Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Not So Silent Night

RHOOC Season 9 Cast

I totally forgot to do my set up with the first look tonight so this blog will probably take longer than usual. Tamra and Ryan go back to the doctor. The doctor tells Ryan he is in danger of having a heart attack and a stroke. Ryan says he has heart flutters. In a somewhat hilarious talking head, Tamra is crying and saying to Ryan, ” Stop injecting things into your body and putting yourself at risk. Just be happy with who you are!” Um, Tamra?

Heather is getting ready for an appearance on Good Day LA to promote her appearance on Hawaii Five-O. The show offers Heather the chance to guest host while someone is out on maternity leave.

It’s time for Shannon’s Christmas party. Despite having a huge house decorated to the 9s, they are having cocktails outdoors. Where was the coat check girl? I thought she had a coat check room, and everyone is carrying their furs around. Dinner is inside. Heather says she pitched Cut Fitness to Good Day LA and got them a segment. Tamra is still pissed that some other fitness center was on five months ago. Heather says that she was not in charge of booking talent, she was just guest hosting that day. Oh Tamra, just shut up and say thank you to Heather. RHOOC Not So Silent Night

The food at Heather’s Christmas party. They had a fantastic candy sculptor. Heather and Vicki talk about Vicki’s sadness over Briana moving to Oklahoma. Vicki still seems to be in love with Donn. While they are talking Tamra tells everyone that Heather did a segment five months about a competitive fitness center on the show. Tamra and Shannon start with the whole Heather thinks she is above everyone bullshit. Tamra tells Shannon that Heather told her she needs to pick a side between Heather and Shannon. Shannon says she is supposed to bring up issues with Heather right away.

When Heather comes into the room Lizzie lets her know that everyone is talking about her. All hell breaks loose. Shannon and Tamra go after Heather.  Vicki is silent but on Heather’s side in her talking heads. Cut Fitness Gate is boring.  The whole things ends with a fake phone call from one of Heather’s sick kids. Heather and Terry leave. Hell they didn’t even pick up any of the fancypants candies for the kids.

So once again it was a team up on Heather episode. #Yawn. At least it was quick and easy to blog since basically nothing new or interesting happened. I suppose there is still time for Ryan to have a heart attack in the last five minutes of the show.

Shannon was proud of Tamra for sticking up for herself.

Next week: Heather and Vicki bond. Shannon’s marriage crumbles,  Tamra does Good Day LA With Heather.


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46 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Not So Silent Night

  1. bunniecarrot

    Tamra is such an ungrateful little shit. How hard is it to understand Good Day LA is not Heather’s show, and she was a guest at the time. Bitch if your studio is struggling and your RICH FRIEND throws you a bone when she finally had the power to do so, you be thankful and go fetch her a drink!!!!!!!

  2. So glad I am not watching this stupid boring show, but feeling guilty TT has to watch it for me! :(

  3. ericzku

    Oh Tamra, you stupid cuntface bitch piece of trash. Way to look a gift horse in the mouth and make yourself look beyond ridiculous in the process. Say “THANK YOU” to Heather, then shut your ignorant mouth.

    Shannon is running hard and is now neck-and-neck with Tamra in the idiocy contest. I loved the, “Stop talking so condescending!” Honey, if you are unable to make an adjective into an adverb, you deserve to be condescended to…constantly. And spoken to condescendingly often!. Isn’t that Shannon’s voice saying, “Next time on the Real Housewifes”? Like she doesn’t know the plural is said differently? Ucch…dumb, dumb, dumb.

    How did we not know that Terry’s brother was the guy in Quiet Riot?!? OMG! Cum on Feel the Noize…

    • queenmarie88

      I was right at the end of the show as I read your comment and went back and listened and yep it’s her saying WIFES. No wonder she likes Tamra so damn much–they’re on the same level.
      And how do they not know Quiet Riot yeah!! I saw them in concert in 83 I think it was. So fun!!!!

    • Kelster

      Thank you! I never comment on blogs (although this is one of the best; it has an opinion), but Shannon is so grating! I seriously don’t understand why people like her– she demeans her husband for saying the Xmas light strand was “broke”, and yet she can’t figure out how to modify a verb. She so hypocrit(ical).

    • girlz rock your boyz….love them

  4. ericzku

    Oh Tamra, you stupid cuntface bitch piece of trash. Way to look a gift horse in the mouth and make yourself look beyond ridiculous in the process. Say “THANK YOU” to Heather, then shut your ignorant mouth.

    Shannon is running hard and is now neck-and-neck with Tamra in the idiocy contest. I loved the, “Stop talking so condescending!” Honey, if you are unable to make an adjective into an adverb, you deserve to be condescended to…constantly. And spoken to condescendingly often!. Isn’t that Shannon’s voice saying, “Next time on the Real Housewifes”? Like she doesn’t know the plural is said differently? Ucch…dumb, dumb, dumb.

    How did we not know that Terry’s brother was the guy in Quiet Riot?!? OMG! Cum on Feel the Noize…

  5. Jarlath

    So are Heather and Nene (ROFL!) the only Housewives to guest host?

  6. But….but…Terry’s brother? The lead singer for Quiet Riot????

    • Banana Bug

      Lol . . . teecee! Don’t all physicians have a brother who smokes and is just too kool for school?

    • ​The original four members recorded their debut album *Quiet Riot *, or *QR I*, in 1977. Vocalist Kevin DuBrow and bassist Kelly Garni did not get along. According to Garni, “I was on a constant quest to get him out of the band and get a different singer. I hated him, he hated me and we could not find any way whatsoever to get along which caused a lot of tension in the band and it put a lot of stress on Randy to try to be neutral.”[4] Their second album *Quiet Riot II *, or *QR II*, was recorded at The Record Plant and released in Japan in 1978. Once recording was completed, Garni left the band. (Although Garni’s replacement Rudy Sarzo was pictured and credited on *QR II*, he actually joined the band after the album was recorded.)[5] DuBrow claimed that this period of the band’s existence was very frustrating. “We had one of the best guitar players ever in our band and we couldn’t get arrested!” he lamented many years later.[6]

      On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 10:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • therealdeb

      i think they discussed that at the 80’s bunko party last year where vickie wigged out. i think anyways.

  7. O.O

    Mmmm yeah, boring . Can we beat up on Heather when she actually does something ? I’ve got nothing except….
    Tamra didn’t have to repeat the pick a side conversation .
    Terry seemed very happy to be out he was very animated.
    Shannon’s husband shouldn’t of said sad love making results in creating girls in the presence of his daughter . What a moron .

  8. Angel

    Even when Heather is right, I hate her argumentative, superior attitude. It seemed to me Terry was caught in the middle of schooling the other men as if they were supposed to already know that was HIS brother in Quiet Riot. Unfortunately, his other notoriety is dying of a cocaine overdose.

    • BH Wannabe

      Or Terry could have just been engaging in interesting party conversation. Maybe he’s proud of his brother, which is not negated by an overdose.

  9. Jan

    Shannon is taking the drama diva stuff like a duck to water. What an unpleasantly unhappy person.

    • BH Wannabe

      Dude, Shannon is off! I’m not kidding! She has this desperate look in her eye and always sounds like she’s just teetering on the edge…
      That woman is creepy!

  10. Brianna

    Heather is annoying. Shannon is right. Shannon is not right to team up with Tamara though, because the way heather treats shannon and talks down to her is very disrespectful but she doesn’t do that to Tamara. Lizzie is being messssyyyy!! I love David and Shannon they are so funny with their banter and bickering with eachother!

  11. lori

    Did anyone else catch that in the doctor’s office with Tamra’s son that the doc said that he had “some” substance in his blood when bloodwork was done? If it was gbhb, why wouldn’t he have just said “you had gbhb in your system”, since they were already discussing that? Things that make you go hmmmm…

    Shannon’s husband is a dick for making that comment and then saying to his daughter “right honey?”. WTF?

    • BH Wannabe

      Sad thing is, had Ryan had another substance in his blood (other than the growth hirmone), Tamra would’ve jumped ALL over the chance to create more drama, more storyline for her, and YAY! More airtime for Tamra, during which she can attempt to cry out of that botoxed face of hers.
      Note how much Eddie seemed to care when Tamra told him? I would describe it as somewhere between “minimally” and “not at all”.

  12. Brianna

    Also! Heather can be catty bc when she heard Tamara saying she needs to have more fun she ran and told Eddie something very personal about Tamara was messy and we all know heather lies through her teeth so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was mad a Tamara and got that other gym on tv before helping Tamara! With that being said Tamara should be over it bc it was 5mo ago!

  13. Cat

    I’m getting bored with the whole franchise. But I keep watching. Grrrrrr……

    • Gingersnap

      Me too…the addiction runs deep though. I’m having a hard time being able to even dredge up enough energy to snark, that’s how bored I’ve become. It is giving me hope that I will be able to kick this addiction without intervention, which is a good thing. Right?

    • Micheal

      This season of OC and NY have been huge let downs for me. The worst episodes for me were the NY eps lacking Aviva. Sooo boring.

      Bring on New Jersey I say.

      • omggg can not wait for jersey!!!!! bring it!! and it looks like they won’t be tre bashing , llike they did for the last 2 or 3 seasons!! my fave ever….hope it has excitement that ny and oc are lacking

  14. There was a time I was screaming at my cable company the Bravo channel was out and I was missing all my RH shows. He actually understood.
    Didn’t fix the problem for weeks and by then I was no longer a fan.
    I watched but it was never the same.
    TT does it better than Bravo so I seldom watch.

  15. Riley

    Shannon’s husband is a first class douche bag !! To say that unhappy people / love making produces girls in front of his daughter was stupid and cruel.
    The sex of children falls on the the male parent. What CAN determine the sex is the consumption of too much alcohol by the father… which seems to produce more female children. I can’t state this with scientific certainty. ..but I was told this on good authority. And I believe I remember seeing Shannon call out dear ole dad on having some
    Tequila ….on the early side?
    I’m just saying…..

  16. Soft Shades

    Heather & Shannon are so similar – their need to be RIGHT overshadows common sense! Tamara on the other hand is the opposite she needs to be RELEVANT (Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Britney Spears) at any cost!

    This show like RHONY lack substance, humor & excitement! Seemingly none of the women are involved w/charities, PTA/school events, family vacations, hobbies, etc., not even a family dinner (sad). Totally self-absorb w/nothing but their houses – no homes I might add.

    So tired of looking at these structures w/elevators, escalators, lobbies, waiting rooms, waterfalls, water fountains … lol .. geezzzzzzz … we get it ladies a few of you have bank! I catch re-runs.

  17. puppylove

    I am so bored with all this mess, except for the TTs recap. Tamara makes a mountain out of a molehill always and milks the crap out of it. Shannon wants to be poor little me. Heather is class and the others can’t stand it. Some of these idiots need to be talked down to because they can’t understand anything else. Shannon has money and Tamara wants money. Shannon has no class and Tamara absolutely has no class. Shannon’s husband should never have said what he did in front of his daughter, but I think he needs to be drunk to be any where near his wife. I have never heard her say anything good about the man. So of course he is going to ignore her and piss her off every time he can. If Shannon doesn’t change her ways she will wined up divorced. She wants to act like a fun person but she LOVES to bitch and get sympathy. TT I would rather read your recaps than watch anymore. All OC an NY do is FIGHT and fight dirty, I think they are all nuts.

  18. Siohban

    Eddie did not seem interested in Tamra at all. I think the honeymoon is definitely over for them.

    • Mary

      I totally agree. She’s in a new season so I’m sure she went into her little box of personalities & picked one out. Now that Gretchen isn’t there to hurt, She has to pick on someone. Why not Heather. This is quite the personality. I can’t see Eddie putting up with this for long. He’s truly the voice of reason.

    • I felt that too! But, I didn’t pick up on any chemistry between the two of them at all, ever! I just started watching RHOOC when Eddie started dating Tamara. I always felt like he was there for the cameras, then the marriage and I was a little surprised at how fast that all moved along. It had to be for money/fame as there wasn’t enough time for them to really get to know each other. And…We’re talking about Tamara, not the easiest person to get along with or even exist around for that matter. I was just surprised how she found such a great guy to get involved with her without having to do it “bachelorette style” I mean, how lucky?

  19. RomaReads

    Siohban I’m with you. The scene with Tamra and Eddie cooking in the kitchen while Tamra tells Eddie about Ryan’s ailments was telling. Eddie did not look like a very concerned step father. It looked more like he could care less. Sadly that is probably the way he feels about all of Tamra’s kids. Of course I don’t know maybe he adores the others. As for the couple having a child together, PLEASE DO NOT. Tamra does not need to bring another child into the world. She has done her share to populate the planet already.

  20. Shannon’s husband is a dickwad for stating being unhappy makes female babies. What utter crap – and to say that in front of one of his daughter! An absolute asswipe. BUT, I can understand why he drinks a lot being married to that c_nt Shannon. What a loser – she has everything under the sun and yet manages to complain constantly. And I don’t mean just moneywise – she has a family (I grew up in foster care) even if she’s not completely happy with her husband. Tamra is a total loser – she also WHINES all the time – about nothing. God forbid she has another kid, especially if Eddi isn’t going to be there for it. Sheesh. Totally selfish. Heather is the only one I enjoy. The others WHINE, bitch, are grateful for nothing, etc. And Vickie – let go of your daughter and let her live her life. She’s married with her own family now. You can still visit. Be grateful you have the money to visit. God, Vickie is a terrible mother.

    • Oh my god! I totally agree with all of this… I can’t freaking stand Shannon.. Yeah.. Keep telling me your easy-going & “fun” while acting like a complete bitch. Yuck. Just no.

      I liked Lizzie initially & still like her the most, I guess.. But her looks are “over the top” plastic. She almost looks like a caricature.

      I don’t like Heather that much… But I did think she was being truthful on this episode. I felt sorry for her even..

      • BH Wannabe

        Ha ha ha, but with Shannon’s magical thinking, if she just says she’s easygoing and fun enough times it will be true!!!
        That is NOT an easygoing woman! “I nag my husband because I want him to show he loves me” (or whatever she said) = really bad strategy. He’s no prize but stop haranguing (sp?) the poor man!!!

    • BH Wannabe

      @Marval99: Agree, agree, agree! They’re so miserable they can’t understand why Heather would have a groundbreaking party for any reason other than to show off. She wanted to celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of her life with her loved ones and friends! She was thankful for her friends and family and good things in life! God, is that so hard to grasp? Yes, for people like Shannon and Tamra. But to Tamra’s credit, it is an unfamiliar concept and she has a hard time with using her brain–she admitted as much.

      And did anyone else notice when Vicki was in Oklahoma helping Brianna and her husband find a house, RIGHT AFTER Brianna’s husband climbed out of the tornado shelter his baby reached for him and Vicki like swished the baby outof his grasp? It was creepy. It’s not your kid, Vicki!

  21. janet

    If I was tamara would have thanked heather and taken the plug. That being said I don’t care for snobby heather who looked the other way or joined in when tamara pulls crazy stuff on other people like alexis. So enjoy your friend! How people treat others tells you who they are. If you don’t care then that says something about yourself. I do kinda like shannon but won’t continue if she doesnt hold true to herself and blindly follows tamara and won’t call tamara out when its called for. I think shannon will hold true to herself though. I don’t see her as a cruel or catty. Her marriage seems strained hope it survives the show. Not sure about Lizze I sense something I might not like there . Too soon to tell yet

  22. joker

    Never a fan of Alexis but Heather went hard for her and got her off the show. Heathers slick but she has an in controllable nasty streak when you catch her being shady. First was getting pissy with Tamara and running to Eddie with the baby news. When she questions Tamara about why would she ever want to hurt her (about cut guest spot), Tamara should have brought up the “turn it up” bull ride that sent Tamara to the hospital.

    • BH Wannabe

      Oh, Jesus, please everyone, get over the damn bull! Everyone says turn it up! Or maybe when I’ve seen mechanical bullrides it’s always been an anomaly. Not to be rude, just being real.

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