Apollo Nida (The Gift That Keeps on Giving!) On Angela Stanton:

Look Mom, I'm a Cover Girl!

Look Mom, I’m a Cover Girl!

I need to get to some real life things today, including voting which I meant to do much earlier but, lazy.  But first, I ran across another interview with Apollo for Sister 2 Sister magazine that is pretty hilarious. Actually it’s just another excerpt from the original hilarious one. But I just love this interviews so I am going to post about it again.  This particular excerpt is about the case between Angela Stanton and Phaedra Parks that remains open and ongoing as Stanton waits for the court’s response for their request that Park’s case be tossed out so they can move forward with Stanton’s counterclaim. The last court filings on Stanton’s side were filed I believe at the end of February. Parks team seems to be dragging their feet in response. As of today, there had been little if any forward motion in the case since then. That’s the factual update in the case. But let’s move on to Apollo’s fiction which I always find so amusing.

Here is what Apollo told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown in the interview which originally occurred sometime last month. You can read the entire interview in the May 2014 print version of S2S on sale now.  Yes, the person conducting this interview is a magazine publisher.


Apollo Prepares For Prison

Jamie: So what is this Angela Stanton thing?
Apollo: Oh, man. I read something about her today. First of all, my wife has never, ever committed any type of crime.

TT: Apollo can read?

Jamie: Is she saying that she has, though?
Apollo: Angela will say whatever she wants to say.

TT:[nene leakes voice] SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID! [/nene leakes voice]

Jamie: How do you know Angela?
Apollo: I know her from the past. This is exactly how it happened. I’ve had dispositions on this throughout Phaedra’s lawsuit. I’ve spoken to numerous attorneys because I hold the key.

TT: Apollo, I believe you are trying to say another word that is not in your lexicon. I think you mean deposition. You have NEVER ONCE been deposed in this case.  Lots of people were. Most were in prison at the time. Since you are such a reader you might enjoy this one where dude refers to your wife as a head doctor. You sure seem to think you hold the key to a lot of things… Angela Stanton’s civil case, Kenya Moore’s popularity and storyline, too bad you don’t have the key to the cell you are headed two in a month or so.

Jamie: Why is she saying these things?
Apollo: Okay. Angela was dealing with a dude named Drama. I don’t know if y’all read her book. Some of the stuff is facts; a lot isn’t.

TT: You read her book?

Jamie: Is that DJ Drama?
Apollo: No, not DJ Drama. No, no, no. This is a kid who used to rap. Phaedra was basically his mentor or whatever, got him from one contract to another. But anyway, I meet Drama. He was still in the streets. Phaedra was trying to get him on the right path. I was in the streets. And at this point I was dealing with the cars and everything. I met Angela through Drama, not through Phaedra.

TT: So, dealing with cars?  You had a car dealership then? That must have been nice. Oh, you mean involved in an illegal car ring about to go to prison? Oh. Nevermind.  So Phaedra was hanging with you, but only trying to get the poor rapper boy on the right track?

She’s never been indicted with me; she’s never been indicted with Phaedra; she’s never been indicted for racketeering. At the end of the day, how are you claiming that you were indicted on a federal racketeering charge when that’s a lie? You’re saying that you dealt with Phaedra on checks the 2nd and 3rd; that’s a lie.

So she felt like “Oh, I don’t have any money, so let me call Phaedra,” because I knew her through Drama. “Let me call her to represent me.”

TT: How dare Angela claim she was indicted on federal racketeering charges? Wait did she even do that? She said she was involved in a racketeering scheme. She copped a plea just like you are doing now. She did not however become a rat like you did. So why is your back up again?

Jamie: So when was this?
Apollo: This has to be, like, between ’04 and ’06? Somewhere in there. It’s all in the indictment; you can read it. But working with Phaedra, working with me? Never, ever, ever. So the whole problem with Angela Stanton is this: Angela didn’t have any money. She tried to reach out to a lawyer; she thought that she could reach out to Phaedra.

From what I see on the documentation, every time you have a lawyer, they have to make a notice of entry. So I don’t see where Phaedra’s ever represented this girl.

But anyway, she had to do time. She does time. She comes home. I’m on the show. Phaedra’s on the show.

TT: Wait, so now you are saying there is an indictment we can read? I thought you said she wasn’t indicted? Boy neither you nor Phaedra seem to like the word indictment very much.

Jamie: And Angela sees this.
Apollo: Angela’s pissed. “You m*therf*ckers are stars now. What?” At that point, she just went ballistic. She’s calling up there. So this is a situation where me and Phaedra always talk. I said to her—back then, when this was happening, I want to say 2010—”Let’s sit down and talk to her.” “No.” Phaedra, that’s how she is and that’s probably part of where we are to this point in a lot of things because sometimes in life, if you have a mate, you have to compromise. My thing was, hey, I like to attack confrontation head-on.

TT: So you are a star now. She’s calling up where? You mean you? She’s ballistic that she did the time for you and Phaedra? Why would she be ballistic? You did your time, she did her time, and yet, she is ballistic? Whatever would cause that reaction? It’s like someone got off scot free but we know, because you keep telling us and Phaedra sued Angela that Phaedra had nothing to do with anything. So why is Angela mad?  Why would Phaedra need to talk to her? Phaedra had nothing to do with anything.

Two life lessons from Apollo to think about it today. 1) If you have a mate, you have to compromise and sometimes that means confronting someone together. (2) Hey, attack a confrontation head on.



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  1. Well Dammit Tamara, there you go being logical again!!! LOL

  2. Riley

    And the best part has yet to come….is it July the 8th?

  3. myinfo

    My head hurts after reading this crap.
    “Apollo held the key” – OMG- key to what?

    At the end of day Apollo is a dumb ass fool. Phaedra should feel like a fool too.

    • Smooches

      He better not say it too loud! Otherwise, once he is locked up, they will throw away the key and he will have nothing to hold onto. LOL

  4. Jarlath

    Lol Phaedra is innocent y’all. Gosh this guy is dumb. He should hook up with Porsha. They would make awesome babies

  5. Smooches

    What is a ‘head doctor’? I have head Nene say it quite a number of times but never got it. As for Apollo, he seriously needs to shut up already. In an effort to protest his wife, he may be indirectly be involving her instead.

    • Valerie

      Smooches, if you tag “depositions” above and go to the James Holland deposition, he actually calls Phaedra the “Head Doctor” IN HIS DEPOSITION! It’s crazy and definitely worth going back and reading both James Holland and Justin Cody’s depos. These are the real things that are coming out of this case. Not the crap that Apollo is trying to sell. I can’t remember which one of these guys was pretty positive that Phaedra was bisexual to say the least (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The fact that Phaedra started this whole lawsuit is proof positive that she’s not quite as brilliant as she thinks she is.

      • ​1000 Tamara Tattles Tokens to Valerie. You guys have no idea how much I hate tagging posts. But if you notice at the bottom of most of them there are tags that will take you to all the posts you may have missed on TT on that subject.

        And that is how Valerie got rich on TT.

        On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 9:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Well, since I am now Nene rich, I shall toot my horn and say those tags are a fantastic resource for me. I use them all the time. Now excuse me while I go shop for a white tiger with all my tokens. I may buy two, I haven’t decided.

  6. SB

    what a rambling idiot/attention whore. He chooses to do these interviews!

  7. DennyLuvsDashies

    Phaedra is probably worried Stanton would wear a wire if they spoke.
    I’m another addicted fan TT. Just love your blogs!

  8. Belinda

    He looks much more comfortable with a giant dark thing in his mouth than she does…..that expertise should “come”in very handy in the future.

    • Dracla Dunning

      That photo is not good advertisement of her PhD in Head. She’s biting it!

      • Valerie

        A little biting and an occasional slap makes it really stand up to attention. (She may be the Head Dr. But I’m the Head Nurse and everyone knows it’s nurses that work their asses off and run the show. We’re people pleasers.)

      • Oh,My!

        ROTFL@ Dracula and Valerie.

  9. Dracla Dunning

    If I was to believe Apollo held the keys to everything he says he does, his key ring would look like a high school custodians. Apollo is so deluded. He is right about holding one key though, and that is the key to Phaedra’s freedom. Phaedra is the only person (that I have read thus far) who was around during both of his crimes and arrests. One of these days her participation in Apollo’s schemes will be exposed and she may just lay her lips on the table. Even then I would not believe her. We have all seen how she morphs the truth. Thanks TT for your fine interpretation of the interview. I have difficulty understanding Apollo.

    • I agree, I used to like her but I think she has knowledge of the scams and may be the brains behind all of it. I have to wonder if getting the mortuary science degree was in anticipation of eventually getting disbarred.

      • Valerie

        Rod I, that’s an excellent theory.

      • Skeeter

        I have t wonder if she got her mortuary science degree to hide evidence once and for all!

      • Fahlina_g

        Funeral Directors and Morticians have access to an ENORMOUS amount of information helpful to those looking to commit identity theft and fraud. Some of that info includes SS #’s, Date of Birth, place of birth, addresses, any and all aliases and maiden names, relatives and their information…and so on. This information is needed to file the legally required death certificate. And recently she was shown with Apollo discussing how she wanted him to go into the funeral business with her. It was on the “Husbands Reveal ” show. An enormous amount of trust is placed in funeral directors hands by the community they serve simply because of all of this information and moral obligation.

  10. Judy McKenzie

    Guess we should hold off on the “dumb” comments then…right?

  11. Dr. D

    According to the court documents, Apollo began this scam in 2009! There is NO WAY he was able to outsmart someone with the wit of Ms. Phaedra Parks for 4 years that she believed that his businesses were legal? All the courts have to do is petition Bravo for her many attempts to describe what it was that Apollo did for a living and she came up short. I honestly don’t believe she’s out of the woods…

    • captain eel

      The Feds have Parks in the cross hairs, she will be charged. You can not hide dirty hands when they are in plain sight for all to see.

    • Fahlina_g

      And I honestly pry you are correct! As for Apollo, man this jackass just can’t get out of his own way, can he? Phaedra’s biggest mistake, and maybe her downfall, will be giving this moron a platform and voice!

    • Fahlina_g

      *Pray, sorry.

    • I recently rewatched one of the reunions where she goes on about how he helps people recover funds like forgotten paychecks etc, ‘asset recovery’…there is a website for state treasuries where you collect your own funds owed to you yourself…I do not believe that job exists as she described it, I have been on my own state’s website because all owed funds have to be placed in the state treasury. I was really taken aback watching her stutter through an explanation of his ‘job’…she was lying through her teeth…it is an online process and he would be working for the state of Georgia if he was really doing that which would be pretty easy to document.

      • Sick of "reality"!

        Apollo’s invented job is more along the lines of “Asset Liberation”. I liberate other people’s assets from the State Treasury (or the Federal Government) into my fraudulent bank accounts! (Unfortunately the entire scheme was ridiculously cumbersome and it would never have been able to have been maintained long-term).

      • @rodni,That was also one of the crimes he comitted,he would claim the money for himself by using fake ids.

      • ​Oh no, Kacey This is why you should all include a lot of allegedlys Apollo stole only from women and used Gayla to do all the dirty deeds. ALLEGEDLY.

        On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 12:23 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Toosweetmonequ

      She told us he did Assets Recovery, she’s not fooling anyone, but herself…

    • Josie

      What did she say when asked??

  12. myinfo

    Everytime anyone asked Phaedra to describe Apollo’s job she got nervous and her answer was always vague.
    She never said his exact job title.
    Did he have a real job and a side hustle.
    $8,000 on strippers should have been her RED flag.

    • Dr. D

      Andy must have had some insight because he’s tried several times to get her to explain but it was always vague. She knew he what he was into before he served the first time and she minimized it and the same now with a federal indictment as being on a “complaint” I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up pregnant before he goes to jail since he admitted on the radio interview he’ spent the night at home…^_^

  13. Born 2B Lucky

    Phaedra made a choice to lie, deceive and give Apollo a platform to steal from innocent people. According to you Apollo your wifey knew about your attempted scam of Kenya. Did she one time, let those and other victims know what you were up to…No. Phaedra turned around and blamed Apollo’s victims, Kenya, Angela Stanton and continues to trash them especially Kenya, to protect her dirty donkey booty self. You say there are lots of lots of clues or you hold the key I get that, but not only did Phaedra know about your illegal dealings, but she assisted you in covering up it up. I believe it is just a matter of time before she herself faces charges. Apollo all I want to know is “Auntie Phea the real mastermind? TT why don’t you set up a panel invites this fool and drill him like a bad tooth cavity until he give up fakedra.

    • I think the thing with Kenya is so interesting. Apparently Kenya wanted to make Phaedra jealous and it seems to have wounded his ego to an extreme degree that she dared try to use him in a scheme that he was not in on, and he decided to make her pay, and is STILL lying on her just to mess with her. Apparently he steps out on Phaedra so much that it didn’t phase him at all that Kenya at first pretended to be interested in him. He thought it was real, but she was just using him to mess with Phaedra, like Peter said.

      • Valerie

        I think Apollo is obsessed with Kenya. Phaedra seems obsessed as well. If you go back and read Justin Cody’s depo (yes his name is tagged above), he says, under oath that Phaedra was into women as far as he was concerned. Now remember that threesome comment at one of the reunions that I think Kenya dropped? Maybe they both wanted to have sex with her and she just wasn’t interested. That would explain why both Apollo and Phaedra acted like women scorned. I may be reaching but that’s my new theory. I like it.

  14. Deby

    Pardon my ignorance, but is it not practically signing his death certificate for them to allow him to be a snitch and make it public record? In my mind it seems like they’d keep that particular fact on the super down low. I don’t care for or enjoy him at all, but I’d hate for him to get hurt or killed in prison or harm to come to his family b/c of that. Those little children – so sad. This egotistical attitude he’s got going on is disgusting and seems misplaced considering he’s about to go to prison. JMHO
    OH and TT, as ALWAYS, I love and thoroughly enjoy all your blogs. You are the best <3

    • Remember Apollo bragging about being in and out of talking to cops in an hour? First of all I don’t believe that, and secondly, that makes it sound like he was squealing as soon as he arrived. Then there were two or three months for the plea deal to be hammer out. During that time he was probably doing his undercover work (prior to the plea being entered into court, officially).

      That said, I don’t understand why he is out until July! Just today on the news here in Atlanta there was a guy (a doctor of some sort I believe) who was supposed to turn himself in on fraud and forgery charges and he was a no show. Now his (creepy) picture is all over the TV and the cops are looking for him. I was thinking of calling the cops and suggesting that look at battered women’s charities. He may have had a speaking engagement.

      Jesus our justice system is fucked.

      • Deb

        Apollo is cooperating with the Feds. He waived his right to be indicted. No need for that when u plead guilty. It sucks cause of what he did but this is the way the justice system works. Part of his deal is he has to accept whatever sentence the Judge gives although the prosecutor will ask for a reduced sentence . I agree it Is messed up. I’m not sure that he will go straight to jail at sentencing either. He could be out for months before he has to start serving his time.

  15. GRAMMS

    Apollo isn’t smarter than a 5th grader

  16. soccermop59

    As Paedra would say, something ain’t right in the butter milk and its called Paedra Parks, who I hope is somehow put on blast for her role in all these because this chic is dirty to the core, the core

    • Just a random point of fact: It seems Phaedra has as of yet been unable to sit for a deposition in this case. She is the plaintiff in the case. The defendant sat for her deposition. Also after TWO YEARS of this nonsense in civil court, FOUR of Phaedra’s attorney’s have quit.​

      On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Fahlina_g

        Could the reason be that she is under federal investigation? I pray it’s true!

      • wikunia

        The reason could be that Phaedra doesn’t want to lie under oath, and she can’t afford to tell the whole truth.
        My guess is Phaedra’s lawsuit against Stanton will be thrown out of court, and Stanton’s counterclaim will be settled out of court. Testifying in not a good option for Phaedra. To dangerous.

      • ​I agree. I don’t think Phaedra is as smart as y’all like to give her credit for. When Angela came out with her book, nobody believed her. I wrote many a nasty blog about Angela trying to get attention with all the terrible lies she was telling on Phaedra. My blog was actually mentioned in court documents! I did not believe a word Angela was saying. That was the prevailing opinion. Instead of taking this woman to court, she should have let her make her $2.50 and ignore her.

        But a hit dog will howl. And now two years later we are still talking about a book that might have sold 10 copies at the time. All Phaedra has managed to do is make the story bigger. She should have figured all of that out a year or more ago when her attorneys quit. She should have just dropped the case and paid her a few bucks (out of Apollo’s stripper budget) to make her go away.

        But she didn’t. And now that Apollo has more charges and more jail time, the tide has turned and the public is giving her the side eye. Not smart indeed.

        On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        I believe these were reputable attorneys who could see Phadera’s fingerprints and mind-map all over this case. They were not about to ruin their reputations defending someones as guilty as Phaedra. She must have been in really deep for them to back out.

      • ​Two of the attys that quit were two of the biggest attys in the ATL. I don’t know about the other two. I heard a couple turned her down in the first place.

        I need some time now to see who the others are and if they are in her law firm.

        On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 10:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Fahlina_g

        Never underestimate the power of hubris.. Phaedra may not be as smart as we are giving her credit for, but she certainly seems to THINK she is. She was hoping a lawsuit and her attorney credentials would shut Angela up. Most people who hold a grudge will tell some stories on the streets, maybe even go on social media or even sell a story to a website/ tabloid. THIS woman took the time to write an entire BOOK. That alone gives me pause, but then again, i don’t have a criminal mind, so I have no idea how they think. I definitely haven’t had five or so years in the joint to it around and think about somebody doing me wrong, so who knows. The few criminals I HAVE known, were happy enough to get out of jail and start living their life again, but these were people I grew up with and didn’t know well, so I have no clue what was going on in their minds about the crimes they served time for. I DO believe Phaedra is a criminal, and I DO hope she gets hers if she is!

  17. Fahlina_g

    Oh Tamara, you make me laugh! His sheer and utter stupidity has left me ….just…..astounded! He really is just a buffoon!!!! Throw away the key! (Yeah, the ones he holds….) I really hope they get Phaedra too!

  18. quiltmama

    TT I am once again in complete awe of you Thankyou

  19. Shellbelle

    He’s a retard.

  20. kb

    This man is a piece of something else. He needs to sit down and shut up. Now l feel sorry for Phaedra she married this man fix it Jesus fix it.

  21. Angel

    I feel like Apollo is trying to convince people he is almost heroic, turning in the bad guys. I am completely suspicious of Phaedra. Her fake inability to articulate a actual job for her husband is nonsense. I never heard of a woman that could not succinctly say what her husband does for work. You may not be able to explain how he does his job, like atomic physicist, I cannot give details, but you should have enough interest in your spouse to know enough to answer a simple question. If you married a scamming ex con, that is even more reason to keep an eye on how he earns money for your family. A lawyer definitely knows this, unless purposely looking the other way, or you are in on the scheme. I think they are both somewhat delusional with some sort of personality disorder. They deserve each other.

    • KWM

      Exactly, my husband is a quality control chemist for a pharmaceutical company. I have no idea what all the tests are and all the equipment, but I sure as hell can tell you what he does.

    • Fahlina_g

      My husband is a man of few words, and he believes in coming home and leaving work “at the door” for his family. However, I can tell you all about what goes on at his company, who the key players are, and what their daily routine and issues are. This is not to mention the texts and phone calls from coworkers and subordinates that come after hours. I know his coworkers, their wives and children, etc. And then there is social media. I find it VERY hard to believe any of their “farce”. This is America. You ARE what you do….like it or not.

  22. Oh,My!

    What a prize of a huzzzzzzzzzzzbon. Yikes!

  23. Kim

    Apollo is a fool and a criminal. I really hope Phaedra is not involved in any of this mess only because of the two babies. I think she is smart enough to have looked the other way regarding his criminal enterprises, but not smart enough to walk away. She must have loved him at one time. Maybe she still does. I wish her peace. She will have quite a load to carry on her shoulders.

    • Fahlina_g

      You honestly believe Apollo thought of these schemes on his own? And that becoming a mortician had zero to do with the identity theft and fraud racket? I might have a bridge for you that I’d be willing to unload for the right price…..Seriously….Apollo makes Porsha look like a Rhodes Scholar!

      • Fahlina please expand on the mortician/identity theft thing…wow that is some insight, I guess you are saying it is easier to steal the identity of dead people…the whole thing does seem incredibly strange to me but I guess that makes sense. I think Phaedra is a brilliant mastermind.

      • Fahlina_g

        Rodni, funeral directors by law, are required to fill out a death certificate with the state of their practice with all vital information and statistics. They are privy to and implicitly trusted with an enormous amount of personal information about the deceased AND their survivors. It is a job requiring a huge trust and moral obligation between both parties. The CDC (our Federal Government has an online publication that specifies exactly what is required of a funeral director and it also states exactly how much information is handled by said director. In other words, this is definitely NOT information you would want to trust to someone whose husband’s main employment is identity theft! Social Security numbers, Date of Birth, Maiden Names, any and all aliases, Place of Birth, survivors and their addresses and vital statistics are just a few of the statistics the government requires from funeral directors by law. I know i sure wouldn’t be comfortable giving Phaedra this information, knowing her husband’s charges and not to mention the accusations against her by Angela Stanton, who wrote a book about Phaedra’s racket KNOWING it could and did, get her on the receiving end of a lawsuit! It really made me see Phaedra in a very different light, especially knowing she was hoping for and counting on Apollo to “go into business” with her, which was shown an earlier season and reiterated during the “Husbands Speak Out” episode recently aired.
        Tamara, I apologize for using the name of another website. I wanted everyone to know that what I am saying is easily verifiable. This recent “career change” seems all a little too skeptical and convenient on Ms. Nida-Parks part given what we know about her husband’s, um, “profession”.
        (Looks like poor Phaedra will now have to hit the books once again. I don’t see too many people putting their trust in her now!

      • Fahlina_g

        (Please excuse the typos….my hard drive was replaced after one of the kids spilled water on the laptop and the keyboard has never been the same…..I do try to catch as many as I can)

  24. papa smurf

    You know, Phaedra is sitting there with her fake grin, mumbling “please just shut the hell up”…He has such delusion of self-importance, thinking he holds the key to the Stanton case, if they would allow him to testify in court, it would be goodbye Ms Parks. He is just too ignorant to know when to sit down and shut up. He really is his own worst enemy.

  25. Valerie

    I wish the interviewer asked him what “key” Apollo holds. She either doesn’t know the case that well or she’s letting him off easy. I guess if she asked some tougher questions he wouldn’t let her interview him at all. His disposition is top drawer I must say. He looks very natural with that pickle.

  26. WhitD

    Angela didn’t want the money. Angela put she was going to a club one night on her twitter. Apollo showed up tryna give her hush money and followed her home she said. This was when she first wrote or said she would write the book.

    • Josie

      Who starts a defamation suit but refuses to testify on your own behalf and drags it out for two years? Someone who does NOT want to testify and wants the case at a standstill as long as possible. If they are lying then you would be running to the courthouse to clear your name. Doesn’t look good for Phae…

      I think she wants the case with hubby put to bed so nothing from this case opens up any additional charges for either her or Apollo….

    • Josie

      I think Angela wants revenge for r being shut out of their lives. At least that is what I thought Apollo seemed to be saying in the interview.

      Thanks, TT for translating the interview. It was a bunch of questions that were basically never answered. Poor interview and interviewer.

  27. Daphne

    Ok, I read what you wrote, TT, but I couldn’t understand a word of it. I’m no scholar, but I do understand basic English. What this po fella was sayin’ AIN’T NO ENGLISH!!!

    • I honestly don’t have a problem understanding him. Then again, I live in the hood and have taught all my life at at risk schools…​

      On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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