Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Reach A Child Custody Agreement!


Well, well, well, it seems Bethenny Frankel changed her tune and decided to come to a fair agreement with Jason Hoppy over custody of their four year old daughter, Bryn.  Here is what happened. Last Wednesday, Bethenny went to court and testified that Jason was a horrible person and called him “white trash” and it was very, very, ugly. There was a lot of media coverage and a lot of public backlash.  TV talk show hosts and social media were all questioning why neither parent had the records sealed to keep Bryn from being able to later read about the horrible things Bethenny said about the father of her child.  New York based Internet media have been constantly referring to Bethenny as a “failed talk show host” rather than a successful business woman. Bethenny was presented in a very negative way.

Are You Watching Bethenny Ever After ?So the next day, Bethenny was set to spend an hour at a book expo in NYC signing posters and promoting the upcoming release of her new book Cookie and Peanut.  Well according to Page Six,  when Bethenny arrived there were only four people waiting to meet her. FOUR.  Bethenny had a meltdown and her PR people went through the expo to encourage people to stop by her booth. They were able to round up a few people for Bethenny to meet and greet, and Bethenny left after thirty minutes.

I think that was the experience Bethenny needed to have to fully comprehend that a nasty divorce battle was going to hit her where it hurts, her pocketbook. Her PR team finally got through to her that she was damaging her brand by fighting to have total control over her child and excluding Jason from the decision making process. She had no choice but to agree to Jason’s terms.

Yesterday, Jason’s attorney, Bernard Clair released the following statement,“My client is delighted that this custody dispute has been resolved.  parties’ child will have the benefit of being raised by both parents and most importantly, his daughter will no longer be at the mercy of a high-profile courtroom battle.”

Although the agreement was sealed by the courts, sources close to the couple told Page Six that Jason won equal time with and decision-making authority. It certainly took long enough, but it is nice to see that Bethenny finally did what is right for Bryn.

It’s unlikely that the other stumbling block to making the divorce final, money, will be resolved as quickly.


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51 responses to “Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Reach A Child Custody Agreement!

  1. SO happy that Bethenny and Jason reached an agreement regarding shared custody of sweet, little Bryn !
    As someone who has been thru this myself, I can honestly say that it was the most stressful event in my life. For me, my ex (we’re legally separated) wanted FULL custody!! My daughter had just turned 11. That’s such a vulnerable age to be in the middle of a custody tug-of-war. The more custody he demanded, the less the court gave him. It went from a 50/50 proposal from me, and ultimately ended with ME having full custody. He was awarded two 4-hour visits per week— no overnights or weekends. It was at my discretion to allow more, and I did. My ex saw the custody issue as a parting stab in my heart and zero regard for our daughter.
    It’s finished now and my daughter just returned from an overnight visit with him– I truly want her to have a healthy & loving relationship with her father, girls NEED their daddies ! But I still have lingering resentment towards him, not for what he put me thru but the unnecessary trauma & grief he caused our precious girl. I hope Bethenny and Jason get things right. They still have 14 years to cooperate, but even after Bryn comes of age, they still need to put her interests & happiness above their own feelings !

    • Pam

      I absolutely believe little girls need their daddys – and if the daddy isn’t around they need to believe their father really loves them. My ex never paid a cent of support and didn’t even try to contact my girls until they were teenagers. When they asked about him I said nice things…not sure where he was but was sure he really loved them. I never – ever – said one bad word about their dad because I believe when you run your child’s father down to them it carries over and runs their esteem down. They found out in their later teen years what a jerk their dad was – their aunt told them. By then they were almost grown and it was an easier truth for them then. I can’t believe how Bethanney serves herself over her chiild – but she does.

  2. Lisa M.

    If half of what Bethenny said was true, I feel sorry for her. I think that Jason can be vindictive.

    • Michelle

      Yet she settled BEFORE Jason’s attorney could cross examine her. And before Jason and his parents could testify. I wonder what things Betheny didn’t want Jason exposing about her and yet she had her say in court. Typical Betheny. What a loud-mouthed shrew.

      • ​exactly. I’m sure she thought that debasing her husband was just peachy. Yet she could not take the cross.

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. Angel

    That was the right decision for the responsibility for time and decisions about Bryn. I expect ongoing strife between them, they so disagree what is the proper lifestyle for Bryn. Will what’s his name provide equal, shared responsibility as to expenses raising her? So many tout that he came into the marriage with no small amount of wealth. Since they had pre and post neps, he should not need any help from Bethanny.

    • Bethenny did not have any money when Jason came into the picture. She didn’t know where she would get her rent from in that tiny apartment. She wanted a child and her biological clock was running out. She used Jason. He helped her get the amount of money she received for skinny whatever but she got sued because it was someone else’s idea. She settled after the lady took her to court but she is still rich. She should stay off tv though.

  4. Tanya

    I am a huge Bethenny fan, from way back when she was on one of the first reality shows, ‘To Live and Date in NY’ on public television channel WNYC. So sad that the family life she wanted went so terribly wrong. The fact is, she has more to lose as a public figure than her underemployed husband from PODunk PA ever will. #TeamBethenny

    • Summertime Sadness

      But he was good enough to marry and mate with now he’s white trash and “Podunk”. You sound stupid. If he was all bad why make a life with him. Bethany is bat ish crazy bc of her own upbringing. Following her life story, it appears that she was the pwt w a mother who knew how to marry up. #teamusecommonsense

      • loo

        He comes from a great family in Podunk too.I think he is over all a good decent guy that has a vindictive side but he has NOTHING on Ms Frankel. I was a huge fan but she showed her ass time and time again with I am so broken spiel. B seriously does not know how to just be. She thrives on drama and strife. I know ppl like that in my life and there not happy until rukus is going on all around them and in the end…their are the victim. it gets old realllly quick.

  5. MicroOp

    Damn! I knew the day would come when she drove away her fan base but it’s still surprising to see it as it unfolds. One thing about Bethenny though is she doesn’t give up. I wonder what she’s going to try next.

  6. Monihew

    So in other words, she never REALLY believed anything she said about Jason??? In my opinion this settlement makes her look even WORSE. My ex-husband would have been a horrible parent to our daughter and I would have spent the rest of my life and every penny I had to prevent him from having custody (even shared custody). The fact that she is willing to do everything 50/50 means that all the terrible things she said about him and all the hell she has raised about his parenting were false (at least partially).

    Way to go Bethenny! I was not a huge fan of yours, but understood that divorce takes two. What you did is unforgiveable and one day your daughter will find that out. You just lost the last little bit of respect I had for you!!

    • Nowhere did it say that Bethenny didn’t believe the terrible things she said about him and the way he treated her. More importantly she never said or denied that he was a good father.

  7. Jr.Leaguer

    I am glad that some sort of custody agreement was reached for the sake of the child. That said, I hope he screws her to the wall for the rest of the settlement. I was her biggest cheerleader in the beginning…loud mouthed, Jewish girl looking for love and success. I was happy when her brand started to soar..but then I watched her do a 180 and treat her husband and his family like they were the hired help and she lost me forever.

    • puppylove

      I don’t think she treated them like the hired help. I don’t think she ever learned to trust anyone or anything but herself. If she was going to have something it was up to her to provide it. When she outshined Jason he couldn’t be happy for her and support her, he hated it. He couldn’t stand it that all was going so well for her. She wanted him to be part of it, but oh no he wanted to be top dog on his own instead of working with her. If any couple work together there are always questions as to why this or why that. Jason didn’t want to have to answer to anything. Sorry Charlie that’s not how it works. I know I was in her shoes at one time of my life. I was making a lot of money and wanted my husband to be in my business with me, but he wanted to call the shots. Well – that wasn’t going to happen until he got his feet wet and became a knowledgeable part of the business. He learned and was a great help to me and then we were a great help to each other. Jason wanted all right now, on his terms. I am glad he will be part of Bryn’s life. He is her father after all. I just pray he loves her as much as he showed it on TV, and his parents love her too. When you have children and divorce it is the pits. The only answer to that is stay married and work it out or fight it out and make piece.. It is too easy to get a divorce and just say I don’t want to deal with that person any more. I wish them all the best and pray that the Lord blesses them to come to a calm ending to it all.

      • I didn’t come away from the show with the feeling you express at all, puppylove. Then again, I’m pretty delusional when it comes to relationships. I saw, or Bravo edited for me to see, that Jason wanted to continue in his own career and become equally successful ​to Bethenny. I thought he resisted joining the Skinnygirl business because he wanted to maintain his own identity and not be a glorified assistant to Bethenny.

        Am I the only one who saw things that way?

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 3:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Beth

        TT, I agree with you! And let us not forget that she was broke for a while and she did admit to it. I am not sure, but I think that Jason had more money than she did when they first met, like I said I’m not sure. I find her a tragic figure who is very empty inside. As soon as she realized via her PR team that people did not want to listen to her, or fawn all over her, then and only then did she decide to settle. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me…. And I’m exhausted with women who keep themselves so skinny that it is painful to look at, they look more like skeletor than a lady.

      • realityjunkie

        TT I completely agree. He was afraid that working with her would fracture their relationship. He supported her and her ideas and gave input but wanted to make a name for himself as well.

      • MicroOp

        I think any time one partner in a relationship becomes successful, woman or man, it’s important to show appreciation to your partner. I think Jason helped her and stood by her when her life was revolved around work and she wanted 100% of the credit. Under appreciation is hard for anyone to withstand for long.

      • Pkati

        I agree with you. Jason wanted to continue to be his own man & continue with his career. I have never been on the Bethenny bandwagon. I thought she was rude, bi-polar, a bully and a fame whore. I think that she was so rude to everyone because she was hungry. LOL. She was scary skinny, her voice was so annoying and a true bitch on wheels. She was such a clown. Smh. She has years of bad Karma catching up with her.

    • getreal2014

      Same here. Her behavior has been atrocious and I am no longer a fan.

  8. Riley

    Bottom line, we never know what goes on behind closed doors. But it bothers the hell out of me that Bethanny was fighting tooth and nail until she discovered it was hurting her brand…not her child. I loved Bethanny but now I am a little
    disappointed in her. Your
    child’s well being should
    always be more important than money.


    I don’t know of any judge that will agree to sole custody especially when both parents are and want to continue to be actively involved in their child’s life. The days of the moms always getting custody are over. Unless Jason was an alcoholic, pedofile, wife beating, serial killer which he’s clearly not. Her attempt to keep him from being an active parent failed. Talk about a waste of time and money. Is she so egotistical to think that she was really going to get sole custody? If so, I have a bride in NY I’d like to sell her.

  10. It’s all about betheney and her dam money. Let me tell you something I would rather Jason hand her than betheney and another thing she will lose a lot on this divorce and last but not least. I’m a hair stylist and I do funerals too. There no shrouds in the pockets of any clothed dead person I’ve seem mea Ning you can’t take it with you when you go

  11. Jacque

    Now if only Nene would look at Bethany and realize the same thing is happening to her at Bethany….loss of fan base and tv shows, for the very same thing….Ego…

  12. RahRah

    I forgave JH for telling BF that she was damaged. I couldn’t believe he was on my TV disparaging BF and I haven’t right about them since, Stevie Wonder could have predicted this divorce. And at their age they wanted to start a family right away and I thought yes, you have not time to waste I am just sorry it is JH that is Bryn’s father because he is going undermine BFs relationship with the child every chance he can. All I saw was JH belittling BF and that is why I stopped watching, it too painful.

    If it hurt her brand to stand for what she believed in and that was the messages about her, her child would receive from the father–the battle was worth fighting.

    I still can’t get over the damaged part, yes you’re damaged, okay, what am I doing with you, you knew I had familial issues and now that I have opened my heart to you, fallen in love, carrying your child, you call me damaged. FU JH, you have to have an ugly heart to tell anyone that.

    • Maple

      I agree, plus I got the feeling that Jason was very angry that he had to sign a pre nup. I remember him chastising her, telling her it was THEIR apartment, when it has come out that she purchased it through a trust.
      His refusing to leave , he may still be living in the apartment, smacks of a very vindictive personality.

      • it was their apt.​

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 6:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mina

        @Maple, why do you think it was vindictive? They both owned it. Why should the guy always be the one to go? When I got divorced, I bought him out, and then he left, and I owned the house. I think probably he ended up being nasty to her, but who doesn’t end up like that in a divorce, especially two people who never had anything in common in the first place. She was a total bitch to him on the show, and that’s what we saw, but who wouldn’t eventually fight back and join in? I just think it’s great for Bryn that they finally put a stop to that follishness.

  13. The things she was saying he said to her were pretty freaking horrible. Then again you can say some pretty horrible shit when you’re living with someone you hate. Hopefully the 50/50 custody thing works for them. She needs a PR boost stat! Maybe she can co-host the RHONY reunion with Andy Cohen, that would be fun! Sidenote: The whole “failed talk show host” is obnoxious. I see her Skinnygirl commercials on all the time, she obviously did something right. I wonder how terrifying the settlement will be… I’ll be waiting for that tea!

    • MicroOp

      You are only a good as your last gig. If talk show host and children book author is failing that’s what will be on people’s mind. I’m not saying it’s right, but that is reality

  14. Gingersnap

    I think Bethenney bit off more than she could chew when she married Jason Hoppy. He seems the passive-aggressive type to me, and she didn’t factor in the aggressive part of his personality. I really don’t feel bad for Bethenney though, she is a control freak and brought most of this on her own self. Jason is beating her at her own game.

  15. MaggieG

    Bethenny volunteered that she had dysfunctional relationships with both of her parents, consequently failing to be close to either of them. Growing up our role models help us determine the kind of parents we want or don’t want to be to our children. Is Bethenny like her parents? Whatever the answer to that question it is possible for people to exceed the limitations of their “damages”, it’s just not probable. Bryn will benefit from having both her parents in her life & from knowing at least one set of grandparents.

  16. This has always had the feel of a “business arragement marriage” gone wrong for me. Glad for the child that the custody insanity part is over, but both seem like the type to use the child as a puppet-pawn.

  17. Josie

    With 50% custody Jason can now ask for spousal and child support. I don’t doubt that he loves his daughter but I think he’s furious and wants to hit her in the pocketbook HARD.

    • ​actually, if they have 50/50 no one gets child support.

      On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 7:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TT, it sounds like the policy in Family Court in New York works differently than here in California.
        When it comes to awarding Child Support, our courts require that the child’s lifestyle during the marriage is to remain the same after divorce or separation. If one parent cannot provide a similiar lifestyle and other other can, then C/S is awarded to the other.
        The same applies to Spousal Support, it doesn’t matter if its the wife or the husband. Also, the term for which S/S is paid is based on the number of years married. Furthermore, in the event of Long-Term marriages (over 10 years from date of marriage to date of separation), S/S can be indefinite.
        There are other factors that can come into play such as any type of Domestic Violence and who perpetrated it. EX: If the spouse who would ordinarily be entitled to S/S was the one who committed the D.V. , S/S would be denied.
        Rarely do I share this info, but in my case, my ex battered once which now result in ongoing chronic and severe pain from three crushed discs (now no discs) and a fractured pelvis. I need ongoing medical attention and frequent surgical intervention. The court awarded me permanent S/S and Medical Insurance to be paid by for LIFE. Even when the day comes that I’d ordinarily qualify for Medicare or Social Security, I am to continue to receive S/S and private insurance. He’s also required to pay all my co-pays and deductibles.
        I’ve received criticism from his family & friends, accusing me of “exploiting” the situation. I guarantee you, I’d far prefer to be able-bodied and employed! Sadly, it’s not likely.
        To sum it up, certainly states have their own approach to resolving issues of S/S and C/S, I just wanted to comment on the way California addresses them.

    • Josie

      Thanks, TT. I didn’t realize that. I stand corrected..,

  18. getreal2014

    I was a big Bethenny fan and really enjoyed the show that they did together. But, as big of a fan as I was of Bethenny, her whining and ridiculous demands were a turn off for me. Relationships don’t work that way. It seemed that she wanted the impossible from JH. I remember thinking what does she want from this man? He throws her a party and she makes a scene like someone killed her dog.

    She was disrespectful to his parents and made no attempts to be a decent daughter-in-law. Although she was on national TV she made no bones about the fact that she wouldn’t be “becoming a part of the family.”

    I was through with her after that point, because sometimes you have to compromise in a marriage and Bethenny showed no inclination of doing so.

    I overlooked that and watched her show anyway. At first I enjoyed it, but when she went on a tear and began to criticize Jason every day, I turned her off. That is never good to talk about the father of your child so publicly and in such disparaging terms.

    One day Bryn will grow up and see that nasty things her mother did and I’m willing to bet she will not be happy.

  19. Bren

    Good for them on settling custody. She clearly didn’t want this to go on any longer or for any more info to get out about her. A lesser person than Jason would have said “sorry, I’ll only settle on custody if we settle the money at the same time… Or we can spend another day in court hurting your brand. Your move.”

  20. lori

    Her reason for agreeing is sad. I believe it was definitely the best outcome for her daughter, but the thing that made her give in is lame. If she really believed all that stuff then she should have stuck to her guns. I mean she already has enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life, no? Priorities of these people…

  21. Angel

    I liked Bethenny while on RHONY, although not someone I’d like as my best friend, she was witty and fun to watch. Once she got married, I thought she seemed even more anxiety ridden. I assumed it was worry about motherhood, not having had a good example herself. I was disappointed in how she handled most relationships with Jason’s family and his hometown friends. I thought she tried to fit in, for some reason she held herself back. I will say no one in my family or my friends that live a few hours from their parents feel the need to go home every 3 weeks and in between reverse visits. Jason also didn’t have to share time with his wife’s family. Most people alternate those visits. The longer they had their show, the less I thought Jason was such a good guy. Maybe he changed because he was unhappy. She was anal and he was angry and verbally mean while on camera. He should now be happy to be rid of her and not looking for a big pay day for a couple of years of marriage. I didn’t watch her talk show, maybe if I had I’d be more sick of Bethenny.

    I am old fashioned, I think a man should stand on his own two feet, a woman with the ability should as well. Follow whatever was agreed on in post and preneps. Bethenny’s business success was based on her original ideas. Jason has his own wealth. He is fortunate his child’s mother can also provide financially for her. I think Jason is acting like a petty angry X wanting the apartment and the money. Have some pride man.

    • MicroOp

      I don’t know, family is very important to me and I see my parents as much as possible. Thankfully my boyfriend loves my family bc when we have children they will be around every week not every 3 weeks. But this just is yet another example of how stupid both Bethenny and Jason were to have unprotected sex and rush into marriage. They weren’t compatible and if they dated for a year they would have realized it.

  22. I’ve read all the comments and yes TT, I also got the impression Jason wanted his career to be separate.

    I never thought the marriage would work in the traditional sense yet that was what they both wanted.
    Jason is a only child, his brother died and Jason made it clear to Bethany that his parents were a big part of his life.
    I’ve learned that two people have to be real friends first or willing to do the work to become friends. That’s hard to do if you’ve become lovers first.

    My custody was a lot like SantaBarbaras, he was awarded supervised visitation 2x’s a month. I also could share more and I quickly did. We are both patents and both parents should share the chaos. Teasing!! I had three boys.

  23. Hmmm TT, who got Primary Custody? I understand 50/50 on the decision making but isn’t one or the other awarded Primary Custody? Not familiar with NY family law.

  24. NY family law is different than TN. I get it now :)

  25. Valerie

    4 people? 4 people! Humiliating.

  26. Josie

    Does anyone know what Jason is asking for financially in the divorce? They were married three years so he can’t be asking for much….

  27. memyselfandi

    Those 2 psychos in the pic belong in the same rubber room. R u kidding me??

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