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We all know that Kenya Moore is on with Andy for a one on one on Sunday.  I for one and REALLY looking forward to that interview. Just like Porsha and Nene’s interview, it will be packaged with RHOA to inflate the ratings and we won’t have to wait until 11 p.m. to watch it. I think the show was already filmed before all the Porsha videos hit the Internet trying to save the souls of sinful gay people. Pity. That would have been a good conversation starter.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014 – KENYA MOORE Show 11084

Monday, May 12, 2014 – LADIES OF ‘THE TALK’ Show 11085

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 – RAMONA SINGER and CASEY WILSON Show 11086**

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 – AMY SEDARIS and JON HAMM Show 11087

Thursday, May 15, 2014 – TONI COLLETTE and MICHAEL C. HALL Show 11088**

**denotes changes or additions

What are you hoping that Kenya talks about on WWHL?


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41 responses to “WWHL Guest List for Upcoming Week

  1. deedle

    I am only interested in kenya and the talk ladies. No wonder nene is a hater, kenya is gorgeous.

  2. Holly Burnett

    Excited for Kenya! Watched a clip about lies and she brings proof!! I love the intelligent conversation she gives. I disliked Porsha and nene both are not educated I keep rolling my Etsy with the slang bloop beep wtvr your em a reading yourselves.

  3. KReality

    I know theres an RHOA showing uncut and unseen footage but I hope Andy Shows uncut footage during wwhl that proves more of nenes and Phaedras lies

    • ClassyLady80

      Yes. He should expose them all. I’m glad Kenya’s episode is last. We saw Nene lie, Porsha bend the truth, now Kenya will come with receipts (as she always does) and shut it all down. Can’t wait!

  4. pfffttt

    Holly, where is the clip at?

    • Holly Burnett

      I saw it on bravo it was a preview was watching rhoc at the time but it shows a few times

      • Holly Burnett

        She says Andy they were all lying on me now let me show you something I have proof she goes and bends down to pick up what look like paper

  5. HeyWig

    Granted I know that is a old picture of Krayonce but she is beautiful. Omg, seriously why didn’t she do more serious modeling. Damn why didn’t Kenya do more with her life period she really is too smart to be on this show,she can act we all must agree on that did you see her interactions with Walter! I really hope things look up for her hopefully she has enough money to get herself a real life olivia pope

    • kungfoohustle

      Kenya modeled in campaigns for Colgate and Pantene. You can view both those ads on youtube. Her IMDB page is full of her media appearances.

  6. Keya

    Can someone say, “Can’t wait!?” I’m excited about this. #kenyainterview

  7. Riley

    Like you T….I’ve started to like Kenya more than I used to. When you put her up next to Nene, Phaedra and Porsha it is hard not to. She is certainly far more articulate than Nene..
    classy unlike Phaedra and her maturity level beats the hell out of Phorsha. Yep….I have to admit it…like her so much more than those 3.

  8. Looking forward to Jon Hamm and Amy Sederis actually.

  9. BananaBug

    I’d like to see Kenya expose them all! Kandi is supposed to know that a real relationship between her and Walter existed but says nothing. Nene perpetuates the idea that the Nigerian boyfriend is a figment of Kenya’s imagination. Yet, she met him. It’s obvious that there was a coop to take-down Kenya at the reunion and I’d love to see some evidence. Apollo has already admitted that he lied about their Los Angeles affair. I hope Kenya makes them squirm!

    • Marilyn

      I’m really turned off by Kandi, especially when she and Todd lied about Nene ranting and raving about Kenya at Pillow Talk. I mean Kenya went hard on defending Todd against Natalie and her Todd is an opportunist claim. Kandi doesn’t have to make Kenya her BFF because of her closeness to Phaedra – but don’t outright lie on the woman especially where Nene is concerned. I guess they all are afraid of Nene, even the men apparently,

      • pfffttt

        Maybe Kandi didn’t recall that. I mean, it was crazy night and Kandi went hood that night, so she may not have remembered.

        I doubt Kandi would lie to cover up for Nene… I mean, Kandi didn’t hesitate to tell Nene she was FOS for saying Mama Joyce was in the gutter.

        Mama Joyce threatened to drag and throw a shoe… Nene threatened to drown Kim in the ocean when they were in Miami, and throw her out the window of Kandi’s tour bus on the way to Miami.

        She also threatened Kim with violence numerous times on the season 1 reunion, even getting out of her seat and charging Kim multiple times, had to be restrained by Lisa Wu, so don’t understand why she is all “anti violence” and bitching at Kenya like cunt-satchel for “getting outta her seat” at the PJ throw down.

      • Zoe D.

        Kandi is a snake. They all talk about Cynthia being wishy-washy…but she’s just as bad. Her friendship with Phaedra has blinded her from the truth about what’s really going on. She knows Kenya didn’t start that fight during pillow talk…but she’s too scared to open her mouth. I was shocked that Todd chimed in on that too. Apollo was NOT attacked by Brandon…they all saw that but refused to come to Brandon’s defense. But it didn’t matter…they had it all on tape…LOL!

        I will NOT be watching her stupid show. I’ve had enough of Phaedra, and mamma Joyce for for a while.

  10. Jammie

    I want to know if the donation was ever made.

  11. Mable Lean

    Lawd Hammercy, that is one gorgeous woman. Oooo……

  12. I just checked. Andy asked for questions for Kenya’s one on one on May 4th with the following post on Facebook “You’ve seen the whole reunion, and Porsha’s 1-1. Tell me what you want me to ask Kenya when I sit down with her… say where you’re from, i may use it on the show..”

  13. Convo_Girl

    What I love about Kenya is that she dishes the dirt. She called Nene out on her pre-reunion call. She called Apollo out for contacting her. She called Christopher Williams out for his fake marriage.

    She has her issues as well but Kenya keeps it entertaining and has her proof.

  14. I’m not too interested in anything Kenya has to say unless it’s about the other ladies. She doesn’t bring much interesting to the show outside of her conflicts with the other ladies. She sure does know how to roast her costars though!

  15. Holly Burnett

    I remember Kenya saying she got a call from nene last reunion the deal was a gang up on Phaedra but nene was yelling so loud it never was completely discussed. So she does now know nene orchestrated this gang up on Kenya we just might hear more on that Sunday!! Oooo eeee

  16. Free Mind

    Can’t wait to see Kenya.I didn’t even watch the other dull birds talk.

  17. Born 2B Lucky

    Here is a beautiful woman whose life and actions the world has condemned yet she stands in the face of adversity with class. I say to you team twirl “Never hide things or who you are from hardcore hodrats like Nene, Phaedra, Porsha and even Kandi because they only get more aggravated, more provoked by confusion than the most painful truth. Can’t wait to see your interview with Ms. Andy and I’m sure your haters will be watching.

  18. MicroOp

    Amy sedaris AND John Hamm! That’s going to be amazing!

  19. Shirley

    I didnt realize that Kenya had green eyes!!

  20. 'The Jam'

    Here is me hoping and praying that Kenya doesn’t try to paint herself as a victim, and please PLEASE stay way from repetitive uses of the terms attacked, bullied and cruel when referencing the other cast mates behavior towards you. Please bring the tea, good hair and a fistful of receipts…Amen.

    • barbinga

      That would suck. Hopefully she just grinds the ax and focuses on the Queen comments by NeNe. Stroke her boss.

    • Teerii

      After what Kenya went through being assaulted and robbed, I would be deeply disappointed if she did not speak to the hurt, disgust and pain she felt on that day. She was victimized and attacked and bullied and treated with cruelty. Are you kidding me?

    • Um, Kenya was assaulted and robbed at the reunion, what more do you need to consider her the victim?

      On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 12:44 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  21. Truthseeker

    It’s going to be nice to actually hear what Kenya has to say when uninterrupted by Big Foot and her but kissing gang.

  22. Valerie

    I’d like to hear an update on who stole her stuff from her dressing room and why she thought Apollo felt the need to bring a posse. Was she truly afraid of these guys tagging along with Apollo? I want to know if her and Cynthia seem compatible and if they could become friends. I want to hear any and all dirt she has on Nene and Phaedra. Is that too much to ask?

  23. Zoe D.

    I’m looking forward to watching Kenya tonight. She’s my fav! I hope she says all that she couldn’t say at the reunion. I hated the way they ganged up on her…but I loved the way she handled herself under so much pressure. I have faith that she will deliver the goods! lol

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