Man Dies At Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey Bar

drunken monkey

According to multiple news outlets,  Drunken Monkey regular, Abdoul Cisse, was trying to help a bouncer break up a fight when he was punched in the face and knocked onto the concrete side walk outside the bar, cracking his skull.  Two are three young men were brawling and fled the scene according to police. It is believed that Cisse died instantly.  When the police responded a 3:40 am he was pronounced dead at the scene. He was either 46 or 47 depending on who is reporting.

Bin Ang released the following  statement on twitter, “A horrific tragedy occurred outside of the drunken monkey last night. My heart is broken by the tragic and senseless loss. He was not just a customer, but a gentle giant that I loved. I personally share my heartfelt condolences to his loved ones, and we too are feeling this loss in our drunken monkey family.”



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10 responses to “Man Dies At Big Ang’s Drunken Monkey Bar

  1. 3:40 AM? Wow, don’t they have to ever close?

  2. Riley

    Senseless deaths are usually a little bit harder to deal with. None of us are guaranteed a long life. I’m sure Cat can speak to this. Some get that wonderful chance to fight for their lives…some don’t see it coming and in a second are gone….with no chance. Truly very sad.
    Again Cat congrats. Your survival still deserves to be celebrated.

  3. Riley

    Oh BTW…does anyone have an update on Tracy Morgan?

  4. I bet big ang is a mess. She seems like someone who would take this kind of thing really hard.

  5. I hope Big Ang has lots of insurance. She’s gonna need it.

  6. Twilly

    People dont realize that very serious consequences can result from fighting. Its not cool. I know a woman who had the same thing happen to her husband and it was awful. Sad for those who knew this man :(

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