Lisa Vanderpump Interview With Giuliana Rancic

RHOBHLisaCOverLisa, of course, begins by feeding her swans, Hanky and Panky and talking about Giggy. She immediately points out that contrary to Brandi Glanville’s ugly tweets, Giggy is no on Xanax.  She says that when she signed up for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she wanted to leave with the same level of integrity that she began with. Lisa says if she ever finds herself in a bitchfest on Twitter then that is the time she needs to leave the show.

Lisa has her sangria tastefully displayed for product promotion. Lisa doesn’t know the drinking game, quarters. Lisa said that her parents were not particularly emotionally available. She had a typical British standoffish upbringing. Lisa went to a performing arts school for high school. She did over 100 commercials in London. She did some acting and on one of her shows she gave a very young Naomi Campbell a bath!  This is some really cute footage! She left school at age 16 or 17 and began working full-time. She was in the ABC video for Poison Arrow!  


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Lisa met Ken when she was 21. She says he was a bad boy and a playboy. He was 16 years older. They were married within three months. Everyone thought she was making a terrible mistake. She was 26 when she had Pandora. She always wanted to have a child and adopt a child.

Lisa still wears pretty night gowns to bed every night. Of course she does.

Of course Pandora and her husband were on the show. Pandy talks about what a fun mom Lisa was growing up. Lisa said she was also strict.

Lisa says the blogs are important for getting your own opinion out there. Lisa says that the show has only strengthened her relationship with Ken. Lisa said the last season when it was four against one was her worst moments on the show. She says that Brandi was the most difficult to work with. She put out so many lies and hateful things about her and it was very painful. This past season was by far her most difficult season on the show. Lisa says your cast mates can just throw anything out there, and it never goes away. Lisa says she wants to work with successful happy people who encourage each other. She doesn’t understand the negativity and competitiveness.

Lisa says she left the hotel in Puerto Rico in the middle of the night and scheduled her own way home. (After a stay at the Four Seasons of course).

Lisa and Ken have lived all over the world, Monte Carlo, Paris, London, Beverly Hills….  They have “retired” a few times and then would end up opening another restaurant.  Ken was not really down with the show in the beginning. He says he enjoys the show more than he thought he would.

Giuliana brings up all the lies Brandi told about Lisa on her podcast. Lisa said she loved Dancing With The Stars. She says it was very physical stressful. She was dancing for seven hours a day. Lisa talks about her collapsing on the show. Lisa says she walks on the treadmill in the morning for 45 minutes while talking on the phone. Clearly, not to Brandi. Lisa implies that her cast mates were more jealous than supportive of Vanderpump Rules.  Lisa said no to Lady Gaga at first because of her relationship with the other cast members. The next thing you know, Brandi was not invited to be in the video.  Make no mistake that was all Lisa’s doing.

Giuliana nearly passes out over Lisa’s closet and bathroom. She has a fireplace in her bathroom!

Lisa is working hard on P.U.M.P.  and her wine business. Lisa says she has to keep working! In ten years she wants to still be running her restaurants, possibly doing an interior design business, and still be in the arms of the man she loves. Lisa is very appreciative of all the advantages that RHOBH has provided her.


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42 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Interview With Giuliana Rancic

  1. Interesting. Even more interesting will be how things will go next season on RHOBH.

    • Is Lisa going to be on the next season or not? Without her, the show is not worth watching. Lisa is right – these women should be supporting each other and not having a B fest.

  2. Angel

    I really like Lisa. I like her style, class and humor. I cannot get enough of seeing inside her home. I also respect she works very hard for what she has and appreciates it.

    I may be blind to what some see as negatives, just as I cannot understand people that admire Nene. Lisa is the kind of person I want to see what that kind of life would be like, not people that have money or are on the way up and they only want others to be miserable.

    • Fahlina_g

      I agree 100% Angel. It baffles me even more that people cannot see right through Kyle Richards, who is a nasty little shade of green. Lisa is smart, witty, charming and a hard worker. She does not seem petty or envious, but happy for those who have found success. Hopefully this is a beginning to the ugly going far far away….

    • tnnv

      I so agree. She oozes class and is playful at the same time. I adore Ken and Lisa’s relationship.

    • getreal2014

      Agree 100%. I love Lisa.

  3. puppylove

    Lisa is a hard worker and go getter. She is elegant and a lady, of course the other women want to fight with her, that’s all they have is to back bite and be ugly. Some have gone into business granted, but I think that was just to show that they could and to try to out shine Lisa. That will never happen, either you have class or you don’t, and believe me they DON”T. What’s the song ole Luann sang – Money can’t buy you class!! Those other women need to listen to it. I think they all want to be admired like Lisa and it really gets to them that they are not. I think it’s quite humorous actually.

  4. Riley

    Lisa IS a class act. She is exactly what we were expecting to see when Housewives was born. But what did we get? More ugly than you can shake a stick at. So much ugly… grow to hate the shows, but like a bad accident…you can’t look away.
    Recently the franchise has been cleaned up a little.
    Getting rid of Nene and Porsha was a good start. But if Lisa leaves we will be losing the best part of Housewives. You win some… lose some.

  5. bravocueen

    I find it hard to take this interview seriously (well as seriously as I take any of this muck). To me, Racinc’s insertion into the Leann Rimes/Brandi fued on a personal level kind of voids any interview she has with one of Brandi’s now-enemies. I genuinely like Lisa but I think all these housewives shows are over-scripted now and Lisa’s Sur show is the most scripted of them all.

    • Angel

      I also was really irritated that Giuliana Rancic did that interview with Leann Rimes and slammed Brandi at every opportunity. Then, Brandi started being such a mean girl to Lisa, I got over feeling protective of Brandi.

      I like Lisa enough to watch Giuliana. I’d probably watch Lisa peel potatoes and think she was clever. I am sure she is less than perfect and if she is fake, I adore her ability to do it so well.

  6. Ms1Dimple

    ITA with you Puppylove!! Excellent Post- I love me some Lisa very classy.

  7. Valerie

    I love her so much. I have drank the Lisa (and Tamara) Kool-aid. I never watched the show until last year at around this time I started watching the reruns. I had just started chemo and radiation and I saw this English woman on my tv and she made me a little less miserable. I was hooked more on Lisa than the show for some reason. I really can’t explain it but her charm (fake or real, I don’t care) came through and I could escape for a moment. Ok, enough of my sob story. Tamara thank you so much for this perfect blog, I am so lucky to have found you too.

    • Cat

      I really like Lisa, too. I think the others are jealous of her.

      Glad you made it through your ordeal. I’m going through it now, too, and know what you mean. So…sob away! I’ll listen!

      • wikunia

        Valerie and Cat,
        You’re two wonderfully brave women. I’m sending you both lots of healing, positive energy.
        Stay well.

      • Cat

        Thank you, wikunia! I was very lucky. I have a great team of doctors, the best in my region. I never thought I could get breast cancer, there’s no history of it in my family. So it was caught very late. But I’m HERE! One of my doctors said something very striking about the lack of family history. She said: “History has to start somewhere.” So true!

      • Valerie

        Thank you Cat and Wikunia. I too am very happy to be alive. After going through that type of nightmare (the last of my chemo and radiation was in November – the tumor is now gone) it was good to come here and lurk. Which I did until, like everyone else I decided to start commenting. This place is full of funny, smart and interesting people. I really am impressed by this little community here.

    • Lindy

      Aww, I can definitely relate to Lisa being a pleasant escape. She has definitely been that for me as well. Bless her and you too, Valerie.

  8. Shirley

    I’m sorry I think she is a little fake and does go after the ppl she does not like. She’s okay. I don’t buy her honesty. My opinion thanx.

  9. wikunia

    Lisa Vanderpump is my absolutely favorite housewife. I just love everything about her.

  10. Great recap, enjoyed it even after watching most of the interview.
    Lisa is a Lady through and through. Lisa and Ken are what I had hoped this show was going to be. So pleased she us staying.

  11. I love Lisa, but even she wasn’t strong enough to make we watch the last season. I cannot bear to watch while Brandi is there. That woman is putrid.

    • Valerie

      I hear you. For some reason it wasn’t Brandi or Kyle that disappointed me the most this last season, but Yolanda. I guess I always figured Brandi and Kyle never seemed like good friends ever IMO. Yolanda surprised me by being the person with the biggest knife in Lisa’s back. To me Kyle always had a small knife (maybe like a Swiss Army Knife) constantly twisting in Lisa’s back. Brandi is just constantly stabbing someone or other in the back at all times, but I thought Yolanda was actually a nice person. I still don’t get what the hell they thought they were trying to pull off. Mauricio really turned me off as well this last season at PR. But in the end it looks like all their hurtful words just made Lisa and Ken stronger. And Giggy, I can’t forget Giggy, We’ll still see all three of them on VR. I know everyone thinks it is super scripted but I’ll still be watching it, with or without Stassi.

      • getreal2014

        I can’t agree more. Yolanda was a real turnoff for me too. Kyle and Kim, I never expected anything from, but Brandi should be ashamed of herself. I know Lisa’s hurt, but she shouldn’t be. People pick the best apples off of the tree. I hope she doesn’t allow them to influence her life one way or the other.

      • Valerie

        I have a feeling that we’ll only see Lisa this year on VR. Why would she even consider going back to these women that are so bitter and unfun to be around. They’re certainly unfun to watch anymore. I’m glad VR is taping now. Another reason these ladies are upset with Lisa’s success on VR is because it gets a younger viewing audience than the housewives. (I get all my info from TT) Quite a few of the 20 somethings I work with watch VR and love Lisa. Even the guys.Scripted or non scripted, they don’t care. When it comes on we’ll all be watching.

  12. lori

    I adore her.

  13. Fahlina_g

    Sorry, OT, but when I see Kyle barreling down the hall in that video gif, all I can think of is the old lady mother from Throw Momma From the Train The one who was also in The Goonies. I wonder if she grunts when she stomps too? She’d make a hell of a linebacker!

  14. Trashy brandy is the reason i don’t watch the show often anymore, but when i do watch its because of Lisa.

  15. Love Lisa, and don’t want her to leave but I don’t understand why you would subject yourself to such b*tches like Brandi.
    Sorry for going waaaaay Off topic TT but I have got to see if I am the only one who thinks this is wrong wrong wrong , have you seen the video of Maddie from dance moms in that Sia video?………Aas a mother, I am cringing and realizing that Melissa has no boundaries for her kids to get noticed.

  16. Espi

    This interview amplifies her fan base 10 fold. RHOB gave her a horrible edit and producers need to check that Glandville girl. Lisa is an asset and force for the show no doubt.

  17. sarasally

    Andy asked Rancic what was her status of Leanne & Brandi. Apparently, Rancic had stated that she was sympathetic towards Leanne because in the endgame, she is the one who rec’d the brunt of the backlash, Eddie didn’t. There is more to the Brandi/Eddie story than we know of. In response, Brandi tweeted, “How would you feel if your husband left you behind, you and your surrogate baby?’ That snippy comment def turned Rancic to Team Leanne.
    Rancic said something to the effect… ‘You can come for me… but keep my baby of it.’

    • Wow, I hadn’t heard that. That’s low even for Brandi.

      On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 3:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        She’s a vile human being.

      • Angel

        I forgot that terrible Brandi remark. I read that tweet. Giuliana had criticism for Brandi on Fashion Police and coupled with the interview, Brandi seems to go for whatever she thinks will hurt the person the most and sees no boundaries at all. It sure has enlightened me, anyone that goes that far cannot be trusted about the things she has said to gain sympathy. It works both way, if you are an exaggerator to hurt others, you will do it to advance yourself.

  18. sarasally

    but keep my baby *out* of it.

  19. sarasally

    She called out Maloof for having a surrogate too. Something about women with viable uteruses making jabs at women who don’t or can’t bothers me to no end. Bad form, terrible character. I’m not much on Kenya, but didn’t think she deserved the barren comment from Phraidie. I love Phraidies shady rehearsed comments but not the ones directed at a woman’s ability to choose.

  20. Valerie

    Lisa and Ken opened their new restaurant. She looks like she’s had recent work done on her face.

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