Let’s Remember The First Time Kenya Told Porsha She Was Being Played

Who can forget this lovely scene?  Where the lovely Kenya tries to explain to Porsha that she is too dumb to realize she is being used?

Happy Thursday!


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36 responses to “Let’s Remember The First Time Kenya Told Porsha She Was Being Played

  1. Deb

    I love Latrice Royale. She is one of my favorite queens. They should make Latrice a housewife. Latrice needs her peach , honey!

  2. Cat

    Oh, Tamara…You MADE MY DAY! I really needed a laugh. Thank you!

    These guys need their own show. I’d love to see their “Nene”.

  3. MicroOp

    Such a spot on Porsha! How she is constantly showing her teeth even when she’s not smiling. She doesn’t put her lips together. And she is always looking up.

  4. HannahKingRose

    I am such a Latrice Royale fan. She had Kenya’s actions down pat. I can’t remember the name of the other drag Queen imitating Porsha but she too was spot on in her portrayal. Lmbo RuPaul’s Drag Race should definitely do s housewive spoof on the show. It would be awesome. Thanks Tamara. Funny as hell.

  5. terry macon

    TT,girl you made me feel so much better. Thanks

  6. Valerie

    I think she could have used a touch more green eye shadow. Hilarious!

  7. DiDa Ritz just killllllled Porsha! Played her to the Tea (w/shade).

    **I love that they both get in the same car at the end…teehee.

  8. Mzjulesaz

    That was hilarious, makes we want more!

  9. Dracla Dunning

    That was a Perfect Porsha with the batting eyelashes, hand gestures and the walk down pat. Bravo. I want more!

  10. bendy

    I wan to see the Nene one!

  11. JulieB

    Oh Sweet Jesus! I fell madly in LOVE with this reenactment! PS-Perfect portrayal of the blinking parakeet Porsha

  12. Frappe

    I pray these two get their own show reenacting the housewives shows. I have no idea who these two are but I’m crazy about them!

  13. Ok! Tamara it is too early in the day for so much fun. Lol! Lol! HeHe HaHa I am still LoL!
    Thank you sunshine on a rainy day.

  14. Angel

    Hilarious! The Porsha pretender could star in a series called I Want To Marry Porsha, PG rated, of course.

  15. Ktina

    This made my morning.

  16. This Latrice Royale-Dida Ritz spoof is spot on–word for word. It says a lot about the beginnings of the Porsha-Kenya feud, and how Kenya tried to caution Porsha. Thank you for refreshing our memories!

  17. kym

    Love the both of them drag sisters…and people have been calling Kenya ashy for too long – but Porsha started it. LOL!

  18. Oh too funny, lol. Hilarious and Porsha batting her eyes, I am done for the day.

    And scene. TT thank I am cracking up!

  19. Oh too funny, lol. Hilarious and Porsha batting her eyes, I am done for the day.

    And scene. TT thank you! I am cracking up!

  20. imagrandma2

    I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud from reading on the Internet. Thanks girl. I”ll never get too old to watch all these bitches make fools of themselves. Mindless entertainment ~ great for boosting sanity maintenance and charging the old battery. I love your blog. There’s nothing out there that can touch it. Impressive!

  21. HeyWig

    I love their skits. But TT uhm what are you hinting at? Is there some tea to be spilled

    • imagrandma2

      When the word “first” is used there will always be a “second.” You’re probably onto something HeyWig.

  22. natalie

    riotous! I wore a purple version of that eye shadow in the 80’s!

  23. Josie

    OMG, that was hilarious!! Thank, TT….So much sadness lately. Really needed the laughter ☺

  24. WhitD

    Yep. And Phaedra roasts Porsha every chance she gets! That’s because she’s really not a fan of her!

  25. Latina2014

    WHAT?!?! Please say it isn’t so Tamara!

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