Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Oh My! That Bullhorn is soo scary and threatening! Must use fistisses!

Andy starts by saying that both Nene and Kenya are six feet tall outspoken women who are used to running the show. It was the battle of the Titans this season and neither wanted to give up the crown. Nene sure does like to talk about what a good friend she WAS to people.  She WAS a good friend to Marlo. She WAS a good friend to Cynthia. She WAS a good friend to Kim. She WAS a good friend to Dwight. She WAS a good friend that broke one tryna build Neverland. She seems to blame Kenya for her blow up with Marlo at the Bailey Bowl. Kenya had the nerve to keep bringing Marlo around when she did not want to speak to Marlo. None of the other girls wanted to be around Marlo except Kenya. Hmmmm, maybe because Marlo has mugshots for assaulting some woman? You know, just like Porsha does now.

Kenya says the real issue is that Nene wants to control everyone around her. She wanted to control Marlo and Cynthia. She is nothing but a dictator. Kenya reads a text from Nene to Marlo that said that once Marlo decided to film with Kenya, then that is your choice and that is where you need to stay. Kenya says she also pulled Cynthia into the situation having Cynthia be on a three way phone conversation with Nene and Marlo where Nene again told Marlo not to film with Kenya. Wow. Nene is terrified Kenya is going to steal her shine. Nene says she should ask Cynthia why Nene and Marlo are not friends anymore. In her version, Kenya wants to be in the middle of it. Now, I agree that Kenya wants to be right in the middle of the pot twirling it up, but Nene you just admitted to two separate times that you told your friend Marlo to stay away from Kenya. Bye Felicia, indeed.

Cynthia says that the relationship with Nene and Marlo was strained before Kenya came along. Cynthia also says that if you are going to shoot with Kenya you can’t shoot with me. I just can’t understand why Nene thinks she gets to decide who people shoot with. Hell, one season they flew Kandi down to Miami to shoot with Nene because no one else wanted to shoot with her at all. Kenya Moore RHOA

Andy asked if Kenya if she was filming with and hanging out with Marlo just to piss Nene off. (She said no.) Duh, Andrew, nobody wanted to film with Kenya at that time so it only made sense for her to film with Marlo, the fact that it pissed Nene off just made the pot that much sweeter. Kenya points out again that Nene has a character flaw which causes her to try to control everyone and she can’t control me.

Nene is getting hot. I mean emotionally worked up although that long-sleeved velvet Pepto-Bismol gown and hair hat look hot as hell as well. I bet she was getting ripe. Just saying. Nene said, ” You don’t know shit. You’re just popping your dam gums because you feel like it.” Kenya fires back with, “At least my gums are original and not from Petco.” Nene again launches into her “I was a REAL friend to Marlo.” speech. Of course with Nene it always seems like she is saying she is better than everyone else. She carried Cynthia on her back! She lifted Marlo up out of the ghetto and into the overpriced rented house in the hinterlands! And she wants to make it really clear that she doesn’t have to help anybody but Nene Leakes. Kandi looks like she can’t stand Nene. Nene ends her rant by informing Kenya she doesn’t know shit about Marlo. Well, what we do know is that Marlo is not at the reunion. She sure is acting like she is Andy’s boss rather than the other way around.

Nene, Kandi is pissed at a comment Nene made in her blog about Mama Joyce. Basically, Kandi said she had never seen Nene walk away from a fight when talking about the Bailey bowl in her blog. Nene came back in her blog basically saying she was there with her son and she is not going to take her shoe off like Mama Joyce and try to hit someone or drag them up and down the street. Because she would not sink that low “with her son around.”  This is one of those times that Nene has multiple personalities. She’s physically attack people on the show, invaded their personal space, and done all sorts of things that she now says is beneath her. While I’d like to think perhaps she has grown as a person, there is no evidence of that. Kandi was pissed about the Mama Joyce stuff. That said, when you drag your mama on the show and she acts like a hoodrat, you can expect people to point it out. Kandi is agreeing with Cynthia about Nene doing things to them that she would be pissed about if it was done to her. Now Nene is really angry. Kandi seems to think Nene said her mother was down in the gutter. In this particular fight, I would have to side with Nene. If Nene said that about Kandi’s mother and it had not been seen on national television, then Kandi would be justified. But to me, she’s just not.

I’d like to point out that during the fight between Nene and Kandi nobody else interrupted. Phaedra didn’t jump in to have Kandi’s back. Nobody had Nene’s back and when Andy acted like the kindergarten teacher telling people to apologize, Nene stood her ground.

RHOA Reunion Cynthia

A viewer asks Nene if in hindsight she thinks it was wrong to make a spectacle of herself at Kenya’s charity events.  Nene says, well, since people think I never apologize, they can go to and see her apology. She said she did not want to be a poor role model for women and wanted them to know that was not the best reaction when someone is trying to trick you. It’s better to tell them to be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. And yes I realize that made no sense and was not an apology to anyone.

Kenya says that is a bunch a bullcrap. She did not have to get up in front of all the people at the event and show her black ass. Nene starts with her second favorite script of the reunion, “”I’m done talking about it.”  Nene says she will write a check to Kenya’s favorite charity for $20K if Kenya will match it. Kenya choses the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. I’m guessing that Kenya raised way more than that on The Apprentice. I sure Nene will say that does not count.

Nene is taking some crap for her comments that no one at the charity event is on her level. She is pissed that Kenya blogged about her being a washed up stripper with only a few small roles given to her by one man. Kandi seemed to think it is funny that Nene thinks above her.

A viewer asks why Kenya was kissing her ass so much on this season. Kenya says we started out in a good place this season. Nene begins overtalking the hell out of her so that no one can hear her. I am starting to think this is another thing Nene told Porsha to do. Kenya said she gave her furniture when she was living in out in LA and was never anything but kind to her until Nene decided they weren’t friends. Nene is screaming about being done with the conversation. Nene is really screaming and so is Kenya and Andy is literally plugging his ears. Nene was as long as she lives she will never have anything to do with Kenya. It sounds like Nene is saying she won’t film with Kenya, but I think Andy explained to her between the reunion and WWHL that if she wants a check, she will be filming with Kenya. :)

And asks Kenya about her having a new throne. Kenya explains that she gets a lot of tweets from fans saying that she is the new queen of the show. She says she thinks the fans are just sick of Nene’s attitude. Nene says Kenya wants to be the new queen of the show, but she’s not.

Andy does Cynthia montage. Andy can’t make it through a show with Cynthia without talking about Cynthia’s hair. I love her hair too, but this is getting ridiculous, Andrew.  Cynthia talks about her relationship with Peter. Cynthia says she is glad that Peter didn’t go have sex with someone else while she was sick, because she really couldn’t blame him. WTF?

What the fuck Is this fool wearing? The women are in formal wear and he has on a bedazzled T-shirt?

What the fuck Is this fool wearing? The women are in formal wear and he has on a bedazzled T-shirt?

Now we move on to Phaedra and Apollo’s “marriage.” During the montage, Apollo comes out by himself, not with the other guys and sits on the couch. You know when someone tries to go to a restaurant with a dress code and they have to give the idiot guy a jacket to wear? That’s how he looks. He is sitting right up on Phaedra with his arm slung around her like 17 year old thug in the back row of the movies. Andy says he heard they were separated and says based how you are sitting I guess you are not. They both claim they have never been separated. That’s a lie. These two have barely been in the same city let alone the same home since November. They are constantly tweeting that they are in different towns. That said, when Apollo was at lunch with this lady, the person taking the picture said he was there with his oldest son, Ayden. He also said in his special jailbird dialect that the marriage was taking a toll. Andy asked about counseling and he said he was going. So basically, nothing can be believed that comes from their mouths.

Apollo takes off his jacket and tries to put his arm aback around Phaedra but somehow yanks the world’s largest globe of fake hair and she let’s out an “out” and a “dog gone!” The question she is supposed to be answering is was it hard for Phaedra to portray a “rosy image” (aka fake front) during filming. Phaedra says she was raised to keep what goes on between a husband and a wife private. Andy says, “and yet, you are on a reality show about your life.” LOL. Apollo says he is constantly telling Phaedra they need to be as authentic as possible and he needs to be himself for their marriage to continue to thrive. Andy asks if he has the old Phaedra back now that she is finished with school. He said, “three nights ago!” and starts laughing. Then he does this odd fist bump thing with Nene. Very weird.

A viewer asks Phaedra if she gets tired parenting Apollo saying that if you treat him like a child he is going to rebel. Apollo cracks up again and Phaedra says, “You know what? I have several jobs as I have said. I don’t have time to parent anyone other than my sons. Apollo is a grown man and he does what he wants to do.” While she is speaking Apollo giggles and randomly says, “Jamacia, mon!” out of the blue. Phaedra tells him to be quiet so she can talk. He straightens up. As the DVR is paused I seem him thumbing his wedding finger as if he is not used to wearing the ring.

Apollo is straight up acting like he is own something, which would be a violation of his bond conditions. Andy asks what he can say about his charges. He says he is just going to let it play out. Then he says, “I can tell you one thing, then that one over there is running her mouth? Kenya, I’m talking to you. (He waves trying to get her to look at him.) I’m over here. (Kenya still will not look at him.)” He says she better hope nothing happens to him because she may not have a job. He’s her storyline. He sustained her career. So while she is talking about him on talk shows. She should  be paying him. Something is way wrong with this man.

Andy asks Kenya if she wants to respond. Apollo goes on, “I built you! I built you! So stop playing games.” Nene laughs and says, “I love it!” Dear God that is a whole lot of crazy on the wrong couch. Apollo says he will give her his P.O. Box so she can put some money on his books in prison. At the 40 minute mark he talks about strippers. Phaedra is not amused.

Andy asked Kenya why she said on Bethenny that Apollo is going to prison. WTF? BECAUSE HE IS?! Stupidest question yet. Nene then said that Kenya said that Nene was on drugs. Apparently, Nene had her lawyer send a cease and desist letter to Kenya. Nene says she has never been on drugs in her life. Kenya pointed out that half of America was talking about her seeming to be on something and Kandi said on camera at the time that she was geeked up. Kandi says it was a joke. (Sure didn’t seem like she was joking.)  Nene had all the signs of someone on something.

If you think that Phaedra is going to be fired for her husband’s criminal charges, this reunion leads me to believe otherwise. Apollo’s crimes are being rewarded with several long segments.  A viewer asks Phaedra if she thinks she owes Kenya an apology. It seems like your husband is at fault here, put the blame where it belongs. Phaedra calls Kenya a trifling whore. Apollo claims that Kenya texted him that she feels bad for saying bad things about him. That’s horseshit. He tryna whip out his phone with this bullshit. Apollo doesn’t think he is a criminal. Apollo says Kenya has no credit. He says that she might have some now because of him.

Holy shit. Phaedra can read. She is going in on Kenya talking about the father of her children saying that while she spends her weekends with her family (lies) Kenya is “pedaling through sperm banks, looking through catalogs  looking for a sperm donor. Honey, you don’t know whether your baby’s daddy will be an ax murderer or a child molester, because what you will know is that he needed $10 for a medium pizza so he ejaculated in a cup so you could have a kid.”

STUNNED SILENCE. Nene was Amening Phaedra through the whole thing. Kandi is biting her lip trying to be respectful. Andy has a blank stare.

Andy asked Phaedra is she believes Apollo about the Kenya situation 100%. She says yes she does. Kenya was coming on to him from day one and she should have slapped the dog shit out of her on that day but she didn’t because she was trying to be a friend to her. Oh Phaedra. Don’t nobody want your convict of a husband. Kenya would flirt with a box of instant cheese grits. That’s just her personality. Some might call it “pleasant,” something you are not.

RHOA REunion Peter and Todd

Kenya is very visibly upset. She says she is done rolling around in the mud with pigs. In the most hysterical moment Andy’s awkward response was, “Does that mean you are quitting the show?”  If the other ladies weren’t so dumb, they would get Andy just called them all pigs. Apollo tells Kenya to get her toenails done.  This might be a good time to point out that Kenya has been attacked for quite a long time now and this is only what we see  by a convicted felon and his thugette wife. She ain’t hitting nobody though.

Nene thinks that Kenya is trying to break up Kandi and Phaedra now. Nope, that’s just Nene once again trying to keep Kandi from being civil with Kenya.

A viewer asks Cynthia about Peter getting involved in the women’s drama. I agree with Cynthia and Peter. What is the point of him being there. Nene that she is friends with Peter. See? I think that is why Nene thinks she can talk to him any kind of way. Peter says the lack of calls from Nene has been great for him.

Finally, Pillow Talk. Is there really another half an hour of the reunion? Jesus take the blogging wheel!  Did Phaedra just accuse Kenya of sleeping with the guy who grabbed her?  Kenya says that while she was outside the door getting miked she heard Nene screaming at the top of her lungs accusing producers of holding Kenya back to make an entrance because they are trying to make her the star of the show. This is fascinating. Apollo is claiming he talked to Brandon for two hours on the phone where he was “apologetic” because he didn’t want to disappoint HIS FANS. Dear God erry last one of these people has fallen into de Nile. Kenya says that Apollo was telling Brandon to make it a storyline so he could be on the show again. Yes, Apollo that makes sense. Brandon, who is an actual actor needs you to beat his ass on TV to make him relevant. Apollo is now claiming self defense. He and Porsha really should get married the next time he is out of prison. Peter didn’t think that Chris was aggressive. Peter just said something about “the real men in the room” which Kenya took as a homophobic comment and went off. Andy asked what he meant by that. Peter backtracks a bit. I didn’t really take what Peter said to be about Brandon. But when Kenya pointed it out, I could see how it could be taken that way.

Nene is loving all the backup so now she is addressing Kenya asking her if she really thinks Nene started the aggression. Did she make Kenya get up out of her seat? She over talks Kenya again.

The gays take Nene to task over her gay bashing of Brandon. They are livid. How could she do that? Nene looks at Andy with disdain and says, “Really?” and he is like, “um, yeah…”  Nene says okay. Andy says you said it multiple times and you said it in a derogatory fashion. Nene says, “you did really?” and Andy says yes. Nene is clearly wetting her Spanx trying to form a response. Nene says, ” if I offended you Andy or anyone in the gay community, since I never apologize.”(haughty laugh) Kenya asks Andy if he was offended and he says yes, he was. Nene says, “I just apologized. What else do you need me to do? Do you need me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass? ”  WHO THE HELL SPEAKS TO THEIR BOSS THIS WAY?  Andy responds with “I do like it when you kiss my ass.” Touché !  OMG Nene just keeps going,  I apologized, what do they want me to do next? Should I hold a gay function? Gregg chimes in with “I was thinking more of a parade.” Nene says okay maybe a parade. OMG OMG OMG  She just lost the majority of her fanbase. I wish I would have seen her twitter follower numbers before this aired. (Most are bought anyway) to see how many this episode lost her. She may actually get fired.

Man this recap is taking forever to write because this reunion DELIVERS. Now they are showing NEW footage of Nene trash talking Apollo, Phaedra and Kandi before they arrived at the Pajama Brawl. Sure as shit, here is Nene strutting around pissed that they game can’t start until “the star arrives” (aka Kenya). Just like Kenya said and the others claimed they did not hear. It’s all right there on camera they were in the room. Nene is being a giant cunt satchel. Clearly, production is NOT amused with Nene.

OMG! An epic fight between Phaedra and Apollo! The shit they don’t show is what we need to see!  Andy is grinning like a cat when he asks Phaedra what that was about. Holy hell, I’m starting to think more than just Porsha is fired. That was after the Pajama Brawl.  Suddenly Nene suddenly recalls her temper tantrum. Nene is upset. Kenya says Nene is still paying for that ring. Bullshit. Nene’s ring is QVC type shit. Gregg jumps in to say that is not true. Nene says they have zero debt and I want to fall over laughing. NO ONE with zero debt buys handbags and rings and shoes  before securing a HOME for them and their children. Nene seems to think rational people believe this inflated salary she likes to tell people she makes. It’s ridiculous. Nene is just mad that Andy just rolled the tape on something Nene and everyone else denied happening earlier in the episode. Nene so mad jealous of Kenya, it’s on tape. Case CLOSED.

There is some bullshit closing comments where they pretend that they are all not acting a fool for the cameras. Kandi is the only one who seemed to have any remorse. Andy ends saying essentially he likes laughing at them all.

I am slapping this up unedited AGAIN because I have got to go blog Porsha and Andy on WWHL.


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267 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 Recap

  1. HeyWig

    Thank you Tt I needed your recap im stuck at work. I missed the show.Everyone I know is I hate Kenya. And thinks Nene has a real acting career in Hollywood . I needed this

    • LisaLisaDiva

      Part 3 was a train wreck of epic proportions Kenya, NeNe and psychotic ass Apollo and Phaedra all looked like straight clowns. NeNe talking to Andy Cohen crazy is damn near career suicide. Don’t let Andy fool ya baby, NeNe will pay for that dumbass back talk/gay bashing with either a huge paycut or losing her job. I don’t think Andy likes NeNe nearly as much as she thinks, I was like OMG OMG..O…M…G too when she snapped at Andy like he was a idiot. WHEW…ignorance can be fixed but stupid is forever. That was painful AS hell to watch.

      • Deb

        I was shocked too but I think she was mad when they showed the par Kenya was referring too. Where Nene was saying the star isnt here and she will pay for that gay comment.

      • Patti


      • Nene’s arrogance hit a new low when she told Andy (about the negative remarks about gays, and that they are livid) “… you need me to pull your pants down and kiss your ass?” This woman is crazy! Cohen is her boss! I pray that she gets fired, just for that unbelievably disrespectful reply. I am baffled at how Nene thinks that all she says and does is o.k.. She thinks she’s some big star. She is vulgar and oh so stupid. I hope she gets what she deserves! This woman has a delusional gutter mentality. If she had any kind of fan following, it was with the gay community, (because she looks like a dude in drag). Well, after that ugly reply, Andy Cohen needs to do something drastic to bring this big thing down. No way he can hear that disgusting answer and do nothing…..Andy, for the love of God, send this old washed up stripper away. Far, far, away. She is so unlikeable and creepy. I just cannot imagine who, in this world, still likes her. No-bo-dy…..

      • Career suicide defined: “…pull your pants down and kiss your ass?” Really! This woman is idiot confused. Andy is her boss, not the other way around. Wonder what Mr. Cohen will do after America witnessed Nene’s delusions of grandeur, trying to humiliate her boss. This takes the cake! What an ignorant “woman”! Career suicide, yes! She will never go anywhere but DOWN, from whence she came. Do something, Andy! Bring her down a ton of notches. America can’t stand Nene! Can’t Stand Nene Leakes!

      • Gabriella

        Just watched this in Oz after reading TT’s recap, so was looking forward. Wow, what a foul mood Nene was in!! I think she should have apologized to Kandi about dissing her mum, even if she didn’t really mean it. I like Kandi, I think she’s got the nicest personality out of all them.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      What I want everyone to know is that bravo is exploiting Black women who will do ANYTHING for a check. It was very uncomfortable, and we have only seen the edited version. God I would shudder to see the full unedited version. Nene is a very nasty person, I would be ashamed if I had any attachment to her. Pheadra needs help she is extreme denial and she is raising two small children. Cynthia has lost NOTHING in lost of Nene friendship NOTHING.

      • O.O

        @bravogirl . Bravo is doing nothing to black women . Bravo does not tell the women to get on camera and show their uncouth behavior ,if the usual suspects weren’t fools and had proper home training no camera could make them look bad.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        look bravo has a lot to do with what they show and how they show it.

      • Blanca

        I do think in around 30 years this show will be categorized as blaxploitation. But to be fair all of the housewives shows are very anti-woman, imho.

        Maybe the aim is to give credence to the notion that women can never get along. In my personal life I must say I never treat women, even those who are not friends, the way these women treat each other.

      • Bella

        So what do you think the other HW shows are doing? Exploiting white women and Italian women? I am sick of people who make everything about race. So F’ing sick of it. Everyone who makes things a race issue is just contributing more to the issue. No one tells these women to act like they do. NO ONE! Nene does this to herself. She is an ignorant c u next tuesday. She is a walking stereotype and she was like this before she was ever on TV. Another walking stereotype is the low IQ one who attacked Kenya. And I have witnessed black women’s behavior in real life, much of what I have witnessed is far worse than what I see on this show. Ignorant, bad attitude, loud and angry. At least we get to see variety on the show like Cynthia who is classy but black women call her a coward follower etc. IMO she is just elegant and too classy to act a fool like Naynay. I am pretty sure the classy, smart black women out there are too smart to do a reality show, just like all smart women of other races. No self respecting woman in BH or OC is doing a HW show trust me. These shows are for fame whores who need a check, no matter the race. Get over yourself and making it a race issue. It is only hindering progress. There are real cases of people being racially exploited other than TV shows where grown women choose to participate in certain behavior.

      • LovingIt

        Andy is exploiting all WOMEN on all the housewives shows. It’s not a color thing.

      • lilk

        __So what do you think the other HW shows are doing? Exploiting white women and Italian women?__
        @ bella what is the difference between white and italian ?

      • All the women in all these franchises are fame and money whores. All of them. I cannot think of a rational reason why a thinking, intelligent person would want to expose their private lives to a camera’s lens unless they are trying to promote themselves or their businesses–Kandi, Phaedra and Cynthia; need a paycheck and exposure–Porsha and Kenya; or need to promote their utter narcissism, vanity and ego–Nene. I think if you paid Nene very little, she would still want to push everyone else out of the way to be the center of attention. Bravo is a vehicle for their needs. It’s not the tail wagging the dog, but the dog feeding the needy and some biting the hand that feeds them.

      • Bella

        @ lilk The original poster is grouping women by ethnicity so that’s what I did in order to get my point across as an example. RHOJ is mostly Italian which is a sub group/ethnic group. Italians are negatively stereotyped as well. Many Italians felt offended by Jersey Shore because it made Italians look bad and stereotypical. But those idiots again made themselves look bad.

        Why did no one say The Hills exploited white? What about RHOBH? OC? Anyone? They are stereotypical blondes are they not? Alexis and Gretchen anyone? Reality shows would be boring if everyone behaved sane. They will get people of any ethnic group who behave foolishly for all to see because of ratings. Does not matter the race. If there were no shows featuring blacks people would be mad. Now its exploitation. Whatever.

  2. SoCalCPA

    Nice recap! I would like to think that Andy has sense and would look back at this reunion as the catalyst for Nene’s departure, but I won’t hold my breath. Of all the HW’s on Bravo, she’s the most rude to him. It actually pains me to see him, year after year, kiss her ass. All for what? Aside from that, I’m glad the producers let us see Apollo calling his wife an asshole!

    • O.O

      @bravogirl . But how is the low class behavior , the ignorance , the terrible grammar of the women bravos fault ? They are of their own will on this show. It’s not bravos fault that that they display who they are for the world to see. For example they can’t make Cynthia look like a hoodrat because she isn’t . She is guilty of stirring the pot at times, before porsha came on the scene she was the resident ding bat but has always conducted herself as a lady. There’s no footage that can be edited to make Cynthia look like a course street brawler or the stereotypical “angry black woman ” Bravo isn’t the problem.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        If you really don’t think that bravo has a hand on what is portrayed on this show then I might as well end this dialogue right now. I appreciate the discourse though 0.0

        Its always an interesting pleasure.

      • SnookumsLynn

        I believe that Bravo holds all the cards regarding what is shown…but they aren’t telling Nene to sit up there and act like an entitlted jerk and they certainly aren’t telling Porche to drag people…

        these women are doing this to themselves…if u truly believe that Bravo is maligning their character, what do you say about Cynthia? She’s boring as hell and vanilla…if Bravo was truly the master manipulator as you say, wouldn’t they do better by showing her to be a true DIVA?

        I get that Bravo has a hand in these women’s portrayal, but they are showing their own ass!!!

      • I cringe whenever the Housewives substitute the singular “it’s” , for the appropriate, “there’s”. Example: “It’s gonna be lots of problems now that Nene opened her trap.” We need Heather here.

      • Thank you. Drives me insane. I just got an email from someone claiming to know something. I am far from the grammar police, I love taking liberties with grammar and punctuation and using words that provoke. I do actually know proper grammar, punctuation and acceptable vocabulary. This repeated uses of It’s a lot of problems…etc drives me crazy. And don’t get me started on Nene’s regular speech patterns.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 10:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I hope you’re right. Nene burned all kinds of bridge with the gay community as well, I thought. Talking to her boss that way was ridiculous.

      • I was astounded when Nene talked to Andy like that. I have seen her be disrespectful and rude all day long, to him and to everybody, but he cannot let that stand if he wants to maintain whatever authority he has left over the zoo animals.

      • Leelee

        For Nene to disrespect Andy the way she did is “biting off the hand that feed you”. Now I hope she starves. She went way too far. Nene think that she is in the mainstream of ‘Hollywood” now. She think that she’s a “high roller”. And to imply that to appease the gays she and Greg will have a gay party or even a gay parade. How pathetic, she is a sorry asshole B.T.H. Get rid of that Moose, Andy. If you don’t you will lose some of your straight and gay friends and fans. Ii’s time for her ass to go. She has probable lose some of the possible D list jobs that she could have had in the future. O.K. Nene just go somewhere and try to get a home loan while you have the chance. HURRY UP.

    • Oracle5

      To Bella: This is from the archives of RHOA: I am wondering when will the integrated version of the RHOA return? I really did enjoy Kim’s demeanor.

    • O.O

      @bella. Thank you, Exactly ,amen and yes ! I’m learning quickly from commenting and the replies I receive that one can’t change people’s way of thinking . Even with pictures as Tamara one day mused .

  3. Tamara – I missed the first showing, got home too late. I dashed to my laptop to see if you had posted anything and you have – great!. As always and even without your edits, your blog is the most informative with a “straight up” perspective that I appreciate. Now, I’m waiting for the reunion to play again; I appreciate your orientation. Thanks!

  4. Dominique

    I love your blog!! It amazed me how everyone said they didn’t hear NeNe saying that Kenya thinks she’s the new queen of the show, then when Andy rolled that clip it clearly showed NeNe saying those exact things!!

    • Foxee

      Dominique, exactly! What’s more scarier than Ne Ne lying [who knows? Maybe she truly forgot she said it…you know, being, how Kandi said it? “Geeked up” ‘n all] is ALL of them co-signing that lie! Out of sheer HATE for Kenya. “Telling the truth” may not always be translated as siding with Kenya, sometimes (especially to real thinkers) it’ll signify you have just that much respect for your own intellect and integrity! e.g.:Kandi spoke up when she heard Peter lie about frequenting strip clubs. Gonna say “Peter, I know you ain’t about to tell that lie in front of me.” [paraphrased] Yet, sat stoic-still at the reunion when Ne Ne lied! They ALL did! Yes, glad the producers aired that LIE!

      Kenya, you MUST possess some kind of POWER, one you yourself might not be aware of…to get a room FULL of folks to GUN for YOU like THAT??? We can’t see how whatever you did/do is any different than what THEY all do on what’s called reality TV. But they do you like they did Jesus when you exact the same. Why?

      Pardon me, Dominique, when one gets to writing, their just writing… But again, thanks for your sound logic above.

    • I totally believe the producers (Andy) knew that Nene would lie about the party. And, Phaedra would continue with the “we’re perfect facade.” And then just like a good “check” move in the game of chess, they hit her with the clip. Bam! That was the best of the night. Both of those clips. Now I could hear Nene’s loud mouth telling Greg later, “that is some fucked up shit. Why is Bravo is trying to make me look bad.” And Phaedra’s face didn’t change while watching Apollo treat her like a moron. Phaedra reminds me of a Halloween House where a heavily made up witch answers the door giving out arsenic candies with a big smile to all the kiddies.

      • Dominique

        I could see through Phaedra and Apollo’s “act” I bet she told him to talk down to Kenya to make her feel better. The funniest part was watching him search for a text Kenya supposedly sent him before the Reunion!

      • Teerii

        I believe Andy and the producers were so fed-up with the NeNe’s and Phaedra’s BS, that during one of the breaks during the Reunion taping, the decision was made to bring Nene and Phaedra to their knees.

        Remember, everything is edited. NeNe might have made the Ass kissing remark to Andy earlier during the taping and the same with Apollo’s and Phaedra’s shameful attack on Kenya. Andy and his producers are at the place where this level of hatefullness has worn too thin. And they decided to support Kenya by showing those two “Let’s set the record straight”, tapes!

      • lilk

        i honestly didnt remember nene ranting like that so i am able to believe that kandi cyn and phae didnt. I think they just forget, not that they’re afraid to go against nene. the pillow talk happened months agp so they forgot.
        i def did like how the editors had the clips ready( or perhaps the reunion waspaused for the clip to be queued up ? bc kandi says reunion films all day long) showing nene rant …but how did they know kenya would make that point ?
        sounds like producer interference once again.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        @lilk you know the reunion was taped, is not LIVE. plus it was film months ago.

  5. Sona

    Ah man! I changed channels at 9:00 to watch Game of Thrones so I missed the last 1/2 hour (as well as Porsha’s WWHL, which I wasn’t really interested in anyway). So thanks for the recap TT!

    I really wish I had seen the part where they re-ran the tape of Nene’s tantrum during the Pajama Party and Phaedra and Apollo’s fight. Darn! They just proved Nene to be the delusional liar we all know her to be and that Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage is a fake (again, something anyone with any sense knows).

    I’m really upset that they gave Apollo such a long segment and allowed him and Phaedra to verbally assault her in the most disgusting way and no-one (not one person) stood-up for her. That was really shameful and I wouldn’t blame Kenya one bit if she decided not to return next season. Apollo looked and behaved like a neanderthal.

    How dare Phaedra talk about Kenya’s possible use of an anonymous sperm donor when she KNOWINGLY married and bred for a convicted felon. In my opinion, that’s worse. Especially for a woman who claims to be so educated and genteel. Again, another disgraceful attack that no-one on that stage checked.

    • JustasIam

      Amen! But Kenya paid them in dust. Phaedra and Apollo are disgusting. Kenya didn’t have to check it. Phaedra and Apollo both looked like booboo the fool.

    • lori

      Thank you! As if Kenya couldn’t have stood outside the prison waiting for some low life, newly released felon to walk out the gates and get her knocked up. Phaedra looks like such a fool acting like Apollo is some sort of prize. I can’t stand them!

      • I whether have a baby by a sperm donor than someone I’m going to be sending my kids talking to a jail window for the next 10-20 years. The fact people find this read funny, especially some who come from single parent households themselves, just tacky.

    • Latrise

      I was stun that no one say anything, when Phaedra read Kenya about the sperm banks. Being must of the housewives or husband, has some form of a criminal past. And if we are keeping it real about Phaedra, the justice system may say she is innocent till proven guilty, but the public opinion is she is as guilty as Apollo. ( Referring to the suppose criminal talk going around.) So by her logic, how did she explain were she got her sperm from, because we all can see that she did not marry a genius nor a upstanding citizen.

      • SnookumsLynn

        LMAO! her speech about what Kenya will get at the sperm bank cracked me up!!! Phaedra is super idiodic to be sooo book smart!

    • Cythere

      I guess it was too much to think Cynthia might stand up for Kenya.
      What we saw was one woman being verbally (emotionally) hammered on by a group of women for hours, after she had already been physically assaulted by one of their friends.
      I lost my last shreds of respect for Gregg Leakes. Not sure I like Todd or Kandi after viewing that mess, either.

      There were multiple times Kenya had tears in her eyes. She is a really strong person. Like the rest of them, she does provoke people, but that was a gang-up; and that weakling Andy Cohen just sat there. NeNe and Gregg even insulted him: “Should I hold a gay FONK-shun?” “I was thinking maybe a parade.” And Andy just sat there.
      At the end he summed up the show and reunion as funny. Yeah, watching a woman be pulled to the floor by her hair is real funny.
      He obviously doesn’t give a hoot about any of these people.

      • heather

        It was brutal and difficult to watch. Andy Cohen pimps these women for profit. I agree, he cares nothing for them. It is sad to watch. No one should be subjected to the name calling and attacks Cohen allows because it brings high ratings.

      • ClassyLady80

        I am with you on this, Cythere. This reunion wasn’t funny. It was painful. I couldn’t believe that no one stood up for Kenya and she had to be a one woman army with almost everyone coming for her jugular. That kind of strength comes from life experience. She is probably used to being berated every time she associates with class-less females like the Ne-Nes of the world. When you’re beautiful AND smart AND popular, those kinds of women CAN’T STAND YOU and do ANYTHING to bring you down a peg or two. Reminds me of high school… When Phadra went in about the sperm bank and catologs, I could feel Kenya’s heart break. That was beyond a low blow. That was just EVIL. I felt so bad for her at that moment. But she held it together and nary a tear dropped. If I wasn’t ride or die for Kenya before, I am now. She really showed us what she’s made of.

    • Agreed. Whatever respect I may have had for Phaedra went up in a cloud of disgust forever when she said that.

      • Khloe77

        I wonder what the congregation thinks about her since her mother is a pastor. She is absolutely despicable! She has horrible judgement because she actually CHOSE that DumDum husband of hers!

      • @Khloe77 I didn’t know her mother was a pastor. Well, that explains how she is able to hide under the cloak of religion so effortlessly. Scriptures is mainly how she was indoctrinated, not something she truly believes or lives by but uses to disguise her ugliness inside and deflect deeper scrutiny. Jigs up! She won’t be the first one by any means who has used religion to hide behind so they can do dirty things. I really believe she thinks she’s succeeding at fooling everybody. I’ve been able to get a better sense of her character portrait with this piece of info.

    • lilk

      yes apollo is a convict felon . but it wasnt murder or rape.

      • Teerii

        Yes it was rape and murder. It was the raping of people’s money accounts and the killing off of a safer, more secure future that Apollo committed on innocent people. Phaedra and Apollo deserve to be put away for a very long time for these crimes.

    • It seems like Peter and Apollo spend lots of time in strip clubs…Wasting other people’s $$$$ big time. Small wonder that Cynthia and Peter are always in financial trouble….Do these foolish men think that looking at stripper’s *ssholes is the height of “prosperity”? They are so tacky and low-class, these men. And does anybody actually believe that all they do there is “look”? Let’s get real…..

  6. N Dot

    That reunion became so uncomfortable for me to watch, that I stopped and read this blog.

    It’s pretty clear that they are ganging up on Kenya. No, I’m not Team [insertnamehere]. I especially didn’t like that whole thing between Apollo and Kenya.

    I’m sorry, but I have a really hard time advocating, supporting, and cheering for people who have made a career by stealing, lying, and cheating other people like the Leakes’ and Nida’s have. These people are criminals for a reason, and I wish people would stop buying their BS. No these aren’t some blogger’s rumor stories, these are actual cases, some of which are federal. These people have been proven guilty, and it’s public record.

    I don’t think Kenya should come back. Let the show have a slow death.


    • JustasIam


      • I agree, Kenya should leave and let those rats destroy one another. Nene will turn against Porsha if she doesn’t do what she is told. Kandi and Phadera will still hang out, but Kandi will have to support her while Apollo is in jail. Cynthia will be alone of course, but Kandi and if Sherri is coming back will film with her. I will not be watching next year, I will read TT’s blog instead. I can’t do it any longer. Stop watching after the trip to Mexico.

    • I use to have a lot of respect for RHOA during the reunions, because they use to not be the gang up one person type of show, everyone handled their own beefs with each other. But when the husbands came out of course all these tricks, minus Cynthia, were all attacking or siding with nonsense against Kenya. They are no better than the other franchises when one person is being attacked by the whole cast. I think it’s pathetic to be honest with you.

      • Gingersnap

        @isbitchbetter ~ I agree with you, it’s like gang mentality. As far as I’m concerned, Kenya is the Queen. She was put through the wringer and was STILL classier than Nene or Phaedra, by a long shot. Porsha too, but that pretty much goes without saying at this point.

    • SABLE

      I don;t think anyone is ganging up on Kenya. But it is very clear that NONE of the cast members like her, maybe with the exception of Cynthia, depending what direction the wind blows. But, you have to ask yourself, why it is that no one wants to film with Kenya? I think alot of viewers are put off by Kenya’s behavior as much as Nenes. I know I am.

      • N Dot

        The same reason no one wants to film with Nene? Or maybe they are jealous? I don’t know.

      • Let not be ridiculous! Porsha, Nene & Phaedra planned their up on Kenya days in advance. Porsha dragging Kenya’s hair… Phaedra talking about her inability to get pregnant… the cast (including the men) all singled her out on the Pillow Talk and pointed the finger in her direction. Please these folks wanted to gang up on her because their IQ level, individually, dont match hers!

      • pfffttt

        What has Kenya done? She’s told the TRUTH. Told the truth about Apollo, (a dirty, disgusting, scheming, ex con, grifting CRIMINAL) Phaedra — a fat wannabe southern belle who doesn’t have the body for a workout video, Nene — a fat cow wannabe Hollywood actress with an over inflated ego, and Porsha — a dumb tard acting as Kordell’s beard…

        She tells it like it is, and these dumb broads cannot take it!

        #TeamKenya! Twirl to the BANK! She is the new STAR of RHOA.

      • Me too. Kenya is a classy, brave, lady. Love the way she handled these “men” who attacked her on the show. The only real man there is our gentleman friend, Brandon. The others are *itches with pants on. Coward liars. It is NOT manly to go after a woman, especially Kenya, who didn’t have a man at the reunion to defend her. Phaedra needs to stop insulting Kenya about her desire to have a child. Preacher’s daughter needs to take a good hard look in the mirror! She doesn’t have a “real” husband! She had 2 kids but I’m wondering if they were conceived “the real way”. She’s old, so I’m willing to bet on “in-vitro”….So shut up fake arse Phaedra, you aren’t really married and you had to pay for your fake felon “husband”.

    • Foxee

      Wish there were a “like” button under the comments here. Like. Like. Like.

  7. KB

    I can’t believe how everyone ganged up on Kenya and she took each shot like a champ. Even the men were against her. I would not be able to work in that kind environment. Hey TT… Do you think that after watching WWWHL with Porsha that Andy may have a change of heart about letting her go? He seemed like he was kissing up to her. What do you think?

    • Riley

      The only man that ganged up on Kenya was Apollo. And only half of the women. Maybe it felt like it because Nene and Phaedra would not let up.

  8. ICassie

    I feel so sorry for Kenya. Everything is blamed on her. It was Kenya’s fault that she got up at the pajama party. It’s Kenya’s fault that Porsha got up at the reunion. It’s Kenya fault for being a little flirty. It doesn’t mean she wants him. Andy will never fire Nene. He doesn’t seem to care I guess she just has that it factor some of us don’t like it but apparently the majority does. It only a problem when Kenya says something, so sad. Nene flirts with every man Peter, Tony her dance partner but I guess because she is big and slightly drag queenish know other woman’s sees her as a threat. Kandi was such a disappointment . She just stopped her fight with Nene. Sorry people she is the head b…. In charge.
    She runs Andy and he acts like he values her opinion. By the way what kind of company are the running when Nene supposedly knows everyone’s salary. Lord and Porsha’s interview don’t Andy see a puppet being formed right before his eyes that chick is using Nene words verbatim damn.

    • AlwaystheTeacher

      @ICassie: I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly. I will say however, that Porsha sounded a bit more articulate tonight, more intelligent…in other words, more like Phaedra.

      • 'The Jam'

        She was lying a lot, so yes that was more like Phaedra.

      • ClassyLady80

        She did seem to formulate her sentences correctly and actually made a few logical points. But I think they did several takes of the interview. You could tell there was some splicing/ editing done between some of his questions and her answers. It wasn’t live, at all.

  9. Blair

    I really love that I don’t have to watch these shows and just read your recaps.

    It makes me uncomfortable to watch them argue now.

    The only part of the show I did catch was when everybody claimed they didn’t hear NeNe being angry about Kenya not being there yet. wow!!!!
    I’m so glad Kenya didn’t lie and everyone got to see the truth even if they didn’t want to admit it.

    • My favourite part of the night, and I’m glad Kenya mentioned after the clip that yes it was said and here it is even if none of you all remember it. Nene went from “you’re delusional, you lie” to “I didn’t remember that.”

  10. stevod

    great recap as always!

    i hate to say it, but I enjoy a good shakeup. this was probably the best housewives series this season…do you think there’s any chance of nene getting canned? actually, since that’s probably unlikely, i’m curious if you think the show would remain successful without her if it were to happen someday (i do…). i don’t dislike nene but she treats people poorly, and as if the show is beneath her…

    thanks TT!

    • LovingIt

      I for one would not miss Nene, she makes the show very uncomfortable to watch. She needs to eat a large slice of humble pie and remember where she cane from. She’s darn lucky that she was plucked from obscurity and is now someone infamous (not famous) making lots of money. She should be ashamed of herself the way she spoke to Andy. Good riddance Moose.

      • Linda

        she needs a pay cut for sure. Being she claims to being the highest paid housewife’, she should pay Kenya’s half for the charity. She did claim she has it like that. The one thing she did smart was to get that wedding ting as she/can fall back on that when the checks stop coming in.

      • Nene has gone too far. Everybody is replaceable. RHOA will always do well (imho) because there aren’t many many shows with an all black cast of gossipy women. It has a built in audience. What does Nene have left in her? Her marriage to an old, doughy Greg who is busy telling Nene how wonderful she is? Boring! Her new job as an announcer for the circus? Are you serious? If there is anybody that has run out of a storyline it is Nene.

    • Marilyn

      I think Kandi, Phaedra, and Porsha should go. Phaedra is still going to live the façade life, and Porsha – well she needs some time to mature and learn.

  11. Sooo Phaedra got something to say about Kenya getting a sperm donor? Interesting so does that mean the two kids she had with criminal Apollo is going hoodlum scam artists like he is! I wish Kenya would had smacked her ass with this question. Phaedra has no business to talk how anyone should get their children whether it being thought marriage or on their own. Scum of the earth comment. Of course if you don’t like Kenya you find that crap to be funny but I feel sorry for anyone who actually came from donor and is a fan of Phaedra. You are a child of an ax murderer. What a lovely southern belle.

    As for Nene, she was on some bullshit. She clearly is pissed that Kenya is friends with Cynthia/Marlo. She even whispered to Phaedra that “Look at her going to come between you and Kandi broke you all up.” Woman, I thought you said you didn’t give a damn if Kenya was friends with any of your ex friends, why are you stirring the pot again! Then she kept trying to clear her name of the Pillow Talk. Once again if you are the host and it was you that stirred the pot why in the hell can’t you own it, but I forget this is Naynay Leakes! Taking responsibility is beneath her because she’s right you’re wrong. I do believe she made the statement about queen Kenya is late ect, she’s so jealous and annoyed that someone is giving her a run for her money it’s killing her. I wonder how many gays will defend Naynay’s comments tonight. I’m still betting it will be a lot, because they will claim she’s just being real. BS! She and Gregg just showed you how they both feel about you. Andy gave her some serious eye rolling at her bull.

    Apollo had the best line of the night “People look up to me” Where??? At the West VA Federal Prison System! He was really trying to pitch himself off as Kenya’s manager talking about how much he made Kenya. LOL… he’s delusional.

    Other than that all 3 were trash!

    • JustasIam

      I’m weak!!! “Apollo had the best line of the night “People look up to me” Where??? At the West VA Federal Prison System!”

    • HeyWig

      He is really upset Kenya just used him to annoy phadera he really thought he was gonna hump on Miss Usa lol…Phadera whom might I add helps with my reasoning to stir clear of Christian southern belles(my whole family almost) she is the most hateful Christian on Tv.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      What Phadrea said about women who CHOSE the option of obtaining sperm via a donor was DISGUSTING . There are not only single women who avail themselves of this option. There are families, men, husbands who are infertile due to illness or whatever reason that require a donor. I’m sure those who were lucky enough to have a baby via this method would not appreciate their babies being referred to as “getting here cause the donor needed a slice of pizza”, I hope we will always have men who are willing to donate sperm to help those that truly need it.

  12. KReality

    “Andy ends saying essentially he likes laughing at them all.” Hahahahahahaha!!! Excellent blog!!

    • LOL if that doesn’t tell you what Andy thinks about this show then I don’t know what, lol.

    • Simone

      I always knew that Andy would take this show down the same road as Cousin Maury and Jerry. Andy underestimates the intelligence level of his audience and choose to give a platform to Real Housegoons of ATL. Andy should have shut a lot of this violent nonsense down long ago.

      • Oh no, we are still tuning in in droves. He knows what he is doing.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        I agree, this will only be cute for a hot minute.

      • Sadly, it is us who watch Bad Girls, Love and Hip Hop and RHOA. Women watching women sell themselves out for a dollar. I should probably include Honey Boo Boo because a dollar makes her holler too!

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 1:37 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • KReality

        I agree. The sad part is they make Andy’s job easy. All he has to do is roll the camera

  13. MidnightInManhatten

    I’ve been waiting for your recap! And you delivered! TY, TT

  14. Jae

    I was very disappointed watching this reunion. The way those women and men were allowed to verbally abuse one individual was painful to watch. I also find it hypocritical Peter cannot voice his opinion, but Greg and Apollo can chime in on the verbal bullying. As a woman, I was unimpressed at the way Apollo spoke to a woman to pacify his wife’s insecurities. Also, regardless if Chris grabbed Kenya’s arm in an unaggressive manner; a man should never put his hands on a woman. Violence is only acceptable when it’s happening to Kenya? Sad

    • Basically. When the violence and gang up session happens to Kenya it’s all fun and games. The only person that had a lick of sense to not join in the attack Kenya session was Cynthia. Mentality they are weak sauce if they can’t take her on by themselves. Porsha, Nene and Phaedra and Criminal Apollo are the lowest of the lowest.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      @Jae, that is precisely what I’m saying in my comment above. Andy/bravo had complete control over the tone of these reunions, This was not a LIVE show and it certainly is not a REAL event, meaning a lot of what happens during the season is scripted. Andy could have let it be clear that it would be a reunion where the events would be discussed in a adult manner, no cussing, no eye rolling, no attacks, and no ganging up. But they knew our unquenchable thirst for drama required a coon-fest trilogy.

    • lilk

      jae come off that “put hands on a women”. chris waspulling kenya back. he didnt push or hit her.

  15. ericzku

    I’ve never cared about Nene much either way – good or bad – I thought she was amusing sometimes and annoying sometimes, and overall: Meh.

    But her answer and behavior about the “queen” name-calling were absolutely disgusting. First, a refusal to acknowledge anything was wrong, then a “sorry if you were offended” non-apology. The business about throwing a parade was downright condescending and offensive. The whole “what else do you want me to do?” was the attitude of a petulant child.

    I am Done. With. Her. Other gay people with any self-respect should be too. Washing my hands.

    • I do agree gays who love Nene should weak up… but Andy he created this monster. If he had any sense he’ll cut the monster down and be rid of her. However he knows he can put her on many his crap shows on Bravo (i.e. Matchmaker and even his WWHL) it will score big ratings. He’s never letting her go because she serves a purpose.

    • I’m not gay, but I was very offended by what she said. I was also really offended when Peter said something to the effect of the real men in that room……….. implying that Brandon was not a real man. And Kenya was the only person who pointed out that was ridiculous, and I believe Peter took another jab at his outfit for the night. So, I guess the world according to the broke-down housewives of Atlanta is their men spend their nights in strip clubs and call their wives assholes when they think the cameras aren’t rolling. Cynthia saying she is lucky her husband didn’t cheat on her when she was sick with fibroids. Even Todd, an educated man, is in the strip clubs. I don’t understand society in their circles, and I am not sure I want to.

      • lilk

        @ gressiewtf many men go to strip clubs. so long as they dont fvck the strippers i am fine with it.

  16. Nene is something else. Such a sore loser. She just screams overtop of whatever she doesn’t want to hear. And Greg is about as low rent as they get. Black trash. He’s worried about making sure everyone knows he paid for Cynthia and Peter’s dinner? And that he bought a new suit. Jesus, go back to your junkyard, Fred Sanford.

    I did think what nene said implied that mama Joyce was low down trash or whatever the saying was. But that’s just me I guess. I would have been as pissed as Kandi. I SAID WHAT I SAID. Who the hell does this bitch think she is? And Phaedra sitting there making faces.

    Phaedra really crossed a line talking about sperm donors and child molesters. She needs to worry about her stupid ass going to jail. Not wishing bad things on a woman who is basically a stranger. I wish they had showed the scene with Todd and Apollo at the cigar thing. That was a whole different apollo. He sure is a man of many personalities.

    • Don’t worry Phaedra and her kids will be having regular visiting hours with Apollo real soon. Every dog has their day and their day is coming.

      • Truthseeker

        I like how Kenya didn’t give Apollo and Phaedra any energy at all. They looked like a bitter couple. Apollo’s on his way to jail. Phaedra will be taking long drives to visit him in prison. Kenya wouldn’t trade places with Phaedra to save her life and Phaedra knows it.

        Kenya gets the last laugh with her interview next week.

    • Cythere

      “Go back to your junkyard, Fred Sanford.” Thank you for that.
      He reminded me of that drawing of him on Judge Judy v. NeNe Leakes.

      I agree with you about Kandi and Joyce, but what does Kandi expect? Joyce’s foolishness is on film. She was horrible at the bridal shop.

      Kandi, in so many words, at the reunion was calling her a liar. “re Todd’s mom, “We had to hold you down;” Joyce had checking accounts in Kandi’s name that Kandi didn’t know about (bank fraud?)….

      Then after Kandi talks about the credit cards and checking accounts, she says no one has any business questioning what her mom does with money from Kandi. Wtf.

      • Cythere

        I apologize to Fred, :) and to Prissy from Gone With the Wind for thinking Porsha reminds me of her.

    • Nene definitely did insinuate Mama Joyce was trash or low in the gutter which she is but still lol. She can never give a sincere and straight apology. I’m sorry TT it’s one thing if a stranger says these things but if you’re my co-worker and we’re acquaintances YOU WILL NOT talk about my mama. We will have issues if you do and anyone saying they’ll be okay with their acquaintances doing so is a bold faced liar.

      • Mama Joyce acted like a hoodrat on the show. Nene blogged that she walked away from the Bailey Bowl despite wanting to act like a hood rat she did not want to get down in the gutter with Marlo. I can’t fault her for that. Personally I saw it as her running from a fight, just like Kandi did, which is technically what you are supposed to do. I think Kandi over reacted. This is good, it means she won’t be wanting to film with Nene. :)

  17. LisaLisaDiva

    I must give Kenya her props, she took some body blows on the reunion tonight, but she sat there with more dignity than Phaedra showed. SERIOUSLY, YA HUSBAND STOLE FROM GOOD HARDWORKING RETIREES WHO WORKED FOR YEARS TO HAVE WHAT THEY DESERVED & YA BOTH SIT THERE LIKE IT DON’T MEAN S**T! Don’t nobody want that psychotic geek monster lookin criminal (EWW). Phaedra and Apollo made my damn stomach roll. NeNe looked so wrong is so many ways, I don’t think her RHOA paycheck is is gonna reflect well during negotiations. Payback’s a bitch and right now payback’s name may just be Andy Cohen.

  18. vivaladiva831

    I thought I said this in a comment before, but I can’t find it so I will reiterate-Nene either has a rock solid, waterproof, fire-resistant, iron-clad contract, or she is trying desperately to get out of a waterproof, fire-resistant, iron-clad contract. I could not believe how RUDE she (and Greg) were to Andy-and I get tired of him jumping down someone’s throat on anything he seems offensive to to gay community. But Nene was something else on how she treated him and her attitude towards the show.

    • 'The Jam'

      I think you’re giving her way too much credit. I think nene is just ego-maniacal and stupid. She IS quick-witted but she has the emotional maturity of a pre-teen

  19. spk

    Only a little wine in me and 1/2 way thru the show but when Apollo says to Kenya “You should be paying me, I built you” it sent me straight here to you TT. That is the stupid-funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    But then TT says “that Kenya wants to be right in the middle of the pot twirling it up” now I am on the FLOOR laughing. Now I see “Kenya would flirt with a box of instant cheese grits”

    I’m done. Passed out from the damn funny. OK maybe I had more than a little wine …

  20. vivaladiva831

    I thought I said this in a comment before, but I can’t find it so I will reiterate-Nene either has a rock solid, waterproof, fire-resistant, iron-clad contract, or she is trying desperately to get out of a waterproof, fire-resistant, iron-clad contract. I could not believe how RUDE she (and Greg) were to Andy-and I get tired of him jumping down someone’s throat on anything he deems offensive to to gay community. But Nene was something else on how she treated him and her attitude towards the show.

  21. KReality

    Phaedra please stop trying to cover up your sham of a marriage. Your husband is too stupid to play along with you. You insult millions of women and married couples who use sperm banks yet you went to prison to fetilize your eggs with sperm from a felon? Bye Felicia

    Nene anyway you slice it Kenya dethroned you this season. If it wrent for her this reunion would only be an hoir long because both you and phaedra storyline was Kenya. You fell for everyone one of her traps. I’m not team Kenya but she exposed you and your nasty hateful envious manipulative attitude

    • Blanca

      I so agree with much of what you said. I can never get on board with a woman who mocks another woman because of fertility issues.

  22. O.O

    Omg . That was disturbing , I have nothing to add because I agree with everything you wrote . Nene should be fired! She’s a donkey ! So is Phedra and Apollo ! I’m sure the show can find a more pleasant coon to coon it up for the public, she’s needs to go ! Who can keep their job after speaking to ther boss that way? What a disrespectful unpleasant fool! I need to woosah and take a walk after watching Her display .What in the world does she have to be so angry about ? The fact that she’s getting paid to have cameras follow her around and document her behaving like a hoodrat fool should be enough reason for her to smile 24/7 ,and bless God for giving her a break to make money doing nothing .

  23. lori

    I have not liked Andy for some time now, but after tonight, (pardon my French), I think he’s a complete pussy. He SUCKS at doing these reunions. It’s a joke. If he doesn’t fire Nene, I honestly don’t know if I can watch this show anymore. Does he realize how foolish he looks allowing his EMPLOYEE to speak to him like that? That on top of the fact that she was nothing but hostile the whole reunion, and he basically allowed HER to run the show. I am also disgusted that Apollo is basically being rewarded by Bravo for what he has done. I’m also mad that Andy didn’t speak up when he went on his “i made you Kenya” rant and remind Apollo that SHE is a housewife… not him. If anyone is making anyone, it’s the other way around. The whole show was pathetic and ridiculous.

    • The problem is that this isn’t the first time a housewife has gotten fresh with Andy. Remember Ramona put him in his place in season 4 NY reunion. Yet I understand what you are saying this is a bit worse. Nene and everyone else on the planet knows Andy is gay and several of her loyal fans are gay too. And the fact that she can be so, unapologetic about how she speaks about the gays are completely baffling. Hadn’t it not been for the gays she’d still be swinging on the pole and bouncing checks! But Andy created this mess of a woman to become as famous as she is though. If he really wanted to send a message he’ll cut the head off the snake, but one should never hold their breath.

    • Sheree Harhay

      I don’t believe that Andy is anyone’s fool. He put everyone on the spot at that reunion and before the final goodbyes, he ‘checked’ Phaedra, Nene, and Apollo with unseen video that proved Nene was lying, Kenya was
      NOT crazy about what she heard, and that the text gate storyline was really a means to cover-up Phaedra and Apollo’s ongoing marital problems in which they both attempted to maintain a united front to save the image of their marriage by throwing shade and concocting nasty lies about Kenya. Mean girls grow up to be mean women. Just because Nene says something loudly to drown out what Kenya is saying doesn’t make it true and it really just made her audience aware of what a hateful, bitter, spiteful woman that she is. Phaedra thought that because she is allowed to fight with words that she has the right to denigrate and humiliate Kenya. There was utter silence and what seemed to be embarrassed cast members with the exception of Nene who laughed. Really, Nene?! I was a single, divorced mother for 17 years raising two boys by myself. I didn’t get a job as a stripper. No woman with any self dignity would sell her body to feed her children. And who watched your children at night while you were selling your soul at the strip clubs. I wonder how your children feel now knowing their mother prostituted her body to make a buck. You disempower yourself and all women by suggesting that what u did was just about ‘bank’. What u did was for yourself, not your kids. You wanted to live the high life, buy fancy cars, expensive clothes instead of teaching your children that hard, earnest work was the only real way to make a living and get ahead.

      • VV

        Preach, girl!!! Take me to church!!!:)

      • JuvialPhysicality

        You go girl. Yes, preach, preach. Go to the mountains and tell it like it is….:) 😉
        .Now, please, pretty please, do Phaedra….for having been so downright heartless and crude…my heart broke for Kenya…when Phaedra slashed Kenya in cold blood, over those cruel remarks abt pedaling thru catalogs for sperm donors, pizzas and a cup…..that’s bitterly cruel for a woman to belittle another woman abt being barren….who says that???

      • lilk

        @sheree harhay
        I disagree. Stripping is dancing, creating a fantasy. Nene didnt have sex
        ( that we know of) she just danced. That isnt prostitution. It is good money and MANY do it until they can get a better job.
        Didnt Nene say she had a babysitter, friends, or her aunt/uncle(who raised her) watch bryson ?

    • @Katrina. I don’t know why so many people keep accusing Kenya of not being married and therefore not a “Real” housewife. Kenya didn’t hire herself to join this franchise. If the job requirement was that you have to be married, then Bravo wouldn’t have hired her in the first place. I’m so tired of hearing that she’s not a housewife. She’s also not divorced (like Vicki Gunvalson) nor does she have a husband going to prison. Obviously Bravo’s criteria for being a housewife doesn’t involve being an actual housewife. The name Real Housewives is just an intended misnomer, a joke, tongue and cheek, wink wink. Not to be taken literally. If you don’t like it then and you feel the need to blame somebody, then call up Bravo. It’s not any cast members fault if they are not married and Bravo hires them. And pray tell, what is real about any of this?

  24. Bravogirl24/7

    As usual the people with the least amount of class showed who they were.

    Im wondering if the cast really believe we can not see what was happening on this reunion. I expect more out of bravo.

  25. Great recap as expected. I was taken aback by the fact Phaedra commented that Kenya Moore had slept with Christopher Williams, inferring that this was the reason Kenya felt the need to correct the status of the Williams’ relationship. This has been rumored to be true for nearly twenty years since Kenya and Christopher did a play together during mid 1990s. In this instance, Phaedra is guilty of doing the same thing Chuck Smith did to Phaedra and Kandi. Once again, Nene seemed like she was encouraging the rumors about another cast mate’s sex life when it had nothing to do with her.

    Furthermore, Nene claimed that Christopher was her friend just like Chuck and Mynique Smith were her friends. IMHO the entire motive for bringing the Smiths on the show was to seek revenge on Phaedra and Kandi for: 1. bringing Marlo onto the show during season four to embarrass Nene regarding Nene’s relationship with Charles Grant (formerly of the New Orleans Saints); 2. disparage Kandi’s and Phaedra’s reputations because Phaedra had attempted to bring Nene’s estranged half-sisters on the show;
    and 3. check Kandi and Phaedra because they each has brought up Nene’s stripper past (which she had been trying to distance herself from) and put a spotlight on the Smalls’ peccadilloes that are well known in the ATL.

    Nene originally became friends with Marlo because Kandi and Phaedra were trying to cause friction with Nene by bringing Marlo onto the show. Nene diffused that situation by befriending Marlo, but now Marlo has lost her usefulness, and Nene is done with her. Christopher was supposed to be a friend who gave Nene credibility as an actress, but she has thrown him under the bus as well. With a REAL FRIEND like Nene, who needs enemies. As for Phaedra, there are no words because she is a walking contradiction that will not admit when the gig is up.

    • Why did Kenya not respond to Phaedra when she commented that Kenya had slept with Christopher Williams? I was waiting for her to respond, but heard nothing but silence. Hmmmmm, inquiring minds…

      • Teerii

        Twenty years ago Kenya was not married and neither was Christopher! So what if they did or did not “knock boots?” On the other hand, Phaedra seems to “have dated,” every man who has been on that show except Greg and Peter.

  26. Judy McKenzie

    whoa…good job! So much venom in that reunion I couldn’t remember dick shit…except Nene is f ing Scarey in her outfit and wig. I think Greg is dressing her and maybe doing her hair, too! Did Donald give her the wigs as a joke?( Like him running for President, “as a republican” and Mchale (?) says he thought he was going to run “as a joke!”…re: correspondent’s dinner.)

    Phaedra is a prime example of a woman who has issues (low self esteem) and falls for the first criminal who shows some interest. Sad. She really thinks he’s “all that.” The expression on Kenya’s face when Apollo tells her she better hope nothing happens to him BC HE’S her story line!!!And that she should send him money in prison. This is what (I hope) she was thinking…buuuwahhhahaha! You asshole!
    Phaedta made several threats against Kenya…wrapping scepter around her neck…smack the dog shit out of her…I might have to kill someone…whoooouu. That is one gangstah woman.
    I now believe Kenya set him up in Mexico…for Brandon. She’s a genius who has them all running for cover (I hope).

  27. Thanks Tamara for the detailed recap. You know I think Bravo has a bit of a sadistic streak. They actually tortured Nene tonight and Andy kept a straight face. I wouldn’t assume that Andy is kissing NeNe’s butt at all. He asks her did she like being on the show. I see a set up. I think judging from this show tonight that NeNe’s candle has burned out and actually could be in danger of getting the boot. I’ve also noticed in the Bravo blogs a decided turn against NeNe in the comments or they’ve just decided to go ahead and publish more of the pro Kenya comments and more of the negative comments about NeNe.
    This was very hard to watch tonight. So much tension, but if this was a chess game, Nene got checkmated. Especially when they showed the PJ party. Nene has to be thinking Bravo hates her or WTF?!! She got a good whiff tonight and the way the wind is blowing and it was so shocking to watch her suck up to Apollo and Phaedra in desperation. Her only allies now are a felon and possible madam. OMG OMG OMG Happy pairing next season, if she makes it through the fire. I’m sure she’d rather walk across hot coals then be where she was on the Bravo couch tonight!

    • Dr. D

      Had NeNe not been intimidated by the fans calling Kenya the “queen” and the “star” she would have eaten Phaedra and Apollo alive on that stage because she has always felt that they’ve been shady about their real lives on the show, she even said it in her one on one. I’ve seen people who hate each come together when they have someone in common that they hate even more and this is just a prime example of that. But keep watching, NeNe will shade the hell out of Phaedra in due time…Phaedra didn’t even speak up and support her GOOD FRIEND Kandi when she got onto NeNe so all those relationships are questionable!

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Nene was NOT being tortured on that couch. Nene has been manipulative, sarcastic, cunning and disrespectful the entire reunion. She really felt she was in control of show and herself the entire time. The producers in the past had twisted the events of the show as to where Nene was able to run rough rider over everyone and come out of it looking cute and witty in the final cut. Now Kenya has forced the reality of Nene’s true colors and they are vivid. Nene is a TRUE BULLY and tortured is not what happened to Nene tonight. She was forced to expose who she really is.

      • Gingersnap

        I’m pretty sure Nene felt like she was being victimized…lol. Nene is a lightweight inside that moose.

    • @Katimir – See, I see it the same way, I could not totally feel the Andy-love towards Nene as in previous reunions. Set up for real.

  28. goldenindigo

    Great recap as expected. I was taken aback by the fact Phaedra commented that Kenya Moore had slept with Christopher Williams, inferring that this was the reason Kenya felt the need to correct the status of the Williams’ relationship. This has been rumored to be true for nearly twenty years since Kenya and Christopher did a play together during mid-1990s. In this instance, Phaedra is guilty of doing the same thing Chuck Smith did to Phaedra and Kandi. Once again, Nene seemed like she was encouraging the rumors about another cast mate’s sex life when it had nothing to do with her.

    Furthermore, Nene claimed that Christopher was her friend just like Chuck and Mynique Smith were her friends. IMHO the entire motive for bringing the Smiths on the show was to seek revenge on Phaedra and Kandi for: 1. bringing Marlo onto the show during season four to embarrass Nene regarding Nene’s relationship with Charles Grant (formerly of the New Orleans Saints); 2. disparage Kandi’s and Phaedra’s reputations because Phaedra had attempted to bring Nene’s estranged half-sisters on the show; and 3. check Kandi and Phaedra because they each has brought up Nene’s stripper past (which she had been trying to distance herself from) and put a spotlight on the Smalls’ peccadilloes that are well known in the ATL.

    Nene originally became friends with Marlo because Kandi and Phaedra were trying to cause friction with Nene by bringing Marlo onto the show. Nene diffused that situation by befriending Marlo, but now Marlo has lost her usefulness, and Nene is done with her. Christopher was supposed to be a friend who gave Nene credibility as an actress, but she has thrown him under the bus as well. With a REAL FRIEND like Nene, who needs enemies? As for Phaedra, there are no words for her because she is a delusional walking contradiction who will not admit when the gig is up.

  29. Deb

    Apollo made the whole text thing up because like peter they were trying to get a play on the show. Phaedra is a natural cover up for her criminal husband but they dont want to talk about that storyline. Kandi can check her own mother but she has nothing to say about her good friends behavior and all of the nonsense going on with his charges. Kandi phaedra is a fraud and a fake. Apollo talks to phaedra like a dog. As much as ahe tries to cover it up it shows and big time. She always find an excuse, ” oh Apollo was drinking or that was after the fight and he was still hope. Phaedra never talks when he’s around, if she say something he doesn’t like he will put her to shame and she knows that and thats why she lets him say and do whatever he wants including to her. Nene got read tonight. She is bossy and thought she was better than everybody else but Kenya told her to own your ring and your home, some real estate and then think about about being somebody’s boss. Nene does like to talk like a big shot and dont even own the home shes living in. Rather walk around with a big ring when you could have paid off your loan

    • lilk

      @deb : HOW can you say ‘apollo made up the text thing to get play on the show’ when kenya gave kandi her phone ans showed the texts conversations between single kenya and married apollo?

      • Because Apollo is a lying, liar who lies. He was trying to say Kenya had texted him recently and pretended to bring out a text that did not exist. Soon he will have years to jack off while dreaming of Kenya in prison.

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. Goodday

    This reunion was something serious – all parts. The whole thing was crazy I don’t see how they could go another season with the current cast and not expect every get together to be a melee. I think this is the last we’ll see of Nene and Phaedra to be honest. Weren’t both of them supposed to have spinoffs premiering this summer and both of them ended up getting canned, but somehow Kandi ended up getting a second spin off? That’s definitely not a good sign. Not to mention both of them didn’t really get a lot of air time this season unless they were bashing Kenya of course. I think that is why they seemed to be teamed up with Porsha this reunion, they all knew it was a wrap and they were trying to save their sinking ships by making a last ditch effort and being as extra as possible on the last epiosde(s) of the season. Bravo in the past, has never been too sweet on gay bashing they always end up coming for the person – Joe Guidice did some gay bashing like season one or two or RHONJ – they never got the boot but we’ve seen how they were edited in subsequent seasons so if god forbid nene does return they will make a true spectacle out of her.

    Also Apollo was clearly bombed out on Xanax and probably more – He deserves to goes to prison just for being a spiritually abusive creep and a low life.

    • Please don’t call out Xanax. Those of us with anxiety hate the negative press for this drug. Xanax CALMS YOU. It doesn’t make you act like a big ugly ass idiot.

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 1:44 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I should have added a smiley face to that. :)

    • Bran

      NeNe’s spinoff wasn’t canned, it was pushed back. Andy commented on that during his weekly Ask Andy sessions. Both ‘I DREAM OF NENE’ and ‘DONT BE TARDY’ was. He said because of programming conflicts and they had too many shows on at one time

  31. papa smurf

    I can’t believe how delusional Phaedra & Apollo are… Phaedra’s body language said it all. He is so incredibly stupid & classless.
    Once a felon, always a felon.
    Making those comments about Kenya sending money to his PO box, “to put on his books”. No shame whatsoever. Grinning & hugging on Phaedra, swearing up & down, how they’re still together. I wanted so badly for Kenya to antagonize him, because he can’t control his temper.

    Nene was her usual hateful self, she was beside herself over Kenya being the new queen. Had to laugh at Greg’s dye job, it was hilarious…

    • deedle

      Kenya was very smart not to r re spond to uly lips apollo. He looked cra cra licking that fugly bottom lip like that.all of them men and women and andy were scared of that craxy convict.

      • Apollo was tweeting back his haters, err…. I mean fans (according to him) last night telling them how stupid they are.

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  32. 'The Jam'

    That was tough to watch. Kenya was getting roasted by phaedra and the gang. Honestly kenya could dismantle Apollo easily, but she had already been dragged to the ground and ganged up on for who knows how long at that point. 8 hrs? I’m sure she was exhausted.

  33. 'The Jam'

    I still can’t believe that apollo said kenya can put some money on his books and sat there like satisfied like he just said something non- ridiculous

    • I loved Andy who has apparently never watched the ID channel asking WTF he was saying. He’s really not used to jail house talk. He’s never even watch Orange is the New Black apparently. (Full Disclosure, neither have I, but I listened to the book on tape! lol. It appears commissary is very important and Apollo is already worried about funding. :) )

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 2:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  34. AndyFan

    Great recap. Who thinks Feedra had Kenya served with papers during the middle of the reunion? Kenya seemed a little too quiet after Ape’llo came out…
    And raise your hand if you think you’re coming back next season.
    Hold on Porsha: You’re too stupid. And your last ditch effort proves it. You don’t beat down your co-star on national TV to secure your spot on next season. Really you felt threatened by a bullhorn?
    Not so quick Feedra, you’re too smart to allow your dirty laundry to actually be aired on next season. You know your five minutes of fame will be over someday and you got to continue paying the bills, and you won’t expose your families dirty deeds like some Jersey chicks. And that’s what Bravo wants from you next year.
    Uhm, Nene, you do realize the show is on Bravo. Not too smart to not come across as being genuinely remorseful about your homophobic “queen” comments all season, when you work for Bravo. You do realize that you work for Bravo, and a gay event or parade ain’t going to make things right in the queens eyes who run Bravo.
    Oh Ape’llo, you’ll be too busy asking Kenya to send you condoms for your new BF to wear when you are in prison.

  35. WhitD

    Phae talking bout Kenya donor being a possible criminal but isn’t Apollo one ?? AND SHE KNOWS HIM! Lol idiot!

  36. Truthseeker

    The highlight of the night was Apollo calling Phaedra an asshole and threatening to leave her at the hotel because she rode there with him. Phaedra even tried to smooth that over.

    • ClassyLady80

      YES!! I forgot about that!!! What husband tells his wife “I drove, so you can walk home!” My jaw was on the floor!! Then she just swept it under the rug by saying he was still angry about the fight, as if that was an excuse for that level of disrespect to her… WTF.

      • WhitD

        Right but want to save face! The looked so uncomfortable when he showed up on the couch tryna be hugged up and crap! Child bye! NO ONE BELIEVES YOU! She is pathetic! I just can’t respect her at all!

      • How about when he left her at the doorstep of her hotel in Mexico at night without a key to her room to go back to a party? If he shows no concern for the welfare of his wife, it makes sense that he feels no remorse ripping off senior citizens pension checks and stealing their identities. Oh, and don’t tell me that this scheme hasn’t been fine-tuned by a lawyer.
        I think she became a mortician so she could steal the identities of the dead.

      • ClassyLady80

        @gessie– Yes! I think that’s one reason, and the other is so she can have something else to fall back on after her and that sloppy donkey booty is disbarred.

      • Philly Finest!!

        People talking about how Pheadra read Kenya! Let’s talk about how Apollo read the hail out of Phaedra…called her names, cursed her out……that footage Andy dropped was priceless.. There was nothing else for anyone else to say afterwards.

        I believe Kenya should come back don’t let those bullies run her off the show like they won.. STAY KENYA

    • Wouldn’t surprise me at all when the official announcement of their divorce comes out that Phaedra claims Apollo was abusing her. This woman thinks ahead. And his behavior makes it plausible.

  37. Gingersnap

    This reunion was grueling. Nene and Phaedra really made it a sordid affair. Nene probably thinks she made the show and she can break the show, and maybe she can. I’ve been a fan of Andy’s this whole time, but to watch him bend over and take it in the @$$ from Nene Leakes is hard for ME to take. I feel like I’m getting screwed too. She totally disrespected him as a boss, and as a gay man, and the whole gay world. Greg did too. Let’s see what he has to say for himself when the gays nail his balls to the wall, IF Nene doesn’t have them in her $15,ooo.oo Hermes purse, next to Greg’s. She tried to get Peters, but Peter said, fuck you very much, I’m keeping mine.

    Phaedra reminds me of Medusa, she has snakes all in her crazy head. I’ve never seen such a vicious jealousy in all my life. I think it would be safe to say, she’s REALLY insecure (ya think?) although having a lying, stealing, cheating, stripper loving, huzzzband might have that affect on a lying, stealing, cheating, stripper loving wife. Not so weird how that works.

    Kenya took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’. Cynthia didn’t lose a friend, Nene lost a friend. Hopefully Porsha is dust. At least Kandi didn’t cry, although she was getting a little warbly there for a minute, but managed to hold the tears back, so there was at least that.

  38. Jdub

    NeNe was saying her ring and wedding was “zeroed out”! Did you all see how Andy laughed at that comment?!? I do think NeNe is done with the show, Andy was really upset about the “Queen” comments, and I too think NeNe is just too much!!! Phaedra and NeNe should be replaced in my opinion! Phaedra is phony and NOT aligned with anyone, including Kandi! I appreciate Kandis realness!

    • O.O

      @jdub I agree ,especially with the part about Phedra and kandi . I wonder if kandi looks at Phedra differently now. If she didnt see that Phedra isn’t a true friend , I’m sure Todd or carmon brought it to her attention . It was interesting to see how Phedra and nene were a team despite all the clips showing nene speaking negatively or clowning Phedra . She never broke character .

    • Oh. That is what she was saying? I found her and Gregg’s financial outburst where she was talking about zero something her saying she had paid ALL her bills. Of course her wedding was “Zeroed out” that is why she got divorced to have a wedding on Bravo’s dime.

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 4:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jr. Leaguer

        I think that Gregg was just so happy to be let out of the basement for some sunshine

  39. kb

    At the end of the reunion they didn’t recap what the housewives were doing. Did I miss that?

  40. Blanca

    There’s something I’ve noticed, when gay people are offended by something on this show they make it known. I keep wondering where are all the women with known fertility issues, friends/family members of women with known fertility issues or just staunch feminists who are willing to band together and call Phaedra in her ageist, anti-woman remarks. Her remarks are so below the belt on this topic that as a woman I cannot stand behind them.

    I can say though if I had to choose between sperm from a bank which has been verified as clean and a man fresh from prison I would choose verified sperm from a bank any day. Wait, didn’t she once say she likes clean men? I guess fresh from prison is considered by Phaedra as clean.

    She is so quick to speak on the Bible but I wonder if she realizes she is acting very much like Penninah who mocked Hannah about her fertility issues. Throughout the ages women have been so maligned for such issues.

    I guess Phaedra decided to join that hateful, anti-woman with fertility issues, crowd in order that no one would notice her clean husband told her to walk home in one of the clips. Perhaps she thought viewers would forget her clean husband left her alone in the dark without a key to the hotel room in Mexico. What about his charges? way!

    I maybe the only one, but I do remember that Apollo has no respect for Phaedra and her “no fertility, anti-woman read” against Kenya will not make me forget.

    • Jessika

      I felt that immediately. It stung, Pheadra’s read was not a read at all but an insult of the lowest kind. We see everyday girls/women lay down with men and end up with unwanted, unloved children with broken households. Because some women actually respect themselves, choose to wait, choose their partners wisely, we are ridiculed for it? I can not stand Pheadra, I mean I HATE her, how is it possible to HATE someone you have never met. Karma is coming for her and Apollo and what a happy day that will be. Kenya may be “off” but she took verbal and some physical beating from 8 people over hours at a time and she handled it with class..

      I just can not with those bitches any longer…
      I would hate Kenya to leave the show but she is clearly does not need to be sucked down to the gutter with them..

      • well,well,well

        Exactly. Phaedra sounded ridiculous last night. Your baby daddy may be an ax murderer…pot meet kettle. The father of your children served 5 years in prison and is probaly going back really soon. Why Is she acting like she’s married to a great catch or something?

      • Teerii

        I agree, however, can we all squash the Kenya, cray,cray remarks. If Kenya didn’t show the world, the power of her intellect, wit and tolerance for real craziness,then you will never really get Who Kenya Moore is……
        This BS was started by Phaedra who’s mental state is highly questionable.

        The only thing that was Off, was Kenya’s decision to be on this crazy show, especially if she watched past episodes of how scary and violent these women could be towards each other.

      • Jessika

        Teerri, in my opinion Kenya is a little “off”. Which is why I chose that word and not crazy. Kenya has done many questionable things through-out her RHOA seasons that makes me questions her judgement. Some of her scenes are down right painful to watch. I am however a Kenya fan because of her strength she has shown on the show. I have dealt with “off”, silly people like Kenya, and crazy, delusional, hateful and evil people like Nene and Pheadra. I prefer Kenya on her off day before any of those other girls on their “best”

    • MicroOp

      It was disgusting. Besides I’m pretty sure many sperm banks require background checks from their donors. The same background checks that Apollo would fail. And who cares if the men need money! Many of them are students and at least they are earning legally. Many women have fertility issues or have not married for various reasons. That does not make them less of a woman or person.

    • Jussica

      In no way do I agree with the comments made by Phaedra or Nene, however those comments were directed towards Kenya, not women having fertility issues. The comments made by Nene regarding Brandon were directed towards Brandon. I find that a lot of my gays friends will say any and everything they are thinking about an individual, but if a negative remark is made towards them, an uproar begins. A double standard indeed. What I get from this type of behavior and mindset is that gays are separate. My thought is that people are people, no matter what. If I am arguing with someone and happen to make a cruel remark (I don’t do that), that remark is towards that individual. I think everyone minus Kandi, Todd and Cynthia were disrespectful towards each other. Kenya has said several below the belt comments during her tenure with RHOA. She should be able to take in what she puts out, and not pick and choose when it’s time to play the victim because it’s directed towards her. I decided that I can’t support this show any longer mainly based on Nene’s behavior. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and this post was mine.

      • MicroOp

        I think the issue with the comment directed towards Brandon and Kenya is they were both exploiting elements they have no control over. That’s where I think it is wrong. You can still go hard without going there. The scrambled eggs thing is just ignorant and tacky.

    • i don’t like kenya, but i thought that comment was incredibly cruel.

  41. tysandsnyc

    This was the most disgusting reunion I have ever seen, in my life! If Kenya doesn’t return, I will no longer support this station. It’s funny how people were on a crusade to “END KENYA’S BULLYING”, only to turn around and applaud every cast members “antagonizing” and “provoking” ways to Kenya Moore that night. Even when Kenya wasn’t shading anyone, these girls still went for blood. Truthfully speaking, the only one that change that outlook, is surprisingly Kandi, herself. If she spills the tea over “Operation Kenya”, then the world would turn on both NeNe and Phaedra like the pieces of s–t they are.

    • Teerii

      I noticed the disgusting looks Kandi was giving Phaedra when she was sprewing her venom on Kenya. Kandi was probably surprised at how ugly Phaedra’s remarks felt coming across the room now directed at the couch she (Kandi) was sitting on.

    • Josie

      I really don’t think kandi knew about the pact between NayNay and Phaedra. She kept saying how odd it was that they were now buddy buddy. At least I would like to think so.

  42. Reading Beads

    Nene Leakes and her lapdog husband are vile, despicable human beings. Oh, how I’d love to see her leave the show. Until then, I refuse to watch. That is one horrid excuse for a woman. I’m done. No more RH for me.

    • Felicia

      That is a charachter off of Friday. When you are not trying to hear what someone is saying or dismiss them because you are over the conversation you say Bye Felicia!

      • Ame

        I didn’t know that! I thought that Felicia was Nene’s stage name when she was a dancer!!

  43. justsayn

    Kenya stick with the sperm bank. In all reality, it couldn’t be any worse than Fakedra purposely selecting a convict, thief, liar and who knows what else and she’s stuck with that loser who disrespects her every time he opens his imbecile mouth. Didn’t realize how ignorant he was til 2nite.

    Did anyone catch Nene’s stripper name…she revealed it on the show..FUNK BOX


    The moment that Nene was too dumb to get was when Andy referred to Marlo as one of her “bridemaid”. I was lmao! Good one!

  45. MicroOp

    I actually think Apollo was appropriately dressed although badly dressed. I’m not saying he looked good, because he didn’t. It’s the women that over dress for these things. Why not wear a lovely simple day dress? Ball gowns seem ridiculous and inappropriate for an environment where people just yell at each other anyway.

    • Because the dress code is set by production. The women are told what length dress to wear. The men were told to wear suits and ties, not bedazzled T-shirts and spiky tennis shoes. Thus they gave him a jacket, which he took off once he was on camera.

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 8:20 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • MicroOp

        Oh wow I did not know that! Hilarious! I guess it was a direct parallel to the country club jacket then.

  46. Guys – Tamara is going to read y’all for these messy nicknames…don’t let her get her cyber-switch from the tree out back!!!

  47. MomofAJ

    The absolute best part of the episode was when NeNe was shown saying some of the same things Kenya accused her of saying and which she denied! Peter heard her and was one of the first ones to say he did not during the reunion. Smh. TT, did you ever post the link where Christpher Williams DID say he was not married? Kenya didn’t make that up either! He probably grabbed Kenya like that because he was scared she would spill the tapes on their sleeping together. Now THAT makes sense. Thank you for your recaps…they give me life, and MUCH laughter!

  48. I thought Ne Ne was very disrespectful to everyone on the panel. She does act like she is BETTER than everyone else. i use to like her now I can’t stand her. She showed NO CLASS at all. All she cares about is being paid the most money. NE NE should have been fired a long time ago for the way she use to pick on Kim and get physical. Ne Ne is the one they should get rid of.
    I am sick of her.

  49. cassie

    I believe Andy might want Kenya gone. Why would he say you’re leaving the show? Kenya also must have been told that she had to limit what she could say about Apollo’s case. It is funny how one tries to lie about their marriage pretend its good and that damn camera and those microphones will bust your ass every time. It caught Apollo’s ass telling her she can walk home totally disrespecting her. Nene and her constant lies saying she did not say something then when its played back I forgot. Andy needs to consider giving up hosting the reunion. Poor Cynthia was put in the middle the entire reunion. Nene kept throwing her away telling her to talk to Kenya damn the chick is horrible. Kenya is a strong woman because I could not take that constant attack. You deserve a reward for being on that show. I hope some director or producer can see your strength and give you a role of a life time because Kenya you really deserve that. May God bless you and protect you please keep you armor on from head to toe.

  50. Jr. Leaguer

    This reunion sort of jumped the shark this time around.
    Kenya protests a bit too much for me. If Apollo was willing, she would have her knees behind her ears in a hot second.
    The whole cast needs to be purged.

  51. GReat recap. It’s been a great season and the reunion was especially good. Can you imagine how bad things are with Apollo and Phaedra when the cameras AREN’T rolling? Don’t know how these women are going to film as they all hate each other but it’s still the best of the housewives. And Cynthia waited all those years to marry peter? Seriously ? Did we ever know about 4 baby mamas and 5 kids? No wonder he has no money! What a winner. And what a good husband for supposedly not cheating on her when she felt too ill? Lawd.

    • SABLE

      I know, right? Bless Peter, what a good husband he is that he didn’t cheat. What a crock of BS!! I think Cynthia is beautiful, classy, sweet, smart, and kind. She can throw some shade now and then, but don’t we all?

      Her weakness is Peter. Now this man is an obnoxious, arrogant jerk. I think that Cynthia treads carefully not too set him off on a rant, and you know this MF can be prick. Sorry, for the ill words, but it is what it is. But apparently Cynthia likes it, and if she likes it, then I love it!

  52. Maya Simone

    I’m beginning to despise Phaedra. Why is she coming for Kenya so hard? Why doesn’t she check her disrespectful man-child husband. The comment about the sperm donor was overboard. Hell Phaedra got her sperm from a ex-con so what’s the difference. Sperm bank…..prison (tomato…tomoto)

  53. Waygonnnancy

    I too wondered if I was watching Jerry or Maury. It was really a difficult show to watch & I bailed after the first few screaming matches. It used to be interesting to see how folks in other parts of the country lived, dressed, played etc. But these Housewives shows have veered so far from that. Not only have they ” Jumped The Shark ” I think that they are now ” Circling The Drain ” . . . .

  54. Riley

    I have grown to dislike Nene far more than Kenya. And for the life of me I still don’t know WHY Kenya wanted to HONOR Nene at a charity event….unless it was as Andy said referring that Kenya spent a lot of time this season kissing Nene ass. And big kudos to Andy for his comeback to smart mouth Nene saying he does love it when Nene kisses his ass!!!

  55. CamilleM

    I didn’t watch the reunion yesterday. I read you recap last night and it was very spot on! I just want to say that I felt the reunion was hard to watch because I felt Kenya was bullied and nobody had her back. She took the jabs like a pro and she also gave a few jabs. Kenya hasn’t always been my favorite, but over the season, I have found her to be the realest cast member. I hate how she was treated and Phaedra disgusted me with the hateful things she said. She meant every word from her heart. That is so sad. She and Nene are such hypocrites and liars. I have always liked Cynthia and I am glad that she has finally opened her eyes about her “friend” Nene. She made not have called Peter a B-, but she said he was acting like one. Same thing. He did try to talk with her about her behavior, but in true Nene fashion, she got loud and put her foot in her mouth. When Nene learns how to forgive and to apologize, she will be a much better person. And by the way, nobody is buying what Phaedra and Apollo are selling. Phaedra’s body language told us all we needed to know about their marriage. Their mouths were saying one thing, but their body language was showing the real deal. Leave the show and work on your marriage. This will give you one less job. That way you can stop blaming Kenya for your marriage woes and he could stay out of the strip club.

  56. JudyLou

    WOW! I think this is the most accurate and honest recap I’ve ever read relating to any Bravo show. I watched the reunion show but did not see WWHL with the dummy, but this recap was better than the show and says it all. I love this blog and thank you for these articles which are “must read” for me every day

    • Cythere

      I second that. I love this blog! “I think this is the most accurate and honest recap I’ve ever read relating to any Bravo show.”
      Thank you, Tamara!
      I grew up in the South, and for 4th and 5th grade lived in an Atlanta suburb called Doraville, and I care that people might think NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha represent Southern women or Atlanta women (or women.)
      I felt angry and my stomach was upset like I might barf after I watched Part 3 followed by “the dummy”: (and *that* was a waste of my time; I watched hoping Andrew “giant asshole” Cohen would be telling us Porsha was moving on to ‘other opportunities,’ but no; looks like she gets a pass.)

      JudyLou, “the dummy” is the perfect description of her since she’s a puppet as well as an ignoramus. And after that so-called interview I think even less of Andrew “giant asshole” Cohen and her….

  57. Kacey Wickham

    With Phaedra talking all that s$&t about Kenya.going to the sperm bank and Apollo bringing up the same boorrring storyline for two years now,I reslly was disappointed that Kenya did not respondand shut them down,but i realize the best thing to do especially with dumbasses like those two is ignore them and it worked.cause after Phaedra’s long rant it was *crickets*…………good,they are non-muthaf$&king factors in your life,they don’t get a response!!!! :-)

  58. Mannie

    I dont understand the Kenya love and now she is being bullied???? I am by no means anyones fan on this show (excpet Kandi LOVE her) but i have always felt like when you are the shyt starter (KENYA) you have to be prepared for the blowback which in this case was the entire cast calling her out on the BS. I feel like she could be shady in a less OVERTLY agressive way and still get the same results without alienating the rest of the cast. I also didnt take Phaedra’s shade as making fun of infertillity it was making fun her saying she can get d*ck anytime she wants but will turn around and film a scene at a sperm bank. Nene is full of herself and should probably chill out a little on the above it all attitude but on this show she is the draw for a lot of people.

    • Middle Child

      @Mannie ,Getting dick anytime does not a good genetic material make. Forsooth Kenya is a tad more particular about who sires her child than perhaps, Phaedra.

  59. Born 2B Lucky

    After, watching the reunion and the entire season I conclude that these ladies are some Hateful’ bishes. Maya I agree I also despise Phaedra, Nay-nay and even Kandi (Yes) none of these ladies know the word respect. My wish is for Kenya not to return next season here’s why. I understand she needs to be seen after being out of the limelight for years, but I truly feel God will provide other opportunities for her. Kenya is beautiful and intelligent to continued to stay on a show like this with these negative women who will only continue to be disrespectful towards her next season and beyond. Bravo is about the numbers and the money not about the images of these black women being portray as ignorant low class- no class idiots. Cynthia can’t decide if she wants to be friends with Nene and seem to be still under her spell, Apollo really feels he is above the law and Kandi she is a ride or die for her pal fak-fake and chooses sides. Phaedra with all those degrees you still have no class and you’re not off the hook yet the feds is one step ahead of you. Wendy Williams is correct in saying “Kenya is far better than this show and that Nene is very bitter. Wish you the best Kenya can’t say the same for the others.

    • Patti

      I agree. Regardless of Kenya’s wicked tv personality, the entire RHOA gig is beneath Kenya’s level of class and intelligence.

  60. Isa

    All I have to say is (and I never encourage violence or wish bad things upon anyone) if I was Kenya I would have GLADLY lost my job for placing Phaedra in the ER the moment she mentioned the issue Kenya has with fertility. And I say GLADLY, with a smile, that is one disgusting woman and that hit was WAY below the belt. This show has become too toxic, and the reunion was so uncomfortable to watch as well, and I was saying that since last week when the preview for Part 3 aired. Bravo should fire Phaedra along with Porsha, show Kenya some respect after the shit she’s taken.

    I know I couldn’t/wouldn’t, but she handled herself with class and sat there and took the blows like a champ and didn’t ‘black out’. Disgusting and shameful.

  61. yd14

    All I want to know is what the hell happened between Kenya and Christopher Williams?? I never understood why she went after his wife like that? Those are the things Kenya does and then when people come back at her she acts all innocent. She came for his wife for no apparent reason (although maybe there is more to this story) but doesn’t expect people to come at her.

    And I truly didn’t see anyone ganging up on her. She has had a lot to say all season about Nene and Phaedra and they were simply saying their piece. In episode 1 Kenya won and in this round her opponents won.

    She’s likeable at times (the petco line was hilarious) but I think she likes to stick her nose in shit too much and gets mad when her nose gets rubbed in it.

    • Teerii

      Okay so if you didn’t really watch the show why waste your time and ours writing about ,Nothing???

    • As I recall, Kenya made her comments about Christopher denying his wife in response to the information about Natalie going in on Todd. Basically it was a, well how are you going to talk about her man when your man…… type of situation. At least that’s what I recall.

  62. I keep thinking about Phaedra’s last comments about being a role model for young women out there. What are young women to learn from Phaedra? How to call someone a ho, trifling slut, barren. And all the while she is name calling, she has this overly calm demeanor, overly controlled body language. Makes me feel like if I take a stick to pull back her clothes, she’ll fly out like a ghost or goblin and fly up into the rafters. There is something so unnatural about her that her overly calm demeanor belies. And I’m sure it is scary. You can bet there is something really wrong with her and she’s over-perfected her camouflage to the point that she comes off just weird. She is fake and false and what comes out of her mouth shows that it’s not blood but puss that runs through her veins. Now to find a poking stick to lance that boil that is Phaedra.

    • Isa

      LMFAO the goblin comment had me rolling! That’s Phaedra’s nature though, I caught on to her reactions and you can tell when she’s overly pissed when she does that fake laugh after an insult like when she said Casper the friendly boyfriend, she also did that laugh to Apollo when she had that dinner from hell with him about Kenya. But I do agree something about her is deeply unsettling, shady as hell woman with a past, and so calm yet viscous and hits below the belt.

      • Gingersnap

        God, that weird cackle she makes when she’s trying to throw shade. She looks like an idiot.

    • Teerii

      Phaedra is a criminal mind with a law degree,That’s the part she’s played in all of Apollo’s scams. She’s good at keeping a low profile. Great observation on your part.

  63. LisaLisaDiva

    TT, what I don’t understand is how Kenya was getting the brunt of the lash back, bullying and mistreatment for her so called misdeeds but NeNe got no real hostility from anybody. WTF, Kandi didn’t no where near hard enough at NeNe, Phaedra kept that big yap shut except when it came to Kenya, and Andy sat there while NeNe demeaned (yet again) him as well as the gay community. The men were assholes to Kenya but not one to NeNe, what a freakin bad ass joke this reunion was. Kenya had some harmless moments to me and we’ve definitely seen worse from NeNe over the years. In my opinion, What’s the damn difference?? Oh, is it because its easier to stomp on a flower than a damn moose?

    • LisaLisaDiva

      Shoot..typos galore cause I got hyped up. I meant to say Kandi didn’t hardly come at NeNe hard enough during their argument.

    • 'The Jam'

      I’m team twirl for the most part but here’s the difference. Nene is annoying as he’ll but Kenya is down right dangerous. If you so much as step on her toe she will take the thing you hold most dearly and burn it to the ground right on national television: Phaedras marriage, nenes ego and control, Natalie’s marriage and porshas respectability. She’s dangerous. Now I’d we could just get her to stop asking for sympathy shed be the coldest thing on T.V.

  64. Foxee

    T.T. it’s not like you’ll ever answer this for me, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that you have Uranus in angular house! I thought I WAS THE ONLY ONE to catch that! When Andy, and he asked it on AUTO, didn’t have to think about it, pause or anything, “You’re leaving the show?” He kinda sounded sad, with a childlike quality to voice…only further proving his sincerity.

    Andy, you subconsciously see “THEM” as “pigs?” And no one caught the diss, no one! Lol…

    On a spiritual serious note: A pig’s tongue with nails…let me not share that here.

    In short, Kenya’s remark, Andy’s comeback in query… spiritually speaking, they have NO idea how apt it all was. Timing. Can’t be beat!

    A copy & paste/ain’t re-typing all of this:

    But, um, who’s “Felicia?”

    Ne Ne talks about Kenya pulling Marlo over to her at the Bailey Bowl, “eggin’ it on…” that it wasn’t “the time” to bring it up. Huh? Ne Ne? Who brought up the matter from the wine-vine-yard regarding “Natalie & Chris” at your PillowFight party? YOU!!! No one was even talking about that prior-incident, YOU brought it up, YET STILL blame Kenya for the PILLOWTALK/PILLOWFIGHT brawl. Kenya, you were thinking-on-your-feet for the larger part of the reunion, but you forgot to mention that fact!

    Kandi did stand firm in her word, she’s LOVES her mother, we love her for that! Yet, like itsrox said, Kandi gets a little SHRILL in her voice when speaking on matters of her man & her momma…like she’s fittin’ to cry. Glad not a one fell! As Cadillac Kimberly said in vlog10, don’t mess up your make-up over no b*tch and what she think or “thank.” Lol… Gotta love it! Lol…

    Ashley, you are right with Phaedra constantly calling Kenya a “whore” “slut”, it’s ringing empty. Like, is that ALL she GOT??? Kenya brings up depositions, facts, and Phaedra shoots that fact down, overtalk that…cause it’s mere juvenile common “name-calling” it’s court documents, legally binding. Kenya, if the public can forgive Apollo for reportedly stealing folk’s retirement checks [especially folks that have “retired” people in their families], girl, they forgive you. But for what??? Intelligent minds can’t figure out EXACTLY what you exacted that anyone else on that show on most reality TV shows, didn’t do. e.g.: Y’all ALL throw shade and talk about the other, that’s what y’all were most likely hired to do, WHY IS IT SO MAJOR when YOU do it??? #hypocrisy

    Ashley, Kenya was exhausted of the McCarthisms. She stood ALONE. She didn’t shed not one tear…even in the 1st installment, when Porsha PULLED her down to the floor, with HERSELF. Porsha, it might have read a tad more powerful [to critical thinkers] had you pulled her down while YOU remain standing. And who screamed and cried? Porsha. But, that’s old news.

    Agrees about the inauthentic energy A & P relationship sends. Whatever is TRULY going on, is AGING Pheadra. Look under her eye, even with makeup on. Stress.

    And for Apollo to go back & forth with Kenya, like a female would do??? Ew. Apollo, read that Bumpy Johnson bio, real men DON’T GO AT a female like that. They’re just not wired like that! Sigh… 

  65. Would anyone watch a Kenya spinoff? I feel she shouldn’t return to RHOA. Nene, Kandi, Phadera and Poorsha will eventually turn on each other. She should cut her losses and move on.

  66. Last night proved one thing to be imperative and that is these women all these women, need a Bravo check and exposure and are willing to do anything to keep it that way.

    • The “lost footage” that was actually titillating was shocking. They never air things like that. Reckon it was a warning shot for Nene and Phaedra?

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 4:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • deedle

        Apol-NO talked to phake-dra like he can’t stand her kandi and the rest did not say one word. Dayum!

      • Isa

        Smart thinking, however I think it was more of a warning for Nene. Look at how her attitude was with Andy on the reunion and then her one-on-one with him on WWHL. Something happened in-between that got her to shut her mouth and know where she stands. If her ass is on the line it should be rightfully so, this woman has no limits or manners. Now she acts like even shit she says against the gay community is not that big of a deal.

      • Teerii

        Yes, Tamara, that was more like a freakin missile launch over the “bow of the ship”!!! Like we got more of where this comes from, Spanky!!!!LOL

      • Agreed, TT – warning shot across their massive ego-bows for real.

        PS – love this blog, btw…may read this next year in lieu of watching the carnage unfold. Excellent work – and well said re Xanax shoutout!

      • beth

        now I’ll have to find a repeat of part 3 to so I can see the lost footage – i started to watch this episode, then flipped to something else when Andy asked Kenya about the charity putting up a letter on their site about Kenya not giving them much money from the event – I couldn’t watch after that.

      • Totally agree! Andy acts childish and just so gosh darn innocent sometimes, but he knows what he’s doing.

  67. ItsAlexandriabiotch

    Kenya is a natural beauty, well educated and more classy than the rest of the goof troop.

  68. Isa

    Phaedra needs to GO, she made this show so hateful and her insults are below the belt and evil. It’s not even fun to watch anymore, it’s hurtful and insulting to women now (also Nene disrespecting the gay community). Bravo thinks it’s entertainment, but they will not like the backlash when women with fertility issues speak up or the gay community speaks up for the disrespect they portray on this show. There’s no place for THAT and for criminals, and I will never understand why people say Kenya is evil and hateful when she has never hit below the belt like that. Ever.

  69. thedisher

    Great recap. Phaedra criticizing sperm bank donors? really? I’m sure they screen for criminal records — on the other hand, Phaedra knowingly got knocked up by a convicted felon — so no guesswork there. Maybe Kenya should go down to the prison to get some sperm so she can be on Phaedra’s level.

  70. travis

    We all can bitch about them yet it is evident NeNe and Kenya are the stars. That is all anyone really wants to talk About.

    The other ladies..have to use their mother. Their husband. their fiance

    . I mean really.kandi has 35 million dollars and puts her drunk mother on display?

    Phaedra let’s her husband look like a hoodlum and even says “we All know he goes to bars?”

    Cynthia.”I am glad my husband didn’t cheat on me”. Really? What a great message.. men can’t jack off for a few months when the wife sick.

  71. sym

    Great recap. Just one thing. Apollo says “Jamaican mom”. Because jamaicans are known to have multiple jobs. (I’m jamaican lol)

  72. Randi

    Tamara, there are many times I’ll watch a show and think, “I can’t wait to see Tamara’s take on this,” but watching that reunion last night made me want to be sitting with you and Banjo to watch together!

    I agree with most of what you said. I am just sad because ATL was my favorite and now I despise all these women as much as they seem to despise each other. I can’t even like Kandi anymore because of the way she let her mother treat Todd.

    But what I feel like we REALLY saw last night was the demise of NeNe. Between the offensive gay slurs and her attitude, any waning waves of affection I had for her were gone. I will be shocked if Andy brings her back, but if he does, I think she’s lost a good bit of her fan base. Back in the day, the appeal of NeNe was that she might be someone fun to have a drink with. Now, if I saw her on the street, I would cross to the other side.

  73. HannahKingRose

    At least Kenya was vindicated on national t.v. by the footage Andy aired proving that Nene lied. How convenient that Nene along with pretty much the rest of the cast were unable to remember her lies during Pajama Brawl. That really threw the fat into the fire. Gottta hate it when you don’t expect to be exposed in front of everyone when you think you’ve gotten away with it. What Nene and Phaedra despise about Kenya is that she shines the light on all the dark parts of them both. They try to go for her jugular like the rabid moose and raccoon that they resemble. Really Nene being so jealous of someone stealing your thunder that you are wiling to go to almost any lengths up to and including convincing a dummy to physically attack her on stage. And Phaedra, come on. I know Apollo is lower than pond scum but honey you picked him, married him and had 2 children by him. You knew he was a criminal when you met him. He didn’t hide it from you like on that show “Who the Bleep Did I Marry”. I never understand only being mad at another woman in a flirting situation. She didn’t take a vow. That sorry ass husband of yours did. Take it out on him. Nene got so angry during the reunion that Andy confronted her with the footage and the questions regarding the gay slurs that she no longer cared how she came across. I can almost guarantee that if any other person spoke to their boss in the same manner, they would have already received their pink slip. I doubt it will happen but I would love it if Nene and Phaedra were kicked to the curb along with Porsha the dummy. We need some new blood.

  74. HannahKingRose

    Wow I meant to say Andy confronted her with the footage and the questions regarding the gay slurs so she no longer cared how she came across. Not that she no longer cared lol. Sorry typing too fast.

  75. Dracla Dunning

    I could go on about Nene’s anger and aggression, her yelling and constant talking over anyone who upsets her apple cart, but the most disturbing comments made during the entire reunion were out of Phaedra’s filthy, filthy mouth about Kenya’s quest to become pregnant. Regardless of whether pregnancy in the future is a storyline or not for Kenya, the statements Phaedra spewed are some of the foulest, most vile things I have ever heard a woman say to another. Rehearsed much? I was sickened to the core of my being when Phaedra talked about Kenya using a sperm donor who may be an ax murderer just to buy a medium size pizza. Does she not THINK of the millions of women who have conception issues whose heart she just broke into a million pieces because a sperm donor may be their only option to bring the joy of a newborn into their life? Her scrambled eggs analogy and her barren woman comment were loathsome. This woman is a creep and creepy. Creepy to the marrow. I wouldn’t let her within a mile of my deceased loved one. I gave her the benefit of the doubt when I read that she had another C-section with her second child and did not berate her. Now I wonder. Sometimes C-sections are performed because the birth canal is tainted by too many STD’s which can be passed to the child during delivery. She might just have a rotten pussy and if I recall correctly, she was unaware of her due date with the first pregnancy because of issues around conception. She is bad juju. Stay away from that crone.

    • Ouch!!! You read my mind re Phaedra. So many people are acting like the infamous read was Life Itself, but I was just like Vile City Chile. And the C-section point you made: not lost on me either.

  76. KB

    I’m watching the reunion again. Go Kandi! She can definitely hold her own with NeNe and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what Kandi ever did to her to make her act so nasty and angry towards her. She must really envy her. But why? Isn’t she supposed to be some A-list star? If you’re so great yourself why be jealous of someone else? Also, Apollo made Phaedra look like a fool. If he can talk to her like that ON camera, imagine how he’s been talking to her behind closed doors. She is the black version of Theresa. Always defending bad behavior even though it’s clear there are kinks in the armor.

  77. khintx

    Things that made me go WTF??? 1) Peter has 4 baby mammas and 5 kids? Not that I did not know. 2) Complete sadness when Cynthia revealed that she is grateful her husband did not have sex with anyone else during her illness, she couldn’t really blame him if he did? 3) Everything about Apollo and Pheadra, but when forced to try to fight with his words and not his fists, the only thing Apollo could say to Kenya was “your toenails are dirty.” 4) Apollo splained to Brandon that they should never been put in that position at the pillow party. Yea, that’s it Apollo. 5) Please keep us posted abut the $20K charitable donations from Nene and Kenya? 6) These women loathe each other and it was hard to watch. 7) Do people really “look up to” anyone on Bravo as a role model? If so, the viewers are as delusional as the housewives/husbands. kh

  78. I watched this ep again and confirmed that Nene did indeed say to Kenya, “Your life should end” after their exchange about the charity event, around the 22:05 DVR mark. That is when I totally lost respect for Nene, and realised that she was so angry that she couldn’t even think straight. Did anyone else catch that?

    • Yes. I did! I should have put that in my recap, but at that point, nothing Nene was saying was surprising anymore.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Dracla Dunning

      Kenya needs to heed Nene’s words, seriously. Nene and Phaedra have already had one total idiot do their dirty work for them by having Porsha assult her. Who’s to say what other nefarious schemes Nene will think of to maintain the reign. In the past she has proven to be unable to control her temper and Bravo seems unfazed. Since Bravo takes such a cavalier attitude about Nene, paying closer attention to her safety may behoove Kenya. Thoughts are things and Nene spoke her thought outloud.

      • You’re right, Dracla. I don’t think either Nene or Phaedra are above doing a Tonya Harding on Kenya. They practically did it by proxy via Porsha already, so who knows?

  79. A

    If andy/bravo brings nene back then they are more stupid than
    She is. Nene made a complete fool of herself and andy as well with the way she was talking to him. What a clown!

    • This is the week that @Andy decides who is coming back. Y’all know I never agree with tweeting the talent (ie tweeting Porsha that she is stupid, etc) that is mean and serves no purpose. But if you tweet @Andy your concerns THIS WEEK you might get somewhere.

      On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  80. RVA

    oh dear! i’m not on twitter otherwise I would have asked that they pleaseeeeeee take this show back to when it was fun, and light hearted, and showing them having a goofy time together, and doing silly stuff.
    all this fighting and cattiness is simply too much to bear. and crazy. and not fun. and off putting.
    I can’t believe i’m saying this but I miss the Nene and Kim Friendship days.

  81. beth

    Did Andy look surprised or embarrassed when NeNe spoke to him that way?

    Based on what I saw last night on a repeat of WWHL with Porsha, I predict both NeNe and Porsha will be back next season, and Kenya won’t be. Andy couldn’t find enough ways to apologize to Porsha … made me want to retch.

  82. kym

    Ok wait…how many times so people have to reference Kenya’s ashy feet? LOL!

  83. nancy cantrell

    The Atlanta reunion was a joke and NeNe was the biggest clown there. She is obnoxious and ridiculous with those stupid faces she makes. I think everyone is tired of her and no one wants to see her on any show. She’s also very disrespectful to Andy when she should be kissing his ass! I think she should be fired because she does not represent a sophisticated black woman from Atlanta she just shows that you can take a woman out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the woman

    • Oracle5

      I am tired of seeing all of the castmenbers on RHOA, Andy Cohen, can’t you just wipe the entire cast members clean off the show and replace each and everyone with new RHOA castmembers?

      • Oracle5

        However, I have a change to make: I am tired of seeing all of the castmembers on RHOA, with the exception of Kandi and Todd. I am not tired of seeing this ambitious couple appear on RHOA.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Besides those ridiculous faces she makes, have you noticed how she will throw her head up and to the side for emphasis after she has made a comment? The action reminds me of how a horse throws its head, neigh-neigh. When Nene sits there with that proboscis pointed towards the ceiling she looks like a horse with those huge biscuit lips and glow-in-the-dark chompers. A fashion advisor should mention that her profile is not the best look.

      • Oracle5

        Her profile also reminds me of GEICO’S Motivational Speaker: PINOCCHIO. It seems, as if, an additional Rhinoplasty surgery was secretly done, because, every time she speaks her profile appears to become elongated. Or perhaps, her breathing has been impaired and she throws her head up and to the side to take air into her lungs.

      • Neigh-neigh. OMG….funny.

  84. RVA

    I haven’t gone through all the comments but I know I cannot be the only one horribly appalled by Phaedra?
    she purports to be this God fearing person but she ridicules a woman for not being able to have kids! I don’t get why people are applauding Phaedra for this.
    Barren, scrambled eggs…those are not funny. they are cruel words to say. my sister struggled with fertility issues, somebody said she was barren and I know how my sister suffered from those careless words.
    I might not be a fan of Kenya’s but the treatment meted out to her by Phaedra and that felon have made me feel sorry for her.
    I just don’t get why Phaedra would think that Jesus, whom she called on repeatedly to fix Cynthia and Nene, would be pleased with what she has said.

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