Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore Recap

Photo Credit: Kenya Moore Twitter

Photo Credit: Kenya Moore Twitter

Wow! Andy starts off saying that social media seems to be taking Porsha’s side over the attack.  I told you guys, Andy is all about the social media opinion. He asks her if she is surprised. She says that it is sad that people would take the side of someone who attacked someone. She says that saying that Kenya made her do it or that Kenya deserved it is sad. I agree. Andy asks if Kenya was being a bully. Andy says something about the props, that he thought were so hysterical but now that people whined on twitter… I just can’t.

Kenya says there was a plan in place to attack her at the reunion, Andy counters saying the other side says she had a plan in place to attack Porsha with her bullhorn and scepter. Dear God, who is this man interviewing Kenya? His position changes every time the social media wind blows.

Kenya says that Porsha came at her with lies from the beginning and that Kenya was not expecting to have much of an issue with Porsha because her issues at that time were with Nene and Phaedra. Kenya says that Porsha has attacked her over her relationships for two seasons and to blame the attack on Kenya somehow bullying her is insane. Andy says that when Porsha was there last week he asked her if she felt she owed Kenya an apology. He plays the clip. Kenya says that Porsha is incapable of showing contrition and she is incapable of remorse.

RHOAKenyaDubaiKenya points out that Porsha’s aggression toward her is what started the whole twirling and Gone With The Wind Fabulous nonsense. They run a clip of several incidents where poor bullied Porsha is calling Kenya a whore and screaming insults at her. Kenya tells Andy that he stacked the deck against her by playing only clips of Kenya being rude to Porsha. She says, had he played clips of Porsha’s attacks on her over the past two years, he would have gotten a different reaction from his coveted social media.

Andy did not care for that bit of truth from Kenya. So Andy asks her about her legal action against Kenya (again, I don’t like the way this is going, this doesn’t sound like an interview where he is keeping Kenya and firing Porsha).  Using the term “legal action” is akin to him alluding to her breaking her contract. Which she did not because the legal action in the contract has to do with civil actions. You can’t forbid someone from seeking police assistance during an attack. Anyway, she said that she contacted Porsha to try to resolve the matter (through her attorney I believe) and they said they were going to counterfile for aggravated assault.  That all sounds like a pile of happy horseshit. You can’t “sue someone for aggravated assault.” You can go to the police station and ask them to press charges against someone you feel assaulted you, but if you do, you better not have the entire incident on tape which shows you as the aggressor and your victim not even making a move to defend herself.

Andy asks what it would take for Kenya to drop the charges against Porsha. I would like to reach through my TV and punch Andy in the face right now. What sort of man tries to imply that when you are assaulted there is some sort of dishonor in filing a police report?

RHOA Pagent Wave Kenya


They talk about Nene and Cynthia’s relationship. Kenya says that Nene is very threatened by her. Kenya says that Nene’s focus was off of RHOA for awhile, and she was expecting a Hollywood career that did not take off, and now she is nervous about her place on RHOA.

Kenya and Marlo are still friends. Andy asks again, did you do that just to piss off Nene. Kenya says she is not a two year old and she doesn’t really appreciate the nature of the questions. Andy asks why viewers don’t believe Kenya about anything. Kenya responds by saying that the other women are always calling her into question about everything. She hands Andy the registration for her Bentley. BAM! BLOOP!  Oh look. Suddenly, Andy’s demeanor is changing.

Andy asks the biggest misperception about her. She says that it is true and not true that she is a strong person. She says she can hold her own, but she is not a machine, she is a woman with feelings. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. She deserves a chance like everyone else.  Andy doesn’t appear to be moved, or even listening. He’s thinking of his next question which is , “What are your regrets?”  Kenya says, that in life she doesn’t have regrets. She says about the reunion that her regret is pointing the scepter at Porsha, not knowing that she did not have the control or the mental capacity to deal with it. Kenya says she regrets allowing herself to roll around in the mud with pigs because the pigs love it and all you do is get dirty.

Kenya says on June 2 she has her first IVF treatment scheduled. I’m actually starting to believe the baby storyline.

I am now all kinds of confused about what I just saw because it doesn’t seem to line up with what my sources were telling me. Andy didn’t seem like he had grown any balls at all. He was his usual waffley self and seemed more on Nene and Porsha’s side than ever. I get this was filmed a week ago, but that was near the time my sources told me that Porsha and Nene were going to be reduced to a limited capacity. Maybe Kenya got to Andy after the filming ended, but if I didn’t hear what I heard from my sources, I’d be predicting that Kenya is getting voted off the island.

That’s the think with Andy, he seems easily influenced. My feeling is he goes with whoever spoke to him last, and that was Kenya. So we will wait and see. I trust my source explicitly. I know that the information I got was true and accurate at the time I was told it. I just don’t trust Andy to do what he said he was going to do after seeing that interview. We’re going to have to watch and see.

Andy didn’t even tweet a reminder to watch the show tonight or a picture of Kenya on WWHL.


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314 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore Recap

  1. Jarlath

    Oh god, I cannot fathom another season with Nene or Porsha.

      • deedle

        Kenya is not only naturally beautiful but extremely intelligent. This is why she had so man haters. Cross eyed andy has lost me as a fan. He loves gutter trash and is a typical gay white azzhole who only likes black women drama for ratings. Kenya nakes nene look like horse sh $ t. When nene rubs off that makeup and wig, I bet she cant even look in the mirror. Let them pigs have that stupid show Kenya and twirl on to something else.

    • “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.” ~ Jack Nicholson

      Andy said to Porsha, “at some point you are going to have to apologize to Kenya.” Porsha said nothing. Now if your boss tells you to apologize to someone for assaulting them, but then does not follow through based on public opinion, what kind of boss is that? He is truly a man without a backbone. And it will be his demise someday. Instead of saying no more props, how about no more beat downs will ever be tolerated again?

      • Andy is promoting violence, an intelligent woman would apologize to Kenya.. Porsha, has always call Kenya a whore and she has never attack her. This just shows how she is not a society Georgia peach and not a good person.

    • O.O

      @ TT …Well. I hope Phedra is too ashamed to return . I’m tired of her, she acts as if the viewers are delayed and can’t see that her behavior betrays everything she says she stands for . I won’t even start in on Apollo because he won’t be back. I’m tired of Phedras dumb naming parties and events, tired of her outfits she squeezes herself into , like that woman Bev on fashion queens. Tired of trying to figure out how she gets her tiny breasts up so high and wondering if she gets her tops taken in because I’ve never seen such ill fitted tops . Tired of her bad makeup and extra shiny lips with dark liner . She needs to go . And as for Nene ugh I’m tired of her too. Her loud mouth and those horrible toupees and wigs ( idk if cyn was really her friend for real because Cyn’s wigs , hair , and weaves always look nice and nene’s hair … Just no ) If these are the people that Andy favors then he must of had a mean mother who emasculates men and they’re behavior offers him comfort .

      • Fahlina_g

        OMG, I said the same thing about misogynistic Andy: Mommy issues! It’s becoming more and more apparent! He is clearly intimidated by strong confident women!

      • Valerie

        O.O. Say what you will about Phaedra, but please leave Bev out of it (kidding). I love Bev. Everything else you said was hilarious. Don’t get your hopes up though regarding Phaedra being too ashamed to return. Remember her stance is she is innocent in all this (innocent all the way to the bank). Pity her, for she is but a Southern Belle with a heart of gold, marrying an ex convict for Jesus.

      • Redhotmama

        Haha! I thought I was the only one who wondered how she got her tiny boobs pushed up so high.

      • Sick of "reality"!

        “Tired of trying to figure out how she gets her tiny breasts up so high”… Duct tape?

      • glimmer88

        Oh yeah–her boobs look SO ridiculous smished together like she does them. You can tell that it’s “skin” and not much boobs at all. Cannot stand fake Phaedra. Southern belle—um NO. I can see her now at her funeral home, putting on the phony concerned act for the families and then when they’re out the door and the check’s in her hand, she goes to the back and slaps five with old Willie or whoever and laughs about all the extras she got them to agree to. And her burying pets is a total joke. Phaedra hates animals–they’ve shown her saying “euww get them away from me” etc on the show. She is just money hungry. She has no problem putting on the phoniest act and whatever it takes to keep up her lifestyle. Please Andy give her the AX. It’ll never happen though.

  2. HeyWig

    After watching the unseen footage and this interview im scared for Kenya. But in reality it would be nice to see her off the show and watch her flourish maybe doing some work with organization’s to help with fertility issues. Or even modeling , ohhhhh or her African prince hires her a real life Olivia Pope,gets her pregnant and Bravo comes running back to her for a show. But thats if he blows with the hoodrats tumbling tumble weave wind. I never knew so many people had genuine hate for her…its just A show.

    • CB

      Hmm… I don’t think so.. if anything Bravo should tread lightly.. she was assaulted… and then made out to be the BAD GUY.. what crazy crap is this? The disgusting things that have come out of the mouth of Phaedra towards Kenya… then the idiot Porsha.. who has her grandfather rolling over in his grave from her stupidity…. and they want to the public to believe she’s the bully? Andy needs a wake up call.. for NENE IS NOT VERY POPULAR THESE DAYS… almost the most hated housewife from my standpoint.. Remember Snooki? assaulted? then given her own show.. and they made her into a star… Additionally… Kenya was Robbed during the reunion… now legally…. would you fire this woman ? If anything appease her.. give her a raise… make her look good by great editing… but to have Portia come back over Kenya.. would be a VERY BIG MISTAKE… that’s Bravo in my opinion giving the green light that violence is okay… Portia has always been an idiot.. and shouldn’t be on the show anyhow… so hopefully Andy will DO WHATS RIGHT and stop kissing the Arse of Nene Leakes.. esp. how she now talks down to Andy and her production team from what I’ve heard.. geeshhhh

      • I do not think anyone is going to be fired and although a lot of you think that Andy is the great and powerful Oz, Bravo is owned by GE, as in General Electric. And, if having both of these women on the show will continue to garner the ratings its does then guess what? We’ll be seeing Kenya and Porsha.

      • So Andy doesn’t really run the show? It’s some guy over at General Electric? Do tell us more! By the way, you have the most ironic screen name of all time.

        Hey Kati, This one here? This one is an idiot. That other one just doesn’t get it yet. :)

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I wish I knew more about Kenya being robbed during the reunion. I have the same point of view as TT especially about Andy essentially implying that Kenya should drop charges. In what universe? Porsha was strange toward Kenya from the beginning of the season, I never understood her rudeness to Kenya from the beginning. I really was disappointed in the way Andy treated Kenya. What is so funny to me is that in reading various blogs there are many comments that side with Porsha that have one or two upvotes and then where there is a pro-Kenya comment it will have 30 or 40 upvotes. I wonder if Andy knows what an upvote is. Clearly Kenya has a ton of supporters and people who feel bad about her being assaulted. Porsha attacked Kenya with that gossip and Kenya responded…the whole thing is stupid but Kenya was attacked and she is in the right to press charges.

    • Bella

      Right? It’s just a show. Jealousy I suppose. Truth be told I think she is better than this show. It’s too negative. I’m through with RHOA. Kenya and Lisa Vanderpump are the only HW I like and both are too good for this show. I hope Celebrity Apprentice opens bigger and better opportunities for Kenya. Humans can be so disappointing at times. The way they cheer on lowlife haters like Kyle Richards, Nene Leakes and useless Porsha over someone like Kenya is beyond me. Best of luck to her. Done with Andy too.

      • Valerie

        Bella, you took the words right out of my mouth. Those two are my favorite housewives as well. However, I know I need psychological help, but dammit I like a good Phaedra fix. Please forgive me.

    • syd3

      I have grown to admire Kenya a good bit more than the other HWs; as one of the lady guests on WWHL just now said to Andy: she needs to go to law school. I agree.

    • Ugly aint cute

      @CB here name is not Portia, its Porsha

  3. Jalen

    Andy is such a punk! How are you going to oversee production of a reality show and not have any balls. I’m sure the pressure of Anti-Kenya fans got to him and he wanted to make himself look good. I couldn’t believe how when Kenya handed him the evidence of the fake D’banj story, he just tossed it to the side. Extremely unprofessional and disrespectful. Like he had an agenda to turn the tables on her and exceed bravo fans expectations. Let Jeff from Flipping Out hosts the reunion and Housewife interviews. Jeff is completely unbiased and unbothered. Andy was giving me an unflattering Oprah moment.

    • Ugly aint cute

      I Think Andy follows and reads the ASK ANDY section on the BRAVO web page. I went there for the first time and it was thousands of hate against KENYA on that feed. I was surprised.

      • Ugly aint cute

        Andy came for Kenya. He did not want to come off soft on Kenya with all else going on. With The heat Andy was getting I was not surprised he took this tone in this interview.

      • SilkyMay

        I believe somebody stans/handlers (Nene’s) sets up fake profiles on Twitter and other blogs to make it appear as though the majority is on their side.. A lot of the Twitter folk who spew that evil nonsense about Kenya only have 3 followers.. Then on Kenya blogs you’d swear she killed someone. The hatred for her makes no sense to me.. So I believe Nene’s stans/Kenya haters create fake profiles to make it appear as the majority is against Kenya.. Bravo need to seriously start tracking IP addresses and checking Twitter pages to make sure they are legit before they believe anything they read.. I also believe Nene’s last name isn’t LEAKS/Leakes for nothing.. Whenever she hates someone, out of the blue comes “LEAKS” about that person on the tabloids,Twitter and Facebook from “inside sources”… Remember when Nene was beefing with Kim? Rumors of Kim were all over the place? The same thing happened to Sheree, Phaedra, Marlo, Kenya, and now Cynthia&Peter.. See how stans on Twitter came for Andy, the editors and Bravo when they didn’t do things the Nene way? I can’t believe they fell for that mess because most of those twitter profiles only had 3 or 4 followers and made no sense whatsoever.. IMHO, Nene is a jealous fame sloreing control freak and whenever she don’t get her way, her handlers/stans or whatever you want to call em go on a social media campaign using a bunch of fake profiles to bash whom ever she’s pissed with all while making it look like Nene is Jesus in the flesh.. smh. Kenya can’t win on RHOA.. I hope she just move on, get married, and have a bunch of little ashy leg babies.. She deserve much better..

    • I’m with you on that. Andy received so much of the blame regarding the use of props that naturally, he’s going to pass that angst onto Kenya. He’s mad with her about the props, he is blaming HER and not his management skills, not to mention his silent complicity in allowing them. I think this is the first time Andy was in the hot seat. For all the antagonism that he creates between the ladies at these reunion shows, finally the focus was on his inadequacies as the primary instigator and his own agenda to inflame the ladies being a catalyst for igniting violence. No, no, no, he’s not going to take responsibility for that. We are getting a good look at Andy’s character and his inability to own his misjudgments. In addition to taking all the heat from the props fiasco, these charges against Porsha rub Bravo the wrong way. It did happen on Bravo’s dime and at their specified time, and on their own turf, so there is a spotlight on the whole depraved nature of the show that brings more awareness of his part in getting the ladies all amped up. He looks bad but he’s more comfortable making it look like Kenya is the bad guy. Kenya might as well pull out the cross and drag on her back. Everyone wants to deflect their bad behavior onto her. These people are the best examples of the worse behavior of human beings.

      • Good call, Katimir. Typical company politics ploy: pass the buck so you don’t get f*cked. And the worst managers exhibit this behaviour. Andy does seem to be truly squirming lately: between the Giudices, the Nidas, whatever happened with Ramona, and the Porsha arrest, the RH brand is taking hits. #DownGoesFrazier

      • syd3

        Realllllly well said ….

  4. Adrienne

    Andy was definitely there to discredit Kenya! When he said that no one believes her, I knew this interview was a set up! I’m trying to figure out when it all went for Kenya! I don’t think she has been that awful to anyone on show. I mean this is a reality show! It’s entertainment! I read through some of the comments on twitter tonight and they are just awful! I feel badly for Kenya. RHOA used Kenya for ratings now they are dumping.

    • I totally agree, Nene’s behavior was by far worst than Kenya’s from her first appearance on the show. For some reason Andy befriended her but treats Kenya like dirt. I don’t get it!

      • Cat Parlova

        Maybe Andy is trying to reel Kenya in a bit, in an attempt to avoid creating another Nene? Kenya does seem to be following the same path.

    • Teerii

      I agree Adrienne, I listened to the interview twice. Andy only asked that question about people not believing her when Kenya reprimanded him about asking her,silly kindergarten type questions.But, it was to Kenya’s advantage, because she was able to come back with the fact that some cast members were busy discrediting her at every turn. And that’s when she showed Andy the registration for her Bentley!

  5. if kenya gets the boot.. which i cant see happening because she is more entertaining than the rest of the entire cast COMBINED.. i definitely would not watch. porsha attacked kenya.. i really dont understand how people can validate that kenya deserved it. nene was beyond “so nasty and so rude” to andy.. he really is a punk if he brings her back. nene doesnt have the fanbase she once did, because of her lack of humility and grace.. i hate waiting to see what will happen!!!

    • My source is very reliable. Let’s hope that this was Andy at that time and someone showed him the show back and he realized he was an ass, saw the light and decided to get rid of Nene and Porsha.

      It’s just….this show was…baaad.

      On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 10:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        I sure hope so too Tamara. All fingers crossed.

      • Brianna

        Hopefully it was filmed right before Porsha’s Anti-gag sermon aired on tmz! I know you broke the story first but it probably gained max exposure on tmz and Porsha lost even more fans!

      • It was, Brianna. After my posting I think but before TMZ’s. Kenya should have read my blog that day. lol.

      • Are you in some sort of mental facility? Your IP is weird. That would explain a lot.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • eastjames

        Oh man! I knew I was gonna get it! I guess I need to back away from the computer! I was just trying to make a point that all this has gotten way out of hand when there’s unbelievably real suffering in the world to be concerned about! I don’t know what’s up with my IP address though. No real explanation for that.

      • Psst Eastjames I am not looking directly at the website but I posted about someone with a weird IP saying stupid shit earlier today and then deleted them. I imagine that fucked up the TL. a bit.

        You have been here a long time and have earned the right to rant and have existential crises. :)

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 5:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Why would anyone (Andy this question is for you) pick someone like Nene over Kenya? Nene has no respect for Andy, she has the entertainment value of a junior high school student with all her faces and stupid little sayings that she steals. Watching her with Greg is the opposite of sexy. She can’t have any future in show business. She’s become disgraceful.

    • Jarlath

      I won’t be watching if Porsha is back. And I can’t believe Andy would have Nene back after how rude she was during the reunion, not to mention the homophobic comments, e.g., “parade”.

      • Fahlina_g

        Andy Cohen has just proved what a weak, vile, misogynistic little boy he truly is, still desperately trying to fit in with the popular kids at the lunch table! Thank you Andy for showing the world EXACTLY who you unquestionably are tonight. A pathetic loser who wants revenge and attention from the “in crowd”. Worm.
        (Now, let me tell you how I REALLY feel, lol…)

    • Marilyn

      Well – Kenya does have a pilot for a sit-com for TVOne. I would like for her to pursue that full-time. And then seen how quickly the audience will turn on Porsha (dumb really gets on people’s nerves after a while) and see how the rest of the crew will pull in ratings. If Kenya stays I hope she demand a huge salary bump (combat pay).

  6. Fahlina_g

    Andy Cohen just plain sucks. He is a disgusting, weak, ineffectual, misogynist and he deserves everything he gets. Watch yourself Mr. Cohen…..Karma is coming to drop your drawers and bite you in the ass! PUNK!
    Kenya Moore, I applaud you for conducting yourself with dignity, grace, INTELLIGENCE and lastly self-control. you admitted your flaws and you proved your point in a sane rational manner, and your behavior made me proud to be a woman and a (new) fan. The world needs more strong confident women/ role models like you!!!!

    • BH Wannabe

      She did conduct herself with grace and class. I would’ve been like, “Andy, this is some major BS. Remember me? I’m the one who was dragged across the stage by my HAIR! Owwwww! Did the sceptre or the bullhorn provoke this? After you, Andy, said you felt bad for the sceptre on the floor after Porsha grabbed it and threw it there? Oh, and did you miss Porsha basically assaulting Cynthia as she got up to assault me?”
      Disgusting. Andy must agree that wives who burn dinner deserve a good beating from their husbands. After all, “She burns my dinner just to bully me! I was provoked!”
      As a survivor of domestic violence, this reinforces the FALSE feeling of guilt victims feel–that they somehow were responsible for being attacked. Disgusting. We all saw the film. Kenya didn’t even fight back. Porsha isn’t ready to be in TV–she is a danger to her fellow castmates and a liability.

      • Zoe D.

        Andy is full of sh@t! That was no interview…but more of an insult. Do you mean to tell me he didn’t hear Phaedra call her wh@re every time she opened her mouth? Oh, and let’s not forget her speech. Which managed to insult any woman trying to conceive any way possible. Did he not hear the ugly words thrown at her from Porsha and Nene, and Apollo?

        Yes, they came for Kenya, and when the plan didn’t go as they wanted…they turned the tables and said Kenya came for them. Yeah, right…like we didn’t see it for ourselves. How they verbally and physically attacked her. I was disgusted that Kenya was made to feel bad about Porsha attacking her. What kind of sh@t is that? Yet the attacker…(Porsha), gets a sympathy interview? Bullsh@t! I do believe that interview was set up to make Kenya look bad. You could see the hurt on Kenya’s face…she knew it was not in her favor…nor an even playing field. But I do give her kudos for keeping her cool, and explaining her self intelligently. No ghetto hoodrat vocabulary…just clean English. Which I don’t think Andy understands anymore…since he’s been around NeNe, and the other baffoons so much.

        I hope the rumors are true that NeNe and Porsha won’t be back. And if they do…I will not be watching. Bravo my reward those idiots with more airtime…but I don’t have to watch it. “smh”

      • Brianna

        Iiiii kno!! I almost cried when Kenya was talking about Porsha being carried away like a baby and she had to walk to her dressing room alone!!

  7. pfffttt

    I’m not one of these weirdos that claims “I aint watching if X isn’t asked back” but if Kenya isn’t on next season, I seriously have no desire to watch. I don’t want to watch a moose with an over inflated ego, a woman who is married to a career criminal, etc.

    • Kenya is back. Cynthia is back. Kandi is back. There are three reasons to watch. And apparently new blood is coming.

      • Zoe D.

        I hope so TT. That interview was a bit strange…almost felt like an exit interview.

      • Kati

        Hi Tamara,
        Is the tea still favorable for #team twirl, and anti Felicia and Ms Underground railroad? I certainly HOPE so. LOL. Does Kenya get a much deserved pay increase? Also, i wish there was some way that only your comments are emailed to me. The other posts can get so annoying especially when a NeNe wannabe posts anti Kenya sentiments. Shesh!

    • Philly Finest!!

      I agree! Who want to watch people “Kiss” Nene behind all season like they scared to speak up……. I would see ratings drop quickly…
      ever since that Porsha preacher “fiasco” haven’t heard a peep from her…Thank gawd

  8. I really was expecting for it to be obvious to us what happened with the pick up letters and it was anything but.

    • HeyWig

      It’s obvious Tt Andy wants the social media club not to be angry at him but,his bestfriend is SJP(before her Natasha Richardson) those aren’t knock out drag out type of Gals. No offensive to any one I dont take the show too serious but I buy Bravo merchandise I have plenty of Mazel tee’s and mugs. Most of Nene and Porsha fanclub aren’t consumers. Might I add I viewed Porsha’s Naked hair website really a instagram page. She has no source for her “virgin hair” which is bad woman take theor weaves serious! And Porsha instagram is bol lmfao she posted a picture if herself allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 300+ comments are about not liking Kenya. ..akward cause its a picture of porsha not Kenya .

      • Jalen

        That just goes to show that Porsha’s “fans” really don’t care for her and are just Anti-Kenya fans. If Porsha does come back, once the fight thing blows over she will again do something stupid, and people will go back to not caring for her. Whether you hate Kenya or love her, people are still talking about her. Hate is a strong emotion.

      • amyyyy

        lol I love your name.

  9. kiki80

    I think Andy is playing chess. When Nene and Porsha get demoted their fans will be livid. He’s trying to appear impartial to shield himself from the fallout.

    • Jalen

      That’s a good observation. I hope it’s true.

    • Fahlina_g

      I honestly don’t believe he is clever enough for that. Clearly he is just plain afraid and intimidated by women, who he so obviously loathes. He is just so WEAK!
      *Mommy issues…..

    • tysandsnyc

      Interesting point! And him reducing them as “friend contracts” could also be a part of his move.

    • Truthseeker

      I agree with you Kiki80. I think Andy doesn’t want to let on to who will be back for season 7. I think Kenya handled the interview well, much better than Nene and Porsha.

      I think Andy is confused by the hoodrat mentality towards physical violence. You can’t physically attack someone because you can’t match wits with them or you don’t like what they say. I was surprised by the amount of people that thought it was OK for a 32 year old woman to attack another woman simply because they don’t like Kenya and most of these people have children which explains the violence and bullying in school.

      The reason I avoid social media is because it seems to be a platform for idiots to attack each other and be hateful. Twitter followers should not be taken too seriously.

      • Blair

        I totally agree with you about social media and the hoodrat mentality causing bullying in schools. These kids are probably learning that crap from their parents

      • I’d like to take this time to point out that the most ghetto idiots who try to post here in defense of Porsha, Nene, Phaedra and others have email addresses like momoffour@hotmail or ChristianMommy@yahoo or Shaneka’smumaa@aol. or sometimes Godschild @ delusional or BlessedbyJesus @

        Just saying. Then they go all in calling people whores and stuff. It’s sickening. No wonder religion gets such bad rap. Clearly it’s for stupid people. Nene LOVES to talk about how God blesses her because he loves her more. Heh. If she knew anything about the Bible… she would be worried for herself. heh.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ronnie

        Yes she did. Kenya is extremely classy and I for one was thrilled that she didn’t over talk the host or call him name despite his ignorance and bias interviewing skills. He had not choice but to let her speak. She did a great job.

  10. I think he was asking some of these questions just to save his own a_ss. He didn’t rebuttal her answers even if he did disagree with them like he did Nene. I don’t think either her or Porsha will ever own whatever part they played in the fall out but Porsha can’t say she’s remorseful in one breath and then talk about counter suing (FOR WHAT!?) in the another breath. I doubt Kenya’s leaving. If anything she’ll be back next season and it will be her last season on the show.

    • Marilyn

      Kenya is a strong woman and I agree with you – she should come back (for a ton of money) just to show those women that they can’t run her off, and hopefully her sit-com is picked up and she leaves them in the dust. If Kenya left -You see how quickly people turn and they will turn on Porsha. Remember almost everybody wanted Sheree gone – now people are asking for her return –

      • I am feeling much better now. I have from a source that reminded me of the timeline of this being filmed and other things happening. It appears he was trying to placate the Porsha Stans here, and then the next day all the anti-gay stuff came out and he blew right back to his original position on things.

        I also think the thing with Nene happened after this too. He was already pissed with Nene over the reunion stuff and then she started acting like she was expecting a raise.

        I still don’t 100% believe that he would demote Nene when he likes to refer to Nene and Kenya as the clash of the Titans. He loves to see women brawling. I can’t believe his testicles finally dropped and he is going to punish Nene, but my source is very solid. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

        On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 11:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. beth

    I’m not surprised – the last time Kenya was on a WWHL episode, I saw then that Andy didn’t like her. His post-reunion interview with Porsha made me want to retch.

  12. Ellis Scarlett

    I used to like Andy, but now I just think he’s a tool.

  13. Jen

    Im disgusted at Andy. I told him on twitter to grow a pair n dont be an advocate for violence lil kids watch too!

  14. Ah, someone has reminded me that this interview was taped BEFORE Porsha’s video about gays going to hell… Perhaps he wanted to non renew Porsha for THAT and then decided that Nene’s gay bashing needed to set her back a few pegs as well.

    I am sure his social media blew up over the Porsha videos, and apparently his twitter feed controls his brain. Which explains how he went from supporting Kenya and firing Porsha, to seeming to support Porsha, to being unhappy with Nene, to being back to liking Porsha, and then non renewing Porsha and Nene.

    Um, in decisive much?

    • Teerii

      Andy is a twin, a true Gemini if I ever saw or heard one! He does what he does because his dual personality allows him to speak out of both sides of his mouth and be okay with it.
      With that said, Bravo goes by the ratings regardless of how many emotional and intellectual retards tweet against Kenya. Kenya handled that interview and Handled Andy too. I don’t know what God is preparing her for but its got to Be Grand!!!!

    • Oh my!

      Tell that to Andy gay friends , that gave him a tongue scolding for how Nene and Greg made their “parade” wisecrack comment. Tell that to his gay friends who scolded him after viewing the Porsha preaching video. Stop making excuses for her. There is no excuse for her ignorance and stupidity. If any race other than black. Were to be bigoted towards Nene and Porsha the way they are to gay people. Which btw their insults also offends lesbians. Not just the gay men. Then there would be repercussions. They will reap the consequences. Tired of this woe is Porsha, she was bullied, she has broken wings, her preaching she didn’t really understand what she was saying crap. But she did have her full 5 senses to enunciate Kenya was a whore from the 90’s. And had her full 5 senses to say. Kenya had a rotten vagina. Her ditzy ACT is getting old.

    • luvin dis

      I enjoy your website, and I have agreed with everything you said regarding this “brawl,” however, I would like for them to have the entire cast back. That would be the best revenge for Kenya. Porsha is stupid enough to believe that Nene is her friend. She just doesn’t get that it’s not about her, it never was. Their supposed support for Porsha is more about their dislike for Kenya, and if they are all back next season, what I said will show and prove. Leopards don’t change their spots, and snakes will be snakes. Porsha has gotten a log of attention and new opportunities, Nene will NOT be able to hide her jealousy and Porsha will see that Nene was never her friend, then alas, Kenya will get the last laugh

      oh, and in light of Poorsha’s bully claim, I wonder why no one brought up her old Breakfast Club interview, Porsha clearly ADMITTED to instigating a fight with Kenya. She is a sneaky devil for sure, and like Kenya said, people see what they want to see.

  15. Fahlina_g

    I just cannot compliment Kenya enough for the way she handled herself during that pitiful excuse of an interview (badgering session). She took ownership of her behavior, conducted herself with dignity, kept herself in control with concise, intelligent and rational answers all without raising her voice once…. THAT is how a REAL woman handles herself Nene and Porsha. Have a seat and TAKE NOTES!!!

    • Isa

      I thought I was the only one who felt uncomfortable with that interview, what the HELL is Andy doing? They keep fuelling the fire when it comes to Kenya, but had he not been in support of her they would not have aired the part where she called him out for the Porsha/Kenya montage in Part 1 of the reunion. Or does that have nothing to do with him?

      • Fahlina_g

        You are definitely not the only one, which is why I give her o much credit. She was unflappable, and Andy was ridiculous! I’m wondering if there was a underlying legal issue that prompted his line of questioning, because if not it was inexcusable?

    • SantaFeWay

      Agree completely! Kenya came out looking much better than Cohen in that interview and I’m sure she converted quite a few “haters” into “”likers”. Good for her.

    • Cat Parlova

      I’m not really a Kenya fan (although I’m not a Nene or Porsha fan, either…it’s just a tv show) but I have to agree with you. She did show class and composure in the “interview”. Seems that Andy was trying to bait her, perhaps?

  16. tysandsnyc

    This interview looked sabotaged in more ways than one.

    1) Why didn’t they show both interviews on the day of the last reunion so that both ratings could be tallied up?

    2) Why show this interview on Mother’s Day of all days, knowing a lot of people aren’t gonna be in their homes, but one home or outdoors celebrating with their families?

    3) Why didn’t they promote it like they do with the other interviews?!!!

    I spoke with a lot of people just now that said they would’ve saw the interview had Bravo made better promotion of today’s episode.

    • Fahlina_g

      Wow, great points!

      • Teerii

        Well they’ve got this interview all over Bravotv’s website now!!! It’s the most intelligent and most interesting interview Bravo has ever held with a cast member. Of course you’ve got to bring the “intelligence and the” interesting” to the interview And Kenya bought it all and then some!!! After this interview no one will ever doubt Kenya Moore’s intellect, or emotional maturity or her sense of morality. Those that do cry hate, will do so with this interview drowning them out!

  17. lori

    Andy makes me sick to my stomach. He’s such a wuss. I had a really hard time watching that. What’s his fucking problem? And I am glad that you are staying to believe Kenya wanting a baby. I never understood why people have doubted that so much. That always upset me. This is the time in life when women with no children know it is literally now or never, and often take these exact same steps that she is taking. I have 3 girlfriends who got pregnant this way, one was even older than Kenya. And look at all of the celebrities who have done it. Most women DO want children in this life, and when they are at the stage that Kenya is, that longing can really take over every ounce of your being. I really hope that she is successful. I have a feeling that she is probably going to try it with her eggs first, but if she isn’t successful with that, I wouldn’t doubt her using donor eggs. She deserves to have a child, especially after the childhood she had with her own bio mom. She deserves the unconditional love that usually comes with the bond of mother and child, sadly for the first time in her life. I will be sending major positive vibes her way on June 2nd, and I hope that Andy has a shitty ass birthday. If Kenya isn’t on the show next season and Nene is, I definitely (and I mean definitely) will NOT be watching.

    • Kenya will be there… Nene… is questionable.

      • A

        Kenya. —–yes. Nene, phaedra. Porsha —-no. As much as I like kenya, if nene, porsha and phaedra return, I’ll have to watch something else.those 3 are pure sickening.

      • Sick of "reality"!

        I hope, hope, hope that Nene has burned her Bravo bridge. She is unprofessional and unpleasant and deserves to be taught a lesson. Maybe she forgot that she is in the “entertainment business”?

  18. Cassie

    Wow Kenya did a great job with that interview. I have said it before Andy looks at Kenya as if he can’t stand her. Tonight she gave the best answers to Andy and no matter what she said he still tried to find something to make her look bad. I am so glad she pointed out that they showed footage to make her look like a bully but in my opinion both of them came off as horrible. You all know they all said they did not want Kenya back. Nene just said that on her one on one so that people would not think that she was behind Kenya’s firing. Andy has favored Nene since the beginning. It was a slap in the face that he would invite Nene to be a judge at one of the pageants instead of Kenya. I believe people don’t like Kenya for one she is not from Atlanta, two she is pretty and her body is right that photo shoot was everything but I noticed it wasn’t promoted by Bravo it went to the cutting room floor. And lastly she is a smart girl. People just don’t seem to care for her for instance people thought that Phaedra read Kenya when she was talking about the sperm donor Kenya should have been all on the floor laughing at what she had to say your husband is a felon. Our culture loves bad behavior case in point look at the S2S event it was a lot of celebrities that have been in jail, some beating their girlfriends up and they were celebrated. Social media and public opinion does count on these shows so Kenya may be out because they can all say she is just not relatable. It was reported that everyone was coming back the other week so who knows the truth. It won’t be long and we won’t have to wonder.

    • Teerii

      If Kenya’s out, its because she walked out of the “PIG” pen on her own. I wish her the best. And I so agree with you about the majority of the folks on social media,especially twitter. This is a very common category of people who are just Mad at everything, themselves, their mamas, daddy’s, kids, every dog-gone body. And they’ll use any reason to yell, cuss and speak ill of others.

      • Ugly aint cute

        @Teeri, you are so right-on. The minions of people who are on social media all day long i.e. twitter are not the ones who would identify with Kenya. Kenya spent her down time reflecting on the campus of HARVARD, OK!!! Im wondering how many of Andy’s followers on Twitter even know where Harvard is located. If it involves being ugly and tearing someone down who is beautiful and EDUCATED, yes twitter will blow up.

      • I agree Teerii. I call them “BAD ASS”. Try too avoid them like the plague.

  19. Sona

    I truly believe that it would be Kenya’s best interest to opt-out of another season on this show. She has been unjustly vilified and her character has been dragged through the mud these past two seasons and it’s obvious that she can not rely on Andy to have her back and portray the truth. I hope that her IVF is successful and I think she should focus on motherhood and pursue other projects. Just let RHOA go down in the same way that RHONY has gone down since the firing of Jill Zarin and the departure of Bethany Frankel.

    On a side note, I’ve come to realize that the Nene and Porsha stans represent a certain…um…class of people. The type who generally resents a pretty, articulate, witty woman like Kenya who fights with words and not fists. Unfortunately these individuals are the most vocal viewers of RHOA and have undoubtedly influenced Andy. And that’s a shame…it really is.

    • CityGirl81

      “On a side note, I’ve come to realize that the Nene and Porsha stans represent a certain…um…class of people. The type who generally resents a pretty, articulate, witty woman like Kenya who fights with words and not fists. Unfortunately these individuals are the most vocal viewers of RHOA and have undoubtedly influenced Andy. And that’s a shame…it really is.”

      A million high fives on this! Many of their supporters are ratchet and ghetto. I am not afraid to say what you tried to say nicely. These are the same broads that want to literally fight and stalk you on social media over these chicks like they really know them.

      • Oh my!


        No doubt! They constantly attack Kenya. The minute she fights back. They are quick to call foul.

  20. Dee

    hi Tamara, long time reader, first time commenter. I’m actually shocked that Andy…or anyone for that matter, would try to persuade anyone to drop the charges against their attacker in order to keep their job. That is the ‘feeling” I personally got from that interview. I’m totally disgusted and greatly disappointed in Andy.

  21. Andy’s always treated Kenya like this. He asked her biased questions at both reunion shows she’s been on and he’s always painting her as the bad guy. I see no reason why his biased anti-Kenya questions on this WWHL appearance would indicate that she’s getting fired. He’s never liked Kenya.

  22. Lindy

    Oh dear, it hasn’t aired yet here in the west and now I don’t want to watch it. I don’t think Kenya will be going anywhere though, or NeNe either, truth be told. This season had the highest ratings ever and ratings rule, don’t they? NeNe still has a lot of fans (apparently, though don’t ask me why). Kenya has yet to endear herself to very many although I do think people like to watch the dynamic that she has created. She’s too intelligent for this show, and more intelligent than Andy and he knows it.

    • Gingersnap

      I think you’re right about Kenya being more intelligent than Andy. Maybe she intimidates him in the brains department and that’s why he has to keep her down. His attitude toward her is totally baffling to me and that’s about the best I can come up with. Kenya intimidates him (?)

  23. CocoTalks

    Andy doesn’t really care about any of these women. He sees them purely based on their TV gold and influence on ratings like any good producer. This seasons RHOA was the highest of any housewives ever wasn’t it? Feelings for the women aside, it doesn’t seem wise to shake up the group too much

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think Porsha contributed a whole lot to those high ratings, I *hope* they really are axing her. I’d love to see Nene go, but c’mon…it’s Nene, they aren’t about to get rid of her yet. Kenya, not a chance she is leaving imo – she brings major ratings.

  24. Lisa Brown

    I agree wholeheartedly with your recap and it dawned on me too that Andy NEVER advertised Kenya’s visit tonight on WWHL. It would be a sad day if Andy does not renew Kenya’s contract and allows the likes of posionous NeNe and Porsha to remain. Did he ever empathize about Porsha’s physical attack on Kenya? What a turn of events tonight, that now have my mind wondering what the future holds for Kenya & RHOA. One last thing that didnt sit well with me was Andy’s insinuation that in some way Kenya did this or Kenya said that, when in all actuality she responded to pure verbal provocation with the same. He’s got to definitely be one wishy washy person or he’s quite delusional.

    • Everyone for sure has been picked up as a full time housewife except Nene and Porsha. Porsha is unlikely to return, but may in some limited FOH way. Nene’s contract is limited in some way as well, perhaps just with a pay cut. But the term “limited capacity” was used to describe her contract.

      I’m not worried about Kenya not coming back, I would be without my source though because this interview sure didn’t make it seem like she was welcomed back with open arms by Andy.

      • Mzjulesaz

        Did your source indicate if Kenya is opting to come back? I certainly wouldn’t blame her if she did not sign.

      • Chile please. Kenya is a media whore. They are all media whores. Of course she will come back, but for way more than here first season offer of $250K that Nene repeatedly outed on the reunion. Perhaps that is Nene’s limited capcity. She’s back down to $250K. But you didn’t hear that from me.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:51 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        I believe Kenya and her attorneys ( including her Aunt) read Bravo the riot act! Kenya was not in Housewife character during that interview and Andy knew it. She might have read his behind before they sat down to do the interview. Kenya was clear focused and not hearing it!
        She even said, if Phaedra and Apollo persist with their smear campaign, maybe a court of law could settle it. So Phaedra had better quit with the name calling and lies. Sounds like Kenya will take Phaedra’s ratchet behind to court also.

      • CaliSteve

        I really hope Nene moves on.

    • MzKRB

      I think that Andy was originally on Kenya’s side about the attack, but all of the feedback from social media saying that Kenya was provoked was what caused him to look at it another light (siding more with Porsha). I will admit when I first saw it, I could see how Porsha felt antagonized with the props to do what she did. But then I stepped back and thought it through that we have been influenced by the ease in which violence is used as a reaction to an argument (via ratchet reality shows) and that in that situation Porsha reverted to violence because she did not have the vocal sword to fight with. I can admit to the error of my way of thinking. But the fact that Porsha shows no remorse is really what’s sad. I also don’t think that social media serves as his primary reasoning for axing housewives, if that were the case wouldn’t Brandi Glanville be dropped (wishful thinking). I think Andy likes to drop people when they start acting as if they are above it and running the show

      • Cat Parlova

        Porsha keeps changing her story. She first claimed to have “blacked out”, not remembering what she did. Yet, she portrayed herself as the victim. (I’m still wondering why she had to be carried around after the attack?) Now, she is claiming that the props were used as weapons, and she was just defending herself, which is laughable.

        I also agree with you about Andy dropping people when they act as if they are above it and running the show. Maybe that’s why he has “turned” on Kenya? Sort of a warning to her to pull back? She does (on the show, anyway) look like she is headed in the same direction as Nene (claiming to be the best thing for the show…the queen….etc.)

    • Teerii

      I just felt like Andy was trying to vindicate him self.Yet, in a strange way, he was giving Kenya an opportunity to address every question the twitter” twits” posted. Bravo even showed the tapes supporting Kenya’s point about Porsha badgering her. From this perspective, I liked the interview and Kenya “Aced It”!!!!!!!

  25. pdt090

    People are being a bit too harsh on Andy regarding social media opinion. This show is, after all, a business venture designed to turn a profit, and it makes sense to listen to what viewers are saying. I agree that Porsha was totally wrong, but most people don’t and he and Bravo are not in a position to just ignore their consumers.

  26. A'Jaiiah

    I thought there was a bit of hypocrisy on Kenya ‘s behalf HOWEVER she sure told it like it was concerning the editing / actions of Porsha and the viewers / supporters . Most of these people on twitter hash tagging ” Team Porsha” are ignorant and vile , they can’t handle a woman like Kenya who is poised , beautiful , and a bit too smart for her cast mates . If Andy caves to these loud mouths on Twitter I will def not watch / support the show anymore . If Nene can bully / badger an entire cast for five seasons there’s no reason why Kenya can’t stay . A lot of these people against Kenya ironically support bullies like Tami , Evelyn from BBW and trash like Erica from LHHNY smdh.

  27. Truthseeker

    Don’t roll around with pigs. Because the pigs love it and all you do is get dirty. Classic Kenya. I remember when Kenya won Miss USA. I was proud of her then and I was also proud of how she conducted herself tonight during the interview. She’s an excellent speaker.

    • Kati

      I felt the same way about Kenya. She was a good interview; she was authentic, introspective and honest. #teamtwirl

  28. Lee Me

    Maybe Kenya has decided to proceed with IVF because she needs a continuing storyline and also because the viewers don’t believe much else she’s stated in the past. The taunting of the other women (and their spouses) has run it’s course, she won’t introduce her man to the public, and velvet is dead…. What else does she have to present to viewers? BINGO: A round of IVF!

    Kenya’s definitely got Porsha beat in the verbal articulation department. There is no argument about that. But let’s be honest, from day one Kenya attempted to verbally critize, insult, and intimidate Porsha in an effort to one up her. It started at their luncheon Porsha invited Kenya to.

    I’m not a fan of either women but I am tired of Kenya playing the victim role. She taunts and dishes it out like the rest of them. If you can dish it out, you bess be ready to receive it. Porsha should have never laid a hand on her. But Kenya cannot point objects in people’s faces, violate their personal space, tug on their ears, flirt with their husbands, and expect warm receptions. The disregard for Kenya’s behavior and antics on this blog is unreal. The slant is sickening. Andy, thanks for finally calling Kenya to the carpet and holding her accountable. At least someone isn’t pacified by a twirl and a good vocabulary. :-)

    • Frankly, I thought the entire baby thing was storyline. I didn’t believe her about wanting to have a baby until tonight.

      I am not understanding how a person who clearly seems to be intelligent could claim Kenya is playing the victim. Kenya WAS the victim of both an assault by a coworker and a robbery in a 16 hour filming nightmare. Yet she maintained her dignity, and when a know felon currently out on bond for a repeat offense verbally degraded her while glassy eyed and seemingly incoherent she simply avoided eye contact and refused to engage. That is not playing the victim. That is exercising incredible composure and maintaining her dignity.

      I find the fact that you don’t see how maturely Kenya is “taking it” mystifying.

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:03 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pepper

        Dammit Tamra – I was too involved in writing my long-ass rant I missed your short and sweet response here.

        Whatevs. I still feel better after letting all the negative energy out.

      • Lee Me

        I’m referring to Kenya’s behavior throughout the seasons. She has taunted or been aggressive towards majority of those women in some form or fashion (ie. pulling on NeNe’s ear during what should have been a conversation without hands, flirting with Phaedra’s husband and intentionally manipulating the situation to get him alone, berating Porsha during her charity event, and taunting Kandi about her weight). All of the above acts (and more) were completed by Kenya prior to the bullhorn and septer antics and she has made no apology for or about them whatsoever. I don’t condone Porsha placing her hands on Kenya or anyone stealing her personal property. Those acts are inexcusable.

        I’m merely saying that Kenya has been a bully and the verbal aggressor throughout the seasons and for someone who is always referring to karma…. Well! She is no angel and is constantly throwing a pity party seeking sorrow for her. I can’t and will not after watching how she meddles in others business and then acts innocent. My granny called her kind the “Throw the rock, hide the hand kind.” She’s messy as messy gets but loves to deflect and free to others as pigs when the mess is no longer in her control.

        Riddle me this, why is she always in other folks marriages??? Nevermind the cast… Was there a reason for her to treat Christopher Williams “common law wife” in that manner during that luncheon. What business of Kenya’s was it to humiliate her publicly? Was there a delicate way to convey that? My point is, Kenya wants to be treated in a manner that she does not treat others in. It’s an age old adage and for as smart as she is, she should understand how to employ kindness if she’d like it to be reciprocated. You don’t do the things I mentioned above for seasons and expect people to care about or for you. I get they’ve all had issues with one another but Kenya crosses lines that I cannot respect. I would never consider a woman like her to be a friend. She is manipulative, deceitful, and conniving. I could at least respect her of she owned it like a boss. That’s more commendable than her double talk.

        BTW, I cannot stand Marlo or NeNe at all but Kenya decided to befriend Marlo. Even if we’re playing devils advocate and editing was involved, why is it when Marlo and Kenya were “hanging out” bonding, all they spoke of was NeNe’s business and downfall???

        I believe the only living thing Kenya has truly cared about or for was Velvet. Aside from that, she lacks a pulse and the ability to empathize with others. Show me a true friend of hers aside from Brandon (who seems attention starved himself)…. She appears to ostracize and isolate most women around her unless they comply with her agenda.

        A strong vocabulary and pretty face does not a kind woman make. The only time she was an actual victim was during this season’s reunion. That does not preclude or negate from her past conduct and behavior… Which is love to hear what you think of.

      • Brianna.

        There is really way too much bs here to rebuttal each point, so I’ll just pick a few highlights. First. Kenya is paid to meddle in peoples’ business … It’s a show about peoples’ buniess. She is earning her pay check. That’s all it is .. A show. Secondly, Kenya simply stated to Natalie’s face that she wasn’t aware they were married yet. Of course it was supposed to be juicy because once again .. It’s a show. She didn’t run and tell everyone except Natalie because that would have been messy. Kenya and Natalie had a convo (in which Phaedra and Porsha chimed in) and that was the end of it. Next Kenya was not “alone” w apollo. There was a room full of people including the other husbands. If your so insecure in your relationship (that Phaedra and Apollo were already separated in) then maybe airing your woes on international tv isn’t the best for your specific situation. Kenya had to get apollo away from Phaedra to admit, for the record that the texts were not explicit in nature. Apollo has no balls or a brain big enough to admit that in front of his wife because then all the attention would be on his misconduct not on Kenya. Lastly to use the term bully in reference to anyone outside of grade school is juvenile. These are all grown women. Kenya only gives back what she gets. That’s all. Her retribution might be harsh but it’s because she is confident In herself and her mannerisms. Karma is an easy word to throw around but let’s just see who is employed next season and who has to start a weave business on instagram to pay the bills.

      • I can’t even begin to justify Kenya’s season one behavior other than she seemed to come in trying to stir shit up and be the next Nene. I hated Kenya season one, so it makes no sense for me to Stan for her too hard this season. However, I think she got it and toned it down. I can’t justify her season one stupidity and ridiculed it ALL DAY LONG.

        That said, she is NOT a bully. Most of all of these women are bitches and she has found a way to settle in and rise above the rabble. I only wish to debate you on THIS season and am willing to concede last season.

        As for Marlo, as much as Andy makes it seem Kenya went out of her way to film with Marlo, um .. she didn’t know Marlo. Marlo came to Kenya, she needed an ally and she found one. But if you go back and look at every scene with Marlo and Kenya, Kenya DEFENDS NENE.

        Remember a lot of this is production. Andy knows Kenya did not seek out Marlo and that she actually defended (however half heartedly) Nene.

        Look. Every season is staged MUCH differently. Perhaps we will agree next season, but I’m really not interested in convincing you of anything. You are an intelligent grown woman. We can agree to disagree. And I welcome your opinions in the future.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:57 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        @TT..I’ll bet that Kenya will use Brandon’s sperm.

      • Souvlaki

        So agree. I think the “victim cards” are all being doled out by Porsha from what I’ve read, the “poor-me, tuff life, the pressures made me steal, boohoo!” sympathy cards from Apollo, etc, utter nonsense– but Kenya needs no cards, she has fact backed by video. She wasn’t just the target of physical abuse, she’s dealing with people trying to shame her for taking a stand for herself against the violence she went through. Andy’s line of questioning was suspect at best, hope he knew it made him look like a fool, but it should have been advertised, damn.

    • Pepper

      Ding ding ding – Lee you just won. What you ask?

      Well I am seething after the most redic WWHL I’ve ever seen and needed something to direct my energy towards. I’ll make do with your post.

      Paragraph 1:
      IVF could be a storyline….or it could be time since she is past 40 and the longer she waits, the more dangerous/uncertain the process will be. I don’t know … but let’s just hate Kenya!!!!

      And please tell me what Nene and Phadra’s storyline was? And Porsha after two episodes of Kordell dumping her bright-lite behind? Oh yea, it was Kenya. Kenya will always have a storyline because the other women can’t keep her out of their mouths.

      “I’m not a fan of either women but I am tired of Kenya playing the victim role.”

      Girl bye. You clearly are a fan of Porsha because you seem surprisingly silent on her 3-week “woe is me” tour that kicked off with her being carried out of the reunion. Did you miss that? Seriously? But Kenya (who put out one statement post getting assaulted, one tweet post getting robbed, and did one WWHL interview is playing victim?

      Have some seats.

      Kenya isn’t playing a victim. SHE WAS A VICTIM OF ASSAULT. That’s why she doesn’t need to comment on it. There is footage of it happening and the law agrees.

      This clever language of “Kenya is playing a victim” is really a way to detract from the facts of what happened. No matter how you cut it / slice it / deflect / bitch and moan – the evidence is clear that Kenya was a victim of both an assault and robbery at an event put on by Bravo.

      Thems the facts boo

      “If you can dish it out, you bess be ready to receive it.”

      She does dish it out – and articulately too. No #bridemaids over here.
      What she didn’t dish out was assault, and the law says she doesn’t have to “take it”.

      “Porsha should have never laid a hand on her. But Kenya cannot point objects in people’s faces, violate their personal space, tug on their ears, flirt with their husbands, and expect warm receptions.”

      Agree with first sentence. Really should’ve stopped there because there is no excuse for what Porsha did.

      PS. the fact that you list Kenya’s encounters with ALL HER CASTMATES on the show as an excuse for Porsha’s illiterate behavior is proof Porsha wasn’t bullied because Kenya doesn’t give too shits about Flatline and only responds when Porsha opens her mouth.

      “The disregard for Kenya’s behavior and antics on this blog is unreal.”

      You must be new here. Welcome. If you knew anything about this blog…you would see that Tamara didn’t care for Kenya’s antics last season. Neither did I. But I started letting things like truth & facts get in the way of my hatred of Kenya and I admit she has grown on me…. BECAUSE HER CAST MATES ARE FELONS, LIARS, BIGOTS AND DELUSIONAL. Kenya shines because she is among the dirtiest pool of cast members around. Her intelligence shines the others are soo dumb.

      “Andy, thanks for finally calling Kenya to the carpet and holding her accountable.”


      “At least someone isn’t pacified by a twirl and a good vocabulary. :-)”

      I want Porsha to define and spell “contrition.” I’ll wait…

      Twirl on that.

      Thanks – I feel so much better now. Good night.

    • Brianna

      Lee me, did you not watch WWHL?! Andy couldn’t call Kenya out on anything she called him and bravo out on all of it. Kenya shouldn’t be capable of “one uping” a 32 year old women verbally. If you aren’t able to hold a conversation then you shouldn’t agree to be placed on a reality tv show. Porsha called Kenya the wrong tittle. That’s extremely disrespectful. Kenya hadn’t done or said anything disrespectful in return she just realized that they weren’t operating on the same social level, which has been proven time and time again. Porsha has always verbally attacked Kenya first and Kenya dished it back, Porsha couldn’t swallow it and runs away. That is being the victim. Perhaps you and Porsha should get together and look up the word “victim”… Then get back to us.

    • Lee Me for President!!!!!!

      • Lee Me is way smarter than you.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:34 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Lee Me

        Thanks Tatum! I’d gladly run against an opponent that doesn’t attempt to manipulate my words or rely upon ghetto jargon as dismissals. 😉

        I never said Porsha’s behavior was excusable… But somehow the gal that gave me the warmest welcome ever derived that from my post. I merely pointed out that Kenya is not the victim she purports herself to be due to her behavior in past seasons. Because she was victimized during the reunion, others are willing to overlook her actions all season long.

      • 1) You are welcome here. I always welcome intelligent debate. 2) I was unaware we were talking about Porsha. c) I am full of wine and tired and need to rest up for our next battle d) I don’t think we are that far apart. 5) if you don’t get my numerical/alpha enumerations you should check out Paul Reiser.

        I am going to take a sleep break but feel free to gear up and I will explain how wrong you are tomorrow.

        nighty night!

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 3:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        Bet you voted for Sarah Palin too!!

    • O.O

      @lee me it was porsha who was taunting Kenya at their first meeting by repeatedly saying you’re not married ? You don’t have any children ? She knew the answeres to both questions .she was intentionally trying to make Kenya feel uncomfortable . That meeting set the tone

      • Lee Me

        Whoa Pepper! You just provided me with a quality laugh which is much needed when I’m battling insomnia.

        You’re correct about one thing… I am new here. Hopefully that also suffices as a response for where I was the past three weeks when you allege that Porsha was being discussed.

        We could go back and forth all day, which under normal circumstances I generally enjoy healthy debates. But your clearly aren’t into healthy debates as you swooped in here with your cape on to defend Tamara and tried to make it personal. Death to hashtags and ghetto terminology such as “bye Felicia” and have a seat. I’m no ones Felicia and I’m comfortably lying in my temperpedic. You want to talk facts… Then stick to them and stop trying to make this personal between you and I.

        Are you really asking about story lines, tattles veteran? Everyone has one that doesn’t include Kenya. NeNe: Her acting career pursuits and re-marriage; Phaedra: School, mortuary business, and popping out babies; Kandi: Business ventures, music, and her engagement; Cynthia: Her agency, marriage, her husband’s business, and her child; And Porsha: Her divorce, Chitlin plays, and moving. Funny enough none of the above include or need Kenya. Please tell me what Kenya’s storyline is, why she is also renting when she accuse of not being homeowners, involved in other’a marriages, or weaseling into their friendships.

        Frankly Pepper, I focused on Kenya because that’s what this post is about. (See the sole photo above posted by Tamara if you don’t believe me.) Title a post about Porsha or any other cast member and I will follow suit and if it tickles my fancy, I will provide an applicable comment. You basically asked questions of me that either you or common sense could have answered without my response. But I wanted to dignify and validate you on this fine morning. :-)

        If you can re-read my post, you’d see that I clearly acknowledged that Kenya was victimized during the reunion, which I (stating again for you since your frustration disables your ability to rationally read and comprehend) DO NOT CONDONE. What I was stating is that prior to that physical altercation and our knowledge of Kenya being robbed, Kenya was aggressive towards many others. I am no fan of Porsha’s either (if you must no, I’m a fan of none of the women but I find this to be mindless entertainment after a stressful work day) but I don’t find Kenya’s behavior towards her to be acceptable or excusable. Kenya keeps focusing on Porsha dragging her to the ground but is dismissive of the actions that caused that reaction (ie. septer, bullhorn, etc). I believe that if Kenya acknowledged that maybe her actions were taunting, provoking, and/or bullying in nature… People such as myself would view some humility in Kenya and possibly support her. Again, you cannot throw rocks, hide your hands, and then play sad girl.

        If you don’t agree… Let it be that and move along. I’m trying to hold a civilized and articulate conversation with you (as your idol Kenya proclaimed to do with Porsha). When you start asking me about you or Tamara’s position last season…well again, I’m new here.

        Take a breather next time you fly in with your cape on to defend Tamara. You’re arguing about and asking questions I already stated…. And in a childish manner at that. Get some rest and grow up…. I’ll never twirl anywhere and don’t care to…I’m too busy working a real job and not allowing posts to frustrate me and/or make me “feel better.” I would NEVER stoop so low as to allow my emotions to hate a reality star, Kenya and Porsha included. It’s NEVER that serious. That life your living must be erm…. Unhappy and insignificant. Bummer for you. Toddles and Nighty night.

      • Lee Me

        I don’t recall that, you may very well be correct. I do recall Porsha asking questions in a very dingbat and annoying manner. In playing devil’s advocate, maybe she was nervous, didn’t know what to discuss, or wanted to substantiate facts for herself. I, myself, have met people that I’ve heard things about and once we engaged in dialogue, if the topics hearsay presented themselves, I’ve asked rather than presumed. I guess I just still can’t get on board with the bullhorn and septer, especially from someone who proclaims to exude so much class. There were a few times that Andy was speaking directly to or questioning Porsha and Kenya interrupted her or cut her off mid-sentence. Add those props and you have a recipe for frustration.

    • Teerii

      Andy’s questions all came from the peanut gallery on Team Porsha. If you listened Andy started most of his questions by saying, he could not believe the people holding those kinds of opinions.
      Kenya is no victim. She has the balls to call a person out when they come at her crazy. If she thinks you’ve done her wrong she speaks up.

      • Pepper

        @Lee response to your follow-up.

        That hilarious moment when you try to tell me how unhappy I am with my life.

        You are correct: I am unhappy with the disturbing messages members of the black community have been sending out via twitter to Andy and Co that the violent assault that occurred is excusable. I didn’t speak out afterward because it seemed as though Andy handled it immediately by sending Porsha home/making a statement. I MEAN IT WAS ON TAPE. How wrong I was to stay silent and let the ignorant masses take over and seemingly change his mind on how we tolerate violence is in our homes/community.

        So now I am speaking up. You can take it personally. I have no intention to let anyone get away with using the phrase “I don’t condone violence. But” like you did. That is an idiotic bullseye I will zoom in on from this day forward.

        Sorry not sorry.

        In the words of Nene: I said what I said. Then I moved on. I don’t know you from Adam. Except to say you are absolutely not Porsha because you can write sentences.

        “But your clearly aren’t into healthy debates as you swooped in here with your cape on to defend Tamara and tried to make it personal. Death to hashtags and ghetto terminology such as “bye Felicia” and have a seat. I’m no ones Felicia and I’m comfortably lying in my temperpedic. You want to talk facts… Then stick to them and stop trying to make this personal between you and I.”

        Bahahahahaha you’re into facts? Are you kidding me? You pulled up a seat and accused this blog of hating people with no evidence.

        For someone who doesn’t condone violence, you sure were quick to tell Kenya “if she can dish it out, she better be able to take it.”*

        *side-note: that’s ghetto mentality for you. But that’s ok, because me referencing a line from an American cult classic (Friday) by saying Bye Felicia is “ghetto.”

        Don’t back peddle and play victim. You came in here guns blazing with your accusations of bias. I was just informing you that if you had eyes/ears, you would see Tamra doesn’t lie.

        The rest of your post is comprised of incoherent ad hominems and straw man arguments I never made. I don’t have time to respond to people who don’t own their words. You wrote them. I responded (and said good night).

    • Fahlina_g

      That is a crass statement. Kenya clearly wants a child of her own, and to suggest that her struggle to have a baby is for a “storyline” is insulting, to her and to all women who want to have a child and cannot. What a ridiculous mentality!

    • Kati

      You are either an idiot or a paid troll of NeHo. People see what they want to see. Kenya has never played the victim. What tv program were you watching? Clearly not RHOA.

      • I love calling people idiots as much, okay even more, than the next guy. Sadly, Lee is not an idiot and we are going to have to use logic for this debate.

        Don’t you hate when that happens.

        The idiots are lined up outside the velvet rope.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kati

        My apologies to you and Lee. I will eliminate that word from my vocabulary whenever I post comments on this blog.

      • Kati! You will do no such thing! There are plenty of people here to call idiots! I was just disagreeing with you about this one being an idiot! I think we can save this one!


        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        Tamara I hear you and maybe Lee Me will too and respond accordingly in her future post. Her incendiary comments were clearly written to”shake things up a little. And she definitively did that!. She must be a blogger because her posts read like a short form e-book.

        Possessing intelligence is never scorned by the Intelligent. And to Lee Me, I say you doth protest too much!

      • Also, nicknames aren’t appreciated. Other than that, keep posting. We do get trolls and idiots aplenty at times.

    • the truth

      I know a woman during an argument with her boyfriend kept screaming and the boyfriend ‘warned’ her to shut up as her screaming was giving him a migraine and making him sick well she continued provoking him and he finally used a baseball bat to shut her up. She spent 3 weeks in the ICU. So you see she caused her own troubles, she should have listened he warned her. Nene and porsha claims to also be ‘abused’ and with their ghetto hoodrat behavior maybe they caused their own beat down. So for every woman, child out there who have been abused or beat it is your fault. Kenya’s hair was pulled and she was dragged to the floor and because people hate her they said that it was okay. Well I hope karma gets everyone that supports that, either them or their kids and let’s see how they would like that.

    • Cythere

      “But Kenya cannot point objects in people’s faces” — She didn’t point anything in anyone’s face, and even Andy Cohen saying she did won’t make it true.

      However, if Kenya *had* tried to point either of those objects in Porsha’s face, the bullhorn and child’s scepter wouldn’t have reached that far.

  29. papa smurf

    Props to Kenya for handling herself in such a professional manner.
    I was really disappointed with Andy’s demeanor through the whole interview. After the the rude and disrespectful behavior from Nene at the reunion. Nene’s gay-bashing of Brandon. I just can’t understand the stance he was taking on Kenya. I hope that possibly it was to show that he was being open to all options, and that when Porsha & Nene are demoted, it will lighten any backlash from their fan base. I really don’t want to see any more of Nene’s camera mugging next season…But from this interview, my hopes are a bit dashed.

  30. Patrick

    Kenya’s beauty is undeniable. She owned that interview.

    • Lindy

      She did indeed own it. It almost sounded scripted to me in parts. Andy wasn’t really engaged like he was with NeNe and Porsha’s interviews. He seemed a bit robotic and Kenya was flawless with her responses and she was as equally articulate with her body language.

    • DJ

      I agree with you. Kenya is STUNNING. When the cast was ridiculing her for mentioning she gets compared to Beyonce, I was stunned. Kenya is just as beautiful if not MORE than her….

      Oh, and Ms. Andy, please don’t state no one believes Kenya or is on her side… I AM. I think she makes great TV.

  31. Andy Cohen may have been more professional and objective when interviewing Kenya if she had asked him if she wanted her to pull down his pants and kiss his ass.

    I through with Andy, he’s a flake.

  32. CaliSteve

    Kenya handled herself really well. She is actually very articulate.

  33. Mable Lean

    I won’t even bother to watch the interview – don’t want to get upset. My “thing” for Kenya reminds me my passion for my favorite football team. Maybe my crush is out of control. I want to protect her from the wolves. Andy’s demeanor, as described here, would be too much to take.

  34. Andy does not know how to interview. He just reads off his list of accusatory questions and neglects to ask follow-up questions. Kenya carried herself well though.

  35. vivaladiva831

    I am not what you would call a Kenya fan, but I really have a problem with Nene saying “she doesn’t take her medication before shooting…” And I think Walter also said something about Kenya needing to take her meds when they were on their trip. This is the reason mental disorders have such a stigma attached, because people use it to insult you. No one wants to speak out about their problems or struggles, and from personal experience depression and anxiety is not fun or something you want to be made fun of. It’s a way to put someone down. So what if you take medication Kenya? Good for you, for recognizing a problem and seeking help. Nene you would benefit from a trip to the psychiatrist as well

    • I agree.

      Also, I’m not really sure why all your comments go to moderation, viva! I’ll continue to look into it. It’s not intentional. Please accept five Tamara Tattles Tokens for your inconvenience. :)

    • JoJo

      Viva – I’m also not what you call a Kenya fan, but on that very subject of ‘taking her meds’ – not only was it Nene in the clip tonight, Walter from before, but before the brawl broke out, it was Christopher too. I thought same thing when I saw the show tonight. There’s enough to fight fair, I think all these references trying to be ‘cute’ or they can’t think of something that really rings true, is what they calling ‘fighting dirty.’:)

      • PsyD

        Phaedra also made a lot of comments alluding to Kenya’s mental health. Remember the “beauty queen on bathsalts” and all of the bi-polar references?

    • So ironic, Nene, Phaedra and Apollo all have undiagnosed psychiatric issues. Question, I was unaware that Kenya took medication. Is that fact?

      • Teerii

        Phaedra started this whole round of mental health slurs.In fact, Phaedra has made this assertion towards everyone who has “so-called” crossed her .NeNe was the one who picked it up and ran with it after her shows were cancelled. And she wanted to be little Kenya.

        Kenya and NeNe were right about how Bravo edits to make things appear as they Are or Are Not! And it seems as if Bravo went along with all the scenes where they were calling Kenya out about being on medication or cray-cray. So, Bravo producers are more to blame than anyone!

    • BH Wannabe

      Thank you! Every time I ran in to one of those cheap “medication” comments it stung.

  36. Lindy

    Wow, I’m glad I’m watching it after all. I think Andy’s demeanor is OK, better than in some other interviews he’s done with her, in my opinion. He systematically addressed the majority of complaints from Porsha’s fans and Kenya responded to each thoroughly and graciously! She has never looked or sounded better. Very impressive!
    To me, it sounded like he was doing damage control and it did sound like he would like Kenya to drop the charges against Porsha. So glad she is not doing that. I did not think he was dismissive. I thought it was a good idea to address so many of the ignorant complaints. This woman is a class act!!

    • He also told Porsha that at some point she needed to apologize to Kenya. Which she never did. How dare he (in light of that fact) ask her to drop the charges when all she has done is justify, lie, and not take responsibility for her actions. If he wanted the situation to go away, he should have followed through. If Porsha refused to apologize she should be fired. But no, it takes an anti gay (sort of) rant for Andy to get mad. Because we all know that the only insults, fights, or perceived disrespect that he cares about are against gays. No Hate? How about no violence, Andy?

    • oooopsi

      “Kenya to drop the charges against Porsha”
      I may be wrong but I don’t think it is up to Kenya to drop the charges anymore.
      It may be the state versus Porsha now and Kenya has no say.
      In NJ, once the cops have the evidence (bruises, cuts, broken bones or recorded on tape) of the abuse/assault the victim cannot push for dismissal of charges. One way not to instigate and help the charges “die” in court would be not showing up for court dates, I think.

  37. LisaLisaDiva

    WTF Andy??? You gave dumb ass Porsha more positive interaction than you gave Kenya and had a sh*t eating grin on your face when you interviewed NeNe one on one. What the HELL??!!! Andy was so basic, it looked like “Interviewing For Dummies”, he was about as engaging as a dead turtle. This is some BULL. Kenya had some of her own messy moments on RHOA for damn sure but Andy acted like she was a serial killer or committed capital murder while Porsha & NeNe got total passes. That was some straight up BULLS*HT! And would EVERYONE stop booking Porsha’s stupidity on tv, radio and print like she isn’t dumb as a piece of dried up cow pie..DAMN!

  38. LisaLisaDiva

    Oh …and as for The View, I have officially stopped watching. Why book Porsha for her side and not Kenya. I can’t respect that they interacted with a complete idiot who thinks that the underground railroad had a real damn train with tracks, who physically attacks somebody because they can’t win a verbal argument and thinks there are 265 days in a damn year!! This is as ass backwards as it can get. I am not on ANY RHOA cast members team but this crap has no logic or common damn sense whatsoever.

    • If I wanted to listen to a bunch of loudmouth Yentas flap their gums and talk over eachother, I would have my Mom and her sisters over for lunch. The View, the Talk, I get a migraine just thinking about those shows. I am proud to say I never watched either. The factt hat they hired Jenny McCarthy is disgraceful.

      • Cythere

        I missed Porsha on The View, so tuned in (I think it was) the next day. By 10:04, four minutes after the show *began,* Barbara had asked both Jenny and Sherri if she could please finish what she was saying.

        I stuck with it til 10:12 waiting for some mention of the Porsha ‘interview.’ No mention; guess it never happened. They are cowards.

        Oh, and at 10:12, Barbara asked again to be allowed to finish what she was saying.

        Bye Felicia.

  39. Easy_Green

    Kenya Vanderpump?! Kenya ripped off Lisa’s line about pigs-n-dirt. When she referenced it at the reunion, she probably meant to deliver it like she did on the 1 on 1. Sure the VP didn’t make up the quote, but it has been a hot second since Lisa said it on the same network, same franchise. There is always a method to Kenya’s madness. To many, Lisa is the queen of all the housewives.

    This is like a Real Housewives of Westeros (Game of Thrones) where Kenya feels she’s conquered Atlanta after a slaughtering at the Peach Wedding. A donkey butt video, Porsha’s beard, NeNe’s lacefront–all attached to her sash as victorious souvenirs, Khenyalessi is twirling towards Beverly Hills…

    • Judy McKenzie

      I think Lisa gave credit to George Bernard Shaw for the pig quote.

    • Wait. you think some British chick started the rolling in the mud with pigs thing? Where do you live Siberia?

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Easy_Green

        Siberia?! Heh. Well, I meant that within the housewives franchise lexicon, Lisa VP stated the quote a month or two ago in the RHBOH finale, and then, boom, Kenya is using the same quote/connotation. I am not a fan of her personality, but Kenya is an excellent strategist.

        And yes, Lisa attributed the person, George B. Shaw, as Judy MacKenzie stated (Thank you).

    • Oh, I do like the Game of Thrones reference @Easy_Green. And I picked that up as well – and it wasn’t the first reference Kenya used from a Housewife. Remember when Kenya said, “Everybody has a past” when she was talking to Nene??? I laughed out loud because Nene said that VERY THING to Phaedra at the Season Five reunion, remember? “We all have a past. YOU DO HAVE A PAST.” Back then, Nene was referring to Angela Stanton. And remember Kenya cosigned Nene by saying, “She’s (Stanton) in my dressing room now.” See, I do think Nene worked Kenya to have Stanton in the arches ready to embarrass Phaedra if required. Which is why I can definitely see Nene and Phaedra working Porsha to go for Kenya this season – last year’s Angela Stanton trick was like a dry run. But who knows :-)

  40. MicroOp

    I would never wish a continued reality tv career on Kenya. She can do much better in her life.

  41. O.O

    It was refreshing to watch an interview with intelegent dialogue free of catch phrases and neck rolling .
    Maybe Andy was trying to appear neutral and ask the hard questions so that the special needs people on twitter couldn’t say he was on Kenya’s side. I’m sure they’ll find something wrong with his line of questioning .

  42. Judy McKenzie

    Violence is not fun when it’s done to you.
    One of the things spaarc teaches: There is NOTHING that you could say or do that would CAUSE another person to hit you. It is an act of free will. If you have so little self control and so much anger…you could kill someone. We are a civilized society. Supposedly.
    Did anyone catch Portia’s expression when she had Kenya on the ground? The shot where Andy, still clutching his cards, was coming toward her…she looked like a dog with a bone. She did everything but snarl menacingly.

    The “ladies”…clearly coached her to say; “I can’t believe that ratchet made me do this.”

    The only one who,IMHO, truly HATES Kenya is Phaedra. She has poisoned the well. Portia was a “Manchurian candidate.”

    Kenya is a catalyst and, like Cynthia, almost too accomplished (like Kandi too). Kenya seemed to come out of nowhere…and stole the show. I think she’s a fed and I think Phaedra thinks so too…”You were never supposed to talk to my husssBAND outside of my presence.”

    Which brings me back to the car ride to Athens…remember when the phone rang while Chuck was raising his voice to Phaedra? I think she made the whole thing up!

    Typical PK (preacher’s kid)…diabolical.

    It’s late and I’m spewing paranoia. There is something about her…

    • Brianna

      Perhaps Phaedra thinks Kenya is smart enough to figure out what’s going on between their “marriage”, after Kenya was supposed to work on the “fitness” video. Remember Kenya called Phaedra a double dealer or something along those lines. I also like how chuck stood up to Phaedra and said “there’s nothing you can say to me that will make me hit another person” … Phaedra agreed.. So why is she team Porsha!! Hmmm lol

      • Teerii

        I believe Chuck was back peddling because he thought Apollo was going to come for him. I believe Phaedra made that phone ring and pretended to be talking to Apollo. The timing of that call was too perfect. LOL

      • lori

        I was thinking the exact same thing. From that little bit while they were on the phone, how would Appollo ask “is he getting in your face”? Unless she texted him maybe, and then he called because she said something about it in her text.

    • Fahlina_g

      Oooh. I don’t know but I kind of like where you are taking these ideas! Interesting take if nothing else…. Never thought of it that way….Kenya as a Fed. Juicy!

    • LoveJoy02

      Notice Phaedra fake called her Blackberry from her iPhone (which she had in her hand FIRST)…
      1. Who uses them anymore other than for work?
      2. Apollo shows he could care less about Phaedra (ie leaving her outside in Mexico). Why would he care if someone called her what she is?

  43. momadison

    I do not care for Kenya or Porsha, nor Phaedra or Kandi, not even Nene or Cynthia. Who’s left?

  44. SoCalCPA

    Deep down, I think Andy favors Kenya much more than Nene/Porsha. It seems to me that he wanted to conceal his favoritism by acting passive towards her during the interview tonight — possibly as a way to let all of the Porsha/Nene fans have some assurance that he’s “fair and balanced”. I think his behavior was all a ploy. To be honest, if I were in that business and had his job, I’d do the same thing. Public perception is everything, unfortunately, and to make the big $$$ you gotta keep the public happy. If the general public (seemingly) wanted Andy to chastise Kenya, so be it… (he still likes her better, though!)

    • I’m sorry, I don’t believe any of y’all with these ridiculous premises. Andy is not the smartest bird in the cage. He cannot conceal his true opinions. They are all over his face. He doesn’t like Kenya, he loves Phaedra. He’s simple.

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 2:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Anna

        I am not for or against any of these women. Having said that, I can easily understand why people don’t like Kenya and it is not necessarily related to who called whom whatever or who cussed out the other, or the number of times one attacked the other. Human beings get visceral reactions to others not necessarily based on logic but on something within the psyche or our emotions and that is what is reflected in the way people react toward Kenya or Porsha. Kenya does not invite us to view her fairly because each time we do she turns around and gets ratchet on us by being devious. Ditto for Porsha but not nearly as much because the human instinct is to favor her for reasons that cannot be subjected to logic. On a subconscious level we like her youth and attractiveness or whatever it is that cause people to support her. Our visceral reactions became anti-Nene when she abandoned her openness and ordinariness (not humility). When she went Hollywood on her admirers and began to exhibit traits of elitism her fan base began jumping ship. I could go down the list and point out similar observations about all of these women whether it is Phaedra’s phoniness about being a Southern belle (a term that was, until Phaedra, reserved for white Southern women during anti-bellum days when black women were slaves) while being married to a thief; Kandi’s natural warmth toward others versus her total inability to stand up to her ratchet mother or; Cynthia’s back of backbone and independence. Each trait strikes us in a very personal way and our reactions to them are based on our own values, etc. In other words, how we view these women says more about us than about them.

      • Gingersnap

        Some might even say he’s a simpleton.

      • Teerii

        Andy is simply deceptive! Kenya had him squirming during the entire interview. He has never engaged in such intense and intelligent conversation ever, on his show. So he had to re-align his brain to hear logic and common sense responses. And when she called his simple-minded questions out, he retaliated with a “how come no one believes you” outburst! Sickening!!

  45. TT you are so right about Andy seemed like he wanted Kenya to say that Porsha, Nene and Phardra had some validity to their evilness.
    Sorry Andy but you brought tickets to to a street fight, and ended up at Kenya’s event instead. No fighting at this venue. You have someone with dignity and class. Just have a seat Andrew. Would you like some tea? Tamara has the best brew in town.

    I would have preferred TT doing Kenya’s interview. She would have been awesome!

    Kenya, despite the ridiculous questions directed at her, got her point across.
    That she is right about the Porsha, Nene and Phaedra. Also about the decisions she made about how she would respond to the trio.
    Kenya should be there next season and beyond.
    Wish I wasn’t so curious I would just stick to reading Tamara’s recaps.

  46. MicroOp

    The way he implied that Kenya should drop assault charges seems legally risky as her boss. I mean isn’t that hostile work environment or harrassment?

  47. Bella

    Did I do something? My comments never show up automatically anymore. Apologies if I offended.

  48. N Dot

    So first thing’s first. Good recap. After this interview, I thought that Kenya wasn’t coming back, too. Andy seemed very agitated that she wanted to press charges against Porsha.

    Secondly, I’m actually very disappointed in Andy. He didn’t come correct in this interview. Kenya had already beaten him to the punch by hiring a PR firm to handle this interview, or it seemed that way to me. She handled every tough question gracefully, and Andy didn’t know how to react. He spent the first 10 minutes of the show trying to get Kenya to validate Porsha’s reaction. When she didn’t give him the sound byte he wanted, he continued to ask her the same question and repeat his position at least 5 times. He asked no follow-up questions, and the questions he did have were messy as hell. Kenya called him down to the carpet several times for this. Seems to me Andy didn’t do his homework.

    The most telling about about this interview is in the last 5 minutes for me. They were talking about fertility procedure, and Andy asked if we were going to meet the African prince or something to that effect. Kenya replied with “Maybe or maybe not.” Not directly quoted, but you catch my drift. Andy’s face said it all for me. Kenya is basically threatening to leave the show, but I can only speculate for what grounds.

  49. A

    Kenya conducted herself with the utmost grace. She really proved all the lies against her by the other cast members. At some put even Andy had egg on his face. Good job kenya. Those sorry excuse for humans (nene, phaedra, porsha) have always been jealous of you and felt threaten by your intelligence, grace and charm. Porsha can’t pour pi–out of a boot with directions written on the heel. Phaedra first of all should get that gap fixed in her teeth. She really needs to stop pretending to be such a high class super woman, when she is totally the opposite. She will forever be looking over her shoulder for the Feds. As we all know she was very much involved in apollo criminal activities. Nene is totally useless on any show. She cannot act. She does not speak well or correctly. Now she is selling dollar store clothes on HSN. Just lke the terrible shoe line she tried to launch, these clothes are,like her, UGLY. So surprised at HSN!

    If nene, phaedra and porsha return. I’m done

    Andy tried kenya, but everybody saw through his so called attack

  50. Riley

    Pepper…thanks for speaking exactly what I feel. The only thing I can add to all the comments and TTs blog…..Andy reacted to Porsha’s attack, in the heat of the moment…with obvious disdain by telling her she needed to. apologize to Kenya. I suspect at that moment was how Andy truly felt. On WWHL he was a punk. No doubt trying to appease all the Kenya haters. Shame Andy!!!
    What happened to your sense of decently?

  51. madame

    naynay , phaedra & porsha gotta go ….
    love kenya !

  52. sw

    I think your information about Nene being fired is true as I see several other blogs are also stating she was fired.

    Since AC seems to follow social media he should put on his big boy panties and listen to viewers who have expressed the dislike for Nene Leakes.

    I love Kenya she is very poised and speaks very well.

  53. TC

    There’s additional footage of “What You Didn’t See” of Kenya’s interview with Andy on Youtube. It gives more insight. I thought her interview was excellent. Andy, in my opinion, has never treated Kenya fairly. I think her intelligence and articulation confuses him since he is used to conversing with Nay Nay and Horsha who can barely string 2 coherent sentences together.

  54. Jessica

    I am dissapointed in Andy but then again I don’t know his values or whether he has a moral compass at all. I would say this though, everyone who reads this please go and Tweet Andy @Andy and tell him he was wrong for how he handled the interview and that we are disgusted with him. Also let him know that you like Kenya, or else they may be pressured to cut her from the show. If everyone who sees this tweets Andy, I’m sure it will make him act on the tweets

  55. Riley

    Wow.. the very last word if my comment…was mispelled. I was looking for the word…decency!! What the hell. Guess I need to double
    check every word I write.

  56. Xack

    Last night after the interview I thought to myself she’s a very smart lady and will do the best for herself.
    If she wants to leave I fully support her. Glad she was able to debunked some of the alleged nonsense from castmates. If Bravo continue this show with those people other than Kenya I will not be turning in. That will show me the direction in wish they’re going ratchet TV.
    As for Andy, most of his questions where from people on Twitter and most were dump. Kenya handle him and stated truth while telling him he needs to get back on track which he refuse.

  57. Bethany

    Well, I am a newbie and I have been visiting this site at least twice a day to get the tea on some of my favorite shows and of course all things housewives.So, thanks for providing a mature platform for people to talk about there favorite shows. I just wanted to say Kenya was very classy and spoke very well last night. I too thought Andy was “coming for her” and for some reason wanted to make her look bad. I believe Kenya is just misunderstood and is a smart woman. The one comment at the reunion from Phaedra about her going through catalogs for sperm was very nasty and uncalled for and I did not like the fact Andy was not harder on Phaedra during the reunion. Phaedra to me has never really been honest about her marriage or her lifestyle. I believe Phaedra needs to go, the only thing I saw about her this season, was how disrespectful Apollo was to her and the rest was boring. I am tired of Nene and her bad attitude. Nene was terrible at the reunion and I do not know why Andy would still keep her around. I thought it was funny when she handed the registration for her Bentley. I am very disappointed in Andy and I wish he would grow a pair because to me Phaedra, Nene, and Porsha can go. I still cant get over how a grown woman can be on the floor kicking and screaming like a 2 year old.

  58. amyyyy

    I don’t believe that Andy is that concerned with the viewers opinion of the Housewives; he’s just concerned with himself. He only seemed interested in making sure the viewers know that he’s not to blame for the altercation – whatever. If he really paid attention to the tweets and social media, he wouldn’t have let Brandi get away with murder on RHOBH. He just wants to clear his own name. I still like Kenya. She’s intelligent and Porsha is just, well, not. I hope Kenya stays. I don’t think Nene will leave willingly, so I hope we just see less of her.

  59. Nicole

    I am very impressed with Kenya. I know she came across crazy last season being seeing how she spoke and stood up for herself with Andy on WWHL, I really like her.

  60. Eve

    I agree Kenya handled the interview very well. She is clearly smarter and has a good grasp of the english language unlike the rest of Rhoa.
    She probably like a choice few of other housewives like Bethanny had a plan for why to do this show, to get ahead, earn some money, promote a business.
    The rest fall under the do not know any better, put the D in dumb, have multiple anti-social disorders and are criminals Its becoming clear that all of the above pertain to many on Rhoa and the other housewive shows.
    There has been violence, Ramona just assaulted Kristen. I would of had her ass thrown under the jail for that.
    As for Andy, he is nothing more than a pimp. He looks for people just like Nene and the rest who do not know any better. No one forces them, its ultimately their own fault for what happens, but Andy and his Bravo crew exploit , booze up and I am sure have premeditated plans on how to use these idiots.
    Believe me, someone like Nene will probably end up in prison for a serious crime of violence against someone. Of course she will blame Bravo.
    And…….she will be on one more show…….Snapped.

    • I could see a future in prison for Nene. Probably for fraud trying to keep up her former image. Basically, going back to what she used to do before RHOA, but to a higher degree because she’s so entitled. But this will be well after she has faded from the limelight. In fact, you’ll have to use a flashlight to find her under the rock where she’ll be hiding.

    • deedle

      LOL you summed it up correctly.

    • Teerii

      NeNe on “Snapped? Now that funny .LOL!!!

    • EssGee

      “Snapped” … That is funny. LMBO.

  61. gapeach

    IMO, Andy loves the drama as well as the violence. He loves to film women degrading themselves as well as each other. He’s a misogynist. And a piece of sh** to boot!!

  62. sw

    I don’t think that Kenya should drop the charges she has not even accepted responsibility and apologize. Tell Porsha she can retain Ms Phaedra lol

    • Teerii

      Kenya’s response to Andy irresponsible questions regarding dropping charge’s was the most articulate response ever!!!! Kenya was like a “Muhammad Ali” in this interview. Except, she didn’t dance around with Andy, Kenya went in for the knock-out!

  63. Katrina

    I think the production of RHOA will be pushed back until the case is settled. I don’t think RHOA will premier in November.

  64. mphillip

    Hello Everyone/gapeach:

    Yes: There’s the word. I have been waiting for it…
    Misogyny – shaping the entire Housewives franchise and complicated by race, region and wealth/lack thereof (meaning actual ownership of wealth – not just consumption of stuff) in the Atlanta version.
    I appreciate the emerging critique/recognition here of Andy as the ringmaster of it all. His “aw shucks”/slumming babe-in-the-woods demeanor can be misleading. He actually is very self-aware.

    BTW: I do think Nene does a slow burn during reunion shows because she recognizes Andy’s power. And yes, because she is clearly a (clears throat) difficult personality.

    I also think (OK. Maybe not Porsha) all the Atlanta women struggle with the question of how much dignity can they actually hold onto in a context that requires that they step back several centuries back into buffoonery.


    • Teerii

      Well stated, mphillip, very well put!

    • kiki80

      Great comment! I’d also add the there’s a special brand of misogyny that involves making fun of attractive women who are losing their feminine power to age. That’s the grimy underbelly of the Housewives franchise.

      • syd3

        AT LEAST BRAVO incorporates mature women in a good number of its many shows … that was what attracted me to the HWs in the first place.

  65. Kenya’s WWHL interview was brilliant. She held her own with poise and class, in spite of Andy’s subtle and not so subtle digs at her.

  66. In the beginning, it seemed that Kenya was brought on to rile everyone up. She has done this. Her joie de vivre and verve for life have catapulted her into the middle of a cat fight because the others are jealous of her air time. I do think that she is a very needy person in that she needs attention. Which of these women or men don’t need attention? The sad commentary on our world is that we as a nation are pretty damned dumb and getting dumber each year. I’ve Tweeted Andy to tell him we love Kenya, but I must tell you, at first, I didn’t even like her! I love that the Moose is kept off-kilter by Kenya. She deserves it. Thanks, Tamara, I love reading your blog.

    • Teerii

      I like your comments but I disagree about Kenya being “needy”. Kenya found herself on a show that had no real direction or plot. So she had to find her way in the dark ,so-to-speak. The Show was in need of some intelligent, witty producers. It was poorly cast and the Bravo producers are either amateurs or idiots or maybe a bit of both.
      Maybe Bravo will get their act together or go down in flames because even the peanut gallery of twitters will demand more substance.

      • Completely agree with you, Teerii. I’ve always said that Bravo just didn’t give a fluck when they cast Atlanta initially – or they did, but went for the shock value of the Nene/Kim/Sheree drama and took it from there. Sometimes I think Kenya would be better off on another RH show – now THAT would be drama.

      • Dracla Dunning

        Cindy, I am so happy you commented on the original Atlanta cast. Right out of the gate I took a good look and thought WTF! Kim had her style of wigs and cigs and behavior that was anything representative of a society member but Nene took the cake. I sat bewildered while I stared at bad skin, horrible fake hair, mumus, a wandering eye and missing and rotten teeth. On top of that she relished drag queen speak. As she was being glorified by Andy I kept asking myself what I was missing and how could such an unkempt woman be so high in demand. Even after her first year of drawing a salary she did not restore her teeth or correct that dirty looking head of hair. Atlanta’s elite baffled me. I have always held that the mouth is an indicator of inner health. Nene is rotten to the core and what comes out of her mouth is just as spoiled. To this very day I have never seen what others see in Nene Leakes.

  67. Andy is wanna’ be housewife who is playing to HIS fan base. Your recap reads as if Kenya was insulted and treated poorly.
    I never understood Nene’s appeal. There were times I laughed at something she said or laughed at her but never found her likable or interesting.
    Poor dumb Porsche, clueless.

  68. GiGi

    Just heard that Nene was fired made unrealistic demands. Please let this be true.

  69. I just watched the Kenya WWHL and am commenting instead of reading all the replies (I did read the blog) because…well…there are just too many.

    Kenya had her pageant face on. She answered every one of those as if Bert Parks just asked her thoughts on world hunger.

    Andy sure did seem a little deluded. But…maybe these are the roles they play. Kenya as the villain. Andy as the put upon, confused nice guy. It’s his public face. His boss face must be totally different. I think he wants the perception to be that he held her feet to the fire and she came out looking better. Can you imagine if he had treated porsha the way he treated Kenya?? Or nene?

  70. TT, nobody can spill the tea like you….I absolutely love how you keep it real, love love love this site!!

  71. eastjames

    Ok, ok, ok! I know I’m opening a can ‘o worms here but I’ve kept to myself long enough! Kenya is now comparing her situation with Porsha at the reunion to real life husband and wife domestic abuse and I just can’t anymore! Look, Porsha’s an idiot! And I was one of the few people who started to like Kenya when she read that gal for calling her Miss America so don’t throw me in there as a Porsha fan. I have been ride or die for Nene since the beginning! I HATED Kim forever because of Nene, but this dumbass shit with Greg and the divorce?-Well I’d rather have seen a Glam-ma story line. Now she’s swoll up and I wanna barf when I see her. This shit with Kenya is unreal!!!! Look if this “boyfriend” really is from Nigeria then get with him however you can and shut your mouth about this “reality” show and raise money to get those helpless kidnapped baby girls back home to their moms. Or at least raise money for those families sitting out there in protest begging their government to help them. But for the LOVE of God stop acting like a victim!!! If this shit is so hard for you then don’t whore yourself out on TV. That goes for all of them before I have all the Kenya vultures swirling over my head. Kenya you were not even remotely comparable to being in the danger that millions of women are in every day at the hands of their own spouses or your African sisters who are raped and beaten in front of their children everyday! And all these women should be ashamed of themselves for acting this way as am I for watching! This may fall on deaf ears or piss everyone off but I’m sort of in a bit of an existential crisis and I just couldn’t hold my younger any longer!

    • Brianna

      I cringed a bit when Kenya said that as well. However I don’t think she was comparing or aligning her situation with that of domestic violence she was using it as an example, so that others could relate because it was just easy to explain to Andy who was acting like a dumbas$

    • O.O

      @eastjames . So you think that money can be raised to get the school girls back from the terriosts ??????? Really ???
      Stick to commenting on the housewives. I don’t even have words right now to respond to your ignorance concerning what’s going on in Nigeria with the murders and the kidnapping of the children .
      But just so you know . They want their people released from prison not money ,they’re also are killing Christians by the hundreds their objective is to unleash terror not raise money .
      I won’t even start in on your african sisters comment . Smh…

    • Teerii

      Unbelievable! Kenya was merely making an analogy to Porsha’s remark after having attacked her. Let’s say, I slapped you upside your head because you said something I didn’t like. Then I defend myself by saying, well, eastjames made me do it,Because he said something I didn’t like and he was pointing his figure at me too. Now eastjames if that makes sense to you that I could do that to you, then I need not say anything else.

    • lori

      It’s called blaming the victim. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that. That was the reason for the analogy.

    • You’re right. She shouldnt compare herself with a battered woman. Because battered wives are dumb enough to forgive and go back. Kenya is not.

    • Hang on: I entirely agree with Kenya’s analogy. It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw all of these lower primates saying, “Porsha was wrong but Kenya provoked her.” What kind of bull is that? If you follow the logic of that position to its natural conclusion, then anyone who agrees with provocation justifying violence is blaming the victim. Period. Which is ***precisely*** why the battered spouse comment makes sense. Kenya wasn’t saying that she was all Farrah Fawcett/Burning Bed abused; she was saying that people shouldn’t blame the victim of an attack.

      There was no excuse for Porsha to do what she did. Unless it’s the Jerry Springer show…which is ***exactly*** where the RH brand is going.

      Sometimes real sh** is real simple. People should just own that Kenya ain’t their tea instead of bullshitting through the River Denial.

      • Cat Parlova

        I agree. The attack certainly looked violent to me. And now Porsha is trying to justify it and make herself the victim by claiming Kenya used her props as weapons? Really?

    • Oh, for the love of God, she never acts like a victim, instead of in this case in which she is the victim. Violence is violence, I don’t care who is dishing it out. This has nothing to do with people who have unfortunate lives. She rightfully refuses to be blamed for an assault that happened to her directly following a mutually heated exchange. She was never in danger? People die every day from slamming their heads on a hard floor or a punch to the face.

    • Porsha should hit you with her stiletto for calling her idiot. You just spoil my evening!

      • Your whole argument falls flat because Kenya never portrays herself as a victim. She never has acted that way at all. Your perception is off and you sound depressed. Take some Xanax and then come back and read what you wrote.

      • This must be Porsha’s “Siamese cat” sister…remember that doozy?

    • MicroOp

      So it’s ok for Kenya to be assaulted because women in Africa are in physical danger all the time? That doesn’t make any sense. If we measured everything against a scale of who has it worse no one would ever be punished and victims would never get help. Besides we have laws here that maintain order and prevent us from living in constant chaos and danger. One if those laws is you can’t physically assault another person.

    • the truth

      @eastjames first you don’t know what you are talking about. I am a nigerian naturalized here in USA. It is not a matter of raising money. These are islamic terrorists. We have been having problems with moslems (the bad ones) for decades since our independence from Great Britian in 1960. Nigeria is multicultural with three major tribes and languages but have hundreds of other languages, tribes etc that are not as many or powerful like the three ‘major’ ones. In the northern part we have mostly the Hausa tribe who are predominately moslems and go by the ISLAMIC law. They do not believe that women should be in school etc. There are laws that prohibit girls from straddling a bicycle, motorcycle or to even be in the same bus as men. Girls are married off young even at the age of 9 yrs old (pedophille anyone?). Once in a while the moslems go on a killing spree of christians who are seen as infidels. There is also a power struggle where the hausas have been more as president of the country than any other tribe. We have had a lot of miltary coups that moslems have orchestrated. When september 11 happened here the terrorists from pakistan, saudi arabia and other ones saw Nigeria ( more than 200 million people) as fertile ground where they could recruit free man power, hence you got the nigerian underwear bomber. They are recruiting more am sure. With the kidnapping and the attention this has gotten I fear that if a ransome is paid a can of worm will be opened. You will get more kidnappings and then when does it end?. America has a foreign policy that says that they do not negotiate with terrorists which makes sense though its painful for the families. We have been living with these people since 1960 and it will not end. The incident is sad and has tugged at your heart strings but will you raise money next year?. As for kenya why does she have to raise money because she is dating a nigerian man?, nene should also then raise money and really every black person as before slavery they may just be from nigeria and those girls may be their family. Also why did you put the boyfriend in quotes?, do you doubt kenya has a boyfriend?. Kenya is very pretty and can get any man she wants as a boyfriend. Are you telling me that many women around the world who has a boyfriend are more beautiful than kenya, younger or better behaved?. Porsha currently has no boyfriend though claiming that she has one, why do we not doubt porsha’s boyfriend exists?. Porsha was married for less than two years, does that count as being married?. Both porsha and kenya have no kids then why is kenya termed ‘infertile’ and not porsha who at a much younger age could not carry a child to full term. Kenya has an impressive resume. She is educated, a former miss USA, well spoken, classy and has made herself. Without haven been married to kordell stewart we would never have known porsha williams. Phaedra is married to an uneducated criminal. Are you telling me that kenya cannot go into the nearest prison or ghetto and get a man to marry her and she will take care of him financially and put him on television. Am going to stop here as I have to go to work. Thanks guys for listening to my rant.

  72. Truth be told…..Kenya is smart, intelligent, beautiful, speaks eloquently, articulate, and can hold her own. Everything she said on this “one on one” with Andy was completely true. Nene is ignorant but thinks she is intelligent. Nene can’t put a complete sentence together, and always has the typical “attitude” prone to black women. Porsha is just stupid, a very stupid, stupid person. If Kenya goes, I say goodbye to Bravo.

    • Teerii

      LindaG, I agree with you girlfriend. However, I must take issue with this typical attitude prone to black women statement. What typical attitude? And have you watched The Shahs and HW of Orange County lately? LOL

      • O.O

        @teerii .. The way nene behaves is classic stereotypical “angry black woman behavior”.very sad but true . Ignorant unexposed people believe that this is the way all “black ” people behave which of course is false. Nene solidifies every negative stereotype that people of other races believe to be true of “black people ”
        What everyone doesn’t get is Nenes behavior is ignorant, base, and ghetto all of which have color, race or creed.

    • Bella

      All races of women can have “attitude”. Just this past weekend I had an encounter with angry white girls with a major bad attitude at an upscale hotel lobby. The women with the most “stank” attitude are Asian women i.e Koreans, Vietnamese etc. Ever been around them? Eyes rolling, smelling their upper lip with the stare of death. They have a reputation on TV for having an attitude for a reason. I live in LA which is full of them and everyone I know complains about it because they have experienced the angry Asian women. BTW I am white. That comment was uncalled for.

      • O.O

        @ Bella reading is fundamental . I said that rude ghetto classless behavior has no color. However nenes behavior solidifies what other races think of “black women” .I could care less if you’re red yellow or green or pink !what does you being white have anything to do with The topic at hand???? What I said IS fact Whether it sounds good or not .

      • Bella

        O.O relax I am on your team! Was not talking to you! I always agree with you and was backing you up actually. As you said, reading is fundamental dahling. If you read what I’m saying you would see I was with you and my comment was geared at LindaG. Don’t get all worked up doll. *Twirls away*

  73. Frappe

    I love your tea! But, one question from a new reader ….. Is Tamara Tea a sly nod to the word “temerity” (in the nicest way of course)?

    • Bella

      It’s Tamara Tattles not Tamara Tea.

    • O.O

      @ Bella . , I’m sorry my mistake it didn’t seem as if you were in agreement because you said ” that comment was uncalled for .”.You didn’t say who you were answering , and your response was right under my rant , so I thought you were responding to me .

  74. At this point I think Kenya’s too good for the show. Seriously. Waffly Andy, the planning attack by 1/3 of the cast, the attack itself. Time for her to go and be happy. She doesn’t need the crap.

    I also can’t believe Andy is acting like it’s her fault she was attacked. Verbal sparring is no excuse for physical attacks. I didn’t like Kenya her first season but this year was different.

  75. Katie

    I had a bit of a different take on the interview, although someone may have said this and I just didn’t see it: As a former journalist, I thought Andy was using a tactic to give Kenya the opportunity, without interruption, to address some of the more sensational interpretations and rumors, and ratchet up the ratings. I don’t see how he could have been sympathetic without being accused of soft balling the interview. Kenya was able to deflect her most ardent detractors’ allegations calmly and intelligently. She had the chance to refute some of the mud slung her way during the reunion, too. I’d say she was a winner in a big way here.

    • Teerii

      Katie, I totally agree. I’m a radio producer and host. Sometimes its best to get out of the way and ask the questions to the guest just like the naysayers would ask them. That way you allow the audience to “see and hear” for them selves.

      • JulieB

        I wanted to thank you for sharing your perspective on the interview. I just watched it again and you gave me a new lens to view it from.

    • The only problem is after she answered more than twice, he kept belaboring the same question as if he was trying to get her to admit that she caused the problem. She had to keep repeating herself over and over. He seemed biased to me and not objective or trying to be neutral. He definitely appeared to be opposed to her. Especially with the questions about Porsha. She held her own.

  76. the truth

    Kenya is very classy. She handled herself beautifully on WWHL. She is very well spoken and composed. She has been soooo verbally and physically attacked that I don’t know how she can still be composed. All these attack from women who claim abuse in their own lives. Amazing. Kenya if you ever read this I wish you the best. You deserve it.

  77. This is a lengthy response, so bear with me…

    I loved the HELL out of that interview. I did miss some parts, though, so I came here to catch up. I live-tweet these shows, so of course I had some Porsha “stans” try to brace up. Out of the three one-on-ones for RHOA, this was the only one worth watching as while I don’t remember agreeing with everything Kenya said, she knew how to state a claim and back it up (pathos, ethos, logos). The LCDs–lowest common demoninators–on social media call it ‘rambling,’ but I call it an actual interview.

    Let’s keep it real–this is “Twirl” Kenya. NeNe and Porsha put on a lot of airs in their interviews, speaking strange and all the rest. Kenya easily could’ve, but didn’t. +1 for Kenya, for that alone. Back to social media, I posted something about how the proof would be against Porsha before a judge. Then someone responded that they didn’t ‘GAF’ what a judge said, and that Porsha won “the court of public opinion.” There’s our problem.

  78. I almost passed watching this interview. I thought I was going to be fired up. I am glad I watched it. Kenya did a great job of talking through all of the points that we discussed here. She talked about Porsha’s childish behavior, the cast/staff’s coddling of her and her refusal to take responsibility of her actions.

    If Tamara’s source is correct, I can’t wait to see a newly demoted Nene!

  79. Truthseeker

    They are so jealous of Kenya’s Bentley. This wouldn’t be an issue in normal, wealthy circles but these materialistic, money hungry women and men have made this such an issue. No one else has had their hoopty questioned.

    • Teerii

      Truthseeker, I must confess. Because Kenya didn’t jump all over everyone with her car registration or even take offense when they were making snide remarks about her Bentley, I thought it was leased or a loaner, too. This just proves how mature and comfortable Kenya is with herself. And how low down petty her cast members can be…….

  80. I am soooo disgusted with Andy Cohen and his need to somehow justify pushing Kenya off the show with these sorry ass ambushed questions. He will find very soon that people are sick to death of this man and Bravo shoving down our throats this unconditional love and loyalty to Miss NeNe Leakes. This b**** has been hyped up to be this guru of RHWOA and without her, there is no show….had he real balls, he will find that ATL’s highest ratings came the first season Kenya was on. I am not championing anyone at this point, I am simply saying that Leakes, disrespected you, Mr. Cohen, the cast and the show with her outrageous behavior at the reunion and if your comfortable with your employees’ dissing you like that, than more power to you sir, but please understand, the fans don’t have to kiss her ***, you do!!

  81. MicroOp

    The fact of the matter is anyone can look really bad or really good their first season on the show. It seems to often fall in extremes, they either are amazing at faking it or are just confused by the whole process and behave unusually bad. It’s not until the second or third season do we know a persons true colors.

    • Teerii

      So true. Because Kenya’s first few episodes during her first season I was not liking her behavior at all. I was appalled because after all she was a part of history that had everything to do with promoting the beauty, grace, and intellect of women of color. And its true, the real Kenya begin to calm down and I could see more of her personality by the end of the first season.

      • Teerii

        What I Love about TamaraTattles is the good nature and fairness of those who comment here and how its encouraged. Most of us took issue with Kenya’s early behavior or at least how it was presented to us via Bravo’s extraordinary amateur team of producers. Yet, we are willing to comment on both right and ratchet behaviors with intelligent, witty, and down-right funny comments. Thanks Tamara for providing such a soft, warm, fun-loving, intelligent space to land in the social media universe.

      • @Teeri, I totally concur. I have found myself here and I’ve never read or commented on any other blogs with regularity or with such genuine interest. I’m wondering what’s going on with this. I’ve never been inclined at all toward social media nor have I ever blog commented so much. It’s been so much fun here; it’s like I’ve found a new little home away from home, while I’m at home working or playing. Thanks Tamara, you’re special.

      • Awww shucks. Thanks.

        On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 9:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  82. Foxee

    T.T. it HAS TO BE much MORE/MOORE than meets the eye. Andy did not interview Kenya in the same vein [fairness] he interviewed Ne Ne & Porsha in those one-on-one’s. Don’t know if it’s “personal” or he “got his orders?” Andy is a Gemini, Gemini’s are supposed to be neutral. Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning it likes to & can naturally “blend” in with the majority’s vote. No offense, but Gemini’s are also said to be trivial. Thus, with Kenya giving logic in all seriousness, he may not have wanted that.

    There are some that’s not that way, though; got a STRONG backbone, i.e.: Tupac, Prince, Left Eye, Andre` 3000, B.I.G….but that …
    Andy? The way he vacillates when it comes to most-things-Kenya??? I can’t!

    Andy, Porsha initiated ALL those catty mindless incidents with Kenya! Rewind the tape. Yet you seemingly side with who? Oh, it’s obvious.

  83. WhitD

    Andy is the epitome of weakness! Although I feel he may be fronting to play into all those Porsha supporters so he has to ACT like he’s for her because of the media. I think deep down he’s with KM, but don’t want people mad at him. I still don’t think he was fair tho.

  84. A

    Rumor has it that cynthia bailey will not be returning to the show because she is too boring. Really? Boring, because she doesn’t act a fool like phaedra, nene or mama Joyce?

  85. jillian

    hey do you guys remember that time Kenya threatened to punch an 8 month pregnant women?!? hahahaha that was so funny right??

    • Brianna

      You of course only listened to the latter part of what was said. Phaedra (the ugly pregnant lady) said she would bear Kenya and Kenya said if she touches me I’ll let her have it pregnant or not— so no Kenya didn’t instigate that shady phe phe did. Have a seat.

      • Valerie

        Well Brianna, how is Jillian suppose to hate Kenya if you give her all the facts instead of letting her take Kenya’s words out of context?

  86. BananaBug

    Well, now that we see that Bravo ethics are based on social media opinion, I guess we can assume Porsha’s charges will magically disappear during Kenya’s Season 7 contract negotiations!

  87. LoLo

    I really didn’t think this was such a bad interview for Kenya. Andy worked through all her haters’ talking points and allowed Kenya to knock them all down. I think she came off well. As for Andy, it’s become more and more difficult over the years to guess who he likes. His interview style has changed & especially with the Housewives he’s worked on conveying himself as a more neutral party.

    Also, I do have a theory on why the fans seemed to fall on the side of Porsha even though she was so obviously in the wrong & until that point not a Housewife that anyway really cared about. Here goes: Kenya is a independent, strong woman whose success has come on her own sans a man. She’s done just fine as a woman without being married or becoming a mother. That’s great to me, but for a lot of Americans that makes her a bit of and oddball and an outcast. So there’s that against her all day every day, no matter what. Thus Phaedra can be in a sham/disaster partnership but it’s okay because she has a marriage certificate and she’s a good mom.

    And then, too, a lot of folks see Kenya and Porsha and equate the dynamic to the same one they experience in the workplace (because let’s face it, RHOA is a workplace environment) and each day these viewers experience instances where someone in a position of power or even a peer works their last nerve but nothing can be said or done because it’s work and if you want to stay employed, you keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. Seeing Porsha lash out at Kenya (aka a co-worker) safely fulfilled their own fantasies of sucker punching a co-worker. Never mind that these same pro-Porsha viewers would never actually try and pull the same stunt in a million years. So that’s my theory and my first post here!

    p.s. I for one am a bit sad to see Nene go. Was hoping that she’d figure herself out by next year and get back on track to being her mostly funny, engaging self. And even at her worst, she remained the queen of memorable one liners; “I SAID WHAT I SAID..!!!”

  88. Brianna

    First off, everyone here can already tell that your “teamporsha” because your first line lacked proper English and sentence structure. Secondly, Porsha storyline was a deadend. Lastly, Ramona has apologized and should some kind of remorse to Kristen over and over and she repeated her apologizes on national tv. Porsha has yet to put her bit girl panties on and admit that she was wrong or even show one sign of remorse, because she’s too busy laughing and highfiving her fans for assaulting another woman/coworker.

    • @Brianna, If you’re going to call out people on their sentence structure, please proof your own comments first before submitting. E.g., “Porsha storyline…”, “your ‘teamporsha'”, “Ramona….and should some kind of remorse”, AND “repeated her apologizes on national tv.” Whew. And there are more like “put her bit girl panties on and admit that she….” That was hard to read.

  89. Natalie LeBlanc

    LOVE your blog!!! You crack me up! I think Andy just tries to appeal to the masses (social media). He didn’t want to seem supportive of Kenya because of the backlash he would receive. He seems to have no backbone, but I still think he’s adorable :)

  90. Judy McKenzie

    This is IMHO: I don’t think Andy is the sole decision-maker. The pressure is on the franchise. I don’t believe they were relying so much on Portia and Nene’s twitter fans as Andy implied.
    The outrage of the gay community stifled any righteous indignation felt by non cerebral N. and P. tweeters. This was a legal “disavowal,” IMHO.
    These peeps in production, didn’t get where they are because they are on “the same level” as P. and N. This interview was a negotiation…IMHO. It is an evolution of the show and I like where I think it is heading…almost educational.

    • Judy, that may be your opinion, in your opinion the sky may be yellow. But the fact is that Andy makes the final decisions on the cast.

      On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 11:12 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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