Real Housewives of New Jersey Sneak Peek!

RHONJ S6 CastI fear this is going to be one of those fast sneak peeks I can’t fully absorb and blog at the same time. It does look like they go to the Okefenokee swamp. Melissa fancies herself some sort of model in the same realm as The Village People and Milania calls Teresa a butthole. And that was in the first five seconds.Dina is a bitch and fights with Teresa. The Giudices trial is played up. Gia is a mess.

Milania is allowed to make omelette unsupervised and all her parents are  buttholes. It seem the kid who was allowed to wipe her butthole all over the refrigerated produce section has no decorum. But she is at least insightful.  Quelle surprise! Oh they are totally playing up the federal charges. The show will totally be focused on that. WHICH IS GREAT! It also means that we can expect the same treatment for Phaedra with Kenya narrating the events on RHOA next season. Teresa appears to deny pleading guilty even though we saw it in court. Teresa has four more heads of hair than usual.

Teresa doesn’t think she should be judged despite the fact she pled guilty to numerous federal felonies. Um, that is how life works. As a society, people judge criminals in a negative way. If you defraud people and plead guilty, people are going to look down on you, even if you have extra fancy hair and a pretty dress on. Teresa is sad that people say they hope the worse for her in jail. No, people just think, if you do the crime, you deserve the time.

She doesn’t want her daughters to be affected. Um, too late.

This is my favorite New Jersey Housewife, for obvious reasons. /sigh

This is my favorite New Jersey Housewife, for obvious reasons. /sigh

Dina is going to be super cunty to Caroline it seems. Teresa is like her sister. Teresa complains about her attorney fees. Dina is going to support Teresa. I hate Dina and her horrific pets.

Joe has decided to be a garbage man. It’s actually a lucrative business until Waste Management comes in and takes over your territory.

Melissa is very blond. She is the one Bravo is blaming for bringing Amber on board. Amber was supposedly at/in Melissa’s wedding. Amber hen pecks her husband and wants to put microchips in her kids. Her husband seems like a douchebag. They have four kids together. Oh lord, she’s’ a Jesus freak. I can’t wait to see her brawl and flip tables in the name of Jesus. Like Teresa. Amber is a breast cancer survivor.

Teresa and Nicole (aka the twins) are going to drive me nuts. I can’t tell Alexis and Gretchen apart for fuck sake. Teresa is the bad twin and Nicole is the good twin. Teresa and her hubby have married each other twice.  Nicole is divorced from her hubby of 14 years and now she has a boyfriend, Bobby.  Dina hates the twins. So do Teresa and Melissa. It’s old school versus new school next season. Melissa starts out liking Amber but that changes.  I heard they almost had to stop production because old school and new school could not play nice on the playground.

Melissa looks really pretty. She and Teresa are at least fake bonding because otherwise they would have to film with the new girls. They go on a trip to Atlantic city. Spoiler alert, I am not sure if they show it but Teresa won big in Atlantic City recently according to my sources.

GrandMA Wrinkles has a penis? I CAN”T.

OMG I love this show but I don’t want to see Gia cry. :(



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36 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Sneak Peek!

  1. I think Amber is going to be very entertaining. The New Kenya Moore it seems. Dina doesn’t seem like she has much going on, other than saying ass and bitch in every clip we saw.

    And I didn’t realize the sister comment! That was cold! LOL

  2. LOLGirl

    It looks like Amber fights with the twins quite a bit judging from the trailer. So it just isn’t old school vs new school. I think I’m going to like Amber. Glad Bravo spiced everything up! I was getting tired of the family crap!

  3. I don’t think Dina and Teresa actually fight. I think it was edited to seem that way. I think she was quoting someone else or something.

    Anyway, this is refreshing. It’s nice to have new people to hate. No Laurita’s or Manzos is a big plus for me.

    Love Malania. So inappropriate. But so damn funny.

    Did one twin look way older?? The unmarried one? Anyone else notice that ?

  4. BH Wannabe

    What could they have possibly done to almost make Bravo shut down production??? There would be no show without insane conflict and Bravo isn’t really behind its no-violence rule; God, they must’ve been attacking the crew or something!!!

  5. Sari

    This does look like a good season.

    Smart casting (these new women appear to bring legit dramz… As opposed to the manufactured kind often conjured up by new cast members). Why? Bravo brought in an entirely new half cast that know each other. They gave our Skinny Italian with extra special hair a built-in buddy with viewer familiarity. They got rid of the painfully normal Kathy, the clusterfuck Jacqueline, and the defunct matriarch, Caroline.

    The playing field has been leveled. As much as it can be, at least.

    Seeing Gia cry- ugh. I can’t. Criminals are criminals. Children are children. It’s hard to watch because anyone decent wants better for these children. I believe in justice, but I wish the Guidice’s other victims, their children, all of the happiness in the world.

    (Including the discipline Milania so desperately needs).

  6. Sue

    I can tell already Amber is gonna be stirring up some shit, big time. Those twis though …OMG which broom did they fly in on? They get on my nerves already, I’m warming up my mute button.

  7. lori

    Is Amber one of the backstabbing friends who met Melissa for lunch last season? I guess not though, since Melissa supposedly doesn’t know she had breast cancer.

    So glad to have new blood!

  8. Wampascat

    I hated Dina the first time around! The poor little dog traumatized me. What is going on ? Why was James Van Praagh giving Teresa a reading? I thought he talked to dead people? The twins and Amber …that’s going to be a loud mess.

  9. Mrs Smith

    Soooooo glad I am not the only one who does NOT like Dina!!!!!!! Other than Dina it looks like it will be a good season. Thank goodness it is not going to be the same family feud we have watched for how many seasons now?!!
    Where did Tre get all of that hair? Geez!
    BTW…I will NOT be missing Jaq….

    • Oh no, Mrs. Smith ! You are NOT the only one actively disliking Dina ! Between her treacherous treatment of Caroline (who may be wrong, but sisters should stick together, especially on national TV), her forging of Lexi’s father’s signature allowing her to appear and her inexcusable mistreatment of Danielle Staub, I found her to be the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen !
      When I watched her obnoxious wedding when it aired on WeTv, I thought she was a wasteful, self-entitled, gold digging snot !! Does anyone remember the $500/per butterflies she purchased for EACH centerpiece ? It was all an exercise in spending all the money she possibly could, just so she could. Dina never met a sequin she didn’t love & had to pay an exorbinant price for. Her entire reception was one huge, gaudy mess. I liken it to the weddings on “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”.
      I suppose I made my point about what I think of her.
      Who else agrees that Lexi has grown into a very pretty young woman. I always thought she was cute and very sweet. It was really nice to see her after these past few years.

  10. I’m watching now, I already dislike the loudness of the twins. Yes, one twin looks older than the other one.
    Right on to whoever wrote the broomstick comment.

    Sort of funny how quiet the original ladies seemed compared to these new ones.

  11. Chit………I nearly forgot how disgusting JoeGorga is — slow, stupid & obnoxioius.

  12. Angel

    It looks like the newbies and their men will bring drama. Amber seems like a bad old friend, she’ll 2 made several digs towards Melissa. I’m not worried, we know she can fight back.

    Dina doesn’t bother me. I hope the old cast supports each other all season for a change.

  13. Riley

    The one word that kept coming to mind….LOUD!!

  14. I liked the looks of this Season. Minus The despicable Gorga’s that is.

  15. SB

    Dear God I can’t wait for this mess to begin!!!!

  16. kheppera

    I Miss Caroline already. .

    • Angel

      Are you sure you’re not just buttering up to Ms Tamara, with that comment? :)

      • kheppera

        Lol…Caroline was the voice of reason. . She would say the things that I would say if I was there. There is no one there to do that now. I’m glad her kids are gone though. Butter up TT?… why? it’s way more entertaining when she gets mad. Hehe

  17. MicroOp

    I understand twins are people just like everyone else but it seems gimmicky to me to cast twins, or in oarticular these two. But I do like that everyone is connected to someone. I think that will move along the awkward/ pretending to be perfect phase of newbies along faster.

  18. Cat

    I missed this…twice. Not that it was boring, I made the mistake of sitting in my recliner, and just kept falling asleep. At one point, I woke up and could swear I was looking at Elizabeth Montgomery….but, no, it was Dina. Just shows you how sleepy I was. I’ll try to catch one of the many repeats.

  19. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I’m in the “Never liked Dina” club too. I think she’s a complete bitch.

  20. I don’t think I can continue on with this show.

  21. I hated seeing Gia cry, but can’t forget the two selfish crooks who caused life to be sad for those four girls. The best part of this is knowing that “we the people” are now seeing Teresa for what she really is and have stopped sending love and kisses her way. Bring on the haters, because these two are so deserving and have really earned that right!

    • Cat

      I can’t even imagine what those kids are going through. Must be really scary for them. Hope they get through it okay.

  22. bunniecarrot

    TT have you posted anything regarding Dina’s divorce? When the hell did that happen?

  23. Morgan LeFay

    The funniest line in this awesome post is: “GrandMA Wrinkles has a penis? I CAN”T.”

  24. GirlFromKY

    Totally agree with you about the Teresa and pleading guilty thing! Thank you thank you for explaining that to all those Teresa fans. God, that girl just doesn’t get it! I just can’t take watching Teresa allowing her children to act like such rude Neanderthals because they’re all so cute otherwise. And yes, Dina looks like she’s coming out this season with guns a blazin! No more keep the peace sweet girl bullshit huh?

  25. RomaReads

    Man was this tease AWESOME! I have so many rhetorical questions!!
    I think Dina is just looking for trouble this season. Did I hear her say she hasn’t been naked in front of a man for 20 years? That comment, if it’s true, surprised me until I then heard she is separated from her husband. Wow, I wonder what happened? Did her husband side with his brother, Caroline’s husband, in the family feud? What happened to Dina’s Zen? Where are all her bracelets? What is Dina’s odd predilection for pitiful animals? How is it possible Grandma Wrinkles could get even uglier? What in the hell was James Van Praagh doing there and why would he want to see Grandma’s wrinkled penis? I used to like him but that was very weird. Cancer free Amber is sure to turn up the volume and those twins remind me of a two-headed monster! Love it. I’ll be watching what happens….

  26. I’m so excited for Dina & Grandma Wrinkles!! I can’t wait to watch Dina trash Caroline/Jacqueline, because they deserve it. Dina is way above them in terms of class and in general being a better human being.

    Team Teresa/Dina all he way this season! #TreHugger

  27. Bama Belle

    I say give Milania her own show, or give all the kids a show with Milania as the ringleader! That I would watch! NJ has the cutest kids of all the HW franchise.

  28. After watching the preview show…I am DONE! Till this year, I really looked forward to watching this show. Melissa is the only person I would watch again. After seeing this new cast (especially Dina), I cannot stomach to watch another episode. Time spent with this cast…is time wasted!

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