Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Reap: Ring of Fire


All the cast mates are really irritated with Tanisha and Clive and their constant bickering. Traci had a “breakfast vodka.” There only breakfast vodka is a Bloody Mary, Traci. It seems that the reason that Clive can deal with Tanisha is because he is deaf. Like deaf, for real.

The couples all have to select magazines with a relationship issue on the front.  I don’t usually comment negatively about people’s appearance but Kevin is sort of scary looking.  Trista and Ryan seem to have the most trouble identifying their issues. Tanisha and Clive take every possible issue. Roger wants everyone to know that Jwoww won’t sleep with him.

Tanisha and Clive have a very loud argument that was headed toward being physical. Ryan steps in to calm things down. I thought that was weird. The two therapists, Elizabeth and Jim, show up to speak with them. Tanisha admits she doesn’t love Clive. Clive thinks his hearing loss is why Tanisha doesn’t love him. Marriage boot camp ring of fire

The couples take their basket of issues out to the ring of fire. Each issue gets assigned to one partner or the other and added to their fire. Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds. Gretchen has most of the issues, and she accepts them. But Slade doesn’t want to accept his issues, like having children and money. Trista and Ryan have few issues. Traci and Kevin are both claiming their issues. When infidelity comes up and Traci says both of us, it seems like Kevin is hearing this for the first time.

Lots of commercials for David Tutera’s new show, Celebrations.  This show looks fantastic. So far we have seen commercials for Taylor Armstrong and Jwoww’s wedding. It premieres in August. Don’t let me forget about it. I tend to forget We is even there.  They are killing me with that Papa John’s greek pizza.

Back in the ring of fire, Kevin and Traci discuss their infidelities. Jim tells them they have to get past it. Jenni and Roger are up next.  Jenni takes a lot of the issues for herself. Roger takes intimacy and resentment. Jenni has apparently lied to Roger a lot during their early relationship and he still has a lot of resentment. Tanisha and Clive enter the ring of fire. Clive says Tanisha cannot be faithful. She takes the infidelity issue,  the both take fighting,  The fire is getting hot and they have 23 issues left. Tanisha is losing her mind. Clive switches spots with Tanisha because the fire is so hot. Awww.  The point of the stupid exercise was that the issues belonged to both of them.

Is there no heat in that house? The girls are wearing coats and snuggling under blankets inside. Ryan seems a bit overly involved in the other couples issues.  I feel bad for saying Kevin looked scary before. He looked kinda cute in the kitchen with Traci. Maybe he just as a scary “mad face.”

Evaluations: Gretchen and Slade go first. Before the shrinks can talk Gretchen says that Tanisha and Clive’s screaming is really effecting her.  The shrinks say something is not adding up with them. Liz tells Gretchen that she wants financial security and children, and Slade is not willing to provide either one. Jim hints that the relationship may be all for show. Trista and Ryan are told that while they will probably grow old together, they have stopped growing together emotionally.  Traci and Kevin need to let go of resentments over their infidelities. They need to stop getting back at each other. Jenni and Roger are told that Roger needs to let go of resentments. Roger says the lying continues so that will be difficult. Tanisha and Clive are told that Tanisha needs to work on self-control, but they did a great job in the ring of fire.











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33 responses to “Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Reap: Ring of Fire

  1. Cat

    Gretchen is openly fake in this show, moreso than usual. And Slade is a bad actor. I think they are just roommates collecting on their reality shows, not lovers.

  2. Jacque

    I am so looking forward to David Tutara’s new show too!

  3. O.O

    Sigh! This week grechen made me tired,she’s more than annoying and can’t be as stupid as she pretending to be . Is this porsha all over again ?How in the world did she not view slade getting a vacetomy as him not ever wanting to have children again in life??? Why would a thinking person want to have children with a man with no job??? And is in no hurry to get one .If your spouse had a job and lost it , That’s one thing ,but to go in knowing that this man has made dating a housewife on each season his job is stupid ( I wish there were a better word )

    • MicroOp

      If Gretchen decides to bring a child into this world with Slade as the father then that will wipe out the teeny weeny bit of remaining respect and sympathy for her.

    • lori

      Well, the only thing I can say in Gretchen’s defense about the vasectomy thing is that earlier in the episode Slade clearly stated that the only reason he got it was that the woman he was with at the time could not have any more children (maybe due to health issues or money? IDK), but he said that that was the easiest way to make sure that she doesn’t become pregnant. So if that’s what he had told Gretchen, then I can see her not seeing it that way. It makes me think maybe he was not honest about actually not wanting any more children.

      • Plenty of men get vascetomys in one relationship and then want to have kids with the next chick… it happens.​

        On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 12:45 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        If the woman he was with couldn’t have anymore children , he didn’t have to have a vasectomy, that makes no sense . If a man has that procedure he definitely doesn’t want anymore children .just like if a woman ties or burns her tubes she is clearly saying . I do not want anymore children .
        Actions speak louder than words .

      • Cat

        I understand the part about him having the vasectomy when his partner couldn’t have kids. It just shows he wanted to be sure, because he really didn’t want any.

        My ex and I did the same thing before we got married. We both had our surgeries 3 days apart, because we really did NOT want to have children, and we wanted the odds in our favor that it would never happen.

    • mm in oc

      Hello! Women make these stupid choices all the time. Women always think they can fix a man, change his mind, etc. It doesn’t work. He is what he is and no amount of brow beating will change it.

  4. lori

    So far this Marriage Bootcamp SUCKS compared to the Bridezilla ones. I think it’s because of Tanisha. I don’t know if I can take any more of having to hear her BIG, LOUD mouth. I couldn’t stand her on Bad Girls, and I can’t stand her here. I think she goes in extra just to get attention and camera time. If it continues like this I’m not going to be able to watch.

    My favorite couple on this show is Jenny and Roger. I have watched them since the beginning from Jersey shore, as well as every other spin off they were on. I feel like I’m familiar with their issues due to seeing a lot of it on the other shows. I have not given Tanisha a thought since BGC, and I had no idea she was even married. I don’t know a thing about that Braxton sister is, or her husband. Gretchen and Slade I could give two shits about, and Ryan and Trista shouldn’t even be on this show. They are going to be a snoozefest. If Jenny and Roger weren’t on, I wouldn’t even be giving it another chance at this point. Very disappointed. Stick to the Bridezillas. Even though I knew nothing about them, those shows were highly entertaining and funny.

    • am i the only person in the world who can’t stand men w heavily plucked/contoured eyebrows? they look so girly to me.

    • Kelli

      So…because you don’t know or care to know about anyone but JWoww and Roger the show sucks. Don’t watch or educate yourself on the cast.

      • lori

        Yes, so far it sucks. I don’t need to “educate” myself on the cast. I didn’t know any of the Bridezillas and it was a great show. I said the only reason I am still going to give it a chance is because I like Jenny and Roger.

        If you don’t like my comment, then ignore it.

      • lori

        And FYI, I didn’t day I didn’t know ANY of the cast.

  5. Gravlax

    The more I watch this, the more I feel like Clive needs to be in a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. Tanisha is shoving him around, blaming his hearing loss for being a burden like it was a personal choice that Clive made. Then Tanisha turns back on the charm in front of the other cast members. She’s shameless and no one cares. At what point is there going to be a real intervention between Tanisha and Clive?

    • mina

      Yeah, what is Tanishas deal, anyway? I wd love to see them break her armour down.

    • O.O

      @gravlax An intervention will take place when he finally knocks her out

      • Gravlax

        It shouldn’t come to that. If Clive does ever hit her, he’s the villain forever regardless of context. Someone needs to get him alone and open his eyes that Tanisha is a monster.

    • Manic Mondays

      They filmed a couple of episode when they were getting married on the same network Bad Girls Club gets filmed on. From then he looked a fool for being with her. He said something to the affect that he can deal with her attitude because many women he was raised around acts the way she does. He probably thinks this is normal for a woman to talk to you like a child, be strong in their wrong then smooth things over by being nice.

  6. zxtry

    I just have to say that Gretchen and Slade were total phonies on RH and they are pathetic on this. I’m sure others can see that they are going to try to sell their stupidity on every reality show! That way, as long as producers can be sucked in, Slade never has to get a job. UGH.

    • Cat

      Yep. They will “save” their “relationship” on this show, then comes the wedding show, then the baby show, then the divorce show. Ugh.

  7. Thanks for recapping this mess TT. I just can’t with anything Slade, but do enjoy reading of his miserable famewhore life in the recap and the comments. I find him to be the most despicable of all reality.

  8. I thought it was sweet of Ryan to try and step in because it may have come to a fist fight between Taneisha and Clive. I felt that the directors should have been the ones entering the room, but they were nowhere to be found until after Ryan stepped in. I find the show entertaining. I am use to Taneisha loud mouth from previous shows. To me Gretchen is trying to give advice as if she is the counselor and she needs to have a seat. I thought the revelation that she is dating a man who has had a vasectomy who clearly doesn’t want any more children and she want a child with him, was brilliant. Who dates a guy with no money, no job and a vasectomy and you want him to support you and you want a child, not to smart. Thanks for the recap TT!

    • Umkay

      When Gretchen said the arguing with Tanish and Clive mad her sad I literally laughed out loud. So you mean to tell me, all those seasons on RHOC and Vicki G screaming in your face, you can’t take this show? The thing that rubs me the raw about her and Slade is the fact that they are on marriage boot camp and they aren’t married, but they are trying to tell REAL married folks how to act. She is not the white Oprah, she just nosey and messy! In the words of my granny “Sat down somewhere and be about your own business Gretchen.”

  9. mina

    I swear, TT, if Gretchen said she was the white Oprah one more time… she is even more vapid on here than on RH!! She is mad at Slade for thinking they should get married before having babies. Marriage… before babies.. imagine that. Tanisha was tripping!! How does Clive deal with all that hollering and hitting? What is she so mad at? Blanking all the time! Maybe thats why his ass is deaf lol. Ryan and Trista seem to be committed to being married even though aren’t really in there. And what happened to Jwow’s face???? She is hardly recognizable anymore. She looks swollen and like she is caught in the diva fan on Wendy Williams from back when her show first came on. Chile…

  10. I’ve forgotten to watch this show or DVR it so far but I just DVR’ed it.

    Geez.. Quit being so bitching at Gretchen everyone. I don’t think she is as near the horrid people that Tamra Barney & Vicki Ginvalson were/are, so I can give her a pass for a few years. I miss her on RHOC…

    • Btw… I’ve drank too much so excuse my bad grammar & misspelled words…

      But I still like Gretchen & Slade.. They are no more fake than Tamra & Vicky & Heather…. And Gretchen wasn’t a mean girl like the other beotches…

    • ​Might as well record Mystery Millionaire too. It comes on right after and it’s Friday night…

      On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 1:50 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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