Porsha Williams on The View : Kenya Brought Weapons to the Reunion!


Porsha Williams Mugshot

Somebody mad.

So still waiting for Porsha to do her interview. Sherri and Jenny are doing some sort of hot topics schtick. When they start talking about Nene getting voted off of DWTS, Nene and Tony walk out to surprise Sherri. She squeals like a stuck pig and acts like she has seen Jesus appear on the set. It’s ridiculous.

Sherri asks Nene what she learned on the show. Nene says that she learned that hard work pays off. She talks about her work ethic. They don’t even give her a seat. Next up, Porsha…

Sherri says that Kenya and Porsha have been arguing for two seasons, what was it about that moment that caused her to get physical. Porsha’s answer is, “Right, and a good example of that is last season, I went to the reunion and at that time I was going through a divorce. And um, well it was right before.” See?Lying already, you were not going through a divorce during the last reunion. 


Porsha continues, “And, um, you know, all of the pressure that we normally go through at reunion, it was there! The pra…she was provoking me then, you know we were already…(The View harpies interrupt to tell her what to say, reminding her Kenya accused her of cheating. WHY?) ..um yeah so she was accusing me of cheating, ” I have to stop trying to quote for a minute because she seems to be trying to talk about last season’s reunion but Jenny and Sherri keep interjecting their own version for some reason and Porsha can’t complete a thought.  So now she picks back up saying, “Well this season I want to show you that the difference is she had the weapons, what I call, she calls them props, the scepter and the bullhorn and that’s really the difference.” People literally keep feeding her words like scepter and bullhorn. She’s totally incoherent but the people at the table are mostly responsible for they constant interruptions trying to help her speak.

Jenny asks her about her charge for simple battery and arrest, where does she stand now? Porsha shrugs her shoulders and says, ” Well, just like everybody else who gets charges with something like that, I have to go to court.” Then her mugshot pops up and they all talk over her AGAIN.  My God if these people wanted to tell the story, why even have Porsha there?

The dude on the panel today asks her if she is going to sue her. Porsha says, ” You know? My attorney and I were really talking about that because, the scepter that she had was super heavy, …” And they interrupt her mid-sentence ONCE AGAIN so that Sherri can go to Nene and ask her about trying to suffocate her with her man hands while Porsha was writhing on the floor. Nene actually answers honestly that she just didn’t want her to say anything else. She just leaves off the ending which is …that might incriminate Nene. Sherri asks Nene if she feels like she was provoked, she says yes. Sherri said, but she just had props, she was just having fun with the scepter and the bullhorn. Nene says that is not fun. Poor Porsha is being completely ignored and upstaged by Nene who is answering questions from the audience.

Porsha tries to speak again, ” It’s not fun. And you know, I didn’t see the episode until, I watched last Sunday’s episode with everybody else. (wow, they sure yanked her off the mailing list for screeners in a hurry!) It really did hurt me to see her say that she thought it was for fun or it was a joke…..” Sherri interrupts, “You knew what you signed up for! This has been more than five seasons! You knew what you signed up for! When you did this show, they do this all the time! ” GET HER SHERRI!

Porsha’s comeback is, “They do but I didn’t know I was signing up on a show to get a mug shot! Or to be Bullied to that level ! This woman has been bullying me and showing hatred toward me from day one and now she has weapons in her hand!” She does a ridiculous reenactment of Kenya reaching across the couch when the actual event is playing right behind her contradicting everything she is saying.  The dude on the panel is hysterical pretending he has a bullhorn as Porsha makes up an entirely new version of events. Everyone is laughing.

Then suddenly Porsha says, “It was a horrible moment for me and immediately I was embarrassed. When I hit the ground….I struggled in high school and middle school about bullying!…”

Sherri interrupts and shuts her up again and the show ends. As the camera’s pull back, Porsha is talking to Sherri it seemed like she said, “I thought you were going to support me!”

That was a really weird interview where Porsha had to fight to get out her self-defense points. She had a weapon! She’s a Bully!  Totally ridiculous. I wish Porsha had not signed her right to sue Kenya because I’d love for Porsha to take Kenya to court on the grounds she was holding a “super heavy scepter!”  God Lord this one just ain’t right in the head, bless her heart.



























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167 responses to “Porsha Williams on The View : Kenya Brought Weapons to the Reunion!

  1. it was very obvious that they didn’t really trust porscha to talk with any sense for the full interview. The fact that they cut to Nene during porscha’s interview goes to prove that. Why is porscha spending so much time trying to convince everyone that she is the victim, i don’t get it ? As sherri said she knew what she was signing up for

    • Leelee

      Wasn’t Porsha the one that said that “Kenya is playing the victim”, karma sure did bite you in the ass Porsha. Stop appearing on these different shows, all you do is continue to show how dumb you truly are. Ha ha ha, I can’t stop laughing at how stupid and fake and such a liar you truly are. Oh you’re the victim now…What a joke, Stupid ass.

      • Patti

        I agree. If she talks more than a minute one of two things happen: she says something dumb or she lies. Since I’m an Atlanta native like Porsha, I have tried my best to be team Porsha from day 1. No more. She needs to stop talking and partying, lay low, and make her criminal case her number 1 priority.

      • Your right remember the first are so they brought Porsche in the Atlanta housewives porsha invited kenya to her charity event

    • Look, Kenya (and everyone else watching this show) knows that Porsha is slow. She is not just dumb, but S-L-O-W. Since Kenya knew that, it is obvious that she was antagonizing Porsha and hoping for the result that she got. It may not be politically correct to use the word bullying anymore but the word antagonizing is appropriate. At the very least BOTH of these women should be fired. Andy also should be fired since he knew what was going on and he could sense that Porsha was boiling and ready to spill over. His fake speech about not condoning violence was so lame that it was comical and he enjoyed and wanted the fight for the ratings and because the rat bas@!^rd hates women. What kind of man sits by and encourages women to fight and calkl each other vile names? What kind of man lets a daughter (Briana) excoriate her Mother (VIcki) on nationalk television? Andy loves it when women make asses of themselves. The Bravo network has turned into the equivalent of the Jerry Springer show and an embarassment to women everywhere (especially women of color).

      • Teerii

        Kenya was hired to bring the drama. If you watched the last reunion with Kim and Sheree on it, you would know that the conversation between Porsha and Kenya was child’s play in comparison. NeNe and Phaedra ‘s conversation with Porsha is the thing you shoiuld want to hear, to understand what had Porsha fidgety and yapping at Kenya like a chow wow wow.

      • MicroOp

        Kenya is not to blame for Porsha being slow. If Porsha is so incapable then she needs a guardian, and not be allowed to participate in certain activities. But that responsibility is not on Kenya

      • Josie

        Kenya did bring a weapon to the reunion Porsha. Her brain :)

      • get real were you really watching the show? Everybody already knows that porsha is dangerously dumb and an inexperienced liar. Ne Ne and Phaedra had her pumped to fight with Kenya. Porsha started off hitting below the belt before it was warranted. Kenya kept herself restrained and poised and fought with her words. Porsha is good at talking over people as she did at the last reunion. Kenya wasn’t going for that this time so Porsha saw no other way to win..So she lost it. those props never touched her but she touched them. She got up like a madd dog. She pulled Cynthia’s dress and exposed her breasts. Ne Ne put her hand over Porsha’s mouth so she wouldn’t tell on her and Phaedra by mistake. Did you hear Phaedra tell Porsha “you know we already talked about this”. When Porsha was on the View, she sounded so lame trying to justify herself. I believe that Ne Ne agreed to go on the view to watch Porsha and make sure she didn’t say too much. because Ne Ne do not want to lose her fans. Cynthia was a fool to sit between them two

      • O.O

        @merlyn . What ??? Bravo is making women behave badly? And children disrespect their parent on screen??? The women become puppets when the cameras start rolling ?

  2. Mia

    Porsha Williams, the black Kelly Bundy. She acts as if she were fed lead based paint chips as a child.

    • Yes, and that’s exactly why Kenya is just as responsible for the whole fiasco. Porsha is a sad, pathetic child in a woman’s body. Her brain is under-developed and someone should have seen the whole thing coming.

      • Teerii

        Bravo hired Porsha as a grown married woman. If she couldn’t hang with the big girls, she should have been responsible enough not to come back for another season. Kordell tried to warn her but she would not listen.
        She thought the women were going to baby her like her mother does regardless of what she says or does. Not in the real world my friend, not in the real world.

        And if she had not had such a filthy mouth maybe Kenya would have cut her some slack!

      • lori

        If that’s the excuse, then that makes it even LESS Kenya’s fault. Your argument makes zero sense.

      • Free Mind

        You’re just sitting up here making excuses for Porsha which makes me question just how slow you are? Porsha is a chick who is not wrapped too tight and on top of that,she lies a lot.All of the sudden she claims to have been physically abused,so why didn’t she use that in the divorce case? Answer: She knew that her cheating would have come out.

        Kenya is not responsible for what Porsha did.Porsha is a dumb out of control broad that allowed Phaedra and NeNe to talk her into doing their dirty work…

  3. The Jam

    She’s proving everything that kenya said about her now yo be true, because you can only believe that she had no control over herself if you believe she is not a real adult. I.e I’m too defenseless immature and stupid to stand up for myself therefore it’s Kenya’s fault.

    I’m not feeling this ” poor me” pr campaign with her Nene and phaedra. And now kordell is a homosexual wife-beater. Pure foolishness

    • Judy McKenzie

      I’m still pissed about the View. A gun is
      a weapon….a knife is a weapon. At no point did K. raise the Bullhorn (NOT blow horn) to give you a little whollop up side your head…even while she had a hand full of K’s hair in her hand. Only good thing about the show was it showed that P. really is a dumb hoe!!

      • She really is dumb. The saddest part is her illiterate minions that tweet and email me. Some idiot just sent me an email TELLING ME (roflmao) to stop saying negative things about Porsha because she is young. Apparently, at 32 she is still learning the English language and to use her words not her hands. It’s not surprising that Porsha’s fans are as illiterate as she is.

        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 1:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        In this pitiful scenario Porsha’s HANDS were the weapons. She is so stupid. You pop someone good on the temple and they can be dead real fast. I may wind up hating Kenya at some point, but I will always admire the fact that she didn’t retaliate and beat the holy hell out of Porsha, and no matter what, these spin doctors can’t take that FACT away from Kenya, try as they might.

      • Jarlath

        my favorite was the tweet Tamara retweeted where the Porsha fan kept referring to her as “Portia”

    • Snookums Lynn

      This is not a good look and won’t even bring her hood money. Maybe sex tape money or some world star wrestling match

  4. The Jam

    Grrrr…. I can’t believe she went on the show to “come at” kenya couldn’t handle it and now she is trying this new tactic. Nene and phaedra have made a fool of her and she ( and her new breasts) have officially sold her soul to the devil.

    • In defense of her breasts, they seem to be settling in a bit. She was wearing ten tons of weave than helped cover them up for daytime tv.

      I loved when they showed the clip of the brawl and Sherri said she meant to say that kids need to be out of the room while that was running.

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Teerii

        TT, I just watched the episode on my computer and It looked as if no one was buying Porsha’s story. No one clapped for her simple comments. It was as if they were sorry they had her on the show. That little tremble she puts in her voice when she’s trying to gather sympathy seemed to have “Flatlined”. And you’re right, you could read Porsha’s lips saying ,I thought you were and it trailed off. Porsha’s realizing, everybody ain’t feeling her like her homies do. And the more she tries to call Kenya a bully the more people will turn a deaf ear to her.

    • 'The Jam'

      Death @ TT defending porshas scratch and sniff Ta-tas..

  5. Angel

    There was negative press a few days ago that was slamming The View for scheduling Porsha to be a guest. It’s position was that they were supporting women on women violence. They said they expected Sherri Shepherd to side with Porsha because she runs with Kandi and the Kenya haters.

    You know Babs hates negative press. My guess is they did change tactic from the way Porsha originally thought she would be presented.

    Interrupting, especially by Sherri, is the way they do that show with 95% of the guests.

    • I quite watching when Joy and Elizabeth left. They were both smart with opposing views which they debated intelligently. Since then it’s become a bunch of shrieking harpies and Barbara is very bossy lately.

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        I stop watching at the same time. The show is now boring!

      • Marilyn

        I agree. I use to so enjoy the show. But when Joy left it seemed like the last breath of intelligence left. I still tune about once a week because of my immense respect for Barbara. When she retires its a wrap for me.

      • As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, Porsha was booked on The View. Nene was in NYC because she got voted off DWTS and had to do press on whatever morning show it was. Since Porsha was there she popped over for the show. And yes, to make sure she kept her trap shut.

        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • VolvicH2O

        I love this blog & 99.9% of all responses. I ggLOL (giggle out loud).

      • Destiny Khan

        Tamera did you see the 2 days of interviews from dumb dumb Porsha. It is really sick. She said Kenya asked for a beating. And she wants a apology.

      • kb

        I agree. They never let anyone speak. It really irritates me.

      • I believe that the male host today was Mark Eiglarsh, an attorney who regularly appears on Dr. Drew’s show on HLN. He must have been totally confused by the whole mess.

      • ROFLMAO. No. Now I get why you don’t understand who is at fault in the attack. You can’t tell the difference between and attorney and a comedian.

        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • That’s why their ratings are down. Just wait till she get on the Wendy Williams show. Wendy ain’t gon interupt. how u doing

      • HeyWig

        When will this episode air? Didn’t Porsha just recently say she would never come to Wendy show

    • Free Mind

      I rarely watch TV unless it’s on the net and to be honest,I wasn’t aware that Posha and NeNe were scheduled to be on The View. I’m glad to hear that women supporters of the show weren’t feeling them bringing Porsha pathetic lying tail on the show.Porsha need to realize that the world is bigger than her foolish supporters.

      I’m glad that no one applauded her ignorance and that she was squirming in her seat because she was uncomfortable.Porsha thought she was going to use The View for sympathy and they were like “no”!

  6. J

    It’s disgusting the level of attention Porsha is getting for her actions.To top it all of, she is claiming that she is the victim when she put HER hands on Kenya. Turning it into a whole bullying PSA is just so tired. Hopefully this is Porsha’s last stint at being relevant to anything.

    The screaming banshees that they are, I’m glad the ladies of The View mostly say through Porsha’s BS.

    • I say just to sit back and watch it implode on them. The higher a monkey climbs, the more it exposes itself.

    • Marilyn

      I see Nene was there to protect her interests. So now the scepter weighs 100 lbs and she was going through a divorce last year. I thought she gave that laughable, tearful speech about the sanctity of marriage at last year’s reunion.

      • VolvicH2O

        Marilyn, I so remember that reunion & Porsha testy defense of her huuussband last year. More ROTFLOL!!! Porsha is fight’g to get back on RHOA, if there is a next season. It seems that she wants BRAVO to know she will be whatever lowlife character they script for her.

      • Patti

        You are so right. Porsha grabbed the scepter and threw it across the floor like it didn’t weigh an ounce. Now all of a sudden it weighed sooooo much that it’s a weapon. As Kenya said, Porsha contradicts herself so much that she can’t keep up with her own lies.

      • Nene the devil was there to protect the mess she and fake pheadra and two face kandi everything is so funny i believe through those three monster ‘s set porsha up to kenya and nene’s following posha so she won’t tell the monster’s they think there slick…..yah.

    • Jarlath

      Hello, Kenya had a “weapon” LOL! Of course Porsha is the victim! That “weapon” was like heavy and stuff, like really heavy LOL!

      • Zoe D.

        Roflmao…I don’t know if she was trying to convince the viewers…or herself! I don’t think she even believes it. Oh…and I had to LOL at NeNe being there to make sure she doesn’t incriminate her…that was too funny!

  7. Riley

    TRHOA…The gift that keeps on giving. :-(
    Thank God for Fargo…..how much longer before Scandal is back!??!

  8. A

    Porsha is so dumb. Bullied?? Stop it. Too many children are being

    bullied and taking their lives as a result. You were just as, if not more, verbally abusive towards kenya. So stop the poor me routine. No one is buying it except phaedra and nene, who put you up to act a darn fool

  9. LisaLisaDiva

    BIG SIGH…Porsha is the saddest comedy I have ever seen. She doesn’t hold embarrassment but for a millisecond since she repeatedly continues to embarrass herself publicly. Does she have any real friends or family anywhere to tell her to sit down and shut the hell up????

  10. Eleanor

    I cant understand this “bully” tactic. I suggest Kenya ask Bravo for a the reel of all the incidence between her and Porsha. From the charity event where Porsha ran after her calling her old and stating she was “on the curb where she needed to be”?
    Porsha taunted Kenya about Walter not proposing to her? And how Porsha was a wife and she wasn’t?
    Porsha name calls her fake and old in Anguilla after Kenya stated she had moved past the drama with her but Porsha wanted blood and insisted they recap it all which started the huge fight
    Then Porsha comes to the reunion locked and loaded ready to interject and not let Porsha get in a word by interrupting questions for Kenya NOT addressed to her.
    What kind of pedestrian behavior is that? How do you speak of “smelly vagina” call her a slut which you have no proof of? and taunt her about an African boyfriend which you claim you don’t care about.. I am over it..
    Kenya needs Andy to play it all and go blow by blow…

    As for Nene, she better stop with the encouragement she has put her hot breath and fingers in close quarters of Dwight, Kim and Sheree.. She can dish it but cant take it.

    • Same thing I’ve been saying all along. It’ll eventually implode on them all. Kenya just needs to be quiet for a while. Let them keep talking. It will all come full circle. Everything is on tape!

      • Yep, yep, yep on all points.

      • Marilyn

        Well – I guess Kenya is a smart women. I too am glad she’s letting Porsha (and Nene) do all the talking. The more she talks I think the more people are seeing through her tactics. Sherri must have actually looked at the reunion because from her previous comment I thought she and Porsha would skip off into the I hate Kenya club. But Sherrie kind of held her feet to the fire.

    • Teerii

      Love this recap. Left out Kenya’s masquerade party when she told Porsha
      she messed up her theme. and then told her to go be Dorothy Dandridge out on the sidewalk and turned and yelled, SECURITY, please see her (Porsha) out! I hollered!!!!

    • Nee also put her face in Kandi’s face. I bet she won’t try that again. Ne Ne is so jealous of Kandi. because she knows that Kandi is a real rich bitch like she wants to be

  11. ShelbyMoore

    Porsha is too stupid for words. The Dummy thinks she’s winning. SMH. Poor thing don’t realize that sex tape is never getting off the net.

    • HeyWig

      Wait what sextape? The one she was talking about on the bethenny show?

      • ShelbyMoore

        Yaaap, the bird has a sex tape out there. I’m abiding by TT’s rules so I won’t post anything about another blog…but if you really wanna see it, you can.

      • Judy McKenzie

        Wait….She actually talked about it with Bethany? lol buwaahaha. She’s advertising. Dumb hoe.

      • Zoe D.

        Sex Tape…??? Oh…my stars! I can see her now on the media junket saying…”I didn’t know what was happening…I was bullied with his weapon”!?! lmbo

  12. HeyWig

    I sneak in the break room to watch this episode and it was a waste of time. Its really sad to watch this Nene is just parading Porsha around like a little broken rag doll. She can’t speak . Beyonce forms better sentences than her! I don’t understand why can’t she just admit she couldn’t handle Kenya’s mouth .The bully act is worthless with the queen B bully of RhOA Nene tagging along.

    • CityGirl81

      “Beyonce forms better sentences than her!” You KNOW you are dumb if that broad can formulate sentences better than you! Porsha, please take a seat.

  13. Kordell’s friends and family must be repeating “thank goodness you got rid of that mess”…over and over and over again.

  14. patrice

    It had to be a coincidence that both Porsha and Nene were on the View. It’s sad to see black women defend such barbaric behavior and then wonder why the murder rate is high in our community. I shake my head at times when I hear them defend such cowardly behavior. I know children who know better and can speak properly. Porsha your too childish and the second part of the reunion was decent without you being there.

    • Judy McKenzie

      oh! The devil wanted me to say: one could only hope! (in regard to p. self-euthenizing)
      Class action law suit …in behalf of all who have experienced violence against them. How awful and The View is culpable (IMHO) for condoning violence.

      Phaedra’s spin…(I mean Portia’s) will not work.
      Righteousness will win out in the end.

    • Judy McKenzie

      Patrice…Good for you!!! Great commentary!

    • ShelbyMoore

      Nene wouldn’t let Porsha go on the View alone because she didn’t want Porsha to open her mouth and spill the beans. There’s a reason she was holding Porsha’s mouth and it wasn’t because Porsha was crying.

  15. Faith

    Maybe these ladies on the View finally watched the reunion and saw exactly what happened. Realizing Porsha’s “she bullied me” defense no longer cuts it. If anything Porsha, Phaedra and Nene were doing some “verbal” bullying to Kenya. Porsha has some serious growing up to do.

  16. TC

    The Fulton Co DA reviewed the uncut, unedited version of the reunion tape and decided to charge Porsha with battery. Why wasn’t Kenya charged with aggravated assault simultaneously? Porsha was not provoked. Nene and Phaedra got in her ear and used her as a pawn to take Kenya down. This whole thing is going to backfire on Porsha.

    • Judy McKenzie

      The stans are so dumb they “Favorited” a tweet of MINE!! Guess they couldn’t read or comprehend the content. lmao.

      I’ll keep the chant going “class action…class action…class action.”

    • Porsha will tell the truth when Ne Ne and Phaedra put her down. Believe me it is coming

  17. Snookums Lynn

    Porsche should sit down. She is a wrap. There’s no more 15 minutes for her so she must refocus now – she might could work her way up to 15 more minutes by some plays or going to school (but her work ethic). Her obvious lying is just stupid and the View was dumb for this interview.

  18. Porsha is such a fake liar. She really needs to go back to school and get an education because whenever she talks she just sounds so dumb and stupid. I can’t believe that she is actually trying to make people believe that she actually thought the props Kenya had were being used as a weapon toward her. Really Porsha? I now understand why Kordell divorced her and I do believe what he said about her since we are finally seeing her true colors. She went on The View and lied through her teeth so everyone can feel sorry for her. She told Sherry that Kenya had the bullhorn directly in her face but if that were true then why did Porsha have to get up out of her seat and walk herself over to Kenya and start the fight. Porsha just take responsibility for your part in this foolishness and stfu and stfd. Bye.

  19. Kacey Wickham

    TT i read your blog all the time cause i appreciate good journalism,you provide facts and do not go along with what the other bloggers are saying,u do your homework……….keep up the good work :-)

  20. Blair

    I wonder how long it took for Porsha to memorize this “Easter speech”……

    That’s a real question

    • SnookumsLynn

      she was the kid that someone always had to prompt and then she was the dumb kid that always had it written down…her mother did her the greatest disservice!!!

  21. Kacey Wickham

    Porsha lies alot I notice,but she is not smart enough to get her lies straight……you mean to tell me she is listening to criminal and criminal mastermind and still don’t know how to lie??!!!!#guurrrllbye

    • Sherri dug Miss Porshbonce’s grave! You knew what you signed up for. Again, why should I feel sorry for you that you let words hurt you to the point you had to physically fight someone to get your point across. The show was around for 4 season prior to you entering, so you have no excuse into not knowing who these people are and how they operate. Even if you didn’t know who Kenya was and how she was going to be towards you should always have your guard up before entering a reality tv! It’s like duh!

  22. Judy McKenzie

    TT, you have been richly blessed with not only great talent, but a very erudite and august group of followers! No flies on us!!!


    class action law suit!

  23. lori

    “Right, and a good example of that is last season, I went to the reunion and at that time I was going through a divorce. And um, well it was right before.” See?Lying already, you were not going through a divorce during the last reunion. 

    Orrrrrr… Kordell was telling the truth when he told Peter that Porsha is full of shit about her just learning that he wanted to divorce her on Twitter. Maybe she DID know that she was going through a divorce at that time.

    • Oh, she knew. She just didn’t want to lose her spot on the show. And, she didn’t want to give the other ladies any satisfaction that they were correct all along about her so-called”perfect” marriage. She’s a big liar face and she can’t even do that well.

  24. chocolatestarr

    Porsha probably believes her story(clearly, we know it wasnt the truth) but, I honestly think she’s just too unaware to understand what she’s talking about. I think her best bet would be to shhhhhhhh! be quiet..just look pretty and say nothing, she’d might have a chance- I dont think she’s a bad person, I just think her naivety gets in her way, terribly

    • Marilyn

      if I was her PR person I would have her just say – I’m moving on and promote whatever crap she’s promoting or just say you know I messed up- but I want to move forward. Then go on and promote whatever crap she is promoting.

      • She didn’t even promote her crap. Did anyone watch her on Access Hollywood last night? Supposedly she’s now claiming that Kordell was physically abusive during their marriage. I’m sure that if that were true her minons would agree that she provoked him and she is at fault.

        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I dont think she is trying to promote her crap. I think she is trying to show Bravo that “people” still love her, will follow her anywhere and to keep her on the RHOA show – at least that’s what I think NeNe and Phaedra have told her.

      • BUT SHE SHOULD BE SHILLING HER CRAP! She is fired and she knows it. Last few seconds of her 15 minutes needs to be focused on buying her crap! Sorry not yelling at you, just trying to stress part of the sentence. :)

        On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 7:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  25. Judy McKenzie

    Dear chocolate girl: She will only learn by taking consequences for her actions….not by enabling her to continue in ignorance.

    • chocolatestarr

      by no means am I condoning or condemning Porsha’s actions. Im merely “identifying” ” Porsha seems to be an unaware individual and comes off as extremely naive.

    • blair

      And what pisses me off about this fiasco is that they’re crying that Kenyas a bully.

      Kenyas’s been calling her names all seaso so shes a bully
      Does that not make her a bully, if that’s her definition?

      bullying is a real issue and they’re out here throwing the word around as if they haven’t dished out a bit themselves. That makes me want to smack them. But I won’t because I’m an adult.

    • Porsha is NOT fired. It amazes to see not ONE poster brave enough to say ONE positive thing about this woman AND practically worship Kenya. Truly abysmal. What are you people afraid of? That TT will rip you new azzholes because you don’t agree with her? Have you really no minds of your own? Even to the point of agreeing that DUMBAZZ Elizabeth is “intelligent”? REALLY. I know, ‘this comment is being moderated”.

      • Dr. D

        If you read through the post you will find that TT often goes head to head to with those, abysmal…far from likely and I would like you to define that term to Porsha whom you’re obviously passionate about. If she returns, it’s only because Bravo and Andy have given into #TeamPorsha claims that Andy did not the Kenya’s props, oops my bad “weapons” which were the cause of Porsha’s meltdown/breakdown…I’m not afraid of ANYONE I just refuse to be hypocritical and favor any of the ladies when they’re all full of it!

      • Kacey Wickham

        I am NOT on TT ass,why are you on Porsha ass??!!!! I liked Porsha when she came on the show,i was team porsha after Kordell divorce her,but instead Porsha came back on.the show and act likean uneducated, dumb and lazy,spoil little girl and that has absolutely nothing to do with Kenya,and now that she act like a hoodrat she comes on all these shows and make a mockery of being abused and bullied and after she attacked Kenya??!!! a

      • HeyWig

        Porsha is not is not my cup of tea . I tend to stay away from people who go without necessities for things like makeup ,nails,hair, etc. But I genuinely dont know her to dislike nor to say anything positive. She was wrong to handle the situation the way she did with Kenya ,I think people take issue with the way she defends her actions, and the extra side show she is doing. Its looks akward the way it all went down. But TT will chew you another asshole even if you agree with her!

      • wow. Are you hitting the crack pipe tonight? Aren’t you a regular here? Porsha was FIRED. fact.

        On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 1:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        @rcadia50, is this really Porsha? I think this is Porsha. You sound really bitter Porsha. TT is just giving us the facts Porsha. Have a good day Porsha.

      • Judy McKenzie

        He’s just a ringer for Nene/phakedra.
        TT has given richly deserved shade a couple of times. He is paid to throw shade on pro Kenya peeps. Even going so far as to play the race card.
        Illiteracy has naught to do with color of our skin…but in the content of our character. Reading is fundamental. If you read you stand a better chance of spelling correctly.
        Ebonics has little or nothing to do with literacy. A preference.
        Are there books that sell that are totally ebonic? I’m really ignorant of this….and so it goes…
        What does all of the evidence on rhoa have to say about anyone’s character? It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there in front millions.
        According to preview of wwhl…Andy asks Portia if she apologized to Kenya. To my knowledge, she has not. Tell me, do you think that is a racial thing? Do you think this says something of her character? I do.

  26. SilkyMay

    I’m just glad Barbs pulled Sherri’s card on the whole “Porsha was provoked” crap the last time they spoke about the Reunion! I could tell Barbra didn’t agree with Whoppi and Sherri when she asserted “It’s a REALITY TV show!” Peep how Sherri changed her tune saying those exact words to Porsha today? And ole Whoppi was as quiet as a church mouse.. LMAO!

    • Teerii

      When they saw Porsha in person and realized she’s as tall and not smaller than Kenya, they probably got a different viewpoint on who was bullying who!

  27. Oh my!


  28. Grandmalou

    Did anybody catch what Jeanny said after watching the clip? “I was surprised it was her own hair”. I guess somebody should tell her that black women have long natural tresses as well. Or maybe we should just ignore her just like Sherri did on purpose.

  29. Jarlath

    It’s a shame Kenya can’t sue Porsha (or should I say Portia ‘cause that’s how her fans think her name is spelt), she could accuse Porsha of trying to asphyxiate her with her really heavy tits.

  30. Judy McKenzie

    jarlath…I assure you that I am NOT a stan. The correct spelling is Portia. Porsha is the phonetic spelling…probably chosen by her!

    • Teerii

      It was probably her mother which might tell you something.

    • Jarlath

      You’re right (Isn’t that how RHOBH Kyle’s daughter’s name is spelled?). Wouldn’t be surprised if that is her legal name is Portia but the poor thing thinks it’s Porsha. [insert one of Phaedra’s Jesus exclamations]

    • Wait, so you’re saying Portia is the name on her birth certificate and is something you are sure of? And Porsha is how she wanted to spell her name? I’m confused. Or are you saying Porsha should be spelled Portia in general because the way someone spells their name is up to them. For instance LaShonda can be spelled LaShaunda. LOL. Ellen’s wife spells her name Portia. It’s really up to the parents. But is her name spelled Portia on her birth certificate?

    • Porsha, Smorsha. Dummy. its all the same

    • So, what do you mean by that? Are you saying Black people can’t spell? Did you in fact mean “ebonics”? Who are you to say how a person can or cannot spell their names. Guess if you had it your way certain folk should still be naming their kids Toby and Kizzy.

      • Well, that would be better than misspelled car names.

        On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 1:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        @rcadia50. Are you sure you’re not Porsha? If it walks like a Porsha, and quacks like a Porsha, doesn’t that make it a Porsha?

  31. Philly Finest!!

    That picture of her grabbing the scepter speaks volumes, so at what point did she feel threatened again? The tides have turned! The more Porsha speaks and her story doesn’t make any sense the more people don’t fall for her act.

  32. I still can’t believe this is the same woman that chestized Kenya for playing victim all season yet every time this warped moronic fool opens her mouth, the victim card is played. I can’t wait for her 15 minutes of fame to end.

    • I think you meant (or didn’t) chastised. Which of course Porsha didn’t do all season. Porsha defended herself when provoked by Kenya who is in fact a failed actress. Might as well add a failed pageant satchel owner because I KNOW they must have rescinded her crown by now, if in fact she hasn’t pawned it.

      • Dr. D

        Just pray that Evangelist Porsha will heed to the scripture “what profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul” I believe she’s used it one of her sermons… And for the record, it is possible to be #TeamPorsha and not hate Kenya…try it! If you’ve been a fan of RHOA since Season 1, none of the behaviors of any of these Housewives should upset you because frankly IT IS MADE FOR TV: ENTERTAINMENT^_^

      • Kacey Wickham

        @rcadia50, obviously you have been watching a different show,cuz Porsha gave it as good as she got it,and she is using bullying,weapons,Kordell being mental a d physically abusive to justify hrr bulls$&t……..Porsha is a selfish,selfabsorbed silly (woman) who is doing any and everything to stay on ghe show

      • oh I see. You did hit the crack pipe.

        On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Oh Porsha (aka @rcadia50) now you’re just being a big silly. Thank goodness you’re here Porsha to correct all our misspellings and bad grammar. You must be real fun to be around. But I digress Porsha. Enjoy your weekend Porsha.

  33. Teerii

    That scepter was so light, Porsha almost stabbed herself with it when she snatched it out of Kenya’s hand. and when it hit the floor it barely made a sound. Check out the picture above and see how close she came to stabbing her self in the side.

    • That scepter, light or not, should never have been allowed on that set. Even YOU state that she could have “stabbed” herself with it.

      • Teerii

        And who does that, stabs themselves with someone’s scepter? An Idiot that’s who. Who yanks an object out of someone’s hand with the pointed end directed now at them? An Idiot! Yes, that’s right, in order for Porsha to be stabbed she had to have done what she did, which was to become aggressive and out of control. Porsha seems to be the one who should not been allowed on the set. Andy took care of that, by asking her to go home!

  34. Sandy Banx

    Watching “The View” this a.m., I shut it off as all the women were in a tizzy/talking over each other. Get a grip, ladies. Re: Porsha: absolutely NO excuse for her actions. & all the talking with her attorney will not yield any valid grounds for a lawsuit. PORSHA must have forgotten “Sticks and stones…but words will never harm me.” What interests me are nene’s and phaedra’s words and actions.
    Both immediately ran over to Porsha–to “help”, maybe. To ensure her silence–more likely. Nene clapped her hands over Porsha’s mouth. Phaedra said “we talked about this two days ago.” Talked about what–a plan that went awry?
    Hmmm. & then nene shows up on the set where she knows Porsha is blabbing? Coincidence? Nope. She showed up to give her spin on her getting sent home on DWTS. AND–to monitor Porsha and her whining. As for Porsha claiming her ex was violent toward her–then why did Porsha walk away from that marriage with NOTHING AT ALL? Not one cent?
    Nene: “girl, bye!”
    Porsha: zip it.

  35. I wonder if Nene told Porsha, I will help you by showing up at the interview to support you. And I wonder if Porsha met with Nene to figure out what her explanation would be. If they talked before the Reunion show to agree to go after Kenya. It wouldn’t surprise me, if she didn’t get pointers from them (Nene and Phadera) before her interview. I hope Kenya continue to remain silent and just let Porsha and Nene hang themselves.

  36. IJS

    If there was a reason to hit someone for simply running their mouth, the justification surely would have defined slapping Nene! I have seen her in so many verbal wars with ALL the cast members! She is tall, and big ,*sans stillettos, and loves using her mouth to overtalk, and yell to get her way. I’m tall, so I know how to use my height, and WORDS to overpower, and that’s Nene’s specialty. She was all up in Kenya’s face at the spa, shoot, I felt provoked! Kenya just held her tongue, but you could tell she was pissed. If your intelligent like Kenya then yes you can cut with your words, that’s why they all hate Kenya, she cuts deep! She also holds her composure, they all were digging for her, yet she held her own. Bottom line Porsha needs to hook a strong man that can protect her from this cold, dark world that she is no match for! That’s why Cordell treated her as such because that’s what she portrays… listening to her you would think she was 21…her mom did her no favors…

  37. Angel

    Now Porsha is spinning a little bit different story tonight. Sounds more educated so this means she has PR and help with restoration of her rep. Still telling lies though.

    it occurred to me Nene may be partial to Porsha because she knows how to manipulate her as she was exactly as dumb as Porsha 15 years ago.

  38. Josie

    The scepter was very heavy? Oh yeah the scepter that she grabbed out of Kenya’s hand and threw across the floor. What was the second weapon?? Oh yeah…the bullhorn that Kenya was holding onto while Porsha dragged her by her hair across the floor while two grown men were trying to break Porsha’s grip. Poor Porsha…she must have been terrified by the “Weapons”!

  39. Born 2B Lucky

    Can somebody please shut this bish up I mean really? She is all over the View and other tv stations running her sympathy game even telling people she got beaten up by Kordell. This is a joke considering the way she grab the so call heavy weapon and dragged Kenya all over the floor.Maybe she meant to say she use to kicked Kordell azz. You’ll know Porsha is dumb and stupid as a bag of dry dirt.

  40. kateena31@hotmail.com

    If she felt threaten, she could have gotten up and left. She should have told her boss Andy “I will not come back on the set until the props are removed”!

  41. ki

    I heard someone call her a mental midget.

  42. Truthseeker

    Porsha is lying about being abused by Kordell. Earlier this season Kandi asked her if Kordell ever physically abused her and she said no. Either she is lying now or she was lying then. (It was during the scene where Kandi visits Porsha and she is unpacking her stuff that Kordell sent to her.)

  43. I am going to sit and watch Nene, Phaedra, Porsha and Kandi fall on their own dagger.

    This has been orchestrated by women who would like to see Kenya off the show.

    Good luck with that!

  44. MissHousewife

    I find it odd that porsha is now saying kordell abused her, interesting timing.

    • If you’ve been abused, it doesn’t matter when you decide to reveal it. She was asked the question, she answered it. She went on to say that in court documents, when asked if he had physically abused her, he did not deny it. Most women never tell the sordid details of an abusive ex. Taylor Armstrong probably would be dead right now instead of that horrible abuser had it not been revealed by women on the show. Thank God Porsha spoke up about her ordeal because another naive young woman may avoid what she went through as this man is searching for another stepford wife.

      • Kacey Wickham

        He denied it thru his statement and really??!!! Porsha never mentioned before she has been abused what convenient timing now since her a$$ is on the.chopping block

      • HeyWig

        Wait a minute Lorenzo_atl is that you? Who tipped you off that people were criticizing your sister? Did y’all really think the whole viewing audience was going to agree with her actions. Also between Instagram,Twitter ,and any site covering this story you use the same sentences same excuses. You make yourself really obvious .I would be shocked to death if this wasn’t Porsha brother. Your defense if Porsha is crazy, you act like we the gallows set up for her in town square. If this isn’t Porsha brother ,then all jokes aside this is a show Porsha plays her role Kenya plays her ,and etc with everyone else .It’s just a show seriously and if you don’t like the response or opinions of Tt’s commentators there are damn near a millon blogs and websites excusing her behavior. Porsha has a single out and a few appearances help her pay her condo fees and buy new weaves and buy some of her products or tickets. Damn

      • AGAIN, Tamaratattles.com is not responsible for the idiots who make libelous and false comments. Should Kordell Stewart wish to take legal action, both TamaraTattles.com and WordPress will gladly provide all contact information for this commenter.

        On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 2:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • wikunia

        @ team Porsha,
        It should not matter if Kordell physically attacked Porsha or not. If he did, I’m sure he was provoked!
        It is you people who are OK with physically abusing women when you “feel threatened” by props for
        example. A big, heavy broom in Porsha’s hand could be easily considered a weapon, right?
        You should give Kordell, or anybody else for that matter, the same right as you give Porsha.

  45. While I understand Porsha’s viewpoint, she doesn’t need to do anymore television interviews. The truth is she attacked Kenya because she was sick of Kenya’s antics and she just lost it. That’s the truth. While some of us have been in that situation before, the majority of people are going to take the “I’m better than you” attitude and deny ever feeling like putting their hands on another person. It’s just not cool to say I dragged her ass because I was sick of her. So since she can’t say that, Porsha should just let her attorney handle her case, pay that little petty fine tied to this misdemeanor case, and just focus her next steps. It’s time to stop milking this cow.

    • MissHousewife


    • vonnie

      @vincent2for2 I totally agree with your viewpoint. I am so over EVERYONE acting like the idea of someone invading your space, 5 inches 5 feet depends on your feelings on personal space and your experience with violations of personal space, couldn’t have contributed to the provocation. Not knowing this woman’s past experience with violation of personal space and what may have happened as a result of that violation, I can’t say it wasn’t fear that could have triggered such a violent reaction. Just acknowledging that aspect does not mean you advocate violence.

      • Middle Child

        You are so very funny. The Porsha we saw that day on the reunion was not in fear of anything or anybody, to the contrary she was pumped up and ready for a fight. Please stop making ridiculous excuses we are neither deaf nor blind. I’m completely exasperated with this nonsense and I’m not a Kenya fan either. I like Cynthia for her inner strength, her principles, loyalty and scruples.

  46. Ronnie

    Porsha needs to just pack up all her weave pieces and go.

  47. Katrina

    Porsha will be on WWHL on Sunday, so that will probably be her last appearance.

    • HeyWig

      What if Andy Publicly fires her on Wwhl …….or has somone on with her who has common sense and doesnt agree with her. Will she snap again and let her Retard strength kick in again?Yikes :)

      • Andy is a giant asshole. However, when it comes to firing people he tends to let them pretend they quit. I could see him saying, so, I think we all agree this was not the right place for you and your stupidness…. But mostly Andy doesn’t like getting a negative reaction and all the retards would be attacking him on Twitter and I think that he is for some reason one of those people that it bothers…

        On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 6:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cythere

        ‘Retard strength’ — OMG.
        I sort of want her to stick around. Normal people’s responses to her are so much fun.
        I wonder if she will ever figure out that NeNe and Phaedra tricked her.

    • Sandy Banx

      IF she shows. Oh no,…is there a headache coming on, porsha?

  48. WhitD

    Just when you thought she couldn’t get any dumber.

  49. Ne Ne is so low down and dirty. I believe she knew that was Kenya’s boyfriend. But she didn’t want to witness that she had met Kenya’s boyfriend. I dont believe that Porsha has a real boyfriend. Not the way she thinks. The same way we know she is a dummy. men do too. She is ready to be prayed on

  50. TheANDROgynous

    I feel sorry for porshas brain she still doesn’t comprehend she got set up smh

  51. Porsha kenya didn’t bring weapons kenya brough a bullhorn, scepter that wasn’t used physically on porsha dont let your so called fake pheadra ,two face kandi,and that loud mouth man eating nene. or nay nay make a b igger fool out you porsha you need to apologize to Kenya

    • …And had you been sitting in Porsha’s seat and Kenya poked that wand at least 6″ from your face, then wnipped out a bullhorn and bellowed her deafening obscenities nearly as close IN YOUR FACE…do tell…just what in tne f@#k would YOU have done? You’ve already asked Andy to stop her , no one else has props to threaten, you’ve warned her that if she touches you with the wand situations would change. You take charge of that by confiscating wand because Andy won’t do it. Then this ignorant woman realizes she can do whatever she wants because she decided “to have a little fun” and bullhorns your azz! What’s YOUR next move?

      • Step Away From The Bullhorn @rcadia50! So her only options were 1) Kick somebody’s ass or 2) shut-up and step away. Everybody I know would have chosen Option 2. Kenya did NOT attack her but clearly you seem like the type who’d snap like Porsha so perhaps that’s why you can relate to fightin’. I see Nene knows how to say, “I’m not dealing with you anymore cause you dirty.” See…as much as she would like to fight Kenya, she is smart enough not to get physical. Porsha wasn’t.

      • Judy McKenzie

        Fasten your seat belt, Arcadia…this one is for you! Did you get lost? Why are you here? Someone you? Or is this Phatty Phae Phake?
        …you and Bravo and franchise are taking African American culture to an all time low. I should.
        include Nene. KAndy has been deceived.

        These are my opinions based on my many many years of experience. Is it a surprise to you that Portia’s spelling has been corrected?
        My issue with her mis spelling isn’t the color of her skin …but the content of her character. Empty…like yours.

  52. Well if porsha could take kenya to court stating that the scepter was 100 pounds that scepterto dent look over 8/10 pounds don’t forget porsha took the law in her own hands she would anyway porsha was threatening kenya all through the taping of the reunion it’s just so crazy to me and porsha’s very mean she’s not all that nice.

  53. vonnie

    OMG a stupider interview than Porsha on the view. Barbara just interviewed V. Stiviano. Barbara Walters head must be spinning after those two idiots.

  54. Judy McKenzie

    Fasten your seat belt, Arcadia…this one is for you! Did you get lost? Why are you here? Or is this Phatty Phae Phake?
    …you and Bravo and franchise are taking African American culture to an all time low. I should.
    include Nene. Andy has been deceived.

    These are my opinions based on my many many years of experience. Is it a surprise to you that Portia’s spelling has been corrected?
    My issue with her mis spelling isn’t the color of her skin …but the content of her character. Empty…like yours.

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