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Apparently, Life With Latoya started up a new season last Saturday. OWN doesn’t really do a great job of letting bloggers know this information. One thing I can say about NBCu is they send me a PR email everyday with the latest goings on. Other networks could take notice and perhaps this blog would not be so NBCu heavy on the reporting.

Life with Latoya is a funny, fake little non-reality show that is really not worth recapping. However, I admit to being somewhat duped by the past season where it was obvious to everyone with eyes that Latoya’s business partner, Jeffre, had feelings for her. His overly-plucked, drawn on eyebrows told the tale. But on the show, Latoya was once again “learning to break out of her shell” in her mid-fifties by doing some online dating.

latoyaWell that was all fake. Apparently, anyone who cared to know, was aware that Latoya and Jeffre have “a thing.” I’m not exactly sure what kind of thing they have, I doubt I’ve ever had a thing like it, and I assure you I’ve had some odd “things” with a variety of people. Not that it is any of my business, but I don’t think whatever their “thing” is, that it includes sex. Latoya is kind of a whackadoodle germaphobe, and Jeffre is.. a very nice guy who seems to tolerate Latoya’s brand of crazy well. They may be made for each other. But I don’t think they are really into each other.

That said, apparently last December Latoya and Jeffre got married!  This was reported by several news outlets and then adamantly denied by Latoya.  But, um, Latoya is not exactly to be believed.  This season on Life with Latoya, is all about Latoya and Jeffre getting engaged in Hawaii and married in San Diego.  So they likely just kept their “marriage thing” a secret until the show was airing.  Latoya is saying in interviews that her wedding is going to be huge and spectacular and bigger than Kim Kardashian’s.  Which is interesting because it seems to have already happened according to the PR for this season and nary a soul was tipped off?

In researching this story, I read an OWN publicity statement sent to media interviewing Ms. Jackson, err.. Mrs. Phillips if you’re nasty, explaining what questions they could and could not ask.  The don’t ask questions included anything related to Michael or his kids, and JANET JACKSON.  Janet secretly married her Qatari billionaire boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana, in 2012 and the secret was kept from even her own family until spring of 2013. Is that the only issue between Janet and Latoya?  No. But it is clear that Latoya returned the favor and did not invite Janet to her wedding.

Are you watching Life With Latoya? If you want to check it out, it comes on Saturday at 10 p.m. normal people time on OWN.


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14 responses to “Life With Latoya

  1. i did watch the season. what a whole lot of crazy wrapped in one package. was surprised kathy hilton had so much time in the show. dont remember her as that generous w her sisters’ show. isnt it sad that both jackson sisters hid their marriages from their family? i’m not normally prone to watching train wrecks, but admit to a freaky fascination w this one. i liked the guy she stopped seeing coz she “wasnt ready” & freaked out at the sex conversation (that whole thing was so weird). guess he dodged a bullet but i cant help wishing all the jacksons well.

  2. captain eel

    Latoya is very freaky and totally weird but pretty harmless. Wish the new couple all the best. I’m sure it was not easy growing up Jackson.

    • Pkati

      I wish LaToya happiness. She is different but endearing. She stays in excellent shape. She’d make millions from an exercise/healthy living book or tape. Good luck LaToya!

  3. Valerie

    Ooh, yes, yes, yes I will watch. I had no idea this was a show. You got me watching Lindsay and I’m not ashamed to say I got a tad addicted to the show even though I thought I wouldn’t like it. I’m in baby!

  4. deedle

    I have watched every episode and think like it. I loved her on celeb apprentice and glad she had a regular gig. I’d rather watch her show than the housrwives, exes and basketball wives. At least she is entertaining. I also like the little couple TT, you should recap that

  5. Din

    Well to me the guy looks like a flaming homosexual, but then again it’s their choice and who knows maybe they are happier than us being in a marriage like that. Lord knows Latoya isn’t the only woman..

  6. Primrose

    This is nearly 60 years od woman acting like she is 17 – kind of odd. Not sure what to think. If she adopts kids now, she will be in her early 80’s when the first one graduates college.

    • Pkati

      I’m rooting for LaToya. If she wants to raise a child then I hope she adopts. I wish her happiness. Some folks are just buzz kills…Debbi downers on crack already. Sheesh! Exhale and get happy. Sigh.

      • SnookumsLynn

        Rah Rah Latoya or not, the truth is the truth….she will be old if she gets a baby and that by the time that baby graduates…and u know Latoya acts like a prepubescent teen…c’mon…telling the truth makes you a buzz kill? so does shitting rainbows…that glitter and shit probably hurts…

  7. The virgin thing was weird, especially given all the abuse claims regarding the first husband…

  8. Mango

    Is it crazy that I kind of like LaToya? I’ve not seen the show yet but Latoya’s always struck me as fae. Like this little humanesque unicorn sharting skittles and rainbows. Somehow I always wish her the best.

  9. Valerie

    Ok I think I’m current. A few observations; she always calls her father Joseph. Can that be psychoanalyzed by anyone? Where the heck does Jeffre get the money to buy a 15 karat diamond ring? I don’t know his background. Joseph is as creepy as I suspected. Majestic…hey it’s Vegas, that’s all I have on Majestik. I like Latoya. I don’t think she has sex. I have nothing to base this on, but her and Jeffre are not sexual partners. Friends, yes…sex, no. I see no problem with marrying a friend, but being sexually compatible seems important to a healthy marriage. IMO.

    • Mea

      In many Black families, the mother and father are called by their names. The grandparents are call mama or madea or daddy.

  10. CNee

    LaToya calling her father Joseph seems to be something Joe required. In one of the episodes, Latoya “asked” her father if she could call him dad. In interviews, Michael has referred to his father by his first name as well. And in the movie of the Jacksons, all the brothers also called their father by his first name.

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