Real Housewives of Atlanta: Unseen Footage

Nene in Mexico

So Far in Mexico, the only shade Nene is throwing is from her sombero!

These shows are always boring so I am not particularly excited by this episode. That said, production sure did seem to enjoy calling out Nene on her lies with unseen footage on the reunion, so they may surprise us with something interesting. Meanwhile, my new DVR refuses to record RHOA. I can’t say that I blame it.

Oh really Andrew, we are going to talk about Nene and her being such a good friend? Andy asks what happened to all the furniture that Kenya gave (loaned?) Nene when she was in LA. Nene immediately starts saying it was just a bunch of crap. Apparently, Kenya sold her a TV and some other items. Who cares? Next they roll tape of Nene and Kenya getting along and Kenya talking about her boyfriend. Kenya’s in love and her man cannot leave Nigeria, so it’s a problem. Apparently, the sex is great. We find out her man is in his 30s.

Kandi has been a good friend and a mentor to Porsha. They show a package about the two girls. OMG, Rickey Smiley let Porsha try to do the news on the air on his radio show. The girl cannot read, y’all. How is she supposed to report the news? Porsha is the Sonja Morgan of RHOA, she has all of these imaginary businesses she is going to get going very soon.  Porsha and Kandi sing a little bit of His Eye is On the Sparrow, and I gotta say, Porsha sounded good especially with no music and no autotune.

cynthiaThey show Noelle’s 14th birthday at Bar One with Leon there. It’s very cute. I wish they would have shown more of the fun stuff. Sadly, Noelle and Arthur have broken up.  Then we see Kenya and Cynthia getting a long and doing a photo shoot together. Damn that Kenya has some abs! Wow that was a very extensive photo shoot and Kenya looked HOT. Kenya said that Cynthia has a huge heart and she was grateful that Cynthia gave her another chance.

Andy moves on to Phaedra. Andy just adores Phaedra and her kids. Phaedra did take forever to name that baby.

Then we have a tiny bit of Hollywood Nene. Nene has dinner with Naya Rivera from Glee. Nene arrives to STK in a blue denim mechanics jumpsuit. I’ve seen her wear that before. Why? Is she moonlighting at Jiffy Lube? Nene likes to pretend she is lifelong friends with Naya, who is like 12. Nene points out that she is above the gossip.

Meanwhile, Kenya pretends she has know Miss Lawrence for ten years. Why do they do this. We know those two met through RHOA. They show a scene with Kenya and Miss Lawrence gossiping about Phaedra and a bit about Cynthia and Peter. All while Kenya was putting together gift bags for the girls. Again, cute scene, normal level of gossip, why isn’t the whole show like this?

Next Cynthia and Natalie go to lunch the day after the Pajama Brawl. Why do we need this scene with this woman? Cynthia seemed to be over Natalie. We were all over Natalie after the first five minutes of air time. Please don’t let this woman hold a peach next season, Andrew.

In Mexico, Kenya gave every couple a book called Spanish for Dummies. She gave Porsha a book with pictures. Which I think was very kind of Kenya to differentiate for  her special learning needs.

HOLY SHIT. Next week Peter gets his peach. Well sort of. They are doing a Real House husbands episode. Gregg asks Apollo, “Is you going to jail?” No Gregg, he’s going to prison.

More Mama Joyce stupidity. Again, Andy loves this.

We have another scene from the car ride with Chuck and Phaedra and Nene. I do not like this. I hope this doesn’t mean Mynique and Chuck are back next season. I didn’t think that was even a possibility. Chuck Smith makes a comment about his brand. Then, oh irony of ironies Phaedra says Chuck doesn’t have a brand. None of these fools have a brand, except maybe a fraternity or prison brand on their arm somewhere. If you missed this idiotic video of Apollo talking about people trying to damage his brand, you must click the link.  Phaedra admits that Apollo is emotional and has a temper and she didn’t want Apollo to beat up Chuck because he called when Chuck was yelling at her in the car.

Then there was a cute scene with Kenya and Peter talking about the trunk show for Malorie’s beaded jewelry. Kenya tells Peter she was about to punch Malorie in the face. It was funny.  And before all you pro violence people tell me that I didn’t think it was funny when Porsha did it, Kenya removed herself from the situation and left early to avoid a violent confrontation, to take a seat.

So that was a little better than expected. I liked that most of the lost footage was funny.


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87 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Unseen Footage

  1. Truth

    As a teacher, I do have to applaud Kenya for differentiating for the special learning needs learners by Porsha, LMAO. I love you Tamara.

  2. Blair

    I love people who can articulate and Kenya does that very well.

    • Jae

      I enjoyed listening to Kenya speak, she is very articulate.

    • Fahlina_g

      I second that! A real woman uses her brain Porsha. I hope you enjoyed your picture book, and perhaps by now can even spell S-C-E-P-T-E-R….
      *I won’t hold my breath though… (but that look on her face said it ALL!)

    • Pepper


      Normally, complimenting someone on being “articulate” annoys the dog crap out of me but in this case, totally appropriate and I agree 100%.

      We notice Kenya is articulate because her castmates aren’t (including most HWs across the cities).

      Now when people try to compliment Obama on how articulate he is, that gets a rollicking eye-roll from me.

      He’s the goddamn POTUS. What did you expect him to sound like based on his probable resume for getting to where he is? Furthermore, maybe take a second and consider what pre-conceived notions you have of brown people that would lead to a reaction of surprise that the POTUS is well-spoken.

      Such a nice-nasty

  3. KB

    Andy in this interview, appeared to be anti-Kenya. His questions never reflected that he believed anything she had to say, unlike the questions posed to Porsha. It almost seemed like he was an advocate for the other side when it was his job to remain neutral.

    • Jae

      Yes Andy was not kind at all. But she handled him very well, reminding him who attacked who. It appears Andy had sunken to the pressures of falling in with the numbers. Sad

    • Jalen

      Andy confuses me. I think Andy is a flip-flopper. He started feeling the heat from the Porsha fans and it swayed his views and questions. I thought Kenya handled herself really well, however anything Kenya says people will dismiss it. True ignorance.

      • Xack

        Right, In time most of the things she’d said has come to pass. Those who dismiss her don’t like the truth. They are still sipping the Phaedra cocktails, and now found a new team (Porsha) to be on after all the legal woes and fakery of Phae.
        Porsha is now the go to person whom they’ll use to hate on Kenya. It’s like she can never win.
        What I think Bravo has to address is the one sidedness of the whole cast and their actions towards Kenya which seem rehearsed and intentional.
        They have to bring people and diversified the talk. She’s the one really moving the conversation on the show. Remove Kenya and what else will people talk about?
        These are the things they the fans of those other cast members refuse to take. I also have to add Kenya is a hell of a smart woman and very articulate, most people don’t understand or get that. It’s like she’s talking above their heads and they don’t get her. She’s an old head in this game and at her age she’s using the platform (Bravo) to really get back in the game. That is strategic on her part. Again most don’t get that.
        I believe her when she says she really don’t want to get in the mud with pigs. She’s really tired of it. Andy is really one sided and hasn’t come off well at all this season. He needs to really lay back and get himself together.

      • Jalen

        They should replace Andy as the Reunion moderator with Jeff from Flipping Out.

    • Josie

      This must have been taped shortly after the reunion because I think the tide turned long ago in Kenya’s favor.

      • Jalen

        Really? People & The media still seem to be hating on her and dismissing her as delusional when she is quite well spoken and appears to be very intelligent. I’m just convinced a good majority of the Housewife viewer’s are generally ghetto and are too dumb to understand common sense is. Being smart is a minority. I’m glad there is a number of seemingly articulate people here at TT.

      • Xack

        I wouldn’t say they are ‘ghetto’ but like Kenya said it has been an ongoing theme by the other cast members to paint her in a bad light and to repeat lies and misinformation over and over since she got on the show 2 years ago. Now that most of the things they’ve said are being debunked and with other castmates story lines falling apart people are really now seeing how those themes lead them to believe she was up to no good.
        I wouldn’t say she 100% clean but with men and women coming after her and blaming her for everything on the show, and those same people lives turning on their own heads it will appear Kenya Moore is the least of their problems.
        She’s been unfairly targeted and Bravo should really get the show back on track and bring in people with better Character than some of the people there now.

      • Fahlina_g

        I think Ms. Moore is starting to have a Lisa Vanderpump effect. It’s hard to argue against “rationality” and win. Kenya is slowly and steadily shooting down all the negativity and ignorance of her cast mates, gaining more fans in the process and, I think (and hope), she will come out on top. She is making Nene, Phony Phaedra and most certainly Porsha look irrational, envious and pathetic.

    • Ugly aint cute

      Y’all need to go to the ASK ANDY section of the official BRAVO page and make your opinions known. it has thousands of ANTI-KENYA comments on there, and I think ANDY pays attention to that site.

      • \

        I like to read on this site. The first time I visited and read the rules I found them to be refreshing.

    • I know, that was so annoying. Social media is not on the side of Porsha. I think it is evenly split, if not leaning Kenya from what I have read as I have been scouting out blogs today.

  4. HeyWig

    Well Damon does production like Kenya cause you can see in lost footage she is really silly not to be taken too serious. An who woulda thunk it her and nene were close.

  5. MzKRB

    Random, but I heard that there are rumors running around ATL that Cynthia is not being asked back, to which my response “Not according to TT.” lol! Its funny how we as readers can become comfortable enough to quote bloggers that they follow as if we had a private convo about it.

    • MzKRB

      *Not according to TT meaning “I don’t think that rumor is true.*

    • I lovvvvvvvvvvvve Cynthia and her styles. Everyone of her talking heads she is so polished and stylish. That is not true of anyone else on this show. It could be of Kenya but Kenya really sticks with the same hairstyle alot. With Cynthia you never know what she is going to have on, she is so posh. This show would drop down a bit too close to ratchet without Cynthia around.

  6. Josie

    When Andy asked kenya about her calling Porsha names kenya should reminded him again that the name calling was initiated by Porsha and that kenya needed to verbally give as good as she got. She wasn’t supposed to sit there and get verbally clobbered with no response. I think Andy is so busy that he didn’t even bother to view the reunion. I’m so sick of hearing about the text with apollo which kenya released on S2S mag. He contacted her and he’s been cheating on phaedra all over town and phaedra still wants to stone her over the texts?? Give me a break…

    • HeyWig

      I think she did reiterate to him Porsha initiated the name calling. But Kenya did good she wasn’t too preachy or giving too many pageant speeches. But honestly I think Andy isn’t used to his Atlanta housewives being able to speak as well as Kenya. So he is expecting a ignorant response from her but gets a well articulated response.

      • I have to agree. Andy looked pathetic to me tonight. When Kenya responded articulately and factually, and after he kept overworking his questions in a biased way, all he could say was “that’s interesting.” Is this Survivor we’re watching. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast!!?? They are not used to having a brain in any of these franchises. Kenya may have to dumb down in order to be understood or just get outta there. She brought guns to a knife fight and it’s too much power for those idiots. Frankly, she doesn’t need that much intellectual power to dominate them. Talk about not being on the same level. They are all beneath her. It’s not going to help to point that out on a regular basis. If Andy doesn’t improve his image soon, I’m going to have to delist him from my DVR. Even Andy was not worth his weight in TT tokens trying to deal with Kenya. He can’t outwit, outplay or outlast her. You go Kenya!! That’s my girl.

      • I really am appreciating this little enclave of sanity tonight. And yes, I am smacking down trolls left and right in comments. If any of them could string together an articulate thought… I’d let them in to be smacked around but given this crop it would be like feeding sheep to the lions.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:18 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  7. Kenya has a way of being intelligent, well-spoken and fun, yet completely unlikeable and always unbelievable.

    • Jalen

      Why is that? I don’t understand why people don’t like her. She did come across as very “pompous” in her first season, but I felt like she has become more likeable through Season 6. Like someone above said, I feel as if Kenya’s intellect goes over people’s heads and they get upset because they are to dumb to understand it.

      • I am far from dumb…smart enough to detect a phony. She is a phony, everything about her bleeds desperation to be important, and although she talks a great game, her credits are always inflated, there are always holes in her stories and she is a professional poop starter.

        I am far from a fan of Porsha’s, but I just can’t ride with Kenya.

      • Ugly aint cute

        There is absolutely NOTHING about Kenya is DESPERATE. She is intelligent, she is beautiful and she has overcome as much as she has accomplished. Her job on this SCRIPTED show is to do exactly what she did, POOP STARTER or whatever label you want to use. She did what she is paid for. There are hours of footage on Nene being a POOP STARTER long Kenya every came on the scene. She has threaten many of the girls over and over and over again. I think with Nene there is nothing for haters to be jealous of, but Kenya has a lot for those same people to be jealous of.

    • Jalen

      No one was calling you dumb, smarty. Obviously your one of those people with a blind hate that keeps you from having an open ear.

      • I didn’t say you were, but that seems to be the theme on this site…if you are anti-Kenya, you are less than smart or ghetto. She is desperate when she goes about creating boyfriends to get on the show (funny how she has no proof to counter that). She is not as smart as you all think, she just got lucky that Porsha is that dumb and Nene is that insecure that they’ve allowed her to get at them.

      • I’m not anywhere in Kenya Moore’s league looks wise. I do not have to create boyfriends. Kenya has been seeing SOMEONE in Nigeria for over a year. The fact that you do not believe that, is your hatred. She’s tweeted her fucking boarding passes before to shut people like you up. She’s with him NOW.

        She’s not required to tell you who she is fucking.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:12 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oh and the theme on this site is we do not tolerate the blame the victim mentality that you have, so why not go pick a fucking new site. All the hoodrats would welcome your voice.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:12 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Fahlina_g

      I think she has had a tough life and has kept herself controlled and well steeled against anyone she perceives as a potential threat or adversary. She doesn’t let people in, similar to Phaedra, but without the fake “charm”….A lot of that could also be due to editing. I’m sure there is a TON we don’t see, and we all know how Bravo likes to “skew the view”….

    • Please tell us what stories she seems to have stories in because so far the girl has provided receipts to back up her truth. The others have not. Just be honest you don’t like her therefore you don’t believe her. Like she said most people who watch this show have selective memory when it comes to those they like and don’t like and the things they say and do on the show.

    • Ugly aint cute

      WHY IS IT THAT a intelligent women, esp. black women comes off to some people as pompous? I never found Kenya pompous.

      • I searched twitter for all the @andy comments. The Porsha/Nene idiots are all illiterate. They are tweeting that Kenya is trying to use big words to try to bamboozle Andy. Well they said it in broken English, but that is what they were trying to say.

        What big words did she use? Andy needs to decide if he wants to produce a show for hoodrats, or educated women. Frankly, the hoodrats seem to be outnumbering the educated crowd 50 to 1 so I guess that is a hard decision for him.

        On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 11:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Because Kenya is beautiful and intelligent, insecure people feel like slobs when they are confronted with her presence. Plebeians squirm uncomfortably in the midst of a queen.

    • vivaladiva831

      I agree Tatum-there is just something unlikeable about Kenya, right or wrong that she may be. She handle herself well under pressure, I will give her that.

      • Ugly aint cute

        I think the “unlikeable” thing about Kenya is that she comes across as an intellectual, and in some parts intelligence is not valued or popular. If you don’t act like a fool and roll your eyes and smack your lips, voice elevated while you are cursing someone out or “reading them to the gods” with your finger in their face, you are just not popular. Kenya is a beautiful, intelligent, independent women who conducts herself with class. SHE COMES FOR YOU ONLY WHEN YOU SEND FOR HER!

      • Teerii

        So why don’t tweedle dee and tweedle dum tell us what’s unlikeable about Kenya?

      • vivaladiva831

        “teeri”-see snooks comment below. That should answer your question. Let me know if you need help with any of the big words.

      • kiki80

        I’m 100% team Kenya (because I loathe Nene and Phaedra and think Porsha is a waste of space) but I agree that she has an element of “unlikeableness”. For me, it’s because Kenya seems to be parodying the role of a housewife vs. actually existing within the framework of the show. Something about her rings false.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I agree she is unbelieveable and unlikable often…but she is smart and I think the girls have gone too far…

      This site is funny…this poster expressed her opinion…the same opinion many had here PRIOR to her and Porsche’s altercation…

      Kenya does lie..please don’t forget the Walter situation, and she does appear to go after married men. She’s a pretty and smart girl, but she’s dumb in these types of situations..and that’s the truth and it’s funny cause Porsche was dumber in their ‘altercation’ which Kenya started by antagonizing those around her..then everyone is all Kenya is the light, she’s the bomb, she’s so smart, she has a boyfriend…LMAO!

      If ya’ll no longer believe that Kenya is a jerk and a lie, (what about that leased Bently or leased house she could not keep? didn’t I read gossip about that here?) then that’s your opinion.

      But I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle, Kenya can be an ass and Porsche can’t stand the heat…both tricks were wrong! and she’s so calculating that she appears to be lying in situations.

      Kandi said that when Kenya is nice and open, she’s a nice girl. Possibly because of being on TV or whatever the case may be, she’s not being open..but then she needs to find away to balance her calculating self with openness so she can get rid of the appearance that she’s a big fat lie about hella shit…

      and I also don’t think she wants a baby, and I think that she should stop lying about it…. just one girls opinion..but I do think ya’ll are changing with the wind, just like Andy does….

      • kym

        I co-sign. I think she is pretty and smart and she is also CRAZY..

      • barbinga

        I certainly agree. Don’t forget as she was getting thrown out of that leased home, trying on the owners wedding gown and twirling!

        I agree with Kandi’s assessment. She’s beautiful and if she comes back the woman she was on WWHL next season, I’m open to giving her a chance. I wish we’d seen some of the scenes saved for lost footage. But I won’t forget the look on her face when Kandi revealed (I think the Todd/Mynique thing on the bus) when you saw her face and knew she was going to start shit with that info. She was bat shit crazy her first season. I dislike the HELL out of NeNe and Porsha, but I’m not jumping on the Kenya wagon because of it.

      • Teerii

        You don’t sound like you have ever had One Original Thought, not One. Your rants are full of opinions, everyones. And who are you calling Tricks. I don’t care for Porsha’s behavior but she doesn’t deserved to be called a Trick. And maybe you missed Kenya giving Andy the registration to her Bentley. Oh, I forgot you wait for opinions and Kenya owing her Bentley is a fact.
        In my opinion your opinions are warmed over yesterday’s twitter farts. And that no Lie!!!

      • Bella

        IMO Kenya is the most sane one out of all of them. Kenya is articulate, smart, proper, usually stays calm and rational while Nanay tends to have a split personality and anti-social behavior. She even admitted there’s two of her. She is the most mental of them all followed by sociopath Phaedra and loose screw Porsha.

        Porsha is clearly unstable and I fail to see how people can’t see that. It’s like she has the mental capacity of a 7 year old and the emotional maturity of a 3 year old. She does not know who she is. At 33 that is just sad.

        And having bipolar disorder does not mean a person is crazy. There are two kinds, bipolar type 2 whereby sane, rational people get depressed and battle with normal mood and depressed mood. Bipolar type 1 is where people may lose touch with reality by becoming really hyper and may have grandiose feelings of invincibility. People need to get educated. If anyone who has bipolar and acts crazy there may be an underlying separate condition. Biploar is not schizophrenia. Some people have both but millions of people have bipolar and don’t even know it. Most celebrities have it, CEO’s, Doctors etc. At least Kenya has it under control if she indeed has it. Nothing wrong with that! It is not her fault, no one chooses this condition.

        The majority of people who claim to suffer from bipolar actually do not have it, they in fact have Boderline Personality Disorder which is the real crazy. Ask Brandi Glanville. But most people do not even know the true facts about mental disorders. Kenya is more stable than most of the people who call her crazy.

    • It is her inner black hole of panic. That is not her fault. That has to do with having some unbelievably screwed up human beings for parents. It is a inner little kid who suffered some pain no one should ever have had to go through. I’d like to see her work on that panic a bit, that panic is what got her in trouble with Phaedra because when she senses rejection she panics and reacts and tries to cover up her pain. I think when Kenya has a child of her own, it will give her some inner peace that she does not really have.

      • Teerii

        So sweet of you Daisy, but Phaedra was trying to rip Kenya off over the production and promotion of Phaedra’s booty video. And as we all are witness to now, Kenya doesn’t lay down and play stupid for anyone.

  8. kb

    So we can’t get rid of RHOA. We get the men next Sunday whyyyyyyyy. But I’ll be watching.

  9. RVA

    why! why in the name of all that is good in Bravoland did these lost scenes NOT make it into the regular season? I would have gladly watched these scenes instead of the fuckery they showed us.
    I would have absolutely loved this season if I’d seen these silly and fun scenes. this is what I needed!

  10. im watching it now, i missed it earlier.. i was just about to come on here and say how about phaedra making fun of chucks brand meanwhile apollo does the same damn thing.. but of course, you beat me to it :) i also thought it was really nice of kenya to get porsha a picture book. once again, the only come back porsha has is shoving something up kenyas ass. That is one dumb hoe. my favorite scene was kenya talkin to peter.. doing the imitation of porsha crying and talkin about cynthias sister.. tooooooo funny.

  11. vivaladiva831

    I feel like Andy has a love/hate relationship with Kenya, sort of like his feelings for Teresa Guidice. He doesn’t like them as people, he comes across as dismissive and disdainful of them-but they bring in the drama and the viewers so he has to keep them around.

    • Yes!! Actually, I think people think Andy cares way more than he actually does. This man is in full control, and although he plays himself down and on the quirky side, he is definitely the wizard of this Oz

      I truly hope that Porsha goes very far away, and they bring Nene back. As much as people hate her right now, she is the nucleus of this show. Kenya couldn’t carry it even if she paid someone to be her…oh wait, she’s already done that.

      • ALL Andy Cohen worries about is whether or not people like him. He is a sexual submissive bottom who is unable to leave that role in the bedroom. He is obsessive about reading his tweets and the only reason I worry about my source is they all admit he blows in the wind with his opinions and business decisions.

        Why on earth would you hope Porsha goes very far? Because she is decent to look at and plays up the naïve fragile flower victim shit? What is her redeeming quality in your eyes? Her intellect? Her Business acumen? Why do idiots like you treat her like she is five year old? She is a grown woman in her 30s who has never had a job.

        Nene is the nucleus of the show? Name ONE PERSON ON THE SHOW WHO LIKES HER? Oh and define nucleus.


        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Moh

        TT this is why I love you!
        “ALL Andy Cohen worries about is whether or not people like him. He is a sexual submissive bottom who is unable to leave that role in the bedroom. He is obsessive about reading his tweets and the only reason I worry about my source is they all admit he blows in the wind with his opinions and business decisions.”

      • Well, because, true.

        It’s not that I can’t believe my sources, it’s that my sources can’t believe Andrew doing what he says he will do. Of course if he does not, that will be on me.

        It’s great for your reputation being based on a …. um… Andy Cohen and his ability to allow his balls to drop.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 3:24 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ugly aint cute

        How is NeNe the” Nucleus”? explain that to me PLEASE. Give me a run down of her qualifications, her attributes? Besides carrying around Greg’s testicles in her Birkin bag, what does she do to be the “Nucleus” of the show?

      • @TT, Too bad Nene doesn’t have a penis, she’d have better reins on him. “Who’s your daddy now?” Now I see why he looked up to her. It was the man in her.

      • BH Wannabe

        How is Nene the nucleus when she won’t answer questions, she’s too good for Kandi’s play, she won’t film with over half the wives or “friends of” and… oh, yeah, she is painful PAINFUL to watch. I just can’t.

      • Porsha is best sticking to singing talent and taking acting classes but she will need her image managed by professionals or she will screw it up.

  12. Truthseeker

    Why can’t Nene and Phaedra ever smile? Even during this episode which is pretty lighthearted they still look as if someone smashed a lemon on their faces.

  13. Truthseeker

    Was I seeing things or was Phaedra’s mom’s mouth moving and saying the same words as Aiden when he’s talking about changing the baby’s diaper?
    Hummmmm! Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean.

  14. SB

    I enjoyed this episode….however when they reverted back to the reunion every time Phaedra was on camera she just looked so smug and bitchy. Really wanted to give that face a slap! I think she is the fakest one up there.

    • Teerii

      Did anyone else notice how Apollo would not pick -up the baby in the hospital. And when Phaedra told him to come over to her bed, Apollo folded his arms and looked down at Dylan like he wasn’t interested in him. I noticed how at the baby’s Christening, Apollo was irritated and showed no interest in the baby at all. I must say Dylan looks just like Phaedra.

  15. Antoine S.

    This episode was a good change of pace. Production was all about the drama during season 6, but these little fun scenes actually brought a pinch of balance.

    • I think they will try to edit in more balance in the next season simply because Andy’s in the hot seat and he doesn’t like people looking at him as a weird freak of nature. He’ll manipulate production/editing to make it look like it’s these women who spontaneously combust.

    • Katrina

      It was a nice change of pace. Season 6 is exactly what people have been asking for and now that they got it, now people are mad! Season 4 and 5, people said was too boring and they wanted to see more drama. Everybody is not going to be pleased. The rating don’t lie. The fact is the majority of the people like to see the drama and the pettiness of it all. Everytime people think they will see a fight or that someone will be taken down, there is an increase in viewership.

  16. pfffttt

    Tamara, I believe Kenya when she says she was friends with Lawrence before RHOA. Because Sheree said on WWHL that she met Kenya briefly via Miss Lawrence before Kenya was cast for RHOA.

    Kenya has appeared in some TV shows/movies that were filmed in Atlanta, and she does have family there. So I imagine that is how she became acquainted with Miss Lawrence while visiting ATL.

  17. Riley

    Bravo put out press releases back in.Feb..that we would see Kandi and Kim’s spin off on
    Tues nights starting in April. What happened? I’ve seen neither.

    • Kim’s show got pushed back….not sure why.

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 2:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I know why TT….no one cares about Kim anymore or the herd of babies she’s got.

      • I care, because I’m really not all that into the brawling broke bitches. And there are many others that care as well which is why her RATINGS gave her a third season. So while I am watching her show, perhaps there will be a Jerry Springer rerun on for you to watch! win-win!

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 10:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Kandi’s show was never supposed to be in April. She didn’t get married until April.

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 2:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I thought at the reunion it was being set up to look like Kenya was trying to come between Nene and Cynthia. Kenya was damn right that NENE is coming between Nene and Cynthia. Glad to see in this footage that they had been developing a real relationship all along…wish it was shown in the regular season.

  19. A

    MTO just reported that nene has definitely been fired. Of course I will wait for your verification.

  20. Once again, TT you are on target with your assessments of the show….I personally would loved to have seen more of this than Joyce and her whinny daughter, I wish Bravo had been brave enough to show that that ride NeNe had with Kenya also had NeNe commenting on her Kenya’s man and his love of champagne or something, because she was mimicing the way he talked……she did in fact say that she had a drink with this guy when talking about him this season, I know I saw that during this ride.

  21. Angel

    I always feel like the “unseen footage” is the kind of show I’d rather watch. I know I am in the minority, when an episode from any city doesn’t include a lot of drama and fighting, many people call it boring. I want to see the realistic and fun side of being rich and privileged. I cannot believe it is so much of what Andy likes to give us. I know everyone has issues and no one lives in a bed of roses all the time, but who would even want to be anywhere near most of these people? If they were dressed up like destitute folks having to fight for scraps of basic needs, but acting the same as RH, they would be considered horrible people. Instead, they are well paid and we are addicted to watching, myself included. I will say there are only two out of all the women on all the shows that I respect.

  22. Black Mamba

    Peter did say that Mallory can fight. She gave me that impression when she was waiting for Kandi to jump on the wrong person at that ridiculous pillow party or whatever you want to call it. I call it pajama gate. I wanted to see Mallory and Kandi go at it. I think Mallory can take her. It would of been a wild fight. That is why Cynthia was all in Kandi’s face that night. She knew Mallory would of jumped right on her if she laid a hand on her.

    • she didn’t see Mal grab Kandi. She didn’t know what kind of devil had gotten into Kandi because she missed that part. Malory must be ghetto, because she didn’t hesitate to grab Kandi. Sadly I think Mal and mom are going to end up being right about Peter.

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