Peter Thomas and the Fate of Bar One

Peter Thomas RHOA

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about the foreclosure of Bar One.  Last season, there were many teasers about the foreclosure that indicated this was somehow a financial failing of Peter’s. However, that is simply not true.  The short version of the story is that like many restaurants, BarOne rents the space from the building owner. Peter has paid his rent every month to the owner. The owner however has been spending the rent on rims for his car and red bottom shoes or something rather than paid his mortgage on the building. Now the bank is trying to foreclose on the property.

During a recent interview by Uptown magazine, Peter was at BarOne waiting to meet with realtors and lawyers and the building owner to once again attempt to purchase the property.  Once again, the owner did not show up.  I would think that Peter could probably negotiate directly with the bank by now, but these things tend to become overly complicated with red tape, and the possibility that he will have to relocate BarOne still exists. And the owner of Cynthia’s new location for her agency  across the street is the same damn owner who doesn’t pay his bills. It’s a mess y’all.

With regard to Peter’s new BarOne he is opening with Kordell Stewart in Charlotte, he claims it will be open by the end of summer. I’ve heard that one before, but that was before he brought Kordell into the deal.  I wonder if the bar in Charlotte will allow people to sit down and relax or if they will have the same ridiculous rules that BarOne Atlanta has?

In other news, the majority of the Uptown interview, a magazine that Peter has some business connection with, was about how Peter single-handedly carries the ratings for RHOA, his wonderful business history and how everyone wants to hear what he has to say. Also, pretty much every topic for discussion has racial overtones. That said, it’s a well-written in-depth article.  Go here to read the entire piece by Nikita Frenney.

Are you interested in this whole real estate debacle being the storyline for Cynthia and Peter next season?


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72 responses to “Peter Thomas and the Fate of Bar One

  1. Mina

    That would really be all they can do with Peter and Cynthi, probably, right TT? There really isn’t anything else going on with them that I can tell.

  2. Jacque

    I don’t know what disturbs me more, the 2 hour time limit on a table, the $325 bottle of house booze, the mandatory tipping on top abhorrent prices, the way the building owner is acting or the way the business owner is acting…

    • ​Yep, it’s messy all the way around, Jacque.

      On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • bunniecarrot

        I thought the real tea on your rhoa husbands tell all was the fact with all the crazy rules at bar one that the joint was still open!!! I can purchase the giant bottle of Ciroc for $60 at ABC Wine & Liquor Co.! Forget $300 !!!!

    • SnookumsLynn

      his policies are ridiculous. Eating and drinking is a favorite of ours, and I do not want a time limit on my fun

  3. Jessika

    No, that story line is boring and I am tired of them having money issues, property issues, ect. whether it was caused by them or not. Since its been a few seasons I would like them to show more of the businesses they run, what they are and the good they bring. I think it is great they have had the same “job” since the start of the show and don’t hop around from business venture to business venture just to make a quick buck..(Like Phaedra)

  4. Danielle

    As someone who works in the industry, it’s really hard for me to understand how a place with so many rules for guests could still be operating with some sort of success for so long.

    • Simone

      The crowd is ghetto, that is who would follow those ridiculous rules. Higher end places would never rush you and are accommodating not this mess. I tried to attend Bar One and could not go further then the front door. The valet did not get a chance to park the card. There was a slow moving long line with a bunch of women dress like a BET video audition. We asked the security guard how long did he think we would be in line since it was soo long and we had to go to the end of it of course, he said that they hold the door on purpose to entice people to think that it is pack. He called it anticipation and said that the people would be in line for at least 1/2 an hour. Only one type of folk I KNOW would deal with that ghetto mess. Never AGAIN. We Left! Also, why the hell did Cynthia not make her model agency a storyline all these years instead of wagging behind Nene.. She could have had a Tyra type spinoff by now, but her low esteem self was depending on Nene more then herself.

      • spk

        So true about Cynthia – she could’ve but it seemed like she only opened the studio because Peter was having money troubles early on. I’d like to think her heart was in it but … maybe she was hoping he’d start taking care of the costs of living.

      • Erin

        How do you know Cynthia didn’t try that? She could have but it’s up to producers. Plus Cynthia’s business may not be doing that good. I guess that would’ve been a storyline though. Lol. I do wonder if Cynthia has considered going into being a casting agency for extras as well. Atlanta has a lot of movies being filmed there, a lot! Kenya could also consider going into the casting field. I know a lot of people do not like her but I believe Kenya is a smart woman. She’s worked in the business for a while, produced movies as well so why not?

      • ​I’m sure Cynthia, the supermodel with an agency Never thought of that! She’s so lucky you are here to guide her.

        On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 3:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • SnookumsLynn

      I think it’s people that want to be in the life and are posers…they think if they associate with these people they might somehow get on. Lots of fake hair, fake purse wearing fools will waste money thinking they are on ‘baller status’
      People with jobs, houses, and not out to be on TV or with TV folks, aren’t going for that.

  5. Julie White

    Did you catch the shade? He said, “Reality TV didn’t make Cynthia Bailey or Peter Thomas like some other people on the show.” I am pretty sure he was throwing shade toward NeNe.

    • tobalinac

      You KNOW he wrote all that bullshit for the, um, “author”! I read that article in between fits of laughing and half gagging at all the fluff. I’m sure Nene did too…

      • tnnv

        I was in the restaurant business successfully for over 40 years. His joints are a joke. if you provide great food and drink you don’t have to force money out of your customers or rob them coming and going. You don’t force tipping. If your staff has any skill or personality the money flows .He wants a Peach so bad he brought his own to the reunion. Sit down Bitch and shut up. It’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    • Erin

      He’s right thought. Reality TV made Nene monkey zzz. The only people I knew before the show was Kenya, Kandi, and Cynthia although it took me a minute to figure out who Cynthia was. Peter was probably known as a business man in ATL.

  6. Truthseeker

    There is no way on Earth Bravo or any network would green light a reality show featuring Bar One with all of these rules. Perhaps Kitchen Nightmares or Restaurant Impossible would consider it. Could you imagine Peter and Gordon Ramsey yelling at each other? Now that I would watch.

    • pdt090

      Any reality tv show about Bar One would have basically nothing to do with the actual business. It would be about the drama among the wait-staff. Basically a black version of Pump Rules. I’m surprised Bravo hasn’t jumped on the idea sooner because it’d probably pull in big ratings if it came on after RHOA like Pump Rules does with RHOBH.

    • tobalinac

      I don’t think ANYTHING could beat that whack job from Amy’s Baking Company and her psycho husband….

  7. SB

    I think it’s time for Bravo to cut them loose. Their story is tired and boring.

  8. The reason why he isn’t negotiating with the banks is because he did a shady deal with the original owners and the bank wasn’t involved. He knows the bank will say you can buy it at such and such price but he doesn’t have the cash and his credit rating is through the floor. I still say that they are living off of the child support money that Leon is pyaing Cynthia for Noelle.

    • SB

      well cynthia does earn a bravo paycheck.

    • tobalinac

      Now that is more believable. What’s next? Will he go around announcing he is “rich”?

    • Oracle5

      There is a lot of LYING going on with who was or who wasn’t paying the rent for BAR ONE,as well as, paying the rent for the Bailey Agency; I really don’t know whose telling the truth and don’t give a DAMN. However, if Leon’s child support money is being used for living expenses-DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! If this is true, how low can you go?

  9. RomaReads

    Speaking of child support, does Peter have six baby mamas? That kind of baggage would definately put a dent in a man’s budget. If he pays it, which I’m assuming he does. If it’s true. Peter and Kordell deserve each other and that’s not a compliment. I’m not sure what the opposite of the Midas Touch is but Peter has it. BarOne will more then likely become BarNone in the near future.

  10. Din

    I’m more interested in how Cynthia really feels about Nene, you know the friend that tried to get her fired from her job. I’d also like to see Cynthia put on some spanx and try to seduce her husband with a cigar again.

    The whole business aspect of Cynthia and Peter makes me cringe, they should be more subtle like Phaedra imo. Kandi can talk to me about business all day long, that girl has some serious decision making skills.

  11. myinfo

    All I have to say is:
    “The owner however has been spending the rent on rims for his car and red bottom shoes ”
    LOL TT

  12. Soft Shades

    My grandfather was a successful businessman w/a 3rd grade education in the 60’s when things were really hard for blacks. He owned a grocery store & apt bldg. There were 3 things he had & money wasn’t one of them. Character, Integrity & Self-respect. Because of these 3 things he was well like/respected in his community & was able people to get people to believe & invest in him.

    The problem w/Peter, he lacks the basics as mentioned above and seemingly always looking for a quick payday. When your reputation is that of a loser & not just in business (5 baby mamas!) & everything you touch fails you need to look in the mirror (we attract that which we are). Peter needs to align himself w/people that are well respected & that would not be Apollo nor Kordell! And I don’t think he will find them in strip clubs!

  13. Peter has been the the entertainment industry for a long time — unsuccessfully at that. He’s nothing more than a poseur and his only future depends on Miss Andy. If I were NeNe I would be looking over my shoulder since she tried to hard to get Cythia, Peter’s meal ticket, fired.

    • But what about all those seminars? LOL. Peter has been grooming Cynthia to do “workshops” much like the “seminars” he did in the past. It’s not pretty.

      • Sari

        I just got an all too clear visual of Peter and Cynthia trying to “motivate” a dejected looking group of salespeople in an half empty hotel function room.

        The admission price gets you coffee, and a small gift bag containing an autographed picture of the speakers, a “Mazel” pen, and a Apollo Nida Fitness water bottle.

      • ​That is pretty much the vision I have, Sari. :) Except, I don’t think they would get the mazel pen. I imagine Andy would be very stingy with those.

        On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 12:53 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. Valerie

    Since no one has yet commented on your picture of Peter, TT, I thought I’d take this opportunity. I like it. It’s the real Peter.

    Anyhoo, I no longer go to bars or clubs, but we have quite a few in Vegas that cost $500.00, just to get a table. I never went to those clubs, but it seems they do a very good business. Who is paying all this money just to go to a bar? Now I see why Peter and the guys think nothing of spending a small fortune in the strip clubs. I would much rather stay home with a Diet Coke and some peace and quiet. Does that make me boring, cheap or both? I believe in stimulating the economy but that is just ridiculous.

    I’m not a big fan of Peters though I really like Cynthia most if the time. Peter comes across as such an arrogant jerk sometimes and reading this article did nothing to change my opinion of him. I am like a lot of the other commenters when I say that I hope Cynthia’s storyline this season is not all about their financial woes. I want to escape for a bit. I get that it sucks when you pay your rent and then the owners don’t pay the bank because my next door neighbors had it happen to them. We saw them have to pack up and move from a place they loved through absolutely no fault of their own. That’s not entertainment that’s just depressing. I know they call these shows reality, but I really don’t want to watch Peter and Cynthia have meetings with their bankers, and fight about money all season long.

    I am of course hoping to see all the Phaedra and Apollo drama.

    • ​BTW, Valerie, this bar is not on the Vegas strip, or in Buckhead or any other upscale part of Atlanta. They have “valet parking” because parking on the street in that area is ill-advised. I have no idea who pays for bottle service with the understanding that if they don’t finish in time they will have to stand up to drink it.

      On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Would it seem strange that I’m all happy that you replied to me? You should start a cult.

      • ​Dear God. You know you are my favorite. SSShhhhh. :)

        On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:52 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • So while I am up late I will tell you, Valerie, two stories. One is that at my Mamaw’s funeral, (Mamaw had like 30 or who knows grandkids) every single one of us thought we were the favorite. I was the only one who really was.

        Second, when I taught elementary school, anytime the answer was yes, to “Can I color?” “Can I write in my journal?” “I borrow your book?” my answer was always, “Yes, because you are my favorite!”

        This works well in second grade until they start to catch on. Then I would tell them they were my REAL favorite but we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

        Then at the end of the year I’d sign their yearbooks, “To my favorite student, Valerie.” And make them pinky swear not to tell others. It was my standard signature. xoxo


        On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:59 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        > ​Dear God. You know you are my favorite. SSShhhhh. :) > > > On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:52 AM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

      • Valerie

        I believe I am your favorite and that’s what counts. I will tell no one. (seriously, a cult, you could be Queen)

      • Jacque

        I too almost wet my pants with excitement when I saw that TT replied to TWO of my posts today! Roflmao

      • OMG, Jacque, clearly you are my favorite! xoxo

      • Jacque

        I knew it!

      • xoxo​

        On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 2:30 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Cat

      Regarding the photo: I think it looks like his beard is glued on. Look at the sideburn…looks like it’s come unglued a bit.

    • tobalinac

      So am I Valerie.! Those viewer numbers had little to do with Peter Thomas! It was all about Apollo’s troubles mixed in with a little Todd dealing with Mama Joyce.

  15. Truthseeker

    Bars and restaurants come and go in Charlotte. Hopefully, he has a different business plan than Bar One. The theory that the only people who deserve a seat are people who request bottle service has been done before in Charlotte. That building now has a For Sale/Available sign in the window.

  16. Isn’t it nice that both he and Apollo consider themselves a ‘brand’?

    • tobalinac

      Isn’t it scary that people actually lay down their good money to what amounts to hanging around with Peter? If they are so liberal with their cash, I have an address for them. They can send it to me. I’m better looking and I have a personality, lol!

  17. I would watch a VPRules type Peter and Kordell Charlotte location Show – remember I was the one who enjoyed the random freaky people in the background of the Huzzzbends Special, tho’, lol.

    Thanks for the juiciness, TT! Those “rules” are crack, and I’m guessing people think they’ll be on tv if they go there?

    I also wish BRAVO would go back to featuring The Bailey Agency. Those episodes Cynthia did featuring model auditions and kid beauty pageants were a good story line.

  18. I'm the Genius Here

    Peter should have known the owner of the establishment was shady when he agreed to rent to Peter’s high risk broke ass…

  19. syd3

    Peter frequently comes across as a misogynist with respect to his comments and actions … the Uptown magazine article about him was just more of the same (plus a lot of bravado. A. lot). He seems to feel that the Atlanta Housewives men are every bit as popular with BRAVO viewers as the women are — particularly himself. He lacks perception as to what drew/draws flocks of women viewers to BRAVO in the first place: a show where women finally get the majority of the ‘speaking parts’ …. He additionally seems to exude the belief that was stated by a male BRAVO viewer on a ‘sister’ blog site …. that the RHOA show carries the entire BRAVO network. (No. Peter. It doe not. What it does do is bring in substantial ratings; that would not equate to the ‘death’ of BRAVO should the RHOA show get cancelled.) In no way does Peter — nor any of the Atlanta husbands — carry equal weight with any of the ladies. Peter talks the kind of characteristic male banter that males all over the world engage in so well … watch me (and don’t forget to applaud) do this and do that business-wise. You women out there surely can’t appreciate women yakking as much as watching men doin’ …. Yeah, Peter, we can and we do.

  20. tobalinac

    I’d vet money Peter Thomas wrote that ridiculous bullshit puff-piece in Uptown himself! And let’s face it: Nobody watched the “Husband’s” show for Peter. It was all about finding out what was going down with Apollo! Speaking of which, TT, is anything new happening?

  21. kKarma

    WHAT!! Hahaha LMFAO that’s the 1st I’ve these ridiculous prices and policies of the bar.

    Why would anyone want 2 go there there’s plenty of up scale or just normal bars that you can have so much fun.
    I certainly wouldn’t go to bar one

    believe me i was the ultimate party girl i went to very ur scale bars V.I.P bars and just the normal bar TBH i had more fun in the normal everyday bar

  22. dana

    I think reality tv DID make Peter…..

  23. EJB

    I wonder if we get an update on RHOA. E News is confirming all six ladies back and holding their peaches. Porsha has confirmed her return as well. Seems Michelle has the reliable sources, as usual. I’m sure this wont make it past moderation or u will have some snarky remark from behind your computer so no one ever sees u.

    • If you read the E! report, it says exactly what I said that “their sources” which are probably me, myself and I, were reporting that Nene would not be back, but now all are coming back. They make absolutely no mention of who will be”holding peaches.” It says the exact same info I have been saying all along. Except, they don’t mention the limited contracts provided to Nene and Porsha. They also act like they are just now getting their contracts. The contracts were sent out last month. So other than the made up part about when the contracts were signed (which makes it look like they just got info about something that just happened) it’s exactly what I have been saying. To recap, at some point Porsha and Nene were out, a change occurred and they were allowed to come back in a limited capacity. They will not be holding a peach.

      That said, Michele has a great site, with great sources and hangs out with the RHOA from time to time. I highly recommend her site. And since it doesn’t seem like you like this one, perhaps you should stay over there, where you are happy, rather than over here, where you are a troll?

      Bless your illiterate heart.

      • EJB

        Bless your heart. I guess we will see if you cop to be wrong when the cast photos and bios come out. I’m guessing i wont be too illiterate to read that or your blog You are an internet bully. Yes, it is your site but you are a bully. You are a bully that is ashamed to to even show her face and yet spew mean, vile words from behind a keyboard like most internet bullies.

      • If I am a bully, you are a masochist. Most victims such as yourself, don’t wander over into the bully’s home and make attacks on their character. Where I come from, elden, that get’s you a kick in your tiny little nutsack. I assume your sack has not dropped yet, so I’m not sure if it would have the same effect on you.

        I thought you were going to go to Michelles? I’ll accept your apology when the season premieres.

      • Cat

        I used to work in a “newsroom”. They got most of their stories from the newspaper. Just because something is on tv, doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

        Besides, people are still saying Nene is worth a gazillion dollars, If you believe that, I have a nice bridge for sale.

      • ​The funny part is that E! is part of NBCu which you would think means they have better sources than me, but they are just today publishing what I posted weeks ago, without the kicker that Nene and Porsha are no longer full time.

        It’s really not that hard to source a story…

        On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 8:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        Chances are, they are getting it from other blogs and other “news sources”, and just going with the most popular opinion.

      • Valerie

        I don’t know how you can stand dealing with someone like Elden. He must have a tough life, poor thing.

        I have no idea why it is so hard to name your source. Ego, I guess.

  24. HerDaughter

    Thanks for posting this link TT! I won’t even bother with all my rambling comments on this one…haha! Ok, one. People hella trip me out!! Love it!

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