Backstory On Villa Blanca Lawsuits: Velasco v. Blanca LLC

RHOBH Ken and Lisa

While I’m waiting for documents from the current case against Michael Govia, Kenn Todd, Lisa Vanderpump, and Blanca LLC, let’s review a previous case that didn’t get much media attention back in 2012. In that case, a Villa Blanca dishwasher  named Ricardo Velasco sued Blanca LLC, Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump for breach of faith of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, disability discrimination, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, failure to engage in good faith interactive practices (specifically by acting with malice and oppression), wrongful termination, retaliation, willful failure to pay wages, and violation of business and professions code. For those counting, that’s a total of eight causes of action. His attorney asked for general, specific and punitive damages, attorney fees, his job back, and other restitution.

Eventually, I believe Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump were dropped from the list of defendants because Villa Blanca is capable of paying the damages under some California “alter ego” law.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Devious

Does this face look manipulative to you? :)

Okay, in order to count this you will run out of fingers and toes, so I will tell you the total number of defenses to the charges at the end.

Villa Blanca attorney fired back with a document denying any wrong doing, said the statute of limitations had expired, claimed that all internal procedures to mediate had not been exhausted, claimed Velasco was negligent and at least partially at fault, claimed he waited too long to file which will cause them hardship in their defense,  claimed that Velasco somehow ratified the termination decision (perhaps he signed something regarding his termination?), claimed he waived his rights,  claimed he knew what he was doing, claimed he could have done something else, claimed he’s going to get workman’s comp, claimed he signed a release, claimed their actions were justified, claimed he doesn’t have enough proof,  claimed they didn’t do anything wrong so they are not liable, (Muttered why is this happening to us? Okay I made the muttering up.)  claimed they didn’t do anything, it wasn’t us, he can’t prove it, claimed he’s not following the law, claimed he can’t get paid twice for the same injury, claimed they could not accommodate the disability because it would be too costly and burdensome, claimed whatever they did was justified, claimed even if he would have been accommodated he still could not perform his duties, claimed he was a terrible employee, claimed they could not pay him because he was absent from work and refused to accept wages, claimed they thought they were following the law, claimed Workers Compensation is going to pay him anyway (didn’t they already say that?), and they reserve the right to come up with another defense later on.  In all they listed THIRTY-TWO defenses. Many of them in my opinion were contradictory. It appeared to me it was a long list of “we didn’t do anything wrong and if we did he agreed to it” protestations.  I get this is what they pay their fancypants lawyers the big bucks for, but to this FAKE INTERNET ATTORNEY with absolutely no legal training, it just looks like the lady doth protest too much.  That is just my observations and opinions from the public record that I read.

The basis of the claim as I understand it is that after a year an a half or so of employment with Villa Blanca, Velasco hurt his back lifting something at work. He immediately was allowed to go see a doctor. The next day he returned with restrictions and further injured his back and saw the doctor again who put him on short-term disability.  According to the document, Velasco took his disability notices to his supervisor, Andrew Morrison that same day and his employment was terminated.  Ooopsy. That’s illegal. Villa Blanca says he walked off the job when he hurt his back.

Velasco was making $301.50 a week at the time of termination. He is seeking back pay in the amount of $4.654.40 as well as $20,000 for pain and suffering and $5o,000 in punitive damages.  Grand total, $74,654.40 plus attorney fees.

So, they prepared for a jury trial. Villa Blanca subpoenaed the dude’s medical records, his Worker’s Comp deposition, and his work records from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles! And some other stuff. But really?

Velasco submits his list of witnesses, it appears they are all employees of Villa Blanca included Andrew Morrison (who I believe is no longer working there) and Andrew Govia!  Things that make you go hmmmmmm?

The trial was set for July 8, 2013!  Because that is the date the Bible predetermined for housewives to go to court. It’s practically a national holiday now. Four days were allotted for the trial.

Over a year after the case was filed a settlement was reached.  The dollar amount was not made public. Incidentally, the judge for this case is the same judge presiding over the current case with Bustillos; however, both are jury trials. I will be breaking down the details of that case as soon as I have them available. It may take a while, I understand that it was an extensive trial.

Meanwhile, I just remembered last year someone sued Ken and Lisa claiming that they got the space for P.U.M.P. through some nefarious means by cutting the person who was supposed to get the lease off from their financial backers. I think Lisa and Ken won that case, or the other party got tired of fighting it. At the time I was blinded by the Vanderpump. I tried to look back to see if I posted about it but searching for “pump” brings up every post about Lisa, and there are too many to go through. Now I am giving everything the side eye.



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  1. MicroOp

    Nothing Lisa can do will make me like Brandi, because Brandi is stupid trash. However Lisa most definitely deserves the side eye. She has zero ability to apologize, sympathize if the person is upset with her, and take criticism. I can see how these traits would manifest into some poor business practices.

    • equinox2009

      What does this story have to do with Brandi. I thought we were to comment on the case?

    • Sorry. Nesting snafu. The crack question is for the original poster who jumped in talking about Brandi. But yeah. If you are wasting prayers on Housewives, maybe you’re just like sniffing glue or something.

      • I wrote “pray” as a figure of speech only, I’m not that far up any HW ‘s ass. Being on crack was written in jest as well.

      • Middle Child

        Why are you always so abrasive teeeee66? It’s not that serious.

      • What could one thing POSSIBLY have to do with the other? In fact, many of my comments here, including the one above, point out just that. It’s not serious. You’re watching someone else’s life. You don’t even know them. Did you put any thought into your comment at tall??? Or did you just randomly string words together?? Or is there a monkey sitting in a chair banging random keys?

  2. MaggieG

    I think that the Vanderpump/Todds have accounted for themselves better than others on the show. That’s how they present for the cameras. I, personally, wouldn’t take that to mean they are without flaws only that of all the people on RHOBH I like them best, warts & all. Having said that, I don’t know if their history with law suits is an indictment of their business practices (I don’t want to admit the number of times I’ve been involved in business related court proceedings…& has anyone over 30 not been sued at one time or another?) or merely a consequence of the sheer volume of businesses they own/owned throughout their career.

    It seems out of character for Lisa to do something as dim as try to hide unfavorable past incidents without expecting it to eventually bite her in the ass. I can see her spinning it but hiding it is foolish & Lisa strikes me as more savvy than that. Ultimately, if this is standard dueling attorneys then the Vanderpump/Todds have the resources to put up a fight but I don’t approve of intimidation of those who work under you or creating a hostile work environment for your employees. If that’s the case then they should make amends & implement changes to prevent future misconduct.

  3. Angel

    I, childishly, don’t want the pretty pink bubble around Lisa burst. I like my fantasy that someone can be so pretty and live in a pretty world. I like thinking they are very successful in many businesses over many years and never step on anyone’s toes, never allow an employee to be dissatisfied, or never make a poor decision. Sometimes it is nice to dream.

    I may be disappointed, and you can poke at the pink bubble, but with all the real serious crap going on everywhere I am stressed over, I think I will choose to still believe in Lisa, especially compared to her peers. I know when you lay down with dogs it is hard not to get bit. Lisa may have picked up a few fleas. The bubble may become a paler shade, I doubt I will loose faith.

  4. spk

    You work in restaurants, you get to know which ones pull crap on their employees and which ones protect their employees rights––it becomes common knowledge. One thing I never understood was why Lisa (as someone else pointed out) was always happy to make friends with people who were horrid and castigating to others. Stassi, Brandi, etc. When she’d stand on the sidelines and smirk and giggle while the cat-fights rolled on, I wondered what she got out of it.

    Now we know. It kept the prying eyes off of her and left everyone relieved to just stare at her bling and her licking Giggy’s nose. I at least give her credit for having what appears to be a solid marriage.

    Never trust a woman obsessed with pink.

  5. harrison

    i still like lisa. i just think that shes owned so many bars and restaurants and now owns three and is on two reality tv shows, things falling through the cracks and mistakes are bound to happen, also lisa is a very shrewd person its one of the reasons i like her so much shes smart.

    • “Falling through the cracks”? Not sure that’s an excuse for violating the law. Always sounded to me like Lisa liked nepotism (even if not “family”, friends of family, like Stassi) and liked sycophants even more. I wouldn’t call her “shrewd” — more like calculating and thinking that perhaps she can charm (or out-gun financially) anyone who questions her or who points out a crack in the mirror….

      • not all sycophants. i still see how supportive joyce is of lisa, & lisa is fake nice occasionally but with little digs like i liked michael right away but not you. (twitter crap)

  6. The reason there are so many “defenses” is because they have to answer each allegation and then come up with affirmative defenses. It’s always like this at a beginning of a lawsuit. If the case settled before trial, you would be hard pressed to see a settlement agreement, the confidentiality provisions, if included, preclude disseminating any part of the settlement or you forfeit money, that is, if any money traded hands. Just because there is a settlement of a claim, doesn’t necessarily mean that money changed hands.

    • It doesn’t require THIRTY TWO repetitive affirmative defenses to answer a simple wrongful termination case. Money exchanged hands.

      • it’s just attys being their usual annoying selves. the game is to drop as much paper & bs as possible to increase the number of responses/hearing time, keep the other side on the defensive & convolute the issues. imho it’s all part of padding the bill & being the dirt throwers so the client can keep her hands clean. plus, all due respect to smart attys, but the regular person would be astounded at how many dumbass attys there are. very disillusioning.

      • dear lord. I hate everyone.​

        On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 12:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  7. California Workmens Comp is a nightmare for all employers. Work men’s comp insurance has been the reason for companies shutting their doors.

    Every claim, wether valid or not is held against the company when it comes to workmens comp insurance payments.
    All business pay workmens comp insurance quarterly based on future or predicted payroll and PAST claims. More claims, higher the rate.
    Workmen’s comp and disability pay for injuries that happen OR not, is easy to file for and many business’s in the past just paid. Not so much anymore.

    By the time workers end up in court they have usually been denied by work men’s comp insurance but not always.
    Remember this is about a payday.
    Two workmen comp lawsuits with that many employees is not out if line.

    Still, I would pay the dollar amount if the employee signed off on workmen’s comp/disability claim to keep my insurance lower.
    It’s no longer about a perceived back injury, which is difficult to disprove, it’s about the Workmens compensation rate and ongoing disability pay, often for a life time.
    At least for us it is. Sad it has to be this way.
    BTW, real injuries are much easier, it’s these percieved injuries that are the problem for both sides.
    All of the Todd/Vanderpump business need a onsite trained employee on how to handle accidents immediately to avoid future law suits. That training would had avoided many of those charges.

    • ​So your training would be what? Accuse them of lying while lying on the ground? His supervisor found him injured enough to go to the doctor. He went straight to the doctor. The doctor made a diagnosis. It was worse the second day. The doctor decided even with accommodations he needed time off. Instead he was fired the day after the injury.

      What part of the evidence says to you that this is someone looking for a payday? Unlike the next person who is suing for WRONGFUL TERMINATION (not workman’s comp which was granted and covered the Drs. fees). This was a suit about “malice” in the legal sense in the workplace.

      On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TT. I was not addressing just this case but overall what happens in California.
        Yes, onsite training would mean you do not fire a injured employee, you make paychecks available until employee returns to work and pay all medical bills.
        The employee never should have been fired. That’s what meant by on site training.
        The restaurant management behaved cruelly and mistreated the employee but with training this lawsuit might had been avoided.

      • ps. Payday was not a good choice of words from me.
        Yes it should be about employee rights and employer responsibility in the workplace.

        Yet this case is about money also if malice and mistreatment of employee is proved, which seems likely. The fine against the restaurant will be larger.

    • Jae

      (Sorry, this is way out of the thread order. Too lazy to open up my computer.)


      Did you really just say that out loud?

      On behalf of my father and friends who are attorneys (and my own attorney who is working for a flat fee), go fuck yourself.

      • This!! (Jae’s comment). Not to say there aren’t quite a few dumb-ass humans out there, but it has less to do with their profession than their shortcomings as humans. Thanks for speaking up for the profession.

  8. Amber

    IMO, half of what we see included in a legal complaint and the response is littered with exaggeration because LA is a sue city environment and well known for more than its share of workers comp fraud. Like, let’s throw it all in there to see what sticks. It’s what we do here in California. It’s how we roll.

    The Pump lawsuit was ridiculous and lawsuits like those shouldn’t be allowed to be filed, but they are. If you had a property to rent and one perspective tenant could only afford to pay with co-signers (financial backers) and the other, not only had a track record, but could actually afford to pay the rent on their own, which of the two would you rent to? I know who I’d rent to and it wouldn’t be to the guy that turned around and sued the Vanderpump’s deep pockets, hoping for some sort of settlement to avoid court, because that’s all that lawsuit was about. I say, good for the Vanderpumps for calling his bluff and going to court!

  9. Vanessa W

    What I find weird is that villa blanca has all the lawsuits yet nothing for sur

    • Josie

      Maybe better management. Ultimately it is your ass and reputation on the line so you better have good people managing your place otherwise you will end up in court. “Your honor I did not know that” is not a defense. Or, if you are managing day to day you better know the employment laws because a case could ruin and bankrupt you.

  10. RahRah

    TT when you have a business and you provide jobs there is always the risk that some people will create an accident to file an injury claim to collect easy money on. That is why business insurance costs are so high. No business owner in his right mind is going to create a hazardous condition for an employee to prove in court negligence on behalf of the employer because that would effectively end the business and then jobs are lost.

    Legitimate claims are paid by insurance companies and that is why they business owner is insured against such accidents.

    I was impaneled for a slip and fall charge and the lady sat in the court room with her foot propped up in a chair from her accident in a local chain grocery store. This woman was not blind and they grocery store staff had clearly roped off the part of the spill to keep their shoppers from injuring themselves, what does this woman do–walk past the caution/keep away sign to get what she wanted and slipped. I did not think that was the grocer’s fault, she took that chance and wanted to get paid.

  11. Cat

    I mentioned this yesterday, and I’ll say it again here. While watching Vanderpump Rules, I noticed Lisa always used the excuse of “I can’t take action because I didn’t witness it.” With what goes on at SUR, it seems that things go on that don’t normally go on in other businesses. And enough is being filmed that Lisa should be aware.

    A back injury is hard to prove. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but doesn’t mean it did, either. But I would think the manager would know more about the laws and not fire the employee outright. Documentation is key for any business. Employees have rights, and for business owners to ignore those rights and look the other way is negligence, at the least.

    Being filthy rich does not give you the right to do whatever you want to your employees. I like Lisa….but I would never work for her.

    • Vanessa W

      Can’t reply to your other post for some reason, but I agree that you can’t keep looking away. Maybe now with this lawsuit she”ll take things more seriously. I am really curious knowing what happened at VB and then when this season of vp rules airs if anything will be different. Also I said it before but I don’t know if it’s because there on tv but how has a lawsuit at sur not happened and I wonder based on this lawsuit if more people at her business will be willing to sue as we’ll.

  12. MicroOp

    This case sounds legit to me. Also while $75,000 is a lot of money, it also seems reasonable for this case and establishes more credibility. I can’t claim to know the truth but low wage employees are probably the most mistreated across the map in the work place, so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  13. I was a bit confused at all of the rush to defend Lisa here considering what is to come. I assumed that people would probably be disappointed in what is to come. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I am half napping while watching the OJ Simpson Dateline special. People running crazy in the streets screaming Free OJ as his Bronco rolled by. The excitement on people’s faces when he was found not guilty despite mounds of damning evidence.

    Ah, I get it now. It’s sad, but also a bit funny.

    • Vanessa W

      Have to say I keep reading comments on here and I mean let’s be honest as Cat said I would never want to work for her you can’t ignore facts no matter how much you like someone. I can’t defend her business tactics or what happened at VB. I wonder if any of this will determine whether or not she will continue rhobh I certainly wouldn’t.

      P.s however I will be ashamed to admit that in the HW realm i still like her I just have to remove her from the pink pedestal I had her on

      • Cat

        She would be crazy (in my opinion) to continue with Vanderpump Rules in the same vein as the other seasons. She can’t keep looking the other way. Employees have a right to a non-hostile work environment, and that includes sexual harassment. Under the guidelines, you do not have to be touched to have a claim. You can simply be uncomfortable in the work environment. You have to report this right away, and management is REQUIRED to take action. Looking the other way, or telling someone to “keep it in your pants” is not taking care of it.

        I know I keep mentioning SUR, but what goes on at one of her restaurants is probably going on at the other.

      • ​I don’t have a problem with SUR. It’s a fake reality show. Everyone is in on the storyline. No one gets fired from their 9 dollar an hour job over an injury at work. It’s The Hills in a restaurant.

        On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. I think employee lawsuits are fairly common in restaurants. And when the owners are famous, probably more so. As for the 20 defenses, maybe that’s the villa Blanca lawyers padding billable hours?

    It’s hard to own a business and expect to make money while treating employees well. But Brits are notoriously cheap and tight assed. Who knows if they shit on the little people to keep Jiggy in tutus.

  15. MrPrez

    Unless Lisa starts skinning puppies alive she will always walk on water and shit rainbows in my eyes!

  16. I LOVE Vanderpump, but I’ve always thought she was manipulative. I’m not surprised in these cases, not because of Vanderpump, but simply because this happens a lot in the restaurant scene. Add to the fact that Lisa is famous, and you will get many more cases like this.

    • What is “this” that happens a lot in the restaurant business? Is “this” a man who is almost 30 working washing dishes and emptying trash cans and busing dishes in Beverly Hills for $9 an hour for almost two years hurting his back one day at work and then getting fired?

      • oooopsi

        It is not in the restaurant business only. Every small business has situations like this one. I live in NJ. A friend of mine runs roofing and siding business. He had a guy in his 40-ties working for him for over a year. One day the guy shows up and while working complains about his back that he injured. My friend tells him take a day off, go to the doctor on my dime.
        The following day the guy shows up at the work site again, was asked about his back pain. He said it was about the same, he did not make it to the doctor yet. Well he was told to go home and take care of the issue. The minute my friend – the boss – left the site to get more material, the guy climbed on the roof, lied down and called the ambulance. Now he is claiming on the job injury. The kicker is that the work site was next to hospital and the entrance to the emergency room.
        We never saw that guy again, and heard from his lawyer only.
        For all we know the guy went on disability, and worked under the table at the same time. He still wanted more money so he sued my friends business. It was settled for medical and attorney’s fees – it was the faster and cheaper way, and we did not involve the business insurance so not to raise business premiums.
        Now I wonder how would you define this guys status: was he fired, did he quit?
        In Vanderpump case, I wonder how was it that the guy was back to work the following day.

    • beth

      @J.D. I have to admit she does look manipulative in that photo above :-)

  17. Siohban

    If I call my boss and tell him I hurt my back (even if I didn’t) he is going to send me to the Dr. If i were the shady type I cold milk it for all it’s worth. I have seen quite a few managers where I work who were on their last legs mysteriously hurt their back and that bought them another 6-12 months of free rent and they collected workers comp.

  18. Din

    Lisa is absolutely fabulous on the outside, but look a bit deeper beyond the shiny facade there really is not much there.

    Personally she really rubbed me the wrong way when she fell out with the gay poolboy guy she showed off so much on the show and called part of her family. The way she dealt with that situation just raised my eyebrow. How do you go from calling someone family to trying very publicly to get them deported. Especially if you have gone out your way to parent them. I would have forgiven or dealt with it privately. The whole thing was probably about money too. Interesting how it seems the richer the greedier.

    All I’m saying is that while I fully appreciate Lisa’s fabulousness, she doesn’t fool me and hasn’t for quite some time.

    • beth

      @Din, I think you are referring to Cedric ? According to Ken/Lisa, after Cedric lived with them (for free, I believe) for some period of time (a few years?), he ALLEDGEDLY tried to blackmail them, and that is what caused the rift – don’t know about attempting to deport him, I didn’t research the situation.

      • Din

        Yeah Cedric, I’m not great with names!

        Blackmail is Lisa’s story so who knows what really went on. For all I know he broke her vase. I just wanted to point out that she won’t hesitate to turn on anybody even if she just spend a TV season showcasing them as a family member/charity case which at the time everybody including myself admired her for.

      • oooopsi

        Lisa has power to deport no one. I think Brandi being clueless about immigration and visas called it deportation. I bet Lisa did not renew his working visa, which I cannot blame her for.

  19. I don’t understand why the man was fired, all they had to go was not put him on the schedule.

    I also don’t understand the restaurant paying minimum wage after 2 years. It varies but most have built in wage increases each 6 months. That bothers me if it’s true.

    I was not defending Lisa the housewife, I don’t care about her.
    I do care about how crazy the lawsuits have become against business’s. It’s awful out here Tamara which is probably why you are seeing the comments. Just because the man and his lawyers say it’s so doesn’t mean it’s true.

    I hope she treated this man fairly and with respect. If not, then she has to pay. How a employer treats the lowest paid worker speaks volumes on the employers character.

    • ​I read nearly a hundred pages of documents for this post. I could have been more detailed but thought the fact that they didn’t even give him a couple days off at 9 dollars an hour was ridiculous. Someone who has been washing dishes reliably for almost 2 years clearly needs the job and is not out looking for a pay day. He didn’t just invent a back injury. I don’t care about Lisa either, but the dude working his ass off n his feet doing heavy lifting every day for $72 a day before taxes would go a long way for me in courtroom.

      As for personal experiences, mine involve people who were injured or became ill on the job and were pushed out in a way that suing was not possible. I don’t know all the business owners who feel that the employees are all full of shit. I guess it’s a class issue. Both definitions intended.

      On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 6:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • SnookumsLynn

        california economy is crazy! we are the land of the have and have nots…it’s typical if this person doesn’t work for $9 there are several out there that will….and restaraunts take the most advantage of that, I would never work in a food establishment, EVERYONE busts their ass, long hours, hard work and VERY low pay!

  20. I understand, take care.

  21. steve

    have we heard from the manager that fired him? Maybe the other side of the story was this guy refused to do a lighter duty job the second day and left. That would make him a walkoff and a reason for termination

    • ​Jesus Christ. Maybe monkeys will fly out of your ass. The dude brought in his disability papers and was fired.

      God you people are trying my nerves. There is no maybe in court documents. It’s all in there. Both sides filed documents. I told you THIRTY TWO DEFENSES none of which were , “The guy decided to refuse to do lighter work” (WTF?)

      On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 6:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • SnookumsLynn

      you are absolutely correct, most ALL businesses will not fire a person that states they’re hurt until the time has been determinined the injury was not there, they typically just won’t schedule said accusor…I mean that’s what I think most businesses that have people that are reading the law would do.. but who know what kinds of trained monkeys Lisa is hiring…

  22. beth

    TT, the “32 defenses” may be typical for lawyers – I tend to want to lean over the side and vomit when reading legalese – nothing is ever, IMO, stated simply. When Velasco hurt his back the second time, was that a result of being forced by management to go beyond the “restrictions”?

    • In all they listed THIRTY-TWO defenses. Many of them in my opinion were contradictory. It appeared to me it was a long list of “we didn’t do anything wrong and if we did he agreed to it” protestations.

        I get this is what they pay their fancypants lawyers the big bucks for,

      but to this FAKE INTERNET ATTORNEY with absolutely no legal training, it just looks like the lady doth protest too much. That is just my observations and opinions from the public record that I read.

      I ACKNOWLEDGED that this is what lawyers do. I clarified I was giving my opinion FOUR TIMES. And yet, so may people feel the need to say “maybe that is just what lawyers do” or “it’s typical” as if that point has somehow escaped me. Any many (not referring to you Beth) try to argue with me about MY OPINION.

      I’m not sure I can deal with another post on this topic as the next one is even more complicated and this one was pretty straightforward.

  23. Jarlath

    Lisa is very cutthroat. If you don’t treat your employees like shit and pay them crap, that leaves less money to buy pink outfits!

  24. Gingersnap

    I’m way too much of a realist to look at anyone through rose colored glasses, even Ms. Vanderpump. My impression is Lisa will do whatever she feels she needs to do to protect her image, and she does have a calculating side. As far as the legalities go, I have to plead the fifth. It’s better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt :)

  25. Josie

    That was one stupid manager. You never ever fire someone who says they were hurt. He shows them his disability papers and he fires him?? How stupid is that?? We have advertisements from law firms at the bus stops, subways, trains running 24/7about “if you were hurt on the job or terminated, please call so and so law firm…”. I don’t work in HR but even I know that!

    They probably spent more on the lawyers than they paid out. True or not, hopefully they fired the manager which is why he is longer there. ☺

    • wikunia

      Yes, you’re right. A smart business owner never ever fires someone who says they were hurt.
      The smart business person has workers compensation insurance, for which he/she pays a small fortune per year (in the case of my business it’s close to $100,000/year, so I can only imagine how much Lisa pays) and after injury of your worker the work comp takes over.
      Mr. Ricardo Velasco claims he was fired, Villa Blanca claims he was compensated by workers comp.
      I understand we tend to side with the little minimum wage guy, but we really don’t know the truth.
      This is a land of litigation we live in.

      • Josie

        Hi Wikunia, as a business owner I’m sure you know how workmans comp (WC) works. Do you keep injured employees as an employee in perpetuity while being paid by WC or is there a time when they come off your books? 100k is high but if it is for a lifetime then it would make sense. If this gentleman is 30, he has 40 years ahead of him. What happens if you go out of business? Is disability insurance the same as WC?

      • ​the dude would have been happy with a week off at $350. After two years he deserved it anyway. Have you ever seen what dishwashers DO?

        they are ridiculous and I can’t even be bothered to read their ridiculous responses to the suit. Their lawyers they hired mad made his weekly check in under an hour.

        Taking care of your employees and making them feel like a part of everything is important in business. Not firing them when they pull a muscle picking up a bucket of dishes.

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 1:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Wikunia, you wrote what I was trying to say. Thank you.

  26. I apologize, I didn’t catch the part that this case was settled already.
    I read the date and thought it was July of this year.
    I read the part about California’s workmen’s comp and went a little crazy. I have a personal love/hate with those people.

  27. Josie

    I’m trying to read between the lines. Did Ken or Lisa tell Andrew Morrison to fire the employee? If not, I wonder if Morrison was terminated for the way he handled this employee.

    • ​No, I think the manager just let him go. I’m not sure because I am reading the OTHER case documents now and they are all blending together.

      On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 8:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  28. O.O

    Although I didn’t like the beat up on Lisa season .I was very disappointed and surprised with Lisa’s behavior in the beginning of the season, she laughed, defended and excused all of Brandi’s horrible Behavior towards Joyce .The constant rudeness , the mocking Joyce’s name and all the other mean childish behavior directed towards Joyce was appalling . Until then I thought Lisa was a fair person and would at least of said “Brandi, stop it” but she never did . it was at that point that I removed Lisa from the pedestal that I created for her in my mind.
    I didn’t believe the young woman who was suing , but Columbo (TT) changed my mind.

    • I will probably still like Lisa best. Although I don’t mention it here much, I like Kyle. Sssh don’t tell. This court stuff just proves that Lisa is far from perfect. I am working on the other story but haven’t been given all the information I want. I am going to try to get a more complete over view. Right now I am getting bits and pieces that support one side or the other.

      As soon as I get all the deets I can, I’ll get the story up. It’s still bad for Villa Blanca. And I’m going to need a new favorite House husband. I guess I’ll go back to Albert from RHONJ, he seems low maintenance. :)

      • Cat

        I think I’d go with Kroy. He seems the most “normal”…or should I say, stable?

      • Oh I forgot about him. I like his personality, but he’s a bit too high profile for me. I like Albert. He sleeps in the lounge chair and doesn’t bother anyone. And if he does have a love shack in the Brownstone, I could look the other way. ​

        On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 8:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Damn, I don’t have an alternate husband. If Ken comes out looking like a big jerk I have no one else. I liked Carlton’s husband enough I guess but he’s not coming back right? I don’t like the direction this seems to be going. Why must reality interrupt my reality shows?

      • ​it won’t be Ken. I can promise you that. And Albert is taken. so…joe gorda or whatever his name is?

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 12:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        On pins and needles here.

      • TT, Albert? Isn’t he the one who actually is connected to the Mafia? Lots of stories about that and of his father being murdered execution style supposedly by the Mafia! I thought he seemed low maintenance too until the season they went to Napa (season before last?), I felt his true colors came shining through and he was a jerk to Joe Guidice and Caroline. He was kind of scary mean IMO!
        I think Ken is still a better choice even with everything currently going on!

  29. Josie

    I believe the dishwasher was terminated illegally. Whether his claim is true or false it was handled improperly. If he left and was not terminated, which I doubt, they needed to cover their asses by sending him registered mail letting him know he still had a job just in case he sued. Document, Document!

    Also, in my view,I can still think that Lisa was treated poorly last season and decide next week that she did something that made her a c-u-next-Tuesday but still like her overall. What does one thing have to do with another? I learned long ago all heroes have clay feet…

    • ​ I agree. While the current lawsuit will damage “her brand” to speak Apollo, most people will never know and most us of who do will still enjoy her “TV image” while just knowing more about the real her than most people…

      On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jae

        I’ll take Roy Black, thankyouverymuch. He’s too busy working and keeping a low profile to actually appear on the show, lives in Miami and, well, diamonds.

      • ​Hmm, good point about the diamonds. But he looks…. impotent.

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 8:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Gingersnap

      Exactly! Lisa has flaws, everybody has flaws. Even though I can see them (or my perception of them) doesn’t mean I dislike her. I like her a lot because she also has a lot of good points, and as long as the good points stack higher than the flaws, I’ll keep liking her, but if they ever start sliding the other direction….dun dun DUN!

      • ​yeah, you know like malice intent in a sexual harassment trial that she testified in… that might not be so pretty.

        On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 10:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. puravidacostarica2

    This post may show up again as it disappeared while I was writing it. But, in my view, Lisa is not “shrewd” if she lets stuff “slip through the cracks.” Crack-slipping, last time I checked, was not a defense to a violation of the law. As far as Lisa and her “business acumen” goes, we all know that she favors nepotism (as in friends of family, ala Stassi) or she is clearly partial to sycophants (e.g., Cedric, Brandi, etc.) UNTIL they figure out that the porcelain goddess is a knockoff and not authentic.

  31. Valerie

    As long as my hatred of Yolanda is safe, than I guess I’ll be ok. I keep thinking when she told Ken, “Don’t touch me” last season that poor dear Ken was a victim of pure assholery. Super glad I have time to devote to reading this blog this weekend because this stuff is excellent fun for me. I’ve prepared myself as much as I can, being a Lisa minion and all. Ken, Ken, Ken, what have you done? I realize the amount he got in the settlement was undisclosed, but if you fire someone because they were hurt, I mean really hurt doing their job, that makes you the asshole. I want more! Please and thank you.

    • Vanessa W

      Same here I have definitely been preparing myself, I’m slightly obsessed with this : ) although I’m most disappointed in hearing about ken, it’s so sad I loved him; however from season 4 and with lawsuits he had with those two construction workers at pump I’m not totally shocked, I can see ken being in Kim’s words a grumpy old man

  32. Ellie kacik

    Tamra I know very little about this case, but I feel like I know u & my opinion is u r always 4 the underdog, who knows 4 sure what this kid did or didn’t do. Workmen comp is very complicated, I will not go out on a limb & say lisa is a “whatever” but we all know she is a shrewd business woman so let the law commence & I still luv queen lisa

    • That made my head hurt. Do you understand the concept of sentence structure? And typing 4 instead of four may save you three finger pokes, and 2 instead of to, too or two saves one or two pokes, but it looks stupid. R instead of are … I can’t even. It’s different when you’re tweeting and limited in characters.

      And your statistics make no sense. Where is ther percentage that represents those on pain meds for life? Or long term therapy?? Or who just suffer in pain and can’t afford meds?

      • TeeCee. I is going out on a limb here to say you be a “whatever.”

      • Ellie kacik

        Teecee66 I am very confused on how u thk, actually I’m not u hav no critical thk ing @ all as it is evident u just blurt out some crap, pain meds have nothing 2 do wth this case, the only x this comes to play is in depositions. U act like u know wth is going on, u hav no clue, uneducated baffoon#knowthat

      • ​apologies for letting one through the gate. But I’m in the mood for whack and idiot whose in?

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 11:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ​who’s.

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 11:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Lol. Oh dear god. THIS works as a health care giver ?? I’m hoping that was a lie. A tiny bit smarter and it would be algae.

      • oooopsi

        Oh my, I just spit coffee all over my screen. You must wink, or knock on the table next time, so I know it’s coming. Good laugh – thank you Teecee.

  33. Valerie

    These HW couples could all be on an episode of American Greed. I can hear Stacy Keach saying, “This week on American Greed, Joe and Teresa show us how to fake tax returns to receive huge bank loans all while raising 4 daughters.” Or how about, “This week we have Phaedra and Apollo, who are able to steal identities and your grandmother’s pension, and still make time for strip clubs and Botox.” I suppose for Lisa and Ken these law suits are gonna make them look like greedy fuckers. Keach might say, “Join us on American Greed and watch while Lisa and Ken step on the backs of the little guy to make a buck, and then shop for doggy tiaras.” (Nothing against Giggy of course.) ALEGEDLY! I need to sleep now as I’m rambling on and on. Don’t judge me!

  34. MicroOp

    I’m so excited for the new story!! If Lisa is smart she will opt out of housewives this season. Brandi and the rest will hold a tight grip over this information. I guess if she returns we will find out how vain she is/hungry for the fame.

  35. beth

    I am nonplussed that some of you that believe Mr. Velasco’s side of the story can say “but I still like Lisa”.

  36. Valerie

    Beth, do you shop at Wallmart, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Apple, the list goes on and on. If you put your money where your mouth is than the answer to that question is no. I do feel very sorry for Ricardo. But I have a feeling that the reason the dollar amount he received was undisclosed is because he made out ok. If you want to dislike Lisa, fine, but are you also nonplussed at whomever would like the stores named above? Wallmart alone should nonpluss the hell out of you. Nothing personal Beth, just trying to make a point.

    • beth


      Haven’t a clue what Walmart, etc., has to do with anything – clearly I did not express myself well. What I was trying to convey was confusion with some that say, in the same comment, that they’re sure Lisa behaved badly towards Mr. Velasco, and then end with “but I still like her”. I have not myself expressed whether or not I like Lisa, or whether or not I believe she behaved with malice. It just does not make sense to me to believe someone would abuse a comparatively defenseless bugger like Mr. Velasco, and simultaneously still like (respect?) the abuser.

      • Valerie

        Maybe Beth, on my high horse I wasn’t getting what you were trying to say. This could be quite the eye opener for me.

        What I meant by the Wallmart comparison is that many popular companies don’t give a shit about their employees and yet many people love said companies. Not saying that’s you of course. Like I said, I got on my high horse but did not mean to upset.

      • beth

        no offense taken Valerie ..

    • Josie

      Good point Valerie, if I stopped liking or loving anyone who ever did something wrong, I would have no family or friends, no job and would have to sew my own clothes!

      • Valerie

        Josie, yes that was my point. You and I both would like to think that if we were in a place of power over people that we would always do the right thing right? It seems like that rarely happens though. The whole absolute power corrupts absolutely seems to be more common than we thought. Now that may be what we will see happening with Ken. It’s a sad but common practice. I have been very blessed in my employment, but when I see the working conditions of some of these incredibly wealthy companies, it makes me sick. (Sorry, I’m back on my high horse again.)

  37. Valerie

    In all actuality it’s gonna break my heart if Lisa turns out to be evil. You’ll find me in a fetal position under my desk if you need me.

    What is it about her that I find so beloved? I’m a grown ass woman with a life, really I am.

    • Din

      Charisma, she has a shitload of it. It’s not by accident that she married incredibly rich and became very famous and popular in a whole other continent. She just knows the way to most people’s heart.

      • Valerie

        So true Din. I am waiting patiently for any more information. In the meantime, I’m tuning in for TT and TeeCee’s conversations. Couple of smart asses…highly entertaining.

      • ​I’m by far the smarter ass.

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 11:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Teecee, are you gonna let her talk to you like that?

      • Josie

        Lisa married Ken 30 years ago six weeks after she met him when she was 21 and he was 37 when he owned his first bar. They built their empire together. Lisa is quite beautiful and probably could have had her pick of men.They BOTH opened and managed over 21bars and clubs.

        If she wanted to stay home and not lift a fingernail he wasn’t the best choice and she would have long ago moved on to hubby #2 and #3. We’ve all seen the type. I think she adores her husband so I doubt she was a gold digger who wanted to marry rich.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Can someone explain the source of pride in opening 21 bars in 29 years (give or take)? Are Lisa and Ken just in the business of bar-flipping? (And I’m one of the skeptical ones who believes that everything Lisa does has a motive or purpose that comes to light later — her friendship with Cedric, in my opinion, has a backstory that is serving her business purposes now.

  38. Ellie kacik

    I hardly consider teecee66 entertaining but if u do by all means try 2 decipher her comments#nocriticalthkg

  39. Sorry for not updating y’all on the Bustillos case. Real life kinda sucks here. I’ll get it together eventually. I’m sorry for being so crabby lately.

    • spk


      I felt the same way today and retreated to my old bosses beach house to get away from the crap and drink some wine. Which isn’t helping … !

      Sleep well TT and hope whatever is giving you grief is over soon!

    • Valerie

      Take care of real life. We can be patient, it’s good for us. In the meantime, I’m still deciding who my new favorite husband might have to be. I guess Miss Lawrence doesn’t count.

    • Jae

      I can’t figure out how to reply to your earlier reply about Roy Black, and since I have other shit to say, here goes:

      I wouldn’t want Roy Black on top of me being all sweaty and gross, ’cause ew. Besides, it’s Miami…there’s plenty of non-gay eye candy to be had.

      Of course a lot of them are lawyers and since they’re so pretty they’re probably not smart and charge by the millisecond but you and I are regular people so what does it matter ’cause we don’t know anything anyway.

      And @teecee, I simply would have told that @Ellie Krack (or whatever) person that “it’s buffoon, assmunch”.

      And now I’m going to breathe. Typing run on sentences is hard, y’all.

    • Josie

      My crazy neighbor who is into asstrology (misspelling intended) says the full moon on Friday the 13th will make everyone highly emotional. Who knows?? Pamper yourself and hope you feel better.

  40. @Chris, yes I was nice to TT about the apology, which she mistook as weakness.
    Next time I will know better.

  41. SnookumsLynn

    California employement is at will, Restaraunt laws and provisions are very one sided towards the employers, and then add Workers Comp to the mix and this is everyday business in the sunshine state. Not a great place for a business to find themselves in and probably a good majority or EEOC cases are of this nature….

    • Simone

      California is like most states, employers forget that the disability act requres a written medical diagnosis from a PROVIDER that states that the employee cannot work. That should be the end of it because it is the law, but nooo, you have these shrewd little businesses that make the employees fight tooth and nail for their disability when all the documents are there. A good company, you do not have to sue if you have your medical paperwork together. As a nurse I will tell you that very few doctors will risk everything to lie about a patient’s ability to work. Worker’s comp employees which include doctors go through a disability chart with a fine toothed comb and everyone in the field knows not to mess around with insurance-bound medical records.

    • Florida is the sunshine state, California is the golden state! Just saying’!

      • SnookumsLynn

        true true…we’re having a bout of particularity sunny times here…but we’re golden too…

      • Jae

        Um, Snookems? By (your) deductive reasoning, that would make Florida the Lone Star state because, well, cowboys.

  42. Valerie

    To be perfectly honest, I might chose Greg. He says he wakes up before her to get her bath ready and such, it’s all about the Nene in his world. He is her butler and she treats him as such. I’ll admit I could get used to being a princess. I suppose I’d have to be the one that makes all the money though. Greg is not sexy in my opinion, so that would be a problem. Plus she no longer holds a peach, so I’ll have to look at my rule book to see if he will be allowed. Of course Ken’s no sex symbol either, again my opinion.

    Adrienne’s ex Paul is back, I always liked him, but he’s no longer a house husband, so that rules him out also in my rule book. I love Madison and Fredrik but again, not house husbands, so the rule book says no. Does that leave me with Mauricio, Peter and Apollo? I don’t watch OC, NYC or NJ so I can’t have an opinion on those significant others.

    Exclaimer: Now, this comment of mine is just tongue in cheek. I do not have an actual rule book nor would I ever lose any sleep over my favorite house husband. In Tamara’s words, I decided someone ordered up a word salad, and, ‘voila.’

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