Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s Divorce Trial Begins

bethennyNow that Bethenny has finished her talk show, it seems she finally has time to begin the formal divorce proceedings. According to the New York Daily News, yesterday was the first day of testimony and Bethenny took the stand. She wasted no time in going all in on her soon to be ex-husband Jason Hoppy. Bethenny testified that she wrote Jason a letter telling him that she wanted a divorce and that once he read it he  She said her life became “brutal, horrendous, and  excruciating.” Um, who writes a letter to the husband that you live with asking for a divorce rather than just talking to him face to face?

Bethenny cried on the stand as she recounted numerous mistreatments by Jason during the separation. Bethenny testified that Jason told her, “If you don’t want to be with me and you’re ending this marriage, I want nothing to do with you ever again. I’m going to destroy you. You’re already losing fans. I’m going to ruin you.”

Are You Watching Bethenny Ever After ?During the infamous standoff over the apartment it was apparently just like the movie War of the Roses. Bethenny testified that Jason  would stare at her wordlessly, videotape her and interrupt her time with Bryn by climbing into bed with her when she was laying with Bryn and whisper into her ear, “You’re done. You’re finished.”

In addition, Bethenny testified that Jason said, “I’m going to destroy you. I’m going to have you and your publicist crying and crumbling in a corner. Now you’re going to see what I was like on the basketball court.” Bethenny testified Jason also told her, “You don’t know what it’s like to have a family, you’ll never have a family. Let’s go, baby.”

Bethenny endured this treatment and refused to leave the apartment for over a year and finally moved into another apartment in the same neighborhood recently. Jason’s attorney claims that when she moved out Bethenny took all of Byrn’s  toys, clothes and stuffed animals from the family’s shared home leaving nothing behind.

Are You Watching Bethenny Ever After ?People magazine reports that Jason’s attorney claimed in court that Bethenny is using her daughter as a publicity prop. People reported, ” Hoppy’s attorney also charges that Frankel secretly modeled the character in her upcoming children’s book after Bryn and arranged to be photographed pushing her stroller with a bottle of her Skinnygirl cocktail in the cup holder.”

Both parties are warring not only over custody of Bryn, but over how the child should be raised. Bethenny agreed to allow Bryn to be baptized in the Catholic church to appease the Hoppy family, and to allow her to attend services on major holidays. She is upset they are taking Bryn to church for regular services as well. Also, Bethenny had been raising Bryn as a vegetarian and Jason has been feed her bacon!  Church?! Bacon?!  Oh the horrors!

The couple is expected to return to court on June  11th when presumably it will be time for Jason to take the stand.

What do y’all make of all this? Was Jason’s on camera appearance all a ruse as Bethenny claims? Is he really an evil bacon eating Catholic in real life?


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  1. captain eel

    Jason is a nice guy who just happened to marry the devil.

  2. marc

    An evil bacon eating Catholic ; you slay me T.T thanks for the laughter :)

  3. Christina


  4. ericzku

    …but did he give her bacon on Fridays?

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Damn, you beat me to it! I think child services should be called in for 1.) taking a child to church services and 2.) feeding a child bacon. Those are the worst crimes against children that I ever heard. (sarcasm)

  5. If Jason really did crawl into bed and whisper in her ear like that…psycho!

  6. Cindy

    I always thought there was something not quite right about him – controlling, possibly verbally abusive behind the scenes. I believe every word Bethenny is saying!

    • Lena

      I agree with you 100%.

    • puppylove

      I totally agree with you. Jason said many sly things even on camera, but then laughed about them. He was always putting her down when ever he could. He didn’t marry a devil like the first post said. He married a person with a drive to make money to support herself and her family, if her husband had any brains he would have been happy to work WITH his wife and make a brand together. With Jason it was no he wanted to be Mr. look at me from the start. Bethany wanted Jason to be part of her business, but I think Jason wanted the recognition and the glory and didn’t want the WORK that it took to be that successful. He was and is soooooo jealous of her he can’t stand it. Now I bet you he will try to get spousal support and everything else it can get from her and not do anything for the rest of his life but lay on his ass. When they were on the boat for the couples retreat Jason said many hurtful things to her and then laughed at it and said he didn’t mean it. Well then don’t say it. He tried to make her feel unsure of herself but she is much stronger than he is and she didn’t let his hurtful remarks stay with her. Jason knows that taking Bryn would hurt Bethany most of all so that is what he is striving for. He is a shit for brains piece of crap, and I hope Bethany comes out ahead. Bryn needs a father, yes, and the grandparents that love her, yes, but don’t do everything possible to go against what Bethany tries to do that is good for the child. With Bryn they HAVE to work together no matter how much they hate each other. I still say Jason is JEALOUS of Bethany (cause she’s smart) at least she was until she married him.

  7. Justobserving

    Jason has never appeared to be anything but a wonderful husband and parent. He was overly patient with Bethany the Queen of Chaos. I believe anyone can say mean, terrible things to the person you are divorcing. It is an infinitely stressful occasion, frankly worse than anything I personally have ever gone through. He is trying to raise a kind, loving, healthy kid it seems to me. His family is awesome. If all she can accuse him of are saying mean things, feeding her child bacon, and taking Bryn to church… she has no idea how good she has it! I hope he soon finds a kind, loving woman who shares his values and loves the hell out of him and his beautiful daughter. Bethenny needs to be grateful he wants to be a good father. She will survive. Stop putting your child through this, Bethenny!

    • Deb

      I think Jason doesn’t want to have to go back to work. He wants custody so he can get the child support. I believe they are fighting over money. She has it , he doesn’t and he wants it from her. I am not saying that he is not a good father or that he doesn’t love his child,

    • vivaladiva831


    • Mina

      I agree with Justobserving totally. She was so rude to him in the shows, and his family and what he expressed he wanted seemed normal. She is not from that world. They never should have been together. It is sick and sad that they can’t just divorce and work toward Bryn’s good. And OMG, bacon!!!!! The Horror!!!!

    • venus

      Jason is just HURT and he has slowly but surely found the ability to voice his pain.

      I don’t think either one is evil… I just think they just didn’t have or wasn’t familiar with the others values in home, family and career… which in turn cause chaos.

      Bryn was the blessing they got however but I only hope she is not put thru the ringer to create the awful childhood memories that Bethany had.

      Jason held his tongue many of times and the few times he HAD said something (in trying to keep his manhood during the filming that we all caught) was just him trying to make a point… subtle at first, but Bethany just always wanted her way and the last word… cause B thinks $$$$ is what was most important; since that is what made her feel as if she was in control and she didn’t know how to be loved or love! She didn’t truly hear or understand Jason when he wanted to keep their marriage separate from the business… since he already knew how controlling she is… Why would he want to be tied to her in business too… she was ALREADY controlling him in the marriage~

      He deeply loved her and she didn’t deserve (or better yet know how to handle or understand how anyone could love her that much) Jason’s such a deep loving, sensitive man who just wanted to have some say in their LIFE as a couple… he wanted to feel like the man that he IS! Bethany wants to be both man and woman in the marriage & that is because she has never experienced/PERCEIVED she was LOVED; as far back as a child.

      But she thought she could have the best of both worlds… a quiet guy who would just roll over when she said so and still be adored and respected as a woman and as a woman who needs ALL THE EYES on her and a woman who need to be praised for her hard work, determination and success! She is lucky Jason didn’t beat the crap out of her! She brought out the worst in him and Jason just was not able to let her have her selfish ways ALL of the time… just MOST of the time… B wanted it ALL of the time and would not give an inch that may take away her self-esteem… which truly y were insecurities.. Not self-confidence! This is why she was so feisty… Her insecurities were beginning to show… After all she could never allow a man to make her feel that she MAY be wrong or possibly take a back seat!

      But Poor Bryn! This combat is laying the structure for her emotional future and unless the parents get on the same page … and weigh the terrible vs. the not so terrible things that are going on between them (Church and Bacon!) I feel pain for little Bryn! She needs both parents and she needs her grandparents too! They all seem to LOVE her so why oh why won’t they stop causing her never ending pain! She may end up like her mother with all those emotional issues and never know the feeling of LOVE!

      Bethany may have the money to support Bryn financially but I honestly think Jason has the family values from experience. I hope Jason finds a good woman to balance it all out… for Bryn’s sake coz SHE above all is the most important thing they have going and should keep her at the forefront of this vicious divorce settlement!

  8. Frappe

    I don’t suppose he said something like “I’m way up here (palm high in the air) and Bethenny is way down here (palm at knee level). That would be evidence of outrageous abuse in NYC apparently. BTW the audience was finished with her show long before she was.

  9. So it sounds as if Bryn is Bethany’s daughter and Jason is just her employee who takes care of Bryn. C’mon, he’s not following her instructions?!

    So I guess he’s educating and feeding his half of their daughter how he wants.

    • Sonia

      Sounds like he just wants to tap into her money, similar to Sherri Shephard’s blob – I believe Bethenny

      • pdt090

        I agree. Bethenny has a long list of flaws but Jason isn’t much better. If there genders were reversed everyone would be calling him a gold-digger.

      • commensensexl

        Nothing could be further from the truth or so based in non-facts. First, he had a great, profitable profession and he was a hard working money earner. Most important, he has shown he is an adoring, loving and involved father and brings with him something so missing in children’s lives–loving grandparents. In other words he offers stability and a loving upbringing involved with family.
        Bethenney is the one that filed for sole custody relegating Bryn’s father to visits, but no input. She had a miserable childhood, per her own words, with uninvolved parents and no family backup support. Now, she wants to do the same to her own daughter. She is a control freak who wants total control over everything regarding Bryn without concern to what is best for her emotional, and mental welfare or her happiness. It’s Bethenney’s way, period. That is not love. That is possession

  10. Yamoah Asiedu

    Thanks for this hot sweet tea, Tamara. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy reading your blog. Sorry this response is a bit long, I’m waiting for a bus!

    It’s a sad ending to the Frankel/Hoppy union.

    I was delighted for Bethenny when she met Jason. She transformed into a bundle of girly gushiness. It was also the time that she found the courage to stand up to Jill Zarin. Remember her cool demeanour at the RHNY reunion?
    I watched Jason and Betheny’s new ‘golden life’ on Bethenny Ever After and rooted for their love story despite some of the cracks which surfaced occasionally. Nobody’s marriage is perfect, right!? For a while, it worked but I think, at some point during the second year of their marriage, Bethenny started to emasculate Jason and he became resentful. The deterioration of their marriage actually played out on screen. When they went to Mexico (with their paid friends) Correction, HER paid friends for her birthday (?) their interaction was so tense and awkward.

    I don’t think she smiled at him even once during that episode. She couldn’t bear to be around him.

    It looks like this divorce is going to get really ugly. Jason doesn’t strike me as an innocent flower, he probably gives (gave) her a run for her money (no pun intended) when the cameras were off. All I can say is Poor Bryn.

    At least the divorce will eventually be settled. Bryn can grow up without experiencing hostility between her warring parents. Her doting paternal grandparents (if I recall correctly) can provide third party love for that precious little girl.

    Keep up the good work TT. : )

    • Josie

      Good post, I agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure the divorce brought out the worst in jason and it does take two even if the split is 80/20 or whatever it is.

      I was really rooting for those two and hoping for a happy ending. Unfortunately, it does take more than more than love to make a marriage work. B has major intimacy issues and she can be too controlling. This was an opportunity for her to have a family but I don’t think she could let J or his parents in. I also think she emasculated him and treated him like an employee and the respect was gone. That talk show also probably took a lot of time from the marriage which was still too new. Having said that she needs a butler like Gregg and that just is not Jason’s style…

  11. Shellbelle

    Bethenny was at times horrible to Jason on her show… It wasn’t bad edit,it was HER freakin’ show. I liked her quick wit, but I didn’t have to live with her. She emasculated him and it’s all on tv. She complained because his parents wanted to see more of Bryn? For crying out loud, my parents live NEXT DOOR and I have to beg my mother to watch my 2 year old while my husband and I go to a band concert for our oldest. Poor little rich girl.

  12. Nicole

    I like Jason and I thought Bethany had a lot of issues. She can NEVER be happy, that’s just the kind of person she is. I love his parents and I love how they took Bethany in as their own. It’s so sad to see this for Bethany. I k now she has issues with spending so much time with his parents. It seemed kind of crazy to me… but what do I know…

    • Josie

      Considering her relationship with her parents, she probably thought and thinks that was weird and too close for comfort. Even though plenty of people would have loved to have Jason’s parents as in-laws. They were ready to adopt her like a daughter however, for someone for probably has never experienced that it was probably too much to handle. I also think Jason is the type to take a lot of stuff and then shut down and be withholding where I think bethenney would want to talk something to death. I think that is what we were seeing towards the end of Ever After….

  13. Harlyn

    I am a huge Bethenny fan and have followed her career from the beginning on the Martha Stewart reality show. But it was clear from watching her reality show with Jason that she was too neurotic to have a normal family and Jason is a normal guy. Her quick wit and craziness makes for good tv but I wouldn’t want to live with her. I don’t believe for a second that Jason is a perfect guy and totally innocent in the demise of their relationship. But I think their daughter deserves a shot at some normalcy in her life and Jason is the parent that can provide it.

  14. momadison

    I like Bethanny and so hoped for their marriage. While we may never know all the details and when people are hurt they want to embellish so you really understand about that hurt, I always thought he would be pretty unreasonable about things on the show. Red flags abounded with his defensiveness and wanting to curb her behaviour. She really did seem to want to try in her therapy sessions and when he pulled that stunt before they went on the sailing trip with the therapist, I was like uhm hmm this is not good! Plus maybe this is sexist but he should always have kept his own business and work stuff seperate, a man needs his own identity. He worked before meeting her, he should have kept persuing that instead of being so concerned about where he fit in at SkinnyGirl and insisting he was now the brains of the business and thats what got them the big payout! People say she emasculated him, no she adored him until he started to act like a big wuss, then she just couldn’t take it, I got pretty sick of him and I only had to watch once a week! I think people don’t get why she was hesitant to get all consumed by his family, but if you’d read her books, she had periods where she had normal happy family moments and then they’d get ripped away and she was fearful of comitting to, and then losing, that again! He was always calling her wierd or not normal about family issues and to never have one of your biggest issues and feelings validated can be tough. She needs a very established loving man who doesn’t want anything from her or to change her sometimes goofy but always from a good place antics!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      +momadison. I agree with you on one crucial point: he should have continued to work instead of trying to muscle in on SkinnyGirl. Work, in whatever form gives people, especially men in a marriage with a much wealthier person, purpose, identity and independence. Who knows what would have happened if Jason had maintained his own professional career and supported Bethenny as a hard working, independent spouse? I think this is the crux of their problems: a huge power struggle between two huge egos. Jason was never going to ‘win’. They didn’t figure out how to ‘power share’.

      Sidenote, I hope Kim and Kroy do not end up like this.

      There’s something corrosive or destructive about exposing the inner workings of your marriage on reality TV. Once exposed, you have to ‘see yourself’. really ‘see yourself.’ As critical as we human beings are, we probably won’t like what we see. IJS

      • vivaladiva831

        Yamoah, don’t worry, this will not happen to K and K. Kim Is a geisha girl, and Kroy only gives her more credibility and makes her more likeable. Bethany is not the time to slob all over her man, and Kim will. Not to mention I do think they genuinely love each other. I think Jason loved Bethany and Bethany is not capable of loving unconditionally or receiving that love-her daughter excepted. Bethany always thinks there is something underhanded behind a person caring for her bc I think that’s the way she operates. A benefits relationship.

    • If I recall correctly, she had been getting the run-around on why they weren’t bottling her product and people were upset that her product wasn’t to the stores. She was stressed about it and SHE wanted him to get involved in her business – he did so reluctantly. (I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to work with her either.)

      Once he started working on it, he was able to get the situation rectified in short order.

      • This is certainly how it played out on TV. Jason was very reluctant about joining the business.​

        On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 7:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sandra

        That”s exactly how I remember it. I sure don’t remember Jason “insisting he was now the brains of the business, and that’s what got them the big payout.”

  15. Jr.Leaguer

    I think that Bethenny has taken a lesson from her mother’s scorched earth approach in regard to familial dysfunction. She had a husband who was a cheerleader for her. He was/is an involved parent and tried to give her the family life and emotional stability that she never had and she has thrown it back in his face. Bethenny has more issues that National Geographic and sadly, I doubt that she will ever truly find happiness with a partner.

  16. Din

    Well, maybe she should have given him joint custody a few million to make him go away if she was so worried about her daughter instead of forcing her to live in an extremely toxic environment like she described for so long.

    Who is she trying to fool though, this whole thing is about money and little else. She is either extremely stubborn or got atrocious legal advice when the whole thing started, probably both. Her whole career down the drain and who knows what her little girl’s reaction will be to all this when she is old enough to google herself.

  17. Bethanny is admittedly an emotionally disturbed woman. She reminds me of a female version of Woody Allen. Neurotic, nutty and verbose. Sometimes its humorous other times hideous. I NEVER believed their marriage would last but it sure ended way sooner than even I thought it would. I was bored with their reality show after they got married. Watched an episode or two and I thought she treated him horribly and he took it. She was abusive and I remember seeing one episode and noticed their little daughter was very smart. Too bad the parents can’t just be friends and just go their separate ways. Jason was always smiley and he seemed to be someone that could deal with Bethenny’s abrasive personality. Who didn’t know she would be the one to leave him? She constantly said she couldn’t stay with anyone, I just didn’t understand why she got married in the first place. She is perfectly whacky and he seemed very normal. I wonder if they’ll end up with shared custody. Bethanny had better take the advice of her lawyers and shut up when necessary. She definitely has diarrhea of the mouth.

  18. Cecee

    There’s probably truth in both their stories. A friend knows both of them and while my friend liked Jason more, they never said she was some crazy bitch. Was she loud, pushy and sometimes difficult? Yes but he could be controlling and passive aggressive or at least that was what my friend noticed. I don’t know – I just feel bad for the kid! That living arrangement must have been hell.

  19. MicroOp

    Bethenny is wasting money going this route. It’s time for to just agree to joint custody.

  20. Carol

    I seem to remember from when I was watching the show, that the issue of his meaness came up. She had mentioned I think to her shrink, or maybe it was a girlfriend, that when the camera’s weren’t rolling Jason became a completely different person and constantly put her down and belittled her. Wasn’t that one of the reasons for the trip on the sailboat?

    • Pantaloons

      That sailboat trip was for show..literally.
      She wouldn’t be rolling in dough if it weren’t for Jason.
      I remember distinctly on her ‘ever after’ show -they walked into liquor store and saw that the shelves were empty of SG and she thought nobody was buying,but they were. Enter head for business, Jason, who mapped it all out for her to make sense and dollars.
      Trip to Canada..remember kids?
      She praised Jason that it was so great to have him on sidelines to guide (as long as he shut up) and not take any credit. Which he obliged,because he loved his wife so much and believed in her.
      Then she fucked him…..over.

      Team Jason!

    • Oh yeah, I remember that episode. Would have never remembered that if you hadn’t mention it. Poor shrink, I bet he’ll never do that again. Was it Jason that wanted to get off the boat and they couldn’t, or the shrink?

    • Skeeter

      I believe that! I had a “Jason”. EVERYONE loved him. NO ONE ELSE had to live with him except me. Nicest All American guy you could ever imagine – around friends/family – total opposite as a member of our family unit.

  21. gasp. I’m horrified at the bacon eating and church-attending. This needs to be settled ASAP for the well-being of Bryn.

  22. vivaladiva831

    Bethany just sucks to me. I have went up and down with my feelings on most all housewives, from liking to disliking but I have never liked her. Ever. Not even when the things she would be saying were right. She is just extremely abrasive. I was surprised she was even able to get a husband-she seems to me like one of those women who only get with a man for breeding purposes and to carry shit for her. I don’t know much about Jason, I’m sure he has his flaws too (His attraction to Bethany ahem!) but he at least seems like a decent human being. I know Bethany likes to blame a lot of her problems on her parents, but there comes a point where you have to stop that and take some responsibility for your own actions and reactions.

  23. vivaladiva831

    Oh and one more thing-I do not believe Jason did any of those things except MAYBE tell her she didn’t know what it was to be a family. I totally believe Bethany did all of those to Jason. That line about whispering in her ear “you’re done” etc sounds like such a Bethany thing to say, give me a break.

    • Agree. I don’t dislike Bethenny at all. She’s just crazy. I was shocked to see her getting married and having a child. Mainly because of the stage she was in her therapy and, well, she’s just crazy….but lovable too on a good day.

  24. Mrs Smith

    I think she got pregnant on purpose and married him to get a TV show. Anyone know why she was always crying on the show?

    • Did you ever watch the show? ​

      On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 7:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mrs Smith

        Yes I watched. Cameras would show her off hiding and crying and there didn’t seem to be a reason for it.

    • oh sheila! you a good judy!

      Mrs. Smith i think the same damn thing–but not just for a show, for showS, and what she was told would be the ‘betterment’ of her ‘brand’. she said herself she always wanted to be martha stewart, so onward and upward from snark and booze, to circle-of-life-wholesomeness —it could be started in a matter of nine pregnant months.
      –she had a ‘craft’ section on her short-lived show, yes? hmmmm–
      sure, she has always wanted a child. most people aspire to that. but her’s was a cold, cunning and totally calculated maneuver. she found a good guy that put up with her and would keep his mouth shut, and as a benny he didn’t like the public eye so much–so all attention was on her. i could go on and on ( i know, i already done did ) —long story long– she’s a shkeevy shark, and i agree (in large measure) with what you say.

  25. Pantaloons

    I also have to mention that I think Jason is playing this out so well.
    Have y’all seen the before and after of their crib?
    He said he is going to make a man cave out of that den turned into her closet. And oh man oh man..what a closet!
    That’s why she was really crying, because Jason wouldn’t budge out of the digs.
    Fucking A!

  26. Nicole

    She ‘accidentally’ got pregnant. He married her because he did not want her brand of crazy being left alone with his child. She never wanted him.

    • I find it odd that these reality HW women (she and Phaedra) magically get pregnant in their late thirties out of wedlock with their first child. Then they “need” to get married and it is “such a surprise.” Only a gay man can think this is a reasonable storyline. How many more women pushing 40 and very pregnant with their “first” (sorry) child will get squeezed into a wedding gown at Bravo? It’s so beyond suspension of disbelief.

      I watched most of the Bethanny shows. I was sort of rooting for her to get off the NY show and be happy and successful in her marriage. Then it just got awful. I found it sort of vulgar and staged to put their therapy stuff on the show. They were married for a couple of years. Of course they have a daughter together, but I just can’t see any real sacrifice on either side…just bunch of sniping. If she married a omnivore who went to church, what does she expect? She chose that person to be her daughter’s father.

  27. natalie

    are we suppose to feel sorry for one of these two? both are rich, skinny and spoiled…no pity here, oh and I am sure their offspring will be rich, skinny and spoiled as well…

  28. I think B came into this marriage with tons of baggage from her childhood, etc. I think Jason was a normal guy who was impressed with her flashy and funny personality. I watched their show and felt she emasculated Jason. I felt sorry for him. I honestly feel that Jason would be the better parent for Bryn. I like B, but I do think Jason is more emotionally stable.

  29. Josie

    I seem to remember an episode when Jason that he was upset that he reached 40 and still hadn’t found “it”. Bethenney said that she felt that he resented her “a little bit”. Jason said you’re right. There has been a little resentment and that he was trying to be [happy] but felt like he was being judged for the fact that he didn’t make it. Then I remember that she said that she didn’t think she was totally responsible for him feeling that was.

    I remember seeing that and thinking it was the beginning of the end because he could never measure up to her in he business sense.

    I’m sure he’s angry and wants to get what he can. He is asking for child support, medical and dental for him and Brynn. I remember she made him sign a prenup so I think skinnygirl is safe. He can only get proceeds from child support and alimony….which considering how much she made could be substantial.

    • Angel

      I never liked Jason one bit more than Bethenny. He was passive aggressive and actually mean prior to sailing. He was overly involved with trying to be the ultimate son and trying to be extra to make up for his dead brother. They both loved the baby more than their spouse. It was her
      business, he should have just got a salary. With divorce, stay as employee or part ways. Him wanting the kid, the new home and support shows he was there for a big pay day. They were never well matched. He went in as Mr. Average, wants to come out Mr. Rich and paid to be a full time Daddy.

  30. StrungoutOnBravo

    I believe Bethenny. I know it’s difficult for some to think of Jason, the seemingly nice guy from Hazleton, could not possibly say such things to Bethenny and be so cruel…. Ummm, think again. I am soon to be divorced from a man cut from the same mold as Mr. Hoppy and I can relate oh so well. Men like this hold a job, even have a good work ethic and seem to be humble, nice guys. They are also very very weak and tend to attract their opposite in a strong, confident woman. When a man like this is rejected and realizes he must now go back to his lifestyle before being married to the high earning strong spouse, well all hell breaks loose and the REAL man emerges. Jason waited a long time before he got married and I bet you he was looking for the right opportunity instead of the right person. If this man crawled into bed with her and truly whispered those things in her ear, he is a complete psycho! Yes, I believe her and can sympathize with her. His behavior is a form of emotional torture and it takes a strong woman to fight back. I hope this is over for her soon.

  31. Tango

    What I never heard was why she wanted a divorce in the first place. And ya it’s crazy if he really acted like that after she asked for a divorce, but why did she feel the need to write him a letter to begin with. If my husband wrote me a letter like a high school kid I’d be pissed too. If he was sooo abusive she was afraid to tell him to his face, she would not have stayed living with him, she woulda been off in another apartment and just sent him papers. Bethenny is tough, she knows how to get stuff done. I call B.S. on her feeling scared.

  32. CB

    Bethenney is a TRAIN WRECK.. dear God I don’t know how he lived with her.. her neurotic behavior was over the top and her control issues.. geezz louizzee.. if she EVER WINS CUSTODY.. I would be beyond shocked.. they have the taped episodes of her at her shrinks office struggling with just about everything… He’s a saint in my eyes.. sorry… I used to like her.. but I see her for what she is…. and she’ll do anything to be relevant. I’m not saying Jason is a saint.. but I can’t imagine how i’d act having a partner like her.. she is beyond ANNOYING.

  33. terry macon

    Is jason younger than bethenny?

  34. housewivedout

    She probably wants to feed her skinny girl margaritas instead so she doesn’t get chubby…such a spoiled neurotic control freak New York chick… I know many like that. Poor little girl…I think she’s better off with Jason. That Bethenny is too driven and ambitious…lacks heart. She just wanted to cross “have a baby” off her to do list as her clock ticked. Now Jason is worthless to her. I’m sure he’s got more on her up his sleeve.

  35. Ok everyone should know that Jason just married her for her money!!! Get a clue…as soon as she sold her Skinny girl…he started acting like an A&& !!

  36. I recall many of the instances mentioned in the comments. Jason did not want to work for Bethany.
    I also remember their dream apartment was just finished and Bethany was offered the ice skating gig.
    They were in the new kitchen saying how they did not want to leave the new home for that long. Bethany and Jason were discussing Bryn. She assumed Jason would fly out to visit them in California, Jason thought Bryn should stay home and Bethany could fly back to them since she would be in rehearsals so much in California.
    Jason mentioned he had his FOUR properties he owned and managed.
    Bethany absolutely would not leave Bryn so Jason agreed to go to be with them in California.
    Anyone else remember that?

  37. MicroOp

    If they don’t have a prenup then I think he deserves alimony. I don’t care how short a marriage is, if one decided to make that commitment and proceed forward with my money is your money and they have success then that’s what they signed up for. Marriage is a union including financially. If they have a prenup that’s another story.

    • Katrina

      I thought Bethenny had a prenup. It’s possible that Jason refused to sign it and Bethenny married him anyway. I hope they can find a way to coparent, without destroying Bryn.

      • MicroOp

        I just feel like if she has to pay a little child support so what? If you don’t want to risk being in that position don’t get married, don’t have children. These are the things that come along with these choices, so it annoys me when people get upset about it.

      • They have both a prenup and postnup.

  38. thedisher

    I watched Bethenny’s bravo shows & consistently saw her emasculate Jason and pressure him to work for her. He said he was afraid to work for her full-time & leave his job b/c she would treat him like he worked “for” her instead of “with” her. I don’t think after several seasons, Jason could hide who he was without cracking, and I never saw him be anything other than loving & reasonable. If what I’ve read is true that Bethenny is asking for sole legal custody (which means she wouldn’t pay child support) & Jason is asking for joint legal custody (which means less child support), then I think that speaks volumes. My impression is that Jason is fighting for Bryn & Bethenny is fighting for Bethenny.

  39. spk

    I have to say, that picture and her expression and the pose…Skeeves. Me. Out.

  40. digal704

    My favorite part is him describing Bethenny as Ursula from The Little Mermaid to Brynn. Followed closely by feeding her “animal proteins” aka bacon.

  41. Katrina

    Jadon knew who he was marrying. Jason thought he could fix her. Bethenny wanted a baby and she got it. Now, she just wants Jason to go away. Jason is not going anywhere and Bethenny will just have to deal with him. Bethenny thought she wanted a loving man, family, nice home, etc. Marriage is a lot of work and comes with many compromises. Bethenny wants it her way or no way. Bethenny wants control of Bryn, so she does not have to answer to Jason.

  42. Frappe

    To those of you who are convinced he was and is in it for the money – you make me laugh. I suppose you are the first to scream for equal rights and avidly supported the women who walked away with a boatload of their husband’s earnings when the divorce was concluded. (Never accused her of being a gold digger right?) Oh yeah. That was perfect women’s rights and cemented equal rights. BUT now that the guy wants the same, your shorts are in a knot with name calling because you didn’t really mean that kind of equal. Your kind of equal is whatever gets the woman ahead. Is it any wonder that as a woman myself I am ashamed of how many women behave. I almost want to get a tshirt that says “I’m not like them. I think they are stupid too”.

  43. It’s would be awsome if a lawyer had Jason on the stand and asked him a question and Jason just jumped up and started Danube around singing “BECAUSE I’M HOPPY!!!”

    Hoppy Friday tattletales.

  44. Oh and you can’t agree to let your kid be a catholic but stipulate church only on holidays. It just does NOT work like that. I’m pretty sure she had to sign paperwork or at least stand before a priest and commit to more than that. She is an ignorant idiot for saying such a thing.

  45. MicroOp

    Ultimately, they are both stupid. They barely knew each other and decided to have sex without protection and get married. They were both pushing 40 so they should’ve known better.

  46. kym

    This is sad. But they need to settle it..but now you see how people “fight”. Everyone saw this handsome, secure man, but he is more aggressive than anyone knew..and its true, Bethany never really had a “family” life, that is why he is belittling her with those statements. He made a similar statement on the show during one of their fights. And shoot, I would’ve took all the childs stuff out of the place too.

    • jamie5

      She should have left him way earlier. He was not going to let her be herself in this marriage. He wanted to “fix” her. Not going to happen. She was more driven and far more creative than Jason. He resented her gifts for creating something out of nothing and becoming a multi millionaire in the process. Watching the show, from DAY ONE, I called bullshit on his behavior. I knew then and there she was headed for trouble. He was old school male. Big problem when she was on the fast track for enormous success and a high profile career.

  47. RomaReads

    This story is tragic to me because there is a child involved, otherwise who gives a poo?! Anyway, to some (ahem) a bacon eating Catholic sounds like and ideal mate, sans the evil… I’m done with personal drama. Thanks for the laughter and the frivolous T. T.

  48. Lucy94

    Question. Aren’t divorce trials super expensive which is why almost everyone else settles?

  49. Her show has been so long ago, but I seem to recall Jason (like Jill Z) trying to emulate Bethany’s one-line zingers. Unfortunately for Jason and Jill, their attempts pulling off Bethany’s humor fell flat and even seemed to come off as cruel in some cases.

    Could it be that Jason got the bitch edit? Just askin’

    • I forgot to mention that I only watched the first season, so I truly don’t know if he got the bitch edit. We see it in the RHO shows and isn’t it possible they did it to him as well?

  50. Does no one remember how desperate she was to find a man and have a baby during RHONY? Crying on Jill’s shoulder and asking for help and advice. Jason was the first man who would take her out twice. She latched on and got knocked up before that clock ran out. And she took a giant shit on Jill’s face on her way.

    • MicroOp

      Yes! She was super desperate but I also remember her going around claiming all these millionaires proposed to her and she said no. She exaggerates to create this myth around her, so I don’t find her very credible. Just like how she would talk about struggling in her super small apartment but leaving out the fact it was on the upper east side not jersey city.

    • MicroOp

      She also was begging her first boyfriend on season one (I think his name was Jason also) to marry her. He was like no and dumped her. She cried all over simon and Alex at a party they had.

    • Frappe

      Exactly! She used Jill mercilessly and I still don’t understand why Jill was portrayed as the witch. Beth was a user and climber from the word go and marriage and motherhood hasn’t changed her one bit.

  51. Yamoah Asiedu

    +Vivaladiva831, I like that you call Kim a geisha girl. She and Kroy appear to be very happy together. I’ve always found Kim to be charismatic and a little eccentric. I think she has a good heart. Like Bethenny, her life has changed beyond recognition after being a housewife.

    I can stop worrying now! Actually, I’m a little geisha-ish too. It works for me.

    If Bethanny remarries, I hope she will consider her own behaviour and what she needs to put into the marriage to make it work. I never understood why she didn’t slow down for a year (or five) to enjoy her new life with Jason and Bryn. She had that option.
    If Jason remarries, I hope he finds someone who will really appreciate him. What I saw on screen was a solid, ‘good’ guy. He also needs to reflect on what happened during the Frankel/Hoppy union before taking the plunge. I wish them both (and the Biermanns) all the best.

    • Frappe

      She didn’t slow down because housewives/ex-housewives have a shelf life and need to cash in before they are forgotten. And money was, is and always will be Beth’s main motivator.

  52. Michelle

    Is Bethenny’s dog Cookie still alive?

  53. I was wondering why someone asked about Cookie… then Deco sent me a link to this info…

    According to People, Bethenny claimed: ‘I found out that Jason locked Cookie in the storage unit in our apartment with her dog bed and bowl.’

    Later that same evening Frankel says Hoppy put Cookie in a bag and took the pooch to a dog hotel.

    She went onto state that Hoppy ‘wouldn’t tell me or my assistant where she was until after midnight.’

    Read more:
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    • Banana Bug

      Hmmmm . . . . sounds like there may also be testimony from Bethenny’s assistant.

      Personally, I think Bethenny wanted the Cinderella Dream (just like so many of us) and jumped into her marriage with eyes closed. She has the beautiful little girl she wanted so much but . . . how do you tell the Prince he was a huge mistake? And . . what kind of Prince whispers twisted threats into your ear?

  54. Harlyn

    I have several friends going through custody battles with their exes and it all boils down to control and differences in parenting styles. I am amazed at how many people choose to procreate with someone w/o fully understanding how they are going to raise the child (religion, discipline, education, family involvement etc.) Bethenny wants to raise Bryn to be like her and Jason wants to surround her with family and friends. Buckle up because I believe they will fight to the death (or till the judge decides) about Bryn.

  55. O.O

    Hahahahahaha , I don’t know but I loved your coverage. I’m not sure if its normal for your writing to amuse me this much . As I said before you should write a book .

  56. lori

    Back in the day, when I used to like Bethenny, I did a lot of digging about her supposed horrible childhood, and I came to the conclusion that she seemed to exaggerate a lot. Now of course, I don’t really know the truth, and I’m not saying her parents were good, or didn’t screw her up… I can’t possibly KNOW any of that. Anyway, with that being my opinion, if it is true that she greatly exaggerated, then I would think that she will have no problem doing the same in this case. I think the way she treated him on camera was terrible. Maybe he was a totally different person off camera, but if so, why did she marry him in the first place, and then tell us how happy she was? I sure do wish we could watch these court proceedings! Lol

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