Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

marriage_boot_reality1-592x330I really was just going to watch this show without recapping because I thought I was not in the mood, but we are not even five minutes in and Traci is drinking vodka for breakfast. Straight vodka. Allegedly. Do we believe this is actually happening? Who in their right mind would drink vodka for breakfast at all let alone in a house where they are getting therapy. Wouldn’t one of the therapy drag her by the wig to the nearest rehab? This has to be bullshit, right?

I don’t understand the hot button game. Shouldn’t it just be called scream disrespectful things at your partner. Clive doesn’t want Tanisha to do him so they just let Clive talk disrespect Tanisha. Jenni and Roger are smart enough to refuse to do it. But they get talked into it anyway. Gretchen also refused play the disrespectful game. I don’t think they even asked Trista and Ryan. It was a horrible exercise. The only couple who did the exercise, Clive and Traci are now fighting about the things Clive said. Mainly about Traci’s drinking. Traci is drunk and wants to leave. This is some great counseling! Get the couples pissed off at each other, and then walk away.

Traci goes to pack her shit and the white Oprah goes to help. Traci wisely locks Gretchen out of the room. Eventually, Traci decides to stay.

Oh Lord, it’s the wife dead in the morgue game. I hate when they do this. I am going to have to fast forward through this. Tanisha is going to have a break down. Not everyone can handle this crap.

I was against Trista and Ryan being on this mess, but it is sort of nice to see what the “correct” reaction to things are and compare it to the various crazy and fake responses.

Are we still watching this?


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  1. Angel

    I had to fast forward through anything Tanisha. After the first person in the morgue game, I deleted this and stopped record setting of future episodes. This is just not a likable show for me. I want to be entertained, I don’t want to see screaming and unhappy people hamming it up or for real. This show is wrong in every way. It makes little women acting up look like Shakespeare.

  2. Cat

    Yeah, I stll watch it. But I tend to get distracted on the computer, and it becomes background noise. Most of the shows are like that for me now.

    I could be wrong, of course, but I kind of think Tanisha’s reaction in the morgue was real. It looked like she really did run out and vomit. Slade broke down and cried..sort of. No tears.

    Gretchen and Slade are a waste of air time. I think they are just trying to maintain their time on tv. Next, we will see the wedding show, then the baby show, then the divorce show. They might even pull a Nene and have a 2nd wedding. This could go on forever. But I hope not.

  3. Angel

    I do not know how many years this show has been on. I never tried to watch it before. I do not watch the rehabs, the prisons, most of the animal shooting (Alaska), even most animal rescue shows even. Like I said above, I want to be entertained. I know my form may be different than many, I am in my 60’s. I don’t mind a good murder story, real or fake, if it is interesting. I am less squeamish about people than animals. I know, I am “off” a bit about that. Anyway, this Marriage Boot Camp should be better since it has been around a while. I wonder if the ever helped save anyone’s relationship, really!

    • Nary a one. :) Reality TV therapists do more harm than good. ​

      On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 7:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Cat

      I agree with you, Angel. I’m really trying to find some entertaining shows to take the place of the housewives. They aren’t fun anymore, and are more and more fake each season.

      Heck, Fox cancelled “I Wanna Marry Harry”, because ratings were low, and they weren’t able to “fool” the American public? But yet Bravo has this crap on almost every night. At least “Harry” was funny….and we viewers (all 4 of us) were in on the joke. I don’t know what Fox was expecting.

      I wish Bravo would make a big change.

  4. O.O

    Yes , I’m still watching . Tanisha was well behaved this week and the dead thing seemed to help her after she finished throwing up . She became subdued and maybe (a big maybe) saw that she didnt want to get rid of Clive.
    I watched the first season of BFV and it seems as if the drinking problem may be real . Traceys sister was arrested for driving drunk and was drunk quite a bit , maybe she’s the same . Maybe the whole having a fake preacher dad divorce their mom after a thousand years of marriage and then marry his mistress the next week drove them all to drink.
    I’m easily entertained , I still like this show but enjoyed the bridezillas more. Oprah , j-wow and trista are holding back . They seem like robots trying to do and say everything right so that there’s no room for a “bad edit”.

  5. Jacque

    I’m with you all, Housewives has grown weary and thin on plot as well as almost as fake as Harry (which I love, because it is tongue in cheek!).
    I watched the first MB and loved it. I set the DVR for the celeb version and love it although, I will admit to slowly fast forwarding through most of it looking for things being thrown and fights….
    I watch the Braxton’s, this season previews are looking like it’s going to be a humdinger of a season, especially in light of Toni’s tell all book about her childhood…
    I also have to admit that the first couple seasons of honey boo boo, was entertaining, but is feeling a bit forced and scripted (last season) and previews of this season looks even worse…
    TT, you never fail to keep me entertained with your funny and witty recaps! I originally found you when I heard rumors of Sarah Palin faking her pregnancy with Trig, and was searching the net for more info and found you and your wonderful take on it! I was hooked and read your blog history, signed up for email updates to your blog and have been (in the words of Stephen King) a constant reader

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