husband are making it their storyline. They can’t even play the ‘it will hurt my children’ storyline as they themselves say horrible things to each other infront of their children and on camera. It’s like the opposite of Theresa and Joe who we all know have a bad marriage but they try to hide it infront of the kids and the camera. I sort of respect that tactic more in all honesty.

      • Beth

        and remember what David was saying to the other husband about the mental state you are in when you have kids…. if you have a boy you are HAPPY and when you have a girl you are DEPRESSED or something like that. To make matters more hurtful David said that infront of his daughter and asked her to validate the comment. To me that is just mean and will teach his daughter to devalue herself… (my dad was a bit of a douche in that respect, and that pain hurts to the core of the soul!)

      • Valerie

        Beth, I agree wholeheartedly.

  17. MicroOp

    Heather and Shannon are very similar people. Both are catty and stubborn. The only differences are Shannon is more insecure, and heather is smarter and while her marriage has problems it seems like they are overall intact.

    • Micheal

      Correction ‘all the ladies of the OC HW are catty and stubborn’. It really seems like a prerequisite for joining the cast. How else would we have chairgate and bullgate lol. Normal people would laugh off most of these fights as uneccesary drama in their lives.

    • i dont agree at all. heather enjoys looking down on people & feeling superior. shannon is way more down to earth. it KILLS heather that shannon is competition for her. shannon doesnt come across as competitive at all.
      by the way, did u look at the bravo photos of shannon & david when they were young? wow, one shot has shannon looking pretty, trashy, & a lot of fun. another has david looking HOT. surprised the heck out of me!

  18. janet

    It’s weird because while I see some similarities in Shannon and Heather in how they are with their homes it kinda stops there. I don’t care for Heather at all. I think she’s cold calculating phoney full of it. I find Shannon to be more real and likeable more the type who sticks to who they are instead of what benefits them. I don’t get why Tamara is all ways the ring leader and even Heather backs down to her. Those two really deserve eachother. So much for the strong stable Heather ! She has to be in good graces with backstabbing big mouth Tamara. I think Shannon has more guts to tell Tamara go to hell.

    • Micheal

      I guess we will soon see. With Tamra betraying Shannon’s trust she really should confront her; however, I expect Shannon will take her anger out on Heather and give Tamra a free pass. Making Shannon as big a phoney as Tamra is.

    • Anna

      I agree with you Janet! I’m watching Heather this season and all I see her do us fighting and yelling and calling out everyone around her. Shannon did not come out screaming “scary mean,” or whatever it was that Heather called her at all! Shannon was so much more comprised than Heather on that occasion and every occasion thus far! Heather has just been on a huge anger rampage & she never admits she is wrong about anything. So quick to point out everyone else’s faults! And the way she talks about Terry? I don’t get how he stands her. “I need to find my husband….. He’s a child & needs monitoring” or whatever she said. She’s condescending to everyone! I’d much rather spend a day with Shannon than Heather Dubrow. So full of herself. Ugh. And finally, PLEASE- at her hoedown…. When Tamara got on the mechanical bull & she & Heather had just had some “words, ” I distinctly heard Heather tell the man running the mechanical bull ride to TURN IT UP when Tamara got on!! Did no one else hear that? She was mad at Tamra & wanted her to take a beating on that bull & she fell and hurt her arm. Ok so why has this not been discussed at all? I distinctly heard Heather tell the guy to turn up the speed on that bull.
      I was totally shocked by that behavior & can’t understand why no one has said a word about it! I think Heather is the REALLY scary one!

      • Nope. I think you are the only one who heard that, Anna. You and your special ears.

      • At the risk of condemnation – I heard Heather tell the operator to turn it up for Tamra as well, then Terry asked “did you tell him to turn it up?” and Heather replied “yes” – that last part was even captioned.

      • You don’t say! It’s a miracle we missed that. I’m sure we would have talked about it for days. You know, back when it happened. ​

        On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 4:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Shellbelle

        I’ve been married to the same man for 16+ years and I have, many times, when talking to my girlfriends referred to my husband as my 4th child or the biggest kid. I don’t think heathers comment about Terry needing to be monitored was condescending. I think it was girl talk.
        I feel bad for Shannon’s girls, but I just can’t make myself like her.
        As far as the mechanical bull goes, I have to ask. Do people read TT’s blog or do they just start commenting?

      • ​I ask myself that every day, ShelleBelle. #bullgate :)

        On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • BH Wannabe

        Drop the mechanical bull “scandal”!!! It has been discussed to death!

      • ​Now, now, BH. The commenter above hasn’t seen it mentioned anywhere and is convinced she was the only person on planet earth to have paid attention to that part of the show.

        On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. Bethany

    I feel like Heather is a deeply insecure woman. I think the only reason Vicki apologized and Tamara cried, is because they realize that Heather has connections along with the ability to shame them publicly. The ladies also are aware that they will never win a battle against Heather. I have watched this RHOOC since the first season, and I have never seen Vicki have such a mature and normal pitched conversation… in which she is apologizing. So, I think that she rehearsed that … with Heather! I don’t know what type of “cosmetic carrot” Heather may be holding over their heads, but Vicki and Tamara won’t be able to bite their tongues all season.


  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I’m guessing that since Shannon is playing this out in front of the cameras, Heather figured it was not big secret.

  21. terry macon

    Was the marriage broken before the show? David seems like a midwest kind of guy. Shannon remind me of Bette Midler in the movie Down in out in beverly hills where all she needed was a great

  22. Schelita

    Heather is really nesting for talking about Shannon’s marriage. She was nasty for trying to hurt Tamra on the bull ride.

    • Lawstangel

      We really don’t know if she did or not…..all we saw was a “teaser” for next week, maybe we should all wait until the episode airs to determine what really happened.

  23. MicroOp

    Vicki has done a few things this season that may show she’s ever so slightly maturing. Apologizing to Lizzie, and Heather was a humble move. I hope she continues in this track. She’s much more likable like this.

  24. myinfo

    I could not live with crazy Shannon. I mean she almost had a nervous breakdown when her guest were not having enough conversation at her party.
    Like her, but she is bat shit crazy.

    • BH Wannabe

      OMG that woman is INSANE! She has a crazy look in her eyes. Took the words right out of my mouth! Absolutely batshit crazy!
      And I’m not even starting in on all her MILLIONS of weird quirks and fears. Crystals in her teeth will solve everything, though, so I’m not worried…


    • Ace

      There should be no surprise for regular viewers of the show. When Tamra threw that stupid 80″s themed “Bunco” party, Terry wore what looked like one of his brother’s stage outfits complete with big-hair wig. It was disclosed then that his brother was Kevin Dubrow.

  26. Jrleaguer

    I like Heather. She takes this for what it is….a role. Ducking behind a rock now.

    • BH Wannabe

      Is there room behind that rock for me?

    • Ilike Heather too. The others call her “fancy pants” out of insecurity. Tamra’s limited English vocabulary is not Heather’s fault. What kind of “friend” tells you to dumb down your speech? An ignorant one, who is incapable or afraid of personal growth.

  27. And out of left field… when I searched for “Beador Construction”, Google filled in with “David Beador Assault Charges” – so of course I had to click through and it looks like he had a conviction for assault & battery against Shannon when they were married 2 years – he got 3 years probation. Shannon was quoted saying it was not physical but she called the police over a “never ending verbal argument.”

    No matter what we see on our screens, I believe the old adage that “you never know what goes on behind closed doors”. Although now I feel for her even more. I’m a sucker.

    • lori

      That’s a little juicy (but not good) little tidbit. I hope it was as she says, and was only over a never ending argument. Seems strange to do if she wasn’t afraid for some reason, or maybe drunk?

      • Also strange to get 3 years probation for having an argument without physical assault… I also believe he had to take an anger management type class.

  28. June

    The odd thing about Shannon coming on this show while in the midst of marital troubles, is that it is hard to see who she really is. We are seeing a stressed out woman, in an out of control situation. Noone knows what she may be like 3 seasons from now if she is still on the show. The more this story line plays out, I wonder if she signed up to have an income of her own after her divorce. The other option may be she signed up thinking it would make them both behave better in front of the cameras.
    I also like Heather, so you are not alone Jrleaguer!
    TT- about the stress test results, I believe I heard them mention a monitor. Which would be a halter monitor. A patient wears it for 24 hours then the results are recorded and sent to the Dr. for analysis. When I had it done, it took about a week, before I went back for the verdict.

  29. Ms1Dimple

    I can’t with Tamra.. the same story line.. Make a friend run them in the ground the next season. Please get rid of her ! I tried to watch when I turned it on it was the fake cry with Heather.. Bye Felicia!

  30. Ah Ryan gets to be a male role model for TWO boys now….*vomits*

    • Anna

      Yes I thought the same thing about Ryan. I just don’t get what is wrong with Brianne?! She HAS to see this behavior in Ryan. She defended his outrageous behavior to Lydia’s mom last season & is now pregnant again. What a REALLY made me wide eyed with disbelief was when Vicki was carrying on about them moving to Oklahoma and added that she just didn’t want Brianne ever having to go thru a divorce because it was so painful.
      Really? Worse than living with a person who has rageful outbursts forever and having your kids exposed to all of that? There’s so much denial going on there it is really hard to watch.

    • Micheal

      Hey let’s try to be careful with the Ryan snark considering he has served in the Iraq war a couple of times. Speaking as someone who’s uncle and father have served in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Australian army, they do come back angrier than when they left. I have not seen anything from Ryan other than a short temper which is a normal side effect from ‘coming back’. Over time and with family support the men and women who serve calm down and are usually great role models for their children.

  31. Vanessa W

    besides season 1 of rhobh when kyle was dealing with kims alcholism this has been the realest moment on housewives. i truly feel bad for shannon, like i just want to giver her a hug. Im really glad that they added her to the cast. i think she is real, has actual money, she’s a little crazy and i like that she is older because it feels like she fits in more/has more in common with the rest of the cast

  32. Din

    I feel the same way about Shannon, she might be a hot mess but I get a very sincere and open vibe from her which makes it all ok for me. No one is perfect and I really appreciate people that are as open and shameless as Shannon. She really entertains me.

    I don’t agree about Lizzie at all, she is boring me greatly. She does not impress me with her “career” and desire to be part of the world, nor do I find her very funny, intelligent or beautiful.

    Tamra is a dangerous sociopath, at her dinner with Heather I felt like she was playing with her food waiting to strike. She reminds me of my mother in many ways. Heather is almost as bad though, her constant convenient twisting of the truth reminds me of rhobh’s Lisa.

  33. Micheal

    I can’t with all this Heather hate for discussing Shannon’s failing marriage. It’s Shannon’s STORYLINE. If she is willing to sell her family/kids out for a place on the show why not discuss her failing marriage? We are all doing it; Tamra did it so why not Heather? I’d understand if Shannon was trying to hide her troubled marriage from the public eye but she is using it for fame and some quick cash.

    Bleh. Soo frustrating.

  34. RomaReads

    I’m not sure what people expect to see when they watch a reality show. Reality can be boring. One thing that struck me during the ‘breaking of the sacred ground’ ceremony episode at Heather’s new plot was David and his vulgar comments when the ladies were riding the bull. I can’t remember now who is was on the bull at the time, maybe Tamra, but David’s comments were completely inappropriate in front of his children and his wife. I suspect David has his own tawdry issues. As for Shannon, living on the luxury-life tread mill can AND WILL annihilate a marriage. Especially one without foundation. The children are getting the shaft in my opinion. No amount of cotillion classes can fix that unfortunately. Once upon a time Andy said Tamra was his favorite housewife. That always stuck with me because I always thought Tamra to be a quick wit but incredibly dangerous. One last thing about Tamra, when she was telling the camera how she couldn’t understand how her son Ryan could inject himself with drugs to make himself look better I almost fell off my chair. Sometimes I really think the film editors at Bravo are brilliant and wonder if anyone else sees what I see?

  35. KyDerbyDarling

    Heather is being exactly what she accused Alexis of being! Heather needs to listen to her own advice…. If everyone says your dead, then it’s time for you to lay down Hun! I think Heather is intimidated by Shannon that’s why she spends so much time attacking her character! Heather cherish Tamra and considering Tamra’s disgusting violent behavior I can’t think of one thing Shannon has done that would result in Heather being so guarded and on defense when it comes to shannon other than jealousy! She knows Tamra had a hand in Shannon’s relationship with Heather because she played into that same hand when it was war against Alexis but I think Tamra is only clinging to Shannon because she doesn’t want Shannon and Vickie leaving her out! These women let broke disgusting jealous Tamra do this to them every season! Tamra is the only odd ball in the group, she don’t have the money or the values that the other ladies have in common! Tamra should move to Atlanta or New Jersey……. Catch my drift!!!

  36. Karma is real

    Heather was mean to Alexis and Gretchen and Slade. Now it’s her turn with Vickie and Tamra. I don’t feel bad for her. She’s negative and actressy. Hope this is her final season. The show is so tense because of her.

  37. Julie

    Heather is disgusting. Truly classless.

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