Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion: Not One But Two Arrests Occurred!


Kenya Porsha Cynthia

Why is Tuesday always Tea Day on Tamara Tattles? I tend to get so many scoops on Tuesdays when all I really want to do is watch The Blacklist. But y’all need to clear your schedule because I will have two or maybe three new steaming hot posts today!


First, my behind the scene sources are giving a few more clues about what was going on backstage while Andy and the girls were filming. I’m going to try and piece it together for you. I contacted my source because I was pretty skeeved out by Apollo’s behavior and actions. I had not used any of my chits (remember, I try not to pester the sources and get in and out with all the tea I can without interrogating them to death). I wanted to know what the dynamics were backstage with Phaedra and Apollo. I also wanted to know if he actually brought that jacket. LOL. Sorry. I know I ask about weird things.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

So the jacket was Apollo’s and he was not forced to wear it like an underdressed male at a five-star restaurant. Which to me makes it even more odd. But before you laugh at me for wasting a question on the jacket and his bizarre clothing choice, my source made an interesting comment about Apollo’s behavior.  I’m going to type the tidbits I got in black and my comments will be in purple from now on.

Apollo and Phaedra arrived in separate vehicles.

Because, I keep telling you these two spilt when Phaedra moved into that house. The backpack on the show was the major clue we had during the season. What grown man with no legal employment carries a backpack with him every time he leaves the house? One who lives someone else, that’s who. Remember him saying he had mail, “from the old place?” That’s where he lives. He visits the boys, takes them to lunch, with um, a friend etc.

When Apollo arrived, he brought a small posse.  Apollo seemed…I think the word was erratic…or hyper. Apollo was hanging with his boys a lot behind the scenes to the exclusion of others as they filmed and got touchups etc. The group sort of roamed around behind the set and upstairs where the dressing rooms were, according to my source.

I suppose his urban chic attire was meant more to impress them than the cameras. It seems odd to me that he was allowed to bring a posse, I mean friends. Even the housewives are not allowed to bring in people other than their stylists and makeup people as I have understood it. Maybe he said their were his stylists. He does seem to live in a delusional world where he has a “brand” and “fans.” So anyway, Apollo had a glam squad or something.

After the physical attack on Kenya by Porsha, the police were called and an officer came to make a report. After some time filming resumed without Porsha. Several breaks were taken. Things were tense. Apollo was wandering around with his boys, the other husbands were there, the ladies returned to their dressing rooms. When Kenya and Lawrence arrived in her dressing room for a break in filming and more make-up spackling, and hair styling several items were missing. Lawrence’s bag was stolen with his wallet. Kenya’s carry-on luggage with her purse and laptop inside was also gone.  Nothing was missing from any of the other rooms. The police were called again and the same officer responded that took the incident report on Porsha.

The source says that Kenya’s laptop was found by police. Some guy was trying to sell the laptop on the street and he had Lawrence’s ID.

So that is two people who got arrested for crimes against Kenya at the reunion. WOW. RHOA is turning into a ratchet mess. This means that by the time the husbands came out Kenya had already been assaulted by one person and robbed by another on the same day!  By that point I would have probably walked off the set when Phaedra let loose the vile read that she had been rehearsing all week.

I rewatched part of the reunion just now, with this new information in mind. Why the hell is Apollo talking about Kenya’s credit? I thought it was a weird comment from an accused identity thief in the first place. Was he out tryna use Kenya’s card to buy those fugly shoes? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm. I could not have just sat there like Kenya did. I have to give her props for that. Get it? Props? I crack myself up. All it would have taken for me was the wrong hormonal surge to occur at the right moment and the entire set would have been a bloodbath. I would have probably started with Carlos King for coddling the person who attacked me and worked my way through the whole lot of them with my scepter.

But see, I know myself so I keep my fat ass and my propensity for murderous rages right here on this couch, and use my words.

EDITED: I forgot to say Apollo and them were the last to leave,  LONG after Phaedra and the rest of the housewives got out of there. He just kept on hanging out according to my source. When I asked what he was doing there so late at night the source said he was just hanging out. Weird.



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  1. Jessika

    I love your blogs!!! You are so reliable!!

    Kenya is a strong girl, I say it time and time again. As a matter of fact she has me practicing my poise and the power of silence when it comes to crazy bitches around me trying to tear me down.

    I still don’t understand how the cast can ignore the big elephant in the room. Apollo is a known criminal and Pheadra is a Fake, lying, manipulator. Its so sad to see people like them “flourish”. I would never associate with people like them…I do not understand why they get a free pass all the time…

    • Zoe D.

      It will catch up with them Jessika…it’s just a matter of time. You can only fake the funk for so long before it starts to bite you in the a@@.

    • janet

      I am somewhat new here too and I love your blogs. Is there a thread somewhere that tells us about you more? You seem to know so many ‘stars’ or people that spill things, I assume you are a star too? I just know I love your posts I read things about shows I don’t even watch just because you write such fun reading. BTW I must be the only person on this earth that doesn’t know what is behind the ‘tea’ history. No idea why it is called tea, but love reading about this. THANK YOU

      • Ha! Janet. I am just a girl on a couch with anxiety issues and a blog. For some reason, right when I began to blog I began to get some great sources. I also do a lot of research. It’s fun for me. I especially like court related stories. I also like arguing with the commenters. Welcome!

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 5:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sequoia

        Hello Janet. You are not alone. We all stand in awe of the redoubtable Tamara.

      • Belinda

        I don’t know what “tea” is either, Janet…I tried looking it up to no avail. I was afraid to ask because sometimes Tamara gets a little “testy”.

      • SOMETIMES? Lol. I it started as gay lingo in Atlanta. It’s hot here. Sometimes we sit on the porch with some iced tea and “spill the tea” or gossip over the fence. Tea = Gossip. Throwing shade means blocking someone’s light or shine, trash talking them, giving them a read, reading them for filth. all the same.

        So my tagline, “No tea no shade” Means I am not going to tell any rumors or anyone or say anything bad about anyone. HOWEVER, that is what we say when, we don’t really mean it. No tea no shade, but…. then we say something scandalous.

        Now Yankees seem to think that “Bless your heart” is a bad thing. We say that in the south sincerely, more often than not. But we also say it when we mean the exact opposite. Same for “No tea no shade” sometimes we say it when we mean, “I’m really not trying to say anything hurtful.

        It’s confusing to explain and my brain is numb.

        Sometimes testy……grumble grump, bless your heart.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 7:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I don’t think Kenya lost that fight. She is never lost for words. I just loved it when she said ‘#byefelicia’

    • Sandy Banx

      The ex-con pleads GUILTY as charged. Restitution & prison on the horizon. JULY 8: SENTENCING.
      Phaedra “reading” now? Yeah, maybe in the mirror.

    • Sandy Banx

      Nida pled GUILTY today. KARMA PHAEDRA.

    • That’s exactly my point too. Well stated.

  2. beth

    I take it we don’t know if the guy arrested with Kenya’s laptop and Lawrence’s ID was one of the posse? Interesting that none of this was mentioned during the remaining reunion taping – I wonder if Andy will allow “posse’s” from now on? Do we know if the rest of the items stolen were returned/found? If not, I would not be comfortable that someone, possibly aligned with you-know-who, had the means to do some damage with ID’s, credit cards, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

  3. Angel

    It seems pretty clear one of Apollo’s gang was the thief. I would not he surprised it was set up by him for her to be the robbery target. He wants to complicate her life and retribution for Kenya trying to defile his “brand” in an interview. I swear, Kenya needs a bodyguard. A group of delusional thugs all against her. We have seen how quickly Apollo went from zero to sixty with Brandon over something not even his fight.

    Sorry Lawrence was robbed as well, but it helps substantiate they cannot say Kenya was trying to create drama with a set-up.

    Thanks for the inside tea, TT, even if it is bitter. It confirms my team twirl allegiance is not misplaced. I will still reserve completely bracing Kenya until after CA.

    • I blame Bravo and Paedra for introducing Nida to the ATL crowd….Paedra knew damned well that Apollo was not a honest man and for her to keep up this fake as story line and for Bravo to let her do it, if I were Kenya I would sue.

    • Latrise

      Do you think when Kenya call out for security and Andy shut her down, that she was calling out Apollo for the thief on her? Andy was very quick to say, don’t go there, when Apollo and her were going at it.

  4. ialliman

    You are too funny and once again dead-on!

  5. Zoe D.

    Now, that’s just wrong! How low can this reunion go? I agree TT…why would Apollo bring up Kenya’s credit? That’s so strange. Anyone involved with him should run for cover…he’s bad news.

  6. levi

    i thought it was really annoying how carlos was carrying porsha around like some newborn. and before the fight porsha had accused kenya of playing the victim, well who’s playing the victim now. apollo looked ridiculous in those shoes btw.

    • cleos

      Omg that was so hilarious, him carrying her from room to room. My boyfriend even commented on it. And yes, who is running around crying victim now? Kenya “made” her do it, been “bullying” her all season. Come on now Porsha.

  7. Jalen

    Wow. Apollo really thinks he’s something special. It’s true what they say, an ugly personality can make a person truly ugly. I’ve never seen a more ugly man in my life. Phaedra did rehearse that line all week, it was too precise. Phaedra isn’t fooling anyone, her marriage is a sham and Apollos attraction to Kenya is Phaedras reality check that she did indeed sign up for a loveless marriage full of lust. They would refer to sex way too often in public.

  8. LisaLisaDiva

    Thanks so jacked up! RHOA is now RHOR, Real Housewives of Ratchetness. I”m excluding RHOA Ms. Cynthia, Kenya and Kandi from the nasty RHOR distinction. Apollo is a PUNK.

    • Marilyn

      If I was Kenya I would really consider not returning to this mess. Being robbed and beaten – and then have to listen to miss fake “I have a husband” Phaedra – I don’t know I think I would have lost it,

  9. I hated the way Apollo acted at the reunion. HW was menacing and threatening. And no one seemed to care.

    • Zoe D.

      Nene and Phaedra smiled…the others thought it was funny or not important enough to say anything. Now, that’s what was scary! Really? You condone this type of behavior? I hope the tables are never turned on them…I don’t think they could be as calm and professional as Kenya was.She did the right thing by ignoring them…they were looking for a platform to perform on…and she didn’t give it to them. Of course Phaedra had to give her speech…she practiced in the mirror for days not too. And what a vile, disgusting speech it was…it showed just what kind of woman she really is.

      • lilk

        @zoe why should the other ladies have said anything ? i dont feel phae was out of line. kenya was going off on phae’s baby daddy so phae said the truth about hers: kenya wont know if he is an ax murderer or child molester. kenya spurred this by not leaving apollo and phae alone. And apollo is right that she did it on purpose so she could have a storyline.

        It was a great line. 2 snaps to phae!

      • Everytime I read a post by lilk, I think she is at the wrong damn website. It’s okay. We don’t all have to agree. I just wanted to say than 85.3% of her comments make me judge her harshly.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 8:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lilk

        @ zoe also since you are talking about rehearsing lines, I am sure kenya practised and rehearsed lines for the WWHL 1 on 1 Kenya moore that is coming on sunday 11 may. i wonder if andy is live or going to pretape it.

      • @lilk I would tell you, but you are annoying the fuck out of me tonight.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 8:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  10. SilkyMay

    Wow!! Just when you thought RHOA couldn’t get any lower.. TT, can Kenya sue Bravo for not protecting her things via allowing known identity thieves on set? I hope so.. Kenya is a better woman than I, because I would have shut the reunion down! I would have showed my ass.. literally..

  11. BananaBug

    Wow . . . you just added a whole new ring to the circus!

  12. Shirley

    It’s Phaedra white eye shadow that kills Apollo every time so he has to look at Kenya’s toes!! Lmfaoo anywho I felt that Apollo was angry he couldn’t get with Kenya !

    • Bravogirl24/7

      O my lawd. I had to interject in here. First, I was asking my GF while we were watching the reunion pt 3. Did Appollo ask Kenya who’s name was the Bentley that she is driving? I thought that was really an odd question coming from him.but My thought was ” hell, it might NOT be in Kenya’s name, but at least it wasn’t stolen off the car lot like Appollo cars are”. He kept ranting about her credit and how she doesn’t have any. How does he know that, and what business is it to this fool what her credit report looks like. Everybody there should have checked their Wallet and secured their SS cards and credit card while Appollos on the couch running his fat mouth. Speaking of fat mouth did anyone else see how Appollo kept licking his lips while he was talking to Kenya, certain drugs cause euphoria and dry mouth.
      It was all to awful to look at him perpetrating this scam of a marriage. He ain’t hugged Phaedra in 5 season and then all of a sudden at the reunion the fool can’t keep his hands off of her, and she sat there looking all uncomfortable praying that Appollo would not say anything to incriminate or embarrass her. It was a sad charade on Phaedra’s part. And one more thing. What was Appollo looking Kenya up and down so hard as to notice she needed a pedicure?
      I think now that you poured this tea for us Ms. TT that Appollo brought along that band of idiots to intimidate Kenya. That was apart of Nene’s evil plan to throw off Kenya’s composure. I saw how Nene was grabbing on his hand, she can’t stand Appollo or Phaedra for that matter. Hell, if she (nene).is “above” the other housewives as she says, then she must be levitating above Appollo’s dumb felon a**. But she put up with both of them, anything to get at Kenya.

      • It was pretty clear that NeNe came into this reunion with a game plan, yell louder and no one can hear anything but moose calls and make stupid faces to deflect the camera shots. Phaedra came into this reunion with a game plan, speech out bullshit and bring along cracked out husband, oops sorry…cracked out baby daddy, who’s been trained to intimidate and threaten, in a thinly veiled manner and told if asked about anything criminal deflect to intimidating and attacking. When he told Kenya, “Look at me”, I had no doubt he was insinuating she keep her mouth shut or else. It was creepy, in a stalker/abuser way. I actually replayed that part several times because he looked so just cracked out, I don’t know how else to describe it. That man is a threat to public safety in more ways than just financial. Throw away the keys.

      • Teerii

        Apollo is such a blithering idiot. He’s got his “posse” there to steal from Kenya while he’s on stage talking about her credit? Who does that? I believe Phaedra wanted Kenya’s information so she could personally mess with her credit status. I don’t think Apollo (Clyde) Nida had the nerve to do that on his own. But Phadera (Bonnie) Parks, hell yeah!

    • Apollo proved that he was checking Kenya out, from head to toe. He told on himself. I believe Phadera practiced her speech also, it is no way she came up with that off the top of her head.

    • cleos

      Yes what WAS that toe comment? How bizarre. He def wants Kenya, bad.

  13. Oh my!

    LOL! More tea please.

  14. JentheAUfan

    I was wondering if this would be brought up because I saw some talk on Twitter but followed your rules about posting “I read on ……”. I know the reunion is edited and we dont see it all but if I were kenya I would have blasted them on being a bunch of thievin thugs every time I had a chance! Of course she may have just to have it edited out. The whole reunion was odd. They pretended as if Portia never existed after she went home yet allowed her to come give her opinions on the cast and what happened while she was gone.

  15. JentheAUfan

    Im in moderation dang it

  16. JentheAUfan

    Im a huge Tamara fan and even though I dont post here daily I do love interacting on Twitter with you about mongolian lung flu cancer and empty shelves in walmart being breaking news in alabama. That said I have for the first time ever been put in the moderation corner and its giving me anxiety because its never happened before

  17. JentheAUfan

    Omg my comment about anxiety from being thrown in the moderation corner WAS ALSO PUT IN MODERATION!! Ive never felt so alone before! :)

  18. mammer

    You are so spot on about Phaedra, she is vile. That is the perfect word to describe how nasty she is. It’s doubly frustrating because she puts on the facade of a decent, mild “Southern belle” and I bet that’s genuinely how she thinks of herself too.

  19. Dr. D

    Tamara, I’m almost certain that was plot by Apollo and Phaedra looking for inappropriate pictures or videos to use and embarass Kenya, it falls directly in line with their character. Lawrence’s wallet was just a decoy… Those PIGS would have loved to put that out!

    • Frankly, I’m concerned for Kenya because although she is a very bright woman, she may not have the protection she needs to fight off the criminal class of people to which Apollo and Phaedra belong. They know criminals that would do stuff like that even if it’s just to do them a favor. I even felt concern during the the reunion. I just hope nobody ends up “sleeping with the fishes”. Kenya knew when to be quiet during the reunion and that is to her credit.

      • Dr. D

        I never thought about that, they’ll be crazy enough to say she set him up. I too felt concern during the reunion and she appeared to be visibly upset. That’s why I pray she continues to take the high road and let this all play out, it’s not worth it!

      • Agreed, it was horrible to watch. Even Andy didn’t push some questions or topics that he normally would’ve rephrased or asked again.

  20. Riley

    No one seems to convince Apollo to keep his mouth shut and to lay low. This man is a bon-a-fide clown. A joke. A real piece of work. All the stupid things he says are amazing to me. A true mindless twit. I’d be sooooo embarrassed to be married to him. If Phaedra was truly smart, she would put distance between herself and that idiot….and made sure the world knew it.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I’m surprised there’s no legal counsil advising him to shut the fork up! I beleive Phaedra has probably told him that, but he thinks he’s too smart for her….
      I think Phaedra is working on creating the ultimate distance from her $10 needing sperm donor…

      • Teerii

        From what we saw on the tape in Mexico when Phaedra was locked out the room and at the Reunion when Apollo called he ran Ass hole….I don’t think Phaedra can tell Apollo what to do anymore. He’s pissed!. He finds himself once again taking the “Fall” for Phaedra’s scam. She knows she’s walking on “thin ice this time.

        I truly believe Phadera took most of that money, was pissed off at Apollo’s whoring and blew the whistle on him.

    • Once again thank you TT.
      From the moment I watched Phaedra on the show I knew she was a phony. She comes from a very dark and scary place, she is calculating, greedy, vile, slick, slimy, criminal minded and dark. she reminds me of a sloppy germ infested place.
      I have never referred to someone like this. As for Apollo he is a simple
      minded fool who was influenced by a greedy woman.

      • Teerii

        this should read, At the Reunion when Apollo called her an Ass-hole.

      • cleos

        I’ve always felt something was “off” or missing about Phaedra. Nene’s name of “Fakedra” seemed appropriate. Not like a psychopath feeling, but something dark is there…

  21. Dr. D

    Even worse, since Bravo’s handing out wedding spin-offs, Phaedra has mentioned that now she too wants to renew her vows…Pathetic You rushed to marriage because you were pregnant by a convict. A fellow Atlanta blogger wrote that Phaedra did not want Apollo’s name released or picture printed when it happened so now you want a do-over… I’m not trying to witness this fake Southern Belle travesty!

    • Come now, Dr. D. Sit with me, I’ll make the pop corn for Phaedra and Apollo: The Big Fat Prison Wedding!

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 4:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Sandy Banx

      Where there is smoke, there is fire.

      The reason she wants to renew her “wedding vows” is to ensure HE CANNOT TESTIFY AGAINST HER. There is a marriage privilege that she knows damn well about. Get it?

  22. sequoia

    I think Apollo’s whole intent was to annoy the crap out of Phaedra and get under her skin. From his couture, lounging on the couch, his arms clasped behind his head, having his arm around her, holding her close against him. It was meant to piss her off. Anything else was icing on the cake.

    It’s a guy thing. We don’t talk. We act out (not that I think he could get a word in edge wise with her).

  23. Brewhaha

    When Apollo kept saying ‘ you don’t have any credit’ I took it as he knew because he looked it up! His career is built on fraudulently securing others’ identities and ruining their financial life. Why wouldn’t he at least consider doing it to Kenya? After all, she is their worst enemy! And, to be honest, she probably doesn’t have much credit. Many people in the entertainment industry (and other industries who aren’t guaranteed a steady income) often find themselves in a position where they don’t use credit, so they don’t have any.

  24. Judy McKenzie

    See! He’s too retarded to hide his thuginess! He came at her with roid rage talking about her flapping her gums!! And Phaedra just as angry at Kenya even though she KNOWS the truth that Kenya didn’t do that low life.
    Hope they patted down the rest of his posse after that. If there is someone else on the show suspected of being in on his latest caper. It’s Nene and Greg!!
    Where is Angela Stanton when you need her most? Maybe they should have you, Tamra, or Angela for replacements?
    Since I’m officially a senior citizen…I’m not prone to initiating any violence….but I’m so loud I can decalcify spinal columns and ears will bleed! Those f ing creeps.
    Wendy Williams said NENE needs to go. She’s too shabby. I expect her to hang out in a tacky bathrobe all day long drinking mad dog 20/20 and watching reruns of rhoa and new normal. Poor tacky soul.
    God answers prayer….even from elderly carnal Christians.

  25. Riley

    Tell me…any reason why my comment above seems to be the only one awaiting moderation….or am I just being paranoid? :-)

  26. Juvial Physicality

    Thanks for the amazing article and write up on “activities” behind the Reunion.
    Guess, I am still under moderation….:(

    • O.O

      @ Juvial —Lol lol lol I just saw your screen name! Oh my goodness juvial physicality! Bwhahahahahahahahahaha !!!’ Too funny!

      • Juvial Physicality

        Dear O.O
        Yup, that’s me….Juvial Physicality. Jovial, Juvial, Tomato, tomato. But without the Back-Pack, ok. I just noticed your comment…my comment was awaiting moderation, for a long time…so I ran off to hide..thinking I was going to face execution. 😉
        I may have to change the name…I am being bullied at another website

  27. Shellbelle

    I understand Kenya trying to be the bigger person and all that, however, I was yelling at my tv for her to put Apollos Feloneous ass on blast! It would have been Epic if she had…

    • Middle Child

      Considering that Apollo brought a posse with him I’m sure she felt it best not to engage, after all she has first hand experience that her safety cannot be guaranteed on that stage. I think it also explains further why she seemed subdued.

      • Marilyn

        You’re right. She should have been nervous because Apollo did seem odd acting. When she ignored him when he came out he was practically yelling for her attention. Kenya overestimated the intelligence and professionalism of her castmates.

  28. Judy McKenzie

    Your edit: they probably stashed the stuff after they took it…waited until the place cleared out to go get it. Miss Lawrence needs to report possible ID theft.
    I thought Apollo threatened Kenya: “You better hope nothing happens to me…”
    He thinks he’s a credit counselor! Isn’t that the basis of his charges? National Recovery credit or something close…got names and S.S.N. then checks.

    • Wow. I didn’t think of that.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 5:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        I thought he was referring to his delusional point, that without him she would not have a story line. I believe one of the reason Phaedra was so jealous of the attention Apollo was giving Kenya is because Kenya Moore is Miss.USA 1993. A world class beauty “Queen”. Phaedra knew she could not compete with that . No amount of Law Degree or Master Minding scams could dull the light in her husband’s eyes after getting an ordinary ” Apollo is fine” compliment from a Miss. USA. Apollo thought he was really hot stuff when that happened and Phaedra knew it. Phaedra seemed to always want Apollo to feel under her, but Miss. Kenya Moore had ruined that by giving Apollo some attention.
        Remember Cynthia told Apollo he was fine and sexy on several occasions, was hugging on him during his photo shoots and also when she would see him at events. Kenya never was that personal with Apollo. but Cynthia did not threaten Phaedra’s position with Apollo, so nothing was ever said about it. Plus Kenya’s got a body like a Greek Goddess!!!!

    • Keya

      He most certainly DID threaten her. I caught that myself.

  29. I re-listened to that part when he said that. I thought he was threatening her then too, but then I realized he was saying she better hope nothing happens to him ON THE SHOW because then she will not have a plot line.

    • Judy McKenzie

      He stretched it out and side stepped…but he was, IMHO, threatening her. The police were there before or after him coming out in his fancy pants t-shirt?
      What a homophobic low down gangster.
      What he did to Brandon was hatred…again…hate crime. eeeuuw.

      • He was there before the robbery, burglary, theft whatever it was. I doubt he was there for the assault, that happened really early in filming.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 9:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. MicroOp


  31. Jennifer

    I knew there was something odd-more than usual, about Nida’s behavior. He is creepy. Kenya should be very careful. Bravo should have fire both Phreadra and him. They are both criminals.

  32. myinfo

    Apollo is a thug. He appears fine about going back to jail, even proud.
    I felt Kenya didn’t respond to Apollo or Phaedra because she was over the reunion by then. Now we know why.
    Everyone was against her and she realized it was a planned attack.
    Karma DID bite Porsha and Phaedra.
    Nene evil ways has caused Karma to place the worst lace front wigs on her head!

    • i was beginning to wonder if she was gluing them on herself. I mean they can make it look real nowadays so I don’t understand if she is so rich why she can’t get either a good hairdresser or top stylist. Her hair looks really bad. She must think it looks good!

  33. Born 2B Lucky

    Apollo plead guilty today and it was plastered all over the NYC news. In all all honesty I wish The U.S. Secret Service would go after Phaedra she is appearing to most as having 9 lives and becoming untouchable.

    • JennyMur

      Unless … they are trying to catch her for something else.. working a case.. much like the Guidices. Maybe she is running a big ring of criminals and Apollo is just one of Phaedra’s pawns.

  34. lilk

    You are the best TT. But Bravo is stupid too. If all the wives and husbands had left, why not ask Apollo to leave to ?
    I wonder if the posse member of Apollo’s wo to arrested has any info about apollo’s fraud case that he will share in exchange for a lesser charge ?

  35. Free Mind

    Love your blog! You give all the tea……I just want Kenya/ Miss Lawrence and Brandon to be careful.It’s interesting that none of them have spoken publicly about his guilty admission.

  36. Pablo Noir

    This theft info is the most interesting info anywhere. Only Kenya is targeted, it takes place during a part of the taping where Kenya is attacked and is mysteriously quiet. Did she feel threatened for real? Did they copy her hard drive and dump her computer? Wow. Someone is dangerous.

    • Teerii

      Let’s see if any information comes up that Kenya feels must have come from her computer. Apollo’s going back to jail so the only person that could benefit from her information is Phaedra. I believe Phaedra ordered the heist.

  37. Halli'sMom

    Long time reader and fan…first time commenting… I couldn’t resist having a say as this is as low down and dirty as it gets. I hate liars, cheaters, and thieves, and Apollo encompasses all these despicable traits.

  38. natalie

    Apollo gave Kenya a very scary, threatening look. He is a desperate man, who is about to go off to jail. I would not put anything past him.

    Plus I am sure he looked up Kenya’s credit in some sort of database he has access to with his schemes.

  39. vonnie

    “All it would have taken for me was the wrong hormonal surge to occur at the right moment and the entire set would have been a bloodbath”

    Thought you were advocating and encouraging the idea of ZERO tolerance for violence in all your recent post. Dichotomy much? Still love your sassiness just making the point. Not hating just observing.

    • You left out the second half of that. Go back and read it again.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 9:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • O.O

      Whew ! I thought that I was the only one who’s irritated by lilk’s comments . I’d also like to add appalled as well.
      I’ve been trying very hard to be good and not answer every ridiculous comment I read.

      • Oh please. Go for it. I don’t have a problem with infighting amongst the ranks. You need to cut your teeth on someone and she is a great candidate.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  40. O.O

    Wait! What??? Lol woooooo. Lol again and that was some good stuff!
    So ummm who do you guys think stole Kenya and Lawrence’s items? It Could of been a NeNe or Phedra set up or Apollo all on his own .
    Crooks sure do work fast,outside selling a computer within a few minutes of the theft , wow! Smh . Oh and TT I agree, I too thought that Phedra rehearsed that sperm bank rant all week. What a loser ..P.K’s ( pastors kids) are always the worst)

    • I stand by my initial reaction that Phaera’s rant was epic. Had Kenya not already been assaulted and robbed it would have been, well okay it would have still been awful, vile and below the belt, but that shit happens on reunions.

      The fact that Phaedra obviously rehearsed it, and still went through with it after everything else… just blows my mind. At some point in the 16 hour shit on Kenya fest that was the taping, by the time Phaedra got her platform, no matter how much I hated my target, I would say, okay that’s enough. Phaedra and Apollo both seem to be soulless people with no moral compass at all.

      Congrats to Sister 2 Sister for a well timed cover I guess.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 10:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • natalie

        I think Bravo said “carry on” with what was planned, a…….reading lines that is…….nene’s cackling, she is not even a good actress, who would laugh at that ridiculous diatribe of horse dung. They all look so stupid. Andy looking surprised, he’s a horrible actor as well. Lets have Werner Herzog do the reunion, now that might be interesting!

        .good god a least there are some bloggers that get to make a living off of this.

  41. tysandsnyc

    Tamara! I just want to put this little bug in your ear… Remember towards the end of the reunion, after Phaedra released that tirade on Kenya, she also said something that seemed kinda odd to me.

    She said something to the degree of Kenya having a relationship with Chris (The singer-dude that grabbed Kenya’s arm at the pajama party), while Chris was with his wife. And I was kinda dumb founded that she would wait until the reunion to spill that kinda slander on Kenya, when during their Mexico trip, there wasn’t a peep about any relationships between Kenya and Chris, at all. What if Phaedra “found” that info on Kenya’s phone and/or her laptop, and used that tea to continue her slander on trying to make Kenya seem like the “adulteress woman”, during the reunion?

    It sucks that you said they have a “no lawsuit” clause, since Kenya could’ve probably used that statement to sue Phaedra with, since she has no evidence of Chris nor her, being involved, other than what was found on her laptop and/or phone

    • Nah. Kenya and Chris worked together 20 years ago. He’s notorious. I think what Kenya’s problem was was that Christopher never told her he was married and she found out 20 years later.

      • tysandsnyc

        No, no, no, no, no. You’re misunderstanding me. PHAEDRA MENTIONED a comment about Chris and Kenya having a relationship with each other, towards the end of the reunion. And THAT seemed kinda odd to me, being that there wasn’t any mention of Kenya and Chris being involved with each other until the last few mins of the reunion, or the series.

    • There wasn’t time for all that. If they took her laptop, they weren’t sitting there reading emails and putting together an affair to report to Phaedra in time to use it during the reunion taping. That would be a huge stretch.

  42. Pablo Noir

    Timing is everything. I’d love to see the police report on the theft. When did Kenya find out she’d been robbed, when did the attack by Phaedra and Apollo start. Was she subdued by circumstances outside of the stage?

  43. Juan

    I was just discussing the reunion with my cousins earlier… I too felt Kenya was over both Phaedra & Apollo, and now I know she really was! She also commented that she was “done playing with swine/pigs”….or something like that, Andy replied are you quitting the show??? She didn’t answer, but she has MAJOR contract bargaining power now! She was attacked, and had her items stolen!!! Kenya will be back and paid a helluva lot more! I like Kenya, she came on the show and played the “character” producers needed her to play. I hate that happened to her during the reunion. NeNe cannot stand any other HW being successful! She had a problem with Kim, when Kim started to outshine her, she never liked Kandi, because Kandi was successful, so was Phaedra… That only left Cynthia for NeNe to talk to. Now that NeNe and Cynthia aren’t freinds, NeNe can exit stage left-with Gregg in tow! Editing was awful for NeNe this season too, by the way!

    ❤️❤️❤️ your blog TT, you always pour the best Tea!

    • Teerii

      Juan,maybe that’s why the producers showed those clips to upstage Nene and Phaedra. I sense great disappointment with the producers and pulling together to upstage NeNe and Phaedra is a strong sign that Kenya is not the only one through with the mud-slinging from the” pig-sty”!!

  44. Sandy Banx

    Where there is smoke, there is fire.

  45. Ellis Scarlett

    I agree with TeeCee-I found Apollo to be really frightening and menacing. And Andy said NOTHING. Andy gets more shameful at every reunion.

  46. lori

    If I was Kenya I’d be damn sure to freeze all my credit reports! Apollo is dangerous enough to complete strangers, let alone Kenya. He’s one NASTY dude. I can’t even look at him. Lowest of the low freaking sociopath.

  47. Calipatti

    Mammer, no worries, I’m in moderation to, it’s just WP.
    TT is in a good mood tonight, lilk is still standing.

  48. When Phaedra unleashed her tirade about sperm bank patients being left to wonder if their donors are criminals, had I been Kenya, I’d have said, “and you decided to remove all doubt”.

    Any woman who would stoop to screaming “barren woman” at another female, is beneath contempt. Which, on the heels of being assaulted and robbed, is why Kenya shut down and made the comment about no longer wrestling with pigs. She was worn the fuck OUT.

  49. JenB

    When Kenya said something about calling for security later in the reunion, Nene and Phaedra made comments implying Kenya was being stupid. After being attacked and my purse/laptop stolen… I would have security within eyesight. Obviously, only her dressing room was targeted and that was not a coincidence.
    I am very impressed with the poise and control that Kenya displayed. I would have lost it and run my mouth or worse.

  50. Maya Simone

    Apollo was high as a kite. (probably why he blurted “Jamaica mon” out of nowhere). How embarrassing! I think Kenya is just a punching bag for Phae. Phaedra knows her husband is slut of epic proportions so she takes all of her frustration out on Kenya. She can see from Kenya and Apollo’s conversation in Mexico that he’s attracted to her.

    • cin

      Phaedra’s reactions to Kenya are foolish- she knew/knows her hubby is a loser-I don’t get where some folks think he is attractive
      Yuk Yuk and he looks unbathed

  51. Kat

    I just felt like I was in junior high with all the nasty ganging up on Kenya between NeNe & Phaedra who don’t even like eachother. Porsha was nothing but a pawn but the the rolling, accusations & raging hypocrisy out of their mouths. I love Kandi but I am disappointed in her for being friends with Phaedra, she is much more on par with Kenya & Cynthia. The whole thing was just appalling to watch, and I HATE when no one calls people out for real bad behavior. Just for petty grudges. Phaedra & Apollo aren’t even entertaining or interesting PLEASE let them be fired, I would rather watch sheree talk about people being jealous of her “success” than watch these creepy people.

  52. This explains why Kenya was so quiet when responding to Apollo’s attacks….this guy is bad news and the quicker they get his ass off the streets the better….no secret it was his posse that stole from Kenya and Lawence….Paedra has brought to her family and to the show, bad energy and I hope they let her go!!

  53. cin

    Nene needs to go back to the pole – she is a bitter and nasty woman and she is a MOOSE
    Phaedra is hard to find the words -except who / what the hell is wrong with her mouth -I believe what Nene said Dick Doc -she messed her mouth up from all those peens and well the ass she has is explainable also its the peens

  54. The Jam

    Apollo is a moron, i can’t believe I defended that idiot. I still stand by my thought that phaedra is worse, because she is smarter more calculating and pretentious. I think Apollo hung around that long after that show to soak in his last day of RHOA realness. He probably wanted a chance to bring his boys by before he got locked up.

    I ALSO think that Apollo doesn’t GAF anymore. Phaedra can no longer control him ( Posse, Gear, Crackhead comments) and she knows it. Apollo is flying like an eagle, he is probably going to do a round of interviews before he is sentenced and punch more holes into phaedra’s little paper house.

    MAN he is DUMB! i knew he was ignorant, but he is just really incapable. Phaedra has the NERVE to shame Kenya knowing full well she dragged her goofball husband off the corner of sesame street and san quentin?!?

    Also i now totally forgive Kenya for not being able to hold it down after all of that. It was already understandable with the 4 against one and the hair drag, but to have her dressing room robbed…Wallowing in the mud with pigs indeed!


  55. The Jam

    Hmmm. maybe that’s why andy asked if she was going to leave the show, He knew what she had dealt with. It didn’t make sense to me at the time because he didn’t look like he was being funny.

  56. You know Nene doesn’t need any help to make herself look bad, but this year I think Bravo lent a hand in making her look even worse by showing her true colors in their full vibrancy. I still feel there is a sentiment growing in Bravo-camp and it does not favor Nene. What, is she going to be Phaedra’s friend next season (if she comes back, I know I wouldn’t); what will they talk about on the show? Don’t tell me, Phaedra is going to continue this Southern Belle routine and make light of everything? Is she going to start a spiritual crusade, will they show her and the kids going to prison to visit Apollo? It’s hard to imagine business as usual under the severity of situation and if she does try to minimize it in her typical Phaedra fashion, my jaw will drop.

  57. Xanadude

    I know you are not blogging about RHONY, but do you think that there will be a general across the board intolerance for violence (Ramona drew blood and started to throw an oar at the new chick) or just confine the no violence rule to Andy appearing reunions?

  58. Katrina

    It doess makes sense that Phaedra was moving, while on camera they were saying the babies room and some other stuff was being rennovated. Phaedra was acting mad about living in a disorganized house. I would not be surprised if production knew exactly what was going on, but stuck to the story they wanted to tell. They never said on the show they were moving, they said they were rennovating the old house. The kitchen they are in is a lot bigger and totally different stle from prior seasons.

  59. imagrandma2

    I love love love your style Tamara. When I read your blogs, I know I can ‘take it to the bank” because it is real. You write fairly and without prejudice. Yours is the only reality show site I go to now as most of the others clearly have their own hidden agenda. Thanks for the giggles!

    • I have an agenda too. It’s just not hidden. It’s called agree with me or continue to live in stupidity. :) Is that wrong???

      On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 6:55 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  60. bkisses

    Kenya has the last laugh. Apollo is going away for a long time. Can you say Kenya is a strong person.. she has personality and she keeps ticking even if shes been dragged on the ground.

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