Gigi Hadid Breaks Up With Teenaged Boyfriend

Gigi Hadid (Twitter)

Gigi Hadid (Twitter)

Oh young love, how dramatic and fragile. It seems Gigi Hadid has dumped her 17 year old Australian musician boyfriend. Or he dumped her, depending on what you read.  Gigi’s modeling career has taken off by leaps and bounds with tons of recent photo shoots in London and an assignment with Sports Illustrated.  Today she is in NYC going to Met Ball events.

Meanwhile, Cody is in LA doing a charity event. The two have extremely busy schedules that rarely allow them to be in the same city. By all accounts I  have read this is the crux of their issues. That and they are both children.  That said, remember how serious teenaged love felt? They must be devastated.

Here is a statement from Simpson’s publicist that I stole from Gigi’s timeline.

Gigi Hadid breakup.



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21 responses to “Gigi Hadid Breaks Up With Teenaged Boyfriend

  1. Former NYer

    Did someone yell “Surprise” before this picture was taken?

  2. I blame Lisa Vanderpump, because she cancelled on the finger paint party at the last minute. It’s all part of her big chess game.

  3. barbinga

    She’s a beautiful child/woman and a great career is ahead of her. Hopefully it won’t entail mom jeans and a mom bra in the future.

  4. sequoia

    Oh my goodness. This is the Worst News eVer.

  5. I wish them well :) Side note – GiGi’s long lost twin (same curly hair and everything) works at my local Banfield Pet Clinic. I didn’t get to take a pic the day I saw her but was surprised by how much she resembled GiGi.

  6. MicroOp

    The styling of this photo is far more tragic than the news.

  7. beverly

    ??? This comment makes no sense. ???

  8. HeyWig

    She is so cute!!! I love her wig

  9. pfffttt

    She is cute? She’s not ugly, but I just don’t see “cute.” What is she wearing? Looks like it is from the 80’s… Why are the pants pulled up almost to her tits?

  10. Is she hanging upside down in the photo?

  11. Sandy Banx

    Who did not see this coming?

    & check out the nude “traveling on the train” pictures…

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