Lilly Ghalichi Showered With Diamonds and a Rolls Royce!

Lily shahs (2)Lily Ghalichi had been back in the rags lately. She recently  became engaged to Dhar Mann after a very brief courtship. I thought perhaps she had rented a boyfriend to try to stay on Shahs. However, Dhar Mann is a legit extremely wealthy entrepreneur who has own several extremely successful businesses including a huge medical marijuana company called WeGrow. He sold that business last year and now runs some sort of Jet Set company that has something to do with a fleet of luxury vehicles. Oh, he’s also a felon. He was convicted of five felony counts of fraud according to Wikipedia and was given five years of probation and ordered to pay restitution. #FelonsByBravo  Whatever. He’s HOT.

I’m not sure if Lily is returning to Shahs of Sunset. Last season seemed like her swan song with no one wanting to film with her. Personally, I just can’t tolerate her voice and her generally personality.

Anyway, her new fiancé gave her a MASSSIVE diamond a few weeks ago. Then last night on her 31st birthday (he is only 29, BTW) he took her to  Mastro’s steakhouse, where he  made a huge spectacle, clearly inviting a lot of paparazzi, and presented her  with a Rolls Royce Wraith. Base sticker price?  $284,900.

Isn’t that special?


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23 responses to “Lilly Ghalichi Showered With Diamonds and a Rolls Royce!

  1. Congrats to her. I still think that it’s a publicity stunt to get her back on the Shahs. Who want to bet that Reza will come back crawling to be her friend?

  2. HeyWig

    Well Persian Barbie forreal I guess.

  3. sequoia

    The car’s a little ostentatious for my taste, but for that price, I’d have made a huge spectacle too. Given Lilly’s history, she probably liked the spectacle more then the car..

  4. She Thinks Clearly

    Good for her. She left Texas and came to California for a new life. She has found her a rich man and now she can move forward with her life.

  5. Mango

    I think they’re gunning for a show of their own. Anyway, Lily seems very happy so blessings to them both

  6. SB

    I sincerely hope she has found love!

  7. vonnie

    She’s a smart girl with a law degree and legitimate business’s so why she wants to be back on that embarrassing show only makes her look like another MADE For BRAVO fame whore. She ‘ll get the guy she deserves. I find her voice so annoying and her personality is me me me, look at me. And she needs a stiff cocktail and a sandwich!

  8. He’s hot? And no photo?

  9. lori

    I notice the doors open backwards. That’s always cool.

  10. I’ve always been a fan of Lilly. She’s annoying and aggravating, but I connect with her. She was a prop used by Reza against his “bff”. She knew her role clearly, but she also was genuine about the friendships she tried to make.

    She’s simply way too classy and pretentious for this group. She’s not a party-goer and there’s nothing wrong with that. For as much as people claimed she was judgmental, she sure did seem to be judged quite a bit. #TeamLilly

    Also, shame on you for not sharing the hotness that is her fiance on your blog.

  11. Blair

    Must. Be. Nice.

  12. Moh

    I love Lilly, I have a feeling that she is not returning to Shahs as she has removed that as a tag line on her social media accounts. However, her fiance is great friends with Mike Shouhed so they may resurface in social settings including Mikes impending engagement.

    • Wow. This is not the response I was anticipating. And TeeCee you have Google for that. He’s swarthy.

      I don’t have a desire for anything fancy other than vacations. If I was Oprah rich I would have a 1964 white Rolls with a driver because I thought it was cool in the Arthur movie. But I have never been big into stuff. I was raised on experiences. Traveling, fine dining, things like that interest me.

      If someone gave me $1000 for shoes I would go nuts on the Merrell site. (no wonder lesbians love me)

      But for some reason…. I really pity this chick. I am not happy for her getting all this stuff. It’s not because I am jealous of it. It’s because I don’t like fake people. She’s like that little kid that got a bunch of surgery and married the old man.. Courtney whatever. For me it is all very odd and a spectacle. Who wants a relationship that is a spectacle?

      IDGI but everyone is different. I want the OPPOSITE of what she is getting.

      On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 11:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • MicroOp

        I couldn’t agree more. People think buying stuff gives them style, substance and happiness. But that’s whats marketed to us to make us spend more. Once you commit to living for experiences is when your life has true meaning.

      • lori

        I’m with you on the merrells TT. I think we’re cool enough to pull them off.

  13. loriflack

    lol about her hello kitty slippers so she won’t scratch the paint…

  14. MicroOp

    I don’t trust people that spend money like this. I think he will have more financial problems in the future.

  15. vonnie

    The Merrell site…LOL. You are a traveler who enjoys site seeing or exploring off the tourist path. Sounds like a horoscope

  16. Karma

    well miss plastic fantastic sure got over her long time boyfriend Ali pretty quick

    I can’t her everything bout her is annoying & fake.

    If she doesn’t come back to shars no gr8 loss in my world.

    I just want to know who these bitches get to meet wealthy men & live such a comfortable life not worrying how you’re going to pay the mortgage bills groceriesetc. But i wouldn’t trade my hubby for anyone he may be on a very average wage but he treats me with love respect & like a queen so i suppose i am rich

  17. Kishmish

    Both of ’em are WAY to fake for me. He looks like the kind of chap who exits an elevator and people who get on the thing for an hour after he has left are nearly asphyxiated by the cologne he bathes in…(chosen because it’s EXPENSIVE and…DESIGNER, never because it works with his chemistry, perish the thought)

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