Real Housewives of Atlanta Husbands Tell All

RHOA Apollo, Gregg, Peter

I am sort of looking forward to this honestly. Let’s hope it doesn’t let me down. The guys all arrive at Bar One and everyone heads to the bar. Apollo asks for water. Peter, fool that he is tries to get him to drink. I guess they guys don’t know on of Apollo’s conditions for being out on bail is no alcohol. Gregg wants chicken fingers!  Peter asks Apollo why he is wearing sunglasses and at night inside a bar. He says that he got attacked last night by Phaedra who whooped him upside his head while he was sleeping . Apparently, Phaedra went in on Apollo accusing him of sleeping with Kenya. The guys bring up Apollo’s flirting with Kenya. Watching Kenya going up the steps. Side note: This is the first time I’ve ever seen Apollo in a shirt that was not plaid. Apollo says he is going to marriage counseling with her. This was filmed a LONG time ago. After he was arrested but possibly before the reunion.

Apollo says their marriage has never been a partnership. Apollo says there is no foundation to the marriage. There is no communication. It’s like he doesn’t exist. Gregg explains that Phaedra was embarrassed by the flirtation on both sides between Kenya and Apollo. Apollo really doesn’t get it. That’s the bottom line. The flirtation began with APOLLO in Anguilla right in front of Phaedra. Yes, Kenya should have squashed it, but Phaedra’s full on character assassination of Kenya in public was over the top. Her private dealings with Apollo were obviously not strong enough to get him to stop what he was doing. RHOA Gregg Peter

From what Todd just said, this was filmed before the wedding in early April. Gregg tries to explain his submissive role in the marriage. Um, did I say submissive? I mean supportive. Gregg says he does the cooking and cleaning because Nene has more important things to worry about.

They talk about the fight between Peter and Gregg. Peter says he barely remembers it other than Gregg saying “Do you want to live?” Gregg says he doesn’t remember it either. Perhaps drinking is involved.  Peter talks about seasons ago when Peter and Apollo got into it. Peter got in Todd’s face as well. The guys say Peter is a hot head. Peter is Caribbean. I like Peter. Peter and Apollo tell Gregg he is soft-spoken and philosophical.

Apollo apologizes to Gregg for not going to him to explain his imminent prison time. He apparently spoke to Peter first (yes I hear y’all going mmmm hmmm) and he told Todd but he did not talk to Gregg. Then comes the big question from Gregg, “Is you going to jail?” Dead silence from Apollo, followed by some stammering, he says we’ll let the court decide that, and that no one wants to go to jail. Gregg asks if knew he was doing something stupid. Apollo has said “at the end of the day” numerous times which is always my drinking phrase for this show. Apollo says, “there were allegations that was brought against somebody else.  They said something about him, they came to question him, he was brought in for questioning (he said he turned himself in) and he was back out in an hour.” Ohhh, justice at work. Peter says you know we have all read the reports. They flash up the stories about him being guilty. Apollo says if something happens, and y’all say y’all my boys, all you can do is be supportive. He says Phaedra is not supporting him. He wants her to say they will get through this together and she is not.

Todd says that he struggles with the differences in the financial situations between him and Kandi. He says at Christmas, Kandi wanted a pair of earrings that were out of his budget (From what I know about Todd he is frugal and very financially responsible) he said he went the extra mile to get her the earrings. Her present to him was a gold Rolex. He feels uncomfortable wearing it. I can understand that. He doesn’t want to feel like the boytoy. Kandi doesn’t want Todd to take his out of town job opportunities but he feels the need to bring home the bacon.

RHOA Nene and PeterThen Apollo, who spent five years in prison for fraud involving a car theft ring, and has no education and no legal employment (um, allegedly) chimes in with his story. He goes into extreme detail over some fancy expensive car he bought for Phaedra (let’s just think it in our head instead of saying it). Phaedra didn’t like the car. Apollo says, “How insatiable can you be?” Two days later she went out and bought her own car and that hurt him to the core. Um, maybe, and I am just going out on a limb here, she knew it was bought with dirty money.  When Peter asked shy she didn’t like it he said he thinks it was, “because Apollo Nida bought it.” I think it was more likely that she didn’t want to drive a car that would be seized by the government sooner or later.

Todd says he is about to be out of the game, like y’all. (He means he’s about to get married.) They talk about Mama Joyce.  Apollo says that his MIL lives with them Tuesday through Friday to take care of the boys. He says she’s very chill and he has no problems with her.

Gregg brings up that Brentt has just turned 15 and he is into girls now.  He asks Peter about Noelle dating Arthur. Todd says Riley is 12 and has a little boyfriend Todd says he wants to get more involved in that situation but he feels it’s a mother daughter issue so he is trying to hold back. Peter said that he was driving Noelle and Arthur home from a football game and they were hunched up in the back of the car and he wanted to pull the car over.

At the 40 mark, the guys talk about hottest housewives. They choose Lisa Wu and Porsha but Apollo really wanted to say Kenya. Peter quickly pointed out that none of them better say Kenya. It was funny.

Todd wants to know if marriage changes sex. Todd seems worried they can’t do it in the car, or the restaurant or the mall any more. LOL. Gregg says the way you say hello in the morning effects whether you are getting sex in the morning. Oh lord, Gregg talks about how he gets up in the morning before Nene to heat her towel for her shower and set out her slippers. He dries and sprinkles…. UGH. I’m sorry I can’t recap this. The men who are still in possession of their testicles are appalled. Todd says he and Kandi shower together in the morning and he washes her. Peter asks Todd if they watch porn together he says yes. He asks Apollo he says no but their sex is bananas because they are both Scorpio. Side note: Sex with a Scorpio is on my bucket list. Peter can’t seem to get the sex he wants. Peter also calls Cynthia “CB”.  Gregg admits that he and Nene never stopped having sex when they were “divorced.” Apollo says that Phaedra still does not turn him down for sex. Gregg doesn’t believe him. I DO believe him. After they fought over Kenya they did it.

They talk about exes. Todd says they both tell each other if they find themselves in a situation with an ex. Apollo says he found out about Chuck watching it on TV. Apollo said he had seen Chuck all the time and he had no idea.  Apollo is pissed with Kandi for sending Phaedra stuff she read on social media about Apollo cheating.

Peter points to point out that Cynthia Bailey does not write the checks for Peter Thomas. Then they talk about Todd’s bachelor party that was coming up the next night.

That was enlightening. Mostly that Apollo seems VERY pissed with Phaedra. BTW all of his stories about staying with her and sexing her up? Don’t believe a word of it.


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  1. I am still watching, but the level of poor grammar across the board is just atrocious!!! I have never heard so much splittin’ and splicing of verbs in my life! This is embarrassing and painful to watch.

    • I think Gregg is speaking in a dialect… for lack of a better way of explaining it. I think he can speak properly but is around Nene so much, he just falls into it. I know that in linguistics, we all tend to fall into informal language around our inner circle. Our level of proper grammar, idioms, and even our southern accent comes and goes depending on with whom we are speaking.

      I think I have told this story before. I was dating a guy who was from out of state. He was at my house and a neighbor with a heavy southern accent came to the door and I spoke with her briefly and when she left he was hysterical. Apparently I fell into a deep accent and very informal conversational style. I didn’t realize I did it. He said he had never heard me sound like that ever. :)

      I’m just HOPING that some of that was based on the boyz being with the boyz…. HOPING.

      MOST people vary their conversational levels based on who they are speaking to. Some people don’t, like Heather from RHOOC and that is why she is seen as pretentious.

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Although I get where you’re coming from, you are being too kind. Lol

      • ceebo

        With Peter and his “Wifes” and NeNe “Bride Maid” I was beginning to think Southerners lacked the knowledge of the plural form of most words.

      • @Ceebo – Peter isn’t Southern, he’s Caribbean.

      • Teresa

        I wanted to explain MY point of view. I do agree with TT wholeheartedly. Other than that, it’s a black thing. I was married to a black man back in the 80’s and spent alot time around his family & friends. I attended family functions, and almost EVERYONE spoke in this manner. Some of the OLD SCHOOL folks, I couldn’t even understand, lol. People do vary their conversations based on who they are speaking too.

        What confused me is that my EX who would talk to me in proper grammar, but when he was in a conversation with a WHITE person, he would say “I be…” or ” is you…”. I would look at him, cocking my head, and asked why he was speaking that way. He responded, “That’s what they expect, so I give it to them”. Remind you, this was the 80’s.

      • Sari

        TT is 100% correct. Understanding a region’s informal dialect can be difficult (as a NYer, I’m always grateful for Gregg’s subtitles). There are many short stories and books that are written in this manner. If you think hearing it on tv is challenging, reading it is much more difficult. Regional dialect transcends race and socio economic status. It’s not indicative of an individual being ignorant or poorly educated.

      • Cat

        Maybe it’s a midwest thing, but it didn’t really bother me. I guess I was more focused on what they were saying, instead of how they were saying it.

        Here, we drop the endings of words a lot. Doesn’t matter what race you are. Just sayin’. :)

        “You betcha” is big here.

      • TareksWife

        Peter’s “Our wife are important Woman” made me a little dizzy, so I totally agree.

      • She She

        @Karma Grant I am Caribbean and I guarantee that Peter’s poor speech due to a lack of education and not to his heritage. My parents would KILL me if I spoke like that in public. Additionally, I believe that Peter is from Brooklyn, but is of Jamaican descent. Where I come from, he would be ridiculed endlessly for living off of his wife’s hard work.

      • Simone

        @Cat, U dont ususally jump on the co-signer too fast but you are 100% right. Most carribeans I know that went as far as high school have proper english. In schools in Jamaica the english grammar is of the English school system module and it is proper and correct. I work with many Carribeans in healthcare and have superb English.

      • Romen

        I agree that if you’re wise you conform to the language of those around you. We all want to be understood and, as you said TT, that might cause some chameleon changes. I was taught that this dialect is called ebonics but when I looked at Wikipedia…I’m a lame ass white Yankee girl. *shrug* I still get it. But that’s because I want to get it! If I wanted to be heard, I wouldn’t use ebonics.

      • Yeah Right

        @ Teresa, sweetie, you can’t speak on African American dialect because you are not African American. The man that you were married to is a sale out and ignorant to go around talking to anyone like that. TT is correct, we tend to speak in our geographical dialect more fluently when we are in familiar circles. When I’ve scanned TV shows and saw Duck Dynasty or Southern Cham or Shas’s of Sunset, they all have heavier accents when they are talking amongst each other as opposed to talking to others.

      • Annamaria

        Even when one slips into a dialect one doesn’t say, “IS YOU GOING TO JAIL?” That was priceless.

      • Oh yes we do, errrr I mean oh yes those lesser mortals do. I speak like that all the time in a joking way with a certain group of colleagues (who are all educators). It may be a bit different though. We say things like “here go my paper” when turning something in and “I be not knowing.” When we don’t know the answer. I guess we are sort of mocking hood speak in those instances but’s become inside “jargon” more than a mean joke with us. Maybe. I be not knowing.

      • “Is you going to jail” reminded me of some awful movie during the 1940’s or 50’s when blacks spoke like they were still under the master’s thumb and lacked education or worldly knowledge. The lack of plurals and the letter S is annoying to say the least and it is embarrassing. I don’t believe for a minute that Greg can’t speak proper English no matter what Nene does or says. This is part of the dumbing down of America in my opinion and to accept this as normal is contributing to the lack of cultural growth in our country. I don’t want to hear anyone (no matter what race or gender), speaking like a fool and I don’t want to make excuses for it. I don’t want my grandchildren emulating this behavior. I thought the entire hour was staged and fake and the men seemed to be really idiotic. I think that the only exception to this was Todd who is soft spoken and intelligent. Apollo is a joke, Greg is whipped and Peter is an arrogant asshat. The whole thing was awful and other than Todd, none of them represented the black men that I know. I asked a black friend (who is a writer) what he thought of the show and he said that he turned it off because it angered him. It angered me too.

    • I taught school in the hood for thirty years and never heard the language slaughtered the way those four fools did it (all the while getting paid for spewing it).

    • This is atrocious. Shame on Bravo for airing this; and in particular, the repeated promo of Greg saying “Is you going to jail?”……”Is you!” I had to tell my child this was an unfortunate retarded person who never learned English. Who on earth says “Is you”…..EVER!??

  2. Faith

    I honestly think Phaedra thought she could change Apollo and mold him into a good husband/father. After two kids you would think he would grow up. Its clear she’s not thinking about him now and trying to set herself up to be a strong single mom. Which I don’t think she’ll have issues with because she has family support plus it doesn’t seem Apollo does much now anyways to contribute to the family

    • The sad part is that all Apollo had to do was lay it down in the bedroom, keep his dick out of other women, stay home and raise his son and keep Phaedra happy and he would have been on easy street. I can literally see in my mind Phaedra screaming that at him over and over.

      If you are faithful, actually attracted to your wife, put your family above all things and go with the flow, most anything that isn’t illegal can be overlooked. But so many men are too dumb to do that.

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 9:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        Wow, that’s the TRUTH!

      • KReality

        But its obvious he would have never settled being a house husband. Whether on tv or not that marriage would not have made it. Phaedras force to put Ina facade for tv and he keeps exposing her

      • FGF

        YES!!!!!!! He has to be the dumbest man on Earth!! He went from a prison cell to a luxurious home, tv fame, & foreign cars in a matter of months. All he had to do was watch Gregg and take notes. Damn dummy!!

      • The Jam

        i think you guys may be forgetting about those dumb ass photo shoots and those ridiculous over the top baby showers and “sip and sees”, Phaedras fake accents and her clutch the pearls foolishness. There isn’t a dollar amount in the world that would make me sit still and put up with that over and over again never-ending

      • Snookums Lynn

        U can’t live on Easy Street and Fame Whore Alley…. Apollo likes being on tv and popular with the ladies too much to do right

      • vivaladiva831

        LOL @ The Jam, you are so right! I can see Phaedra treating him like the idiot houseboy behind closed doors. Once you have been married for a year or two and you introduce 2 small children into the mix, the sex tends to diminish. That was probably all they had left in common and now that’s gone.

      • Teerii

        Even steel wears down. Phaedra had no respect for this guy. He was fine,
        seven years younger than her and gullible. Both of them belong behind bars.
        When I heard Apollo say Phaedra will not stand with him and I could see
        his eyes welling up with tears, I felt sorry for him.This relationship is definitely
        complicated and Apollo was going to be damned if he did and damned if he
        didn’t. I believe if he had tried to leave Phaedra she would have turned on
        him. And we all see what happened when he started fooling around on her.
        I believe Phaedra rolled over on Apollo out of spite because he was tired of
        following her lead and she wasn’t going to have it.

      • kKarma

        wow i haven’t seen the esp yet it shows next week in Australia.

        Really Apollo welled up i no fakedra wears the pants in the family but i really can’t see this marriage working out.

        wasn’t fakedra pregnant when they got a married

      • mammer

        All good points, but why would anyone ever be attracted to Phaedra? She looks like a cross between a frog and an ugly baby, as she is nasty and vile.

      • Skeeter

        “and keep Phaedra happy” – Enough said! Impossible task!

      • BH Wannabe

        Um, he’s a guy. Guys are dumb. Apollo is very dumb.
        We’re talking about a guy who MARRIED Phaedra. I’d shoot myself.

      • Ella500

        Apollo can’t help his poor judgement. He’s like a sociopath who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, and continued his criminal acts even after getting a second chance. He has no sense of right and wrong. He thinks he’s entitled to things he steals from others, and was bragging in this episode about buying her an expensive car with money he obviously stole.

        Phaedra married Apollo cause she has low ethical standard and only cares about his looks. Its clear the guy is a poor excuse for a father or husband.

      • Sick of "reality"!

        “Phaedra married Apollo cause she has low ethical standard and only cares about his looks.”

        Are you kidding? You think she married him for his looks???

        She married him because:
        1. She was knocked up out of wedlock
        2. Her mother is a minister
        3. Apparently she did not like the other three options:
        A. Be a single parent (the shame!)
        B. Have an abortion
        C. Put the child up for adoption

        If you recall, she tried to fudge her due date to cover up the fact that she was with child when she got married.

        Not about looks!

      • Monihew


      • Simone

        @Slick…you are soooo right Phaedra has always been about building her christian fan base. She announces the church she will attend every weekend. In the church community that Phaedra is part of, funeral directors are tied closely with congregations for business purposes. Phaedra is just as slick and fake as she was when she first came to RHOA. Her first lie was her due date.

      • Yeah Right

        @Slick Don’t forget, she was trying to get on ALT Housewives, so she knew exactly who to manipulate to marry so she could be on the show…..simply minded Apollo. And look where that has gotten her. She was a producer on the Tiny and Toya show, so, she knew about the reality TV thing.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I feel this union is one where they picked up at the point they left off of their fraud schemes when Apollo went to prison. She’s the thinker and he’s the doer. The marriage is a convenience to invoke spousal privilege if they so choose. As far as fidelity, I have no doubt both sought other partners. Remember the pinata filled with protection Apollo arranged for her birthday? Wonder if she got the message because it was loud and clear to me. Phaedra wanted Apollo to be discreet. He isn’t. He reached a saturation point with her viciousness. She burned him. Another thing I always suspected was she abused Apollo behind closed doors and he pretty much confirmed that with the sunglasses. Phaedra is always going to slap the dog crap out of someone. She probably beats on Apollo with regularity. Being a man he says little to nothing about the beatings. Phaedra is a rougarou. Foul, nasty, repulsive and one of the most wicked women ever. I have zero tolerance for her after her fertility comments to Kenya. As sad as it seems, all of these men are the lids to the pots.

      • Gingersnap

        @Dracla ~ “I feel this union is one where they picked up at the point they left off of their fraud schemes when Apollo went to prison. She’s the thinker and he’s the doer. The marriage is a convenience to invoke spousal privilege if they so choose.”

        Yes, Yes, YES! My take exactly.

      • Michelle

        Dracla– spot on.

  3. myinfo

    1. Greg,s is old and his stomack is large and he wants us to think he and Nene are having great sex! Please he is full if Sh*t.
    2 Apollo is a damn FOOL.
    3. I do like Greg even if he is full of it.
    4. Apollo stolen car is what Phaedra did not want.
    5. Phaedra’a Ma lives with them most the time! Bad news for any marriage.
    6. I agree Porsha is the cutest, BUT Apollo mentioned Kenya but it was not shown. This is what I think.
    7. Sex gets old with the same person. After I know your husbands 4 moves and seen his or your body for 3 years it gets boring. Love them or hate them it does not matter.

    • Jarlath

      Your first comment reminds me of Nene going off in Kandi and Todd and claiming she could get pregnant that same night lol

    • jellybelly

      @ my info…..sorry after a few years your sex sucks so bad…you might want to work on that! Lol!:)

    • Myinfo, Clearly 28% of you is an idiot. :) I take issue with #1 and #7

      What does Gregg’s age have to do with anything? Everyone ages. I think he’s a sexy man if he only had his manhood left’s. He’s certainly capable of having great sex unless he has some health issue we don’t know about.

      Sex gets boring after three years? Sorry, hun that is not true at all. My last relationship was on and off for seven years and it only got better. I miss the sex everyday. But not the man. :)

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 9:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Snookums Lynn

        Ha ha! I got probs with 1 & 7 too… I’m not too old, but typically date older men, we do alright.
        My ex bad I were together 8 years, broke up for 5 and picked up at booty call status for about a year… The booty call was what drove me back after 5 years!

      • diamondgigi

        TT you know it and you spoke nothing but the TRUTH. Young ones have a lot to learn. Aside from his attitude Peter is ok and CB seems to dress him well too. JMHO.

      • vivaladiva831

        Lol ok I do get what this person was saying about sex with the same person getting boring after three years, even though I don’t completely agree (that was an extreme way to put it). A booty call is much different than living with/being married to someone and throwing in the reality of seeing them pick their nose, go number 2, pissy moods, leaving the toilet seat up, wet towels on the floor, etc. I don’t care how much you love or are attracted to someone, when you are around them 24/7 they are going to get on your nerves at some point.

      • Jennifer

        You speak truth. Great sex has no age limit!

    • Truthseeker

      Nene told us the truth about her nonexistent/slow sex life in one of the previous seasons. She told us the frequency (I don’t remember how often she said but it wasn’t frequently and the other ladies were giving her a hard time about it) and that her freak number was a 2 or 3. She now wants to revise history and pretend they are all oversexed. Please.

      • Gabriella

        Well Gregg must be doing something right because she re-married him! I got the impression once that she hinted he was good at oral??

    • Kathy

      Gregg & Nene are both younger then me. My husband & I enjoy a very creative active & enjoyable sex life. After 3 years we were just getting to started. #NOTBORED

    • khintx

      Dear shit for brains- Fat ugly people like to fuck too. Everyone does. kh

  4. jellybelly

    I have to rely on the recap and comments! By stupid dish is screwing up!! Thank God for TT!!!

    • Glad to be there for you, jelly belly. They will rerun it. It’s worth catching, in my opinion. I’d like to watch it again when I can watch the facial expressions rather than just listening and typing.

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 9:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jellybelly

        Oh TT, you are my hero!!! I was expecting some backlash on my sex comment! My husband came home with a smile and a high 5 after work today! Lol! 21 years later married for 10 and 2 little kids later….yeah I still got it!!:)

      • You are bragging to the spinster… lol. but yes, I get it. :)​

        On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 10:22 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ugly aint cute

        Im sorry guys, but I found this to be boring and uninformative. Why was this show on? What was the purpose?. I did not learn one thing!! I take that back. I learned that I would NEVER EVER MARRY, greg, peter, appollo or todd, NEVER!!

      • ​Wow, you don’t pay much attention do you? I found It very enlightening.

        On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. Cat

    I love your recap, and totally agree with it. I have never really been a fan of Peter’s, but after tonight, he is growing on me. I feel kind of bad for Gregg, he’s not a husband, he’s the household staff. But what would you expect with Nene as a wife? She’s better than everyone, including her “other half”. No 50/50 in that marriage. Peter and Gregg are total opposites.

    The things Apollo said about his relationship with Phaedra pretty much confirmed what I had suspected all along. Phaedra’s description of their “marriage utopia” is all in her head. He’s been dropping clues all season. I agree the car he gave her was probably stolen, and she knew it. Makes me wonder what else she knows about his “job”.

    • Oh I believe he bought the car, but with stolen funds… I give more credence to his explanation in court that he did it due to pressures from the show. He REALLY REALLY needed to be the man but had no skills to bring in enough money to compete with Phaedra. It’s sad really. Phaedra married him because he’s pretty. She knew he was stupid and unemployable when she married him. His ego just could not accept that.

      On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 9:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        Oh, I did not know the details of his explanation in court. Thanks.

      • Teerii

        I believe Angela Stanton. Phaedra paying cash for houses and paying to go back to school, putting on over the top parties for her kids. Apollo and Phaedra did that with dirty money. Apollo did his part. But now Phaedra’s truly pissed at him and now he’s back doing time for something they both participated in. I just hate to see Apollo going down and Phaedra getting away with it. This episode tonight sheds a brighter light on Phaedra’s and Apollo’s farce of a marriage.

  6. Capricorn here that married a Scorpio…it was that good.

  7. kKarma

    Hey TT. had to change my email address the other one i have Im having problems with for some reason its locked I’ve been trying 2 fix it but this email is much better on problems with so far touch wood lol

  8. Blanca

    Having watched the RHOA Husbands edition, I am even more convinced of what I’ve always thought, Phaedra never should’ve blamed Kenya for anything going on with her marriage. Phaedra and Apollo’s union is very, very unstable one and it was shaky before Kenya twirled onto the scene and when she twirls away, it will still be unstable.

    She never respected him and he could never meet her expectations and as a result, both became bitter. But what does one expect from an ex-con with a desire only for quick money? On top of it, Apollo is not too bright.

    There’s is a shaky, unstable union indeed….

    Also, it seemed to me that Todd said Porsha’s name way too many times. Maybe it was just me though?

    • I agree with everything you said!

      I felt sorry for Apollo for the first time after tonight. I think Phaedra secretly looks at him as just an ex-con herself, and is so concerned about appearances that she’s castrated what ballage he had left after coming out the clink.

      And I’m a mature chick. It wouldn’t have bothered me to have heard my husband answer the hottest housewife question, but the way Todd said Porsha, Porsha, Porsha was way too much, and I would have served up some side eye.

      I guarantee you there is an argument going on right now in the Burruss/Tucker household.

      • Blanca

        And castrating your own husband’s ballage is never a good thing….. especially when you want him to use said ballage to do things like overcome his ex-con past by doing something legitimate.

        I guess the oh so smart esquire missed that class.

    • KReality

      Right I always believed phaedra used the Kenya issue to blame her marriage problems on but Apollo let us know it was a lot of things unrelated to that causing the problems

      • Blanca

        Yes, poor Apollo he has no filter. Much to Phaedra’s chagrin, he reveals it ALL, every unsavory bit.

    • LMO85

      I seriously wondered about that too, why did Todd bring up dum dum’s name so much? To deflect from Kenya or what? If anything, Kandi should give him a mean side eye since she associates with Porsha outside of the show.

      • Cythere

        I wondered about that, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor little victim flirts with Todd, she’s so needy. “Smell my boobs!”
        She was on WWHL telling the world she’s sexy. Since when? Maybe it’s me, but she is *not* sexy, or cute, or pretty — at all — what she is, is incredibly vengeful and stupid and, based on what she’s done to Kordell and his son, lacking in conscience.
        Is there something medically wrong with her? Her eyes really bug out. I read somewhere that can be a sign of something…. Her sister has that, too, but she doesn’t seem brain-damaged like Porsha.

      • kKarma

        you’re right most people with bug eyes usually do have a problem with their Thyroids

        Now that’s not always the case it maybe just be a family trait but it usually means an over active thyroid

        A few of my friends have had this problem

  9. I just started watching this and had to pause it. Look at Gregg’s hairline. Something is wrong. Is he wearing a lace front wig???

    • Teerii

      Gregg just got out of the basement and he’s trying to give Apollo advice.
      Apollo is the only guy married to someone old enough to be his Aunt. They don’t get it, Phaedra is Dragon Lady.

      • MissCane

        Exactly. Phaedra is the ultimate user. And I don’t think think he’ smart enough to have come up with that elaborate scam all on his own.
        I don’t believe it. Sad. He was out of his league.

      • sw

        From the way Gregg was talking he is still in the basement and he comes upstairs 15 minutes before she gets up so he can go kiss her ass. He even said call him Jeffrey because he is no more than a butler to the moose. He has lost all self respect especially telling all this stuff on TV I am sure Ms Leakes put him in time out for telling everybody that he is no more than Nene’s lapdog.

    • She She

      I’m glad that someone else noticed! It looked like one of those old fashioned hair nets that my school lunch lady used to wear. Maybe he forgot to take it off?

  10. Josie

    Wow I guess Gregg really IS the butler….

  11. KReality

    How many of you know an attorney as “smart” as Phaedra that marries a convicted felon as soon as he gets out if prison?

  12. KReality

    I would like someone to do a montage of all of Phaedras and Apollos comments about their marriage…..completely opposite. I wish she stops trying to make everyone think their really in love. Hes been convicted and shes out twerking like shes happy to get rid of him. You wanted sperm from a criminal for your two babies now you got it so move on.

  13. HeyWig

    Porsha was adorable in her early housewives days. Now her makeup is too light and her nose job irritates me. So in my opinion no she isn’t the cutest its between Kenya and Kandi. Apollo is all I can do is laugh, no Phadera don’t want your stolen car just you r stolen cash. He is working overtime to clear phadera name . This was boring , Todd reminds me of my husband.

  14. I agree Lisa Wu was cute but as far beautiful it would be Cynthia then Kenya. Porsha is just odd looking to me…attractive, yes but no natural beauty.

    Apollo should have studied for a morticians license with Phaedra…I kind of think that was her original plan. She’d be the “face” of the business and he could be embalmer and eye candy. When he refused, she should have seen the writing on the wall that he didn’t want to go legit.

    • Josie

      Cynthia is flawless and kenya is beautiful. Lisa is very pretty. I think Porsha is pretty too when she tones it down with the 30 pounds of hair. Todd is a man and I think Todd was very impressed by her twerking on the bus. I also think Todd went a little overboard with his Porsha, Porsha and Porsha answer…

    • Snookums Lynn

      Tess… I think you’re spot on about the mortician thing. She would go first so she could tutor him, but it was tough and Apollo wasn’t gonna go through that, he’s too pretty and it’s easier to steal… She should have left him then, cause the writing was on the wall

      • Teerii

        I think he was tired of Phaedra’s scam. Did you hear her say, of course I wouldn’t be there everyday. I would “expect you and my brothers to be there to help me. Apollo couldn’t even produce an exercise video on his own. Phaedra had to take over that project and messed it up. He was trying to put himself out there as a trainer and had a chance, but no Phaedra created a mess with Kenya and everything went South. She never wanted Apollo to succeed without holding the reigns on his life.

    • The Jam

      i agree as well, I was like they dragged lisa wu out of season two over cynthia?? On what planet?

      • The Jam

        Maybe they were being respectful by not calling out each other wives, otherwise I would think cynthia and Kandi need to be on that list. Kenya is not on the list for obvious reasons – they’re not crazy.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      Wasn’t he a pesonal trainer at some point too? Also legit, but obviously not lucrative.

    • sandra

      I don’t blame Apollo for passing on Phaedra’s chosen job for him. I don’t think I know anyone that could handle being an embalmer.

    • BH Wannabe

      Yep, Cynthia and Kenya.

  15. Josie

    Every time I see Appollo I think he is so hot and then I remember it’s Asspollo and the attraction quickly disappears….

    • Gabriella

      Is it just me? I don’t think Apollo’s good looking at all.

      • She She

        I never found him attractive in the face. He has a great body, yes. But his bottom lip is upside down, and his eyes around round like a marsupial’s. To be honest, I think that his looks are given extra credit for those who are into light skin privilege — darken him up to Todd’s complexion and I don’t think you would see 90% of the swooning.

      • BH Wannabe

        Nope, it is not you. Never thought he was good-looking.
        But if I had ever thought he was, the fact that he’s with nasty nasty Phaedra would ruin it.

  16. Well, I guess I will go and watch it after all. I was going to take a pass.

  17. barbinga

    I think they should show the unseen footage and husband episodes only. Who knew?

    • Yes, it was very entertaining and interesting. I don’t think any other housewives franchise could pull this off outside Jersey’s men.

      • BH Wannabe

        Brooks, Simon and Eddie, Terrie, Donn with two Ns… Bet every guy would trash his respective lady/ex except Terrie. Terrie’s got class, but he’d still be wearing his scrubs!
        If I had to listen to Kyle’s husband talk much I’d die. I’d be all, “Shhhhh just let Ken talk!
        “Best of” Husbands edition just because I feel Simon was “before his time”… Oooh Nene would call him a bitch in those red latex pants!

  18. Truthseeker

    This show presented more questions than answers.
    1) Why are Greg and Nene always trying to convince us of their sex life?
    2) Why am I always reminded of Jermaine Jackson’ s shiny plastic hair when I see Todd’s hair?
    3) Why were people allowed to dance in the background while they were having their discussion? The woman in the midriff jacket with the stomach tattoo and the navel ring was very distracting.
    4) Todd repeated Porsha’s name 3 times? Porsha may have an idea for a storyline to keep her around. The next fake love triangle.
    5) Why hadn’t Apollo worked on a better way of presenting his criminal story if he is going to bring up his criminal activity?

    • Cat

      Question #1 reminds me of the “Roseanne” episode where when asked why their marriage works, she says “Because we can’t afford to pay two rents.”

    • BH Wannabe

      Why do people keep forgetting that Apollo is dumb! He shouldn’t talk shortcut, period!

  19. terry macon

    TT why the background? People dancing it was distracting?

    • BH Wannabe

      To show that Bar One is the shit & the place to be. That night I would’ve liked to be there!

      • Cythere

        I would’ve liked to be there, too.
        The way the beginning was done: we are outside the club watching (supposedly) major players arrive after dark; then inside, with a lingering shot of the stylish female bartender at work; and glimpses of Peter’s hip, young clientele… reminded me So Much of the series premiere of Vanderpump Rules. It looked like they even used the same camera technique/s on both openings. Very artsy and expensive-looking and beautiful for a Housewives show.
        I would have loved that except Apollo Nida was present, and I object to his being glorified in any way.

        That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter has pitched a Bar One series, and this was a sort of test run.
        That could be a good show. There was a really cute and funny scene from RH’s unseen footage, with Peter hosing down the sidewalk (of Industry, I guess) when Kenya comes stomping out of Malorie’s jewelry party. Talking to Kenya, Peter had a huge grin on his face. Sometimes I don’t like him, but he was so fun and natural there. They were both adorable, and I could see what Cynthia is drawn to in him, and in her, too.
        All three of them are talented at comedy. They have wonderful timing.

        I’ve tried 2x to watch Husbands Revealed. Last time I fell asleep right after Peter said, “Our wife are independent woman.”
        I just hated Apollo’s self-pitying routine.
        I don’t know what to think about Mr. Leakes. Is he just weak?
        Lately I’m thinking Todd will become Mr. Burruss. Joyce will dominate him, and Kandi will just cry and hide from it.

  20. soccermop59

    Man this was the Peter Thomas show…..why is it, the men have a need to voice opinions about their wives and the show? No other househusbands….who all have JOBS by the way have the need to defend their manhood….only these guys, why is that???? Nothing was revealed, same ol bs. Tonight, I saw myself in Paedra…..the only time me and my ex got along was between the sheets….I see a divorce soon, because if sexing is the only thing you have in common, the only time he says sweet things to you, the only time the two of mesh…..that isn’t a marriage at all.

    All in all, the Amazing Race was the highlight of my night!!

    • Yeah they’ll probably divorce. Considering he is going to jail it doesn’t matter much if all they have in common is sex. He won’t be there to give that to her.

      • Harlyn

        If she is involved or had knowledge of his shenanigans, Phaedra will stay married to him to prevent him from ratting her out. Otherwise, I agree they will divorce.

      • Maybe. He can still rat on her even if married. If he doesn’t feel supported by her then why keep his trap shut, other than to protect his kids.

  21. KB

    While I appreciate the revelation from Apollo that he peeped Kenya as she was walking up the stairs, which only proves what we all thought about Him lusting after Kenya, I was still bored out if my mind watching them talk.

  22. Josie

    Does anyone remember the month and year for the Anguilla trip? I would love to read TT’s recap in the archives. I’ll take a guesstimate if anyone remembers…

    In the clips shown you can clearly see that Apollo’s attraction to Kenya was very strong. It must have been visible to the whole cast. TT’S right…that is not Kenya’s fault. Apollo just didn’t have the maturity to deal with that attraction as a married man. Did you see him looking at Kenya in that yellow bikini. Lol!

  23. Schelita

    This jail sentence can be Phaedra’s out of this marriage if she wants. Apollo has no respect for her or the marriage.

    That is if he has nothing to hold over her.

    Peter is the real opportunist. He drained Cynthia of all of her money until she barely had the money for their wedding and the way it looks will continue to do so as long as she allows it.

    • Middle Child

      You can’t possibly have all the details of Cynthia’s and Peter’s personal finances just by watching a few segments on a TV show. That is so ridiculous, conjecture like yours, just lowers the tone of this site for me, which I turn to for intelligent discourse on rubbish entertainment (like The Real Housewives) when I want to relax and leave all my woes behind for a couple of hours.

      • yd14

        @middle child isn’t the whole point of the discourse here conjecture? After all no one knows anything about anyone’s finances on these shows. We’re just guessing.

      • Fahlina_g

        Middle, Cynthia ADMITTED as much right on the show. Her father had to cover the bar expenses that day. She was very upfront about how little money they had.

    • @Schelita – You are so right about Peter taking Cynthia’s money, but she allowed him access to it! It is so sad that she will end up broke b/c of him and her trusting nature. Phaedra has no respect for their marriage either.

  24. BananaBug

    This was pretty interesting. The male ego is so fragile (lol)! I doubt any of them were telling the truth about all the sex their getting, except maybe Todd. Still . . . it was a little weird when Gregg said, “Last Friday, when I was having sex, I thought of you, Peter”!

  25. Patrick

    The whole thing was cheesy..down to the weird dancing in the background.

  26. What is it with the Atlanta cast’s aversion to possessive nouns? It makes them unwatchable for me. And “Is you going to jail?” Argh

    • Yet OluwaK

      Rhoa is where English goes to die.

    • Josie

      The boys were out on the town so they were being cool and using Ebonics. I think they all know English except Gregg. That is because Ebonics is the first language in the household and I find Gregg tends to have a harder time switching back and forth. “Is you going to jail” ….

      • Marilyn

        Grown men shouldn’t be using ebonics to communicate and I doubt they know better. Using woman when you mean women or housewife instead of housewives is not ebonics .

    • Frappe

      OMG! That’s a picture of Patsy! She’s my role model!

    • Truthseeker

      I think it is contagious. It started with Mama Joyce and progressively got worse. Who can forget ” I don’t need Kandi money.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. “Let’s go to Kandi party.” Or Nene, “the Women Expo.” And that one’s in writing. It’s like they can’t hear the possessive sound. Or maybe because they never heard it growing up. And they never read. It bothers me too. Ma Baby daddy.

  27. anabfour

    I remember the scene in which Phaedra and Apollo were driving just before Aiden was born. Apollo was trying his best to ask Phaedra if she ready for the birth. He had to say it just right, because Phaedra thought something he said was “crass” . ( i don’t know how to spell it, i just remember it happening.) She was hard on him, and it was on the show. Their marriage from the start seemed one sided. I can see why Apollo feels the need to establish himself as an equal partner in the marriage.
    I remember Apollo and Phaedra talking about when he was stopped by the police for mistaken identity. Apollo asked Phaedra to address that the way he wanted it to be addressed, and she did. The housewives act differenty on camera and off camera, and we can only judge what we see on tv.
    I like Phaedra. I like her party planning with Dwight. I like that kind of humor. I also like that she can say that Baton Bob is a local celebrity, that is known for his baton twirling. She can be funny as hell. I think her heart is good. I like Apollo. I like that he can go through the parties that Phaedra puts on. I like that he did stand up to Peter when needed. I like his laugh. Their marriage has many problems. Apllo has been in prison, and is facing prison at this time. I don’t know how Phaedra, being an attorney, didn’t know that Apollo was commiting a crime. Even if she did, what could she change, besides divorce. He is the father of her children.
    I like them both, and I still root for them. I think there will be a divorce. There are reports they are seperated, I believe that. I’m interested in how Phaedra copes with what she faces. She will come on out on top. Phaedra is a very smart person. She will do the best for her children and herself. I hope that in the future she makes better choices, and gives up a little control. Phaedra plays her cards close at hand.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      ” I can see why Apollo feels the need to establish himself as an equal partner in the marriage.” That’s a tough if not impossible proposition given he doesn’t have the brains, the education or the social status as an ex-con. The relationship was doomed for failure from the start.

    • BananaBug

      I would never accuse Phaedra of being “smart”. She’s shamed herself, her family and cursed two beautiful little boys with the choices she made. Even divorce can’t remove Apollo from the position of “father”!

    • BH Wannabe

      Base on your little monologue there, I have reached a few conclusions:
      1. You probably think a rock is smart.
      2. You’re the one with a heart of gold, cuz you’re giving Phaedra way too much credit.
      3. You must not be watching the same show as the rest of us..

    • Valerie

      Hey @anabfour, you and I are probably the only people on this blog that like watching the Phaedra and Apollo show. We need to keep this on the down low as there is no earthly reason we should like either Phaedra or Apollo, and are therefore open to, shall we say, differences of opinion. Stupid or smart, I don’t care, and she makes me laugh too. We might need psychological help.

    • Michelle

      I LOVED Phaedra and her sarcastic humor until this whole mess with Apollo was exposed. He is definitely taking the fall for her.

      • Valerie

        Michelle, it is pretty damn sad all the way around. I just want to know the truth. Is that too much to ask? I realize everyone makes mistakes but what they have done is very ugly so I don’t love them but I love watching them.

      • I have some info on Phaedra I will try to share tomorrow. I have to have all my legal t’s crossed and i’s dotted but I am almost there.

        In the meantime. Phaedra is litigious so try not to catch your own case in comments.

        Try to say, it seems to me… or allegedly A LOT. She’s kind of freaking out. ​

        On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 7:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Thanks Tamara. I appreciate the advice. Litigious indeed (allegedly).

  28. diamondgigi

    I found the men’s roundtable to be refreshing but nothing NEW. Given all that Bravo let us hear that Apollo shared I’m wondering what they left on the cutting room floor. I’m sure Phaedra is not too happy with all that he shared this guy is really clueless and has no filter. His behavior is totally learned behavior I wonder what his childhood was like. Did Gregg ever believe that we the viewing audience believed that he and Nene were divorced come on Gregg – you are a better butler than you are a liar.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      Has anybody looked into marriage licenses for these two in the Atlanta area? Don’t know which county they were actually married in, Gwinnett?

    • Philly Finest!!

      I’m glad he did share and told the truth. In this one sitting he informed the world that Kenya is innocent,his wife emasculate him, there is lack of communication, and their marriage does not have a firm foundation.

      Secondly: If you leave up to Phaedra she would continue to have every believe that Kenya is a problem and her marriage is picture perfect.

      I’m glad he spoke out and put the truth out there.

      Funny thing though when every one believe Kenya was the cause of the marital strife the blogs, twitter,instagram etc everyone had something to say.

      Now! That he put the truth out there no has nothing to say…. twitter was quite…….

    • Katrina

      Nene and Gregg did get a divorce. It’s public record.

  29. The Jam

    i’m obviously watching it right now, but i know people may look at greg crazy, but if it works for them i would say I respect the fact that he doesn’t give a damn what other people think…now nene please hand the man back his balls.

    • Valerie

      True statement. Maybe Gregg is super happy being Nene’s butler. Weirder things than that have happened. There are some women I know that wait on their husbands hand and foot, maybe me judging Gregg is a double standard…thanks, The Jam, that kinda opened my eyes in the way I harshly judged Gregg… Yes, now Nene please hand the man back his balls.

    • from all he said, seems greg cut his own balls off. nene just handed him the scissors.

  30. I enjoyed this one special better than the whole damn season. Straight-up.

    • Cat

      I liked it, too. I thought it was going to be another sit down with Andy asking stupid questions. I’m glad I was wrong.

  31. spk

    Maybe after Gregg went on the radio and claimed to have financed NayNay’s fame, she made him sign a prenup to give up his manhood and to discuss their sex lives a certain number of times a week in public.

    I thought the best part was when they were discussing the Facebook post that was sent between Phaedra / Kandi and Todd explained that “those two woman have a do-or-die friendship”. Thats a rarity on RH’s.

    Peter is a typical Jamaican man in many, many ways. I wonder what part of the island he grew up on.

    • Josie

      I agree. The prenuptial must have a clause that NayNay can keep Gregg’s balls in her purse or in the safe deposit box.

      • Truthseeker

        You really believe Greg’s balls are in Nene’s purse or in a safe deposit box. He’s never going to get them back. I think Nene had them surgically installed on her body.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I always thought that radio thing was a planned act to set the stage for their fake divorce. Nene needed to show outrage to lay down convincing groundwork. That whole divorce was a way to generate money. The divorce cost them money but the return on the dollar was good. It also separated Nene from Greg’s tax issues.

      • Cat

        I’m wondering more and more if the 2nd wedding between Gregg and Nene was just a stunt so she could have her own spin off show? They were already divorced when Kim had her wedding show, right? Maybe the wedding was just a business deal, and they really aren’t that close? I can see Nene being jealous of Kim and her marriage.

    • I wonder how Gregg will be acting when he realizes Nene is not rich.

  32. Urethra Franklin

    Oh gawd I tried to watch this. I really did, but after suffering the longest 8 minutes I had to delete. Thanks for the detailed recap. #Apreesh

  33. the truth

    Tried several times to watch but between poor grammar and loss of testicles I eventually tuned the television to ‘Gilligan’s Island and ordered chinese food.

  34. Josie

    I didn’t understand the exchange when Peter says “Apollo, why did you look, man?” meaning when kenya was in the yellow swimsuit. Peter asks again and exasperated apollo snapped back, “I got eyes!” Peter then says “I’m glad you looked, but I’m disappointed you looked,” what did he mean by that?? Why glad?

    • Simone

      I believe what Peter meant is ‘to look, but don’t gawk fool”. What husband can gawked at a woman in a bikini like Apollo did? Of course a man is going to look, but married men know their wives and how to look ok. Peter was trying to tell Apollo to smarten up.

  35. Simone

    Everyone saw that coming. I am so proud of Apollo, he is actually relishing in the fact that he can TALK freely without a Phaedra script and we call see why Phaedra wanted him to not talk. I like Apollo better than Phaedra at this point. He may be dumb, but he appears to not want to live in a fake marriage anymore. Phaedra has less substance than Apollo and I am waiting for the FEDS to snag her ass. Apollo may roll on her teh way he acts as if he has been abused by Phaedra verbally and physicially. He seems angry at Phaedra to me. I think Phaedra is underestimating Apollo and may be on her way down.

    • Apollo is of more substance?? He stole folks identities. I’m betting the folks he stole from don’t share your opinion. Phaedra is very fake, but Apollo is a repeat criminal. There’s no substance in that.

      • 'TheJam'

        the rumor is that phaedra is up to her eyeballs in each and everything apollo did, she had more scandalous things going on outside of apollo and that she simply never got caught.

      • Simone

        Yes he has more substance then Phaedra. He has acknowlege truth and he is a criminal, but he has pled guilty. Phaedra is just as guilty and still lying about the marriage and everything. Apollo is ready to let the world know that the marriage isnt perfect and he said as such, unlike Phony Phaedra.

    • Fahlina_g

      I really hope you are right Simone!

  36. MicroOp

    Apollo, you is going to jail.

  37. I’m so sick of seeing Apollo flashing that peace sign.

  38. Schelita

    I’d like to see the show mix ordinary people in this cast given the same contracts and pay. That would create a balance like no other. Give average income people the chance and they would show these rich people just how foolish they are. These men wouldn’t be so horny if they stayed out of the strip clubs.

    I’d show these women just how much I could do with the money they spend on red bottom shoes and $15,000.00 hand bags and let’s not forget the $8,000.00 spent on strip clubs.

    You don’t need to be rich to be happy in life. People just want to live, you know pay your bills, vacation here and there and be able to see the doctor and dentist when you need to. I don’t mean to preach but I’d rather have my mansion in the sky and walk on streets paved with gold.

    I don’t need a 5 star hotel to prove anything to anyone as long as there is a best Western available I’m good.

    • But if you can afford a 5 star, why not stay in one? If you can afford red bottom shoes, why not wear them? I’m not rich by any stretch of the word, but I like nice things. I just remember to stay within my budget! :-)

    • BH Wannabe

      Dude, I don’t think you get it. Half the HWs go broke, declaring “I’m rich” isn’t something really rich people do, the HWs are strung out on credit, only a few are super rich, and Apollo can tell you what happens when thrown in with people you can’t keep up with!
      But you and Greg could preach together.

      • Schelita

        Thank you! I just want to live in peace. Pay my bills, enjoy my children and grandchildren. I’m not spending thousands of dollars on shoes and handbags. If I want to sport names I can have a seamstress tag my clothes with my own name ” Schelita” that’s a beautiful name and it’s mine. I like Kandi’s style. She is down to earth and spends when it is something very important in her life. She can out spend them all if she wanted to. I would like to leave some blessings to my children and grandchildren. Live Love and Save your money.

      • Teerii

        I believe I heard Sheree, say that Bravo insisted that they look done-up on camera. So,maybe they get shoes and clothes allowances to look fabulous.
        And the costs of homes in Georgia are very reasonable compared to other parts of the country.

      • ​Nope, they have to buy their own clothes and shoes. Bravo also tells them not to repeat outfits.

        On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  39. I enjoyed the men’s roundtable more than the reunion. Peter Thomas needs his own show. I would watch that. Apollo sigh I won’t waste keystrokes.. I am glad that Kenya is finally being vindicated, the more that he speaks the more we can see that Phaedra was deflecting her marital woes on the wrong person.

    LOL Todd is in the dog house for sure. From the trip to Mexico I thought he was a little to quick to rush to Porsha’s aid. Mama Joyce is going to be watching lol.

  40. Twilly

    It was a fun watch and I was surprised how open Apollo was about his current situation with Phaedra. Although he is a complete idiot! She has to be more pissed than ever that he’s airing their dirty laundry like that!

    • Schelita

      Apollo is embarrassing Phaedra all the way to the cell door. Phaedra might not put anything on his book that is if he has nothing to blackmail her with.

  41. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Many of the ladies here are posting that It’s Phaedra’s fault Apollo went on his most recent crime spree? He felt emasculated so it made sense to him to return to crime as a means of keeping up? In the earlier shows Phaedra was up cooking his breakfast and home in the evenings making his dinner. She was constantly defending him left and right. I believe that once she discovered he’d returned to his old ways, she lost respect for him. Apollo is a natural born criminal,Phaedra did not make him that way. In my opinion, of course.

    • Harlyn

      IT’s Phaedra’s fault because what “accomplished, smart” lawyer would marry a 2x felon straight out of prison. She knew he was a “natural born criminal” when she married him but she tried to fool everyone about their marriage. She has also spent way too much time trying to convince viewers that Kenya caused the demise of their relationship and that clearly is not the case.

    • Truthseeker

      Phaedra was aware of his illegal activity. At the pillow talk party, Apollo said shortly after he was released from prison, he would spend $8000 at the strip club and he would put the receipt on the counter where Phaedra could see it, indicating he wasn’t hiding it from her.

      She’s upset that he got caught. Now her house of cards is tumbling down. He’s been given the platform to expose her lies and he is doing so every chance he gets because he resents her.

    • Teerii

      Apollo feeling emasculated so he returned to crime was the BS statement he made to the Judge in court a few weeks ago. A couple of scenes of Phaedra cooking a breakfast and a dinner does not constitute “doting wife”.

  42. deb

    Phaedra used to be an attorney who represented insurance companies and according to Angela Staunton it was Phaedra who taught Apollo , his brother and her how to get vin numbers off cars’ in dealer’s lots then get loans for them. I think Phaedra is as big a crook as Apollo just a smarter one.

  43. BH Wannabe

    I just loved when one of them said Greg “preaches” then how they all backpedal like crazy! The man preaches.
    And maybe Peter Thomas should’ve moderated the reunion instead of Andy!

    • Schelita

      I think they need a blogger or fan to ask all the questions that the viewers want asked and to really call them out from a viewers prospective.

  44. MicroOp

    I’m curious, now that some time has passed and new information has come forward, do people think Phaedra was involved? Was she involved before Apollo went to jail but not after he got out? I’m just curious as to what people are thinking.

    • Simone

      I dont know one person that thinks Apollo was smart enough to do this without Phaedra.

      • Katrina

        Apollo was doing this type of stuff before he married Phaedra. Just because Apollo does not speak proper english, does not mean he is not capable of pulling off these crimes without Phaedra’s help.

    • Valerie

      Phaedra is involved up to her eyeballs. She knows all. I’m still stymied to why she would have ever sued Angela Stanton because that opened everyone’s eyes eventually. Guilty, guilty, guilty. Will we ever get to see or hear everything she knows about all these crimes? I hope so, I really hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Fahlina_g

      Phaedra is CLEARLY the brains behind this scheme. And having a mortician’s license was her next plan to defraud people of their money….Hopefully she goes down soon too.

  45. I thought the show was nice. A bit distracting from the girls boody dancing in the back-ground. That wasn’t necessary. I understood it was BarOne, but it should have been done in a decent format like “The View”.

    Greg – he is definately an OG. I like his style. He is a “kept” man. NeNe loves it when someone kisses her behind, so he’s on point and living nicely because of it. I see problems in their marriage if the money-well were to ever dry up….

    Todd – what a nice young man Kandi caught. I did raise my eyebrows a bit when he continually called out “Porsha” as being the housewife eye-candy. For a man getting married..hmmm. I thought he was honest and spoke like a true man who wanted to be the head of his household, despite having a rich wife. He really does love Kandi and I hope they work it out. They make a great couple. It sounds like she doesn’t need to buy him a gold rolex to prove her love to him; as he’d take her any way because he truly loves her for her !

    Peter – he is only relevant because of Cynthia. He speaks his mind. Doesn’t say much, but talks a lot. He could have used a good stylist. He benefits off of Cynthia’s name/money. He bought a car and didn’t tell her…didn’t like that at all…where was the conversation then. As he is likeable, he should let other’s speak.

    Apollo. – what a jackass. He avoided the questions regarding Jail. If he knows that his co-conspirator is going to jail for 5 years, what makes him think he’s not going to Jail when he’s one of the ring-leaders! He wasn’t honest and tried to water-down that answer. He’s lucky that Phaedra is to embarrassed to go back on her word and divorce him at this time. She blamed Kenya for most of their problems, when his immature behind wanted Kenya and a lot of other women. He needs to grow up. He is out of his league and needs to take a seat. How dare he buy his wifey a car with
    stolen goods and complain when she won’t accept it.

  46. Angel

    I enjoyed the fact the men could have conversations and no topic made them raise their voices and over talk and cross talk like the women usually do. I was, probably unfairly, irritated by Gregg bring up his 15 year old and his interest in girls, as if this was a first experience for him as a Dad. He had a whole room full of adult men and a daughter in an earlier episode that are all his children. If Gregg does all he said for Nene, no wonder she thinks she is so special. Personally, I prefer my bathing routing to be my private “me” time, I’d be Gregg, get your hands off my back, get away from me.The exception would be when it is paired with intimate, sexy time. I am not convinced they are all into that so much. Nene professed not to be a few seasons ago, like someone else detailed. I like Todd, but his heartfelt speaking “Porsha” 3 times was about as dumb as if Apollo had said Kenya. He will rightfully catch hell from 2 women for that. (All I ever see in Porsha’s pictures anymore is big purchased hair and a huge mouth, the pretty is gone. ) Apollo may find prison more comfortable than home with Phaedra, after the marital revelations. Those two should have agreed on many points of what they wanted life together to be before they married. Phaedra is book smart and street smart but not relationship smart. In this day and age, I think her family must be more embarrassed by Phaedra’s and Apollo’s shenanigans on the show and off than they would have been by an out of wedlock pregnancy. Peter came off pretty real, the same as we thought him to be, and a descent moderator. I decided he was best looking on the night. All I could think about Todd was that grease slick head would never be allowed on one of my pillow cases. I did like Todd ‘s attire. The distracting dancers was like a reminder this was in Bar One, free advertising, come for a good time. Gregg’s request for chicken fingers as his Tappas of choice was just so real, as like how they speak. In this regard, these people are sure not trying to “put on the dog” as my Mother used to say.

    • Lindy

      I was also thinking that Apollo may welcome going to prison compared to living with Phaedra. I’ll bet she is holy H E L L to live with and I always figured that she had one hell of a temper. One thing I’m not sure of is that she is as smart as we all give her credit for being. She may have passed the bar, but some people are good at being a student and test-taking, but can’t apply what they’ve learned to save their life. I’m pretty sure she is a miserable human being in her current status. I’m not sure how anyone with a modicum of intelligence could put up with anyone as dumb as Apollo. She ought to divorce his behind as quick as she can and get those babies away from that whole situation.

  47. Theresa

    Sounds a lot like rap songs to me. White folk just can’t understand it. 😉 The nuances of regional dialects are not easy to master in any language. So many colloquialisms at play in that conversation!

  48. Asampete

    I’ve never commented on your blog, but I love you and visit your site on a daily basis sometimes even hourly lol. I live in Philadelphia and I definitely just saw Apollo parked outside of aka, a restaurant/hotel in rittenhouse square. The woman in the drivers seat was light skinned and looked like the lady he was spotted having lunch with in one of your previous posts. I would have taken a picture but I was a foot away from him and when we made eye contact he knew he had been spotted lol. To any readers who doubt Tamara, she is spot on about Apollo and Phaedra leading separate lives, because I can’t think of any reason a married man is all the way up here(outside of a hotel)with some random female.

    • Middle Child

      Your name made me smile for so many reasons, I haven’t heard that term in a long while, reminded me of spending time with my grand parents on the farm. Those were my happiest childhood memories.

    • RVA

      asampete…your name also makes me smile :-)
      are you from where I think you’re from?

  49. BananaBug

    They ALL come here, Tamara! They change their names and pretend they are “invisible”! You must love this! A little bizarre. . . but that’s OK!

  50. BH Wannabe

    People seem to keep saying Phaedra is smart, so intelligent, accomplished, etc. I don’t know what she has done as far as accomplishments, so I won’t speak on that. She doesn’t seem smart to me at all. Her choices certainly don’t reflect a smart person. She throws a legal fact in here and there during her “talking head”, but I could also look up stuff on Westlaw and repeat it later. (And all demonstrations of her legal knowledge have really been on more of a Wikipedia level.) She says so many ignorant things it is just plain ridiculous.
    I’m sure so many of you fellow readers know: not all attorneys are smart!

    You know who is really smart? Kandi. But not when it comes to setting boundaries.

  51. Seriously ?

    I wish I never tuned in – a waste of time that I will never get back.

  52. Valerie

    My biggest take away from this show was how incredibly bitter Apollo is regarding Phaedra. I’ve always said that he seemed to not just dislike her, but he hates her. Despises her. Tonight was more proof of how bitter that man has become about his own wife. I actually felt kinda sorry for the dumb ass. I mean, he really really hates her. And what about the craziness of her waking him up to beat on him for sleeping with Kenya? That’s normal. Really healthy. My take on Apollo…pitiful, now lock him the hell up.

    Peter did most of the talking IMO. I think because they were in his ” house” that he became the host. It is interesting that he is the only guy to get in fights with each of the other guys. He’s a hothead. Sometimes I really like him and sometimes, I can’t stand him.

    Gregg, my earlier comments above still speak for themselves. Nothing new to add regarding Gregg.

    Todd… I can’t figure him out. I hope soooo much that he truly is a good guy that loves Kandi with all his heart. I am like a previous commenter that thinks the large amount of time and money these guys seem to be spending in strip clubs isn’t great for their relationships. I could be wrong.

    Enjoyed the show… Way better than the three part reunion. Sorry Andy, but I didn’t miss you at all.

  53. Seriously ?

    Okay, must add a thought. Their slaughtering of the English language is just deplorable and very embarrassing for Americans, in general. NO, it is not a regional dialect. NO, it isn’t just the “boys hangin'” or just “chilling out” with each other either. It is pure ignorance and a complete disrespect of their respective wives, who are all successful and in the public eye. To have these morons behave in such an ignorant and juvenile manner is a disgrace to their families as well as themselves. Grow up and be men, not adolescents trying to one up each other.

    • Jessika

      Wow, you went in…Although it was bad, it wasn’t THAT bad. Plus it was all lighthearted conversation. I enjoyed this episode….

    • They are being who they are, they were who they are before the cameras started rolling. I don’t think their bad English is egregious like you make it sound. What are you going to do kill all the people who don’t speak English well. Do you speak Spanish? If you don’t and you don’t understand what they’re saying, how would you know if they’re ignorant or not.

  54. Josie

    I watched this episode again and this is the gift that keeps on giving! When Gregg starts talking about powdering nene, they all think he’s full of it and Peter says that if he did that for cynthia she would look at him and say “hey baby do you need me to pay a bill or something” LOL! That is hilarious

    • barbinga

      I think for a second they were all picturing it and they recovered nicely. It was funny, especially Peters input.

  55. Josie

    When they start talking about Todd’s bachelor party, Gregg gets excited and said that he will start saving up his quarters. Will the strip club allow him in with no balls and a bag of quarters?! The boys need to let him know the price has gone up since nene was stripping ☺

  56. barbinga

    Well I’m fixing to be unpopular real quick. Apollo is a dirtbag, absolutely. Convicted felon twice over. Certainly after hearing him speak the last 2 seasons, we all know he’s not smart enough to be the brain. But suddenly everyone knows so much detail other than that…you’re killing me.

    I don’t know her personally, but it APPEARS Phaedra is doing what she has to do and taking care of her kids. Between him oggling Kenya and his crimes, I wouldn’t be able to hold it together. Hell, Jaqueline Laurita skipped a reunion with a hell of a lot less BS going on. I would wager she gives him legal advice when needed, but not ready to throw her under the bus with assumption. geez people. Anyone in your family ever commit a crime? Or a friends family? sheesh.

    • Truthseeker

      Barbinga, I think most of us would agree with you if this were anyone other than Phaedra. She has told lie after lie about her huzzbun. And now the truth is out and he is spilling the tea. Even at the reunion she still sat around like her s*** doesn’t stink when we all know it does and her husband at the time was set to plead guilty to bank fraud and ID theft.

      She is the type of person that pisses on your leg and tells you it’s raining and not only expects you to believe it, she will demonize you if you don’t.

      • BH Wannabe

        Nah, I know we you mean. When I was very young I dared a guy for five years who was charged with racketeering, grand larceny, a bunch of that kind of stuff. (Yup, I sure knew how to pick ’em!) Very early on I told him I don’t agree with how you do business and I won’t ‘ve a part of it. So then later, when he was extradited, the feds never asked me much of anything. I knew he was doing something shady, I just didn’t take part or really know the details or the extent of his “business”. It’s likely Phaedra was kind of at that level.

      • BH Wannabe

        Dammit autocorret! I meant I dated a guy. Not dared.

      • You forgot…she will ‘roll her eyes first’ lol…

      • barbinga

        TruthSeeker, Phaedra is absolutely all about putting up a fake facade about her home life, and probably had a character she hoped would entertain and not be very revealing…but hardly ‘In Your Face’ like Teresa from NJ was. Teresa had fun flaunting all the gaudy, flashy, shopping and over the top lifestyle so I felt she played a part before I knew she signed actual documents of her own. We have no proof of anything on Phaedra except she isn’t honest about the finer details of her life.

      • Fahlina_g

        Perfectly stated. People don’t go out and write a book accusing you of masterminding a serious crime for kicks.

      • @Truthseeker, she’s dark. I think Phaedra decided to get out of her nefarious life of crime and decided she wanted a “clean” life. She’d get married and have children and live happily ever after. She stopped while she was ahead. I too find it strange that someone would accuse a person who is completely innocent just for publicity. To make up so many elaborate details and then for none of it to accurate just doesn’t pass the smell test. She got out while the gettin’ was good and will probably go unscathed by the law for her past. Karma will still come a knockin’ one day.

    • barbinga

      BHWannabe…exactly! I certainly had a taste for the bad boys in my younger years but it doesnt automatically make you guilty by association.

  57. Valerie

    I’ve never in my life seen men so proud of the fact that they spend $8,000.00 per visit to the strip clubs. Why is that something to be so proud of? Am I being a prude? I realize strippers have to make a living but I can’t wrap my head around the amount of money they spend. Apparently, this is something they do pretty often, if the men are to be believed. It’s gross. (IMO) Is this kind of the same as a mistress only without penetration? (of course there might be penetration, what do I know?) I know that strip clubs are a big business and a ton of men spend a lot of time and money there. Don’t they know that porn is virtually free now?

    • Obviously, that is not normal guy strip club behavior. There are a lot of rappers that come to the clubs in Atlanta and often times the clubs give them huge amounts of singles to “make it rain​” The paps are invited. The next thing you know,they are on TMZ with a headline about how they have more money than sense, errr…. I mean they have lots of money. For guys like Apollo, these guys are his role models and he’s really not in on the joke. Now that Justin Bieber has decided he wants to be a black rapper when he grows up so he has pulled a similar stunt in an Atlanta club.

      That said, I don’t for a minute believe that Apollo makes it rain 8K in the strip clubs. He thinks that would be something that will make him seem like he is somebody.

      p.s. They don’t give you are receipt when you “make it rain” that you can leave out on the counter for your wife.

      On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 1:43 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  58. Katie

    Valerie, I agree! Maybe there’s a whole world out there that honors men who spend thousands on naked strangers who secretly despise them and we just never heard of it?

    • Valerie

      Exactly. I’m pro sex, but again I think these guys are gross being so proud of themselves. Especially since they don’t necessarily earn the Money they’re dropping. If my husband spent $8,000.00 in one year at a strip joint let alone one night, his body would never be found. Seriously, I have very good friends that would help me hide the body. That’s the true definition of friendship right there.

  59. Katie

    Oh, and this show was fantastic on so many levels. At least Apollo wasn’t stoned this time. Now I want a husband who will rub me down with lotion and pat me down with powder and blow gold dust up my ass while I play paddle ball with his balls. Peel me a grape, Gregg! :)

  60. I know it is just a show for our entertainment,but when i watch shows like this with an all black casts and especially with black men being so ignorant and talking so ignorant we wonder why we as a people get no respect……Andy and Bravo of all the successful black couples in Atlanta u mean to tell me they couldn’t do any better than these sorry a$$ excuses for men??!!!…… Smdh :-\

    • Katie

      Kacey, I hear your frustration and agree that black men need better representation, but here I think it’s less a race issue than an education/class issue. Look at Honey Boo Boo. Or Duck Dynasty. Or any show with the word Jersey in it. Hell, look at the other HW’s shows. Those folks are white and I can’t relate to how any of them speak or interact. And I tend to agree that people fall into a lingo or vernacular when they are around certain folks. I know I put a twang on and use aint when I am around certain, ahem, hillbilly relatives. I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens.

      • PsyD

        I have a Masters degree, and I have done studies to receive a Doctorate. My mother was an English teacher (high school and college level). My second language is Ebonics. ‘I be all ’bout dat talk when I’m wit my peeps.’ When I’m at work or school, I speak the King’s English. I have a 19 year old son who chooses to use Ebonics rather than English, at all times. He knows how to speak correctly, but chooses not to switch back and forth. He is in his second year of college with great grades, so he’s doing something right. It drives me crazy. I tell him all the time that he is going to forget how to speak well. My older son rarely uses Ebonics. I hope my younger son is just going through a phase. Maybe it has something to do with street cred. I don’t know…’chi’ren dese days!’

  61. marshmel

    Is it just me or does Apollo look like hell? Looking at him in the previous seasons, and looking at him now…he looks so much worse. I am wondering if he has a drug problem.

  62. saw bits of this twice while i was getting ready to go out but must admit i laughed out loud at the “wax on, wax off” comment, and of course “when i was sleeping with my wife i was thinking of you.” was originally irked at the notion of the husbands’ show but this was pretty interesting at times.

  63. Michelle

    Too bad Phadra and Apollo have children. I would love to see him turn on her. He truly is childlike and that is how she treats him. She probably made him feel inferior to her. IF he hadn’t done these crimes before, I’d say she drove him to it.

  64. gcvlmv

    When the bartender responded that what Apollo wanted to drink was a “shot of water” I was struck by the thought that might be code for something else. As if they had been through this dance before. That also got me wondering why in a crime such as the ones he committed alcohol is prohibited. It wasn’t like he was under the influence when he acted. Does anyone know?

    • I’ve seen it in lots of other terms of probation/bail/parole documents as if it is standard language. It seems sort of odd to me in Apollo’s case because to our knowledge there was not drug or alcohol involvement in his crimes. Speaking of interesting things about Apollo’s current restrictions, he needs permission to leave the state, (which is pretty standard as well) but he sure seems to be going to Philadelphia A LOT.

  65. patrice

    This was horrible to watch Sunday and that’s why I turned the channel. Andy Cohen is a fake. Any chance he gets to exploit black people’s ignorance and lack of education he does it. Married to medicine is another example of showing black people in a poor light.

    • Only thing that stood out to me was Todd seemed somehow out of place. He doesn’t seem like he would normally be friends with any of these men.

      • Valerie

        Very good point Katimer. I’m still on the fence regarding Todd. Is he the real deal or not. However, he seems like a hard working man and he had his identity before Kandi as a person that easily supported himself. I think that as long as he keeps that work ethic and does his job well he should be proud of himself even though he will probably never make Kandi’s money in his field. I tell my sons that it doesn’t matter what job you’re doing, cleaning toilets or brain surgery, you do the best job you can and take pride in what a good job you’ve done. I know a lady that irons peoples clothes for a living (she irons my mom and dad’s clothes because my mom likes everything ironed including her pillow cases, but I digress). She doesn’t have a glamorous job and she doesn’t make a lot of money, but she’s proud of herself and a job well done. She seems genuinely content. My point is, Todd needs to keep that work ethic and not worry or get jealous when her paycheck is bigger than his. He has to be a man with nothing to prove, Peter and Apollo seem to be trying to prove something. Beware a man who thinks he always has something to prove. They’re self centered, Immature, boring and never satisfied IMO. Thank you for your time.

    • wikunia

      Andy exploits white people’s ignorance and lack of education as well. For example: Teresa, Brandi, Tamra, Kim.

      • Bravo is looking more and more like a parasite feeding off the ignorant, self-important and desperate among us. Seems like there is something wrong with all of them on some level. That’s why Bravo’s stock has been devalued in my portfolio of television programming. Bravo use to be known for quality programming but I guess no one was watching.

    • RVA

      You know…these people make their own selves look bad. I mean, andy cohen did not hold a gun to that woman’s head on married to medicine and tell her to fight the other woman.
      they make themselves look bad. not andy cohen. or bravo. or any producer.

      • ​Sigh, You’re right RVA. But still… and is a mess. I would also like to counter your argument (mostly because I like to debate and not because I really have much of a leg to stand on, on this side of the issue :) ) Andy did a show called Long Island Princesses. The majority of idiots on that show were Jewish. The Jewish people promptly had a flinging fit that Andy was making Jewish people look bad on TV. The show was quickly cycled through never to be spoken of again.

        On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Harlyn

      Let’s not be elitists. A large part of the RHOA audience relate to the values, beliefs and grammar displayed on the show. I think most of it is laughable and does not directly reflect me but let’s not kid ourselves, the cast and their husbands are relatable to many.

      The same can be said of the cast and fan base for RHOC, RHOM, RHONJ.

      • Josie

        Tamara makes a good point. Long Island Princesses was doing well in the ratings and suddenly disappeared. That is hypocritical of Andy. Every other ethnicity is being made a fool of. And before anyone corrects me, I know it’s not an ethnicity per se but is viewed as such within and without their community.

  66. I had DVR’d it and finally watched it last night. You all have pretty much covered what I was thinking. I personally had a good time laughing at the BAD fake dancing in the background. I filmed a movie once as an extra in a bar. There was no music, but we had to act like there was and move to imaginary music that someone tapped a beat for us, as the actors were filming outside. That is what these dancers looked like to me. I also wonder what all of the other “husbands” on the other HW shows think about these guys getting their own “show” and they didn’t.

  67. Annamaria

    Was Phaedra so desperate for a husband and, presumably, children that she married the first ex-con she came across? Did she not know that there would be consequences? When I saw her at her so-called Southern belle (makes me want to gag) baby shower with those rollers or cotton or whatever the hell it was that Dwight put in her hair, I was appalled that a lawyer would be having a baby with a man who just got out of jail. She said on that show that her husband wasn’t attending the shower because he didn’t like this kind of event. She also said he was “raised by white people and prefers canned food” instead of freshly cooked food. I wondered at the time, who is this woman? What is her background? Doesn’t she understand that this is not going to end well? I also assumed, maybe wrongly, that she must have been a regular visitor at his prison when he was incarcerated and put money on his account for his snacks, etc. from the prison commissary. How she could reach down and marry an ex-con as soon as he got out of prison still eludes me. She knew what he was when she got him so I don’t understand why she treats him so badly now, despite her protestations to the contrary about “being a family and we as a family will stand by him (Apollo)” in response to a question by Andy Cohen about his imminent departure to prison.

    • Valerie

      Marrying an ex con is small potatoes compared to these women who marry murderers while they’re still in prison. Jordan Van Der Sloot is getting married in prison soon.

  68. Dracla Dunning

    Yes, Phaedra appears to have been that desperate but there was a method to her madness. Take a good, long look at Phaedra. She is not exactly a prize package. Phaedra fools no one with her syrupy whisper talk. She is devious, controlling, homely as a mud fence, fake as a three dollar bill, and vile to the core of her rotten being. Not only have we watched the charade of her life these past years, but so have the Feds.

  69. Josie

    If Angela Stanton is telling the truth then phaedra knew Apollo before he went to jail. I think they fell for each other while in the slammer so their relationship didn’t come out of the blue. I think Phaedra thought they could go somewhat legit although there is a lot of fraud in the funeral business.

    When asked what Apollo did for a living what would she say?

  70. Good Lord, these four fools need closed captioning as much as Honey Boo Boo….clearly, they all married up.

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