Chateau Sheree Update, Anyone?

ChateauSheree42014 markCan I just say that most of my commenters are as crazy as me? I get a ton of email and it runs the gamut from silly to sad. This morning I awoke to yet another Chateau Sheree picture. I usually get one of those a month or so. Generally, they are interchangeable. That is, a big giant structure wrapped in Tyvek  way past its expiration date. But last month, I got one showing some progress and today’s shows even more!  So let’s check in.

First of all, the April pictorial update is all kinds of awesome. Dude looks like it’s his first time in Paris and he is posing in front of the Eiffel Tower!  Look at me! I’m a Chateau Sheree!

Chateau Sheree May 11 2014 markWhile dude makes me happy just looking at him, behind him the sad plodding construction continues. Can anyone tell me if putting that dark tar paper on the Tyvek is normal? Well, it better be, because one month later they seem to have most of it stuck up there.  The poor chimney stack doesn’t seem to be holding up well.

These guys seem to be posing as if they are at some place that was on their Atlanta tour map but they are not sure why. Is it odd to anyone else that there is never anyone working on Chateau Sheree when these visitors make their pilgrimages ?

Well, look like the grand opening did not occur in time for Mother’s Day. Maybe next year.


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48 responses to “Chateau Sheree Update, Anyone?

  1. Thanks for a Mother’s Day gift of laughter!

  2. Judy McKenzie

    Maybe she can get it finished and occupied this year…along with the reappearance of her peach!!!

  3. Oracle5

    “Chateau Sheree'” A change is gonna come.

  4. puppylove

    Who owns this place anyway? Does Sheree still own it or her daughter? or I don’t know – Did she sell it to someone? What a pile, I wouldn’t even try to finish it at this point. After sitting in the weather for so long, who knows what kind of bugs have set up housekeeping in the wood. I heard she wanted this house for her children. Aren’t her children grown? What is she talking about having a place for her children to feel safe. What gos anyway????

  5. Zoe D.

    Does she still own the house? I like Sheree…I hope they bring her back to RHOA. She was a bit over the top…but then again who isn’t on that show?

  6. Ricardo

    Where is “never land”. Seems I have to make my pilgrimage there before leaving ATL tomorrow.

  7. Danielle

    Has anyone interviewed the neighbors about their thoughts on this eyesore?

    • I was initially informed about the lack of work on the house by neighbors who sent me the information and photos. I believe the neighbhor whose back yard backs onto the perpetual construction site moved.

  8. sequoia

    Maybe this is her Winchester house….

  9. wikunia

    It is normal to install felt paper (that dark tar paper) instead of Tyvek. I personally think that breathable 30 lb. felt does much better job that Tyvek and it costs much less (more than 50% less). Installing the felt over Tyvek in not recommended. I think that her builder removed rotten Tyvek and replaced it with felt. I just don’t know why they remove only part of it.
    As you look at the picture you can see one section where that felt (at the bottom) overlaps Tyvek (above). That is wrong. Water will go behind that felt paper, which is not a self-adhered product.
    Also I don’t see any metal flashing at drip edge and rake edge and no step flashing at dormers. If I was an inspector for this project I would have so many questions to the builder and the architect.

    • myinfo

      Wow. _ great info.

      Is her house on the RHOA tour bus tour?
      Those people are smiling like they are at Disneyland. STRANGE

      This has to be the slowest built house in America.

    • Tyvek(r) does not get “rotten”. It’s indestructible. Which is why it’s used so widely and why it’s more expensive than tar paper. The Georgia PAcific green board does a similar service. Bit I think it’s even more expensive than Tyvek.

      • ceebo

        Thank you…because knowing is half the battle

      • The Tyvek is not indestructible LAST YEAR sometime I went to their site to see how long it could sit out in the weather, I believe it was nine months . It’s been out in the weather for a couple years and the wind and the rain and ravaged it.

        On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 3:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • wikunia

        Tyvek is used widely as a siding underlayment, because DuPont advertise it so strongly to architects, builders and suppliers. For a while I also believed it was a superior product, until I witnessed a removal of an old cedar siding (house on water in E Hamptons, NY) and underneath it there was Tyvek paper completely crumbled.
        Maybe crumbled and rotten doesn’t mean exactly the same thing. Maybe I should use the word deteriorated… anyway Tyvek didn’t pass the test of time.
        You can google the great debate Tyvek versus felt paper.
        The Georgia Pacific green board for the underlayment… we’ve never used it. How would one waterproof it? Would you overlap it or use some special tape?
        We used The Georgia Pacific boards on one of my projects once for sheathing, but never as an underlayment.

        PS. I admire your commend of the English language, but I want to ask you a favor, please cut me some slack here… I’m still working hard on this great, but so illogical language. So, please correct me if you have to, this is how I’ll improve. Just don’t be mean.

      • Um Wikunia, your English is better than most of the native speakers who post here. I had no idea it was not your first language.

        Oh and TeeCee is mean a lot. We’ve just come to accept it. :)

        On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 5:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I was pretty sure the felt paper over the Tyvek was wrong, thanks for confirming. Won’t the home have to be inspected by someone who knows what they are doing when and if they finish the project?

      On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 2:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • wikunia

        Here in CT, NY an NJ every phase of the project need to be inspected and approved by certified inspector. I don’t know what the building code is in Georgia. You Southerners are so different.

    • Mina

      WERK!!!! You killed it on that answer! I didn’t know any of that. You did that!

  10. Daphne

    Isn’t the damage already done on the inside? What’s the use of this dark wrap? Thanks for the update, nonetheless. Chateau Sheree – the story continues.

  11. Oh my!

    ROTFLMFAO half choking on my covered chocolate strawberries. First photo with the guy with his arms wide open. Is hilarious. He’s like I have arrived! Honey I’m home. Ya miss me? ROTFL!

  12. Eve

    I think Porsha and Sheree are joining together to make the Underground Railroad Depot. The train will let people off at the first stop, a petting zoo featuring a moose and byson. Greg will take the tickets for admission. Concluding the tour, there will be The She by Sheree Boutique with no merchandise.
    Mama Joyce is hired to be security.

  13. Its hard to finish a house when you are financing it by selling off Hermes and Louboutin’s on eBay and Etsy.I never did like that fake bitch. Her entire financial plan was based on taking her ex to the cleaners, while she was out spending money like Kim (minus the “Big Poppa,” factor,) on real important things like handbags and facials.
    What right thinking woman with children at home does that? While she does have a better grasp of English than Nene, that isn’t saying much. I wonder if Sheree could spell Specter? I’m pretty sure she can spell broke ass.
    She should have played nice with Marlo who probably could have taught her a thing or two about finances.

  14. Jarlath

    There’s no need to bring back Shereé. Nene is Shereé 2.0: she is delusional; thinks she’s wealthy; and now she has a clothes line.

    • myinfo

      Next Nene will have a Presidental themed lace front wig line.

      Sheree should sell “who is going to check me Boo” T-shirts to finace her home.

  15. peachteachr

    The real She by Sheree had her precious children in some apartment on a blow-up mattress. So, I guess I’m checking you, boo.

  16. Steve

    Reminder of why our housing economy imploded lol.

  17. Victoria

    These stories always make me giggle

  18. Wallace

    Haven’t been by since before they closed the road between my neighborhood and hers. Might need to take a Sunday drive!

  19. Tara

    Lol to friggin funny

  20. Wampascat

    Bet it’s plumb full of mold. Yuck!

  21. fascinated

    Love the pictures!!

  22. I don’t care if there is a fence, if a child climbs up that scaffolding and falls, She has a lawsuit.

  23. Oh, Tamara, this is absolutely PRICELESS!!! ROFLMAO I LMAO throughout your post & all of the comments. The pics are awesome, especially the first one where the guy seems to be rejoicing & getting ready to get his party on because he’s finally made it to the Warped Tour where his favorite bands are playing. LOL One of my things about this, uhmmmm, Chateau? (BWAHAHAHA) is that, even if it ever DOES get finished, wouldn’t it be uninhabitable because of it being open to the elements for so long? Last summer, for instance, we had so much rain here in Montgomery that a house like that would be falling apart because of all the mold, mildew & moisture (well, more than moisture). Talk about WET! I’m surprised the whole thing hasn’t toppled over from the weight of the water it’s had to have absorbed. Another thing, though, that I question every time I see a pic of her Dream Chateau is how the heck is she financing it? As has been said…she spends whatever money she makes on handbags, facials, clothes, shoes…just crap like that for herself. So I’m stumped & am dying to know!

    Thanks, once again, for a fantastic post! I’ll NEVER quit you, Tamara. You always have the scoop & you always present it in a way that just makes my day. Thank you! :) When I win the lottery & get rich & famous (fingers, toes & eyes crossed!) I’m giving you half… :)

  24. Angel

    Upon closer look at the pictures, I find it hilarious the interest in being in a photo with the Chateau is cross generational. The one guy looks youngish. The 3 all look middle age, like guys I wouldn’t expect to watch RHOA. There must really be a lot of talk about this place. I would have expected it to be vandalized. That is not unusual here in the north.

  25. I really would not be happy to see Sheree return. She annoyed me to no end with her fake on fake persona. I always would do something else for a few minutes when her segment was on or fast forward. Please no. New people please. And Marlo? She didn’t bother me so much this season, but she is just as narcissistic as NeNe. So vain, needs to be the center of attention too much. If you have to be the center of attention, at least be interesting.

  26. I think we should give Sheree’ a break. It’s quite obvious that she is building the house herself. Between suing people and blowing up those air mattresses for her kids, it’s not easy to finish building her chateau.

  27. give me the dang address so I can go by and take a tour also…lol!

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