Sorry, I just sort of love this pic.... ShadeByAndy

Sorry, I just sort of love this pic…. ShadeByAndy

Andy starts with the reunion and asks her if she watched the reunion. She said she did. Then he asks an interesting question, Has she spoken to the other women since the reunion? You know, like Nene and Phaedra the one’s that got you in this mess?  She says she spoke to Phaedra the next day, and Nene a couple times and Kandi. Which leads me to believe that Kandi was in on the plot. I’m not that surprised. I figured Kandi knew but just chose to not really participate. She says Phaedra was really upset because these girls have been her friends for two years now. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Excuse me. Phaedra was upset that Porsha “got out of character like that” and that she let Kenya win. Porsha has already been more coached than she was. She is sorry that she reacted that way but mostly she is sorry that she “gave Kenya the power” to make her do something like that.

Andy asked about the props. Porsha said if it were not for the props she would have not reacted that way. Andy points out that Porsha talked about Kenya’s vagina and called her a whore from the 90s. Porsha said, she was just trying to let Kenya know that things were escalating. Um, yes, dipshit, you were escalating them.  What pisses me off is that once again, WWHL was packaged in the DVR with the reunion, so this will seem like a show with very high ratings just like the fake ratings for Nene. Next week, even if they package Kenya in with the lost footage episode, Kenya’s WWHL will not get this kind of rating. This show will beat Nene’s because of Apollo and Porsha’s criminal actions. Andy says he regrets not taking the bullhorn away.  Oh for the love of GOD.  He loved it at the time. He loved the scepter.

Andy asks if she apologizes to Kenya. She says she thinks there may be a point where they can apologize to each other. I  am not sure I can even get through this show this is so ridiculous. Porsha has no remorse. None. OMG This is unbelievable. Kenya needs to take a good hard look in the mirror? That sounds like something someone has been telling Porsha.


I was attacked by the props I am trying to rip from Kenya’s hands!

LOL At Porsha talking about having to sit in a pissy jail cell with other inmates. For the love of God she was booked and released. She does have a mugshot. But the rest of it is dramatic effect. Most people don’t have a glam squad for their booking. She makes it sound like she was in there with hookers and Apollo’s right hand bitches waiting on her turn in front of the camera. She is still telling Kenya what she needs to acknowledge and do. HOW ABOUT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ATTACKED SOMEONE?  Oh wait, she says she acknowledges she should not have acted that way. After an entire dissertation on Kenya’s faults.

Porsha is mad at Cynthia. I am not believing what I am hearing. CYNTHIA needs to get a mind of her own? Your prehistoric dinosaur  brain is being controlled by Nene at the moment, Porsha. You have no right to talk about anyone else’s brain. She says that turning herself in was the worst moment of her life. GOOD. That is probably punishment enough for her in my book. But yet, she still has not learned a damn thing from it, because she is retarded. I mean that in the exact medical definition of the term, that is her IQ is under 70.  She is on TV saying that she had to get a mug shot because of Kenya Moore. No, you dumb hobag, you got a mug shot because you assaulted someone on national TV!  Andy asked her about getting glammed up for her mug shot. She gulps her drink and laughs. She says all the men were staring at her because she was so “beat” with her lips popping, etc.  RE TODD DID! She is proud of her mug shot.

Did Porsha still claim to live in that huge house in the hinterlands in “Nene’s Neighborhood?”  From what I understand she moved out of there and back ITP shortly after filming ended (an Bravo stopped paying for the house). Our little evangelist just loves to bullshit.  Porsha has DEFINATELY been coached by Nene.

Andy asks about Kenya and Apollo. Why? WTF does Porsha know about that?

Porsha has no regrets.  Andy suggests perhaps the underground railroad incident? And she says oh, well yeah I guess I regret that. Then Andy rolls a clip from the reunion where Kenya calls the comments embarrassing for black people everywhere. Porsha’s response was “no one is as hateful as Kenya.” Really? So violently attacking someone isn’t as hateful as pointing out that a black woman who is the granddaughter of an infamous civil rights participant not knowing what the underground railroad is worse than what she did? RETARDED. She is still attacking Kenya. This is amazing. Andy asked what her family thought about it. They said it was the same as everyone else. Yet she just said she laughed it off. Now she says she didn’t laugh it off. The lies keep slipping off her buttery tongue. If her case were to ever go to trial this interview would totally be used by the prosecution. Sadly, in Altanta we have more pressing issues. You know, like someone taking pictures of Neverland. She says, “What was I supposed to do go home and kill myself?” Well, actually…. that seems to be the direction these shows are going…

Porsha Williams Mugshot

Y’all have no idea how hard it was to wrestle this very heavy weapon of mass destruction from Kenya!

LOL Porsha says she is “standing in her truth.”  Andy asked about abuse.  Porsha says that Kordell was abusive. Porsha is setting herself up for a lawsuit with Kordell. Andy says that Porsha accused Kordell of being gay, she says she didn’t. She says she hates when people say that and asked how did she do that?  Porsha says she would love to see footage where she called Kordell gay. Welp she might just get to do just that. Bravo would have to turn over the footage if subpeaonaed. She says she called him a queen because when her belongings were returned to her, her wedding dress was torn up.  She says, ” nowadays we have taken the lingo from the queens.” sigh. Oh lord. So stupid. Andy is mystified. Porsha says she doesn’t know why they weren’t having sex and why he didn’t want to lay with his wife. Porsha says she was shocked he came back to film since he was saying he never wanted to film on the show.

Andy asked about why she settled. She gives the same story. She just wanted him to pay medical bills and her car. Porsha said since Kandi’s play she has been doing it all on her own. Then of course she says she has a special man buying her shit. PUHLEASE. Doing a photo shoot for your song ain’t the same as owning the shit in the Instagram pictures. She wants to BE Kenya so she pretends to have an African prince. She just fucked up and pretended it was a dictator from some horrific African county who recently was indicted in France on crimes against humanity. AND EVEN HE WOULD NOT CLAIM HER. Shut up Porsha.

Porsha wants to apologize to both of her fans. She wishes she would have taken another option.  But sadly, she was provoked and there were props, and she was on her period, and her mama didn’t hug her enough, and it was a Thursday, and her weave was too tight that day and Kenya just mad her assault her within the first three hours of a reunion filming when no one else endured the level of victimhood she did.

Bye, Felicia.


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138 responses to “Porsha Williams On WWHL: DELUSIONAL AND RETARDED

  1. Porsha sounded like Nene’s trained clone in this interview. Lawdy lawd. She really honestly think she’s going to jail. I still have my doubts she will. I only see a small fine and community service.

    And she was surely back peddling on the Kordell gay stuff. Even if you don’t say he’s gay, Porsha, it was your implying that is he that makes the viewers go ‘Hmm she’s saying he likes men.’ I’m surprised Kordell hasn’t put a gag order on her yet.

    I hope this is the last goodbye we have of Porsha. Sick of her.

    • Tamra, you have every right to blog about whatever you want too. I just have one comment and a question; how do you know what Porsha’s actual IQ is and why did you use an inflammatory word like “retarded” to describe her? Many parents of children with disabilities take offense at that word just as Andy claimed to take offense at the word Queen (which is used on a Bravo show to describe two gay men and a woman…Fashion Queens). Anger is one thing but you seem to go beyond that. Maybe you have to be from Atlanta to understand your feelings but all I see is the use of a very offensive word and a statement about Porsha’s IQ that you can’t confirm (other than judging her for her behavior on the show). I know that this comment will put me in the “need to moderate” realm or ban me altogether but I do believe that if you can dish it out you should be willing and able to take it.

      • The word retarded, or retard, literally means slow. For example, with incurable diseases, doctors attempt to retard the debilitating effects of a disease. In the context of mental disabilities, it works the same way. The term mental retardation, covers several levels of below average intelligence including, moron, imbecile and idiot. These are all words with a very precise meaning. In general conversation they are often use to negatively assess someone’s intellect.

        At some point the PC police decided that using the word retard was the worst thing in the world and should be banned from conversation. Oddly, moron, imbecile and idiot (as well as my personal favorite derivative of retard, fucktard) are still fine and dandy to use. I think the word police, such as yourself are retarded, or imbecilic if you prefer.

        I chose to use an inflammatory, offensive word, because I meant to inflame and offend. I was insulting Porsha’s low level of brain function. It was not my intention to point out her stupidity in a kind way. I meant to be clear and offensive.

        Hope that helps. You can have a seat now.

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 11:44 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • BH Wannabe

        I was waiting for the PC Police to look for a chance to get offended!!! There are plenty of legit inappropriate usages of the word “retarded” out there–those I’d agree right alongside you. TT was deliberate in her use of received and had she left the word out and simply wrote Porsha’s IQ is under 70–equivalent to being “retarded”–would the PC Police have a problem? Nope. Good response, TT.

      • MicroOp

        The first time I heard the word retard was when I was 4 years old and taking piano lessons. In music it means when you slow down the pace mostly at the end of a song. I think it’s offensive to use the term as a way of maligning a community of people dealing with mental challenges, but I don’t think it’s bad when you are observing that someone is slow. It’s an adjective meaning slow and some people are infact mentally slow by choice.

      • Mia

        oh brother…

    • The dead give-away was when Porsha said, “You aren’t anything but an old slut from the nineties.” Porsha does not know her decades, or what a decade is, I immediately knew she was coached by Nene and Phaedra. Which is why she was so apologetic to them after her beat down and hissy fit. She didn’t complete the script.

      • p.s. The people of Massachusetts can say retarded whenever the hell we want to. It is part of our culture. Just sayin’

      • delaney

        o please. That’s a stretch.

      • I am far from the word police and absolutely hate political correctness. I understand why you used the word in regard to Porsha because she comes across like an embecile. I agree with you 100% about her stupidity. I love the words “Fucktard, idiot…whatever. I appreciate your responding to my comment and accept that you can and will use any word/s that you see fit on your blog. As for my sitting down…not sure what that means as it’s not an expression that I use or that the people around me use. I am old school and old aged and some of the new-speak is foreign to me.

      • Khloe77

        That’s also why Nene covered her mouth so nothing really incriminating would slip out!

      • Patti

        I agree.

  2. LisaLisaDiva

    This chick is dumb as a rock in the pouring rain. I swear I heard NeNe’s voice when Porsha said (verbatim) that Cynthia is a flip flopper and needs to get a mind of her own. You got to be pretty far up somebody’s ass to swallow someone else’s opinion word for word like its delicious sh*t pie. I have never got my mind wrapped around the underground railroad episode, I’m still like REALLY WTF??!

  3. O.O

    Yeah that’s about it, me thinks I may have to break down and watch regular tv again . Hearing porsha’s voice for more than 10 minutes was torture .After a half hour of that fake high pitched 5 year old voice I think my ears may have suffered some damage.

  4. Ace

    You refer to Hosea Williams as an “infamous” Civil Rights participant.

    The dismissively demeaning “participant” notwithstanding, why would you have referred to Mr. Williams as “infamous” given the following dictionary definition of the word:

    adjective: infamous
    well known for some bad quality or deed.
    “an infamous war criminal”
    synonyms: notorious, disreputable;
    synonyms: abominable, outrageous, shocking, shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable, discreditable, contemptible, unworthy; More
    monstrous, atrocious, nefarious, appalling, dreadful, terrible, heinous, egregious, detestable, despicable, loathsome, hateful, vile, unspeakable, unforgivable, iniquitous, scandalous;
    informaldirty, filthy, lowdown
    “infamous misconduct”
    antonyms: honorable
    (of a person) deprived of all or some citizens’ rights as a consequence of conviction for a serious crime.
    late Middle English: from medieval Latin infamosus, from Latin infamis (based on fama ‘fame’).

    Was your pejorative characterization a mistake due to a misinterpretation of the word “infamous” itself or are you aware of some information regarding nefarious acts committed by Mr. Williams that others are not (officially) aware of because according to the Georgia Encyclopedia’s entry regarding Hosea Williams (feel free to Google it, I did):
    “Civil Rights Involvement
    In the 1950s and early 1960s Williams encountered his share of racism. He spent five weeks in the hospital after being beaten for drinking from a “whites only” water fountain at a bus station in Americus, and he was fired from the Department of Agriculture in 1963 for speaking out against racist policies (he was reinstated through an appeals process but resigned later that year).

    It seems to me he sounds like someone who talked the talk and walked the walk and has earned the right to be properly presented when spoken of. Unless, of course, you see it differently because you have information the state does not? If not I would hope you would be woman enough to rectify the mistake and remove the word “infamous” in regard to someone who could only be referred to as a hero of the Civil Rights movement. He earned it; he’s entitled to it regardless of the contempt you may feel for his granddaughter. Don’t you agree?

    • Um, I am well aware of the definition of the word I used. I am a native Atlantan. You should educate yourself.

      • I just did some cursory research on Hosea Williams. He is a colorful figure, but he is not the saint that Bravo has portrayed him to be. Over the past two seasons, I have been perplexed as to how a girl from such an allegedly illustrious background could turn out to be such a dimwit. Now I somewhat I understand.

      • Pistolpete

        Once again, Tamara, your “Hood” is showing. I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but it’s quite evident, you are a Racist and Disrespectful. To call Mr. Hosea Williams “Infamous” leads me to believe that you’re mad that we’re not back in the 60’s where “RACISM” was so acceptable. By you stating that you’re a native of Atlanta says to me that you want those old ways back and you think Blacks are beneath you because you speak so harshly about them in your blogs. I didn’t notice you calling Theresa G, retarded when Andy interviewed her and we all know Theresa isn’t the smartest crayon in the box but I would never stoop so low as to ever call her Retarded because that’s such a degrading word.

      • Ace

        It is obvious that you, TT, are a self-loathing black woman with a gaggle of ignorant followers. There’s not much that can be done about that. Carry on.

      • What is obvious, Ace, is that you know nothing about Hosea Williams, or me. Your cut an paste intellect makes you a glorious candidate for head of the Porsha cheer team!

      • Ace

        I know that he put himself out there so that you could have the opportunities he fought for you to have. We all have our demons but the man put himself on the front lines in order that those that came after him might have it better. That you have chosen to do nothing but sit on your fat ass with a begging cup and make fun of others who are working to make their own bank is an affront to the struggle of men like Hosea Williams.

        I’d say shame on you but you have no sense of shame. Hell, you have no sense at all. Now of course in your patented, childish manner you will ban me because you can’t handle the truth. Your banning people is the metaphorical equivalent of Porsha on the floor kicking and crying. In fact the truth is EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. someone calls you out on your ignorance you do the Internet equivalent of Porsha’s meltdown.

        Is that why you hate her so much. She reminds you too much of yourself?

      • Ace

        P.S. My “cut and paste intellect” also made me a “glorious candidate” for several prestigious journalism awards. That’s what’s known as an accomplishment. Being the begging grifter that you are I know personal accomplishment is something that you’re not familiar with.

      • LOL. Did you just say you’ve won prestigious journalism awards? Unless you are eleventy billion years old, that’s impossible. There hasn’t been in real journalism, at least in this country in couple of decades. Ronan Farrow just won a Cronkite for fuck sake.

        I’m not sure what I find more hilarious about you, your adoration for Hosea Williams, your adoration for Porsha Williams, (I am sensing a pattern there, could your last name be, oh I dunno, Williams?), the fact that you know so much about me and my accomplishments, the fact that you are unaware that many blogs have donate buttons…

        No, I lied I am sure. It’s the fact that you think there is any prestige left I journalism. That is the thing I find most hilarious about you. That and the fact that you want me to ban you because you can’t tear yourself away from my site without assistance.

        Drop a little something in the tip jar on the way out for wasting my time, won’t you?

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 1:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • But damn I do LOVE your attitude Tamra!

    • Blair

      While he may have been a civil rights activist, it is known that he had a “bad quality”……and I’m not even from Atlanta.

      • When I was growing up, he was on the news everyday. And not for good things.

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 1:22 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jae

        It’s kind of telling that he wasn’t as he seems if Martin Luther King referred to Williams as his “Castro”. As in Fidel.

        ‘Cause Fidel is such an upstanding human being.

    • one paragraph does not a hero make…..

      • Ace

        For brevity’s sake, I only included one of the many paragraphs. If it won’t hurt your head too much to learn something and you know, maybe think for yourself, look it up and read the entire entry. Or not.

        Like TT, you’re obviously one of those ‘crabs in a bucket,” W.E.B. DuBois wrote about.

      • Ace


        Remember. You’re trying to pass yourself off as a writer. However, as with any fraud, you can only fake it for so long until your own inadequacies give up the ghost.
        That you would take my ‘respectful’ acknowledgment of Mr. Williams’ civil rights accomplishments and read it as “adoration” illustrates how intellectually lazy or, in your manner of speaking, how retarded you are

      • Sugarpie, you went off on what is now a multi-part dissertation because I used the word infamous to describe a man of questionable character. That’s a lot of Stanning to defend the character of a man whose legacy was besmirched initially sometime in the 1970s. I’d say this seems very important to you. So important in fact that you can’t stop yourself from coming here again and again to attempt to make Hosea Williams look better with your lame attempts to come at me.

        It doesn’t take much intellectual ardor to toy with you, by the way.

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ace: Argumentum ad invidiam. ’nuff said.

      • Ace


        Vini, vidi, vici!

      • Not so much on the vici, sugarlump. I think you should try veni, vidi, abii …

        On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 12:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • 'The Jam'

      “pejorative characterization” “dismissively demeaning”, “notwithstanding” “nefarious acts” this entire post is hilarious. And your wordy dress-down is inappropriate. You sound like Mark Twain’s lawyer…You try too hard.

      • Ace

        Someone with an education and a firm command of the English language…oh, what’s the use. You’re one of TThem. The gaggle I spoke of. Of course words with too many syllables hurt your head. I’m sorry for making you struggle.

      • lori

        Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?!? If you are so unhappy here, especially with the hostess, what are you still doing here?

      • puravidacostarica2

        Ace is here because s/he is enamored with himself/herself. Intellectual snobbery knows no color boundary, although s/he was quick to jump to racial conclusions in his/her first post. And if Ace is a “he”, I venture to guess he drives a sporty car with a long pointy front end to make up for his small dick. And if Ace is a “she,” she would rather spend her time attempting to assuage her feelings of insecurity by dressing down a blogger and her commenters rather than having sex. Ta-ta for now. Off to have sex…

      • Oh my!

        Hahahah Hahahahaha ! I’ll let you guys dismantle Ace pup.

    • MicroOp

      I think he indeed struggled with alcoholism. It has always been my belief that he went through a lot of trauma in his life and as he got older he got into a rut of addiction. Personally I still think he was a great man that did great things. Obviously he fell short and unfortunately never had the resources strength or drive after a certain point to cope in a healthy way.

    • BH Wannabe

      Oh, dear God. Really? For real? I suggest you might read a blog about something else. This one is fun and lighthearted. I mean, it’s about RHOA… Not rocket science. Or synonyms. But you probably have other great thoughts related to the subject of TT’s post!

    • Valerie

      Ok Ace, our feeble little minds get it. You judge us and you judge us harshly. We embrace your judgement of us and beg your forgiveness. You may now leave Tamara Tattles forever knowing you have made us better people for all of your wisdom and loving kindness. We wish you a fond farewell and want you to know that you must never look back. Somehow, someway we will survive without your wise and accurate (or not) accounts of reality. It’s so refreshing to see how well you are able to use a blanket statement to describe Tamara and all her followers. You know us so well. You’re clearly too good for us so run, run as fast as you can from this self loathing black woman and her gaggle of ignorant followers. We have been spoiled having you as long as we did. We do not deserve one such as you. So, again, Do not look back, we will cope without you as best as we can, you “glorious candidate” for several prestigious journalism awards you. We can no longer see or hear you because the pedestal you’ve put yourself on is so very tall. It is time for you to go out to other places that need your vitriolic rhetoric much more than we do. A fond farewell, and remember do not turn back, we would just be plain spoiled if we had you to ourselves for just one more minute. A word of advice from this senseless, ignorant,”crab in a bucket,” when your looking to make the world a better place, or perhaps just looking for some peace of mind for yourself, hatred is not the avenue to take. You have hate and arrogance down pat. How’s that working for you? Auf wiedersehen, adieu, bye bye.

  5. Blair

    Lord, when this girl said Cynthia was flip flopping, I knew she took a page from NeNes book.

    Poor lil tink tink

  6. Jane

    I’m wondering if porsha realizes that she can be taxed for her expensive gifts. I can just see her in a low cut blouse and Minnie Mouse voice saying ” I didn’t know I had to pay taxes”

    • crazy in nc

      No. The person giving the gift pays the taxes. If a person receives a PRIZE than they have to pay taxes on it.

      • Jana

        From the IRS tax code, if you receive a gift with a value of more than 50,000 dollars, it is clubbed as part of your yearly income, and you are required to pay taxes on it.

  7. ICassie

    Porsha, Porsha, Porsha you have definitely gone out into the world and have forgotten all of your Christian values. It is sad to she you have gone back to your hoochie moma ways. Well
    Honey was your vagina smelling the reason why Kordell stopped wanting you. Kenya was right it has come back full circle on you. You need to stop and own up to your wrong doing. You go to jail when you attack someone if they press charges. When you stood up and made that move. Lord I just need someone to stand in their word and mean it and not let this worldly stuff change them. Porsha stop listening to Nene she is not your friend. Damn she called you ignorant damn but she gets a pass.

  8. Urethra Franklin

    I fell asleep twice trying to watch Porsha on WWHL. Just can’t with her.

  9. Simone

    Porsha needs a damn IP plan. I cannot believe that Andy is still giving a platform at a top ratings hour to Porsha to recite Nene verbatim, 8th grade dialect and all. Why does Andy continue to downgrade reality tv and cater to all this damn foolishness. All Porsha ever had to do was just STFU. She was on a wave and given a pass for a second season and all she had to do was be quiet, so why the hell is she still jaw japping sounding even more dumber by the day? And Andy looks even dumber interviewing a grown as woman with third grader questions. What a complete waste of my time!

    • Andy only gave Porsha this interview for his own shady ego and to save face. He wanted the heat off him because the pissy Porsha fans and some A-listers are still mad at him how he handled the reunion. Not to mention it’s bonus ratings for WWHL.

  10. Angel

    She should ask her mentors Nene and Phaedra how to get her record expunged, as I have read Nene did for her several theft crimes.

    I could just see this poor excuse for a young woman discussing her upcoming appearance on this show with her mentors, taking notes what to say, then rehearsing in front of her mirror, just as she probably did with her “sermons”.

    I think everyone on RHOA has sniffed so much hair, eye lash, and makeup glue, they are permanently brain damaged. For those with a low I Q to start with, it is unbearable to watch. I only got about 1/3 through this interview Porsha & Andy. I think they will not follow through with firing this idiot, at least not for fighting, legal repercussions. Plus, it seems they promote or reward hateful bitches on this show. Look at Nene.

  11. Holly Burnett

    Love this!! Everytime you blog I can literally hear Porsha dumb dumb I just wish you included her excuse for calling kordell a queen. Well you know Andy nowadays everyone calls each other a queen your distance your child!! What friggen ass clown calls a child a queen

    • Holly Burnett

      Oops damned mobile not distance I meant to say sister I think that’s what she said I was just stunned on child

  12. 'The Jam'

    This girl has completely and utterly lost her way *in the name of JESUS!* she’s sitting ther lying and spinning her ass off. She is not built for that life like phaedra, kenya and nene. And for her to go so hard after CYNTHIA of all people, talcum bout ” she needs to have a mind of her own” while her own mind has a vacant sign hanging above and she is spitting nenes script out *hallelujah*. Cynthia HAS an opinion – one she has stuck with since minute one. Porshas spoiled ass is just mad that Cynthia’s opinion is that she( porsha) is a jackass * praise god*.

    Furthermore I don’t know if kordell touched (hit) her or not but for her to act confused about why people think she has insinuated that he was gay on multiple occassions….Seriously? And then half a second later she is doing it again ” I don’t know why he wouldn’t sleep with his wife or want to make a baby”. Rhoa has turned this girl out like a well- trained pimp. *fix it Jesus!*

  13. JenB

    Great recap T. Was Porsha fired? I was hoping she was fired for attacking Kenya. I could only take 5 minutes of her bs and I had to change channels. She is such a liar and an idiot.

  14. lori

    Not only did she lie and say she didn’t dime time in jail, but then she said she was in PRISON! I guess she knows as much about the HUGE difference between jail and prison as she does about the underground railroad and how many days are in a year. Now that this lame interview is over, hopefully we will never ever have to hear her screechy, annoying voice again. Please tell me that the timer on this moron’s 15 minutes has finally gone “ding!”. I really REALLY hope that Kordell sues her stupid ass.

    • lori

      Oops. That was supposed to say “did time in jail”.

    • heather

      Truth! Hope she is gone, gone, gone!

    • Can you imagine that she was incredulous, and it had to be explained to this imbecile many, times that there was not an actual underground railroad to glide the slaves to freedom? Did the slaves build and dig the tunnel right under the noses of the slave masters? Must have been a whole lot of welding, digging and blueprints hanging around. Or perhaps the Southern Slave owners needed an underground bullet train to New York to catch a Broadway show and pick up some silk for the Missus?

  15. Latrise

    I’m finding it hard to believe she is going in on Cythina, after she almost knock her out with the secpter and flash her breast.

    • Angel

      She has probably been told by Nene to talk crap about Cynthia. Plus she is aware Cynthia checked on Kenya after Porsha dragged her across the room. She resents Kenya doing that, I’ll bet, being she was the one “bullied” and had to be carried off like a helpless baby. All concern should have been for her, in her delusional, ignorant world. This bitch is a real brat.

  16. CityGirl81

    I rolled my eyes at that entire so called interview. Porsha is an idiot and I really hope next season I will not have to be subjected to her stupidity. You are not the victim you moron. Kenya, Moose and the criminal’s wife played you like a fiddle. Poof be gone!

  17. Ida Whanna

    Great recap! When she was talking about Cynthia I was thinking she had a moose hoof up her ass.

  18. Porsha wants to be kenya remember after the kandi’s play posha said to her puff eye sister that she was Beyonce: remember kenya always says that she’s mistaken as Beyonce jokingly, at Cythia’s house and porsha says to kandi i don’t who told kenya that to get in her panties.

    one sene porsha said to kandi i don’t know who told kenya

    • Middle Child

      Also, Kenya talked about her African prince, who gets her very own an African prince the following week or month or whenever? Porsha. Kenya launches a spanking new white Bentley (leased or not who cares) who is showing off in a white Roller next? Wait for it…. Porsha. Who repeatedly calls Kenya whore but is unabashedly showing off ridiculously expensive gifts from a man or maybe men ? (insert name here) Kenya talked about being abused by an ex-boyfriend long ago, who has now recently brought up being abused by an ex? Altogether now………Porsha…… Is it me or does Porsha secretly admire Kenya and really really wants to be her, I wonder.

      • Middle Child

        I forgot to add that Kenya first insinuated that her ex Walter might be gay for not ravishing her in Antigua, Porsha soon followed suit with her own gay ex accusation. Her net story line? Porsha doing the sperm bank round and I wouldn’t put it past her to get a little dog as well. Rolling my eyes like Phaedra.

      • JenB

        Actually, Porsha did buy 2 Yorkie puppies. They were in the scenes near the middle of the season. Velvet was a Yorkie…. so… you are on the right track…hahaha get it? The underground railroad track. (sorry, could not resist)

  19. justsayn

    Tamera’s observation is correct when she says that someone must told Porsha that Kenya should apologize to her. She was being interviewed by a male and female host of some show not that popular, I’d never heard of prior (reason I don’t remember their names) and the woman dropped that dumb a.. idea into her p.. brain that Kenya also needs to apologize to her and she ran with it.

    She’s also not above lying on Kordell. She knew she wasn’t going to get a chip that’s why she decided to save herself the trouble of pursuing his $$$. Kordell was so done with her, by her own admission he didn’t show up for any of the divorce talks ignoring her completely…he didn’t even want a last look at the predator.

    Yes, Kandi is shady towards Kenya and sure she’s in on the plot, but I think Kenya is aware and will play along until Kandi tires of throwing her two-faced shade or Kenya tires of petting that dog and takes a stick to her.

    Andy and Bravo are all making light of this attack situation and it had nothing to do with a scepter or a loudspeaker. Those are simple-minded excuses that are being used to serve as a cover-up for not only a mindless bimbo named Porsha but Bravo and anyone else that’s dumb enough to think they justified the matter. At Porsha’s age she is still intellectually challenged and resorting to violence to compensate for her lack of smarts and Bravo needs to right that situation instead of rewarding a dingbat and her behind the scene peanut gallery with airtime.

  20. Traci

    As always good re-cap. Porsha was definitely coached by NeNe.

  21. Ann

    I think time the reunion started Porsha already had it in her mind to get physical with Kenya. I will never understand why Kenya didn’t hit her back. I think Kenya needs to leave the show and do something else. Money problems or not. All money isn’t good money.

    • You are so right about all money not being good money. She should absolutely get off the show. They have a gang thug mentality. All of them ganging up on Kenya like that. I understand that she is trying, but please these women scrape the bottom of the barrel for ways to insult Kenya. At one point they did it to Kim. That’s why I was happy she refused to film anymore, plus they even did it when she was pregnant. Such a bad look for Atlanta black women. They all need to be FIRED. Hear that Andy Cohen!!!

      • Teerii

        I really agree with you, Yvonne. OWN, has their version of Sex in the City. And these women have yet to clown like any of the Bravo female casts members. I believe OWN sets some standards of behaviors which are contractual, period, no crossing the line.

        Where as Bravo is run by immature greedy men who obviously hold nothing sacred, especially women. And to make matters worse, you have a narcissist who has some serious emotional issues (NeNe) and a criminal-mined narcissistic pathological liar,( Phaedra Parks). driving the show over the cliff. Kenya needs to RUN for higher grounds and fast!!!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think she had it in her mind long before the reunion. The way Nene said “we talked about this Porsha” made me think Porsha had been going around saying she would get physical with Kenya if she bothered her, and the other ladies advised her not to take it to that level.

  22. Dracla Dunning

    Nene’s mini-me. All Porsha needed was a blond front lace wig, glow in the dark chiclet teeth, a shoulderless top and I would have thought it was Nene running at the mouth. Tamara, you were spot on following the assult on Kenya when you reported that Nene and Phaedra had primed Porsha prior to the reunion. Unbelievable that they used her as their minion but even more unbelievable that Porsha took the bait. I suspected Kandi was a part of the grand plan because she and Phaedra are butt buddies. Another tell that Nene has Porsha’s ear is Porsha’s dumb as a rock intellect mimics Nene’s. Nene brags she is smart. She wasn’t smart enough to keep her patooty out of jail not once, not twice but three times. Now she’s jacked up Porsha enough to have a mugshot. Monkey see, monkey do. Both Porsha and Nene have difficulty using words greater than two syllables and if they can’t speak in drag queen lingo, they can’t converse. Absolutely pitiful. My heart goes out to Kenya. Although Kenya is a strong woman and understands Nene, Kandi and Phaedra must fight by hitting below the belt, the constant ridicule has to be disheartening. This was a dark, distasteful and disturbing season for RHOA with the physical altercations and since both incidents were aimed at Kenya, it was obviously open season on Kenya. The common denominator is that Nene is heavily involved with each event, even if indirectly! A few of the ladies thought props on the set were dangerous after Porsha’s unprovoked attack. Why did they not speak out against Peter’s peach? Thrown with force that peach could have done some damage. The three stooges who were jawing the most about props being dangerous sat there mute. Most self-respecting women would look back on themselves and be ashamed of street behavior and the nasty comments,, but not the stooges. They are not of that ilk.

    • Oh come on! “What about Peters Peach?” How silly! Was he threatening anyone with it? There is no such thing as “poor Kenya” unless you’re talking about her checkbook.

  23. myinfo

    Porsha is so hard to watch.
    I thought her boob was going to fall out.
    Thanks for the recap because I zoned out.

  24. Toi

    Watching these 3 reunion shows and the WWHL one on ones have been like having a painful discharge. One question, who’s Felicia?

    • CityGirl81

      It’s a reference to the movie Friday, starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. It came out in the late 90s.

      • ClassyLady80

        Thank you CityGirl81! I was lost with the “Felicia” comments too, but now I get it, lol! Felicia was Craig’s hood rat girlfriend who got replaced by the gorgeous, articulate and classy Nia Long, LOLOLOL!!! Kenya is soooo good!!! Ha ha!! Perfect!!!

      • @ClassyLady80 Uhhh no Felecia was Nia longs character’s sister in the movie who was with Debo. She always used to walk around the neighborhood begging. Instead of giving her anything Craig hit her with a “Bye Felecia.”

      • ClassyLady80

        @ Wreck it Retha: Ooops! Lol!!! I remember now. Thanks for clearing it up, lol!!

  25. MissCane

    @ FrancesFambrough

  26. Riley

    What a joke. It will be doing her a favor to not have her back next year….for she will continue to embarrass herself. Twice, she threw out a couple of her “made up” words.
    And I.had a good laugh on TT’s comment that she apologized to her two fans. Atta girl T. That’s the stuff I.live for.

  27. TC

    I am just so glad that Andy did not let her perform Flatline. She is a terrible performer. I saw a Youtube video of her performance in NYC and it was a disaster. She couldn’t lip sync and it was obvious she missed the dance rehearsals. .

  28. Jnikki1632

    Am I reading too much into this??? At the end of the show Andy shook Porshas hand and said see ya, to me that seemed like He was telling her goodbye for good because this was the last time she was going to be on Rhoa. am I the only one that felt like that was what he was implying?? Because I hope she is fired.

    • CityGirl81

      That’s exactly what I took from that scene. I think he did it so nonchalantly most people didn’t catch that he basically said she is gone.

  29. Judy McKenzie

    I couldn’t watch thru to end. I wanted to see her answer to the “Did you apologize to Kenya?”question.

    I hoped her answer would be smart ass and Andy would say “you’re fired!”…didn’t happen.

    The rest…couldn’t watch.

    Did anyone else notice how red her…(ahem) surgical area was? Like a reverse sunburn? I’m thinking infection and… karma.

  30. heather

    She is delusional, evil and stupid. I could not watch the entire episode. My god, what a dummy.

  31. BJ

    Leave it to Andy to give a voice to a violent idiot. Doesn’t he have enough money? Porsha, as predicted, didn’t own up to her ghetto thug behavior. She avoided every question–even the one about her fake boobs, and also the underground railroad…. Her baby voice and speech impediment were too much to listen to for more than 3 minutes. That Flatline joke was embarrassing and painful to watch. After her attack she screamed, I embarrassed myself? She embarrasses herself every time she opens her mouth. The only hope for this sad chick is some foreign guy who just wants to use her stupidity, or another goofball like her ex…

  32. patrice

    Porsha seemed and looked very unstable. Her answers sounded rehearsed. Everything that comes out her mouth sounds like a like pertaining to Kordell. Seeing the clip of her new video flatline last night was a bit frightening. Now she wants to be this abuse victim. I hope Kordell sues her for defamation and Kenya as well. We dont need anymore people who want an extended 15 minutes of fame so Porsha please go away!

    • Leelee

      Porsha, just because Kordell fell out love with you stupid ass doesn’t mean that he is abusive. He realized how down right of an idiot you are. You sound just like Moose face Nene, every word that came out of your mouth was the voice of stank Nene. You are the poster child of everything a young girl should not do, i.e., pretend to be a child of God, initiate sexual encounter with men (the golfer at the club for one), distort your body (boobs), follow the influence of the wicked (Nene, Phardra) and not try to educate yourself (too stupid, silly, dumb and ignorant) to do better. You are a Nene clone. She is now one the most hated Moose in the world

  33. Jarlath

    I can’t believe Tamara had to endure Porsha’s horrible baby voice to redact this. Thanks girl!

  34. chocolatestarr

    Porsha has no education what so ever. She sounds like a 5 yr old.

  35. Bravogirl24/7

    You sounding like Porsha!

  36. Born 2B Lucky

    LoL this interview was funny as hell. Porsha can’t even spell her name correctly let alone remember her lies. ‘I didn’t ask for anything from Kordel….”Girl you didn’t get anything because Kordel had everything in his name and finally figure out you were nothing but a LIAR. Either dummy memory is going bad or she´just needs to repeat 3rd grade. Hopefully she is saving some of the money her new boo is throwing her way and consider go getting her GED. So over this idiot.

    • KReality

      I truly believe the judge saw her for what she was (a gold digging opportunist) and sided with Kordell. I think she did not willingly settle.

      • I think that Kordell had way too much on her and she agreed to walk to avoid it all coming out. Which means she should not be toying with him now. But since there are slugworms with more brain activity than Porsha.

        On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • deedle

      She doest have a new boo.

  37. ClassyLady80

    Why did Andy allow this female to continuously spout out all of this distorted logic? Andy is an intelligent man. It seems that he would have take the opportunity, on behalf of Bravo, to save face. He should have used this as a platform to set Porsha straight and explain that violence is never the answer, and that provocation is not an excuse. He should have used the moment to tell her that Kenya has no reason to apologize for what happened, becasue Porsha was the agressor, not Kenya. He should have said so much, but instead he just threw these softball questions to this silly, bobblehead doll, without making a stand on behalf of the network. I was very disappointed in Andy for that interview.

    • Andy is a terrible interviewer. We all know that. Was there a poll question?

    • Teerii

      What I got from his interview was, let me get this girl out of here as soon as possible. He didn’t engage her at all. He didn’t like what she did to Kenya but Bravo needed to address the background noise from the peanut gallery. And since Porsha is on this Whining Tour, It made sense for Bravo to give her 5 minutes and be done with her.

      • ClassyLady80

        He didn’t engage her… you’re right. It’s like he had a “let’s get this over with” attitude, complete with glazed-over eyes. So when is the Kenya WWHL interview? Did I miss that? Will there be one?

    • deedle

      Andy is maybe smart, but far from intelligent.

    • lori

      What REALLY aggravated me was when he apologized to her about the props. He’s so lame.

    • Maybe Andy knew she wouldn’t understand questions like that. It would have taken the entire show to explain to her the meaning of certain words.

  38. Foxee

    Hey Porsha,on “not knowing anyone more evil than Kenya,” we suggest you research “The Casual Killing Act.” Your grandfather was a civil-rights activist; surely he shared stories with you of “evil deeds” done by “evil doers.” Girl, stop!

    Kenya does what you ALL do: “read” “opine” & “over-talk”

    What? When she does it it’s just reads more intelligently? Is that’s what so bothersome? Your IQ deficiencies is NOT her fault! What you were really fighting [or ‘pulling’] was SELF and the flaws therein, fearful she’d expose them.

    You say Kenya is “always playing the victim?” In the laws of mathematics, does that mean you [and the rest] are always playing the victimizer? The whole world is a stage, right? Thus, we all got our roles to play. If you don’t want her [or anybody] objecting to the roles YOU play, don’t object to their’s. #hypocrisy

    You felt [and ACTED] that there should be consequences for her props [provocation], she felt there should be consequences for your pop, or “pulling” down. It was logical for her to call the authorities.

    And stating that Cynthia should have a mind-of-her-own? *chuckles* Porsha, had that remark came from someone else…anyone! Ms. 265 Days a year & Ms. Someone Had to be Driving the Train.. Lol… Girl, NEVER opine on anyone else’s mind, EVER!
    Cause you’d only lead “thinkers” back to the two aforementioned TV moments versus having them think about whatever it is you’re attempting to convey. *chuckles*

  39. MicroOp

    I just watched the flatline music video and it ends with a quote from maya Angelou. Bitch, please!

  40. #teamintegrity

    Great article! “Bye Felicia”

  41. Randi

    “Porsha wants to apologize to both of her fans.”

    Tamara, as a heterosexual woman, I must know, will you marry me?

    • Do you have good health insurance? If so, yes! But we will only go to second base. Maybe third. What is third in Lesbianese? Probably just sort of round second. Deal?

      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 9:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  42. Josie

    She sounded more coherent than she usually does so she was definitely I think coached by Nay Nay and her lawyer phaedra yet she still managed to give idiotic answers.

  43. Paige

    My psychic instints are telling me that Kenya will get her own show and it will be called “Twirl with Kenya”!

  44. Tee

    I am a cum sucking whore who supports Porsha!

  45. Finally a blog I can call home for the RHOA I knew I could not be the only one that felt that way about Porsha. Good job TT

  46. MsDya

    I think it’s an insult to those who are mentally challenged to be grouped with Porsha Williams. She is beyond delusional and retarded. She just needs JESUS! Lol

  47. At the fear of being linguistically torn apart for my poorly written comment, I am going to go against my best interests & make an observation.

    Man! You ladies are NOT to be messed with! These comments have me literally laughing out loud!

    What I am having a hard time grasping is how all of you INTELLIGENT & OBSERVANT women are ALL fans of Kenya Moore.. Tell me it isn’t so! I dislike her the MOST of any housewife in any franchise. I think she is conniving & VERY dishonest. I think she will throw any & everyone under the bus if it suits her interest. Plus I think -at the very heart of the matter – that she is dishonest! I think she is lying about everything – down to Walter & her African prince… Probably her dog Velvet too!

    Wow! Just amazed.

    • Pepper

      “What I am having a hard time grasping is how all of you INTELLIGENT & OBSERVANT women are ALL fans of Kenya Moore.”

      I wouldn’t presume to speak for others here, so for me, let me just say this:
      I am more anti-Phaedra than I am pro Kenya, though I am that as well.
      I think intelligent people can see through Phaedra’s bullshit from a mile away.
      Heck, aliens can see only two things from the goddamn moon ; the great wall of china and Phaedra’s bullshit.

      “I think she is conniving & VERY dishonest. I think she will throw any & everyone under the bus if it suits her interest. Plus I think -at the very heart of the matter – that she is dishonest! I think she is lying about everything”

      You think…you think…you think…

      Walk up doll, your mind has been spun by Phae Phae. You think the worst about Kenya and hate her for it….. but are mum on the FACT THAT Phaedra is a LIAR?

      – baby’s due date? [note: this is the moment I was done with her]
      – Apollo wasn’t indicted, it’s a complaint?
      – the whole marriage?
      – Everyone coming out of the woodwork with accusations of Phaedra being involved in crime. Funny—- even Nene doesn’t get that made up about her
      – the southern belle shtick?
      – The whole “I got a clean man” delusion
      – Spreading lies about Kenya being bi-polar?
      – Spreading the lie about Kenya offering her felon head which her felon denied?

      It doesn’t take an intelligent person to see that Phaedra and her whole deck of cards is one big illusion hiding some very ugly truths.

      No woman on this show is above it. I just like Kenya because her skeletons don’t run as deep as her castmates by a long shot.

      Plus the fact that she just outwitted Nene all season. Seems like something I would do. Kill an idiot with kindness while extending just enough rope for her to hang herself.

      But nevermind, Kenya is the problem.

      • And…. TEN TAMARA TATTLES TOKENS to Pepper.

        On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 11:51 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pepper

        Tamara Tokens + the casting tea you spilled last night?

        Oh lawd, someone give me a prayer cloth

        *falls back on fainting couch*

      • I loved this rant. And agree with every word. And you got TT Tokens too!

      • Dr. D

        You are 100% correct on your observation of Phaedra. I’ve been onto Phaedra and the illusions since her first season, actually when she first appeared on Tiny and Toya and the word was being spread that she was a “whore” and this was before Apollo and before Kenya was even thought about for RHOA. I’ve always said Phaedra is the LEAST genuine and authentic of all the ladies! Nothing about her screams Christian or Southern Belle. She’s extremely conniving and bitter and can’t be trusted because if you can lie about something as simple as your due date then you can only imagine the lies she’ll tell to minimize frauds convictions to mere “complaints” Again, I peeped her a long time ago and I’m sure she’s awaiting Apollo’s sentencing so she can get back out there like she was before. Kenya is not the problem, she has only come and EXPOSED a lot of their lies, NeNe and Porsha included, and that’s why their HATE for her is so real.

      • Kenya does need to turn the dial down a bit on her cleverness. She can be lethal but what’s the point of killing ALL the rats, you won’t have anybody left to play with. She’s too smart for her own good, but I am a little concerned because of she is in bad company. People like Apollo and Phaedra will get her cut. It’s just a show, and if she can dial it back some, she is more than capable of using her intellect to put them to shame and then some. She did too good a job this time. Her problem is she’s not quite aware how Machiavellian she comes across; she can kill them softly and have them making complete fools of themselves with a much smaller skill set. The way she does it now ignites them into a rage that causes them to cross into the nether regions of sanity and that can take them to very bad places. Don’t get cut Kenya. They’re not worth it!

      • Holly Burnett

        Pepper!! Wow!! Perfect comment a prime example of how Kenya should be proud her fans are the most intelligent and observant. 0ne thing I can kindly add is how she related to everyone at the reunion of how she heard nene ranting behind the door everyone called her a liar until Andy showed the clip. However can’t wait till her one on one I think Kenya’s about to pull out a bag of tricks. Preview shows she had some kind of proof of lies that were said about her. I’m excited. #teamtwirl

      • wikunia

        Kenya didn’t know what kind of criminals she was dealing with, and she had no idea what they’re capable of doing. Once she realized during the reunion how dangerous these people can be and Bravo had no intentions to protect her, she became quiet. She did turn the dial down.
        I don’t envy Kenya at all.

      • @Wikunia, She turned the dial to OFF at the end. I’m talking about when she is on the show interacting with them in the future. I thought she probably knew she’d been robbed because she looked very upset and had nothing to say at that point. I’m sure she was thinking she didn’t know what those fools might do to her, and that’s exactly what I’m thinking.

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