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Flipping outIn the farce that is “human resources” we are going on a team building trip this episode of Flipping Out!. See the reason I hate the housewives franchise these days is that it is scripted. So very fucking scripted. And the script for the past eight seasons in some cases is “make the bitches fight for our amusement.” I admit to enjoying a good brawl from time to time, but not every fucking week. Now the script is, pick one woman and completely publicly humiliate her every week. Have everyone gang up on her. They will do it because it is not them. One more season of six figure incomes for people who, with few exceptions,  have no other marketable skills.  It’s no more reputable anymore than Girls Gone Wild.  At least in those shows you get to see hot bodies with pert tits. Real Housewives is Middle-Aged Broke Chicks Trying to Front Gone Wild. It’s just bad. Which is why I am trying to wean you all, while admittedly still on the teat myself.

Moving on, Flipping Out is FUNNY. It’s tongue in cheek, and I don’t think anyone has ever brawled. Like Kenya Moore, everyone on the show knows exactly what they are doing and they play their part effortlessly without a producer spooning them lines. Jeff Lewis

Sorry, I got on a soapbox. Let’s continue. LOL they are in a “serious meeting.” This is awesome already. Jenni is telling them they need to write a definition of respect and perhaps give examples of how they have been disrespected. Zoila is coyly raising her hand because my fucking GAWD Zoila is perfect in everyway. They make fun of the guy with the 132 pound testicles. Laugh away assholes, the guy is DEAD NOW. Okay, I’m kidding having 132 pound testicles is funny. It doesn’t stop being funny just because the guy died.

I don’t remember the job they are working on. Let me got look. Welp, apparently my recaps for Flipping Out SUCK, because I have no recollection of these people at all. You have no idea how often I google shit I can’t remember and my site comes back number one. That makes me feel ridiculous. Anyway, at $64,000 for doors and windows, the female Ead is a bit shocked. Me too honey I paid twice that for my whole house and then 2008 happened and its worth less than your doors an windows. Welcome to the fabulous world of investing.

Next we are at a beach house. THIS is my dream I so want to live on the beach. My best hope is to save enough to get to Punta Del Este Uruguay, a country I have never been too that used to be a safe haven for American retirees. Then Obama did something to threaten Uruguay for letting American’s live there for free with great free healthcare and … well it’s not as great of a deal as it used to be, sadly.  And I am not at retirement age at all. So that is another bummer. lol. But Uruguay is in the east coast time  zone so if they got all the American channels, I could just as easily work from there! #SouthernHemisphereWouldBeWeird #LatinMenLikeFatChicks

Oh um sorry, beach house! HOLY FUCK I want her beach house. See even Jeff wants to buy it.

LOL at Andrew having crushes on all the men. He takes pictures and his screen saver is a slideshow of all his pictures. I am sort of on Andrew’s side.

At the next meeting. Zoila is hysterical she attacks Gage. So does Andy. I am tired and I can’t transcribe this but trust me it was funny.  Megan says no more of Andy saying Megan Weaver has a fat beaver. Okay she alludes to it. I just like saying it because I am silly enough to work for Jeff.

Jeff prematurely takes this Ead woman on a shopping spree for fixtures and shit to placate her. I’d probably orgasm on the floor if I got to pick fixtures. My ex took me to buy a sink and faucet and it was probably the sexiest thing ever. We won’t go into how it had to be hammer in, is off kilter and I no longer have a silverware drawer. One of TWO drawers in the whole fucking kitchen. It was way fun that he let me pick out the faucet. I’m not lying. I was easily pleased when it came to him.

OMG! The offering of Megan’s beaver, the reaction of Jeff. It’s hysterical.

Jeff wants the client’s beach house. So he is being overly accommodating. She doesn’t want lamp or vases. Judy diagnoses Jeff as being needy with low self-esteem ( he wanted to be a narcissist . It looks great. She sold the beach house to another. Jeff is not pleased.

THE END. Except it is not. I want this weird cracked Tiffany new blue cookie jar. And I really hate Tiffany blue outside of my 1950s bathroom.


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  1. Blair

    Hilarious recap.

  2. I noticed that jar also, awesome.
    Zoila has carried her vendetta towards Gage on to long. I don’t know if she feels threatened by him being close to Jeff or what her problem is.

    Yes, yes, I agree with your comments about the fighting. I read your recaps but seldom watch any longer. Every time I’m switching channels and come across Bravo someone is screaming at another woman. Sickening.

  3. sequoia

    One more week and it’s finished, over, see ya later alligator. I hope everybody gets a big fat raise when contracts are handed out next year. Double for Zoila.

  4. Jericho

    I hate that the housewives have these long drawn out seasons that take half a year to air and Flipping Out gets like a month long season and a +1 year wait between seasons.

  5. Cythere

    I had this on; not paying much attention, so I might have misheard.
    Jeff and Jenni were driving to a jobsite. He told her he stopped at NeNe’s to use the bathroom. (She wanted to know number 1 or 2; yawn.)

    I used to really like this show. Remember Ryan Brown, his daughter, and his elegant designs? Or all the attention given to Jeff’s rescued pets? No matter how badly Jeff treated people, his love for his pets made him still likeable.
    Now for me, Andrew in particular has ruined this program. They have stuff like food fights and endless crude jokes…. I feel so bored by all that. It’s so one-dimensional now, I almost never watch Flipping Out.

    That said, I also love the blue vase.

    • I so agree with you. Very unfortunate Jeff and Ryan had a falling out in their business partnership. When Jenni did a rap for Chloe, Ryans daughter was so touching. Often wished Andy would do an update on them. I loved the blue vase

  6. Angel

    I can’t imagine I missed a blue vase. I did not like the Indian pottery the beach house owner loved or her paintings. Just not my taste. A Tiffany blue, turq or aqua vase is in my lane.

    I wish they would do the other show they had last year. Jeff, Jenni and Zoila would fix up a house and try to fix the people too. I forget the name of that show. After another season of pervy Andrew, and now humorless Megan plus Gage, I’ve decided I like the other show best.

  7. “It doesn’t stop being funny just because the guy died.” Heh.

    Such a short season!! I live FO. It’s Larry David/George Costanza level uncomfortable sometimes.

    I think the “office” is funny. The layout especially. I can’t imagine being in ine room with no walls and doing business. Every time you took or made a call you’d be in stage. They must just sit there for the show. There have to be offices somewhere.

    • I think it’s funny you can’t #2 at work. Not that I would anyway, lol, but the fact that it’s not allowed makes me laugh, but if I worked there and had an emergency, with LA traffic, I probably wouldn’t find it as funny.

  8. Andrew is into snow man porn because he got off his meds–perfection!! I am just so sad it’s ending next week.

  9. linda

    Just turned on this show called Hideous Houses on BIO and Meagan Weaver is one of the “stars” of the show…so are they hiring actors now on Flipping Out? Hope not…I love Flipping Out…

  10. So over Andrew. His snowman fetish is over the top. Of course he’s off his meds so he’ll get cut a break. Cant wait to see his meltdown next week. Hope he gets fired and wish he’d take Megan with him. Hate that next week is the finale.

  11. BananaBug

    Love this show! Such a “happy” break from the usual Bravo menu.

  12. Angel

    Are Andrew’s meds to suppress his sex drive, or do it inadvertantly? I think that was implied. Is this serious or just them goofing each other?

    • I think he has serious mental issues and does take meds. All the lying he did his first season, trust fund baby, boyfriend, neighbor burning the condo…on and on and all lies.

  13. momadison

    I adore Jeff Lewis and I agree that I prefer Interior Therapy…although some of those people are nuttier than a frikken fruitcake! Lou Costello’s granddaughter are why my ears bleed at certain frequencies now! Andrew got on, over and completely back again my last nerve! He knows he is being purposely provocative & juvenile and is not one bit funny! He’s like the kid who says “fuck” in front of his parents and looks to them to see if they heard, for attention! Also as much as Jeff can’t stand overtly flamboyant gays he seems awfully tolerant of Andrew. Perhaps thats because he is in on the bit and they are playing to the camera but Lawd…I hate Andrew! Regardless if its fake or not, Jeff is right, now they are dealing with more high end & corporate clients, they need to get some of that shit on lock!

  14. Riley

    Hey T….you ok? Not a peep in 4 days. Hope you’re just taking a break. We all need them.
    Take care……:-)

  15. perreynoid

    What about when the lady with the beach house sold it to someone else, and Jeff said something like “She played me. Did she play me? I did more for her, thinking I was gonna get the house, and I didn’t, but it’s ok I guess if she played me, because I was going to play her.” Not exact words, but something to that effect. I’ve watched this show since it’s inception-it was called Flipping Out, then the housing market crashed and it turned into a design show with a new name, now back to Flipping Out. Jeff’s ex was on there, he got with someone else and they have a baby now.The white guy from How High, Chris Elwood was on there-he was married to Jenni. Total JERK.LOVE Jeff, and LOVE the show.Jeff is handsome, he cracks me up all the time. His issues make me laugh-not at him, because I have them too. I just love him to pieces.

    • Zoe

      I come to this site daily. This is my first time posting. Anyways, I’m worried that Tamara is ok. She may very well be taking a break but I miss her blogs. Hope all is well.

  16. Tootsie

    I wish Andrew were off the show. I’m getting tired of The Andrew Coleman Show. He sucks up all the energy.

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