Who Will Claim Nene and Porsha’s Peaches? Both Have Been Demoted!

Will you accept this peach?

Will you accept this peach?

Someone needs to come and grab Nene and Porsha’s Peaches so we can get to filming RHOA!  Since that hasn’t happened yet, filming will not begin until July. Except for Nene. More signs are pointing to Nene’s limited appearances on the next season of RHOA being filmed very soon in Las Vegas.  My source indicated that production is gearing up for a Vegas trip to the porn circus know as Zumanity!  As I mentioned before, Nene will be taking over for the regular Mistress of Ceremonies, a drag queen named Edie from June 27th to July 1st. There have been two permanent actors playing the Mistress of Sensuality in the ten-year run of the show, both have been drag queens. Nene appears to be guest starring while “Edie” takes a vacation. The show has two performances per night one at 7:30 and one at 10:00 for five days straight. The finale is always an orgy. I doubt they will allow much filming of the actual production, but I expect a lot of backstage and other scripted scenes on the strip.

As for Porsha’s scenes, I think they decided to follow-up with her assault charge. If she had not gone batshit, she might not have had any screen time, or she may have had a full season. Who knows. Fulton County is very permissive of taping in their courtrooms, so maybe we will get to see her hearing. I hope Phaedra represents her!  I think that Porsha’s recent co-hosting gig on Dish Nation  was extended through the end of June since there will be no filming in June for RHOA. Plus, she needs to try and get some income coming in now that she lost that peach!

Finally, as I said on May 1oth, neither Nene nor Porsha will hold a peach or be a fulltime housewife. Unfortunately, we have not quite seen the last of them yet. I was chatting with my source again briefly today who used the term “limited housewife on RHOA” (which is Friend of status to us) and neither again confirmed neither is an official housewife next season.

So they have just a few short weeks to find one or two new housewives to fit in with this crew. Who will it be? Wait and see…


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  1. tysandsnyc

    I know who will be perfect for the comedic role NeNe once had. Either Sommore or Adele Givens, the comedians.

    For Porsha’s place, I want someone with a degree in science, that is articulate and factual, unlike Phaedra’s a-s.

    • There is a reason there are no smart people on these shows… :)

      • DJ

        AMEN TT!! Who in their right mind would appear on one of these shows? RONJ looks like it hired some winners too. They’ll fit right in.

        For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Dr. Jackie is on Married to Medicine.

      • DIana

        I hope you post a RETRACTION! As soon as you see NeNe and Porsha holding the Peach. Of course, you will not post this because it is against everything you keep telling you LOYAL followers! (smile)

      • Even if things did change, why on earth would I need to post a retraction. I have passed along information from a source that I believe to be accurate. If we see Nene and Porsha holding peaches (which we won’t) then it will be obvious that the source was wrong or the information changed. As of now, everything I am hearing continues to support my sources information on the subject. Why would you think you know more than I do on the subject? Wishing and wanting something isn’t the same as a source within production stating the facts.

      • And why in the hell did you just follow my blog that you find to be so rife with misinformation?

  2. CC

    Yes, I think Rasheda from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta should join the cast.

    • Jessica E.L

      Rasheeda from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta does not speak English and her intonation is extremely poor. We already have Kandi for that so we are good.

      • I am not familiar with Love and Hip Hop. About Kandi, she seems like the most reasonable, talented, and successful one of that group. Everyone from NJ, OC (except Heather and Shannon), and ATL is a train wreck of grammar and often diction. Even BH and NY have cast members who can’t quite work out when to use “I” or “me,” what with their degrees and all. When to use a direct object in a sentence is a middle school learning set, so what can a person say really?

        On a side note, why is it that only African-Americans are represented in Atlanta? Why is it that only Caucasians are represented in New York? The only non-white person brought into NY was an ancillary 25 y/o Floridian Afr-Am dating Aviva’s disgusting 80-something y/o father (humiliating).

        Bravo is so “forward thinking,” but there are no Asian HW in the mix and poor integration of any Latin presence. Since Andy Cohen is “down with the swirl,” as he likes to say. It seems as though the standard is an all-black or all-white cast with the occasional token other race tossed in. However, there are gays and/or transvestites on every episode in every city. Fine and dandy, but the shows demonstrate a universe which is black or white or gay or straight. How narrow minded is that? It might as well be 30+ years ago. There might be a few million Asians and Latinos in this country.

      • LOLGirl

        You must be thinking about Joseline. Rasheeda does speak English. Maybe it’s because I’m from the South, but I have no problem understanding Rasheeda, or Kandi… However I doubt Rasheeda will join the cast. her story line got VERY VERY ghetto. Too ghetto for Bravo.

        Also Bravo doesn’t like to use people who have been on other reality shows.

      • MicroOp


        Here, here! I agree! I’ve never understood the weak minority presence in the majority of franchises and why Atlanta is all black. I wish they would change things.

    • LOLGirl

      Real Housewives of Miami had a mostly Latin cast.

      But I wouldn’t mind seeing a white girl on RHOA… Or a Black woman on Beverly Hills/Orange County/NYC/NJ.

      There are some huge mansions in Buckhead that rival that of Beverly Hills. I’d like to see some Buckhead women on the show.

      BTW.. Phaedra’s new home is awful.

    • this show is going to be hella boring now. doubt it will have the same ratings. as much as ppl dislike nene shes great for drama tv . they will probably give her her own show (maybe not). porsha who cares just find another young bimbo atlanta is full of them.. when will they get rid of kenya shes annoying?! and honestly without ne ne or porsha whats the point of kenyas role again… nada

      • Crmlqt

        Nene didn’t have a storyline all season. The only thing she did was bring Mynique into the group and it Kandi and Phaedra who bought the drama with that situation. We barely saw Nene. I forgot she was on the show. She has no storyline.

  3. Angel

    I know I am probably in the minority, but I wish for what I guess would be a whole different show. I’d like some of those Georgia women I see in Southern Living Magazine.

    • Angel, those women don’t have any need or desire to be on a drama-filled reality show. ​

      On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 8:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Simone

      Lol Angel, they would NEVER.

    • O.O

      At zha for crying out loud does every single solitary thing have to be about race ???? My gosh !
      If having a reality show with diversity is so important to you then maybe you should pitch one to bravo and stop preaching about it .
      My God ! It’s exhausting reading the constant whining and complaining about why all black ? Why all white ? These are shows about nothing !!!! About foolishness !! Who cares????
      Your preaching would serve better on more pressing issues .

  4. I hope the producers don’t overthink it. It’s time to make Marlo a housewife and I’d try to find one interesting new wife, perhaps Victoria Rowell who I KNOW would stir up tons of drama. If not her, then bring back Sheree, at the very least as a Friend or assistant to one of the others.

  5. vonnie

    Can’t imagine who would join this dysfunctional cast. Maybe TI wife or Master P’s disgruntled ex or what about one those sports franchises in Atl. Isn’t someone lurking for their 15 minutes outside their husbands shadow? I am soooooo done with the current group. Something needs to change so import some entertainment from somewhere else if needed cause many of us are now bored

  6. I can’t believe Nene is going to have a lesser role unless she requested it herself. She is Bravo’s cash cow. I’m sure Bravo will have no problem filling the spots on RHOA, there must be dozens of women who want to be on the show. I think it might be nice if our very own Tamara took one of the spots. After all she is in ATL and has all the tea.

    • Katrina

      They must alrwady have some idea of the replacements, if they are planning to start filming in July. Last year they started late June/early July. They filmed through October/November. If they plan to premeir in early November, they don’t have a lot of extra time. They may delay airing the show.

      • They have had their ideas for several weeks. I think we are in the dating process of the recast. They send potentials out to meet and do practice shoots with the remaining cast mates here and there and see how things go. These are usually done at a fairly private place like someone’s home and aren’t generally ever shown on the show.

        On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • ​1) Nene was close to having no contract at all. (B) I am (mostly) happy right here in my little ghetto shack. I have no desire to spread my crazy onto yer TeeVee.

      On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 8:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        So that means Nene does not have to sit through the entire reunion show. If they are going to let Nene film with who she wants, then they better watch out!

      • It’s going to be a matter of who wants to film with Nene.​

        On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 11:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        I heard Mama Joyce’s shoe’s willing to film with Nene

    • Jessica E.L

      Point of correction, NeNe is NOT Bravo’s cash cow. If she were they would have rolled out her own spin off fully. These people use analytics to makes decisions. Besides so many NeNe fans are over her and Bravo knows because they have their people do research.

      A case in point, I dream of Nene debuted to 1.6 million viewers and 740,000 in the 18 – 49 demo. While Kandi’s Wedding debuted to 2.4 millions views and 1.2 million in the 18 – 49 demo. I dream of Nene debuted when she was still liked. These are the stats that make someone a ‘cash cow’ or not.

      Nene has become a tired fixture of the show and they want to refresh the show so that it does not go stale

      • Katrina

        Kandi’s show did very well. The show is using RHOA name and airs in their timeslot. In addition, it is a continuation of the RHOA storyline. Mama Joyce is bringing the drama. It should continue to do well. Kandi had her own show, but it was not well received. Drama sells!

      • Exactly, Katrina. They didn’t even give Kandi’s show a name in the technical sense, if your DVR is set to tape RHOA, then you get Kandi’s show. Just like they did with the WWHL one on ones.

    • Ronnie

      Nene is taking the cash from Bravo…she doesn’t make them money..they will save money by limiting her role….2 seasons ago when she was all Hollywood she was barely scene and NOT missed. I hope she is gone and Porsha too…they need to bring in some folks with either real money or real status..not these wanna be celebs who get the big head once their twitter account reaches 300K. Unfortunately, folks with real careers do not have time for this mess.

      • Katrina

        If they are not willing to pay Nene additional money, why would you think a major star would come in and not demand more money? They need a superstar in need of money.

      • ​ROFLMAO… I give and I give and people still think Nene makes millions. The whole point of reality TV was to save money. Yet today, some morons think that Nene is paid well above the level of true talent. SMH. I would have thought that Nene working for scale on Glee and The New Normal would have made her LESS abusive of Andy and the people that hold her only REAL paycheck.

        So did Andy. He wanted her fired.

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 5:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        He did want her fired? That makes me feel better.

      • Valerie

        Tamara, you know and I know that Nene is a gazillionaire.

        If the ratings go down and I think they would have even if Nene was a full HW, Nene will take all that credit. She will say the ratings are down because she was not on the show. I was a huge fan of hers but never again. If the ratings stay the same or are even better, I wonder what Miss Nene will have to say.

    • LOLGirl

      Nene sucks. Nobody wants to watch her anymore.

      • Annie09

        She has had no storyline in years. Last season she was miserable except every opportunity to claim how busy she is. She has raw talent and does not feel the need for acting lessons. The season before was self-promoting her 2 limited not lead rows on two shows. Then Greg being her personal assistant while she no longer cleans. The hateful telling “I want her happy back”. Nene or NayNay like a lot of housewives are self-promoting their once in a lifetime products and/or her shows and how very rich she is. If she is so very rich, why doesn’t own a home, a great tax benefit for the very rich! Nene Nay Nay forgot her role, nasty to anyone who wasn’t her “yes” person and a very over inflated ego!

  7. Angel

    I love Victoria Rowell, at least as an actress. Does she live in ATL, I know she grew up in the North East, Maine, I think.

    • I agree Angel! Victoria is a great actress and so pretty :) I’d love to see her mix it up and so cool that she is originally from Maine.. I never knew but it’d be so cool to see a fellow Mainer on Bravo.

      • honeyj

        I don’t care who they bring in just put that goo-le-gun off the show (NeNe). She’s not an actress cause she doesn’t know how to act anyway.

  8. Shirley

    Hey TT question: Will Nene get the same salary as usual or will they lower it, since she got a demotion? Curious…

    • LOL Major salary cut and she will only be paid for episodes she is on.

      • Shirley

        Thanx TT to bad for her! bloop!

      • DJ

        Are the reports of her million dollar salary accurate? If so, she will be hurting…. but then again, doesn’t she have a clothing line launching (rolling eyes)?

      • ​lol

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 6:35 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Fun fact: Wendy has changed up the celeb pictures she uses for her Hot Topics. Nene used to be in it. Not anymore. Kenya is the only Bravo person in the mix.​

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        > ​lol > > > On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 6:35 AM, Tamara Tattles comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >>

      • Moh

        Outstanding! I think her new “windfall” will be far less then ” 2 dollas en fitty cents”- why is it that Lenethia Monique Leakes stans fail to remember that Andy Cohen clearly stated that NONE of the housewives made near 650000USD per season?

  9. Teresa

    All the other websites are saying ALL the HW’s will return. I don’t think BRAVO would even consider getting rid of Nene. Everyone loves to hate Nene, and her antics are outragious!!! Andy loves the drama, and why would he change anything with 4 millions viewers watching? #1 HW’s show on Bravo, and NENE is one if the reasons why so many are watching. Matter of fact, even before Kenya came along, ATL housewifes rated higher than all the other HW’s.

    In my opinion, I think Nene thinks the show is beneath her, and is ready to move on. But I believe that if the money is right, she would make cameo appearances.

    • Teresa, why do you read here if you don’t believe my sources? Why don’t you stay over at Radar Online. They will have the story over there in a few weeks and then you will BELIEVE they have some magical source other than me.

      Why do you feel the need to read here, let alone comment here? Get the fuck out of here with your stupid opinions based on nothing and dumb “beliefs.” ​

      On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 8:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teresa

        Cause I think your full of shit. And full of YOURSELF! Quote ” You want me to kiss your ass?” (stolen from Nene to Andy) NOT!!!

      • ​See, when I don’t like someone, I don’t read their blogs. I don’t give them views, because the Internet is HUGE and I can’t possibly read and write about all the things that interest me let alone be bothered with the ones I don’t.

        You however spend all the live long day stanning for some moron on a reality TV show in between making gum drop Christmas trees and scooping up cat litter.

        Sorry this response took so long, I was busy running your IP and email address and laughing my ass off.


        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 12:53 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Latina2014

        Ay ay ay, she didnt read ur rules Tamara! Jiji

      • I love your recaps, TT, but I absolutely LOVE & LAUGH at your responses to people more! You have some spunk & I love it. Wow! That’s all I can say!

      • Cat

        I stopped reading the other blogs when they reported that Nene was worth a bazillion dollars. I just don’t see that with her “career”. She had a good thing going, and totally blew it.

        And just as an FYI for Teresa: I don’t kiss anyone’s ass. I’m not needy in that way. And from what I’ve seen here, no one really does. If you feel differently, then that just shows your stupidity and ignorance, since you don’t really know anyone here.

      • Valerie

        BURN!! I’ve missed you so this last week Tamara.

    • LOLGirl

      She is returning. She just got demoted. Learn to read tard.

    • Destiny Khan

      If you think Teresa that viewers are tuning in to see that loud mouth Nene. You are truly mistaken. Is it any wonder with all the scripts Nene is turning down that she is playing a drag queen in Vegas. Bloop. No one is calling for Nene NO ONE.

  10. captain eel

    I don’t think she might be tough/mean enough but who knows? Egypt Sherrod.

  11. Daniel

    Towanda Braxton to take over Porsha’s spot. Marlo to take over Nene’s spot

  12. Anita Bradshaw

    The way I see it, BRAVO should give Nene a watermelon for her big head/egao & mouth & too because she’s green w/envy of Kenya. As for Porsha, let’s just give her a plum because she’s just PLUM dumb & stupid!

    • Jessica E.L

      Anita Bradshaw,
      Is the “watermelon” statement supposed to be racist or something? Don’t misunderstand me, I am not a fan of NeNe but throwing out racist statements is not in anyone’s best interest

      • madeleine difiglio

        Jessica, what are you saying??? Nene + watermelon=racist comment. What is racist about watermelon?

    • Simone

      Hey what’s up with that watermelon statement? Not a Nene fan, but I like watermelon and am not a buffon. Know the difference or stfu.

  13. Hearsay

    I paid good money to see Zumanity and I want a refund. The show sucks and the “orgy” is a complete joke. There are topless dancers and a bunch of jokes that I didn’t get. The best part of the show is the fine brotha who did the African dance. Otherwise, it was a complete waste of time.

  14. Cat

    Since Kenya and Marlo seem to be friends, I think perhaps Marlo will get a peach. I would just love to see Nene’s sour puss face if that happens.

    I know this sounds weird, but how about “Miss” Lawrence as a “housewife”? He sure is fun to watch, especially when he and Kenya get together. Their antics lighten up the show.

    • MicroOp

      He is hilarious, I’d love more of him! There are a lot of successful people in Atlanta. How about a real deal housewife?

    • vivaladiva831

      I want Dwight! I miss him

      • tobaccorhoda

        If you miss Dwight, he’s all over Married to Medicine. Just as Married to Medicine’s Reco Chappell is all over Kandi’s wedding. I’m convinced there are only 10 people in Atlanta.

      • Me too. ​

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 12:33 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Din

      Miss Lawrence and Kenya really do have great chemistry. He really pulls the hilarious and goofy out of Kenya, like when Kenya was putting pictures of herself into all the other girls’ rooms lol! It would make the show a bit lighter and not put Kenya in the cross hairs of everybody’s toxic storylines.

      Kenya really is hilarious. Her asking Porsha to spell scepter through the megaphone was probably the funniest moment of the entire season for me, even Nene and Phaedra were laughing. Ok her giving a language book for dummies to the cast was also hilarious, with pictures for Porsha no less!

      Marlo I don’t think is a good idea for a permanent housewife. She most likely WAS a high class prostitute among other things and I don’t want to watch a season of the ladies and America bashing her for that. Also her “friendship” with Kenya looked opportunistic not very genuine.

      • getreal2014

        Kenya is funny. The picture book comment and the spell scepter was epic. It’s amazing to me that people talk about Kenya’s dark side. She rolls with the punches better than them all. She’s able to laugh at herself and let bygones be bygones. All of the hatred seems to come from the casts, and those who believe whatever they say about her.

  15. mammer

    Marlo should get a peach, I don’t know how much of a storyline she’d have, but I think I’d enjoy her. I’m just really really hoping no old HWs are coming back ://

  16. I like the idea of Miss Lawrence :) I am surprised that Phaedra will continue considering her legal issues.

    • Micheal

      Maybe it’s like Theresa and she needs the money for potential legal fees if she is implicated in her husbands illegal dealings. Only a fool represents themselves.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      She needs some legitimate income for her tax returns!

  17. Katrina

    It’s possible that Marlo will finally get her peach. At least Kenya will have someone to interact with We know she is doing the baby storyline. Who knows if the the boyfriend will show up.

  18. MicroOp

    Anyone know if there are rumored women? I wish I knew atlantas scene better!

  19. Sona

    My first vote, to replace Nene, is for a Sheree Whitfield come-back! I think she’s had a lot happen in the 2 years since she’s been gone and she’s still damaged enough to fit in with this crew. Perhaps we’ll see a new and improved Sheree. Plus I don’t see her and Kenya getting along too well, which would make for great TV.

    Now, in the spirit of nostalgia and second chances, my next vote would have naturally been for Kim Zolciak but I don’t think Kim’s new lifestyle (with her husband and SIX!!!!!! kids) would fit into the show as it currently is. Plus I don’t think Kroy would go for it.

    I actually think Porsha should be replaced by R&B singer Monica! She’s already famous, she’s a true Atlantan, an actual wife and I’m confident that she could bring some drama. Yes, they need to get Monica.

    • Micheal

      I would love to see Sheree back but only if she films with Nene. I always found their dynamic convoluted and entertaining. With Nene downgraded I would probably get bored with Sheree quickly.

    • Sona

      Or (I just thought of this) maybe even Fantasia Barrino! Lord knows she has a very interesting life. And she’s already a good friend of Kandi.

      I just think another well-known person would draw an even larger audience.

      • Did Fantasia learn to read yet?

      • Katrina

        Yes. She received her GED.

      • ​I’d LOVE to see Tasia on the show. It would be good for her to get out of NC or wherever for a few months and spend some time with Kandi. And she could use the money.

        On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 12:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jr.Leaguer

        @Sona~ The trouble is that Fantasia has not been able to rise above the drama in her life..(no pun to Kandi’s song intended). We get treated to her antics courtesy of the Charlotte Observer up here.
        Her career is basically in the toilet, lots of baby mama/baby daddy drama, tons of financial issues….Wait! You are right…she would fit right in with RHOA!!!

      • Daniel

        Yeah, I’d live to see Fantasia as well. Just tell her to keep her shoes on her stanky feet &&& hide the married men!!

    • ​Sheree has a lot happen in the past two years? Like what?

      On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 12:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’m thinking people must be a little crazy wanting Sheree back. Yuck.

      • Cat

        There’s something about Sheree’s voice, I can’t take it. I don’t know if it’s the squeeky tone, or what. But please, no more Sheree. I don’t want to develop tendonitis in my finger from constantly hitting the mute button.

      • MicroOp

        Well her chateau has suffered weather damage. Maybe they can do a scene where they condemn it.

    • LOLGirl

      On WWHL, Sheree seemed like she was on Kenya’s side. Said she met Kenya once via Lawrence, before Kenya came on the show.

  20. Micheal

    Is there a chance that Nene will be upgraded at a later stage to fulltime HW if the newbies don’t work out? I’m sure that without the Kenya Vs Nene drama there is a vacuum that needs to be filled. The newbies will need to be very strong to fill it. Love the blog btw.

  21. Paige

    My vote is for Oscar Winner Monique to join the cast. Has anyone seen her lately and doesn’t she live in Atlanta..kenya would be a complete creampuff next to Monique!

    • Oracle5

      My motion would be for Laila Ali to join the RHOA cast. Porsha, would you even think about pulling Laila Ali’s hair?

    • Victory.Cali

      Real actresses don’t do reality TV. It’s something in their training; they keep their real life under wraps as much as possible so they can ‘become’ their characters when acting and have the viewers believe it.

      • Oracle5

        Monique is a bonafide COMEDIAN. Laila Ali did a show concerning WIFE SWAP.She is also the daughter of the GREATEST BOXER Muhammad Ali. Laila is also a bonafide BOXER.

  22. Rafa N Robinson

    Tamara, do you think they could make Marlo a housewife? Love your site! Stop by everyday! :)

  23. Teerii

    I am so tired of the prefabricated messes that AHW producers put together. I would hope the cast members decide to be casts as strong, determined women living through the challenges that come with achieving their goals.
    Of course, I realize this is NOT that kind of show. Of course, you would be attracting another level of audience. Just daydreaming…….. But, I think it would be interesting to see more of Cynthia’s with her clients and their challenges.
    Kenya seems to be quite savvy and I would love to see her negotiating and producing her work and its challenges. And I would love to see Marlo consulting with clients regarding their fashion and lifestyle taste.
    I would like to see Kandi and Todd continue to bond as a couple and business partners. And I would love to see everyone come together to share, offer support, occasional joint venture and have fun.

    Phaedra, Nene and Porsha can exit stage left. Thank You!!!

    • Katrina

      They haven’t showed Kenya working, other than her DVD production. This show is not about sisterhood or unity. It does have its moments, where they discuss or shoe real issues. This show is more like a soap opera! The producers are trying to figure out how they will top themselves for next season.

    • Jr.Leaguer

      I’m sorry, but the thought of anyone with the sense that God gave a billy goat paying Marlo money as a consultant for their lifestyle and fashion questions is hysterical. “Should I wear hoops or studs when doing it doggy style?” is about the only lifestyle and fashion dilemma that she is qualified to handle.

  24. Denise

    I say get Vivica Fox!

  25. Jarlath

    They should add Lisa Vanderpump to the cast ….

  26. Jr.Leaguer

    I was thinking that NeNe would be back full time since she is in that lame Bravo Summer circus promo and “friends” do not seem to ever be in those.
    I know that Tamera does not blog RONY, but I have to say that I have actually enjoyed LuAnn this year since she has been a “Friend of the Housewives.” She is not quite as uppity as she usually is and seems almost human at times.
    Maybe if NeNe becomes a “friend”, I will be able to find some redeeming qualities in her again.

  27. SilkyMay

    Christene Beatty would be a great addition to the cast.. She’s the infamous mistress,and former Chief of staff of former Mayor of Detroit , Kwame Kilpatrick who’s currently serving a 20yr sentence in Federal prison.. Christene now currently lives in the ATL and like Kenya, she’s educated attended the BEST HS in DETROIT, Cass Tech.. Christene will bring the THUNDER!!! The “SEX and TEXTS” scandal rocked the “D” (Detroit).. A stripper named Strawberry was murdered in in Detroit, another in Buckhead.. Kwame was fired and thrown in prison.. Christene perjured herself in court, lost her job as Chief of staff… Was convicted of perjury and should still be on probation.. Chile it as all types of scandal during her reign as chief of staff….. She’s also so beautiful but about that life! This would be her opportunity to put her story out there.. I want to hear it! Those texts between Kwame and Christene were… Chile… I can’t even find the words to describe them.. It would be interesting to see if she know Kenya since they went to the same HS school around the same time.. Christene would be a great addition to the cast.. if y’all have never heard of Christene Beatty, Google her and let me know what you guys think…..

    • ClassyLady80

      She’s way too infamous. I think they want to keep some semblance of repute on the show. Beatty’s criminal background is just too much… she was charged with multiple felonies I think. I also think Marlo’s criminal past is one of the reasons she isn’t a main cast member on the show.

      • SilkyMay

        I hear you on Christene being too “Infamous” and them wanting to keep “some semblance of repute on the show” however, Apollo was a convicted felon.. So was Marlo , Nene and Greg.. At least all of Christene’s skeleton’s are out of the closet “twerking”… just saying.. Christene has a storyline.. A GOOD ONE… I know for a FACT that Bravo would capitalize off of her storyline because everybody in MICHIGAN wants to hear her side of the story.. Christene has a movie making material story line.. A REAL LIFE “SCANDAL” story line.. Read those TEXTS, BRAVO. You heard it here first…

  28. ceebo

    Ms. Tattles shuts the girls down with her come backs…..I would love for them to send Quad from M2M to RHOA

    • Oracle5

      My preference would be to put all of these women who appear on M2M, RHOA in a BREADBASKET and send them straight to the asylum of the DALEKS. A real ASYLUM perhaps would be better for these false wanna be wealthy people.

    • GRAMMS

      Please keep Quad and that messy Reco on M2M. Hate to see Reco on Kandi’s Show

  29. Akachic

    From a business perspective, they should bring all of the women back. The ratings were at it’s highest this past season. Why mess with that? I hate how the other HW shows are constantly swapping out cast members with very little connection to each other. On another note- at least NJ’s newbies are all connected in some way though…

  30. Jarlath

    Tamara, do you know if BRAVO will still be paying Nene’s rent now that she’ll be downgraded?

    • I think the stopped paying her rent a few seasons ago. Bravo doesn’t pay the rent for all the housewives. They do sometimes pay a filming fee when they use the house, if it is in the contract. Sometimes, like in Porsha’s case, they will pay the rent if they need the person to have a decent place to live to keep up the charade.

      On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 1:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  31. I think Fantasia and Sheree would be great for the new season,(even though Tasia has an annoying voice)

  32. No NeNe means NO on Sheree for me. (Altho’ if both were “Friends of” status, it would be epic to watch them battle/grovel for a full time spot at various forced events).

    I’m wondering if the mentions of Lisa Wu on the ATL Hubb’ends Special was a foreshadowing of her possible return?

    I hope not. If a HW must return, I vote for Deshawn Snow. *ducks* I know, I know that her personality was similar to watching paint dry BUT I LOVED watching her reactions to her life vs the plastic Wu. In this scripted, producer driven fakery-fuckery, she had that REALness I love in a Real Housewife. Her failed charity event? Her backyard barbq/chicken? Her church? Reality TV Gold, for me. Add in what’s happened to her since leaving the show, (BRAVO should STILL be kicking themselves for missing out on that drama!) and that she could be a good foil for the craziness of Kenya? Perfect!

    Is she even still in ATL tho’? lol

    (NO on Marlo. And no, nothing to do with her criminal past.She just doesn’t have that “it” factor to me.)

  33. Josie

    Am I The only one who finds marlo scary?? I would be nervous with her as a full time housewife. Does Bravo have no vetting process?? Hmmmm…Ok, dumb question.

    Ever since I found out she cut that girl in the face so badly that she nearly bled to death, I get the shivers. The girl was badly disfigured and committed suicide 6 years later leaving a child behind. Also the way she explains it..”her knife dropped. Mine did not”….CHILLS!

    • That’s probably why Nene was running from her at the Baily Bowl. No you are not alone. I do not like nor have I ever liked Marlo. She’s just as narcissistic as Nene and I just do not like her. Who needs more prison fodder to digest on this show. How about someone without a mugshot for a change of pace.

    • Simone

      I do not see the fascination with Marlo either…you have black folks that are ghetto like Nene and then you have dangerous ghetto like Marlo who cannot control her anger yet, I mean damn Marlo. . Woman who want to resort to cutting should not be on RHOA. I know people just see black folk acting crazy and say, ‘add Marlo’, but there are cultural differences within the ghetto culture as well and even ghetto folk like Nene do not F with folks like Marlo.

  34. Foxee

    Any word if that “Kola Boof” would be joining the peach-holding cast?

    • Kola has always said she wasn’t going to join the cast. She’s a writer and feels it would hurt her credibility if she did a reality show. She said the only reason she agreed to meet with producers was to show her interest in writing for one of Bravo’s scripted shows.

      • pepper

        @chrisB lols I would think being Osama Bin Laden’s ex-girlfriend hurts her credibility more than joining RHOA.

  35. Mr.Moore

    I’m sorry, but I would LOVE Kim Zolciak to come back. She’s apparently not the biggest fan of Kenya, and we all know she is quick to act and bad tempered. I think her or Sheree would be really interesting to bring back. Someone that can go toe to toe with Kenya.

  36. Buck1906

    All lies nice try TT where you get your infor from all the girls have been invited back as full time housewives

  37. Simone

    Sheree was boring as hell..She almost got fired until the last season, not a fan favorite at all…Now Vivica and Fantasia as you guys mentioned, oh heeellll yeah….Vivica definitely needs to be on there because she is not playing and Fantasia needs to be on there because she is so simple, I love Fantasia as a singer, but she simple as hell, so that will make for good tv. I would actually enjoy Kandi more because her and Phaedra. Why is Phaedra even still on the show after telling ANdy she does not want her private life on tv? Oh get rid of Phaedra and bring in Keisha Cole with her crazy momma and Mama Joyce now that’s good tv.

  38. It will be a breath of fresh air if they get rid of NeNe, Porsha and eye-rolling Phaedra. I actually don’t believe that Vivica would be a good fit because she may have already been tainted against Kenya by NeNe. Remember, Vivica was at NeNe’s wedding. By the time Vivica made it to Apprentice with Kenya, she was already informed and probably told not to give Kenya a chance. I can see my Phaedra does not care for Kenya, but why does NeNe hate on Kenya so much?
    Maybe some hopeful replacements like Armoshra (spelling off) and Star Jones could be entertaining…

  39. wikunia

    ANGELA STANTON could be an interesting choice.
    She has a criminal record, so she should fit right in with Nene, Greg, Porsha, Marlo, and Apollo.
    I would love to see her interaction with Phaedra!

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