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I’m really not in the right headspace to work on a post about a court case, so I’m just going to give a brief rundown of what my source told me what went on in the courtroom. My source was in court to support Bustillos. The source feels as though Bustillos was grossly mistreated by Ken and Michael Govia.  The main reason that Govia was not held liable is that the he was accused of battery, which was allegedly shown on surveillance video. According to a video deposition of Andrew Morrison, then general manager at Villa Blanca, Ken made sure the video disappeared after the lawsuit was filed. Therefore, the testimony came down to a he said, she said situation and the jury felt that the battery was not proven. However, the testimony from Morrison did convince them that Villa Blanca was liable for harassment (hostile work environment), discrimination based on gender, unsafe work environment and wrongful termination.

It also appears from his testimony that Bustillos was given two days off with pay after the incident while Morrison tried to work with Ken to solve the problem. Morrison testified that Ken (and Pandora!) not only refused to pay her the $300 for the two days (Just like they would not pay the injured dishwasher for his recovery time.) but they were unwilling to work her schedule out so she could be on the schedule only when Morrison was the supervisor. To me it just seems like a series of bad decisions were made by Ken.

If they had made a few different decisions, this whole thing could have been avoided at a total cost of $300. But now, the restaurant will be responsible for six figures of attorney fees, just for Bustillos’ attorney, not to mention what they are paying their attorney to come up with 32 ways to say the were not guilty of any illegal activities.

Another fun fact, Scheana Marie was dragged in to testify for the defense and against her former friend and co-worker despite not witnessing anything. No wonder she is Lisa’s favorite waitress.

Below are the relevant portions of the deposition of Andrew Morrison. Interestingly enough, Morrison is no longer employed by Villa Blanca.

Q. Did you go through the surveillance videos before you met with Michael and then again with

A. I would imagine, yes.

Q. And did you — you said there were 16 cameras?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Was that a “yes”?

A. Yes.

Q. How many cameras was there footage that you used to show Ken?

A. One.

Q. Okay. It was only one camera that caught any of this?

A. Well, no. There was one camera that showed the host stand, but it just showed two people talking; and then there was one camera in the back service station that showed the incident.

Q. Okay. And you put the videos on your phone?

A. I made a recording of it through — of my — through my phone of the TV screen.

Q. You played the videos —

A. I played the video, I made a recording on

05 my phone holding it, and then I had a copy on my phone.

Q. Did you ever give Ken a copy?

A. Yes.

Q. From your phone?

A. From my e-mail.

Q. Did you e-mail him the copy that you recorded on your phone?

A. Correct.

Q. Was that in your work e-mail?

A. Yes.

Q. Would that have been on the Saturday as well?

A. I would imagine, yeah.

Q. When you were sitting down with him, you showed him the video and said this happened?

A. Yes.

Q. What did he say in response to that?

A. He said it was hard to see and that he couldn’t really see anything. And then we — I went — in further detail, I told him, “This is Michael here, here.” And he said, “Okay.”

“This is something we need to deal with. How do you want to handle this course of action?”

And he said, “Well, if we admit it happened, then we’re accepting fault.”

I said, “Yes.” I said, “It’s something that we need to deal with it. It was an action that

shouldn’t have occurred.”

But he was more concerned with the media getting ahold of it and didn’t want to admit that the situation happened.

Q. Okay. What else did you say during that conversation?

A. I advised against it, but it’s his restaurant, and he wanted — he didn’t want the  media to get involved. He did not want to accept that the situation happened.

Q. Did you —

A. I recommended that he — that we keep her  on my shifts for the time being and to see how the course of actions kind of played out. And when — so she was on my shift for a couple of shifts, and then when she came back for her — from her  vacation. I was trying — to go back to earlier, I believe there was two shifts that I know she missed  for sure. But I know that I had her on my schedule for a couple of days as well where she was not working with Michael.

And then when she came in that — one of those Fridays where she was upset, and I told her I  would be in shortly to talk to her about it, she then left because she saw Michael. And that’s when we knew that she wasn’t comfortable working with  him. So I took it to Ken again to speak about it. Karina had also asked when she was going to get paid for those two shifts that she missed, and I  said I would speak with Ken and get back to her.

And then Ken — at this point, I’m speaking  with Ken and Pandora Sabo. I can’t remember the exact day, but it was in the evening shortly after that; and we were sitting or standing by the wine area that stores the bottles upstairs, and she said — I said, “You need to make sure that Karina 25 only works on my shift. No ifs, ands, buts about it.”

And I told Ken that I thought the situation would escalate. Pandora then chimed in and said,  “Well, she doesn’t want” — “she already doesn’t want to work with Dan. You can’t have her not work with Michael, too. That’s absurd.”

And Ken said something along the lines,  “Well, she should be lucky to be here.”  She is — I said, “She’s looking for the  money for the two days.”

He said, “No. We can’t give that. She needs to either get over it or go find a job somewhere else.”

So she was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place where there was a situation wrong that we should have accepted fault for within the restaurant, and the owner didn’t want the media to get ahold of it and then tried to kind of cover up  the situation a little bit by not accepting fault. And it really came down to — she was really only looking for $300 for the two missed shifts that she had, and the owner didn’t want to  pay it.


Q. Okay. Did Ken tell you what to do about  the videotape during your meeting with him on that first Saturday?

A. That first Saturday after e-mailing to him?

Q. Yes.

A. There was a point in time where he did ask  if I had deleted the video, and I had.

Q. Okay. The actual —

A. The one off my phone.

Q. Okay.

A. To my knowledge, I don’t know if there was another hardcopy made, but Erica let me have access to the cameras, and she would have been the one that — in the past that made recordings for Ken.

Q. Okay. How did you get on — you said you took a video on your phone.

A. Uh-huh.

Q. How were you planning to do that?

A. Just off the — on the iPhone, you have the video record; so I pushed play on the recording of the video, and I just held it up to the screen so you can still record it. Nothing was recorded  through the machine. It was just through the video camera. It was a recording of a recording.

Q. So there was — to your knowledge, there  was never a saved version of that besides the one that you took?

A. Correct.

Q. Did you ever take any action to create another copy of that besides you recording it on your phone?

A. No.

Q. At what point did Ken tell you — or at what point did Ken ask you if you had deleted the video from your phone?

A. When the lawsuit came out. Sometime shortly after that.

Q. And what did you say at that point?

A. “I deleted it.”

Q. What did he say?

A. He asked if I deleted it, and I said,  “Yes.”  “Okay. Good.”

Q. He said, “Okay. Good”?

A. Not — don’t quote me on that. Something along those lines.

Q. He was happy that the video was deleted?

A. Sure.

Q. Is that your understanding?

A. There’s — I can’t speak for his feelings.  I am not him. But he — I think he asked me if I deleted it, and his response was not negative. It was, “Okay.” Something along those lines. I don’t  know his exact words.

Punitive damages will be assigned along with attorneys fees on Tuesday.



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  1. Vanessa

    Shockingly I’m not surprised that ken behaved this way, After reading this Now I really do think he only cares about lisa his kids and dogs, but feels anyone who works for him is beneath him and will treat them so. This does make me sad because he was my favorite.

    • Ken made an off handed comment to the maid once. He also said that Giggy was over the maid or some such. Because I was all caught up in the fabulocity of Vanderpump, I thought he was probably just making a joke. I don’t think that anymore. :(

      On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 6:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Vanessa W

        I know I was also caught up, and he said that with cameras on now I wonder how he treats his help with no one watching ! I have to admit I thought I was prepared for this, but seriously how hard could it be to change the girls schedule or give her 300 she was asking for. I Wonder how much money they have to pay her now.

      • Cat

        I agree. I always liked their rather biting humor, but will wonder from here on if they are actually serious in their remarks.

        I sued Disney once, for wrongful termination. All I was awarded was around $15,000 in back pay (no punitive damages). But everyone involved in the fraud was fired, and that made me very happy.

      • My source says that the point of the lawsuit was for Govia to be disciplined and that Bustillos is upset that he got off scot free for the alleged battery.

        I just don’t understand, Lisa claiming that “the truth prevailed” and claiming victory.

        It also speaks volumes that TMZ is not reporting this story. Did you happen to notice that Lisa was tweeting about that stupid show that TMZ is behind on the CW about a family trying to get famous in 12 weeks?

        Camille also tweeted about it. And no more negative stories have appeared on either of them.

        I’m just saying. ​Only the Beverly Hills Courier even mention the case.

        I may be wrong but I don’t think TMZ covered the health department violations, or the customers who complained the wait staff was changing tip amounts, or the cardboard in the salad complaints. VB has had a LOT of issues. And it’s all been kept very quiet.

        On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 6:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TT, this reminded me of the same incident; when Ken and Lisa were in her closet with Rocio, picking out dresses to give to charity. Rocio said something to the effect that she’d love to have one of the dresses and Ken made the comment that the dresses were not for her because Rocio was so “very fortunate”. Rocio was humiliated, and I saw Ken in a different light.

        These allegations of staff mistreatment are very sad indeed. Worse than the incidents themselves (not paying the dishwasher when he needed to rest his back or reorganizing this gals shifts after the alleged abuse), is the malice with which the staff is treated afterwards, as if they should be so lucky and grateful to be in the presence of the Todd/Pump. The bloom is off the rose.

      • I was also unaware that Pandora had anything to do with the restaurants. I thought she had her own company, or blog or something.​

        On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 6:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        I remember him telling the maid that, and gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking he wasn’t being too serious also. Guess that’s the real Ken huh? $300.00 bucks. Ridiculous. Pretty obvious that he wanted that video deleted after the lawsuit started. That shows you right there that the video was very damning. And now we have Pandora acting pretty cold blooded as well. I hate that some employers say that their employees are lucky to work there. Super disappointed even though I have never met him. Cold blooded.

        Off topic, Tamara, I hope you find some peace in your near future. Don’t let us get you down. Take a few deep breaths, Calgon bath, pitcher of margaritas, or a few days just for yourself. Myself, I just take the hits life gives us one day at a time. You’re strong and you’ll be ok. If one day at a time isn’t good enough, then one hour at a time or one second at a time. When dealing with health issues for you or a loved one it’s incredibly depressing, I know. Like I said don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you’re ready. In the meantime remember,”This too shall pass.” That phrase always helped me in my darkest days. I feel for you my dear. Many many hugs.

      • Gingersnap

        Yep, the incident with the maid was when I started paying closer attention to Ken and his attitude. I remember leaving a comment about it. Then when Kim Richards called Ken a “mean, grumpy old man” (or something close to that) I agreed with her. I was thinking maybe he was getting senile or something, but maybe he’s just a mean, grumpy old man.

      • Cat

        Yes, I agree with Valerie. Take care, TT. Blogs can wait.

      • Marilyn

        I remember that comment he made to the maid Rosa I think her name is – when Lisa was gathering dresses to give to charity and Rosa said that she wished she could have one particular dress and Ken shamed her for asking and said she was very privileged. I took it as Ken thought she was privileged to work for them and in such a fabulous house. Ken is also involved in a lawsuit with some construction guys by trying to stiff them on some money.

      • i also remember when ken was asked about his comment about the maid, intimating he was really not being fair to the help, and he reiterated it. the look on his face was not nice. when the stuff was going down against lisa in puerto rico ken looked like such a defeated old man (& lisa a defeated old woman). couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. lisa’s little digs at joyce have really made me unhappy about lisa, vanderpump rules disgusts me, and this just makes things so much worse. guess i’m team nobody right now. never thought last season would make me think kyle was the normal one…

      • Regarding TMZ not reporting bad PR on Pump – perhaps Adrienne Maloof had a point during that BH reunion?? Evidence points to some sort of agreement – perhaps Lisa (and others) promotes for TMZ, gives/sells stories in exchange for tabloids staying hush on her faults.

      • I’m convinced something is going on between Lisa and TMZ. Her tweeting about that Fabulous in 12 garbage stuck out like a sore thumb.​

        On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 11:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Regarding Pandora, Lisa had said both her kids still work in the restaurants – and after Pandora married, Jason supposedly got a job in NYC but Lisa didn’t want them to move so they came up with that Sangria in I’m guessing some sort of partnership with Jason/Pandora in order to get them to stay in Cali. As if there are only jobs in NYC and none in Cali; I thought it was odd at the time and I don’t hear or see much if anything about the Sangria. Plus isn’t the point of Sangria to add FRESH fruit to wine??

        A shame that Pandora is following in the management style of her parents. Malice after mistreatment is not a virtue, even for the British.

    • Mrs.K

      He is british. All brits are like that. My kids go to a british school and I can tell you british people get taught from an early age that they are superior to all other races and people….and they believe it! They will be nice to your face but turn your back….

  2. Katie

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting here, TT. Not looking so good for Ken and VB. In my humble opinion, and based on what you have shared, Ken comes off looking like a cheap, arrogant and entitled ass. I would never want anyone I love to work for a man like that. So disappointing, but not particularly surprising.

    • Vanessa W

      I agree disappointed but not surprised by his behavior. Now I wonder how the other employees feel about him. If they return to rhobh I won’t be able to look at him the same anymore knowing he’s like you said an entitled ass

      • Marilyn

        I have no inside knowledge but I bet you Ken and Lisa will be back. They love the fame and to show off their fabulousness (I know not a word) and they money. They probably don’t need the money but apparently they like to hold on to every cent. Really – they couldn’t pay the woman a lousy 300 bucks..

      • They will be back. Lisa pretends EVERY FUCKING SEASON like she is not going to sign her contract. But she always does.

  3. Gingersnap

    Now this does make me mad. I guess Ken feels like every damn body is “lucky” to be in his world. He had the same kind of response with the household help.

  4. spk

    Yep, as I read this I thought not surprising, it sounds just along the lines of the crummy comment Ken made about the maid. With the maid, I was surprised but chalked it up to that generation of Brit classist thinking. And also that he seemed to be implying that the maids main job was caring for Giggy, which is, in truth, a much smaller job than most maids are saddled with. This issue at the restaurant though is classic “cover it up, delete evidence, deny culpability, treat my employees like lucky servants” and that sucks.

    • That bit about the maid ONLY caring for Giggy is just more of Ken being an ass. You know that maid takes care of the huge house, not just a dog that barely moves. How many times have we seen the maid serving the wives, fetching all sorts of things for Lisa? (I remember when Lisa snapped at her over some combs for her hair, seemed like she was implying Rocio had taken them.)

      • ​That’s no what I recall being said. Ken said something about the hierarchy of the house hold. Something like Lisa is the boss of Ken and Ken is the boss of Giggy and Giggy is the boss of the maid… or something. It was offensive when he said it, but at the time I brushed it off as dry humor…

        On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I remember that comment about the “household hierarchy” too, but I thought at some other point Ken said Rocio was SO LUCKY because her job was to take care of Giggy. I may not remember it accurately.

        I’m rather disgusted by the Todd/Pumps after these latest revelations – especially the “#truthprevails” BS. I guess she figured people would take her word for it??

        Lisa quoted George Bernard Shaw in the series, perhaps she should take heed from Goethe, who said “you can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him….” she can then judge herself and her husband accordingly.

        It makes one wonder about all the folks that have worked for them at or near minimum wage that didn’t have the resources to fight in court for their rights.

      • ​I think her lawyers took her case on contingency, or whatever it’s called where they only get paid if they win. She could not afford the attys otherwise.

        On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. Vanessa W

    Part of the vanderfabulous experience for me was knowing how sweet and kind ken was. No matter how much lisa will try and say ken is the kindest person she knows , it’s like sorry lisa ken has been exposed to be a true jerk and no amount of British humor can cover that up. Now there are officially no house husbands that I truly like

    • spk

      I vote for Adriana’s *hubby* Frederic — he’s not classic handsome but man, he puts up with her, likes restoring antiques, seems to treat her son nicely, had cute parents who didn’t mind when she celebrated them in a Brazilian parade bikini costume and he wears a scarf very fashionably. He even tried to calm the Krupka drama so … all good points in my book!

      • Thanks, y’all. You guys keep me sane (ish). And I forgot about Fredrik from Miami. He’s be a good choice. I also like Joyce’s hubby Michael. There really are not a lot of good choices out there.​

        On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 7:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        Holy F. I just reread what I wrote about Frederic and it sounds like describing someones Gay Beard!! Which then reminds me, the first boy I ever kissed turned out to be gay. Argh. WTH 😉 !!! Sorry, way off topic.

      • Vanessa W

        You had me at he puts up with Adriana lol, I actually forgot about him

  6. Valerie

    i have seen TMZ promote their new show. i didn’t realize Lisa was tweeting about it though. I hope Lisa explains what she means by saying,”The truth prevailed.” Pandora too? I always liked her because of how much she loved her Mummy. $300.00, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Vanessa W

      I think someone questioned her about it and she replied on twitter that she new Michael, the guy being accused, was telling the truth and that he didn’t do what bustillos accused him of so truth prevailed in that regards. As far as pandora maybe the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. However how would she have any say in the business end of VB I thought she only worked there a few times as a waitress.

  7. lori

    Messy. Tsk tsk tsk

  8. MaggieG

    Your source is a supporter of Bustillos & you believe your source. Since there is a missing video of her being attacked my questions revolve around any documentation like police/doctor/hospital reports that would substantiate injuries she sustained during her attack.

    I’ve never worked anywhere where I could dictate my work schedule to management. You say the fellow she wanted to work under is no longer employed at VB. None of this is practical in a work environment.

    When people are accused they give their side of the story; I haven’t seen that. I suppose justice will be served on Tuesday.

    • Yes it will. Further damages will be awarded to Bustillos including her substantial attorney fees. Bustillos won her case. I don’t know what you are basing your comments on other than some sort of adoration of Lisa Vanderpump, but nothing you said is based on any fact that occurred in the courtroom. And “dictating ones own schedule” and asking not to be on the same shift with someone Ken knew had an inappropriate altercation with are two different things.

      Your “opinion” is based on shit you are just making up in your head. The verdict of guilty has already been reached. We move on to damages on Tuesday.

      • mm in oc

        Do we know that she was awarded attorney fees? I only heard $6k and change.

        Regarding staffing and making accommodations, they mentioned two different associates now that she had issues with and how were they going to accommodate her when there are two people? It’s no easy creating schedules for hospitality and retail. Each employee only works a certain number of hours, they each want the best hours to gain the best commmissions/tips. Based on the deposition, they didn’t seem able to make concessions for her based on the two coworkers she had issues with.

        This is just my assumption here, but I think owners worry about the perception of their other employees. If they start letting employees get paid leave, then other expect it whenever there is an issue. You don’t want to set precedent for that.

        With all that being said, I think the owners and management should be going through harassment training. I was required to go through two hours of training every year as a supervisor. We don’t really know what happened there, but it doesn’t seem like they did a good job dealing with this issue. They obviously don’t have protocols for when these things happen.

      • The restaurant was found guilty of malice (hostile work environment), the only thing left to do on Tuesday is to determine punitive damages, the atty fees are a given at this point. She was supposed to be paid for the two days, then they refused to pay her. And “making a schedule is hard” is not an affirmative defense. The manager was more than willing to have her work his shifts. It’s not rocket science.

    • it is called reasonable accommodation. when an accusation is made, just as when a disability occurs, a company that wants to avoid a lawsuit tries reasonably to accommodate the employee involved. doesn’t seem as if it would have been too difficult to schedule her for shifts the assistant manager wouldn’t be around. it’s part of a rational response by any company. regardless of whether the allegation is true, you don’t want to come across as sanctioning illegal behavior. nip something in the bud right away, treat the accusation seriously, and you have a good defense to any potential lawsuit.
      the thing i fear about this one is the low amount of actual damages. punitive damages are usually a multiple of that. i have the feeling that public embarrassment and substantial monetary damages are the only things that will have an impact on the vanderpump todds.

      • here actual damages were very low. Here attorney fees for two years trying to get someone to acknowledge what happened to here were high. It was all unnecessary when a bit of understanding and kindness and the $300 she was promised would have ended the whole thine.

      • totally agree. disgusted that they’ve done that now in two cases we know about. i guess lisa/ken only care about you if you mean money or some advantage to them. stand up for yourself, and you are just an inconvenience or someone to be stepped on.

  9. Anne

    Thanks for the additional background about the case. In my experience, business owners sometimes make very bad decisions with regard to accomodating workplace injuries (the poor dishwasher) and harassment claims (the waitress). Invariably, it ends up costing them far more money out of pocket, not to mention the time of the staff and managers in depositions prep, deposition time and court. In response to an earlier poster, most lawyers will advise their clients to figure out how to accomodate a request for light duty (the dishwasher) and not to schedule someone on the same shift as an alleged harrasser. Admittedly, not always easy to do — but in the long run — much less expensive for the business. Some business owners are more willing to listen to this kind of advice than others are….

    Do you know whether the incidents with Bustillos occurred at the time that filming had started for Vanderpump Rules?

    • I am not sure about filming but I do know that one of the things that initially had me doubting the Bustillos version of events was her claim that she tried to avoid being filmed by the VPR cameras.

      It would seem to me that a bit of kindness and genuine concern for the dishwasher and the waitress would have gone a long way. I don’t understand Pandora harsh comments. The then manager wanted Bustillos to be paid her $300 and to be scheduled only on the shifts he supervised. It seemed to be a simple and easy fix.

      That coupled with the fact that Lisa is celebrating the fact that Govia was not held accountable at all is pretty abysmal. It really just goes on to further endorse the hostile work environment findings by the jury.

  10. Mango

    It really looks like Bustillos was fired in retaliation — while the harasser was given a free pass, to boot. The Todds seems to have acted with blithe disregard of labor laws, as well as common sense. Erasing the video? Good grief. Their attitude toward Rocio was somewhat of a red flag but it’s easy to brush it off as a joke. A lawsuit? Not so easy. Thanks for your very diligient coverage TT, it’s been a real eye opener.

    Btw, if you go on Yelp (I know I know) there are tons of reviews of VB that go to the icky ladies room, dirty furnishings, etc. Because of the show you could say VB is a victim of its own success, but being shut down (temporarily) by the health dept points to deeper issues. At the very least they are not paying off the right inspectors! lol

    • Gingersnap

      Oh gosh, I used to go and read the Yelp reviews, and there were some humdingers, and I have to admit, very entertaining, to me anyway. Back then, SUR was getting lots of 1 and 2 Star reviews. I quit reading them though, but it sounds like somebody didn’t clean up their act. Hmmmm.

    • mm in oc

      We don’t know if they actually erased the video. Most surveillance systems record over previous tape. It could be set daily, weekly or monthly.

      They didn’t handle the situation properly, but let’s not jump to conclusions.

      I’ve been to villa blanca and it was very nice and clean. It’s been a year or two, so it may be worse for wear now.

      However, I do think people like to complain just to complain because they don’t like the Vanderpumps, celebrity restaurants, etc etc. I take some of the complaints with a grain of salt.

      • A grain of salt, and a pound of made up horseshit as well it seems. Did you bother to read the deposition? The primary findings against Villa Rica was the testimony of the GM who said the tapes were erased after the lawsuit was filed. “We do know this” because “We can read.” If you read, you might know some of the facts of the case as well.

  11. have to ask, are only the stupid ones being moderated or is every post under moderation, too? (LOL)

  12. Josie

    Oh my god, I’m totally and utterly disgusted with Ken, Lisa and Pandora. Ugh!! They KNEW that she was telling the truth and backed Govia. I hope the jury gives her a HUGE payout.

    • Marilyn

      I’ve said before that if you are in Lisa’s favor she doesn’t care what you do or how you act toward others. For example, when Brandi was useful to Lisa she didn’t care how badly she treated others, heck she even got a kick out of it. Lisa was laughing her head off when Brandi was attacking Joyce for no reason.

    • ​From what I understand, Bustillos just wanted Govia to be held responsible for his behavior and she is very distressed after two years of fighting he was not. For Lisa to tweet that with all the #truthprevailed shit is just despicable.

      On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        This is pretty idiotic. I was still giving Lisa the benefit of the doubt, even though I didn’t have her on that pretty pink pedestal, I still liked her. It makes me mad mostly because it’s so STUPID, $300.00 bucks and some fundamental human respect, and it very well may have gone away. I thought she was a more savvy than that, and I guess I thought she cared about her employees enough to at least be professional. I won’t be able to unring this bell, and I certainly won’t be able to view Lisa or Ken in the same light, which is fine too. I’m sure I’ll find it interesting to watch them both with this new mindset. Muahahahhaha!

  13. Dracla Dunning

    With all their money they should invest in hiring a human resourses director to handle the daily grind of employee issues. Ken, Lisa and Pandora should remove themselves from decision making because they seem ignorant and uneducated in employment laws. They are smart about destroying evidence, that is for certain and it has served them well…to this point.
    The first time I watched VR I was flabbergasted. Having worked for a major industry I was routinely scheduled to attend mandatory meetings on the reporting of workplace injuries to harassment and everything that I saw on my TV was in direct contradiction of what I had been instructed. When Lisa told her employee to “keep it in his pants” my mouth dropped. A supervisor does not say that to an employee. Sex on the bathroom floor being accepted as SOP for the employees of her industry? I couldn’t understand how she was not contacted by some of the state agencies that set down regulations. Violations were too numerous to list. I figured no one complained. I was wrong. Lisa and Ken are arrogant and do what they want until caught and then destroy evidence. Criminal.

    • ​All the crappy employment practices on VPRules can be written off as “a tv show” plus they all sign contracts that prohibit lawsuits.

      Also the GM who was deposed seemed to know that wrong was being done. Restaurants don’t have HR they have a GM and if the owner overrides that… then….

      I’d like to see the girl get substantial punitive damages which are meant to punish the violations. Even if she doesn’t the 6 figure lawyers fees will be punitive to some degree.

      I have no idea why Lisa loves this manager. But it is sort of digusting. How hard is it to treat employees well?

      As someone who worked in a hostile work environment for years, it’s just wrong. I’ll never forget the year one of my principals held the first meeting with the faculty for the year. There were several new teachers there on their first day. He screamed at them that if they didn’t want to be there they could his the door because a teacher’s aide had been warning them about what a DICK he was.

      When a new teacher asked WTF? I had to inform her that was par for the course. Teachers would openly sob on the regular after school. After ten years in the district, I blame that for my anxiety disorder. I’ll never understand why it is necessary to treat employees like shit.

      On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 12:47 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Vanessa W

        That’s the problem is that lisa has this blind loyalty, which is great if you’re on her side but if she doesn’t like you then you don’t stand a chance. Maybe I will say in this case she really did believe the manager and was upset about what he was accused of, but to just totally ignore someone’s complaint is just wrong as an owner of a business personal feelings should not play a factor.
        I just don’t get why people who are in higher up position feel the need to treat people who are “beneath them” like crap. Especially in restaurants it’s like you wouldnt be successful with out you’re employees
        Also I know ken is an owner but he should not be allowed to make those kind of decision anymore

      • The general manager said, “this should never have happened” and stuck up for the waitress. Ken and Pandora blew him off. According to his depo.

      • Belle

        TT, I am a lawyer and awarding attorneys’ fees in these cases is not a given.

      • She will get lawyers fees. Malice was proven. Watch and see.

      • tamara, in many calif cases like these each party is generally responsible for his own atty fees, unless it’s a public interest type case. that’s a separate issue filed after the punitive damages are decided, and they petition the court for it. (in the end, regardless of whether there’s a verdict, we’re usually talking settlement, which would include fee reimbursement.)

  14. Dana

    Of course these fuckers covered it up. And they wanted to act like the “pathetic out of wrk actress” needed a pay day. Fuck them both. The 40k would’ve been a fine pay day. She said- No bc they’re wrong & they’re strong arming her. Good for her. Oh & just incase I wasn’t clear- Fuck Lisa.
    Tamara if there’s a curse rule I’m sorry. Pps I’m deleting my twitter & opening an Anon.

  15. SnookumsLynn

    Super sad to hear they are behaving in this manner. They should for sure hire someone with some good management skills to handle their business. Their business acumen and apparently their care of their employees leaves little to be desired…another seemingly good person going down by the flames of reality tv….if anyone ever wanted to film me for reality, I’d probably do it…people already hate me, but if I wanted to be liked, I’d run the hell far, far away!!! People don’t often like reality in other folks…everyone is multifacited, no one is ALL good or ALL bad, we have bits of each, some folks like Brandi have a hard time being good…such is life, reality TV should have sooner players soon, but unfortunately most folks want to be looked at an almost everyone loves the moolah

  16. Vanessa W

    We’ll I’m really glad bustillos won her case an rightfully so. Don’t judge me, but I know I’m probably still going to like watching lisa on rhobh ( can’t stand anyone else ) but ken should just be a silent partner, I know they are both owners so they are both at fault, but hearing his side I’m just more saddened by him. I wonder if they will be allowed to talk about the case on rhobh

    • Angel

      I am with you Vanessa W. I will still enjoy watching Lisa’s fab style and home. I don’t think they will want to have this even mentioned on the show, if Brandi or anyone brings it up, I expect a spin will be put on it trying to look like the Todd’s had no fault. We know a whole lot of lies are told on all reality shows and interviews. We see many of them in outcomes later. I am sure so many more than viewers ever know about. Common, decent, and legal business practices should had them operating with better judgement, regardless of how they may personally feel about their employees. When you have your business and their story on TV for promoting them, yourselves, and your brand of products, you have even more reason to operate scrupulously.

      Having had extensive years of experience over 26 restaurant and bar businesses, they should know the best practices. I wonder what they were allowed to get away with in England and France. Could laws been less favorable to employees? Well, they are here now, many years to get it done right, if they wanted to. I always thought it odd they moved to US because Pandy wanted to attend Pepperdine. I always thought that sounded like a pink colored version of the actual reason for people so established across the pond to pull up stakes.

      • mm in oc

        I think they likely have a different set of challenges being in the public eye. Any grievance and a lawsuit is filed. Whether going after their money or just wanted to get publicity for themselves.

      • So the girl who was mistreated spent two years dealing with a court case, not for acknowledgement that she was assaulted, or for the truth to prevail, or for bad business practices to be exposed, she cried on the stand all for attention? How did she get any attention for this case? No one is talking about it except for me.

      • Cat

        I was wondering about that. No one else is covering this? I wonder how it would affect their fan base if the word was spread?

      • Gingersnap

        @TT ~ Others “out there” are talking about it, thanks to you :) You are being credited and word is spreading.

      • i would not blame this on being english. there are assholes in every country.

  17. Vanessa W

    Yea Cat i was wondering the same thing, if anyone else is covering this, but i guess most will wait until tuesday, maybe ?As far as the fan base she would definitely lose some people, but i think she would be fine. I mean just look at teresa G she is the worst and yet manages to be a fan favorite. i think a lot of lisa’s fans are obessed with her so they would either ignore it or will just stick with liking her tv persona, but not put her on a pedestal anymore

  18. Dracla Dunning

    Well loose lips sink ships. Tamara, there is a lot of talking going on in this blog. One never knows where the information will land and just who may be impacted, what hasn’t been reported and how many other people have been screwed over by the criminal act of destroying evidence. To me it appears Ken has made certain evidence has disappeared before.
    In the interest of blogging about Bustillos’ mistreatment and bad business practices of Vanderpump/Todd, you may have created a monster! Time will tell. For an up and coming sleuth it would be fun to dig into the business issues surrounding the Vanderpump/Todds. I bet they are both slick.
    Given the cast of characters of BH I liked Lisa best until she showed another side of her personality with VR. She fell out of my good graces as she came across as creepy to me. Her professional interaction with a younger generation was suspect and, IMO, skeevy. She is sort of a gooch.
    Thank you for giving Bustillos credibility. I hope she reads your blog and finds comfort in the support of your readers. Her tenacity may be Lisa and Ken’s undoing. At least she has given them a black eye in this round and she may have taught them to be careful of who they step into the ring with. Even the salt of the earth can throw a good solid upper cut.

    • frenchpoodlename

      Lisa will “know nothing” and Ken will have to fall on his pastry-fork. It will be spun to appear “an excess of misplaced nobility to his Lady”. However, Lisa is sharpening the pastry fork and booking a complaisant geriatrician’s appointment. And Pandora? Whatever..

      There seems to be a lot of the Medea complex around. What are the stars doing? (Celestial stars, that is).

  19. Valerie

    Ken told his manager to destroy evidence. That, is why I have to wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg. Why is it so hard for these millionaires and billionaires to give their employees a living wage? You can’t even pay the woman the $300.00 you owe her? That’s beyond greedy. Ken, please please learn from this and give some respect to the people that work for you. They deserve to be treated like human beings. I always thought Ken was this kind and caring gentleman. Bums me out he’s not.

  20. Amy

    A girl I worked with once worked at one of the VP’s restaurants and said Pandora was a brat and terrible to work with so I believe all this very easily. She also told me Lisa was barely ever at the restaurant so I doubt Lisa is as busy or spread thin or as hard working as she claims to be in the RHOBH episodes. I think she thinks she works hard but as TT might say she isn’t digging a ditch.
    As for TMZ I’ve thought for awhile that certain people will pay to have stories about themselves to make themselves seem relevant so people paying to not have a story run makes sense.

  21. Arabelle

    So let me get this straight, Bustillos doesn’t work for two days but wants pay?! What world is she living in? Also very telling that she already can’t work with a “Dan”. Why should they(VB) cater to her whims on who she is willing to work with? She sounds like a spoiled pain.

    As far as Rocio the maid, she says she gets treated very well or else she would of been out of there long ago(her words)

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