E! To Premeire New Reality Show, Botched, With Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow

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Neither Terry Dubrow or Paul Nassif are strangers to reality TV. In addition to their participation in the Real Housewives franchise, both have previously been on reality shows about plastic surgery. This will be Paul’s fifth plastic surgery show and Terry’s third. I can’t believe it has been ten years since the train wreck known as  The Swan was on.  If you were fortunate enough not to see that show, a dozen or so girls were recruited to vie for the chance to get every plastic surgery known to man. The unfortunate looking women would stand on national TV in their underwear while Terry would take a black marker and point out every less than perfect part of their body by encircling them ugly black circles. The lucky girls would then have a dozen or so surgeries at once that entirely changed their appearance. After weeks of recuperation and intensive psychiatric care, the young woman would be dressed up and made up before her new appearance was revealed to her in front a full length mirror. Despite a lot of negative publicity for doing so many surgeries at once, the wait time for surgery with Terry doubled after his appearance on the show.

Paul has down numerous shows as well, thankfully I haven’t seen any of them. I believe Pamela Anderson was on one of the shows, but I’m not sure if he was actually her physician.rhoocheatherterry

Last April at NBC-Universal’s Summer Press Terry teased the media about one of his more difficult patients on the show, Janice Dickinson. Here is what he had to say of the challenges he faced.

“If you look at previous paparazzi photos of Janice, she has had plastic surgery on her chest that hasn’t really worked out very well. You can really sort of see a lot of what we call rippling after breast augmentation. And she’s a very thin-skinned, very low body fat, super model. So she had multiple previous surgeries, so the challenge for her was to try to fix her breasts in a way that would allow her to walk the red carpet and not be made fun of.”

Shockingly, it was not just the surgery itself that was difficult. I mean, have you seen Janice?

“One, anatomically, it was very difficult because of her body structure and two, Janice was very difficult. If you watch the program, you’re going to get a real dose like I did, like we did, of Janice Dickinson. I mean we were ‘Janice’d’ to the extreme. And unfortunately, some of the things I was very concerned about with Janice emotionally came to fruition. You’ve got to watch it. I had a couple of tough nights taking care of Janice Dickinson, I can tell you!”

Botched! was originally schedule to premiere in September; however, Heather tweeted yesterday that the show has a new premiere date of Tuesday, June 24 at 9 p.m on E!  Speaking of Heather, she is currently working on a show called Sequestered, it’s a legal thriller about a jury who is sequestered to deliberate a case with major, national implications. That sounds interesting!  By the way, yesterday was Heather and Terry’s fifteenth wedding anniversary.

Will you be watching Botched! ?


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47 responses to “E! To Premeire New Reality Show, Botched, With Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow

  1. Jacque

    Kinda sounds interesting, but I am not sure I’ll watch yet…

  2. Riley

    You betcha I’ll be watching. That Janice Dickerson, there are many words to describe ole Janice. I wouldn’t know where to start. It’ll be fun watching her work on every last nerve of Terry and Paul. He he he he he…..can’t wait!!!!

  3. Katrina

    I would like to see that show. I hope it works out for her. I used to watch Janice’s modeling show.
    I remember Paul from 90210 and he had a solo show named Dr M or something. One of the episodes was him planning to buy a house with Adrian.

  4. I might check out Botched! I remember The Swan, I just didn’t remember the detail of Terry being the surgeon. I also remember Paul on Dr 90210. He was good.

    • i watched the swan & dont remember terry being on it either. it was such a downer. does anyone remember his attitude while he was marking up their flaws? i dont remember at all. just remember how unhappy they were.
      i loved the janice dickinson modeling agency. but she was a bit hyper/annoying on Pretty Hurts, if you’ve watched that one (injections)

  5. getreal2014

    Won’t be watching. Enough reality shows for me already. Plus, both of them are as exciting as watching grass grow.

  6. SB

    I will give it a go. I like Terry.

  7. Wallace

    Wow, Tamara, I had no clue that Terry was the surgeon on The Swan. That was such a train wreck and it felt more demeaning and cruel than almost anything else I can remember. Breaking those people down about their looks and then having them compete so you can tell them they are still not good enough … makes me hurt for them still.

    I hope the new show has a more positive spin.

  8. lori

    I will definitely be watching! (And I liked The Swan.) I didn’t realize that Terry was one of the doctors.

  9. Brewhaha

    Paul (and Adrienne) was on dr 90210, which I loved. He was a supporting cast member.

  10. Cat

    Wow, I haven’t seen ANY of the shows you mentioned, and I’m a true tv addict! Where was I?

    I don’t know if I will watch this show. I’ve seen Janice on other shows, and it got tiring. I might watch….or not. Depends on what else is on.

  11. I :LOVED The Swan and remember Terry from that show. I also remember Dr. 90210 and Paul being on that show, LOL!!!! Needless to say I will be watching…..

  12. I may watch as a form of prevention. lol

    • O.O

      @katmir. Really you would never have work done ?

      • ​Not that long ago, I was walking Banjo at night and was talking to my neighbors, actually their teenaged kids. I was telling them that Banjo needed to be walked more but I couldn’t do it, one of the boys offered to take him for a walk. I stood on the front stoop in the dark talking with them. It seemed to take forever for the dog and walker to return. I was getting nervous. I stepped of the brick stoop to the side stairs. My house has side stairs theirs go down the front, and I went down hard and landed flat on my face. Off to the ER. Fractured my nose. This was back when I still had insurance. My first thought was YAY free nose job!

        But in actuality, I have never had any surgery or been under general anesthesia. I chickened out and to this day am still rocking the bump/scar on my nose.

        I would never have surgery of any kind unless I absolutely had too. Plus, my face is ME. I can’t imagine getting surgery that would make me look like someone else.

        If I was forced at gunpoint to get a cosmetic procedure, I’d want a boob lift. Just to raise everything up, realign the headlights and do a bit of a reduction. :)

        On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 12:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • i need to find a way to injure my chin so insurance covers it (soft chin even when i was super skinny/fit)!

      • Oh when I say prevention, I mean to scare me from doing something unnecessary. I had a very small procedure a couple years ago and it was terrifying. What they make you sign off on before doing it could make you turn around and say forget it. I don’t know how these celebs go through all that work. There are all kinds of possible things that often happen that you have to live with afterwards. I would NEVER want to look like those celebrities who don’t look any younger they just look weird and desperate and scared and to me older. I got my fat pockets removed from under my eyes and it didn’t even require stitches and it was an amazing result. I always had puffy eyes and after the procedure they were completely gone. They cut the inside part of the lower lid, not the outside. It closes right back up on its own without any stitches. Some people get the outer lid cut to remove some skin if you have loose skin there, but that requires stitches on the outside. I didn’t do that. I just got the fat pockets removed and it was an amazing result. No more bags or shadow under my eyes. So something like that really made a difference but didn’t change my face. I really don’t want my face cut. I’ll just keep up the workouts and eat organic and see what happens.

      • Cat

        I have a year to decide whether or not I want reconstructive surgery after this mastectomy. If I do it, they will create a new breast from abdominal muscle, then adjust the remaining breast to match the new one. At first, this sounded great. Now, I just don’t know if I want to do it. All I can think of is the recovery period and the pain. I’m just not sure it will be worth it.

        I’m happy with who I am. And I see my scars as battle scars. I earned them. I don’t feel the need to impress anyone with looks. If they don’t like it, they can look somewhere else.

      • ​Is that a “tram”, cat? Don’t they do everything at the same time as the mastectomy? I understand that would be a hard choice….

        On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        They said I have to wait a year because of the radiation therapy. It toughens the skin and makes recovery harder/longer. (That area right now is pretty cooked…well done.) If I did not have the radiation, they could have done reconstruction the same time as the mastectomy. It all depends on the extent of the cancer, and the treatments they prescribe. Everyone is different.

      • Cat

        Oh, and yes, that is a TRAM procedure. My other option is a simple saline implant. But I’ve heard a lot of bad things about those. The TRAM seems more “natural”, if that makes sense.

      • Yeah, it’s a hard choice between the two surgeries and nothing at all for the people I know in your situation. You have plenty of time to decide.​

        On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 12:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. O.O

    Yeah I’ll give it a go.

  14. terry macon

    Yes I will watch for sure I love Terry and Paul. Will they give a senior a discount.LOL

  15. ClassyLady80

    I saw an episode or two of The Swan. I don’t remember Terry, but I really like him on RHOOC, so I think I’ll watch Botched. I really like Paul too. Those guys have really funny and light hearted personalities, which is awesome since most doctors I know personally are utter a-holes.

  16. Me too, I will watch. I will have a few procedures done when I can afford them. I find aging liberating in many ways but I’ve no desire to be a wrinkly old lady.

  17. LisaLisa

    Why oh why does Bravo keep giving people shows who were on previous shows?? I know the answer: CASH COW, but they give everybody a spin-off and on and on it goes. What number are they up to now? One hundred? Every time I turn on the TV, they’re advertising a new show.

    TT, I agree with you about plastic surgery, but I sure would love to have “my girls” back where they started. LOL They don’t need to be bigger, just higher. I know with all the new tech they have today, things are safer and better, but still I think is going under worth my life or being so botched that these doctors can’t even fix it?

  18. LisaLisa

    oops! I meant reality TV in general. Not just Bravo.

  19. As I sit here, a week out, recovering from my 3rd (2nd in 6mos) hip replacement surgery I can say I would never have “plastic” surgery. I’d never want to go through the pain that I have to go through to have a needed operation. Not even a boob lift/job would be worth it. That said, if someone else wants to then by all means go for it.

    • Jesus, we are all falling apart! Feel better soon, Karma.​

      On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 7:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Cat

      My goodness! Karma, hope you have a quick recovery!

    • Cat

      TT, your blog seems to be very theraputic, for some reason. You are doing more than reporting celebrity news. You are helping people recover. Thank you.

      • Valerie

        Karma, feel better soon. Cat, same goes. I can certainly understand why you would be considering plastic surgery Cat in your situation. What I can’t understand is when these ladies get their lips done and they end up looking like the joker. Why can’t they just get the same lip size they had when they were 19, which fits their face. Instead they get these Angelina Jolie lips that look ridiculously unnatural.

        I liked Paul, and Angie is just crazy enough to be entertaining so I will watch.

  20. Kurt Remark

    Talk about “botched”! Terry is responsible for Tara Reid.

  21. vonnie

    I watched this today on E and I LOVED it. Real reality TV for a change. Shade-the woman with the nose who says she’s 40 but the doctors are confused cause her bone cartilage is older. The crazy gay guy with WAYYYYY to much work including butt implants, the uniboob woman. Oh yeah. .I’m in for sure!

  22. I’ll definitely be watching, also want to get on the show after having Ludwig’s angina. I feel I have to fix what they have done wrong to me. I just want to be me again.. These two doctors, who I have heard of many times before happen to be the best in the buisness

    • Oh by the way, I can’t get enough of the show, and absolutely am depending upon these doctors fixing the scars on my nack and under my chin, it looks like I have had my throat slit from ear to ear. This was not actually from plastic surgery but from bad surgeons doing emergency surgery to save my life, all they did was make me miserable. I was left with horrifically ugly scarring and they placed my skin back in the wrong places.

  23. aracelis duran

    I started watching the show and I love it, there was a guest on the show that had the same issue that I’m currently facing. I’m interested in getting a revision of the botched surgery I had. Please help me I’m desperate.

  24. stacie

    Already watched a show & it’s hilarious & interesting. I will definitely be watching this series!!

  25. Alexus

    I would love to be on the show . to fix my face,breast butt

  26. violet

    If you get surgery on reality tv , is the surgery free ?

  27. carol

    I LOVE both Dr’s. I think terry and Paul they are so funny! But! Also they are very compassionate.

    Who would have know that one of the best tv show would come out of the housewives of beverly hills ( dr Dubrow.

    I like how he is also not plastic looking. So of these Dr. Look like a messed up patience but Dr. Dubrow looks normal. Also he isn’t condescending. Anyway- good thoughts to you and stay kind!!!!.

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