Ken Todd in Beverly Hills Courtroom To Defend Villa Blanca’s Employee Practices

Lisa Vanderpump Still Not Signed to RHOBH Season 3

It’s really getting hard for me to keep up with all of the legal battles involving Real Housewives participants. Somehow this week’s case against, Ken, Lisa and Michael Govia, the assistant manager at Villa Blanca, just slipped my mind. Here is what you missed.

Back in August of 2012, a waitress named Karina Bustillos claimed she was sexually harassed by Michael on numerous occasions during her employment at Villa Blanca. Specifically, she states he told her to close her eyes, she did and when she opened them his tongue was sticking out of his mouth very close to her face. He also grabbed her by her wrists on more than one occasion. He called her a bitch and a cunt after she said something to management.  And that is pretty  much her whole case. She would like $5 million, please and thank you.

Lisa I don't want to hear it

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TMZ reported that Lisa offered the girl $40k just to go away, but apparently she didn’t take it because the trial began last week. First on the stand was Karina who reportedly glared at Ken and Michael throughout her testimony according to BHCourier. :

“Just because you’re famous and wealthy … you cannot hide the truth to save your image,”  Bustillos said. “I want you guys to know that.” Bustillos said many women say little against their harassers because they want to keep their jobs.

“I think they don’t stand up because they’re scared to do what is right,” she said. “It’s so hard to get a job right now. I’m so tired of people having to go through that. Women should not be assaulted or touched.”

Bustillos maintains the most serious incidents occurred in April 2012, when Govia allegedly tried to kiss her at work, and four months later, when she maintains he grabbed her wrists and twisted them. She said he had taken hold of her wrists about 10 times before, but that this incident was the most serious.She said she begged Govia to release her wrists, but he replied, “I’m the manager and I can do whatever I want.” SOURCE

Thanks ladies and gents is the girls whole case. The rest of the quotes from the article were about how women are afraid to come forward, how she is empowering women everywhere, how abuse against women is a terrible thing, and….that rich people can’t get away with it. She also said that no one wanted to come forward on her behalf because they wanted to film for Housewives. Karina, an aspiring actress, claimed she tried to avoid being filmed. Umhmmmm

Ken Todd also testified this week saying he thought the whole issue was resolved back in 2012 and had no idea about the lawsuit until he read about it on TMZ recently. He says his GM,  Andrew Morrison had resolved the case shortly after it was reported to him. There were no other employees who could substantiate her claims, nothing on the surveillance video and no signs of injury. He was told by Morrison that the incident was investigated and found to be unsubstantiated.

In other testimony, Scheana Marie, a cast member of the “Housewives” Bravo spinoff “Vanderpump Rules” and also a server at Villa Blanca, told jurors that she and Bustillos were once friends and car-pooled together to work. However, she said she never saw Govia mistreat the plaintiff or anyone else at the restaurant.

Marie said she was present at the restaurant the day Bustillos maintains Govia grabbed her wrists. She testified that Bustillos was “in a bad mood” and “wanted to get out of there.” However, Bustillos never said anything about what she alleged Govia had done to her. She said she was not appreciative of her colleague’s demeanor.

“You don’t treat your friends that way,” the 29-year-old Marie said. “I know she was pissed off that day, but she pissed me off.” SOURCE

Always the picture of decorum and intellect that Scheana Marie. Another male server that worked with Karina at the time said he was shocked and that the story did not make sense because it would be out of character for the accused harasser.  Next, the police officer that took her statement said she noticed no injuries on Karina, who stated that “her wrists were sore.”  Karina did not want to press charges, she was merely making a record of the event. And by making a record of the event means planning to file a multi-million dollar civil suit against Lisa and Ken.

Lisa is apparently not being required to testify but her video deposition may be played in court next week. Ken is expected to testify again next week.

So is this another one of those times where we are always required to believe the self-proclaimed victim? Or are we allowed to call bullshit on this one?


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53 responses to “Ken Todd in Beverly Hills Courtroom To Defend Villa Blanca’s Employee Practices

  1. Micheal

    I think it’s ok to call bullshit here. Especially with the ‘I’m an up and coming actress who avoided filming for a successful reality tv show’. That makes no sense at all. Also the amount she wants is crazy high fot a wrist grab in my opinion.

  2. Valerie

    Bullshit, says I. Sorry for anyone who is truly harassed, but this is not one I believe.

  3. Shellbelle


  4. Great write up TT, interesting.
    She should have taken the $40,000 because she won’t work in a high end restaurant in LA again.
    Poor career planning.

  5. I believe the described incidents happened…just not that it was harassment.

    • Marilyn

      But if you believe her the manager (her boss) is twisting her wrists or trying to kiss her (unwanted sexual contact) it sounds like a hostile work environment.

      • Spoken like someone who has never worked in a restaurant or even watched Pump rules. Restaurants are one big incestuous family. Everyone does everyone, everyone knows ever thing that happens. Not even Scheana, the girl she carpooled with was aware of anything going on? No way. Scheana may be lying in court to keep her Bravo gig, but the other employees who were all interviewed and said nothing like that was going on, can’t all be lying.

        Bitch wants a payday.

        Restaurant employees are like a mini seventh grade. Everyone is sexually inappropriate all the time. And if you google the picture of the girl making the claims… she’s not exactly a southern Baptist clutching her pearls at the debauchery. ​

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 1:32 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        I’m sorry, but I worked in a restaurant and it wasn’t anything like that

      • Valerie

        I can’t speak to Denny’s or IHOP but years ago when Liberace had his restaurant here in Vegas, my husband was a waiter there for a few years. It was crazy town. The chef (Ole) asked Liberace how he enjoyed his meal and L said and I quote as my husband was his waiter that night and heard with his own little ears, “It was delicious, but I won’t be able to have sex for a month because I burnt the roof of my mouth.” Hilarity ensued. The bartenders, chefs, cocktail waitresses, waiters, and busboys were in an atmosphere unlike most other work environments, sex was everywhere.

      • Ace

        Over the course of my life I’ve worked in everything from hash-house diners to taverns and fine restaurants, going between waitress (we were waitresses back then) and hostess. Now while there was always plenty of bad language never, and I mean never, did I have to put up with nor did any of my co-workers ever have to put up with getting physically grabbed by anyone. And this was when your garden variety sexual harassment was something you put up and shut-upped about. But to suggest that physical manhandling should be acceptable/accepted as business as usual is ridiculous.

      • For the record, I never said anything about “manhandling.” What I said was that all the staff is sleeping together in all of those restaurants. ​

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 11:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  6. Forgot to ask…is that Taylor Armstrong trailing behind them?

    • Sigh, the pictures I post are from Bravo sites, not from Paparazzi or at the court room. Lisa was not even at the courtroom. This is an old picture from Bravo upfronts years ago which has Ken and Lisa in it.

      What is it with you guys and the pictures lately?

      • Micheal

        Words too confusing…needs pictures to better inform the picture book readers amongst us!

        Im mearly being facetious ;).

      • I know my stuff gets stolen here all the time, and plenty of other sites with either buy or steal the Daily Mail pics, but I don’t steal, or afford to pay for pictures when I can just link you to them and talk here.
        I post pictures from Bravo’s media site, Twitter, Instagram and other free media sites.

        I’m just one cranky fat chick on the couch, I don’t have a budget for photos.

  7. SB

    Sounds like she has a real case!

    • Did you mean to type that she is a real headcase? Because if so, I agree! ​

      On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 12:12 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Marilyn

        The manager does sound like a jerk – EEO reps often tell employees to document discrimination and harassment incidents to establish a pattern. I think I read an earlier story here on TT that said she reported it to Lisa and or Ken and they did nothing. If she report him to Ken and Lisa or whoever was in charge and they did nothing – what were her options? To me it’s hard to say what something like that is worth 5 million or 40,000 or 10.00 If the incidents she described really happened people do have a right to go to work without having their wrists twisted or tongues thrust in their faces.

      • As this article stated, she reported it to the manager Andrew whatshisname who investigated and informed Ken that the situation was resolved and there was no proof that it happened.

        I don’t doubt the guy probably said “I’m the manager and can do what I want” but not in relations to “twisting her (uninjured) wrists.” ​

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 1:28 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Micheal

        Is there any chance this is part of a storyline for the new season of Vanderpump Rules or does this person really think they are a role model for harrassed/abused women? I’m not sure which scenario is worse :/.

      • ​The suit was filed in 2012 when she was clearly NOT selected to be on any of the RHOBH filming…that had to be a blow to her overly inflated ego.

        I’m not saying sexually inappropriate shit didn’t happen. But, it’s par for the course when a bunch of 20 somethings work together at the Sizzler (um so I hear) let alone when everyone is a wanna be mactor.

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 2:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. O.O

    Yeah ,I don’t believe her. She should of taken the 40k. Men who really assault women get off scott free more often than not so I’m not sure why she thinks she can win this , she must be very pretty. Pretty women always think that their looks can move mountains .

  9. I worked in restaurants for 8 years and loved it. Made great money, worked hard with great people. It would be difficult, not impossible to harass one waitress without one other employee seeing something.
    The twisting of wrists just sounds like a untruth.
    The tongue incident maybe but that sounds like a restaurant joke. Yes, jokes in a restaurant can get raunchy. He did not lick her so I’m unsure of the harassment.
    To me, if that is all she has and it’s her word only, she did not tell the other employees then I don’t think she has a case.
    The biggest item for me is her not sharing the alleged abuse with any of the other girls.

    • Marilyn

      Well I’ve never worked in a restaurant -just to be devils advocate maybe the other wait staff (if they saw something) didn’t say anything because they didn’t want to lose their jobs or maybe the girl is not well liked so nobody cares or is willing to risk anything for her. I mean look at the way the cast members of RHOA treat Kenya. And as TT stated she reported the incidences to a manager – who is the appropriate person to report it too not her co-workers. I don’t know if this really happened so I say let her have her day in court.

      • A total waste of taxpayer money – this court case. So she has her day in court. You get to pay for it. Let’s hope the owners of the restaurant do NOT have to pay for it.

  10. Dana

    I will just say that a reality show approached my job in Hollywood. Most of us are aspiring something’s & a couple girls can’t speak to producers abt being on the show. Their agents won’t allow it. It’s valid. Reality shows are not suitable for all actresses. ESP when you still have a chance at an actual career.

  11. MicroOp

    I don’t know if it is bullshit, but $5 million is a ridiculous amount. I think $40,000 was a generous settlement offer.

  12. Guccinara

    For a 5 mil pay cheque u can grab my wrists all day long. Nobody shud feel uncomfortable and harassed at work no matter what they do, but trying to make a disproportionate profit from it is pretty disgusting too. Her greed just discredits the whole case. Her agent and publicist will just have to come up with another plan.

  13. Why would you close your eyes if your manager told you to?

    • Valerie

      I thought the same thing. If someone is really a creep and is sexually harassing you and he tells you to close your eyes, wouldn’t the proper answer be, “Get the fuck away from me…I don’t close my eyes for anybody.”

    • Because you are twenty somethings being silly at work?​

      On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 10:58 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Right. If you’re being silly at work you don’t get to sue someone.

      • How old is the defendant anyhow? Because that makes a HUGE difference. Is he a 20 something too?

      • Why the f is taylor armstrong there? }omg tjat biotch is nutty she is gonna be on the WE channel having david tutera.plan her wedding.

      • ​Oh for fucksake, really?

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        snort. you need disclaimers or dates now on the pics…

      • ​The disclaimer is I can’t afford to BUY pictures so I LINK you to the pictures in the post and then put up bravo, twitter, instagram photos here.

        This is not news. Did y’all think the topless picture of Joe Giudice was taken in the courtroom too? I had no idea this required explanation.

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 5:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        Seriously, I was just shaking my head in amazement. You DON’T need dates or disclaimers! Your “Oh for fucksake, really?” made me laugh.

      • ​There has been more than one person this week who decided to explain to me that my pics were not of the event. It’s become “a thing”. :)

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 5:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. Cat

    Oh my gosh, there is so much I want to say about this, but I don’t want to write a book here. Remember the comment in the other post about “indian burns”? I was “attacked” by a manager at Disney, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it. She was verbally abusive, and when I tried to leave, she grabbed my wrist. I twisted to get out of her hold and hurt my wrist. But I went to the doctor right away, while the wrist was still inflamed. I didn’t sue. It was paid as a worker’s comp injury.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t believe this one.

  15. She shoulda took the forty k

  16. DD7

    Any new information on the cast of RhoA according to aFox 5 talk show the entire cast will be returning as of June 3rd.

  17. Will anyone, someone WEALTHY please stick your tongue out at me. If you lick me while I have it photographed would be even better. Pretty Please, I Need Cash.

  18. Well, just because I’m nosey and I can. I went back to her twitter all the way to Aug 2012 and not one tweet that would make you think she was harassed or upset, or even had a bad day. Pretty much the same posts as yesterday’s. Idk seemed kinda weird.not necessarily saying put your business out there, but most when something like that happens you at least put a :( on there.

  19. I need to call my boss in the morning and tell him I’d be willing to have my wrists twisted and have a tongue stuck out at me for 40K.

  20. wikunia

    Lisa Vanderpump just tweeted that the manager of Villa Blanca was vindicated by the jury unanimously.

  21. Spilledperfume

    I realize that this is on old post but I would have taken the 40k and been on my way.

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