Here is Porsha Williams, The Evangelist Kordell Married

So Porsha has been all over creation talking about how she is a victim this past week. Which is kind of ironic considering she tried to say Kenya was playing the victim card right before she assaulted and battered her. She’s also (probably falsely) accusing Kordell of being physically abusive during their marriage. Today Kordell made a statement through his publicist stating he is upset by Porsha’s false allegations. He says there has never been any accusation before during or after the divorce regarding abuse. In fact everything in the documents support the fact he was a kind and supportive husband.

He went on to say that when he met Porsha she was an evangelist and he does not recognize the person she is now. Well, I am starting to believe him based on these videos. This next one is my favorite.

And one more


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  1. Angel

    Must be her “good” and smarter twin.

  2. ECA

    Wow. Just wow. That’s crazy to think she was in a pulpit once. Now she’s just in a pit.

    • Mia

      Yes Gawd! Just call her Pastor Screech! listening to that awful voice, like nails on a chalk board, just made me an atheist.
      She really is a ridiculous creature.

      • ShelbyMoore

        I thought I was the only one who hated the sound of her voice. I usually DVR the RHWATL episodes and usually fast forward through her segments, as well as Nene’s.

  3. Jarlath

    #TeamEvangelistPorsha LOL

  4. O.O

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha what a joke ,just goes to show what a chameleon she is . She always sounds as If she’s preaching and she’s dead wrong with her proclamations 100 % of the time …”We do this 7 days a week 265 days a year”! Etc etc.
    How do you go from that to boody popping and boody walking all the time ? Thats not meek and quiet ,hosting parties and singing secular music ???
    She was up on the pulpit to pull a rich husband and that’s it. I’m sure she’ll return to the pulpit shortly ( when she sees no one is paying her any mind because shes an idiot )saying she backslid ,yada, yada , yada .
    Her and Phedra can team up and call them selves the real last day prophets of Arlanta and rob the blind sheep .
    Oh and one more thing . Did the banner behind her say something about First Ladies ? Don’t you have to be married to a preacher to get that title ?

  5. Mable Lean

    What an ignorant woman. It figures she’d be at a pulpit.

  6. A good Christian woman would NEVER, I said, NEVER allow another sinner woman to invoke a demon presence to cause her to strike another human being! No, say it — I am a strong Christian woman and I just turn the other cheek. Amen. You can sit down now.

  7. Starrkitty

    Because of her own “iniquities’,….LOL….But what about the underground railroad or Nah?..

    • Jarlath

      She’s still trying to find the door

    • I kept being distracted by the lack of a choir. What black church has anyone ever been too without a choir? THAT is the whole point. As we used to called it when I worked at a HBCU where we had to go to services on campus ever Tuesday (?) It’s the singing and swaying that maked the whole thang!

      On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 10:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pistolpete

        At our Church (yes a Black Church) the choirs vacate the choir stand after they sing and sit in the audience.

      • I’ve been IN THE CHOIR and to all sorts of churches in multiple countries… never seen that before.

      • jaime

        i came by your blog looking for a story about Porsha. i have now read all of your Porsha/Kenya posts and i am quickly working my way through just about everything. your writing style is delightfully wicked, its very Dorothy Parker/roundtable at the Algonquin.

    • I miss the guy in the office next to mine at the HBCU … he was VERY religious and I was not so much most of the time. We would go to lunch together a lot. He was all happiness and joy it was impossible not to smile with him. I was sort of dating a preacher in that town. heh. I’m so going to hell.

      • KReality

        I used to go to a church where they made the choir move to the congregation seats when it was time to preach so maybe that why there was no choir there

      • sequoia

        I’m going to hell too, It’ll be fun.

      • NiKki-T

        Yes, it’s not uncommon to vacate the choir stand after singing. It depends on the Pastor and Choir Director of the church, some say they want you to look at the person bringing the message. #ChurchGirl

      • Valerie

        Tamara, I’d rather be in hell with the fun people, than with all these so called “righteous” people in heaven . Hallelujah, Amen and Praise Be.

  8. Keya

    My, my, my…I’m nearly speechless. I think at this point she really needs to stay away from all publicity and really figure out who she is or atleast the person she wants to be. She seems to be really confused about that.

    • Keya – I was thinking the same thing. Porsche has probably always done what she was brought up to do. Living in environments that had boundaries. Then she was free and lost. Yes, Pirsche needs time to truly find herself.

    • Maybe take an English class or two! Does she have a high school diploma?

      • Oh my!

        Allegedly She (Porsha) attended Spelman College. And was accepted to Yale. One of her strong supporters. Always spouted such donkey manure.

  9. Jarlath

    I wonder if there are videos of Porsha’s daycare business as well , you know … the successful business evil Kordell made her sell

  10. lori

    I only watched the second one, which is enough for me. You should send a link to that to Andy’s Twitter. I would love for him to get it before his one on one. Her gay and lesbian comment should get him despising her before she even sits down.

  11. KReality

    I gotta say at this point Kordell made the right decision. I’m sure he woke up one morning and sadly discovered he married the female version of Jekyll and Hyde. Clearly she wanted fortune, and as soon as fame came she dropped the good wife role and chased the rabbit

  12. MicroOp

    Porsha did really change. Maybe he wasn’t as controlling as he came across. It seems like he thought he married one person and ended up with another.

    • O.O

      No he was .. Remember when she was begging and crying to have a baby and a career and he told her no she had to choose one. ( Looking back she probably wanted a baby so she could have a check for 18 years ) But she definitely tricked him.

      • MicroOp

        Probably because he knew she was incapable of handling both. I feel badly about her miscarriage but it worries me when people that stupid have children.

      • Snookums Lynn

        Maybe because she drastically changed the game. Now u can see it might not have been a controlling thing, but seeing your circumstances change for reasons that hadn’t been an issue. Yes kordell gave her permission to go on a trip, cause when they got together she was probably only going on girlfriend trips to church conventions. C’mon son, this is some real bait and switch!

  13. JentheAUfan

    Am I the only one that feels badly for the congregation having to sit and hear that mess and not be able to laugh out loud!

  14. Born 2B Lucky

    Porsha Williams really know how to lie and act very well on T.V… “That girl needs to get her lies straight. LMAO!!

  15. NiKki-T

    I have always believed Kordell because Porsha had come to sing at the Magic City Classic her first season on RHOA, my parents graduated from ASU, my mom was telling who Porsha was Hosea Williams grand-daughter, she’s an evangelist, I was like no mom she is on RHOA. However, she was very reserved during the classic and she song very well. I could tell as I watched the show she was losing her way. I went and researched who she was as my mom had told me. I found those sermons and I immediately said Porsha needed to be enrolled in school and not on that show. I felt Kordell had married her to a mother to his son, his wife and I felt he truly loved her to the point that as he learned she was less than smart, he began to control her as a protection mechanism. I don’t believed he abused her at all, I think Porsha wanted to be like the ladies on RHOA but none of them confessed Christ to the degree of studying the word of God and to teach it to others, it’s as if she was leaving her walk with Christ. This made her be less of wife and mother to their son, Porsha did change. One thing I have learned in my 21 years of life you can’t play with God and dance with the devil too. After Porsha changed Kordell divorced her because she was not the person he fell in love with. I also believed Kordell from the beginning when he said his son calls her Mommie, a child has to be very close to another woman to call her anything like Mother. I really hope Porsha finds herself and return to Christ before it’s to late, we can all see her life is spinning out of control. I was hoping Kordell would go and help save her, read the story of Gomer and Hosea (The book of Hosea).

    • Kacey Wickham

      Now i am thinking her being stupid on the show was that all an act so she could stay relevant??!!!…….Naaaaahhh…..she stupid :-\

    • O.O

      Did she also lose her way when she was a butt model pre Cordell or a butt jiggler in rap videos? She’s a fraud that used her grandfathers name to be accepted as a evangelist so that she could land a rich husband . How can you teach anything ,much less the word of God when you don’t know what words mean? Little aydin may be smarter and have a larger vocabulary than porsha . She needs to just go away before Cordell sues her .

    • Wow! This was enlightening, I hope she does find her way back. I’m sure in time she will learn enough from this situation to turn around….

  16. Blair

    I guess I’ll blame her iniquities….I’m surprised she could even read the word.

  17. Gingersnap

    My hat’s off to anyone that actually suffered through all three videos. I stopped halfway on the first one. Life is way too short to listen to Porsha preach what she doesn’t practice. Dumb ho.

  18. Truthseeker

    Wow. They are not going to recognize her when she returns to the pulpit with her new boobs.

  19. Urethra Franklin

    I could only tolerate 1:18 of that 2nd video. Halleloo

  20. Middle Child

    I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for Porsha, she cuts a rather pathetic figure at the moment, it is as if her life is spinning out of control and she doesn’t have the wherewithal to wrest it back, I wish she would take a moment and just hop of this express train (to uncertainty) called fame – whoring.

  21. Toosweetmonequ

    Now, I see why Kordell acted the way he did. She was putting on a front, he was checking her cause he no one day she would be exposed, and it would all back fire. She let those Demons Phadera and Nene get to her, I founded out earlier she was an evangelist and I was totally shocked. He tried as a husband to protect her and she let some of the others get in her head. It’s a reality show and they’re forgetting that the decisions they make for the camera will affect them once the cameras stop rolling, our entertainment and they hell.

  22. myinfo

    Preacher to girl with big fake boobs in a low cut dress, tons of makeup and hitting another woman.
    She has changed and proved on camera that she’s is dumb.
    Her under ground railroad comment will go down in RH history as the dumbest statement ever.
    Kordell is lucky the marriage is over.

  23. Philly Finest!!

    I’be been saying it for the longest that this dippy woman act is a role.
    Remember what she said: while they all were in Las Vegas about being submissive to her husband and saying Kordell “allowing” her to come on this trip. (What she meant is that her husband didn’t deem it to be appropriate for a “minister” (or so he thought) to be in the devils den ( bars) Those women talked about Kordell like a dog not knowing this man thought he married a “Practicing” minister.

    What’s this about a sex tape she has….( is it with the man she allegedly cheated on Kordell that Kenya mentioned ?)

    All I’m say Porsha is digging herself in a bigger’s like she set out on ruining this man first she implied he was gay,but became angry when both Peter & Kenya spoke up on it. Now! She is insinuating that Kordell is an abuser.

  24. Yeah, she can go fuck herself. Religion brings out the absolute worst in people.

  25. RVA

    Was she an evangelist before or after the music video vixen days?

    Will she go back to the church in the next few years begging for forgiveness because she has seen the error of her ways? She was deceived by the devil and fell prey to his evil wiles?

    I’m thinking she wasn’t preaching during Sunday service which is why the choir isn’t there. She was probably doing Wednesday night prayer service or some special program after church.

    • Dr. D

      LOL, that’s what I was trying to piece together? She did the Trill and Nelly’s tip drill videos and those were a while back and Kordell said she’d become an evangelist since their engagement/marriage but it hasn’t taken her long to go back to those days. You would think with all her abuse and bullying claims that she would have run to the church first and not out partying and looking for love on Steve Harvey but to each her own…

      • Micki


        She did the “Tip Drill” video? Whoa. She is hardcore.

      • I probably should be glad I don’t know what that is….

        On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 7:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Dr. D

        The Tip Drill video by Nelly was sooo filthy that it was only shown on BET After Dark! They were swiping cards through girls’ buttocks just awful, Reuben Studdard’s ex-wife was also in the video…^_^ That video was the reason Spelman protested and would not allow him to do a bone marrow drive on the campus for his sister.

      • Kacey Wickham

        I checked out that Nelly video tip drill and i DO NOT see Porsha in that video.maybe someone that resembles her,but not her……btw that house for that video must’ve smell like badussy when that s$&t was over……….whew!!!!

  26. HeyWig

    Tamara I have beeb waiting almost two years for you to post this!!!!!!!!! I watched her Easter sermons. I didn’t know she was pretending.

  27. Ronnie

    that voice..I just can’t take it…..

    can I get my life back from suffering through those horrible fake azz preachy tapes of hers?


  28. gapeach

    To be honest, just knowing she is Hosea Williams granddaughter told me all I needed to know about her. He was a drunken fool. I kept an open mind when she first appeared on the show but soon realized she was a real mess. And according to Cordell, her family showed up with their hands out. Not surprising at all. It’s really sad – she went to a good school and really did have the best that life had to offer her. She lost her way all right.

    • She went to school????? Also, I was listening to Jesse Jackson on the radio today and decided maybe she should be an evangelist. She has almost as much sense as Jesse and she can still live her flashy lifestyle off the backs of her congregation!

      On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • gapeach

        That sounds about right for her!! She’d be perfect!! (That’s probably what she was trying to do when she met Kordell.)

      • O.O

        Its such a disgrace that special needs people like porsha ,Jesse J and others can become rich off of dumb church folk by simply calling themselves reverend bishop or evangelist when the rest of us actually have to work .

      • Porcha never attended college. She did study Theology.

  29. Cassie

    Porsha go back to your roots. Awaiting the prodigal daughter to return home. You have proven you can’t hang with all those snakes. Forgive her father for she knows not what she is doing.

    • Oracle5

      Porsha, for you I am praying that you as a prodigal daughter will return home. You are being chewed up and also being spit up by the ADVERSARY. Come away from the reprobated mind set that you are in. Forgive her Father for she knows not what she is doing

    • Vickki

      I agree. Porsha is the prodigal woman. She will return back to her roots. She might have sold her soul for fame but she will be back.

  30. chocolatestarr

    yep. I saw these on youtube a few weeks ago and posted them on my fb timeline. She sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, so my best advise to her is to stick with Jesus.

  31. justsayn

    WOW…This explains a lot….Kordell is blessed he was able to come out of the marriage as unscathed as he did, it’s no wander he washed his hands of her and then for her to imply that he was gay was so low down and hypocritical on her part. She is the worst type of liar and phony.

  32. Blair

    On one of her interviews she said, “if you don’t want to end up in a situation where someone is putting their hands on you or vice versa, then don’t ask for it. Don’t provoke, don’t put the lion in the corner and poke at him.”

    And in another interview she says, “I’m still realizing now that a lot of what happened, it wasn’t my fault.”

    I’m confused. Is there anybody that can help me with this?

    • Caliborn

      Basically she is still trying not to take responsibility. She is a dumbass or has no common sense. Either way.. Ugh nevermind, she makes my head hurt…lol

  33. moni

    Ahahhahs Porsha is such a CLOWN. GET this idiot off TV.

  34. HotinAK

    When she struck Kenya maybe she was just a bit “perturd”.

  35. ceebo

    Pastor Porsha only turned up when Kenya said she cheated on Kordell….so she need to stop blaming it on props…I mean weapons

    • ShelbyMoore

      Can someone please tweet Kenya and ask her who Porsha cheated with because, Kenya was about to spill some tea and Porsha had to shut her up. LOL.

    • ShelbyMoore

      Can someone please ask Kenya and ask her who Porsha cheated with because, Kenya was about to spill some tea and Porsha had to shut her up. LOL.

      • HeyWig

        Supposedly a producer on the show………….Tt please please boil a hot cup of tea on this. Cause uhm why wouldn’t she fight for more in her divorce ,if Kordell was gay and abusive. Also does her mom and sister wear her Naked hair weave if so that shit looks awful!
        Im not judging anyone but if there is a person to fear or be weary of that a person who will stop preaching to be a “star ” ,I think she really is looking for herself and just can’t find herself. She really believes Nene and Phadera are her friends who support her,but they used her to take the spotlight off them and their imperfections

  36. Her helmet of salvation is defective. She has a concussion of damnation. And no brain cells to speak of.

  37. yd14

    I believe this girl does have God in her heart. She made a mistake. She’s human. I remember when she walked away from the pajama party because she “saw the devil in people’s eyes.” She walked away when everyone else was fighting. I think that says a lot of good things about her character. I’m not a Porsha fan at all I believe she needs to wise up but I truly do believe (though naïve) she tries. Anyone can be sucked in by the devil when joining such a vicious group of women…..they are all little devils. That’s why we enjoy watching. Has anything Kenya or anyone done been righteous? Nope. But I love it and we all love it precisely for that reason.

  38. Kelly

    I am quite disappointed that a show like the view allows someone who physically attacked someone else, the airtime in order to justify their physically violent actions. Provocation is very subjective and you never know what will set someone off. Every one of those women has at some point provoked another on the show regardless of what was said or how angry those words make someone. The message should be that it’s never an excuse to respond with violence. (period) and that should be the end of that discussion otherwise let’s allow all abusers to come on and justify their need to respond to an unpleasant situation with violence and while you’re at it you may as well invite Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, Ike Turner (if he was still alive) or anyone else that has responded to their frustrations with physical violence. I’m sure if they thought long and hard enough they could come up with something that was said that provoked them. That sounds pretty stupid doesn’t? well that’s was being done for Porsha and sending the wrong message to not just young girls and boys but even the supposedly intelligent adults like Porsha who is beginning to believe that she was justified for her actions. I feel it’s reckless, irresponsible, and such a disservice to society as a whole and I have to say I am very disappointed with all the members on the panel and The View as a whole. I can’t understand why anyone didn’t find her actions appalling. This was weighing heavy on my heart and I just needed it to be said. Thank you a former viewer of The View.
    Thank You,

    • Teerii

      Thank you Kelly for sharing such a heart-felt message. You were able to articulate what a lot of us are feeling about Porsha’s shameful PR campaign. And thanks to Tamara for maintaining a site that fosters intelligent exchange among people. (with the right amount of spice!)

    • Oracle5

      This was a Hello Pete situation which was a “HELL OF A THING!” to discuss this violent behavior for everyone to hear and see that Porsha is being CHEWED UP and SPIT OUT! Porsha is definitely unstable for doing such a violent and vicious behavior towards Kenya.

      • yd14

        Porsha pulled Kenya’s hair. She should not have done it but I think let’s not take it too far and call it more than it was. Many of us here loved the fact when Kenya befriended Marlo to mess with Nene. But weren’t we also condoning violence there?

        Marlo is an actual violent crimimal who cut someone’s face with a knife. So for all of Kenya’s talk about nonviolence let’s not forget who her new BFF is. All of these woemn are walking contradictions. Kenya, Nene Porsha etc. No one is better than the next and that’s the truth.

      • Oracle5

        Please clarify “Weren’t We” My standpoint is this: Tossing something towards someone is wrong to do, as well as, throwing an empty bottle water towards an open field. NeNe was upset with Marlo because Kenya and Marlo are now for a minute BFF. Marlo, verbally abused NeNe, there was no physical contact between the two. Marlo was crying, because, at one time she was NeNe’s BFF. as well as, being a bridesmaid for NeNe and now she is being rejected; therefore, she is no longer useful to NeNe. Marlo’s violent and vicious behavior towards someone (RIP) was morally wrong and very offensive. You’re right,”Birds of the same feather flock together.” People who are a lot alike tend to gather together and become friends. Even though, Cynthia, Kandi, and Kenya want to live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to everyone. NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha want to live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend from HELL to everyone!

    • Kacey Wickham

      I thought the same thing,maybe Porsha contacted them (the view)and gave the bully story as an excuse to come on the show?!!!

  39. Dracla Dunning

    Anyone can expound on the word but the idea is to live by the word. Porsha is not interested in living a Christian life as it includes putting others’ needs before hers, forgiveness, grace, charity, selfless acts. She is too much the narcissist. When I listen to her preach I visualize a snake oil salesman. She reminds me of a transformer my nephew had that would become something totally different simply by moving or flipping a part of it. Look at all the different Porshas we have been exposed to and there is not one I find appealing. I am glad that Kordell made a public statement about the abuse charge. To have said nothing would have smacked of guilt. Unfortunately for Kordell there are those who will judge him as guilty without any proof of abuse, simply based on her ignorant ass statement, but see Porsha as the innocent victim with the Kenya incident when it is plain that she was the aggressor. Porsha has as many faces as Eve and I truly believe she is a sociopath. She may be Kordell’s burden to bear for sometime as she can’t control the hurtful and destructive comments she alleges about that man. Even though the external Porsha is fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake boobs and butt cheeks she is artifically pretty but her insides are a swamp of rotting hatred and that makes for an ugly Porsha. She is starting to smell the place up.

  40. Valerie

    I kinda liked Porsha’s sister though. She seemed to have a head on her shoulder. Certainly couldn’t be any worse then Posha. Let the cameras follow the sister for a while, she seemed sweet. What’s her story?

  41. I am so through with the Atlanta housewives and other stage reality shows if violent Porsha and fake pheadra and her criminal apollo still on the show i will not be watching all this garbage is fake….i can’t see otherwise……wake up fans it’s all for rating.

    • Gingersnap

      It is for ratings. Atlanta has the highest ratings and it’s not for being the classiest, it’s for being the trashiest. I wonder if Ms. Leakes comprehends that. Doubtful.

  42. Fahlina_g

    Please. Girl can’t even spell “evangelist”…

  43. It’s so, so sad what people will do for fame and a paycheck. How soon till Porsha is hanging with Lindsay Lohan.

  44. tysandsnyc

    Anyway. I am so sick of this Porsha nonsense. Eveytime I think we put her behind, she lurks right back in our faces with a Tweet or an interview somewhere.

    Save that!

    Can’t wait for the next season to start with fresh drama and new shade. Oh. And a new Housewife. :-}

    I hope Porsha’s replacement is someone articulate and highly educated. Something Phaedra was suppose to be but fail in time and time again.

    • Oracle5

      tysandsync: This is the way of the ADVERSARY: As soon as one trouble is out of the way, another trouble appears. FREAKNIC in Atlanta was terrible, this terrible situation left Atlanta and here enters RHOA. RHOA please go away!

  45. Reading Beads

    Late to the party, but I do have a question.
    Wasn’t she doing the hip-hop video vixen thing about the same time as her Evangelical career? Watching her lowers my IQ by 20 points. That’s double what hers is on a good day. She’s a 70 watt.

    Lord, if she only had a brain……

  46. Born 2B Lucky

    TT is Radar online stealing you stuff or is just a confidence that the same story on Porsha, same title you put up first is on there website with the same wording like your article. “People ain’t shyttttttttt..”Forgive me God it is Sunday. .

  47. Born 2B Lucky

    Forgive the spelling everyone. I had a slight case of “Porsha-ima-dumbbell syndrome after seeing the same article on Radar online and was typing so fast I forgot to check for errors. Clearly they stole this from your site.

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