Madonna Is Making Me Sad


Getting old sucks. Getting old also makes some of us (*cough* me *cough*) get a little crazy. My version of the crazy has been odd, inappropriate mood swings, anxiety, and general malaise. Madonna’s version appears to involve lots of nudity and provocative behavior. And it’s unsettling.

The above picture was posted (with the banner) to Madonna’s Instagram with the comment, “What I wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said Not this year! So I’m gonna work on music instead? #artforfreedom.” Is she serious? Did she really want to wander over to the Met Ball wearing a few strips of duct tape strategically placed? Yes, she has a great body, but…sigh. And if she was joking, it’s still not the best look.

Oh, Madge. I’m allowed to display my crazy here online and make a spectacle of myself. That’s the only thing people know of me. But you are fucking Madonna for fuck sake ! I need you to try to do this getting old thing a little more gracefully. Show the rest of us how it is done!

Oh fuck it. Maybe it can’t be done. Maybe we all need to let our crazy hang full-out. Maybe the crazy-assed attention seeking is just part of the journey. Carry on, Madge. Express yourself!


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27 responses to “Madonna Is Making Me Sad

  1. sequoia

    Thank goodness the duct tape. Otherwise, her tits they would be down to her navel.

  2. Is “Anna” Anna Wintour?

  3. ClassyLady80

    Bless her heart. I love Madonna– I think every little girl growing up in the 80’s did– but sometimes it’s best to slowly fade into obscurity. She’s ruining my “Lucky Star” memories with this.

  4. Kishmish

    I’m afraid we’ll have to look to someplace like England, France, the Scandinavian countries for this. America puts waaayyy too much emphasis on women either being in their 20s/30s or proving…via excessive shows of sexuality or being loudly angry…that they are still in the game. Madonna now looks so damned drawn and stressed she seems to be ossifying before our eyes.
    Check out someone like Gun-Britt Zeller (Give her a Google. It’s worth it) to see aging gracefully and not someone in an industry that’s sold its soul to sexual shock value like Madonna’s music industry.

  5. Jessika

    Your Title made me giggle….
    That picture looks like she was in a fight…

  6. Sosueme

    Madge can age any way she damm well pleases. Sexual – fine. Loud & proud – great. In your face has always been her shtick. Outliers like her demonstrate that a woman getting old & gray like my 65 year old self need not fade into the background. Sure, Kismish, Gun Britt-Keller is a pretty & elegant over 60 woman & more my style (wits vs. tits) but who’s to say this is the only/best way to grow older?

    • Sosueme

      Correction: Gun-Britt Zeller

      • lilk

        @sosueme : I looked up gun-britt zeller. she looks ok. but the pic could have photoshopped out her wrinkles and age spots. and is her hair that silver colour naturally or she dyes it silver?

    • @Sosueme You should comment more… :)

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 2:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Kishmish

      Is there just one way? Nope, not at all but I find people like Gun-Britt, or Charlotte Rampling, or Julie Christie to be far more realistic as women who know who they are, have character, and are far more accessible than this, for want of a better word, silliness. It’s more about being a real and complete (seemingly) woman than becoming a caricature of “strength” because you are bullhorn loud and shake your stuff as shorthand for being in touch with your sexuality. If she wants to do that fine, but she’s too far out in left field to be a help to most women who have matured beyond such show-offery. You are right that Madonna has pushed the whole loud and in-your-face thing for years though. For some of her audience I guess that’s cathartic.
      The thing is that most folks just grow up and move on. This looks like staying in one spot, playing one note over and over. Madonna IS as susceptible to pretension and foolishness as was proved by that affected accent she picked up when she was married to that Scottish chap–can’t recall his name. Is Madonna, like so many women who hang on to the hairdo of their prettiest era decades past its sell by date, stuck in the mental image of herself as a groundbreaking taboo shattering young artist and as unable to pull off another of her oft discussed “re-inventions”?
      Seriously, does THIS seem more powerful than Tilda Swinton, who lives an unconventional life because it’s simply HER and doesn’t try to make it her “image” I don’t know.

  7. BananaBug

    “Getting old ain’t for sissies”! And . . . . Madonna is no shrinking violet. Gotta love her!

  8. I’ve always respected Madonna, but like all of us had to do, us diva’s in our 50’s…., its time we allow our daughters the spotlight to youth and let it go. Its hard, but its time.

    • Kishmish

      So we should douse our light? But the world is so willing to douse it for us, even if we still have a glow. Are our daughters so weak they can only shine if we decide to jump into the grave just because mass media doesn’t want to push us as something to have sex with?
      I can’t reproduce anymore therefore I’ll just cover my head and wait for the reaper?
      Youth doesn’t “deserve” the spotlight just because it’s young. The spotlight is to the spotlight worthy, be she 21 or 121.

  9. Juvial Physicality

    haha….I love your ending remark, Tamara…Express Yourself.
    But I must admit…I love love her SuperBowl Performance…sometimes, on days, that I feel down, I watch it..get goosebumps and start my workout, and pretend I am one of her back up dancers…boy can they dance or what..Maybe Madge could benefit from some of your Tokens, TT 😉 :)

  10. boardinginmyforties

    I was hoping that Madonna could find a way to age gracefully but instead she is starting to look really scary and it is making me sad for her. I hate to see Madonna go the way of Joan Rivers…

    • Nancy

      I don’t find anything that Madonna has to say is relevant anymore. She thinks that she’s still a rebel, but she’s becoming a joke. The last time I saw her on an awards show, she had a white, pimped out suit and hat on, with a white cane and gold grill on her teeth. She looked ridiculous. Why can’t she be a classy 55 year old, instead of trying to be 25 again?

  11. natalie

    As long as the old girl has grown up and this is a calculated stunt then more power to her. If she truly is an adult child who sees herself as 20something then……………it is painful to watch.

  12. Nicole

    This does not surprise me about Madonna. Look how she has re-invented herself over the years and she does it well. I say more power to Madge!

  13. HeyWig

    Goodness is that Madge ….I need to hit the gym so I can be a in shape geriatric hoochie

  14. O.O

    This may have something to do with Rhianna being put off of Instagram the other day for showing her bare breasts. I believe it was her Album cover so she called it art so instagram shouldnt be up in arms .I think she had her fans repost the cover despite being asked to remove it so she was banned .
    I think we can age gracefully and sexy without being raunchy . we had our time , no matter how good we look ,old is old and we can’t compete with youth. We out match them in wisdom.
    I guess Madonna has no problem with her daughter observing her behavior and becoming more wild than she ever was.

  15. Anoneemouse

    Why can’t singers be recognized for their voice and actual talent versus their nudity and crass behavior? Side eye toward Madonna, Rihanna, Miley, etc. etc. etc.

  16. Sosueme

    Yawn to aging gracefully. Raunchy is hard work. Bless those over 55 who can muster it up on a regular basis. Show a little empathy for Madge. What’s an aging sex symbol to do?

    Lookism is brutal on an older gal. If you are still working you are probably contemplating or already tucking, lifting, filling, freezing or releasing fear of the mirror. And, yes, ossifying. Then there’s public opinion yammering about being age appropriate. Be sure to have character – don’t be a character/caricature, Madonna. Im cranky.

    (I didn’t listen to a lot of Madonna when she was popular – preferred Patti Smith & her anthem “working in a piss factory.” Google Patti – not a lot of filler or Botox. Another way to go–) But Madge hasn’t done badly for herself. Sean Penn, Guy Ritchie + boy toys. I don’t think she’s living a lonely chilly life w/her $$. She can do whatever she pleases (travel as much as she likes without having to worry about paying her mortgage(s). And between nabbing a younger yummy husband, raising kids, writing musical hits and touring, she wrote a children’s book – and probably thanked her public in that pretentious Brit accent. You can’t say that broad doesn’t have character.

    Kishmish – Tilda Swinton is divine. Androgynous. Happy husband & happy boyfriend family. Plus Victor & Rolf. The wonderful Julie Christie and Charlotte Rampling are dutifully age-appropriately groomed women. Bandaged boobs or gold grill as statement jewelry may be questionable fashion choices but the Material Girl can’t resist a bit of provocation and we’re still talking about it. Who knows if this is another re-invention? (Maybe a not-so-pretty poke at ageism).

    Climbing off soapbox ……toddles off to cocktail hour

  17. jennimer

    Madonna is tiresome and has been a legend in her own mind since she started performing. On her first tour, my husband was a (student) stagehand at SDSU and was setting up the sound system with the crew/students in the small amphitheater. They broke for lunch and were eating in the tiny arena when Madonna started her sound check. She flew into a diva rage and demanded they leave, yelling “I don’t give free concerts!” I always hoped she would fail after that…

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