Kroy Biermann Takes The Field Again!

Kroy Biermann


Kroy Biermann sadly blew out his right Achilles  last season and went out on injured reserve. After undergoing surgery, Kroy was hitting the practice fields today HARD. This is great news for the Falcons as Kroy was an integral part of the team. Kroy has undergone extensive therapy and had an entire therapeutic gym in his new luxurious  house. I am sure we will see all of his rehab on the upcoming season three of Kim’s Bravo show. What was it called again? Oh yes, don’t be tardy for the football field, Kroy!  The Falcons need you!

Falcon’s coach, Mike Smith,  says Kroy is ” Looking outstanding!” He was just on the local news raving about Kroy’s recovery. It looks like Kim can breathe a sign of relief as their six kids still have their real money maker.

Remember last season when Kim said she would come back because she wasn’t pregnant? Well now, unlike Sheree  and her never ending building process , Kim’s house is done. And there is a peach or two  to be taken….just saying…

P.S. Kroy wears the contacts to intimidate his opponents


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50 responses to “Kroy Biermann Takes The Field Again!

  1. Katrina

    I am glad Kroy is back on the field!

    • Katrina it won’t make a difference because the Falcons are not going anywhere. We will see if Kroy is the man he was before his injury. I doubt it. I like Kroy, but he has more Atheletes Sperm than stamina on the field.

      • RVA

        Dear Lord! I just cracked up at Athlete’s Sperm.

      • momoffourkids

        I agree with dionte08. Kroy seems like a decent enough man, tho a bit strange to fall for Kim and take on her near adult kids when chances of this lasting are few, He was an ok player but sure not a star and one that will play many years. I love the athletes sperm reference.

      • I totally agree with you, I think they are just a little to optomistic. When the owner is out and praising an injured player like he is doing it’s a double edged sword. He’s making sure that one he put Kroy in a position that he can’t baby and have to go over 100% in order to please the fans and the boss. And two, if they have to cut him it won’t be so bad when he fails peoples to optomistic expectations. I have to tell you that injury he has is usually a career killer. He’s going to baby that and they will see it on the field and practice. I wish this guy no bad will because it’s an injury, but from my own experience and others he has to know and others told him behind closed doors that we will see if your up to snuff, if not your cut.

      • Oh by the way momoffourkids, the reason why Kroy fell for Kim is elementary. You see Kim is an old pro in the UTR escorting business (under the radar). Usually those women who need to keep a man with money (money not necessarily a sports player but big money in the hundreds of millions) they have to do real dirty things in bed. And since Kim wasn’t getting those calls from her “friends” anymore because she got older and have 2 kids (what rich man would want an over 30 UTR escort with two kidss when he could get a 20 something with none). She got her hooks into Kroy and showed and did things to him that midwest boy never heard of.

        Remember she got pregnant 3 weeks after meeting Kroy, what over 30 woman with 2 kids would raw dog a guy after just meeting him. One that is desperate for her lifestyle that’s who.

      • @Buck – So the responsibility for birth control lies solely with the woman? WTF are you smoking. Heaven forbid these two actually love each other. I swear that’s a foreign concept impossible to grasp for some.

      • Oh I’m sorry Karma I figured you would know that protected sex is not only to stop pregnancy but also to stop the spread of ANY SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASE ALSO!!!! Just because he’s a rich person or person in the media etc. etc. doesn’t mean you can’t get some type of disease and using no protection both her and him is wrong especially since they just knew each other a few weeks ago. And for the birth control being the issue of just the woman here’s an example. I’m at a road crossing and the light says green for me to go. I go across and while going across the 18 wheeler going the other direction can’t stop in time and it’s about to go through the intersection I took action to stop or go faster to get out of the way from the 18 wheeler. Even though I had the right of way and the 18 wheeler no longer did, I had to take responsibility for the 18 wheeler also because the consequences would have been deadly on my part if it crashed into me.

        So in the case of Kim, she was having sex and if Kroy didn’t want to practice safe sex then it’s up to her to protect her life to tell him no and/or get up and go the CVS drug store and buy a condom.

      • ​What’s going on with all the commenters named Buck something today? Have they all been taken over by aliens?

        On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. Redhotmama

    Yes!!! Kim was the only one that had the balls to read NeNe. She cracked me up on RHOA before she decided to go all quiverful with Kroy. Then it was all, motherhood is so hard with my Nanny & assistant to help.

  3. Jr. Leaguer

    Rise up, Dirty Birds!

  4. Glad to hear Kroy is doing well, sad to hear that Kim is coming back for another season.

  5. That’s great for Kroy & the Dirty Birds!!! (A really tough injury to make a come back from!) Kim, Kroy & Brood really dodged a bullet if he’s a success. Really wish he’d downsize his life a bit before the NFL ride is over tho’.

    I soooo want to wear those contacts to work!

  6. Angel

    I never felt invested in Kim on RHOA, except when Nene almost throttled her, I was probably prejudiced by her chosen lifestyle. Kroy seems like a decent guy, I wish him only the best, and also for his family. Let’s hope he stays healthy and has a good long career so he can keep Kim in diamonds, nannies, and the mansion.

    • I give them another 4 years when his career is over. I think that kitty cat of Kim got him, but it’s always a younger Kim out there who could turn his head, but he will always be in his biological children’s life.

  7. Banana Bug

    I LOVE that they can lean on each other!

    • Banana Bug

      I LOVE that they can lean on each other! He’s out, she’s in. She’s out . . . . he is in. Makes sense!

  8. He looks very different with his game face on. I wonder if she will push out a few more babies. I can see that. She’s got that “i need to be noticed for something outrageous” gene.

  9. Bren

    She has grown on me since leaving RHOA. Her family seems very sweet. I always got the feeling that she was fronting on RHOA but I think she ended up stumbling upon love and happiness and it changed her for the better.

    • Gingersnap

      I agree with you. For some reason, Kim got real lucky in the love department and I think it calmed her down a whole lot. I guess she needed stability and lots of hot sex to bring out the best in her 😉

      • The way Kim treated her parents over a man because she used the bathroom during the wedding is a no no. They have never seen their grand kids in person, or held them as babies is wrong. She is going to pay for that. But Kim is a pathological liar.

      • Mina

        @Gingersnap. Where do I sign up for that? LOL

  10. Wampascat

    Kim doesn’t have any sense and Kroy will wind up without a pot to piss in.

  11. RomaReads

    Awww such touching comments! Kroy is the real deal. Genuine stud muffin. Now I love me some Kim, but I was always wonderin what Kroy was doing marrying someone with such baggage? Remember his family, super normal folk. Love can definately be deaf, dumb and blind. I am happy for the all the kids, Kim’s two daughters included. I sure hope Kim and Kroy are able to squirrel some nuts away though, it makes me cringe to see their lavish lifestyle. Professional football and TV shows won’t last forever. Then what?

    • Valerie

      The statistics of jocks who become millionaires and lose it all is high. They really should take classes on money management. For instance, if you are only one person, than you only need one house, one car, one white tiger. Stop spending it until your bankrupt at 30. I know jocks aren’t the only ones that piss their millions away, but I believe statistically they are at the top of the list. Just give me a little tiny bit guys. I don’t need more than 5%. You won’t even know it’s gone.

      • Kim and Kroy are good with their money. All those extravagant jewelry gifts around the wedding time were promotional contributions by the jeweler. ​

        On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 2:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. I would like to see Kim hold a peach. She was upfront about Big Poppa and we all saw when she met Kroy. She’s not frauding and scheming people out of their pension funds and pretending to be something she’s not. That rock she got from Big Poppa was the real thing and so is the one Kroy gave her cough NeNe. Her children is well behaved compared to other HW. Never saw them being a brat.

  13. Cat

    Happy to hear of his recovery! I think Kroy is very good for Kim. He seems to be very grounded.

  14. MicroOp

    I wouldn’t be opposed to Kim coming back. Although she’s in love with Nene again and that means they will end up filming together.

    • Simone

      Kim may be fooling Nene but she isn’t fooling me. She is back in love with Nene because that spinoff that her and Kroy thought they had in the bag never took off. She is trying to make a comeback. Enter Nene.

      • ​Um Kim just finished filming SEASON 3 of her little spin-off that never got off the ground.

        On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 5:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. Love Kroy and Kim. I would rather watch their show any day over the fighting on RH. Kim’s children seem well behaved and happy. This seems to be a rare thing in the RH world. Most of the original OC wives have adult kids who have major issues. I hope Kroy has a great season!
    I love the way Kroy looks at Kim. My husband always looked at me with the same expression of love. It is a gift.

  16. I agree with Jen B. Kim has continually said that she has evolved. When will people give her a break? Yesterday she posted how she often doesn’t have time for a shower, goes out in her slippers, and doesn’t have time to get fully dressed. What mom can’t identify with that? Plus, in the past 6 months, Kroy has been the one spending the money on gifts.

    I appreciate someone publicly giving an example of families spending time together, and supporting their spouse. I, too, have become a Falcon fan since Kim married Kroy.

    • Simone

      That is why I like Kim, she is so real. She was like, ‘yeah I wear wigs’ unlike fake Phaedra lying at the reunion about not wearing hair pieces. Kim has always projected a down to earth image, I can never remember her acting pompous or arrogant.

  17. Lisa

    I love Kroy, but you sure picked an unflattering picture of him to post. I know the story is about Kroy hitting it hard on the Falcon’s practice field, but still…

    I feel like you owe us a Kroy ass shot to make up for this.

  18. MaggieG

    What a great pic of Kroy; a departure from his usual affable, smiling country boy look. He looks appropriately fierce.

    • Valerie

      Love those contacts. And may I say that all that red hair, his mustache and beard is a turn on for me. His mouth looks yummy. You know the curtains match the carpet. I like looking at this picture. What could be better than a healthy sweaty man? When my man comes in from working hard I find it very sexy. I call it a clean sweat. Have I said too much? I only sound like a horn dog because I am one. No apologies.

  19. Does Kroy really think that wearing red contacts intimidates anyone? I am not sure how long of a football career he has. I think its going to be a short one and he needs to be thinking about what kind of lucrative business he can start.

    I do believe that him and Kim absolutely love each other and he is definitely not interested in any other woman. The marriage definitely has lasting potential. He is a man that will not be willing to leave his children. They are staying together. Kim has found true love. Good for her. She may be cordial to NeNe but I think that is all it is. Kim has not forgotten how NeNe was always attacking her verbally and even physically. I doubt she wants to repeat all that negative drama. Remember she was big on distancing herself from negativity.

  20. Gabriella

    I agree with RVA, I think theirs is a real lovematch – they just seem totally happy together in every way. I think Kim and her girls are exceedingly lucky to have Kroy, and if Kim is keeping him happy in the bedrppm, well it seems like a fair pay-off to me.

  21. Cali

    I believe Kim and Kroy truly love each other. Kim is working, so the family does have an extra income. They have a beautiful family. People can change. I hope Kroy will be ok. The Falcon said, they will not cut him. He is on his last year of his contract, so they will keep him until the end of he season. I just wish he would quit with the suff in his mouth.

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