Angela Stanton Interview

This interview was done on the day after Angela gave her deposition and was posted to YouTube on March 4,2014.Thanks to Lori for reminding me about it. There is not a whole lot of information we didn’t already know. The most interesting part is that she very clearly states Phaedra is the mastermind even while in the middle of a court case where Phaedra is suing her for making such comments. And that her lawyer allowed the interview (I’m assuming). Oh, and that the Feds have been in contact with her.


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  1. JulieB

    I dropped out of Law School after one semester…And even I know this is really bad. I mean…How many people would accuse YOU of being the ring leader of a criminal enterprise?

    • Riley

      EXACTLY ! If not true…she would be open to a huge slander suit. I know, I know. Phadra DID file a suit. But does she act like she has been unfairly accused? You bet she doesn’t. She won’t even give a deposition. If I were an attorney as well as an upstanding citizen…you would see all kinds if crazy coming from me. Those would be fighting words. Phaedra should have kept her mouth shut BEFORE and not waited until now……AFTER filing. She did what she thought would make her look innocent. Now she has made herself look like she is scared to even be deposed in her own lawsuit.

    • I believe Phadera was the brains behind this for a long time. She wasn’t doing a lot of law cases to live as classy as she was on her salary, and her husband sure didn’t have the brains to get it done. That’s one reason the cops got him that morning. Phadera is the ring leader incognito.

  2. Tiffany Reed

    Dang! Phaedra is going to dump bricks when this case is over. This sister has letters and pictures. I can’t wait for Ms. Stanton to “show me tha receipts.”

    • It’s confusing to me why Phaedra would refuse a deposition and also want to represent herself… Sounds like she only wants certain information available and she wants to be the only person that can state it

  3. LoveJoy02

    Wasn’t believing Phaedra was involved at first but now after this interview I seriously believe Angela.
    It’s real fishy how a lawyer would have a circle of thieves as friends.

  4. Jacque

    She better get used to wearing orange!

  5. p.kati

    I’m not certain if I believe Stanton. Why did she continue to deal with Apollo & Phaedra although she already went to prison several years ago for basically the same thing that she just got charged with recently.
    But don’t get me wrong; I’m no fan of Ms Parks. Phaedra is such a shady phony buffoon. I wouldn’t put anything past money hungry Faketra.

    • Angela hasn’t been charged with anything since she got out in 2005. She did have a recent misdemeanor domestic violence charge from some sort of family altercation, but she did not get back together with Phaedra and Apollo after serving her time.​

      On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Angel

      I think you are confusing Stanton with Apollo’s right hand lady recently charged, St. Julien or whatever. I back tracked to get her name right but can’t find the correct blog.

      IMO, Stanton sounds so much more believable than Phaedra or Apollo. I think it took guts and conviction she was truthful to risk everything writing this book.

    • Why is Phaedra’s husband going to jail for the same thing after he just got out of jail just before marrying Phaedra? Same question same answer. They didn’t think the police would be watching them because they were on RHOA and was married to a lawyer for the stars, Phaedra.

  6. I hope Phaedra is exposed HARD ! Thanks Angela for ‘telling it’. Faketra has been hiding behind mansions, driving expensive cars and a criminal huzzzzband claiming to be a Southern Belle… The tea you spilled is Reality! She should be shackled like a common criminal too! When you did jail time and your kids were on the outside, she should do jail time too…Karma !

  7. BananaBug

    After listening to this interview w/Angela and to Apollo’s last interview, I can’t help but wonder if Phaedra is living in a “hell” of her own making. We all know that spouses are not required to testify against one another but they certainly CAN testify. Apollo’s statement, “If the checks are not being distributed equally, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do!”, gave me chills. If Phaedra is guilty, she has no choice but to support Apollo until he’s safely tucked away in prison and maybe . . . . . for a long, long time thereafter.

  8. A

    I believe this lady is telling the truth

  9. Hmmmmm, every lawyer knowwwws that Stanton shouldn’t make these claims publically…..unless they is true!

  10. Why is she dressed as Prince?

    • Frappe

      That’s Stanton formerly known as Squiggly Lines formerly known as Prince. Have some respect!

    • Frappe

      My response was supposed to be amusing and missed the mark. I don’t suppose you are aware of the many incarnations of Prince’s name. That was the reference. P.S. Tourette’s syndrome manifests itself by lewd remarks and inappropriate fowl language. Please point out where any of that applies to my response.

      • Oh I completely understood everything. Up to you telling me to have some respect.

      • vivaladiva831

        “Tourette syndrome (also called Tourette’s syndrome, Tourette’s disorder, Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, GTS or, more commonly, simply Tourette’s or TS) is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood, characterized by multiple physical (motor) tics and at least one vocal (phonic) tic. “. You missed the mark again. I don’t see any mention of lewd language or birds. Or did you mean “foul” language? Now let’s move on.

    • Erin

      Lmao! Not only that but the hairstyle is also suspect. Lol

  11. Oh,My!

    Angela enunciate her words, better than Lawyer Parks.

    • Angel

      I thought the same thing. She looked and sounded appropriate for a serious interview. I think she would leave a better impression in legal proceedings than the ever evasive Ms. Parks.

  12. captain eel

    Its obvious Parks is living on borrowed time, she will be charged, she will do time. Those dirty hands can’t be hidden and she knows it. She can delay but she can not stop truth and jail time. Signing up with RHOA will be/was her downfall, otherwise she may have been able to keep her dark deeds unknown. Not now.

    • Cat

      What I don’t understand is: Why go on a reality tv show if you are into illegal activity? Is it simple greed? Are they desperate? Is it easy money? And don’t the producers, etc. do background checks on these people? Or do they just not care? Maybe they hope these criminals will expose themselves? I don’t know…..Between Atlanta and NJ..who else is involved?

      • Valerie

        Cat, personally I feel like these guys go on a reality show because they have been getting away with this behavior (ie; Phaedra and the Giudices) for years. Yes they’re plenty greedy, but they don’t think they’ll get caught and they actually might have gotten away with it for even more years if Phaedra hadn’t sued Angela and the Giudices hadn’t declared Bankruptcy allegedly. This is just my opinion, but these people have gotten away with it for quite a while. They got even greedier, they got stupid and they bought into their own hype. When Jerry asked George Castanza on Seinfeld, how he became such a good liar, George said, “It’s not a lie, if you don’t think it’s a lie.” Phaedra, Apollo and the Giudices really don’t think that the crimes they’ve committed should be judged by the likes of us. They’re above us and they’re above the law (IMO). Reading and watching Apollo’s statements makes it even clearer to me that his “Brand” should not be tarnished as if his stupid ass brand is the freaking Queen of England or something. Seeing Joe Giudice continue to drink and drive (allegedly) when he’s lost his license (if he ended up hurting one of my loved ones because he thinks he’s above these laws, I would hunt him down). Tre, goes to her book signing and demands CASH from her fans for a picture with her. This is exactly the type of people that think they deserve a TV show. Narcissism and greed… Bad combination, or in Bravo’s case great ratings.

      • @Valerie, Well said.

      • Cat

        True, true….Maybe Bravo DOES do background checks…and exploits the exploiters? It’s like the shows themselves are totally unreal, but produced as “reality”…then we end up with the “show behind the show”, the exposure of real crimes, which are so fantastic, they seem unreal. Talk about messing with people’s heads!

      • Cat

        And everyone is coincidentally being sentenced on the same day? Oh, gee….My head is spinning…Here I go, falling down the rabbit hole!

      • Oh,My!

        They go on Reality TV shows, because they know viewers would say there is no way they are criminals. And viewers would say, if they were criminals before the shows. Then there is no way they will easily expose themselves. It’s “reverse phycology”

      • Valerie

        Rabbit hole is right. Bravo wants those ratings and we’re the suckers that give them what they want. But, it is an escape for me as weird as that sounds so this Phaedra crap, while totally horrid for the victims, takes me away better than a Calgon bath.

      • tobalinac


      • @Cat. Hubris. People who have it seldom realize how they appear to other people. They underestimate others’ ability to see through them.

      • traci404

        She went on the reality TV show for the money.
        Notice her story line changed from the “entertainment lawyer” to her and Apollo and the kids.
        She has tried to discredit the book and can’t.
        Angela is right, an Attorney knows how to work the system and knows the cracks, as well as people who will look the other way.

        Apollo and Pheadra werent counting on St. Julien getting caught.
        The Feds were watching her for almost 2 years before she got busted.
        Her arrest and documents are online…it’s fascinating reading..
        To me it sems like Apollo took the deal He did, to make sure Phaedra serves no jail time because of the kids.
        One huge problem: It’s just not jail time, it is also a huge fine close to $1,000,000 where is that oney coming from. Probably BRAVO NETWORK.

      • ​Traci, if you did all of your “fascinating reading” HERE you would know that Apollo’s plea deal includes NO FINES.

        The judge is not required to accept that plea deal, but your suggestion that Bravo would somehow be paying his legal fees is ridiculous. He is not even employed by Bravo and gets paid NOTHING for appearing on the show. (Although I suspect the husbands may have been paid for their one episode).

        Please do not post “facts” from other sources. Also please read the commenting rules here. #3. Thanks.

        On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 11:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Erin

        Cat, they were not charged or convicted for anything when they applied/worked for the shows. So there was nothing for the producers to find in their background checks at that time. I personally wouldn’t go on a reality show if I had did something criminal but people are greedy and stupid at the same time. Other than that, if they were charged for something but not convicted I believe they can have their records expunged although I’m sure there’s a way to pull those records up if you know the right people and have $$.

    • Marilyn

      People like Phaedra think they are smarter than everyone else. She is manipulative and cunning. I think she wanted fame and wanted the general public to admire and envy her so she trotted out her southern lady persona and her (some feel I don’t ) handsome husband for all of us to admire. I think she thought she had covered her tracks and with that image she thought she had crafted even if someone like Angela came forward who would believe her over the southern belle. But she married a wild card – she didn’t count on the fact that eventually Apollo’s dumbness would shine through and he couldn’t be controlled forever. Notice how she tries to shut him up – he used to obey but over the last couple of years he became more defiant.

      • captain eel

        Thanks, Marilyn. I would have wrote pretty well the identical thoughts, but you can write so much better than I. Well done. *smiles*

      • What I like is Angela’s look you dead in the eye very intelligently delivered information she delivers with conviction. She’s scary. Phaedra HAS to be scared right now. Angela is no longer a naive 19 year old Phaedra indoctrinated into a life a crime, but a well-spoken grown up who looks like she will stare you down and hold Phaedra responsible for her role in these crimes. No way can Phaedra be innocent. If I had to judge between Angela and Phaedra which one was crazy (because one of them is), most definitely I would chose Phaedra. Not knowing anything except what I’ve seen on Bravo and what I’ve learn about her husband, damn betcha, Phaedra is certifiable. Bring on Angela, this is going to be good.

      • Cat

        Phaedra has always been very creepy to me. Just something about her and her “southern belle” act.

  13. Kurt Remark

    5 kids with 5 different dads. Sad for those kids. :(

    • captain eel

      Sad??? You are certainly assuming a whole lot. Just because it doesn’t meet your idea of a perfect family, your opinion doesn’t mean shit. Your idea of a perfect family has nothing to do with those children’s happiness. Stop thinking like a holier-than-thou prick.

      • Oh shut up. That emperor is naked and there’s no way you’re going to convince me he’s wearing clothes. It’s not a matter of a perfect family. It’s a matter of being a family at all. Father’s Day must be fucking confusing. Cause you know the fathers probably have webs of Momma’s out there too. It’s a wonder there isn’t inbreeding.

    • vivaladiva831

      i agree with you kurt. nothing judgmental about it.

  14. beth

    Spousal privilege has been mentioned more than once in comments in posts about Angela Stanton and about crimes Apollo and/or Phaedra allegedly committed; I don’t think that privilege covers everything, i.e., if you observe your spouse robbing a bank and are asked in court if you observed this, I don’t think you get to refuse to answer citing spousal privilege?

    Spousal privilege starts on the day of marriage – it isn’t retroactive – I’m too lazy to search the archives (sorry TT) – the criminal activity that Angela claims Phaedra was involved in – before or after her marriage to Apollo?

  15. Valerie

    So Angela says she’ll be speaking with the Secret Service soon. She also says she has plenty of proof. And last but not least she says that Phaedra was the ring leader. If Phaedra was listening, she’d better be saving her money because IMO she’s gonna need it. The fact that she started this lawsuit becomes curiouser and curiouser. But I think it’s gonna cost her big time now. Maybe she should start charging $25.00 Cash, per person at her book signings.

  16. Angela Stanton is not crazy and there is nothing like being armed with the truth. I feel in my bones that she is shooting straight. That she is telling it like it is and I would not want to be Phaedra Parks right now. Angela is EXTREMELY credible. She does not appear she has an axe to grind. You can just feel that this woman is determined to expose Phaedra for who she is and justice may be late, but, it just could be right on time.

    • If I recall correctly, the date on Phaedra’s affidavit was March 28th. In the affidavit she has never been questioned by a law agency about possible involvement in any crime. Angela’s interview was I believe around April 6th where she says she has made arrangements to meet with the Secret Service. So it’s possible Allegedly, in my opinion, maybe, that the Feds met with her within the last two months. Or maybe the Feds won’t meet with her until they fully investigate which usually takes them YEARS. ​

      On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 6:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • BananaBug

        I think Apollo holds all of the cards. Phaedra is being held “hostage”. Kenya knew. . . . . We knew. Everyone, even Bravo knew! Phaedra is part of this. Angela (and her 5 children) receiving “life” threats? Maybe, Kenya is too?

      • So long as they investigate. There are very few perfect crimes. And Angela states she has evidence. Hopefully she delivers. I’m sure the Feds would not move in on Phaedra until they dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s and are confident they can convict her. Hopefully, it won’t take years but I don’t know what is worse, waiting for your execution or just getting it over with. I remember a case where a cop got away with murder for 20 years until the law and forensics caught up with her. Then after her kids are grown and she is ready to retire, she had to spend the rest of her life behind bars. Moral of the story, if it is inevitable, face it, do your time, get out early so you can be with your kids. and family. If Apollo taught her anything, at least she knows she’ll probably do very little time, but tragically, there’ll be no more Bravo.

      • tobalinac

        Oh Banana Bug, not the “cards”, the KEY, lol!!!! Apollo holds the KEYS!! (At the end of the day, of course…..)

  17. Angela Stanton is finally.getting her vindication. Phaedra taught/brought Angela Apollo Everett Gayle n others in the game but she isn’t the “Mastermind” someone taught her. Phaedra will divorce Apollo in the end . She got what she wanted from Apollo and that was light skinned pretty babies. My guess is Apollo will opt for the Witness Protection Program. Hope Angela get a Lifetime Movie, heard theirs talks of one.

    • captain eel

      I’ve never heard of anyone above Phaedra in the gang. Do you ZenJen have knowledge of a higher-up or is this just wild speculation on your part. I’d like to know because “guessing” at things muddys the water and can misdirect people who want to know the truth about the gang activities.

      • BananaBug

        Hmm. . . Phaedra has already “muddied the water”. She’s creating “smoke screens”, as ALL law school starters know to do. Make them look the other way . . . . lol.

      • I have personal knowledge. Google Varney Voker. Varney is in jail but soon to be released. Apollo didn’t snitch on Varney , Apollo knows better he snitched on a pawn to satisfy the Feds.

      • sue

        After you view Varney Voker, google his wife JeJessica Lacey Voker! Listen to her interview about Phaedra, she also has a book coming! If I can remember correctly… Mortgage Fraud… Prostitution Ring… Stolen Car Rings… etc. Cant forget the illicit affair Phaedra had with her husband… *sigh* Allegedly!

      • sue


    • vivaladiva831

      i truly believe phaedra married apollo because she was pregnant. i believe she had sex with him because she thought he was “pretty.” i don’t think she meant to get pregnant.

      • Oh No Viva… She married him b/cuz he is allegedly dumb and pretty and he doesn’t HAVE to testify against her. That was their marriage prenup…”We will be in cahoots and steal cajillions of other people’s money, and you will be the ‘pretty boy-toy’ and arm-candy and just shut up!” BUT at the end of the day, he started talking. I think that Phaedra will be arrested by the end of the year.

  18. TC

    I believe that Phaedra’s refusal to be deposed is tied to the timing of Apollo’s arrest and his going to prison. It is so ironic that Apollo was arrested at the same time as Phaedra’s civil proceedings. All of these cases are related due to the nature of the crimes, fraud. Phaedra’s deposition, which she’d be giving under oath, subjects her to a penalty of perjury. There is no way the Federal DA has not looked at Phaedra as an accomplice in these crimes and her deposition would be a public record and under review by the DA in Apollo’s case. Phaedra’s deposition opens her up to a greater degree of culpability due to Apollo’s case and she’d be looking at criminal charges which could lead to prison. There is no way Phaedra did not know and/or participate in these crimes. It is only a matter of time before she is held accountable.

    • wikunia

      Not really. How about the statute of limitation period for criminal cases in the state of Georgia?
      Isn’t it like four years after the commission of the crime with exception of murder and rape?

      • TC

        I believe that the GA statute of limitations is 4 years except for murder and rape. However I believe these are federal crimes and would be subject to different statutes of limitations. Bank fraud is 10 years and can be extended in certain instances. Plus there is the possibility of perjury. This is how the Feds trip people up and send folk to jail. I believe this is how they got Martha Stewart.

      • ​What did Martha do again? I forget.

        On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • She probably stole someone else’s name and posted with it. That deserves jail time.

      • Valerie

        Insider trading.

  19. Cassie

    The Secret Service may be coming to Angela to tell her to STFU she might be impeding their case. Hint somebody might want to roll over on a bigger fish.

    • captain eel

      Interesting theory. Hint its ridiculous.

      • ICassie

        U don’t think Phaedra would roll over on someone

      • captain eel

        There has never been any indication of a fish larger than Parks. All points to Phaedra being the mastermind. Logically there is no need or purpose for anyone on a further up level. This is a unique gang, not part of a larger scheme. If you think not, I’d like to hear your reasoning, not feelings, reasons.

      • Valerie

        Captain Eel, with all due respect (because I enjoy many of your comments) many of us comment on our feelings here, not just reasoning. I tend to be guilty of this at all times. However I will go back and see if there’s a blog or comment that Tamara has mentioned about there being bigger fish than Phaedra. If and when I find it I’ll let you know if you’re still interested. As this is my new hobby, I’ve been going back and re-reading earlier TT blogs because I get confused easily and she is the best blogger on this subject (and many others).

        Cassie, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Secret Service wanted Angela to STFU, because nothing shocks me about this case anymore.

        I have a feeling the whole truth will never be revealed to us, the great unwashed. Damnit.

      • You have to go way back in Phaedras past. She is “friends” with the Gangsta Disciples. Angela speaks of this in her book when her, Apollo n Everett got busted in Chattanooga for taking stolen cars across state lines. And Jessica Voker, Varneys ex wife also has a book in the work.

      • ​allegedly. ALLEGEDLY, JenZen.

        On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 12:28 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Thanks Zen.

      • captain eel

        Valerie, thank you for your post. I think there is nothing wrong with stating feeling as long as they are labelled as such so as not to be confused with known facts. Feelings without any foundation are, I think you’d agree, not comparable to the value of facts when trying to determine truth. And really, isn’t it the truth that we are attempting to determine and disseminate in the Phaedra Parks web of lies and deception?

      • Valerie

        Captain Eel. Agreed.

  20. Parks would have to “plead the fifth” if she was disposed if she was involved in any of illegal activities.
    I’ve seen more people go to prison for lying to a Federal proscutor than for the crime they were being questioned about. I don’t agree with that law but it’s there and it’s used.

  21. Born 2B Lucky

    Hi TT you never cease to amaze. My sister who is full of shytttt literally I say this in a nice term because she refuses to help family. Spellman graduate (who never lets us forget it) runs her own Marketing firm catering to celebrities and major companies such as Disney, Lady O and Tyler Perry etc.. She has a friend who hired Phaedra for a case in GA three years ago to represent her in court against a storage company in Dunwoody, GA. Ms. Parks told her not to worry she got this. In court according to my deadbeat sister Phaedra seem inexperience and ill -prepared according to her friend and acted like a dumbbell in court instead of a southern bell as the judge threw out the case in favor of the company. Going in Phaedra told her not to worry we got this. Faketra may be an attorney on paper, but one has to wonder if she really is a mastermind behind all those criminal activities with Apollo then why can’t she ace her cases in court. I believe Angela Stanton from the very first time she spilled the dirt. I listen to those videos over and over again until I fell asleep. I believe her then and I believe her now. TT do you think when Angela is vindicated could VIBE go back and sue Phaedra for what little they settle for and defamation? It’s a thought… I wish someone would do a topic about wealthy family members who refuse to break bread. Dayummm if the Jews can help their people why is it so hard for us to get some crumbs from your own.. OK! I’m reaching I know.

    • ​Ha, I have a wealthy brother that I love very much. Back when I was in college in his town, if I came by and wanted a can of co-cola I would get a lecture about not just stopping by for a free coke. Rich people don’t stay rich by buying co-colas for their relatives. :)

      Back to the topic at hand. Once the two parties (Phaedra and Vibe) reach a settlement that’s it. No more suing each other on the same case for the most part. I don’t think Vibe felt like they had done anything they should not have, the book itself is still available for purchase, it was just easier to pay Phaedra a few coins that still be paying a lawyer two years later for ridiculous shit.

      On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 11:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Oh and about Phaedra’s law practice. Try finding a Parks Group Website. I could have sworn I’d seen one, but I’ll be damned if I could find it today.

      Same with reviews on Phaedra as an attorney. I rely on this site ​ to get my info on attorneys. Now to be fair on one has a lot of reviews on that site. But if you put in my attorney’s name, “Ashleigh Merchant” you’ll see she has glowing recs. Same thing for Angela’s attorney, James Radford. Then put in Phaedra’s name.

      Or google and try to find out how many attorneys are in Phaedra’s firm. I am sure the info is out there but it would take some looking.

      On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 11:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Frappe

      I have a brother who shoved all his money up his nose, refuses to speak to me for years at a time and then shows up acting all loving (and all he wants is money to fill his nose up again). I’m sure he tells a sad story about how his mean and selfish sister never gives him a dime. Not all family dynamics are the same.

    • Bella

      @born 2behappy Your sister owes you nothing. She worked hard for what she has. If your family needs help you should all work hard to attain what you want.

      • Cat

        Not all families are the same. My family sacrificed for years to put my brother through dental college. When he got out and started to make money, he totally dismissed the family and said he did everything on his own. I don’t want his money…but it would have been nice to at least be acknowledged.

      • Born 2B Lucky

        Bella I understand my sister owes us nothing, but, until you know the real deal you cannot judge. My mom who is a single parent put her through Spellman, my mom fed and clothed her yet she turned her back on all of us even my mom. I am 6 year’s younger than her. I graduate from college on my blood and sweat working 3 part–time jobs so no one helped me. I have never asked my sister for any money other than to mention our brother’s car wash business so that he could get publicity and she refused. My sister is lonely with no friends no kids and many fail relationships to her her credit and yes she is a smart business woman I give her that. My family has forgiven her I not so much. I had my son a month ago and invited my sister to the baby blessing and she refused. Money is not what my mom wants. Not what I or my brother want. What we want is for her to come off that high horse and remember that family will be here when the lights go out and the checks stop rolling in. On another note thanks TT for the info on the website for researching attorneys which will help me in the future if there is ever a need.

      • tobalinac

        Wow, it’s just sad and scary how money affects people!

      • Valerie

        My sisters dead.

    • Phaedra is a fake it till you make it type of gal. She’s NOT a brilliant lawyer type nor did she go to law school to right any wrongs of the world. In Atlanta, there is a world of people walking around trying to “look” rich, smart, connected, beautiful, who are all a bunch of fakes who not rich or smart or beautiful or connected. There is a subculture of people whose main job in their life is appearances. That’s why Phaedra can so easily change “careers” from law to mortuary science. She probably had somebody take her tests for her in law school (bet she knew somebody for that) and never really applied herself to anything having a significant or positive impact or others’ lives, except of course for the criminal element for which she was allegedly all on-board to foster and facilitate. Phaedra, if this turns out to be true, is nothing like what she appeared to be. I say appeared because she doesn’t appear that way any longer. She’s nothing but a low achieving, depraved, maladjusted phony with a bit of intelligence but she definitely is not very smart. She’s just trying to keep her head above water at this point.

      • oooopsi

        gee, she was a head doctor before/while in the college. I absolutely love her clowneeness, the rolling eyes, the pouting mouth. I am still fascinated and cannot make up my mind: cute/disgusting/acting/phony. She is eloquent (Kenya wins here though) sometimes has good one-liners, I do not believe one word out of her mouth.

      • Valerie

        I can’t get enough of her clowneeness either. I love watching her.

  22. Pablo Noir

    Maybe she is under orders not to testify/be deposed yet.

  23. You have to go way back in Phaedras past. She is “friends” with the Gangsta Disciples. Angela speaks of this in her book when her, Apollo n Everett got busted in Chattanooga for taking stolen cars across state lines. And Jessica Voker, Varneys ex wife also has a book in the work.

  24. I wouldn’t consider her a “ringleader” more like a capo. I believe Phaedra is totally involved but I will speculate Phaedra doesn’t get indicted.

    • I agree. The feds have been investigating Apollo since pretty much the day he got out. They surely looked into Phaedra during that time, and she claimed under penalty of perjury in her affidavit she has never even been questioned about anything.

      I don’t think they are interested in Phaedra. ​

      On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 12:38 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  25. Ignorance on my part, I do not have personal knowledge of who alledgely Apollo snitched on. But I do have very good sources on Phaedra association with Varney Voker. Jessica Voker tweets about Phaedra. Thanks for pointing out certain words I needed to include TT

  26. myinfo

    Maybe part of Apollo’s plea deal was that they would not charge Phaedra with anything if he agreed to rat out other people?

  27. myinfo

    ? Why is Secret Service involved?
    That seems weird!

  28. A

    Apparently phaedra thinks that because she has two small children that charges will not be forthcoming.

  29. Angel

    If the ONLY illegal activities Pheadra had ever been involved in was being “Atlanta’s Heidi Fleiss”(allegedly), similar accusations seem to be common, this alone destroys any resemblance to a true scripture quoting Southern Belle. (She is the belle of the balls.) I spent 20 years in the Baptist church, I know what isn’t ever accepted. Parading this pseudo proper personality before the world has to be a part of her “act” to conceal the true thieving, gang associate she is.

    Hubris, indeed!

  30. soccermop59

    I would bet my last dollar, all the while Paedra was helping this girl out, she as burning all trails that led back to her. Good Luck Angela, this broad has us all believing she was 4 months pregnant, with a belly bout ready to pop…she’s good…NOT!!! Angela claims Paedra washed her hands of her once she went to prison….washed her hand, burned papers, got rid of stuff, Paedra knew she was coming after her soon

  31. Jacque

    I saw a comment in my email (sorry, I tried to find who said it and exactly how it was worded, so the following is the best of my memory….lol and that’s not saying much!)
    it was something about Pheadra being both an attorney and a funeral director… My response is like the saying us nurses had about doctors, it doesn’t matter if they graduated first in their class or graduated with a D- average, ya still gotta call em doctor….or in this case “attorney”…
    As far as the funeral director, my X daughter in law, got her funeral license in less than 2 years. 90% of it was online and she had to do 4 months apprenticeship learning how to drain bodies, do hair, makeup and putty facial restoration etc…

  32. MicroOp

    What I don’t understand is why didn’t Phaedra just check in on Angela’s kids once a month and help her just get a little job when she got out. Maybe take her to a nice lunch once a year? It probably wouldn’t have taken much to maintain loyalty. She’s stupid. People always need to be paid off or they tell.

    • Valerie

      I believe people like Phaedra only do things for other people if there’s something in it for them. Kandi should remember that, because you do not exist in Phaedra’s world if she doesn’t think you’re useful to her. She will drop you like a hot potato the minute you need something back. Her give and take is almost all take, except for maybe her two boys. But that’s what her mother (and nanny?) are there for. Hubris is the name everyone is kicking around and it fits her to a tea. IN MY OPINION.

      • MicroOp

        I hear ya, but it would’ve benefitted her to keep her criminal minions happy. I think she is lazy and stupid. It’s misjudgments like this that lead me to believe eventually, she will get caught

      • Valerie

        Yup. I believe if she had kept Angela as a friend this whole mess could have been swept under the rug a little longer. The word I’m looking for is “loyalty,” I believe this word and emotion is missing in Phaedra’s vocabulary. That’s why I think Apollo hates her WITH THE FORCE OF A THOUSAND SUNS! (how’s that for drama?) Tons of hubris, lack of loyalty and she still probably gets away with all her shenanigans. She’s the devil (allegedly).

      • Erin

        You are so correct about Phaedra. I remember when her, Apollo, and Kenya were working together on the “donkey booty” video but that went south because Phaedra was trying to get over on Kenya. We all know how that went. I have said all along that Phaedra is the most conniving, fake, and evil person on the show. In addition to being an insecure woman who is mad at Kenya because of what Apollo tried to do. I am glad people on this site have brains because many people do not see who the real Phaedra is. I also believe she motivated Porsha to act a fool toward Kenya and I hope one day Porsha realizes the truth. After Porsha attacked Kenya, and when Phaedra was talking to Kandi off set, she went ,”we have a wedding to go to,” and did a little dance because she was so glad Porsha pulled Kenya’s hair. Phaedra is an evil person.

  33. Riley

    I suspected that when Apollo didn’t go straight to jail on parole violations that he was snitching. And I was right. With so many people pointing the finger at Phaedra I keep thinking that she has done the same. It will come out…you can count on it.

    • Valerie

      Riley, that would be awesome. Since you were right about the snitching, I’m hoping you’re right about the truth coming out. Fingers crossed.

  34. Well, I’m starting to believe she will escape prosecution. We can dream. But there is no way any one with legal problems would even trust Phaedra to put a postage stamp on a Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, much less represent them. She’s all ready to move on. She’s so shady I’m not even certain she really is going into the mortician business. She’s a master of deflection. She knows she has to do something else; she probably hates dead people too. I think she definitely needs Bravo, but there’s going to be some mud slinging in her face. And that mud mask will be a vast improvement on the mongrel mug of hers however. Angela got death threats, how do you think people are going to respond to Phaedra? She’s only going to be found guilty in the court of public opinion anyway. If she does somehow get convicted, it will be a welcome surprise. But a surprise nonetheless.

  35. Jaylan D.

    Ok Tamara I am confused and could use some help with this, so Angela Stanton is claiming that the mastermind of this criminal enterprise is Phaedra Parks Nida, but the woman who rolled on Apollo, Gayla St. Julien said that Phaedra was involved but is NOT the mastermind and that there are other players involved. What is the real deal and can someone pay Gayla St. Julien to give an interview I mean hell she has already been sentenced is it possible to interview her? I don’t know what to think of Angela because if she had all this evidence why didn’t she roll on Phaedra all those years ago and get a reduced sentence? Great site btw PLEASE RESPOND if you have the time TT.

    • Jaylan, it looks like your reading of the documents gave you the same information mine did. I have no secret source (well, I do have people that forward me court docs) I’m reading the same thing you are and just as confused as you are… :)

  36. Dizguzted!

    Doesn’t Apollo’s statement, “If the checks are not being distributed equally, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do!” sound like a business arrangement between criminals?

    • I think that comment had to do with RHOA. Only the housewives get paid. Apollo feels like he’s the star of RHOA and so he probably feels like Phaedra should split her checks with him.

      • I think it was more of he didn’t have a steady job and Phaedra was making money and probably promised to give him some of the Bravo checks. Split it with him. But instead she used that to control his behaviors. Knowing he was a cheater and no longer wanting him to spend her money on other women. I don’t think he believed he was the star of the show. His wife tried to control him with the money.

      • Josie

        He probably thought Kenya should split her checks with him too since he was her storyline and all….

      • Josie

        TT, if part of Apollo’s plea deal involved keeping his wife and kids out of it does that mean she would be free and clear of her ALLEDGED involvement with Stanton. ALLEDGEDLY.

      • ​The alleged crimes with Apollo and Gayla (current situation) and the alleged crimes with Stanton years ago are not related in any way. Allegedly. Well they are the same crimes but with different stooge women to allegedly take the fall. Allegedly.

        On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 7:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  37. Angela Stanton is talking about the criminal activity Phaedra was directly involved with when she was running scams for Phaedra. Gayla St. Julien states Phaedra was not involved because it was Apollo running that scam and show and Phaedra was most likely only reaping the financial benefits from Apollo’s scam but not directly involved. She might of been giving Apollo pointers or he went rogue because she was controlling the purse strings.

    Angela stated The Secret Service came to visit her. That is serious business. Apparently they are looking at Phaedra due to her involvement with defrauding the government when she was directly working with Angela. Phaedra Parks Nida should be very worried right now. She needs to sit in jail like everyone else.

    Tamara, why are the new comments not at the top?

  38. tresmom

    I’m wooried TT,
    I saw the new commercial for the summer line up and I did see Ne Ne at the very end on a bicycle from the circus. I did not see Phaedra,Cynthia,Kenya?
    I’m nervous!

    • Josie

      She’s a clown so they thought that she was the best out of the group to represent RHOA in the circus shots. That is why no one else was invited ☺

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