What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimye Wedding Edition


Dammit, I have made it through the entire Kimye ordeal without posting a word, but you have to see this picture making the rounds of Twitter today. See anything interesting? Real or photoshop?

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183 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kimye Wedding Edition

  1. PJ

    That real. It’s Jayden Smith. Being a douche.

    • ​You don’t say… SMH

      On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 2:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I don’t think Will and Jada even make the kids go to school… what a mess these two are going to be..​

      On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 3:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​You don’t say… SMH > > > On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 2:30 PM, Tamara Tattles comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >>

      • Frappe

        If it was anyone other than Will and Jada, child protective services would have a serious investigation going. But I did get a laugh that Will can buy his kid a starring role in a movie but he can’t make him a movie star. That movie was a laughingstock.

      • pkati

        Hell to the Naw! Smh. Jayden is an attention seeker. Kimye should’ve cursed his lil azz out along with his crazy azz parents.

      • SnookumsLynn

        LMAO! sending a 16 year old over seas, by himself, with a probable healthy allowance, to go to a PARTY! wow!!! and I’m CTFU at his outfit, those kiddos are sure big on self expression… but you notice, the one with the mama that is married to the preacher man, probably don’t play that, her kid is RARELY seen and I think that lady is kinda a goofball herself…

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I blame Will and Jada. I honestly do. They offer those kids no sort of parental guidance whatsoever. Now they’re acting out because of that. Willow’s laying in bed with a 20-year old shirtless man, now this. I’m no Kimye fan, but who wants to look in their wedding album and see a guy dressed up as Batman on the front row? How is he even like that? Did they say nothing?

    • How do you know what guidance they get?? And honestly? If ruining their wedding photos and taking attention away from those hunks of dogs shit on the shoe of a maggot is the point? Well done!!

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        For your information, Will and Jada have said several times, countless actually, that they don’t discipline their children, that they self-govern themselves. Look it up. If they did, what in the hell would a 13 year old girl be doing in bed with a shirtless 20-year old??? And I don’t care about Kimye, so I don’t see the point of your post from either standpoint.

      • I was in bed with a 20 year old when I was 13. Nobody took pictures though. I hope. Anyway, I think it’s fucked up and freakish when people who have no clue about celebrities’ lives (except what they have told you) act as if they are part of their lives and want to take corrective action against them. In other words: get a life. Laugh at the little retard. But shut the fuck up with the child protective services shit.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place


        Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you a regular of this site? Don’t you comment daily about the lives of “celebrities”, none of which you actually know? You’re coming off very hypocritical right now. I gave my opinion, just like you do on a daily basis. Although I’m mostly absent from the comments, I do follow them and you leave your thoughts, opinions, and jokes on here on a daily basis. Why are you criticizing me for doing something you do daily? Please explain. Also, who called CPS? I did? How can you form such an opinion? Did you see me dial them up? I’m all for having an intelligent conversation, but when people start leaving explicits, like you telling me to STFU, when you don’t agree with someone, I log off. I love this site and to be honest, you’re the main reason, with you policing of the comments as if you’re the site owner, as to why I don’t comment. Going by Tamara’s guidelines, I refuse to go back and forth with you. Have a great night.

        Tamara, keep up the great work. Love the posts.

      • wikunia

        “I was in bed with a 20 year old when I was 13.” I don’t know who the 20 y old was, and what were you doing with him. But if you were sexually molested in any form, CPS should have been called.
        Unless, of course you’re from the part of the country where 13 is an acceptable age to get married.

      • Lol. Yeah. Let me explain myself you. I’ll be right back.

      • bunniecarrot

        Will & Jada have given countless interviews andsrstatements on how they do not believe in disciplining their children. They actually referred to their children as” little adults, practising adult decisions “. According to Will , if Hayden decides to be at a party at 14 in the wee hours of the night and consumes alcohol it is fine. Fine as long as they sit down and have a chat where Jayden provides him (His FATHER WILL) an explanation of why his actions were reasonable. Those were Will’s words, yup sounds like excellent parenting to me.

      • Sounds like ABSOLUTELY none of your business to me.

      • Cat

        Bunnie, my mom raised us in a similar manner. It taught us responsibility. It taught us to think before we acted. She always told us, “If you go out, and get arrested, you are on your own.” None of us have ever been arrested. Ever.

        Of course, celebrities live a lifestyle that most of us cannot relate to. But unless you live that life, in that household day after day, it’s really not for us to judge. We just don’t know all the facts.

      • Patti R.

        Haha! Yea seriously ?!

    • Bella

      @We Found Love if I were you I would not waste my time responding to
      “teecee”. She – He – It has proven time and again to be an angry trouble maker. It cannot fathom that it is ok disagree with others without blurting gutter trash insults at others. It displays the mannerisms of a low class, angry, lonely, forever single, over-opinionated hag who thinks it has more intelligence and class than others when in fact it does not. Just the way it cursed at you and the way it so frequently does others so callously shows its level of up-bringing – low on the scale. It uses Lauren Bacall’s photo for reasons unknown to moi, maybe because it would like us to believe that it was Lauren Bacall when it was young? Who knows. Just ignore it. It’s responses lead me to believe that it is sincerely lacking substance in its life. Perhaps the love of a partner it so longs for, or physical beauty, adoration, worthiness, who knows. It appears the so called trips it makes to India or wherever aren’t as fulfilling as it may like. Maybe it is pompous because it donates frequently to the site and misconstrues that as ownership and deluded entitlement? Whatever the case, here’s to hoping it will “fly” to India in its fantasies again and shut up for a while.

      • Frappe

        I am under the impression, from some of the interplay on this site, that TeeCee is favored byTT. I’ve tiptoed around TeeCee for that reason.

      • Bella

        @ Frappe maybe I will be black listed for making that comment as I agree with your sentiment. I just could not take how rude this teecee thug is to others for no apparent reason. Many of us disagree on here but this thug is so foul and outright rude I cannot fathom it. You can make your point without using F you’s etc for no apparent reason. So tactless and thug like yet it likes to think of itself like it embodies the epitome of sophistication. Maybe in its deluded mind it is. It is such a Debbie downer makes you want to just stop commenting all together.

      • ​TeeCee is “favored” mostly because I’ve posted with her many other places before this blog even existed. I think she is smart, and often makes me look at things another way. Sometimes it’s a completely wrong, stupid way, but that doesn’t matter. It’s also interesting, to me, to see how people reaction when their opinions are challenged.

        That said, she is sort of a cunt satchel.

        On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 6:50 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        @ Bella I doubt you’ll be blacklisted.
        @we found love – ( sigh) I never and will never comment on anything tee cee says however I loved your response .

      • But you just did. Lol. Retard.

    • It’s absolutely hysterical that people think they can say whatever wacked out inaccurate shit they want when their target has no chance of responding. Even about children. And that no one can say anything about them. To their faces. You can say any fucking thing you want to me or about me. But I can say anything I want to.

      It’s funny when you cowards say you won’t engage with me. Nope. You’ll only engage with people who will never READ what you say. How do you live such a spineless life?

      As for what I say about celebrities, I don’t tend to a. Pick on children or b. Put forth opinions that are mindless conjecture with absolutely no humor or device


      • natalie

        oh wow, she is smart! NOT!

      • Cat

        Oh natalie, I disagree. I think she is very smart. And funny. I think I get her now. I’m sure she will tell me if I’m wrong, but I think all she is doing, especially today, is giving people a little bit of their own medicine. If you can dish it, but can’t take it, you might want to reconsider what you post.

        As for namecalling..who cares? No one, even Teecee makes you feel one way or the other. It’s up to YOU on how you react. Personally, I’m secure enough within myself that I can laugh at such things.

        People need to lighten up.

      • natalie

        Cat, I don’t agree, but you are a sweetie :)

      • wikunia

        Great. If nobody here cares about the name calling that it should be OK for me to call Teecee all kind of names from now on. So the pompous anus get the taste of her own medicine.

      • ​I don’t have a problem with that… I’ve never minded arguments in comments. The only thing I mind is whining if someone comes for you. ( I mean the global you, not you, wikunia). It doesn’t long to figure out TeeCee is not afraid to instigate or engage. What you decide to do after that is between you guys.

        If you wanna poke the bear, step up. :)

        On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 8:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • natalie

        oh come on Tamara, you are the bear of this blog!
        TC is just an assho** poster.

      • LOL I think I am way worse when I wanna be. TeeCee has more finesse at being a cunt satchel than I do. I just watch and learn. :)

        On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 9:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • OH NO!!! Please don’t call me ANUS!!! ::cries::

        I’m leaving here forever.

      • natalie

        hmmm, not sure how Tcunt satchel fits into your business plan….anyway nightly night, your site rocks and that wedding picture is god awful hilarious…

      • Ok. I’m back. Whatimiss

      • Jae

        Seriously? Now you’re getting bashed because you have a strong opinion, personality, and your give-a-shit is broken?

        Pass the cheap champagne and expensive cheese. This is already more entertaining than the article.

    • Manic Mondays

      NY news reported he was running around like he was a super hero and was repeatedly throwing his cape over peoples head. He has been acting since he was 5 and has money from music as well, I’m sure Willow and him have their own money since their both actors and muscians.

    • bunniecarrot

      @tee their parents felt the need to give the interviews, and made it everyone’s business.

      @cat I can understand teaching your children to be responsible for their actions….however the Smith’s believe in complete hands off parenting on CHILDREN. But my middle class behind won’t have to encounter or cross paths with the Smith’s, so not my problem.

      • Cat

        Well, considering every parent is a unique individual, and every child is a unique individual, I don’t really think you can cookie-cutter parenting, can you? I don’t know…I’m anti-child myself. Never had any. Never wanted any. But my point is: Maybe since their situation is different from the average person…Maybe it works in their world?

        Personally, I don’t see anything wrong in this picture. I think maybe it was planned in advance for publicity. We certainly are talking about it now, aren’t we? And the bride and groom don’t seem upset by it.

  3. Amy

    Did he dress like that to poke fun of the SNL Kimye parody “Wedding Edition” where Kanye designed a Batman wedding tux made of leather and said it was what Jesus would make if he had access to 100-feet of leather? If so I find it kind of funny and nice Kanye would let Jayden do that… like Kanye can laugh at himself being parodied instead of being mad about it.

    • Michelle

      But in his ridiculously long wedding speech, Kayne moaned about SNL using them for material. He is so full of himself it is actually funny.

  4. Ace

    What insufferable brats those Smith kids must be. Moneyed entitlement? I don’t think there’s much worse that can happen to a kid today. Well, maybe two narcissistic parents who confuse over-indulgence with positive reinforcement.

  5. Jaden is constantly waxing poetic online anbd assuming that we all think that his brilliant bon mots are life changing. WIllow is posing with grown men on a bed and doing God knows what else while her parents defend her behavior. Shame on the parents and let’s hope that they don’t see their kids being taken away in coroner wagons someday.

  6. denise

    Very sad. Agree with others. Not appropriate for a wedding.

    • Cat

      I think it’s funny. But then, everyone at my wedding was in costume. Even the minister. It was a hoot, and we had some great pictures.

  7. Cat

    Oh well. Maybe she will get perfect photos at her next wedding.

    • Valerie

      Oh please please please let the Kardashians be just an ugly spot in history by the time the next wedding comes along.

  8. RomaReads

    It is really surprising to see that Kimye allowed such a spectacle. I mean, it was THEIR day for heaven’s sake! To me this costume makes a mockery of the ever so carefully orchestrated event. I would not want albino batman at my wedding. No.

  9. As Phaedra would say, “Everyone knows” that it is improper to wear white to a wedding. Only the “bride” wears white. Although, three times a bride? Maybe the rules of etiquette are different

    • lori

      And they wouldn’t let Brody bring his girlfriend! That’s just so messed up, and when I heard it, I felt bad for him. That’s just COLD. I think she’s always treated her step brothers like crap. Guess his gf isn’t the child of anyone famous and therefore hasn’t had her way paid into Hollywood either. I’m sure in Kim’s eyes she’s a nobody, and Kim couldn’t possibly have any mere mortals at her wedding. That family is just so superficial and shallow. Then I heard that there was a six month rule for plus ones. Jayden and her sister haven’t been dating for 6 months, have they? Anyway, in that regard I’m GLAD that Jayden dressed up like that. Karma’s a bitch. Not only did it make for some messy wedding photos, but the fact that people are now talking about that instead of focusing solely on what she was wearing must have her blood boiling. He stole a bit of her thunder, and nothing irks that girl more than that. Since I don’t follow this family (except for what I occasionally hear on TMZ or those type of shows and I haven’t watched lately) I’m wondering, did Bruce give her away? I know that his change in appearance in recent months had her really upset because she didn’t want that at her wedding for the same reason I said above… she thought it would take some of the attention away from her.

  10. I think it was Photoshop!!! Too out of place and i really do not believe Kanye would allow that bs at his wedding…..IMO

  11. Banana Bug

    Had no idea this was Will & Jada’s son. At first glance, I thought some weird “Bat Klan” showed up! Shame on them!

  12. kb

    I just can’t with this child. He is standing at wedding dressed like its Halloween. With no parents protective services should be investigating this family.

    • Really? Because he wore…a costume…to a wedding….in France…between a porn star and a questionably talent rapper who likes to beat up reporters and go in insane tirades…and whose lives are reality tv fodder? CPS should really spend time investigating poor wedding etiquette????? When there are children who go to bed hungry and beaten? You’re suggesting that a over stretched system should be bothered with the crime of unchecked “brattiness”??

      • Banana Bug

        Yes! When THEY become the focus for every “hungry” world!!

      • lori

        I agree. He may be a spoiled brat, and/or a little attention seeking twerp, but seriously… child protective services??? There are children being literally tortured and abused every second in this country. Because this kid’s in a costume at this ridiculous wedding is worthy of CPS? Am I in the twilight zone? I don’t get it at all.

      • Frappe

        The CPS was brought up by me in reference to no schooling, the young daughter photographing herself in bed with an older man ( and Mom saying no big deal) among many other reports of questionable things endorsed by the parents. This stupid costume is merely a sign of kids out of control.

      • wikunia

        @ teecee ….. It doesn’t matter how many languages I speak. What does matters is that I will not tolerate your meanness and bullying tactics in any language that I understand and I’ll let you know about it.

      • Oh god. You are too stupid.

        Hahah. So…if you’re not going to tolerate me…exactly what are you going to do?

      • wikunia

        Good afternoon teecee….. if you want to see stupid you should look in the mirror. Ha, ha, ha,

    • So your parents mustbe horrible parents too because you are a jackass.

      • wikunia

        @teecee – “So your parents mustbe horrible parents too because you are a jackass.”
        If that is true, therefore you must be on orphan, you emotional imbecile.

      • I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that English is not your first language.

  13. Banana Bug

    Agree Frappe. Rehab is next for the Smith children. Will and Jada will shake their heads and wonder . . . . . why?

    • Wishing children to rehab is way worse than whatever sins you are all casting on these people.

      • Banana Bug

        Don’t mean to offend Teecee. I would never wish “addiction” on anyone’s children, esp. Will and Jada’s. Love them both. They’ve managed to hold their family together in a town and a time when marriage is considered “unnatural”. Raising two sons of my own and scared to death about distractions and giving them too much or . . . . not enough.

  14. HeyWig

    Is it weird as a parent to say I love these kids. I love that they arent cool they arent trendy like all of Hollywoods kids im still shocked the oh so posh and fabulous Kardashian’s let him date their daughter. By the time they turn 19-21 they will be “normal to society’s standard” which could be miley cyrus type, or justin beiber type. Let them get the crazy unorthodox ways outta their system now so they can be well versed robots like the rest of us. They are weird ,but jesus Christ all of those Smith children are beautiful. And he can too act did you see the Pursuit of Happiness, also in After Earth his acting was up to par for a 15y.o I guess I liked his acting bcuz I have a high achieving Father who has no emotions. O ‘ve

  15. Miele

    Forget the costume. What in the blue blazes is Jaden holding?!

  16. Lindy

    When I heard that reported on E! News, my first thought was that it must have been sanctioned by Kimye or perhaps even Kanye’s idea. I didn’t for a second think that the kid did that on his own, and I still don’t. I see that I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t give it a second thought. I haven’t ever gotten the impression that the Smith kids would embarrass their parents or themselves in that way. But then I don’t pay much attention to them one way or another. I assumed they were being home-schooled the way many child actors are, but what do I know.

  17. Sari

    The main issue is that it’s completely in poor taste to wear white as a wedding guest.

  18. I think Jayden’s outfit is hilarious and appropriate at a West/Kardashian circus.
    He is sixteen years old and it looked like he photo bombed people all day. Not a big deal and he added the “fun” to what appeared a boring day.

    At 16 he is old enough to fly to France alone, good grief people. It’s not a war torn country.

  19. BTW, I agree with Teecee in her thinking, I just wouldn’t have the balls to write it.
    I actually thought the photo of Willow was very well done. It was a gorgeous photo. The 20 year old is a family friend and actually none if our business.
    We don’t know what type of parents Will and Jada Smith are but they seem like stable people.
    Jayden was hilarious in his costume.

  20. spk

    It is funny Calipatti – if he actually knew the irony of what he was doing. You know, two clowns getting married and in the audience, more clowns.

    To me the kid(s) behavior, and the excuses made for it, is what you expect of those who are parented by Scientologists. Which Will & Jada are.

    • Frappe

      OMG. I did not know they are Scientologists. That explains a lot! I have a dear friend who fell into that before she was rescued from their compound in Florida. The stories she tells……

      • Ooooh tell us one. I agree it’s kind of hilarious to do this at Kimye’s wedding any other wedding and it wouldn’t be appropriate. Like if it were me I would have sent him and Kylie back to the hotel. However here he is trolling the trolls. TROLL ON JAYDEN!

      • Manic Mondays

        They really need to shut that Florida compound down. No one leaves there with a happy story and every one needs therapy afterwards.

  21. Omg like who is she, ok well Kim admitted made a name for herself in her own right but the rest of the family are just coat tail holders they are fuck all without Kim and the mother kris URGH that nasty wench makes me sick

    • Please read commenting rules. Focus on #5. I have no idea what you are trying to say. ​http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/commenting-rules/

      On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 7:01 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  22. O.O

    Apart from the hands off parenting , the cult and the lack of education ( which came to everyone’s attention when willow was presented with some kind of award on 106 and park and couldn’t read what it said ) something is very wrong with those children , especially willow. Wouldn’t a normal 16 year old boy want to look daper at a wedding to meet girls? I’m seriously asking because I don’t know anything about boys, I have girls.

  23. StrungoutOnBravo

    My first reaction was “Oh that’s photoshopped”… guess I was wrong. What a circus! The only explanation for this is simple. He wants attention, he craves attention, he probably couldn’t function as a normal human being if he wasn’t getting some sort of adulation. I would say most of the people who attended that wedding need to feel superior and are fame seekers. Birds of a feather…

    • Really? Needing to be noticed and acknowledged and to get adulation is NOT normal?? Especially for a kid? When you were typing that thoughtful comment, did you hope that someone would say “well said!!” Underneath you? You can lie if you’d like. But…you’d be lying.

  24. Shame in them??? Shame? At a wedding that is the biggest joke ever? Dear god you people ARE the morons who care about kardashians! And the pinkest smiths! I’ve finally found them! The missing links. Everyone I know has alwAys said: who CARES about these people? Who watches that show or follows this shit?? I have found the answer. The reason these idiot exist are you idiots who refer to them in a first name basis!! Hahahahah.

  25. I have to say I usually change the channel when it comes to the Kardashians. I just feel they are too much.
    In that light it just looks like another outlandish wedding to me. I think they were well aware of Jayden’s intentions. Celebrities are eccentric and are often extreme in their lifestyles. I am not surprised. I don’t get it.

  26. O.O

    I forgot to answer the question about the picture .
    It looks as if jaydens hands are sticks .

  27. Jr.Leaguer

    Maybe his stylist was the same person that convinced Björk that a swan dress would be a really good idea.

  28. tlrich33

    They are all a bunch of nuts in a bowl, just different flavors.

  29. terry macon

    LMAO,teecee why is it everybody can comment and they become
    Upset when you say something? All the comments they make about
    Kim and kanye are crazy,who cares? There are a lot of sick people
    In this world. They hate kim and kanye as if they have known them for years, that’s sick! Its to much and scary. Have a good weekend.

  30. MicroOp

    Doesn’t he know it’s rude to wear white to someone else’s wedding?

  31. Josie

    I keep checking to see that I am on the TT board. Posters getting told to STFU, called jackasses, retards and attacked for having another opinion.

    Call someone out if you think they are wrong however debate the points of your argument. I’ve disagreed plenty with the Porsha fans but I would never resort to name calling. One of the reasons I love this site is because of the l

  32. MicroOp

    Honestly, I wouldn’t care if someone came to my wedding dressed like that. For a 16 year old it’s funny. And people should wear what they want and what makes them feel good.

    • gapeach

      I wish someone WOULD come to my wedding dressed like that – it’d be awesome!! I’d seriously enjoy that immensely!!

  33. I agree with those that think “Kimya” (or whatev) knew about this and were ok with it. Will Smith is Hollywood gold. I also agree that it’s kind of cute and funny and have no problem with the idea of this 16 year old world traveler heading to France to do it.

    In other news, Scientology is crack.

    In other-other news, “Goldigga” remains one of my most favorite videos and song of all time. Have never watched or followed The Kardashians.

  34. Josie

    Level of discourse.

  35. kb

    Bottom line is he should have had more respect for the couple. He could have been dressed more appropriately. With that being said it shows he had no respect for them. He was seeking attention.But hey look who got married.

  36. kb

    Yes ma’am indeed. But off the subject I’m sitting here watching reruns of RHOA. Can anyone tell me what Apollo mean by” phyicality”?

  37. A rather boring celebrity wedding photo with a 16 year old having fun has went to CPS investigation, rehab, accusations of bad parenting and opinions stated as a fact, really?

    Teecee thank you for out right laughter this morning. You go girl.

  38. natalie

    That is the funny part, there is nothing to get! Idiot!

  39. Cat

    Hahahaa…I just noticed the tag for this post. Hilarious!

  40. Manic Mondays

    Thats that scientology parenting for you. They do not put restraints on their creativity. Dressing is a form of expressing yourself and they don’t stifle their clothing choices. Which is why Willow is running around with a painted face at 13 and dresses like she is a grown woman. She still more covered up than half the adults I see, but nothing in her wardrobe looks like a teenagers clothing choice. I just hope he doesn’t marry or knock up the Kardashian girl he is dating.

    • So. You’ve been in her closet? You know all this for fact? You must be awfully close to the family. Are you related to them??

      • natalie

        shouldn’t you be eating your lunch?

      • Manic Mondays

        @Teecee66 I am assessing her wardrobe based of photos at events, photos she post herself and taken by paparazzi. I do not need to be close to them or related to them to see what she is wearing. What I said about their parenting style is what the parents themselves have said in interviews; I do not need to be close to them or related to them to know this information.
        @Natalie I’m starting to think she is a child as well.

      • So in other words, you don’t feel like you have to know actual facts in order to spout off some half assed declaration proclaiming others to be wrong. Lol. K.

        Ps. You’re SUPER creepy for following these kids at all. All of you who are experts on them — CREEEEEEPPPY. You really should look into getting your own lives.

      • natalie

        Manic you made me laugh, TCunt is pushing 50!!

      • Manic Mondays

        @Teecee66 “So in other words, you don’t feel like you have to know actual facts in order to spout off some half assed declaration proclaiming others to be wrong” Excuse me but since when did photos not become facts? I am not vested in these children’s lives; I do however follow their parents because I like them as artist. When I come on blogs or go on social media, if the children happen to become news worthy or the parents themselves share/repost their children’s photos/videos then I see their clothing. If the blogs report on them because of paparazzi has taken pictures then I see their attire. Do you really think the paps are somehow altering these photos to sexualize a teenager? Do you think the parents would alter the photos their child has taken and put makeup on her? I do commend you for making your point without cursing even though you still sound very childish. Maybe we are maturing just a little….just maybe.

      • Wow. You’re fucking crazy.

    • spk

      “Thats that scientology parenting for you. They do not put restraints …”

      This part is true. They don’t put restraints period, unless it’s conforming to the religious doctrine. Not to go off on a wild tangent but with Scientologist parenting, you don’t question kids choices too much. They believe kids are born with absolute perfect knowledge and truth and adults are not supposed to interfere with that. It’s why you hear Tom Cruise going on-and-on about how his daughter is a genius and has better taste than him and he lets her dress him — and he was saying this when she was 2. It drove me bonkers to watch his interviews.

  41. I’m thinking drugs were involved… Scratch that, I’m hoping drugs were involved. Either way in about 10 years when he’s written his memoir or cookbook I’m sure we’ll find out what happened this day.

    • Oh good. Now we are completely baselessly accusing a child of being on drugs.

      Guess what? In ten years, he will probably be a better person than you. He won’t make hurtful accusations without any reason. He will be too busy having a life.

      GODDAMIT. I always hated these people because they are pretentious a-holes. and you’re all making me defend them.

    • A thought isn’t an accusation, it’s just that a thought. What exactly is your childhood trauma? I’ve not attacked the White Knight, I’m merely being facetious. You’re quite entertaining by the way. Drink on honey, drink on…

      • “I’m sure drugs were involved” is an accusation. A though stays in your peabrain. An accusation get flung where you think there are no repercussions.

      • If you’re going to quote me… quote me accurately.. “I’m thinking drugs were involved”… I copy and pasted that shit, please scroll up and have a seat. And since we’re quoting.. let me quote your ass (because I’m sure that’s what your speaking out of):

        “So in other words, you don’t feel like you have to know actual facts in order to spout off some half assed declaration proclaiming others to be wrong. Lol. K.”

        All you’ve done to me to this point. You know nothing about me. And that’s fine. You’re just something I laugh at on my computer screen. Bye Felicia!

      • Do you really think it’s ok to accuse children of doing drugs???? Really?

      • natalie

        TCunt, “repercussions” seriously? silly silly stupid girl.

    • teecee66 what have you been snorting the past two days. It’s like you’re trying to be TT’s EVILer twin. Jeez. Just remember, when you come down, it’s gonna be rough. LOL

      • I wish I had something to snort.
        I’m no different today or yesterday or the day before than I am any other time. Not sure what you think you know about me or why you would presume to claim knowledge. I’ve never seen you before.

      • Reading through the comments I noticed yours had a particularly crazed, maniacal tone to them. You seemed to be picking on people and attacking them for their comments. No, you don’t know me, we don’t know each other but even if I agreed with you on points, I wouldn’t agree with your savoir faire, or lack thereof. Assuming you’re a sane person, there must be some sort of rationale behind your verbal abuse of some of the posters. Maybe it’s drugs, or maybe you’re a cunt satchel, or a cunt satchel on drugs. Personally, all of us can talk about anybody (celebrity) whose lives we enjoy discussing here with TT. We don’t know them or their business, but we talk about them…..a lot….right here….all the time! No worries, just working on my cunt satchel skills. Hahahahaha!!

  42. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I am not accusing that child of doing drugs. That’s some ill-constructed fabrication on your part. The words “Jayden Smith is doing drugs” didn’t come onto this thread, at least not by me. Some people get wacky with a little too much Nyquil but that’s not my business…. Now to answer your question: Do I think it’s okay to accuse a child of doing drugs (even though that’s not what I did)? Sure, why the heck not. I’ll just be clear and say I didn’t accuse THIS child of doing drugs. Get it? Got it? Didn’t think so…

  43. His outfit is ridiculous! My teenaged kids and I agree (from recent behavior both aired and photographed) that Jayden and Willow are out of control and on a path of destruction. We don’t have to be privy to know what’s in their closets, talk with them personally, etc., all we know is their outlandish behavior that is redundant of many other troubled teen stars. I highly doubt that Willow and Jayden are going to miraculously turn into well rounded adults given their recent behavior. We’ve seen it time and again, and it is Will and Jada’s fault for their poor parenting or lack thereof!!!

  44. tim

    ok. I’ve read the comments section and I wouldn’t call teecee a bear but I would call her a cunt satchel. Is that a term of endearment tt?? lol YOU are the only reason she keeps going and going and going…you must get a good laugh indeed.

  45. MKITAG

    Those Smith kids need good ass whippings… I’d beat the hell out of both of em. Just plain stupid. Embarrassing their parents like this and Will and Jada are too slow to see what the hell is going on!

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