Mailbag: Tidbits of Tea…And Random Thoughts

AHS COVEN MYrtle gifOkay. There are a few things that I am being asked a lot this week and another thing I wanted to address with you guys and this is the best way for me to do it. I’ll start with the questions.

The most frequent one I get is, “Why is so and so reporting that Porsha is coming back to RHOA? I thought you said she was fired?”

My source who I trust told me that Porsha was sent home from the reunion and would not be returning to Bravo. I still believe that to be the case. I do have some additional information, but I am holding on to that a bit longer. Here is why you are hearing many rumors now, that are all just that, rumors. If this is your first season of reading blogs about the franchise, this is how it works. Sometimes I assume you have information that it is in my head that you can’t be expected to know. jillkickmegif

First, never has there ever been multiple year contracts. I argued many times with people who would claim Teresa Giudice had a multi-year contract for a gazillion dollars. To this day a lot of you guys believe the hype that Nene and Teresa are making millions on the housewives. That is simply not true. But I am not even going there with the salaries again. Y’all can believe what you want.  At the very least understand that the housewives have a new contract for each season. A ONE SEASON CONTRACT.  Are you with me so far?  The contract is dated from the first date of filming through the last day of the reunion.  So everyone was still under contract through last Sunday.

So the next Monday, which was yesterday, Andy begins to get serious in considering all of his options, talks with producers, READS HIS TWEETS, etc and determines who to extend a new contract who and who to send a letter thanking them for their time with Bravo. We are now in contract season. NO ONE HAS A CONTRACT YET FOR NEXT SEASON!  Sometime in the next couple of weeks they will be told if their future services are required. Usually.  Remember that season that they left RHONY hanging on for months trying to determine who if any of them were coming back and pushed back filming? I doubt that will happen this time, but there is a lot of fan outrage going on now. Andy does read his twitter notifications from fans. So if you want Porsha, or Nene or Phaedra out… (or whoever) this is the time to tweet him. This is the week he is paying attention.

A lot of you guys freaked out because Andy said, “No one has been fired.” on Twitter. There are two reasons for that. One he’s not going to tell you. And two,  no one has been “fired.”  There are a couple of people who will not be hired for next season though. It’s like any contract job. If they don’t like your work, you won’t received another contract. It’s semantics. If you prefer the term “Non-renewed” for Porsha next year, so be it.  However, technically for the next couple of weeks, none of these women is employed by Bravo.  And my source says a more than one may not be. Even if they are offered a contract their lawyers have to get all involved and make counter offers and diva demands.

So, flitter off to Twitter now to tweet @Andy and make a case for your least favorite to go. It actually will make a difference. And this is the golden moment in time to be heard.

Kenya water harvard

Moving on… a day or so ago, this picture of Kenya Moore and a Nigerian man was snapped on the campus of Harvard. Is that her Nigerian Prince?  Kenya was enjoying some intellectually stimulating time attending lectures at Harvard over the weekend. Frankly, I think her brain must have been mush after all the Real Housewives crap lately. She was getting ready to interview with Andy Cohen apparently needed some mental stimulation before gearing up to talk about the reunion from hell. She was tweeting wistfully from Boston evaluating her life choices. ” Sitting here on campus of wondering what I have done with my life. I went to schools for gifted and lost my way… Mixed emotions”

I did my due diligence for this answer and read several Nigerian blogs who are much less quick to jump to conclusions and judge.  The bottom line is Kenya was at Harvard and photographed walking around campus with a man attending some lectures with him. He is happily married and has three kids. Kenya’s boyfriend is Nigerian. Due to everything she has been through, it seems her boyfriend suggested she drop in on their friend in a place as far away from RHOA and take a breath and feel safe knowing they have a friend there. That’s all.  Apparently, Harvard is the antidote for RHOA. Good for her.  So the answer for you is no, that is not her man.

And finally, a word about the Real Housewives of Orange County this season. I am having one of my moral compass moments like I did about RHONY this season. I am still going to watch and blog about it but I have been trying to find a way to alert you to a component or a rumor that I do not want to blog about. The problem is by telling you about it I am blogging about it. Let me put it this way. There is a new person on the show who is married and has children. There were lots of blogs reporting that the nature of the marriage is um, similar to that of say, Porsha and Kordell. There was a lot of detail involved. Anyway, the couple has two small children who will one day grow up and google the show. I just thought this was a bad thing to put out there. I get that a lot of these housewives have kids and we talk badly about their parents all the time, but. Sigh. I’m not sure how I am going to handle this one.  For now, I’m just going to tippytoe around that topic.  I’m conflicted on this one.

And that is about it! I think we are all caught up.  I will have more on the RHOA once official contracts are offered. In the meant time, go tweet Andrew about his Duck Dynasty problem with Porsha and ask him if she is that important to the show.  And perhaps mention the fact that Nene treats him like a dirty sock. Or whatever. Just don’t say bad things about Cynthia. We are going to need her next season. She is the only one that will film with most of the women.


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69 responses to “Mailbag: Tidbits of Tea…And Random Thoughts

  1. Juvial Physicality

    Oh Boy oh boy….i feel like a kid in a candy store right now. for once, I am the first one in line to comment!! must be my lucky day.

  2. Juvial Physicality

    Thousand Apologies, Ms Tamara…I just had to let that comment go and click “Post Comment” just so, I could be, First in line, for once.
    I love love your blog, TT. Yes, I did read Kenya’s twitter feed…and was wondering why she seemed so sad and wistful, the other day. When she was at Harvard.

    • sequoia

      I had my first post today. I too, was exhilarated. But I don’t have a lot else going on…

      And Tamara, thanks for the tea and humor. As always it, divine.

  3. JentheAUfan

    About the OC 1. I am lost and need to google. 2. Why do parents never consider their children when they are working to get on a reality show? Havent they learned by others that what ever secrets they have will be found? And 3. Why why why ruin their childrens happiness

    • Bella

      I’m thinking along the lines of the couple that hosted the “Ugly sweater” party maybe? I thought the husband was gay and the woman may be bearding? Or could it be the new pageant girl? They do have two small kids. Surrogate situation maybe? I’m really curious to know now.

      BTW good for Kenya. IMO she is too intelligent to be on that show, I hope better, more dignified opportunities come her way.

  4. ClassyLady80

    Maybe Kenya should just show us her man like Obama had to show us his birth certificate to shut up the birthers. I understand that the boyfrienders would just say the pictures were photshopepd or that the man was just a hologram or something, but at least there would be some new Kenya slander. This is getting old.

  5. beth

    Won’t be watching RHOC again this season – nothing and nobody to like … maybe I will watch Gretchen and Slade on Marriage Bootcamp instead 😉

  6. MicroOp

    Thanks Tamara, I like that you set ethical boundaries. It’s respectable. I don’t know if you know anything about rhobh contracts, I would assume they would be working those out now…

  7. shoelover

    How is it that I never came to visit this page? Totally agree with everything you said. Thank you for tattling with morals. I was on another site that just sickened me. The shade and the even shadier/nasty comments of the commenters. I shall be tuning in here for now on.

  8. Jack

    Do you have any new information about the RHOBH Season 5 Cast? Also, do you have any idea as to why Danielle was only made a Friend of the Housewives instead of being given an Orange this season on RHOC? Thanks!

  9. Judy McKenzie

    You are the greatest reporter of them all!
    You keep writing…I’ll keep praying.
    I’ve already decided if they can’t pay Kenya a decent wage/get rid of the tacky…I’m done. I’m just one old lady…but from what I’ve perceived reading tweets and blogs: the only peeps who want the ratchedness to stay…are those of the same feather. Lord…lift us up where we belong and help the others to come up,as well.
    Phaedra, Nene,and Portia (Biblical spelling) need to move on. They are all vile.

  10. Frappe

    Love this site! so glad I found it

  11. Ugh. If this is when Andrew listens then Kenya could be in trouble. The Stans are posting hard on his Facebook page, haven’t looked at twitter today.

    I think it’s cool that Kenya likes to clear her mind with lectures and education. That’s different!

    • That is precisely why I am asking y’all to hit up his facebook with proper grammar and an educated response. Or twitter, either way and advocate for our favorites this season.

      Or more importantly our least favorites, Porsha, Nene and Phaedra. Be intelligent and direct.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • And point out that it is most likely that Kenya-type people will purchase more advertisers products than nene-type people. Unless he’s got a deal going to have a bail bondsman sponsor RHOA.

      • pfffttt

        Kenya is going nowhere. She is someone that people LOVE to hate, but deep down inside they like her, because she is entertaining and she brings it.

  12. Frappe

    That bit of info you are withholding on RHOC …. It was painfully obvious on the last episode. Did Andy make the decision for his own reasons about that person?

    • The painfully obvious part isn’t what I don’t want to discuss as much as the alleged arrangements. It seemed a bit … well. I just need to think about it next time I have me some thinking time. :)

      • Nicole

        OMG! How can you tease us like that!!! Well the obvious housewife in this last episode that was awkward? It said she has 3 children though…. Well you have my email so email me with some details!!! I won’t tell….

      • Frappe

        Let’s say this. Two people have wildly different tastes in fashion. Do they shop together? (Evidence seems that they have at least twice unless it was a catalogue shop). Do they shop separately? Do they shop for each other? There are lots of permutations and probably some I have yet to have heard about. Shopping can be a very complex activity.

  13. IF ANY OF MY COMMENTERS WITH PACER CAN EMAIL ME, PLEASE DO. Working on Apollo Story. Need a document. Thanks.

  14. SnookumsLynn

    ever since you decided not to blog RHNY, I haven’t seen them…can you give us an update or something…I totally forgot til you mentioned them..I might try to catch up with them…I like them all EXCEPT Aviva!!!

  15. HeyWig

    Tt I know between apollo and porsha this tea is about to be so good

  16. Middle Child

    I know the chap photographed with kenya if indeed that is her man. He is extremely private for very good reasons and he won’t be showing up in Atlanta anytime soon.
    He is a gentleman and will treat Kenya well with love and respect (I mentioned in an earlier thread that it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that someone as attractive as Kenya could nab a successful man)
    If he is Kenya’s boyfriend please take it from me that he can afford to buy her that Bentley and that dictator’s son of Porsha’s isn’t in his league. Kenya has hit the mother lode and has nothing to prove to anyone.
    Kenya if you read this blog it is best everyone believes that your prince is a figment of your imagination that way you will be left in peace, if your cast mates are jealous of you now, I can’t imagine the vitriolic attacks that will be aimed your way it’s best to continue keeping mum. That’s all I’m saying.

  17. Jnikki1632

    Do you think that Kenya is coming back next season?

  18. Michelle

    Well guess I need to tweet Andy about Kenya being bad for the brand. If she is not going to show her “African prince” or oil tycoon as she said last season then she needs to stay off Bravo.

    • Yes, please do that. Keeping your boyfriend who lives in another country private is despicable. What we need are more violent, gaybashing evangelists married to gays, giant egoed moose and women who are complete frauds married to felons.

      What’s the motherfucking weather like in your world, Aretha?

      • ReadingBeads

        ^^^That is why I love TT’s blog. Tamara, you are absolutely, positively the best in the biz. Happy pills for you today.

    • Teerii

      Surely you jest……….

    • Teerii

      Michelle, surely you jest…….My last reply was in response to your need to know Kenya’s boyfriend comment too. LOL!

  19. I must say Tamara, the past few weeks I have been totally absorbed in you and your blog. I’ve never blogged so much in my life and never thought I would and that is a testament to your good aura and good energy force emanating from you. We can feel it and it drew me in! And that’s not easy!! Be well tonight, you have worked hard. :-)

  20. tamara is it in their contracts that they have to blog the reunion shows? have noticed that quite a few do not, which got me curious.
    re the moral compass thing, really appreciate that you have one. super tough position to be in.

    • It’s not SPECIFICALLY in the contract. It’s something like participate in all bravo publicity when asked, It’s been a while since I have seen a contract. um I mean I have never seen a contract.

      But Andy takes Bravo blogs into consideration. he loves the ones who get lots of hits good or bad. That is why you should not join the negativity.

      But you should tweet him now if you have strong feelings about who should not be back.

      On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  21. delaney

    Finally figured out who the tone of this blog reminds me of… Rush Limbaugh. There’s that rude tone like “ya’ll are too stupid to think for yourself so I’ll tell ya!” And if you dare to for cover . lol

  22. RVA

    TT is most absolutely right…that is NOT Kenya’s boyfriend.

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