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As I found myself wandering over the to RHOOC Bravo blogs, I wondered why I was even bothering. It was a really ridiculous episode full of boring arguments about nothing. All would have been avoided if Tamra would have just said, “Thank you Heather, it was so kind of you to think of Cut Fitness when you landed your talk show gig!”  End of episode. Perhaps we could have seen more candy making and Christmas decorations. Maybe they would have talked about and the great food. By the what, Shannon says he original caterer quit two days before the party and she was fortunate to get a great Chef to step in at the last minute.

Heather says in her blog that when she thought about it, she did say something to Tamra about “picking a lane” as in stop being my friend when you are with me, and not my friend when you are with Shannon. Which is quite similar to picking a side, but really who cares. If Tamra is Heather’s friend, she should be Heather’s friend regardless of the company Tamra was with. I think Heather just wanted to tell Tamra not to be two-faced and was trying to speak within the limited vocabulary of Tamra.   In the comments everyone is furious with Tamra and supportive of Heather.  In both of their comments, people are pointing out the numerous other people Tamra has done this to in previous seasons. Heather is no angel, but Tamra’s track record tells the real story.

RHOOC Vicki sleepHere are the highlights from the blogs all in one place so you don’t have to slog through them. There rest of the blogs are simply rehashing the argument that should never have happened.

Lizzie says, “I was only trying to help, but I wish I just kept my big mouth shut. Maybe Tamra doesn’t want to resolve the issue. Tamra also did not share the fact that Heather and her had already addressed this issue earlier that night outside. I was simply listening to Tamra, she was clearly upset, and I just wanted to help out and keep the peace. Wrong! What an idiot I must be to think that was a good idea. I have to say, the reaction from Tamra in her confessional seemed way harsh and unnecessarily abrasive. I didn’t understand Shannon’s response either. Why was Shannon so upset? I thought Heather and Shannon were in a better place since their lunch. I guess not. In any case, I am sorry I tried to help. It wasn’t my place. I prefer things out in the open and I just thought surely we can find a resolution for this.”

Poor Lizzie, she has no idea who to navigate the waters with these bitches.

Tamra says: “In the end GDLA called me and asked me if I would like to bring on CUT Fitness to do a segment, with Heather’s help. I am very thankful for the opportunity that I was given but sad that we had to go through all the drama to get there. I now believe Heather was being honest with me and I hope you understand why I questioned her.”

Oh, now she is thankful for the opportunity and gets she was WRONG.

Heather says, “Also, the phone call from my son WAS NOT FAKE. I immediately handed the phone to Terry. Do you think we had an ESP moment where he would jump on board with something like that? MY husband? The man that if I kick him under the table says, “Why are you kicking me”? Please. Didn’t happen and really not my style. I’m a big girl, when I want to leave a situation I am very capable of excusing myself. As you can imagine, I was very upset when I left the party. Vicki called me that night to see if I was OK, and that was it.”

I suppose, the phone would have had to ring at just the right moment.  Not sure how to call this one. What do y’all think?

If you missed my recap of this abysmal episode, click here.


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56 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Blogs Round-Up

  1. I have gotten to the point where I just don’t care what happens to Tamra, Alkie Shannon, annoying loon Vicki… or most of the Women on RHOC, RHNY… or any program where bored, rich, and excessively spoiled White Women drone on about the First World problems… when so many are suffering so much in this Country. I just have to wonder if this train wreck is finally rolling into the track at the end of this season.

    • “Spoiled white women” ? Who says that? All of the women….white, black, Hispanic…..etc. on the real housewives shows are spoiled. Why would you single out the “white” women?

      • Gingersnap

        @Jill-o ~ Thank you!

      • Yep, and the women of RHATL aren’t at all spoiled? Really? I guess that racism isn’t exclusive to “White” people. The women on all of the Housewife shows are NOT rich and they are not all spoiled. What they ALL are is drama queens and narcissists and that’s what they have in common…not their race. To quote the “Black” women on ATL…..”Don’t get it twisted” and “Goodybe Felica “(whatever that means). “Is you going to jail” represents the dialogue on ATL or “Bride-maids”. So maybe it’s just easier to understand the so-called nasty white women? They do suck but they speak English….even Tamra who has absolutely no education or brain matter. I am not a politically correct person nor will I bow to that poor excuse for not telling the truth about people. Don’t single people out if you don’t want to have it thrown back in your face. Stupidity is not exclusive to one race.

      • Erin

        Don’t play stupid. You know that white women are mostly married to rich men compared to others, especially black women. Very few black women have the luxury of building mansions, having luxury cars, etc. And as far as RHATL, those women don’t have much and are not married to wealthy men. Kandi is the only one who seems to really have money and that’s from her hard work. Todd does not have any money. Nene has some money for now and it’s only because of the show although Greg at some point was doing good for himself.

        For the record, there would be more black women married to wealthy black men if the black basketball players, football players, boxers, golfers weren’t married to white women.

      • ​Wow. Are you are real person, Erin? You think that having a lot of money is the end all be all? I really hope you are in your 20s. Sadly we are growing a generation of whores looking to be paid. Everyone is taking selfies because the exterior is all that counts.

        How very stupid and wrong you are.

        That said, regardless of color, you can marry a rich man if you want a life of being a whore, rather than finding someone you love.

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • puravidacostarica2

      Spoiled implies unearned. I am all for ANY woman (or man for that matter) spoiling themselves…if they earned it themselves (or are fortunate enough to be a gift recipient!) and are not neglecting anyone else for whom they are required (morally or legally) to provide for. I spoil myself regularly, but running three businesses at great expense to my personal life entitles me to do so. Vicki earns it; Heather may or may not earn it depending on your view; Tamra stumbled into it (and is still stumbling); the others who knows.

      • LittleP

        I work for myself too (very hard as it sounds you do) and don’t know if I’m misunderstanding here, but are you saying that women who don’t work (real housewives/stay at home moms) don’t merit to spoil themselves or to be spoiled? I’m a bit confused as to that, I know a lot of stay at home moms that I think are very deserving

    • aw jeez marilyn that seems about as ignorant as the white women comment. notice i said “seems”. i’m sure you’ll say you misspoke, as did the first person. can’t we all give each other the benefit of the doubt?

    • GirlFromKY

      Anne I totally agree with you. The ridiculous and fake argument between Tamera & Heather is just so obvious just like the fake argument between LuAnn and Aviva from last night. As time passes, I find myself rolling my eyes at these idiots more and more, and I feel the time coming where I just won’t be able to watch one more episode of any of the franchises. I’m thinking Teresa’s upcoming manipulative lies is probably whats going to put me over the edge in a few weeks!

      • BH Wannabe

        Oh, Jesus. New Jersey is coming back soon. I think I’ll throw myself in front of a train. Oh I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!!

  2. Brianna

    Noooo not poor Lizzie she knew what she was doing!! Shannon had just said her and heather were fine and then Tamara tells shannon that She needs to pick aside so that makes heather look two faces which is why Shannon was confused and then she asked the group if she should say something and Lizzie sat there like a deer in head lights and kept her mouth shut. Nobody said that Shannon should bring it up so shannon didn’t mention it when heather came into the room. Shannon isn’t two faces so I knew she would have a one on one with heather– but Lizzie was trying to start drama. She’s playing Kenya’s roll of the pretty mess starter lol but Kenya admit she loves

    • Brianna

      Admits she loves the drama^^ sorry. Stupid fingers hit post before I was done!! :)

    • Brianna, are you sitting down? I think you might be entering into menopause. Your periods are spotty to non existent, and you are not making any sense.

      Welcome to the sisterhood. ​

      On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 3:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Riley

        Speaking of menopause. sure you get the bio identical hormones. All natural and you get exactly what your body needs down to a science. :-)

      • Brianna

        Lol I know!! I wanted to be first comment so bad. I was also trying to tame my two year old with one hand while I typed with the other! So I was like eff it!! You guys know when to pause. Lol

      • BH Wannabe

        Brianna, I’m going to pull some “Heather style” on you, but, no. Punctuation tells us where to pause, and along with the correct words, we understand sentences! Magic!

  3. HotinAK

    I was shocked that they found a way to shut Vicky up. Second for Vicky to say now she knows how irritating it is when people screech!
    Tamra was wrong. It sounded like a reused script from RHBH and The Palms drama!

  4. Gingersnap

    I do believe Heather about the phone call. I watched the re-run and I’m almost positive I saw a brief flash of light coming from her phone when she answered it. Vicki “called” that one wrong.

  5. I am happy I don’t have to read the blogs or watch the show, thanks TT! Tamra is looking for any way she can to stay relevant to the show, because without it, she has no seed money for CUT. So, she create fake fights with her pretend friends, force her poor son to talk about his hormone taking problems on television, and coerce her totally bored husband into having a baby neither of them want or can care for. It’s all to sad for me.

  6. Cat

    Poor Lizzie. :) I think maybe she was trying to prove a point that they were all talking behind Heather’s back, which they shouldn’t do if they are friends (I think that depends on how close the friendship is). But she really should have kept her mouth shut. It wasn’t her fight.

  7. RomaReads

    This episode was pathetic. Tamara has been clinging to relevance for seasons. Be grateful Tamara. Geez. It was nice to have Vicky silent for once, but did anyone else notice high fast she high tailed it to go get Heather’s husband for the authentication of text messages to Tamara. As for the phone call that tore Heather and hubby away, faking a call when you’re so close to other people is dangerous. What if the phone rang during the skit? I don’t know, real or fake this episode had me saying “I’m going to sleep” and then I really did!

    • BH Wannabe

      I just really feel that Heather would have said, “Its late, time to go.” on her own If there wasn’t a phone class. The woman has no problem asserting herself. Maybe if it had been like Danielle or Lizzie’s party she’d fake an excuse, but considering the hostess of the party was all over her, Heather didn’t need to fake a reason to peace.

  8. Yamoah Asiedu

    Hi Tamara
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I used to be a very keen RHOC fan BUT I cannot get into this season. I have only managed to stomach a few minutes per episode so far. Because of your recaps I do not even have to waste time watching at all. Everything sounds soooooo petty and Mean Girl-ish.

    Here’s an observation, I think there are similarities between Nene and Vicky. Neither likes newcomers who are younger, prettier or more accomplished and both have narcissistic tendencies. ‘Big characters’ are essential for every RH franchise and Nene, Vicky (Teresa, Joanna/Adrianna, Ramona and Kenya) are very entertaining indeed. Somehow, they make me appreciate my friends and family much more!!

    It is far more enjoyable and entertaining to read your review and the comments which follow.

    Ladies of London sounds absolutely horrendous, but again, your recap holds my attention from the first word to the last. You are providing a public service!! Cheers Tamara.

  9. Din

    Tamra is a raging sociopath but you get what you see. Heather is another level of nasty and rude. It always surprises me how much most people tolerate someone like Heather, I could never. Then again I might be more like Heather myself and should just be thankful..

    Lizzie is boring me. Shannon is a hot mess but thoroughly entertaining me. I’m very curious how she will react to seeing herself on the reunion, even though they always give in an inch and then dig themselves a mile deeper.

  10. Josie

    I think Heather is very direct. If she wanted to leave, she would have left. My phone goes black too unless I’m touching the face.

    Heather has her issues but being a fifth grader is not one of them. Fifth graders say pick a side as in you can be friends with only one of us. By pick a lane I understood her to mean don’t be all over the place, pick a lane, either we are friends or we are not…and act like it.

    Tamra is one ungrateful ass. Like TT said, the correct response was thank you NOT to rehash some BS from 6 months ago.

  11. marc

    I can’t believe that phone call was legitimate & if I am wrong & it was how convenient for Heather to escape before any more truths were told i.e. pick a lane turn it up etc am I seeing a pattern in Heathers constant denials of any wrong doing & being smart enough to realise that the camera & microphones are negating her version of the events as she would like them to be & not necessarily how they actually are…

    • CocoTalks

      There is also editing in which the phone call could have happened much later and looked much less convenient

  12. Wallace

    I find Heather to be incredibly annoying and pompous. Champs anyone? I really feel like she is acting a whole lot on the show … not scripted but she is very aware of her every move and statement.

    My favorite part of the episode was the snippet in the middle of commercials where Terry is telling the guys his brother was the lead for Quiet Riot. Say what??? No disrespect to his brother, but for some reason I find that bizarre and hilarious.

    • BH Wannabe

      I just adore that Terry’s bro was in Quiet Riot and love it even more that he (at least seems like he) is really proud of his brother’s accomplishments!

      Of course, being proud of one’s sibling is probably interpreted as “snobbery” and bragging by the Heather-haters…

  13. Sari

    Tamra learned quickly that she probably shouldn’t toy with fan favorite Heather for a storyline. Go after Lizzie, I say. Let’s see how smart the new girl is, truly. I’d say she should go after Shannon, but I feel like Shannon’s already in her own, and very real, private Hell… Which is always an excellent time to sign up for reality television.

    Side Note: Do posts with the Tamra/Tamara typo make anyone else all twitchy, too? Or, do I just need to refill my Xanax?

    • ​I hope you meant the comments, Sari, I try hard not to do it in my posts because it’s so reflexive to type my name.

      If you mean comments, then, I definitely get all twitchy opening up the laptop, going through comments out of context and reading all the “Tamara” hate and then realizing they mean “Tamra.”

      What is funny is when this blog first started people somehow thought I WAS Tamra and were hate mailing me all day about how I treated this housewife or the other.

      I still get weird tweets on twitter about why I wore this or that thing. In fact, just the other day someone tweeted me about why I was wearing white eyeliner… not that I type this I think that fool must have thought I was Tamra too. :)

      On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sari

        I totally meant the comments. You’re exempt from typo ridicule because you churn out epic blogs in real time AS the episodes are occurring. So, when people go after you for a typo, they get an eye roll from me. I have no patience. You’re very patient with that shit.

        The Tamra/Tamara confusion has become an inevitability. I have to pause every time and figure it out based on context, since enough people address you directly. If they’re talking about questionable parenting, questionable eyeliner choices, etc… It’s Tamra. Yup. :)

      • ​Sari, thanks for getting that when recapping I am going for speed over editing. I’ve found that being first is very helpful, and that basically y’all just want a place to react to watch you just saw.


        On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:17 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        I agree. I overlook your typos because I know you are madly typing as you are watching. I’m actually quite impressed that you do as well as you do. Why nitpick? To be that fast while you are watching PLUS adding some great humor is impressive, in my book.

      • Even if I can’t spell “sequins”? I think the sequence/sequins thing is sadly a sign of old age… I find myself typing the wrong words more and more frequently… ​

        On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 7:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out in comments. I read your blogs for content, not for errors.

      • Thamk God your mother knew how to spell Tamara correctly!

  14. CocoTalks

    Heather has been pretty over the top this season I will admit, but Tamra has done this many times in the past. She does this to housewives she feels threatened by. Some of the housewives she will just steamroll like Alexis, but those that are smarter like Heather she has to be more careful. I agree with Lizzie, she doesn’t want to resolve it, she wants to make Heather look as bad as possible and she’s not done yet.

  15. Thanks for the real time recapping TT…hilarious!

    Shame on me for thinking that I was going to enjoy “Christmas in June” @ Shannons. Part of the HW’s appeal to me is the glimpses in to their party’s etc. (Like Vick’s Winter Wonderland that turned into the Ryan-Reveal.) This Party had all the makings to be fab…and turned into scripted nonsense that I didn’t enjoy at all. Wish the editors would have focused more on Terry/Quiet Riot and the food….anything but the blah fake argument.

  16. Bella

    Dear Tamra, never EVER wear white eyeliner again. Sweet jesus your face shouldn’t look any wider than it already does.

    Best line in the show: “If you feel I’m talking down to you, I probably am, because you’re acting like a moron”

  17. spk

    For me one of the funniest moments was when Heather was sitting in the conference room at the tv production office. And when she accepted their offer to co-host and she said to the fellow “you’re like my tv husband”, the woman to his side reacted hilariously. She slow-mo turned her head to look at the PA in the room and stared at her as if to say “WTF, tv husband?” It was so funny to me.

    • Wait, so Tamra did wear white eye liner? I was listening and typing more than watching. So that explains the idiot on twitter who told me I didn’t look good in white eyeliner… lol​

      On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 2:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        Dear god yes, she has this makeup in her individual interviews. It seems to be when she is wearing the blue top. Maybe they sat her down and had her do “filler” comments that they’ve used for multiple episodes. Because this is the same makeup and shirt-top from the first time we all noticed the horrid eyeliner, so two or three episodes in a row.

        Can’t believe people are tweeting you as if you are TAMRA. Duh.

  18. Nicole

    Thanks to this blog, I ff through all of Tamra drama, even the dr office visit.

  19. joker

    Just wish Heather had let Terry speak because the texts he sent to tamra seemed to be incriminating Heather. Plus, if I was Heather I’d be questioning why Terry was texting tamra to begin with. Could tamra be setting her sights on Terry? Eddie will never make Terry kind of money and tamra did recently asked Vicki for a plastic surgeon husband.

  20. MicroOp

    I hate that Shannon complained about Lizzie bringing it up. The moment you decide to talk shit about someone its out of your hands when/how the victim of discussion will find out.

    • Brianna

      Lizzie was being messy! Shannon had just asked them all if she should talk to her now. Then no one said anything. So Lizzie all of sudden tells heather that they were all talking about her? That’s shady. Then heather bashes Shannon for talking about it then anyway. Shannon and heather could’ve handled their situation one on one it wasn’t Lizzie’s place to bring it up then.

  21. Erin

    I saw the show and as usual, Tamra and Heather got on my nerves. I especially dislike both of them. Heather needs to be right in every argument, thinks she’s so important and more important than anyone and everyone. Haven’t really did anything in life but marry up. She’s ungrateful, average looking, and delusional. I like Shannon so far.

    • ​Actually, Heather is educated and her own woman, something you will never understand. You, Erin are an uneducated black womanchild who is so obsessed with cars and purses you will never understand the world. You should probably just drown yourself. But first, open a credit card and get some loubs and a chanel bag so you die happy.

      On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Brianna

      Omg thank you!!!

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