Nene Leakes And Porsha Williams Will Not Hold a Peach Next Season

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

I am terrible about keeping secrets from you guys. I am officially drunk posting. My Bravo sources tell me that on Friday  “Pick up Letters were sent.”  Remember when I explained how Bravo contracts work…?

Okay so I have heard from a legit source that Nene and Porsha are relegated to possible FRIENDS of the housewives.  Yes, Porsha was fired, but all the controversy led Andy to maybe, possibly let her come back in a Marlo capacity just for shits, giggles and ratings.

But Nene is no longer worth her salary and they are letting her go. Will she cling to the Bravo tit? Oh hell yeah she will. I have been watching for her head to explode all day. Now you can watch .Thanks Andy! We know Nene will spin this as “moving on to her real acting career” ROFLMAO. Nene will have no choice but to be a FOH lol. DEMOTED! LIMITED CAPACITY! BIT PLAYER!

Basically, Porsha AND Nene were knocked out by Kenya. Brilliant move girl!. Queen Kenya NEEDS her scepter.

You heard it hear first and you will hear it later with no one crediting me. Which is why you should just come here. :)


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498 responses to “Nene Leakes And Porsha Williams Will Not Hold a Peach Next Season

  1. Kate

    I’m happy to have found you. Thanks for helping me get through this bout of insomnia!

  2. Jason

    Thanks for the tea TT! But they’re keeping Phaedra?! Ugh.

    • WhitD

      That’s what I say! Yuck! She never lets the show in!

    • Harlyn

      The storyline between Kenya and Phaedra is too juicy. Also, they’ve probably made it clear to Phaedra that she has to share the real story of her marriage woes.

      • Katrina

        Phaedra is not going to share her marriage woes. Apollo will not be shown.

      • Dracla Dunning

        You have to admit that filming her is a great form of surveillance for the federal government. One of these days this rougarou is going to slip up and her house of cards will come tumbling down.

      • Showing the eventual fail of Fakedra’s “Marriage” and the legal woes that are sure to follow with her part in the scheme that Apollo took the fall for will give the show a ratings boost, so they will keep her on until she is in jail. Just like Bravo kept the Guidices on RHNJ to watch them drown in their own lies.

    • Kari

      Ugh can’t stand that pretentious disaster Phaedra

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She lost me when she said Apollo had no class due to being raised in a white household. Racist *%#$! Andy never even addressed it that reunion!

    • MicroOp

      This is actually the only season I want to see Phaedra! I’m very curious how she will save face after her husband goes to prison.

    • Ugly aint cute


    • Ugly ain't cute

      Who is TRAMPARA???

    • HAHA…you know damn well they’re not going to miss this court/prison drama for anything!

  3. vivaladiva831

    I love breaking news!

    • This is wonderful news. I am actually proud of Andy for once. He had to take that ego down a bit, she was so rude to him at the reunion that it could have set a precedent. Now it sends a message. And really, what would her story be anyways? Greg’s Viagra overdose? This was a great move. I will remember where I heard it first.

      • I held the story because I had no faith in Andy actually pulling the trigger. I’m still not sure he did. But this has been the expected decision for a week or so. Andy tends to waffle so…. I’m still sort of holding my breath…

        On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 9:34 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • getreal2014

        Agreed. This is the best news since the franchise started.

      • I can see Greg now, worrying about how they will make the rent. NeNe ,yes even NeNe cannot have been stupid enough to offer to pull down Andy’s pant and kiss his azz. Has she just drunk all the kool-ade? He’s her BOSS! Idiocy. So, no peach for you, darling.

  4. Harlyn

    No Nene?!! and No Porsha!!!! There is a God!

  5. Brianna

    OMG TT the “reality tv” gods have blessed us today!!

    • puppylove

      They would bless us better if Kenyas big snarky ass was kicked off. That is one nasty b@#%#

      • Oh my!

        You’re struggling “puppy love”

      • Bella

        Aww puppylove. You are delusional like your idol Nene.

      • Ugly aint cute

        puppy don’t you need to be out in the yard, chasing your TAIL???

      • Free Mind

        Why would she be kicked off,she’s the star of the show….

      • Snookums Lynn

        Kenya is a nasty bitch, but she brings the drama. I laught at everyone changing their tune since she almost got beat up. Lol

      • JoJo

        I think the lot of them are all basically overdone. I admit no love for Kenya although it’s not a popular sentiment here.
        But if Nene & Porsha did get the boot, and Kenya is Queen B….what would we get? Kenya’s only raison d’ etre is the others disliking & fighting her & her flare for the overacting. Her solo storylines are mute-worthy or FF. Having Nene’s big ego is fodder for snark. In fact having Porsha & the rest of them are too. I can’t think of one interesting thing Kenya has to offer w/out the drama with the rest.

      • JoJo, welcome to season 7 where Kenya may be allowed to have some fun footage that doesn’t land on the cutting room floor. Be prepared to be amazed.

        I use Shahs of Sunset as and example. Didn’t care for her much in her first season, but then they gave her platforms to flourish instead of forcing her to have fake boyfriends…

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 12:54 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        TT….just read your recap of the solo interview w/ Kenya & Andy. I thought you weren’t so positive based on Andy’s Q&A that the info of Porsha being given the boot & Nene being sidelined to FOH, are set in stone now?
        Anyway, giving Kenya ‘room’ to grow and if she brings it, I’m game. OTOH, maybe I’m thinking of just what great feuds come with the cast as is. But it wouldn’t surprise me something’s in store different for at least Nene after that OTT ‘kiss your ass’ Nene threw Andy’s way. Anyway, I’m probably up for whatever they do, at least give anything a try:))

      • This show was filmed days before the letters went out. It seemed things changed.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 3:20 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        They would not do that, Kenya brings the viewers and SHE’S AWESOME. Keep dreaming!

      • JoJo

        TT….re the Shahs of Sunset scenario: to whom were you referring that was dismal then allowed to flourish (was on a cell & missed that there were no names)? Surely not Barbie Shah? GiGi? (I started loving that show this season is why).

      • the truth

        @puppylove so sad for you. You must be going through major depression with this news about your idol mene but don’t worry you can still find her on her new show on the animal channel its called ‘we found big foot’. Lol

      • I will not be watching it any more , because that foney Kenya get on my last nerve, like she always say she is the shadiest of them all she is fake to the bone..And Andy really got upset with NeNe about the queen statement i knew he was feeling some kind of way about her asking him what he wanted her to do pull down his ,,,, and …. his ……,.But Andy was throwing shade himself.I hate to see NeNe leave also Porsha i am finish with the show if they fire them two.Kenya can’t hold down the fort because everybody can see through her.

  6. Ellis Scarlett

    YAY for drunk blogging!!! I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow! Just for that, I am hitting the happy pill fund for your trip!

  7. WhitD

    Yes! You are the best!!! And I’m glad nene is gone! Go Kenya! Go Kenya! Go go go Kenya! (No I’m not drunk) lol. But wait is Phae returning?

  8. Isa

    Made my day, this is just AMAZING! Now all I need to hear next is Phaedra fired or quit, or Marlo holding a peach. But behold, the Reality TV gods have blessed us and Queen Kenya reigns supreme!

  9. beth

    so that’s why NeNe hasn’t tweeted since Thu … I am surprised she accepted coming back as a friend

    • Are you kidding me? She needs the money. She is not a smart woman.

      • beth

        gessiewtf, she may need the money, I don’t know. Even if she does need $, she had to have swallowed hard, really hard, to accept the humiliation associated with being demoted.

      • Leelee

        Are you kidding? Nene doesn’t need the money. Her wedding ring is paid for, she is having a gay function and gay parade. Oh, she also made a $20,000 bet with Kenya for a charity event. No, she is not broke, the MOOSE does not need the money. She rents her home, so she is a R$ch B$tch.LOL

      • Ugly aint cute

        Leelee, it must be lonely up there in NeNe ass, but let me tell you.. All those ho ho ho’s need the money on that show. Nene is a rich biotch, but she is RENTING her home? NeNe’s not doing no parade for NOBODY, GAY OR STRAIGHT! You really need to come out of that ass and get some oxygen so you can think straight!
        Greg better get ready to take his BALLS out of NeNe BERKIN BAG, man up and go get a job.

    • deb

      Isn’t Nene tweeting about going to rehearsal? When she has been voted off DWTS?

      • So true, Beth. That is why I say she is not smart. She had it made in the shade. Just phone in RHOA, and act all pompous. She was a rude egomaniac and a jealous competitor on DWTS, and her behavior at the reunion was appalling. Just imagine asking your boss, ” Oh, I’m so sorry. Do you want me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass?” Who does this Shaquille O’Neil with huge teeth think she is? Such an idiot. Such an easy gig for alot of money. Suck my wake.

      • Ronnie

        Yassss hunty she lies alot but seriuolsy they always have the losers come back for the finale perfomance whcih is in about 3 weeks….no biggie.

      • Cecilly

        She’s likely speaking of her Cirque du Soleil debut. It was previously reported that NeNe is set to star for five nights in Cirque’s Zumanity in Las Vegas this summer. I believe in late June.

      • lori

        She tweeted 4 days ago that she was on her way to dwts rehearsals. She said something like “think I’m gone. We have something special planned”.

  10. “You should just come here” <——— Yaaaaaaaaasssssss I most certainly will!! 😉

  11. JenB

    Woohoo…. thank you for the wonderful news! You made my weekend. I have not been watching RHONY or RHOC and was thinking I would probably be giving up RHOA next. But if I don’t have to watch stupid bitches trying to attack Kenya all the time, I will stay. Tamara, you are an angel. xo

  12. pfffttt

    PARTY TIME!!!! WOOO HOOO! No more Nene!!!!!

  13. It makes sense, keeping Porsha will keep the viewers coming back to see what happens with her and Kenya. As for Nene, she has no story line anymore, she also has no friends to play with. I hope they keep Cynthia.

    • the truth

      I rather keep mene than stupid porsha. She is a hoodrat. Anyone that lays a hand on her co-star should be fired. Theresa from jersey didn’t lay a hand on danielle she was stopped by cohen just like kandi stopped mene from touching kim on the tour bus. Though mene being gone is great news am still empty because porsha is still there. I choose mene over porsha anyday and am not a mene fan at all.

  14. What great news. I’m sooooooooo glad you told us. I’m sure she will say she it was her choice. She has already been insinuating she might not return but I really thought she was just trying to play hard ball, i.e. salary demands, diva bs, etc. This news truly made my day. Thanks!

  15. O.O

    Well, well, well! How the mighty have fallen .

  16. Latina2014

    Thank u TT!! What a great start to my weekend! Nene must b seething! She did it to herself!
    Team Kenya since the beginning! Twirl Chica!

  17. Dracla Dunning

    I’m ecstatic that Nene is, for all intents and purposes, out…the wicked witch is dead. The manner in which she behaves towards others is shameful but the way she addressed Andy during the reunion was out-of-line as an employee and she deserved nothing more than a pink slip. So nasty, so rude. Bloop.

  18. Mable Lean

    Let this be true! PLEASE. I was crazy for Nene Leakes’ no-conjugating-a-verb ass for a long time, but I absolutely detest her at this point. Let her be gone.

    …and hated Porsha from the first time I heard her utter, “Pitcher Perfect.”

    What of the Bailey woman? I hope she returns – along with Mrs Nida – if only to have her forced to look Kenya in the eye.

    • I want Phaedra only so I can see Aiden once in a while. What a special little boy he is.

      • DJ

        OMG! That Aiden is GORGEOUS!!! And the baby is too! As much as I can’t stand Apollo, he and Phaedra make BEAUTIFUL babies.

      • wikunia

        If I was a nasty and revengeful person like Phaedra is, I would ask her about the genetic make- up of these lovely kids. What are they chances for them to become criminals?
        But I’m not fake Phaedra so I would never ask her that.

  19. SB

    Good tea as I drink my actual tea!

  20. Steve

    Bye Nay Nay!

    It was crazy see her self-destruct. She really blew it. Her whole, “I’m rich, I turn down scripts without reading them all the time” schtick was utterly disastrous. Not only because she was clearly frontin’, but also because I can’t imagine Hollywood folks approaching Nay Nay after she’s created the impression that she’s likely to turn them down.

    Celebrity Apprentice, over. DWTS, over. She’s resorted to drag shows and HSN. Bye, Felicia indeed.

    All hail Queen Twirl.

    • Yes, Good luck with the cut out sleeve mumu tops, Nene. They are likely to feature you once, but if you don’t sell, bye. Look what happened to Brandi’s line on Amazon. Flop. A $40.00 CONNOLI KIT ANYBODY?

      • Oh my!

        Rotfl! At $40.00 Cannoli kit. (I forgot all about Kathy!) Where I live. I can never find any descent cannolis around here. I wasn’t aware of Brandi having a clothing line on Amazon. Wow!

    • beth

      I would love to know the details behind her deal with HSN. HSN has been in the hocking business for a long time, and can probably put together a “line” with minimum investment on their part. It would not surprise me to learn that NeNe invested little to none of her own $, just her name (which does not have the, er, cache it had just a few days ago), and that HSN will get the lions share of any profits from this clothing line. From the little that has been shown on RHOA about this, NeNe hasn’t done anything beyond flying to NY and saying ” I like this”, “I don’t like that”, etc, and she could do that from home, so the trip to NY was probably just for “show”. None of the clothing items I saw looked unique. The one piece that I can recall clearly was a royal blue sort of bat wing top – NeNe thought it was great, but I’ve seen nearly identical tops many times.

      • The hoodrats that like her won’t be buying much off of HSN, they want Saks. People on foodstamps want designer clothes. This will be short lived. Plus being that people are mostly followers, when her stock went down (today as per TT’s glorious tea), so did her market. Bloop (means disappear).

      • sw

        HSN will not be carrying her collection long because Nene is not known for fashion. Go back and look at earlier episodes before Marlo turned her on lol

      • Linda

        This is the reason NeNe will use as to why she is leaving RHOA to give her full attention to HSN and she didn’t want to do another season full-time and how she misses the original cast and about it just not being the same as all her real friends have left. Listen for the bull$#@$ she will be posting in the coming days.

      • Snookums Lynn

        She’d probably have to push two to four seasons before she actually got any real $. But now that her star is diminishing, this line will likely go with it, with Nene having made minimum coin

      • Fahlina_g

        I’m pretty sure her “good friend” Kyle Richards has already got the oversized bat wings covered…..

  21. imagrandma2

    You might be drinking something a little stronger but you just served me the most delicious glass of “fresh tea.” You are a most knowledgeable and gracious host. Let’s have a toast:

    May you continue to outshine and outdrink all of your blogging peers. YOU are the new queen of reality and deserve the brilliant scepter. Long may you reign!

  22. Truthseeker

    All together now. 1-2-3 Bye Felicias. (The s is added for Nene and Porsha)

  23. ab

    OMG TT youre the best
    Guess Nene wish she was getting Kenyas $2.50

  24. Leslie

    I have decided that I am not going to watch any of the HW shows any more or Married to Med. I will read your great commentary but it has become to much. RHOA and Married to Med are now just portraying a bunch of angry black woman who cant control themselves (I am a white woman and can see how messed up this is). RHONY has jumped the shark, when the other night they were calling each other effing bitches and other names. Then to have Ramona throw a wine glass and hit Kristen in the face and with no remorse say it was her fault for splashing her with water.Sonya’s daughter has got to be one embarrassed kid. RHOC Tamara Trash Judge….tweeting those private tweets from her teen daughter. Her kids too are being ridiculed in school because of their mothers drunken ways, and lets not forget the bathtub scene last year when Tam was clearly naked and Eddie crawled in with her on camera. And NJ….well the Gorgas and Guidices have been physically beating the hell out of each other on camera since day one, not to mention the others who have gone to jail for violence. Now 3 bravolebrites have pleaded guilty to federal charges and will be sentenced to prison on the same day. I won’t contribute to ratings that allow these woman to make 200-500 thousand a year for such behavior. I know you will be watching and blogging so I will read your most trusted Tea and opinions, but I am out on all things Real Housewives.

    • Oh my!

      Hey Lesile,

      I stopped viewing all the franchises years ago. I strictly read recaps. Many times I became embarrassed (second hand). And would cringe viewing what is/was to be “Professional” women showing us viewers class. Instead they lack suavity.

    • Yeah, I know how you feel. I couldn’t stomach Beverly Hills, I couldn’t get through the reunion shows of OC last season. All the brawling in NJ was getting old and I couldn’t stand Caroline and Jacqueline, but we’ll see this season. Miami is still cool with me. But I am finding I’m not paying such close attention anymore, had to keep rewinding OC because I drift off. Maybe the Housewives is getting old. I will tune in to Atlanta though, Nene better be on a limited schedule because I won’t watch if she is there.

    • Fahlina_g

      Same here! But, like you, I will continue to read Tamara’s amazing and witty recaps! The other day, my 12 year old daughter showed me a video that had gone viral. It featured a girl named Sharkeisha sucker-punching another girl in the head, then proceeded to kick the girl in the face while she was down. We sat her down and had a talk with her about WHY this was inappropriate, viral as the video may be, and that violence, in no way shape or form was “entertaining”. We also asked her how she would feel if SHE had been the victim of this vicious, COWARDLY beating, explaining that things like THIS were the reason for internet bullying and that children were ending their lives over this type of thing. My daughter is a sweet, albeit naive, straight A student. (something we would like to remain!) We, as a society have GOT to stop glorifying this type of behavior, for our children’s and our own sake! Okay, rant over. Thank you for letting me get that out!.

      • getreal2014

        I enjoyed your post immensely. We, as a people, need to stop glorifying bad behavior. It’s not funny, nor is it cute. Allowing Linethia to continue to prosper from this idiocy reflects more on us as adults, who allow our impressionable young people to take their cues from her.

        Even many adults have co-signed on her and Porsha’s hideous behavior, and in the end it will come back to bite us all.

  25. Kari

    I’m sure nene’s head is exploding!!! Especially since she tried to get cynthia fired. U never win when u play dirty hunny 😉

  26. Steve

    Websites already posting this information without giving credit to TT. I’d be livid.

    • Oh my!

      I was this close to asking which sites.
      But quickly remembered, TT doesn’t like links. So I will have to go research the websites that’s not crediting her. Hate when they plagiarise her work.

  27. Ame

    Awesome news!! I have been checking your blog for this ever since the reunion. Nene treated Andy( and everyone else) like dog shit! I had a feeling that she would get axed!! Nene’s actions made Kenya very likeable this year and I didn’t think that was possible!

    • Skeeter

      Nene did treat everyone like shit at the reunion – her behavior was terrible. I wonder if she watched this and realized it or if she’s still in that rich bitch make believe world of hers. I guess “couch positioning” at the reunion doesn’t matter LOL! Then there’s Porscha – bye – that’s all I have for her.

  28. Lord Toto Finch

    Porsha’s “septic tank bitch” comment at the reunion told us all we need to know about her ability to hold her own among these women. She’s a rather dumb fun loving girl and I don’t dislike her but she’s just not what the show needs to move forward. As for NeNe, her truly shocking attitude towards Andy at the reunion made it very clear that she no longer cares to be on the show. She has given me so many laughs over the years but I think she and Greg have just decided they’ve made enough money now that they don’t need to do this any more. It’s sort of the end of an era but the one thing I will say about this show is that just when you think it’s all over they have an uncanny knack of revitalizing it and making it Must-See-TV all over again. This happened with the introduction of Kenya, and I hope it happens again next season.

  29. MW

    Whose friend are they coming back for? LOL

  30. Blair

    And what was that neNe was saying about Kenya never being the queen….

  31. spk

    Hell has officially frozen over. I never, ever thought Andy & Nene would break up their nauseating on-air mutual admiration society. “Really? Really? Should I throw you a parade?” hehehe

  32. Lindy

    That really is the best news ever! I’ve been checking frequently for news too, but actually didn’t expect it so soon. The mighty has fallen and I heard the thud way over here in the west. All hail the new queen, Kenya! I feel all warm and fuzzy. Cheers TT!!

  33. HannahKingRose

    I , for one, am thrilled that Nene is finally getting her comeuppance for her disgusting behavior toward all her co-workers, friends, an entire section of society and even the hand that feeds her…her boss. My mother always said beauty was only skin deep but ugly was to the bone. Nene’s ugly cuts way passed the white meat all the way to the bone and is embedded in her soul. How people can believe that they are so above everyone else in the world that they can spew vile and hurtful statements and people have to accept it because she is keeping it real is beyond me. I actually don’t think she could authentically apologize if someone was holding a gun to her head. Nene thought she had the world by the balls. She has just lost her grip along with pretty much everything she did have going for her…Glee, RHOA housewive status, her income from being a housewife, Cynthia as a good friend, her RHOA’s rented house, most of her fan base and any intelligent person’s respect. She’s left with 4days filling in for a drag queen and 26 or so cheap garments on HSN. Doesn’t sound like enough to maintain that rich bitch attitude for long. Hope that ring Greg gave her isn’t Cubic zirconia because they may have to hock it soon. The way I see it is it couldn’t have happened to two better people than Nene and Porsha. It’s even better than actually firing them. You know it’s eating away at Nene that Kenya has officially been pronounced “Queen Bee”. Not sure Porsha is smart enough to understand it or not, but I’m sure Nene will enlighten her if possible. Tamara thanks for giving it to us first. We’re greedy little commenters and we love it when you let us know before everyone else. That’s why you’re our “Queen Bee”. Sorry that these other bloggers are thieves and don’t give credit where it’s due.

    • ChancesR

      TT, I am AMAZED at how you’ve snagged your sources to deliver the juicy truth over and over again! I always know “I read it here first”. Thank you for sharing your genius gift of investigative reporting! And HannahKingRose, you summed up Nene’s situation succinctly, in a peach (pit) nutshell! (long time reader, 1st time poster cuz I had to respond to this news!)

    • Linda

      They are keeping Porsha to see how her assault charges play out (more ratings) against Kenya. Porsha is stupid, as that part of my life would nkt be televised…where is her Mother at?

      • OOOh good point. Maybe her “limited capacity on the show” will be JUST her court stuff. However, I think that will all play out before filming begins.

        On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 8:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Fahlina_g


  34. levi

    this news right here is what i’ve been hoping for since the reunion. bravo rocks!!

  35. Meow

    Omg either Kenya is a witch or her secret boyfriend is Obama cos how did her 3 enemies’ lives get ruined so quickly lmao

  36. Sandra Banx

    This is truly BREAKING NEWS! And your blog got the scoop first. As others have mentioned, it seemed impossible that BRAVO would cut them loose. Then I heard nene was making outrageous financial and perks demands. I wrote, along with others, I am sure, begging BRAVO & Andy to call her bluff.
    I am thrilled to read the news. And as she said, “Ba-loop!”

    P.S. boy I’d like to a fly on THAT wall. And— wait a minute–she will be on DWTS this next Monday, the 12th. Yup, she’s coming back for some obscure reason. I will be watching to see her bat those big ol’ camel eyes.

  37. lori

    Oh my GOD!!!! This is almost too good to be true! Ahhhhh… now I can watch next season. I am thrilled at this news!!!

  38. A

    Thank you bravo. Glad they are gone!

  39. Teerii

    Long Live the Queen!!! That would be you Tamara.

  40. Valerie

    Oh man! I’m speechless. I didn’t think Andy had the balls but I guess he found some self respect and did the right thing. If he had kept her on it would have made him look like a desperate little milquetoast. Very interesting.

  41. Daniel

    Now who was saying that some people will do anything for $2???
    I felt bad when Nene was saying she will donate and Kenya had to match. Obviously, Kenya is counting her nickels & dimes (as we all should)..
    But now Nene is no longer a high roller. Nene wears all her wealth right there on her finger. That’s all she has is that ring, and it will be first to go. We can’t forget that greg by far is no real estate investor. He just talks a lot. Reminds me of a pastor at a church I used to go. He ended up in jail when he used church money to pay for his mistress abortions #abortionsAintCheap.
    Anywho, I can see Nene working as an escort by end of year. Greg will be pimping her out to men who are into beastiality. And Porsha, with the new set of breast, she can go work at Hooters. She might be able to get a lil raise because people can use her big teeth as a bottle opener.

  42. A

    And why is phaedra staying after her mean attack on women who
    Elect to utilize the services of a sperm bank? What will be her storyline? That she visited apollo in prison, or she buried someone?

    • Andy for whatever reason, LOVES Phaedra.

      • Teerii

        I think he’s keeping Phaedra for the sensation of drama her criminal background brings and to appease Kandi.

      • Jae

        Maybe it’s because she’s a deluded and egocentric twat?

        I’d love to live in her head for a few hours.

        Her southern belle persona is…um…charming?

      • Marilyn

        TT – Do you know if I Dream of Nene is coming back?

      • I still haven’t looked at my notes, but if I recall correctly, it’s trashed. We shall see. I still feel like we are in the NEGOTIATION part. Nene could someone convince Andy to agree to something different. I do think she has the attitude that she has because Andy has always catered to her. Is he really cutting her off? My source says yes, but my faith in Andrew is limited…. Things will be playing out over the next few days.

        Nene’s problem is Cynthia. No one wanted to film with her LAST season. Now that Cynthia doesn’t want to? Nene has no one.

        On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 12:36 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Phaedra has the best storyline in my opinion as long as we get to witness it. If they let Apollo and Phaedra make everything appear perfect in paradise then they should get fired. They finally have one hell of a story and I want to know what goes on with those two. People will say it’s none of my business, and my reply is to stay off Reality television if you don’t understand that the cameras will get the bad along with the good. But the cameras better get me the dirt I deserve. (That’s right, I deserve it. I want that dirty laundry.)

      • Harlyn

        Andy called Phaedra out at the reunion for trying to portray an ideal marriage and she gave her “oxymoron” response. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy and Carlos King told Phae & Apollo they must open up about his sentencing and other marriage woes or else… similar to Teresa & Joe’s situation on RHONJ.

      • Oracle5

        He’s probably waiting to see what criminal activity and charges the FEDS have against her. I am tired of seeing and hearing this person appear on RHOA. She is disgusting.

      • Sheree Harhay

        I think Andy, in part, is keeping Phaedra to televise the drama with Apollo heading to jail. His arrest and plea made national newspapers, so like Theresa and Joe on RHONJ, Andy is hoping to film a piece of the drama on his franchise. NJ filmed early just so they might be able to film all the court/legal drama with T and Joe before they both spend their stint in jail. It may also be an opportunity to see if the ongoing investigation into this criminal ring and the companies in both Apollo and Phaedra’s name will implicate Phaedra. We all know Apollo is not a mastermind of anything (see TT’s great link to the video on TMZ to see what a dumbass he is) and has limited education and skills, so it would logically follow that Phaedra was the ‘brainchild’ of this criminal act that hurt so many innocent victims. The last big case I ever heard that Phaedra handled was long ago when she represented Bobbie Brown, Whitney Houston’s ex hubby. I don’t think it’s an accident that Phaedra suddenly switched gears from law to the mortuary business. If she was involved or named as a co-conspirator in Apollo’s criminal acts, or even if she had knowledge of his crimes and didn’t go forward to inform the authorities, she could be disbarred. Perhaps this will be her new way of generating income.

    • Andy is sympathetic to Phaedra and her situation,what other paying job does she have other than RHOA……..Apollo is going to prison ,she needs the money!!!!

      • Linda

        Terri got that right!

      • Oracle5

        Perhaps, she has received a large chunk of stolen money from Apollo. Didn’t she pay cash for the house in Buckhead? I am sure the tuition for attending the Mortuary School was not free. As well as, having elaborate parties her children the cost for this is not chump change.

  43. ICassie

    I believe the only way Nene would leave that show is to get her own spinoff. Maybe she will bring Porsha along so she can continue to mold her. I don’t know what the premise will be. If Phaedra is fired I wonder if Khandi would walk? Even though I think Phaedra should go too. We will see Phaedra taking her boys to visit their Dad turning that show into Mob Wives.

    • Oracle5

      Correction: As well as, having elaborate parties for her children……

      • Sheree Harhay

        Forget about those ridiculous parties. The last one where she was driven up in a stretch limo with her children where they were announced as the First Lady of Atlanta, Mr. President, and so on. Apollo looked and sounded way pissed off by all her shenanigans. All he wanted to do is go inside to the bar and get a drink(s). Phaedra has delusions of grandeur. She is a legend in her OWN mind

      • Oracle5

        Apollo has the illusion of confidence, This criminal really did think that he wouldn’t get caught, because, he married a lawyer. What a LOSER. Yeah, Phaedra, strongly believes that she is great. She has an obsession with doing extravagant things and doing grand things with the help of the money, which Apollo stole.

  44. Truthseeker

    This explains the Hollywood actress making hairshow appearances after so called turning down scripts. The admission prices have been slashed on Groupon. Oh how the mighty is going to fall. Timber……….

    • Oh my!

      Hi Truthseeker,

      What were the admission prices,before the slash?

    • lori

      Is this for admission to the Vegas show that you’re talking about?

      • Truthseeker

        No. She is doing a hairshow appearance somewhere tonight. This is not the Vegas show. I guess actresses make appearances at hairshows instead of movies, television shows, or theatre. She’s so in demand and very selective with her roles. More lies brought to you be Nene.

      • Oh my!

        At T.Seeker,

        Wow! Big slash. That usually means tickets weren’t being sold.

  45. Josie

    Karma strikes again!

  46. She Thinks Clearly

    Finally, Bravo takes a stance on what’s right. Porsha was totally out of control and Nene’s apology to Andy was not sincere.

  47. Mzjulesaz

    Doesn’t she still have I Dream of Nene or was that a one time deal for the “wedding”?

    • Tim

      It was announced for a new season back with all the other bravo renewals a few weeks ago. Didn’t say how many episodes or what the storyline will be this time but it’s kind of like the situation with Kim—it’s hard to consider it some sort of punishment when you’re given your own spinoff.

    • Gabriella

      I totally presumed it was.

  48. Truthseeker

    I bet Greg stood by that mailbox for days. I bet he regrets that “throw a gay parade” mess he said. When the money runs low they will turn on each other.

  49. Josie

    On April 8, Bravo announced the show renewals on their website and I Dream of NayNay wasn’t one of them. Maybe TT can give us the scoop.

    • Katrina

      Neither was Tardy for the Party, but it is coming back.

    • Maybe Nene will just have that. To be honest, the language that my source used with regard to Nene was odd, the source said Nene will be back but in a “limited capacity.” which I interpreted to be FOH. The source refused to be specific.

      Wait, I think I asked about the spin-off and that is not happening. I need to review my notes. I really meant to hold this story a bit longer and wait for reactions. I just sort of blurted it out last night. :)

      • Sometimes it’s just like that, TT. No hater here!

      • You are my fun, happy time. I love your site and funny, sarcastic way you give it to us. Thank you so much! Anybody know how long it takes to get over shingles? Sorry I’m whining… Thank you TT

      • OMG! Shingles! Do we need to quarantine your posts! :) I am terrified of that damn commercial “the virus is in you right now!” I hear it is incredibly painful! Hope they go away soon!

        On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        @vbewley10: Ugh. It took me 2 or 3 weeks to get over shingles. Not fun. I feel for you.

  50. Keya

    So very, very pleased. Great news 1st thing in the morning. Yesssss. Thanks Tamara!

  51. Goodday

    Yes! I don’t even really care about porsha her only remembered moments were her embarrassing herself in front of millions of people. NeNe on the other hand I’m sooooo happy to hear she is gone. She is so arrogant and nasty that she doesn’t deserve to hold a peach in any capacity. I mean really who reads their boss like that?

    I hope I dream of Nene isn’t renewed for a second season because I just want her gone forever. I was kinda hoping Phaedra would be gone too

  52. Riley

    WOW!! She has gone from being top dog to playing a woman who is playing a man playing a woman
    I find this just as funny as the stupid Apollo story…
    he he he he he he he he he …ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    And no doubt she will try to make everyone think it was her idea. Oh Lordy….it just can’t get any better. Thanks Tamara….you So GOOD. Xoxoxo

    • Oh my!


      Your he,he, ha, ha. Reminds me of the film “Major Pane”. With his heh, heh, heh. You want sympathy? look in the dictionary between shit& syphilis. That’s where you’ll find my sympathy. Ha! Which Nene will be receiving zero sympathy from me.

  53. Aubin

    Thanks for spilling the tea! Any news on who the new housewives might be?

  54. The beginning of the end for Nay was that bus trip scene with Kim (in the blur of my solving-medical-mysteries-vicodin-blurred recollection), and climaxed @ the PJ Party. I think BRAVO told her to bring it, and we all saw what she thought that meant.

    All in all, Neigh lasted a bit longer than Jill Zarins implosion.

    Bye Felicia.



  55. Riley

    WOW!! She has gone from being top dog to playing a woman who is playing a man playing a woman
    I find this just as funny as the stupid Apollo story…
    he he he he he he he he he …ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    And no doubt she will try to make everyone think it was her
    idea. Oh Lordy….it just can’t
    get any better. Thanks
    Tamara….you So GOOD. I Xoxoxo
    PS. I keep trying to post this comment. It keeps telling me I have already posted but it isn’t showing up in comments. I’m going to keep trying. If it shows up multiple times…my apologies.

    • Fahlina_g

      Oh the irony of “Reality Television”. THIS is what Bravo should have been filming. Diva loses her job. Diva loses his freedom. Diva loses her marbles. Andy couldn’t come up with scripts this juicy if he tried!!!

  56. Jezebel

    Ding Dong the witch is dead ! Like music 2 my ears ! But no one likes Nene Leakes I wonder who’s going 2 bring her on as a friend

  57. Everybody talking I hope u still tune in with her gone or she will have won cuz they will pay her and bring her back so we’ll see if she is gone for good. Personally I can’t stand kenya, im not watching her self entitled ass. I truly believe the ratings will go in the toilet.

    • Oh my!

      When Nene was off to LA doing the New Normal. ATL pulled 1.60- 2 million viewers. Once Kenya made her way on those numbers reached 3-4 million respectably. Bowdown Blythie there’s a new Sheriff in town.

    • Linda

      As NeNe would say…” bye bye”

    • Valerie

      We’ll see Blythe5050, we’ll see.

    • the truth

      Kenya from her first season has upped the ratings. Last season and this season everyone’s storyline circled around her. Phaedra last season with donkey booty and this season with kenya and apollo, porsha last season and this season was all about kenya, nene this season was kenya, cynthia and kandi are the peacemakers. If given a choice I would rather mene stay than porsha. Porsha brings absolutely nothing but violence and stupidity.

  58. Angel

    Thank you TT. You are the real Queen and Goddess of blogs.

    Nothing can be said that hasn’t been well expressed by others. I will accept being stuck with Phaedra’s criminal ass as the penance for being rid of Nene. I will be black hearted and say I hope Nene doesn’t get her own show or any substantial jobs anywhere. That woman is not deserving of anything good to come from being so ungrateful, jealous and spiteful. I feel that is the real person, not a tv character. She needs to eat the biggest piece of humble pie in front of the whole country, and I’d still dislike her.

  59. myinfo

    I think Nene and Greg saying should they have a gay parade at the reunion was just beyond rude. I am sure that did go over well with Andy.
    What are friends of the HW get paid?
    Nene is probably crying somewhere.

  60. niki

    Thank you. You always deliver.

  61. Jarlath

    The Lord works in mysterious ways! Now Nene can focus on something of substance lol

    So I guess she’ll have to pack her louboutons since BRAVO ain’t gonna be paying her rent anymore.

    • I have big feet like Nene. I should go to her yard sale….

      • Kati

        TT, If you’re tall that’s pretty normal to have larger feet. Tamara, has your source ever given you scoop that was incorrect? I am crossing my fingers and toes that NeNe & Porsha have been fired.

      • This particularly source is highly accurate but often vague. This is the same source that tells me that Andy made the decision to let Porsha go at the reunion. That same source then said that due to Porsha Stans, she might be back as a FOH. The Nene information was much more vague. Basically that her offer will be in a “limited capacity” and hinted that she was not going to like her offer and may or may not take it. The situation seemed to change A LOT between reunion day and pick up letter day. I’m secure in my source, but not secure that they know what Andy did in the final moments of making his decision since he seems all over.

        We shall see.

        On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 8:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  62. Katrina

    I think Nene has suspected that she would be leaving for a while. She will be fine. Nobody knew her before she came on the show and now she will have to survive without it. Nene is not lazy and she will work. I wish her the best!

    • Jarlath

      She and Gregg can go back to defrauding people I guess, maybe get some tips from Apollo

    • Vanessa

      Katrina, NeNe will be just fine. What some don’t realize is she has been working hard and not just on Bravo. She has her clothing line coming to HSN soon. She does appearances that pay well. She did Glee, The New Normal, The Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, Talk Shows and Nightly News Entertainment shows. She’s worth 10 million. My guess is we will see her on something real soon. Now sit back and watch the ratings drop on ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES next season. As for you NeNe, you need to learn to humble yourself. You have been blessed.

      • shellbelle

        10 million? In a rental house? I’m going to have to agree to disagree with you, but she ain’t worth 10 million. Not even close.

      • The Jam

        All of nene ‘s appearances are attached to her relevancy as a housewives. And yes she will be fine, she and Greg have been living above their means for decades and they will continue to find a way to do so. But as for that line on HSN, worse things have made money but in my experience people with ego problems like nene can’t hold real business together for long

      • Jarlath

        ROFL! She’s worth $10m? Nene is that you ‘cause girl, you’re delusional!

      • BWAHAHAHAHAH Nene is worth ten million??? Ten million what?

        On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 8:48 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Without RHOA she has no juice! We’ll watch as she fades into anonymity. Also her net worth is just guestimates not fact based on what they calculate is their assets.

      • Oh my!


        Nene is worth $10 Million dollars? Is that in Dobra or Guarani Currency or what? That clothing line will flop. The K-Mart thingy mah jiggy will be yanked. Ratings wouldn’t drop. When she was off to LA filming TNN. Ratings were still high WITHOUT her.

      • RVA

        wow! 10 million united states dollars?!!!
        and all this from making appearances and dancing with the stars and with a clothing line from HSN that hasn’t launched yet? because dear Vanessa, you do know she does NOT get paid in the millions by Bravo.

        who is worth 10 million dollars and does not have her home in her name?

      • Vanessa

        Keep hating. That’s all I have to say.

      • 'TheJam'

        @shellbelle, she would be in a rental home with a billion. Nene is the type of woman puts every penny she has on her back. …EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Then she brags so she gotta borrow and lease more pennies t. She doesn’t know how to deal with money. And the DAY after she loses her income she will be FLAT BROKE. I’ve been telling people this for YEARS.

        but yeah she doesn’t have 10 million, i don’t even know if i believe she has that mill she claims. If that is the case what is going on with her hairline?

      • MicroOp

        I know you don’t mean 10 million pennies because that would give her $100,000 and we all know she doesn’t even have that.

      • Ugly aint cute

        Fahlina, I was FLATLINE with that comment. Thats as close as I’m gonna get to Porsha;s song.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ TT: 10 million pennies? Pesos?

      • Valerie

        She’s just so damn boring. She thinks she’s so edgy and she’s not even funny. There was a time that she could make me laugh but not anymore. I can’t forgive boring. And again, we’ll see if the ratings go down. Usually when a show loses the most boring person in its cast the ratings don’t suffer. Time will tell. I couldn’t watch the third installment of the reunion because of Nene. She deserves to be outed as the awful human being she is. So many of her hard core fans have been so disappointed with her words and actions. And now Cynthia is out as her friend and Phaedra is in. Hmmmm. I smell a rat or two or three. (Thank goodness Cynthia doesn’t have to placate Nene anymore. That was starting to turn Cynthia into a mini Nene at times.)

      • Josie

        Ten million what?? Ten million pesos??

      • Kati

        I heard that she owns NOTHING. She has spent a fortune on sloppy comb over “wigs” and heavy makeup. She’s so unwise and will probably be broke soon. She may already have tax lien issues etc. People like her spend more than they earn/ Plus her ego was so huge that she thought that she had Andy wrapped around her fat finger. Good riddance. What a clown.

      • Now this is just funny. Did you ever consider that NeNe needs to pay her manager, agent and publicist? That’s a huge cut of what she makes right off the top. There is no way that she’s worth $10 million. Then there’s those pesky taxes…….

      • No way. She has spent every dime thinking she is “Ritchie Ritch”. I bet you a thousand , which I don’t have today, that she will be broke soon. She has earned a rep as difficult to work with. The jobs dry up faster than old skin. Um, Greg, are you hiding in the basement yet? Bet she’s having a lulu off a tantrum.

      • Cat

        Nene as a bad habit of name dropping, especially Trump’s name. Now she claims she did Apprentice without pay? If I remember correctly, she got mad, threw a hissy fit, and walked off the “job” without notice. I don’t blame Trump if he didn’t pay her.

        Her reviews of her acting are less than favorable. I didn’t see “New Normal”, but did finally find a clip of her acting the part of “Rocky” (on Youtube). It was awful. And she was NOT the “star” of the show as she claimed.

        She’s just too full of herself. She will get to the point eventually where no one will want to hire her.

  63. Judy McKenzie

    Like I’ve always said…God is good to both Portia and Neens.
    Now we can say for certain…they have both been “miscon SCREWED!”
    Be sure to write Andy a big “Thank you!”
    I think Phaedra may be taking a trip…up the river. One can only hope.
    The great part about these shows is that we can relate to the point of becoming friends…in a kind of delusional kind of way…with the housewives. Then there is TamaraT and you guys. Life is good!!

  64. sw

    This is the best news for reality TV that we no longer have to be humble and grateful that Nene Leakes allow us to watch her each week Lol Bye Felecia Lol Oh happy days!

  65. TC

    Although I hate to see people’s incomes take a hit, Nene’s down-fall is warranted. How many people can go on their job and tell their boss” Do you want me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass” and remain gainfully employed? Not many. Porsha was a liability and an embarrassment to the franchise. She needs to join Love & Hip Hop Atlanta so she can fight and not be expected to know what the Underground Railroad is. Being on LHHATL will also allow her to promote her “Flatlined” music career.

  66. Mari Anne Souza

    FOH!! :-), ha, ha – I wonder who that could possibly be. She’s gonna flip that wig. Bye, wig! Thanku, Tamara!!!!!

  67. Jessica

    I am guessing NeNe’s nastiness at the reunion sealed her fate. The fact that she did not seem truly apologetic for calling gay people ‘Queens’ was not just something the Bravo people could explain away. I am guessing Porsha’s anti-gay preaching clip sealed her own fate as well. Bill Maher said recently that there is a gay mafia, I believe him.

    The TMZ boss appears to also have been campaigning for Porsha to be dropped, I guess other prominent gay people were campaigning for NeNe to be dropped as well.

    Some lessons we can all learn from this are:

    1. Stay humble at all times. Be grateful for your success but stay humble
    2. Read a book (Porsha, this is for you!) or twenty and educate yourself.
    3. Respect your fellow human beings no matter their beliefs, colour, sexual orientation, or financial status.
    4. Don’t believe your own hype

    • Fahlina_g

      Well said, girl!!!!

    • Cammie

      That should be in a handbook for new housewives.

      • Remember Katherine Hiegel (sp) Word got out that she was a pain in the ass and she went from movie star to toothpaste commercials.

    • Marilyn

      Amen! Couldn’t believe Nene talked to Andy that way. Sometimes bosses need to set boundaries. I think Nene thought she was his equal and not his employee. Nene did act like she didn’t want to film the show anymore.

      • lori

        Not even equal. I think she thinks she’s too good for him too. Like he’s just another person not on HER level. She IS THAT delusional.

  68. realityjunkie

    Finally!!! So happy that those two have to suffer consequences of their behavior.Nene was incredibly rude to Andy at the reunion that I wondered if he would really let that all slide.

  69. missyrocks5

    Well, this is pretty damn shocking if true. I don’t like her diva, sourpuss attitude this season but she & Kenya give great cat fights. Can’t believe they’d get rid of the whole dynamic that makes the show. Yes, Phaedra can hate on Kenya, but NeNe is central to the show IMO. If she shaped up her nastiness, she’s still good. See she’s in Zumanity now so if she thinks there is still tons of work out there for someone who is not really an actress per se, in her 40s, and she ain’t no Halle Berry… and Halle ain’t workin either!

    • Oh my!


      The funny this is.

      Halle Berry has been reduced to doing Tv shows. (Extant) Imagine that. Yet here we are . With a Bravo Reality Tv tart. Who thinks she is An A list “acktriss” I’d go to Zumanity just to throw some rotten tomatoes and booooo her. But I need all the lycopene I can get. To maintain this unwrinkled skin of mine. I can’t afford to waste my valuable tomatoes.

  70. Fahlina_g

    BWAHAHAHA!!! Humble Pie. Served cold. Too bad we won’t get to see Nene’s “stank face” reaction…

  71. ClassyLady80

    NeNe is the epitome of the old Southern saying, “You’re getting to big for your britches.” Andy just showed her who ACTUALLY wears the pants. Humility and graciousness take a person so much farther than insolence and haughtiness. I hope she and others who’ve been watching her over the years have learned a lesson. No matter what you accomplish, remain humble. Treat others with respect. Those are things that will be remembered about you long after you’ve gone because all that really matters is how you treated your fellow human beings. No one says “Awww. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Your loved one was the richest, most ostentatious and pretentious person. Oh, what a shame.” I am no NeNe fan, believe me, but I hope she reflects on the path she chose and how it ended up here. “None of these b*tches here is on the level I’m on!” Uh huh. And just what level is that now, Lenethia? SMH. Should have been humble.

  72. Great scoop!!! I’m not sure how you held back so lying. I’ve already seen it seep into others’ conversations. Let’s see who has the class to credit you and who is a shitheaded bottom feeder.

  73. The Jam

    Wow TT, I’m so proud of you! You’re doing such an excellent job!

  74. The Jam

    What’s really funny is who is Nene going to be able to beg for camera time? Phaedra? Who the hell is she going to meet for lunch? Porsha might have to drag her along as her plus one. If Cynthia cracks and does a scene with this moo-cow I will personally drive over to BarONE, Park my car in the hood, walk in and stomp on her big toe.

  75. MicroOp

    I’m annoyed that Porsha is back even in a reduced capacity and who is going to invite nene to anything? Phaedra?

  76. yd14

    Wow this is some juicy tea. I think this was a money thing. As a boss I’d rather pay an employee less rather than more. Kenya gets paid less and is willing to do whatever production tells her to while Nene costs more and has an attitude.

  77. Yeah. Who hasn’t nene shit on at one time or another?

  78. lynn

    Even though none of the New Series of The Real HouseWives of Atlanta have been show over yet in the Uk. Not seeing Ne Ne Leaks will be a great lost to the Uk viewers. Its also a shame that Bravo or Andy Cohen have never thought of doing a Uk or any other parts of Europe for The Real HouseWives Series.

  79. Pink

    Will Nene still have her own show (I Dream of Nene)?

  80. heather

    Good those two are gone but Kenya should go. She is tiring and lacks a story line other than her arguments with the others. Pheadra is a criminal. I don’t buy she did not know of her husband’s criminal activity. Where does she think he found the money he has? She should go as well.
    This show is a joke.

    • Teerii

      When all anyone does with you is “come for you”and backbite you,what else can you do but defend yourself. Bravo let this vindictive behavior get way out of hand. However, it was Kenya’s boldness and being on her toes that kept viewers tuned in. And to be honest with you not one of these women have a life I would like to live. Its just entertainment.

    • Luvlee2u

      I agree that Kenya should go too.

  81. Sylvia

    This is probably the best tea ever.Have you heard anything about the RHOBH contracts?I can’t find anything online and by now Bravo must have decided who’s coming back because usually they start production at the end of May.

  82. Bombshell_Diva

    Did you call Kenya a queen that needs he scepter. Dare I not disagree with your post lest I be castrated and ousted from TT. But Kenya is no ones Queen! Not disappointed to see NeNe go. Her reign is over. Has been for sometime. But I definitely am not #teamkenya. #goingagainstthegrain

  83. MicroOp

    I honestly don’t think it had as much to do with her gay comments as nene demonstrating she couldn’t play with anyone. She couldn’t even come up with a name of a former cast mate she’s be happy to see on the show again. If you can’t even sustain a tv relationship or play nice with others why invest in paying someone to participate in a group ensemble? Both she and Porsha will probably try really hard to get back full time with their little bit of cameo time.

  84. Eric

    Nene is a Gemini. They never aoologize for there actions. It is the sad truth. An apology from a Gemini goes “I’m sorry that you felt this way…” yada yada. They believe they are never wrong ever. My best friend and ex boyfriend are Geminis.

    • lori

      Hmmmmm… I did not know that about Geminis, but you just perfectly described the Gemini in my life. That’s crazy. Besides this one thing, she is the most wonderful person, but it drives me crazy.

    • Teerii

      I though Nene’s birthday was in December. She’s a Sagittarius. Andy is a Gemini.

  85. I usually don’t wish bad things on people or take delight in peoples misfortunes. But that bitch Nene had this coming and I’m f*cking thrilled she got what she deserves .As for Porsha, she needs to go back to nursery school. Evidently, she failed “sticks and stones” class. She may have stayed on the short buss that day. Licking the windows.

  86. ScrappieONE

    TT you JUST MADE MY DAY… Hearing these two a$$hates are gone was wonderful news. Now what would make everything even better is to hear SOMETHING for NayNay and her Rich Bitch attitude… Bahahaha

  87. TT I can’t believe when I woke up my dreams had come true. I definitely didn’t think I could watch it with her next season. Guess Phaedra’s not going to jail. Damn. Well, the only good thing is Kenya can eat her for breakfast now. I just want to see her face when she first has to deal with Kenya, but I’m sure it will still be that same old pug face she always has.
    AND, I bet Nene tries to act like she and Andy discussed it and that she thought it was best to step back cause “it wasn’t fun anymore.”

    • aahnV

      I agree with you about how Nene will spin this. I wanted Phaedra (who never opens up re her real life) and Kandi (wears two faces and was boring) both gone. I think Phaedra showed Carlos King her head doctor skills and that is why she is around. I am hoping Kenya makes the most out of her interactions with Phaedra this season.

  88. KReality

    She took RHWOA off her twitter page. I wonder if she’s still following Andy

  89. Lewlew

    None of this is true yet.

  90. Chingle, chingle… Lawd, here I come with my two cents (not that it’s even worth that!). Every season appears to be getting more and more ridiculous. First, the only reason I even watched this season was due to Lady Chablis. Second, I am by no means a fan of NeNe and what appears to be hair plugs nor would I endorse Porsha and her violent outburst (though I admit I would be a liar if I said I didn’t enjoy watching Kenya in her pageant dress being used as a dust mop on the set). Last, I am slowly getting more and more disappointed in Real Housewives of Atlanta. I am well aware of the fact I am only one viewer but I am officially writing off this show. This is not because of the dismissal of NeNe or “smell my new boobs” Porsha. It’s truly the idiocy of how these woman conduct themselves. I throw in the towel on this nonsense!

    • beth

      Who is Lady Chablis?

      • MicroOp

        The performer in savannah. Watch midnight in the garden of good and evil

      • The Lady Chablis is a beautiful and equally talented African American transsexual in Savannah, GA. She played herself in the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” with Kevin Spacey and John Cusack. Of course NeNe tried to upstage her at the Club when they went to see her perform. However, the Lady Chablis did NOT let NeNe steal her thunder. I recommend if you haven’t seen the aforementioned movie grab a copy and check it out. It is a classic!

      • beth

        thank you MicroOp and sammiejane; I did see that episode, but the performers name did not stick at all.

  91. Katrina

    We will have to wait and see the new housewives they will bring on. It will change the whole dynamic of the show. Maybe they will bring in more women from outside the state of Atlanta.

    • Debra Harrington

      Is the Porsha? Although inhabitants if Georgia complain about the legislature only thinking about Atlanta and their issues, Atlanta is not a state.

  92. yd14

    Remember when she shared that text don instagram iscussing production? I’m sure stuff like that did her in.

    On another note I think bill maher was right. There IS a gay mafia. Lol. Love my gays but shit soon they’ll have more power than the Jews. Andy is gay AND Jewish so he’s mega powerful…….

    I feel sorry for Nene in a way though. She does not realize her true talent is her humor. For all the queen kenya folks I truly think she’ll be boring as hell with no Nene to mess with.

    • Valerie

      Nene hasn’t been funny in a long time. A long, long, long time. Unless of course pretending your asleep at work while your boss is sitting right next to you. I guess that’s what you call funny stupid, but Andy was not amused.

      • getreal2014

        I hear people say that all the time, but I’ve never found Nene funny. The way she is now, is the way she’s always appeared to me. Even from the beginning I didn’t understand why she was the breakout star. Her reads were, and still are, childish and juvenile.

        She’s always been ugly on the inside and the outside to me. She was always bullying and intimidating the others, (except Sheree) and getting away with it. They let her run wild, and she got even worse, now it’s come to this. Her ego has become so massive that she like another poster said, she thinks she’s above her own boss.

        i hope that the network puts an end to her reign, because she constantly exhibits negative, ghetto, and unintelligent behavior. She is a bad example for young women everywhere, by making them think that they too can act this way in real life.

        She is a total embarrassment and her constant mean-mugging, refusal to take responsibility for her actions sends the wrong message. I know some think she’s OK because she is making money, but at what price? It will be nice when people focus more on character than on a paycheck.

  93. MicroOp

    The link about how bravo contracts work isn’t working :(

  94. This goes to show that Andy was just effing with Nene with his questions. He knew what he was doing and what he was going to do.

    • Calipatti

      I think the question that sealed Nene’s job loss was when Andy asked her if she enjoyed or liked being on the show. Nene’s reply was so negative.

      Nene and Porsche received exactly what they asked for. I don’t watch unless I catch part of RHOA in a rerun, I’ve seen better behaved classy women at the homeless shelter or food lines.

  95. Nancy

    I thought that at the reunion, when Andy confronted her saying that he thought she used the word “queen” when describing Brandon in a very hateful way, her appolgy was really awefull and I think she even practiced it. She added something like, “Do you want me to kiss your ass?” Andy appeared to take it well and had a cute comeback, but it was so desrespectful. If she’s off, I think that’s the reason. I will miss her bragging about how she left “millions on the table.” Kenya played a great game of chess!

    • Katrina

      When Andy had Kenya on WWHL right after the show aired, he did not have a problem with the word “Queen” being used.

      • Nancy

        Nothing wrong with the word “queen” it was the way she used it in a derogatory fashion, also, not all gays consider themselves queens. NeNe can’t handle a man being more feminine than her. :)

  96. $2.50. Who’s making $2.50 now??? Bwaaahahahaha Thank you Bravo this has taken too long but it’s right on time. In fact, the time left on the clock — 14:59. Hopefully, that second she has left quickly passes.

  97. Jessica

    I have a funny feeling about this. Although NeNe has removed RHOA from her twitter profile, I feel NeNe and her management will re-negotiate with Bravo and she may be back.

    If Phaedra is coming back, boring Kandi is coming back, and lame Cynthia is coming back, then I must say I have lost respect for Bravo and I do not think they respect the viewers of the show. I bet they will also bring NeNe back in a full capacity as soon as they have had a back and forth and possibly a pay cut

    • Jessica, I admit that I could see Andy cave, AGAIN. That is why I was trying to wait for a twitter rant from Nene to confirm. Like I said, I’m holding my breath. The time was coming to either go with the story or lose it to someone else.

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cythere

        Is it possible NeNe knew about this before the reunion? That could explain why she was out for blood. It could explain why she acted so bizarre over the “gay community is livid” comment. Plus, Gregg didn’t seem the least bit surprised at her anti-gay remarks. In retrospect, his parade comment seems rehearsed to me.
        I would love to know what craziness NeNe indulged in that season that we haven’t gotten to see. How many warnings did she get. And of course she’s too stubborn to listen, since in her mind she’s always right.
        She was a hag.

      • gerly1

        TT didn’t this happen before with one of the HW removing the show but then they ended up coming back? I sure wish I could remember who it was that did it in the past.

        I won’t miss Nene, but I’m not that thrilled with Kenya either. I don’t know if I’ll watch next year if the entire show is focused around Kenya. I do love Phaedra though… I know don’t kick me out.

    • Bathingsuitlady

      Wow your right no mention of RHOA on her twitter profile at all ! This must be true then !

    • wait… so you are saying NeNe ISNT boring?!?! are you kidding.. shes the most boring out of all of them. all she talks about is how rich she is and how many jobs she turns down. NeNe is the one who doesnt respect the viewers of the show…. i dont know what your watcing.

      • Oh my!

        Nene was always boring. She was/is never funny. From day one. She was always a loud, in your face obnoxious idiot.The only reason she received much attention.Was due to Anderson Cooper constant gushing on his show about her. She was never original with her stolen,rehearsed drag lingo. Want real, funny shade? Get some Boricua gays on there.

  98. Oh my!

    Is ” I dream of Nene” still a shoe in?

  99. MzKRB

    I normally don’t play the karma card but I think this is perfect placement. Nene has been acting “better than” for quite a while. She’s been acting as if she’s the nucleus that keeps this show going, when in actuality she is one of the HW with the least to add (other than her one on one interviews). The fame has most definitely gotten to her head and she no longer appears grateful for the opportunity, instead she acts if they should be grateful that’s she there. Even if they do have her back (which I also doubt that Andy will have the guts to fully pull the trigger) I think she needs to sweat a bit to teach her that the true HBIC is Andy..

  100. Bathingsuitlady

    After NeNe said what she did to Andy “Do you want to pull down your pants & let me kiss your ass ?” in responding to NeNe calling Brandon a queen @ the Pajama party, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Andy fired her a$$ just for that alone. She really hit below the belt with Andy on that one. Andy doesn’t like anyone calling him out for being gay …or anything for that matter. It was funny seeing Andy’s face & being so pissed off though.

    • Andy was also pissed that Nene was going on talk shows talking about production.

      • Bathingsuitlady

        So true so tre, NeNe has removed RHOA from her twitter profile. did you see that too ?

      • Teerii

        If they relegate NeNe to Friends of Housewives, I think it would be to test the waters of cutting her loose forever. Maybe this is a strategy to keep the viewers anticipating NeNe’s appearance and the ratings climbing while we get use to the new casts.

      • 'TheJam'

        Dont forget nene also revealed behind the scenes secrets and has been blogging on her own site away from Bravo’s control.

  101. PixNTrix

    I am so glad this site was linked at another site and I very found Mecca! Thanks for the great news Tamara…finally Nene gets what she so deserves. Too bad she isn’t taking Phaedra with her.

  102. myinfo

    Nene’s blog was only on her site once again. That might be the reason too.

  103. MyBloopBlopped

    What I love the most? This braggadocios “highest paid” HW is now relegated to friend status.. Take that, “Ms. Former Queen Bee.” My how that must smart. But, YOU alone stung yourself in your own ass. BLOOP!

  104. Lisa

    It’s true pride comes before a fall.


    We heard NeNe fall way across town in Marietta.

    I love NeNe on the very first RHOA episode, when she and Kim went to Sheree’s party and Nene was “pushed over to the motherfuckin’ side”. But like everybody else I stopped being on Team NeNe years ago. She’s not even one of those characters that you love to hate. I just started hating her.

    Bryce better start wearing a condom, pronto. The money machine is about to close.

  105. She just tweeted that she’s laughing at all these rumors.

  106. I sure hope that this is true. Seems to be ‘too right’ to be true. However, if someone like Jill Zarin can be let go, these low lives beat her by a mile. Andy…if they’re really gone….Good Man/Girl

  107. Truthseeker

    Nene’s twitter account says she’s laughing at all these rumors as she shouts out the city of her hairshow appearance. You would think something would sink in from being at these hairshows. She must have some serious damage underneath those wigs.

    • Harlyn

      She’s probably trying to figure out how she wants to spin all of this. If there was no truth to the rumors, she couldn’t resist saying that directly and making a snide remark.

      • Isa

        She could also be trying to spin it to “I quit, I am above this drama” from “she was fired”, I hope her ass is gone tbh, especially after that tweet. She has acted so above RHOA and everyone else when it was the platform to her success, let’s see her succeed without it.

      • Cat Parlova

        Hmmm….Like the rumor about an ex-housewife and an ex-friend coming in to take over the new full time spots…so they can team up against Nene and dish some dirt? A little taste of her own medicine?….or will she simply bow out?

    • Keya

      LOL! @ “…serious damage underneath those wigs.”

    • sw

      She need to be at a hair show looking for something to replace that George Washington wig she has been wearing. Yeah Nene has some nappy hair up under that wig. Look at the episode in Mexico where she leaning all up in Peter’s face calling him a bit@h the naps coming all out the back. Greg only said 5 words during the reunion I am sure she will blame her firing on him because he said 4 words more then she told him to :)

      • I’ll never understand the hair. Anybody could afford better hair experts. Who ever is around her is reinforcing her own belief that she looks good that way. I can’t for the life of me understand her persistence to wear those awfully constructed and amateurishly attached pieces. You know it does remind me of the late president GW. He also had wooden teeth ya know. Good lord, Nene is George Washington reincarnated. Who knew he always wanted to be a black person.

      • Oh my!

        ROTFL at “the naps”. Oh, dear! Lights out!

      • Ugly aint cute

        lawd, lawd, lawd at NAPS!!


    • She got the Polident mixed up with the hair glue. Girl is all kinds of high now.

  108. Sari

    You’re good, girl. You’re damn good.

    I feel an odd sense of satisfaction about NeNe’s firing. That’s what you get for offering to pull down the pants and kiss the ass of the man who made you who you are… While insulting his legitimate concern about “Queen Controversy.”

    Girl, bye.

    And hallelujah.

  109. Frappe

    Your drunk post made me drunk post happy! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  110. ceebo

    I thought Andy Cohen was removed from his position of Executive Vice President of Development and Talent for Bravo, so how is he so influential in the hiring and firing of the RHOA cast??

    • he wasnt removed.. he chose to take another position. and just because you take another position in the company.. doesnt mean you still dont have influence over certain aspects. use those brain cells people!!!!

      • Dracla Dunning

        During Nene’s recent one on one she acted totally surprised that Andy had a say in hiring and firing. When she pretended to act like this was news to her, I wondered if a screw was loose since the previous year she mentioned to Andy that someone needed to be fired and she would discuss that situation with him privately. Nene contradicted herself. I now realize that after her megalomaniac behavior during the reunion she was trying to play nice with him during that interview. On reflection Nene may have sensed she crossed the line and decided to be playful Nene in an attempt to put a bandaid on a gushing wound. Her kissing his ass remark followed by the suggestion of a “fonk-shon” or a parade were crass, below the belt but what stopped me in my tracks was Nene chose to humiliate Andy in front of the viewing audience with no remorse. Nene was probably hoping Bravo would edit that slam but they chose to televise it for a reason. Regardless of being male, female, straight or gay, that comment was the most degrading I have ever heard an employee make to a superior in all my years of employment…and that’s a lot of years. I have been sending Andy telepathic inner strength to take a stand for self-respect. He needs to remember when one door closes another opens. The decision to demote or terminate Nene may be difficult for him. It means severing ties with someone , at one time, he truly adored. Nene is actually quite evil. Besides anger when Nene offered to kiss his ass, Andy was hurt.

      • ceebo

        He chose to make less money and a have smaller job title…… looks like you have limited capacity of brain cells

      • ummmm.. where do you get your information? no where does it say hes making less money, he just changed titles because he is going to be more involved with production and less with real housewives. and that by no means indicates he wont have a say in hiring or firing. so relax. and my brain cells work just fine.. clearly yours dont. bye felicia

    • He oversees all the HW franchises and Top Chef. Those are still his babies. He doesn’t do talent and development for EVERYTHING anymore.

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 3:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  111. Jeanna

    Yes! The moose has left the building! She acts as though she is above and better than everyone. I used to love her but she has turned me off! To the point where I roll my eyes every time she is on screen!

  112. Gingersnap

    Life has taught me not to count my chickens before they’re hatched, but I SO hope this is true. Fingers crossed.

  113. I noticed a few people said that Nene removed the RHOA moniker from her Twitter and in actuality she removed it a few months ago. I had read either here or on another site that production had had it with Nene’s attitude and belittling them. I think since production did a great job of editing her to look like a bitch she took the RHOA moniker down,out of frustration. Personally I could careless if she comes back or not. I will still watch and support the show.

  114. gigi

    If NeNe is returning in a limited capacity, it will be her choice.

    Clearly she is getting tired of the show and Bravo will still be cutting her a check; cause you can bet your last dollar she won’t being appearing on the show for free!

    At this point, holding a peach is not a special honor or achievement.. the show has become a ratchet mess.

    • when was it ever a special honor or achievement!?!?! lol uhhhh never

    • 'TheJam'

      Nene has already said something to the effect of “she was going to stay on the show until the end of time.’ So if she leaves or is reduced it is DEFINITELY not by choice. She was holding on tooth and nail at the reunion. She is not getting tired of the show what she is, is tired of looking bad.

      • Jalen

        The context of this comment is so stupid. There should be a ban from your fingertips touching a keyboard. NeNe is not in charge. She may want to stay on the show “until the end of time” however she can be demoted and/or fired. If she is tired of looking bad, then why is she acting that way? Editing is a B.S. excuse. Just look at her twitter timeline.

    • sw

      I guess now Ms Leakes has time for a chitterling circuit play :)

    • And the delusion Nene fans begin coming up with excuses…

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 4:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Evelyn

      The show has become a ratchet mess because of Nene, because that is the direction her ratchet behavior has taken it. That is why I hope this is true that she will have a diminished role on the show so that it can go in another direction.

  115. In the “real” world, employees who commit workplace violence may be arressted and prosecuted, but certainly terminated.

    In the “real” world, employees who publicly, loudly and intentionally insult their boss, manager or CEO will be subject to immediate termination that is non-negotiable.

    NeNe and Porsha in their “reality tv” delusions failed to be or remain cognitive of the fact that the RHOA was their “real” job.

    • Katrina

      Well this is reality TV. What you watched was not live TV. I do not think Nene will work for free, unless she is getting something in return. She will be a friend for a fee or another show.

      • Friends of the housewives get paid. Not a lot of money but if they are OFFICIAL friends the get paid. Also, she can’t do any other reality TV for a full year after her contract ended.

        On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 4:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Katrina

        Does being a friend delay the 1 year waiting period?

      • If she takes a friend contract, or whatever limited capacity they are offering, then that’s a new contract and she would have to wait a full year from the end of that one to do reality on another network.

        On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Dracla Dunning

      Although retired from the workplace for some years now, those were the rules where I was employeed and they were spelled out with postings, an employee handbook and during communication meetings. There was a strict hands-off policy with no second chance. I cringed when I watched that man carry infantile Porsha around after she assulted Kenya all the while Kenya walked unescorted to her dressing room. Most of the housewives have no idea what is expected of an actual employee since many of them have never had to be gainfully employeed. Even though Andy stated that violence is not condoned, actions are speaking louder than words. Porsha is being permitted to continue employment in a limited capacity.

  116. LisaLisaDiva

    Well..I’m like TT and waiting for confirmation that Andy won’t change his mind in some fashion about NeNe. From a business point of view: If you open your mouth and tell me (as your boss) if you should pull down my pants and kiss my ass on top of all the other hostile behavior exhibited, I’d either cut your salary deeply or fire you, either way Andy wins. NeNe’s behavior damaged her brand as the top RHOA housewife and I think the pressures of Hollywood added to her behavior by making her stress out on staying on top. This could explain all the bitter,cold and callous behavior she was displaying. I think NeNe needs to go to a therapist to regain a much stronger work vs life balance for herself, it may be the key to her successfully remaining within the entertainment industry regardless of RHOA. Being fired is a devastatingly f*ked up experience, she needs a stronger grasp on her mental, spiritual, physical and financial future in show business. As for Porsha, she acts and presents herself to be as dumb as a bowl of dead hair so…Girl Bye!

  117. Shrimpenstein

    So happy Big Bird has been de-throwned with a BLOOP! As for Porsha, well really no room for a bag of rocks for brains, taking up the coach or TV! Kenya is no fool by far…Scepter, bull horn, action! Elbow elbow, Wrist wrist 😀

  118. I’m so happy to hear that Nene and Porsha will not be coming back as regulars. I am particularly happy to hear about Nene’s demise. For too long she has been acting like the show revolves around her. The insulting comment she made to Andy on the reunion show should not go without consequences. I would have been upset if Andy had not done something drastic to put her in her place. She literally bit the hand that fed her. Now, she will look foolish as she goes from talk show to talk show talking about “moving on to better things.” Please, the housewives gig was the best thing she ever had.

  119. sw

    Can somebody twitter Nene and ask her did she receive her Pick Up Letter lol

  120. DUST

    Do you have any idea about casting for the new season of #RHOBH? Just wondering

  121. Katrina

    It depends. When Lisa Wu left, she did not acknowledge it until the show aired. Deshawn and Sheree’s departure was acknowledged early. Taping usually starts at the end of June.

  122. Angie B

    Let’s face it, none of these women are angels but all Nene had to do was give a sincere apology for her insensitive comments about Brandon and she would’ve been golden. I used to like her, but there is a big difference between “throwing shade” and being downright cruel. Nene lost me when she couldn’t care less that she’d made Cynthia cry when she put down her parenting. She didn’t care again during the reunion as Cynthia sat there looking heartbroken. Her insensitivity towards the gay community (which has always supported her) both on that stage and in her blog was disgusting. She practically forced Andy to punish her because it was clear she felt she was the boss of the show. Dummy.

    • deb

      yes, that was so cruel of Nene to put down Cynthia’s parenting. I saw no need for her to be so mean about it. Nene has no self awareness. Honey you did not do a good job with poor Bryson. You do not get to criticize anybody else’s parenting skills. Noelle seems like a lovely young girl. Cynthia is doing a fine job it seems to me.

      • Oh my!

        What happened to Byrson truck they purchased him as a graduation gift? What happened to the college, she took him to? What happened to the guy, that gave her all those gifts and fawned all over her on tv? The pizza guy? Maybe Kenya can hit him up for that $10 pizza? (Sarcasm).

    • JulieB

      I love that you called her “Dummy”! It was the perfect word to describe her! Well played!

  123. Free Mind

    This is too much juice!…The thing that would make me laugh even more is if Kenya gets much of NeNe’s salary since her role has apparently been reduced….I’m sick of the moose looking NeNe acting like she is so much better than other people.

  124. Keke

    So Nene posted on twitter 4 hours ago saying she’s laughing at the rumors? Any T?

  125. If Kenya is still on the show, I will not be watching

  126. Calipatti

    TT, you’ve been credited online with breaking this story, guess Nene reads here, as do others.

    • Yeah, I do not interact with the HWs for the most part on twitter, especially Nene. I don’t believe in mean tweeting people for things they do on a TV show. So imagine my surprise when she blocked me after a negative article here. For the record, I was very supportive for the first few weeks she was on DWTS. My opinion changes with her behavior… So yes, she reads here. They all do.

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 6:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  127. terry macon

    TT thanks I knew it was over when she ask andy about kissing his ass. Was she on drugs? I just wish we had one season of nene and Marlo. I will not miss her.

  128. myinfo

    I am watching the social edition of Reunion part 3. All the comments production is displaying IS against Nene.
    Bravo is not feeling Nene.

    • Oooh interesting. Thanks for the info. I never watch the social editions.

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 6:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Ah it just started recording now where I am.

    • sw

      Where do you find the social editions?

      • Brianna

        I found it interesting that nene and Kenya were arguing about the couples night and nene would not admit that Kenya was being honest about nene being jealous that the “star” was late. Then bravo takes a commercial break and cuts back to the reunion to play the exact clip that nene said didn’t happen! Lol brilliantly played bravo!!

  129. No Nene and No Porsha, Thank GOD ! Nene’s attitude is absolutely Ridiculous and she is Out of Control. When she told Andy in her “so called” apology to the Gay community….What do you want me to do ? Pull down your pants and Kiss Your ASS I was though with Nene ! How dare she, how disrepectful she is. Porsha doesn’t have anything to offer the show’s story line so I understand why she is leaving. Good luck to Porsha and NeNe… GET THERAPHY !

  130. Sari

    Basically, NeNe traded in her peach a few seasons ago when she took a bite of the Jill Zarin Apple of Delusion. When you start dictating who can film with who and make declarations about how cast members should be grateful to you, the countdown clock begins. For those who are ride or die NeNe fans, I implore you to use some logic.

    • Sari

      Side note, caught a Where Are They Now show on OWN. Zarin concedes she was fired only after she took a sleeping pill and sent an email to production saying that she wanted out. Expect something similar from Leakes. She’ll claim it was on her own terms.

    • The way NeNe spoke to Andy with that half ass apology, you knew then the handwriting was on the way with this girl and then for her to tell him who she will and will not film with, I’m thinking child do you not get it? This man is your boss!!

    • Its really sad watching all these originals fall by the way side because their ego’s got the best of them….Leakes the highest paid of all the housewives, took her tumble this season because she allowed jealousy and envy get the best of her, just as Jill allowed her jealousy of Bethanny take her down….its no wonder “jealousy” is among the seven deadly sins.

  131. patrice

    I think Nene would be good as a talk show host with her big mouth. She’s loud and very opinionated. I think she might give Wendy Williams a run for her money. Lol. Bethenny is still doing well with her talk show but how long will that last.

    • J.

      Bethenny has been cancelled. Maybe Wendy will be next. NeNe are you ready for a talk show?

    • Fahlina_g

      An hour of Nene talking about Nene? There is a reason moose live in remote areas…A very GOOD reason! 😛

    • Um, Patrice, Nene would have to learn how to speak English before doing a talk show and Bethenny’s Talk Show was cancelled weeks ago.

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 7:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Flipping channels and the reunion is on, I totally forgot about thing with Nene sending a cease and desist letter. I don’t think they are allowed to do that either. When Adrianne did it to Brandi she was not allowed back the next weekend. That said, Adrienne also refused to film the reunion. But a cease and desist letter asks for someone to stop doing something OR THEY WILL BE SUED. These women are not allowed to sue each other for things said on or related to the show. There are so many reasons for Nene to be let go.

      • Jalen

        I always wondered why Kenya never sent a cease and desist letter to Phaedra and/or Apollo over there allegations about her. I knew something was off when Nene mentioned that.

    • When she was on WWHL, she said it had been cancelled.

    • You have to have a strong fan base to pull these things off….Bethanny had a huge following until she effed over Jason and she lost a lot of fans because of it, thus the failings of her show….Fans and their love for you, make and break careers, I wish these women would understand how POWERFUL YOUR FANS ARE. Ticking off the gay community and crapping all over your fans, NeNe, you should know better.

      • Harlyn

        Kandi is probably the best at recognizing the importance of her fan base on RHOA. She uses social media to the max to engage her fan base.

      • mskayty

        I totally agree about ticking off the gay community. Patti Stanger of “Millionaire Matchmaker” said something pissy about gay men and open relationships. Patti was in essence saying that gay men have difficulty in curbing their tastes for open relationships. She basically told Andy Cohen “I’ve tried to curb you people.” Andy was pissed and read her ass about not having a man. It started a firestorm in the gay community and it got so bad, she reportedly hid out in Boca Raton for about two weeks.

    • The only problem is that she is illiterate.

  132. Fahlina_g

    I would love for Andy to finally give Peter his much-coveted peach as a final death blow to Nene….So much for being “Rich”…..

  133. SoCalCPA

    Praise GOD!! Thanks for spilling this glorious Tea, T!!! :-) :-) :-)

  134. papa smurf

    Ding dong, the witch is dead!
    Which old witch? The ratched ole ex-stripper witch!
    Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!
    Looks like Kenya threw the pail, and melted ole Nene down, and all thats left is a sad Donald Trump lace front weave…
    Bye Felicia!

  135. Wampascat

    Wow! I must admit I’m a little shocked! I’ll bet Nene was flabbergasted! She was sure she was the darling of the entire pack! Just shows you can’t act all briggity ( my mother’s word) and get by with it for too long!

  136. beverly

    I so hope this is true.

  137. Xack

    Thank you Tamara, i Love your realness Tea! Air kisses for you as it is my first time commenting on your blog. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Nene is still been defiant and Marlo said something telling on her Instagram today.

    • What did she say? I can’t find anything. Do tell!

      • by the way, yesterday I saw Cynthia in Dallas. I asked her about Nene not coming back. She acted like she didn’t know anything about that. Said she hadn’t heard. But when I told her that I hoped to see her next season she looked at me said “I’ll be back” smiled her beautiful smile at me. She is even more lovely in person than in pictures and on tv. How can that be? She is poised, confident and seemed kind and sweet. Now I imagine she can’t say to me what she knows. Please let this be true about Nene. She is so deserving of this. Cynthia was posing for pictures with young girls and their moms. In a part of Dallas where young black women need to see role models and be inspired.And know that they can do it, can be successful like Cynthia. Gotta love her for that.

      • @Debbie Hedges, How can it be that she and Nene were ever friends? I just don’t see an obvious nexus. They seem to be polar opposites. Perhaps there is something in Nene that Cynthia always wanted to be, like more bold and outspoken that attracted her to Nene. This beyond the obvious need of having someone to align with on the show. The friendship, however, did nothing more than create a dominant/passive dynamic, which really seems to be a comfortable fit for Cynthia. I really do like her and I’m glad to hear she will be back. She’s too lovely and special not to spotlight.

  138. Its so refreshing finally to see Mr. Cohen stand up to this money monster he created…..the way she treated the guy on the show, I kinda knew the hand writing was on the way…people are tired of you NeNe, now take that big head of yours and put it where the sun hasn’t shined in a long time…up your as me later what I mean!!

  139. other women achieve full housewife status after being FOHs. do you think maybe this is really a time out for nene? i rarely watch this show do i dont have the hard feelings toward nene others here have. she can be funny. her nasty tone and comment about ass kissing and a gay parade should have gotten her fired but without her i dont know what way the show will go. i dont think any of the women are really likeable/interesting, tho i think cynthia is beautiful.

  140. The question will now be, to what friend will she embrace? Because Paedra is gonna be too busy visiting Apollo in jail, the rest can’t stand her and Porsha is too low profile for her level…tsk, tsk, tsk, what’s queen B to do??

  141. Patti

    Nene gone?!? That’s wonderful news if it’s true. Now I can watch the show regularly again, and that “very rich”, miserable, hateful, manipulative, pathetic narcissist can take a break and get herself some help. I’m still shocked at how disrespectful to Andy Nene was on the reunion show. I knew that Nene had no respect for most people, but disrespecting the person who is responsible for her getting paid is a sign that it’s time got her to leave the show.

  142. Palid Polly

    I don’t even drink tea but I soaked this up like a sponge. Very refreshing! Thanks TT.

  143. Born 2B Lucky

    Nene is the same woman who claimed that she turned down millions of dollars in revenue through refusing to read Hollywood scripts because she was better than everyone else and a great actress. I believe the feud with Ms. Andy Cohen finally took a boiling point. However, I don’t think Andy has the power to hire and fire, but I don’t doubt that he’s pissed off with this irritating moose. I say bring back Sheree she knows how to handle Nene. Sorry to burst anyone bubble, but the “Close your legs to married men and ” You touch me girl, I will wear that wig off your head will be back next season to be more nastier than ever.”

    • You are an idiot. Andy has the final say on all Real Housewives and Top Chef hiring and firing.

      On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 12:38 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Sorry about the brooks spam. There are/were several trolls who didn’t seem to realize their comments were all deleted and could not take a hint. They should be all flushed out now.

      • Born 2B Lucky

        Thank you. I guess my 5 minutes of lame is up…“Don’t let the door hit me where the good Lord split me.Twirling on out..”Got it.

    • Cat Parlova

      “Great actress”…so funny. I was curious about this, and read some of the reviews. She’s delusional if she thinks she’s a great actress.

  144. Witchy

    I hope this is true about Nene.
    Just one question. I thought Andy stepped down at Bravo and is going to host WWHL and focus on his production company?

  145. Witchy

    What? Im moderated? :-(

  146. Carolyn King

    Thank you so much for the good news.

  147. TT I just love your blog. Thank you for giving the real deal! I have to tell you thank you because so many times I have read your blog, and have been blown away by the information you have uncovered.
    Not going to miss a thing with you in charge.

  148. JulieB

    As a woman trying to raise twin daughters with two moms…I could not be more happy. The unfettered homophobia from those two was disgusting.

    • Right I have a “tween” daughter and she told me she hears when the housewives are on. Honestly I think she has seen it elsewhere or on reruns! Anyway, she says to me ” mama I know what ratchet means.”

      I said “okay what?”

      My daughter says ” it means how Nene Leakes acts.” I’m done at this point.

      Now I go through the I absolute do not approve of her watching the show. How she is not mature enough to fully understand the lives of these women blah blah blah.

      In the back of my mind I am thinking damn Nene you really didn’t give me anything to work with, you really do define ratchet . I didn’t even ask my daughter what she thought of Porsha and Phaedra. Whew from the mouths of babes.
      Maybe I should ask her just in case she thinks they are “respectable ladies”.
      Happy Mother’s Day

  149. LewLew

    There sure is a lot of speculation going on. I’ll just wait and see what happens. Also, there’s too much name calling and hatred taking place on this blog. It doesn’t matter whom it’s toward, it’s just out of control.

    • sw

      Go to another blog site if you are offended! Last I checked this was TT site and believe me she will moderate it should it get out of control.

      • LewLew

        SW, do you think you just hurt my feelings? I never used the word offended. Obviously you have a problem comprehending. I only made an assessment based on some of what I read. Yes it is TT’s blog and only she has the right to redirect me to a different blog. Do you understand? Now, don’t bother responding because there will not be any back and forth between you and I. Enjoy your Mother’s Day.

      • Pepper

        LewLew ummmm reread what you wrote before trying to check SW. She/he is spot on in the response.

        “I never used the word offended.”

        You don’t have to boo. However, you made sure to decry the “hatred” and “name-calling” on this site, calling it “out of control”

        Offended is defined ‘made to feel upset, annoyed, or resentful.’

        If you are not offended by the “out of control name-calling & hatred” on this site, then why mention it? Are you giddy? Are you in the business of pointing out “out of control hatred” on the web for no reason whatsoever?

        I’ll wait.

        “I only made an assessment based on some of what I read.”

        But it doesn’t offend you? And you have no opinion on this assessment that this website is full of “name-calling hatred”. WOW – you must be a robot! BRAVO

        “Now, don’t bother responding because there will not be any back and forth between you and I.”

        LMAO – you really think you can comment on a public blog, SW can respond – then you’re allowed to dictate what happens next?

        Have several seats. You seem to be new to the internets. And to Tamara Tattles. But really the whole interwebs.

        SMH at the audacity to make an scathing assessment on the website based on “some of what I read.”

        You sir, are a RE-TARD. How is that for name-calling….

        Respond if you wish – I sincerely give zero fucks because you are an idiot and I am just bored enough to toy with you.

    • im just wondering what other blogs you visit that you dont see this going on????! i was on a site the other day and they actually had the balls to talk about this blog on there.. these people were also nene phaedra and porsha supporters.. i think that is out of control.

  150. sw

    I couldn’t stomach 3 weeks of these bit@hes so I just looked at bits and pieces of the first 2 episodes because I couldn’t stand to watch dumbass Porsha and stupid ass mama Joyce and of course the arrogant Queen Bee Nene (Trump) Leakes.

    So today I watched the 3rd episode and Nene was more arrogant and disrespectful then ppl was saying. This bit@ch is out of control and thinks this is the Real World of Nene Leakes and the other ladies are her supporting cast. There is no way Andy Cohen can ignore her attitude and dictate the show. She said we know who the star is by the size of the check they are writing her! It clear she was jealous of Kenya and was trying to dictate who films with who. I hope it is true that Ms Leakes has been fired from RHOA because she clearly has outgrown this show and has no respect for cast, production or viewers. I will not watch this show next season if Nene Leakes is still on the show and I hope other viewers will do the same and tell Felicia goodbye if AC doesn’t put on his big boy panties and let her go!

  151. Philly Finest!!

    I watched Wendy recently and she said that Nene asked for a raise and she went out her way to say that Nene attitude is horrible ,and she need to realize that “she can be replaced”..and she said on That Nene needs to be fired..mmmmmmmm

    If she coming on as friend of a housewife…. Who she gonna be a friend to? Because she “dissolved” all her friendships except with “pheadra” and at the moment they are cordial to each other at best..

    I wonder how that’s gonna work out.

    As for Porsha she can be walkon for Kandi and Phaedra but that all..


    just wondering

    • Believe me, I’m wondering too…

      On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Zoe D.

      Like Bravo doesn’t already pay her enough money! For the last two seasons Nene’s brought nothing to the table…nada! Like Wendy said…”Bring on some new faces…and save yourselves some cash.” Well…something like that. lol

  152. Bombshell

    Hmmm well looks like porsha’s attempt to knock out Kenya boomeranged!

  153. Zoe D.

    I hope this is true! I’m so over NeNe, Porsha and Phaedra…too bad Phaedra is coming back. I thought that with all that is going on in her life…Bravo would of cut her loose. I agree TT…Andy likes Phaedra (I don’t understand why), he gets a giggle out of her foul mouth.

    I think NeNe went too far this reunion…she had a really bad attitude towards Andy and I think it was because he called her out on some of the things she’s done. Andy, usually kisses her big behind. The gay slurs and talking bad about production didn’t help her either. There must be some truth to this story…because NeNe removed all housewife mentions on her Twitter account.

  154. Tamara.. i skip around and see what other sites have to say.. even though we all know you ALWAYS have the best tea.. as i was reading one ridiculous article and scrolling through the comments i noticed most of the people commenting were hating on you on this one particular site.. jealous much!!?! these people are also supporters of nene porsha and phaedra.. so i guess that pretty much explains it. it really pissed me off and i wont be visiting that one anymore but i guess its to be expected when one has the same morals or views as nene porsha and phaedra.

  155. Daphne

    Like or dislike Nene, it won’t be long before the same happens to Kenya. Before too long, she’ll be the butt of everyone else’s hatred, ire, and jealousy and it’ll all be too tiring for all who watch the show. I’ll continue to read my TT for updates, but, yup, I think I’m done and on both sides. Thanks for the Tea!!!

    • Philly Finest!!

      The thing with Kenya is most people already dislike, her , but the rest of us know that she was brought on for entertainment,and she has earned every cent.

      Nene problem is she don’t have no humbleness, her attitude for all three episodes was horrible. Nene alienated her own fans with her nasty attitude. Wendy used to be her biggest supporter..not no more.. I wonder what happened with that… so Nene is her own worst enemy.

      I think it’s time that Peter get his “Peach” he earned it….

      • Nikki

        Well said… I Love Kenya despite what ppl say about her

      • Oracle5

        I am wondering, if “Peter gets a “Peach,” whose gown will he wear; Cynthia’s, NeNe’s, or Miss Lawrence? Peter did compliment Miss Lawrence FROCK and mentioned how lovely she looked.

    • For the record, I DESPISED Kenya last season. I was praying for her quick and hasty firing. The producers of this show have a way of pulling us this way and that with each new season, and I for one blindly follow their lead. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be stanning for the religious hypocrite, but I doubt it.

      On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kati

        I agree. Yet, Phaedra may be doing time at the pen before its over with. Nida’s co-conspirator was convicted and is serving 5 yrs or so. This person is on record for saying that Phaedra’s hands are dirty and has been the “master-mind” behind shady, illegal dealings?

      • Gingersnap

        I despised Kenya last season too, but I was also sick of Nene. It was great fun watching Kenya play her psychological game on Nene, and I was eventually won over because Kenya is smart. She knows it’s a game and she’s playing the game, and she’s WINNING the game.

        I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I will never be Phaedra fan or stan or whatever. She has only earned contempt from me.

      • Teerii

        I’m curious, why did you despise Kenya last season?

      • If you are asking me, it was because she was a fake hot scripted mess trying to hard to be the shit stirrer. And just trying too hard in general. I think she settled in a bit this last season.

        On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 6:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  156. Nikki

    I love Kenya and all the other bitches hating on her becuz she is the new Queen Bee…. Nene and Porsha’s reign has officially come to an end and as for Phaedra I can’t wait to see what the spotlight will do for her and that stupid, childish husband of her’s, after it’s done she’ll be ruined, her character will be tarnished…

  157. Kati

    TT! I’m so glad that I found your blog. I was going crazy tripping off how arrogant and mean Ms Leakes was to Kenya after the pajama party. Nene was clearly so jealous of Kenya. Kenya tried to be cordial and looked to her as an aunt or mentor. Kenya’s issues are internal. She needs a good therapist to sort it out. I don’t think that Kenya had an agenda against Leakes. NeNe apparently was told that she got fired. That’s probably why she’s working harder (e.g. Zumanity, lame clothes line)What a life lesson, don’t burn bridges or bite the hand that feeds you 1 million dollars a season.Smh. NeNe is so arrogant and ignorant.

  158. I found your blog shortly after you posted this. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been reading it for the past few days now. I can’t stop myself.

  159. Ronnie

    Prayers have been answers…..bye Felicia!!! Andy finally grew a pair

  160. myinfo

    I do hope Nene is downgraded, BUT I worked in HR and people who were marked to be fired ended up no being fired because maybe there replacement left the company before they fired the person or many other reasons.
    I hope nothing changes and Nene stays as a friend.
    Watching the reunion missed scenes now. I will miss this crazy show.

  161. Cat Parlova

    This is great news! I have been searching literally for hours for news like this, and am so glad I found you! I have one suggestion for Nene’s “acting” career, since she screwed it up so fast: Nene, since you are such a (ahem!) “big star”, why don’t you try to get a cameo appearance on “The Walking Dead”? Just a nice little walk on-walk off part as a zombie. Hey, the show is based in Atlanta, and I think it would be great to see your big mouth chomping silently (for once) at the air! :)

  162. Nene is confirmed at Bravo upfronts this week. Kenya Moore is not. :-)

  163. Twilly

    Love you TT! Best tea evahhh!!!

  164. No one is dreaming of Nene except Greg, that can go too. Team twirl all the way, all hail QUEEN KENYA!!

  165. lori

    I had a terrible thought! I really hope that Ryan Murphy isn’t giving Nene a part on AHS. I was thinking, maybe her little stint in Vegas is some sort of home work. That would be the WORST!

    • That role would certainly be a good audition for the next season of AHS. Who knows, Nene might be good at it, I have no idea, I’ve never seen her act any role that wasn’t basically herself.

      I do have a problem when someone from a reality show does scripted TV. It just seems odd to know so much about a person and then accept them in a role. Maybe that’s just me.

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 7:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’ve thought the very same thing. For TV (non-reality)or movies, these reality people will have a hard time being taken seriously because they didn’t come up the ranks, but just the fact that I know so much about them, and especially if I don’t like them, will taint the experience. Besides real actors don’t really want to “work” with them in their profession. Cheapens them. Ellen Barkin would have taken anything at this point.

      • lori

        No, it’s not just you. I would normally not wish ill will on someone, but with her… she just brings that out in me. I know it’s not nice, but I would be very happy to see her crash and burn (not literally of course). BUT with this whole circus theme for the upcoming season of AHS, I could see her being in it. Probably not a huge role because I really don’t think she can act, but maybe a couple of scenes as an amazon woman or bearded lady who dies early on in the show.

      • lori

        Not circus… carnival.

      • khintx

        I think her next gig will be Marriage Bootcamp. . kh

      • JoJo

        TT – maybe that’s the reason for my aversion to even the thought of Nene & AHS? Even tho the maybes make sense I don’t feel comfortable risking the show.
        Can you in a million years picture Jessica Lange and Nene Leakes together?

      • lori

        Lol at Nene and Jessica Lange. The sickest part is I’m sure Nene would think that SHE was the star of the show. Hahaha

    • JoJo

      oh no. Don’t even put that thought out in cyber universe please. I can’t have my favorite show of all time destroyed. something like Malibu Country that’ll be fine.:)

      • lori

        I know Jojo. I’m sorry. Trust me, when the thought came into my head a feeling of horror came over me.

    • JoJo

      I have so much catching up to do I didn’t even read that she was in my hometown. You would think that I would ‘Sense something in the air.’ AHS is in Germany or somewhere hopefully not cabaret in Vegas or not Vegas with Nene. I hope so to God no!

    • JoJo

      No probs, Lori, I bet even THE Mr. Ryan Murphy has exec. producers who have exec. producers who have COOs of FX, known as a pretty high-end of off-beat mini-series w/ actual established actors & character actors to risk the baggage of a Ms. Nene Leakes from RHOA or reality TV in general.
      I don’t hate Nene or wish her ill even – in the least. Let the woman act all over network TV – just don’t F my favorite network – the next best to paying up the yazoo for prem. cable w/ someone that’s shown nothing but non-scripted self, semi-scripted self, and self scripted – variations of the mad black woman. Angela Bassett has what we need for AHS down to a science:))

  166. JustAThought

    Yes! My prayers have been answered. Goo Kenya. I like her a lot, the Queen will be back. Yes! Good luck with the baby, Kenya. I am cheering for you..

  167. Xanadude

    There’s actually a pretty simple mathematical equation for this:
    Entertainment Factor (EF) and Piss Off Andy Factor (POAF) – when your EF > POAF, you stay. when your EF = POAF, demotion to Friend of Housewife. When your EF<POAF, you are gone.
    Examples: Case 1) Theresa and Joe – homophobic comments and violence, including shoving Andy, yet nothing that would reflect badly on Andy personally or Bravo as a brand. They stayed Case 2) LuAnn this season – residual interestingness from last season balances an unwillingness to sign her contract on time Case 3) Jill Zarin. Nuff said

  168. benurd

    Aww… Am im the only one who couldn’t view the link about the housewives contracts? I don’t come here often enough to have read it. TT, can you fix the link for a playa? Lol

  169. JoJo

    I am fiendishly (pun intended) trying to catch up on this blog after a layoff (#1 reason, (whispers) Tennis season w/ back to back, knock down exciting tournaments:O))
    I know it’s going to be impossible with the # of comments on RHOA, TT now recapping shows I absolutely love (Blacklist, Fargo, I thought I saw a Devious Maids awhile ago, but may be wrong), TT’s news breaks happening as usual every day or so – etc. etc etc.
    But I have to ask since I’ll probably find it around Thanksgiving time: What & where is the news if any on AHS, the circus or carnival theme if so?? Help a floundering TT super fan out, please:(

    • Jojo just use the search box to catch up on your favorite things. like AHS in the box will bring up all you have missed. Or Fargo. etc. The search feature works pretty well. news is also a good one. I use it myself all the time because you know I can’t remember crap anymore. :)

      On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  170. Lmao !!, Andy has done it I’m sure everyone will be as happy as I am and Nene thought she was all that an more. Not !!! LoL ! Maybe next time she will shut her big mouth an sit down.

  171. Tara

    O yes this is yhe best news since finding out there is no more jacqueline. Kathy Nd caroline on rhoNj!! Wooohoo ! Anf no more Meanie nene. She needs to get to steppin wit her big ass head and go do the actixngg that she will never do again! Haha so happy

  172. Glory from jersey

    I pray you’re right. So tired of Hene’s 5 th grade hissy fits. She’s so jealous of Kenya that her true colors are popping out . She’s so jealous that u can c it in her ugly mug, and hear it in her voice. Her voice quivers when she’s trying to talk smack about Kenya and I heard it clearly when she Gregg did a high five and bloop bloop together. Wow Hene Leakes you need an attitude adjustment. Bravo I believe it’s time to put the old moose out to pasture.

  173. Glory from jersey

    Tamara I pray you are right. I am a fan of yours and I follow faithfully. Please be right. I love Atlanta housewives but I was gonna quit watching if nene leakes returned. She’s too arrogant for this type of realty show. I use to love her but that’s all over now! Nene has changed so much. She’s changed mentally and physically. I don’t recognize her anymore. I feel bad for her family. I’m sure they see a difference too. She tried to climb that ladder so fast that she’s gotten dizzy and has fallen. I truly will never buy anything she’s selling period.

    • Vickki

      Too bad because she is back

      • Oracle5

        I’m wondering, if the majority of viewers who love to watch RHOA would just stop watching RHOA then the ratings would drop therefore, RHOA could very well be cancelled, as a matter of fact, I ain’t got time to watch NENE.

  174. Will the entire rhoa be returning? ???. Noooo please

  175. KayStar

    Well done, Queen Kenya!

  176. Judymac

    Am I alone with Deja vue?
    Didn’t TT tell us this breaking news…months ago?

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